Eroica Tier List: Best Characters Ranked

Are you looking for an exciting mobile adventure? Then Eroica is a royal playing game that can meet your expectations and suit your interests. If you are already aware of it, then kudos to you, friend; you and I are the same. But playing a game while also having a deep understanding of its characters is another thing completely, so I will assist you with that in this Eroica tier list.

Key Points

  • This article has a total of 25 entries.
  • Each entry is ranked on the basis of damage, health points and skills.
  • Melavi, Orlasha and Xenia are among the highest tiers.
  • In the lowest ranks, you will find Retinya, Airi and Nero.


Following table shows the rank of all characters.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

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In this game, you enter an anime world and can go on a bunch of adventures. So how is it possible that monsters or other evils will also not come your way? In every similar title, it is evident that you will eventually face villains or monsters.

In the world of Eroica there are a bunch of antagonists, and to fight against them, you are supposed to make a strong team of the best superheroes to continue your adventures in peace. I can feel your excitement level while entering the anime world, but at the same time, you have to bear in mind that it is a world where you have to face many dangerous opponents.


The basis of this game is to bring the memories of its superhero “Sei” to life, who was in a deep sleep for some time. But now Sei is awake and has found himself in the magical world of Arkham. This unknown world consists of different kinds of humans and animals living together.

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This hero had a mysterious life earlier, and he now wants to solve the mystery behind it. And for this reason, he meets a girl from a different kingdom named Luna, who is a princess. You will learn much more about the whole story in detail while playing this beautiful game.

In addition, this game also requires a player to summon and collect heroes according to their choice so that they can later fight with opponents coming along the way. You have to have a strong grasp of your choices. The better an option is the better the gameplay. And the Eroica tier list will help you with exactly that.

Eroica Summon Guide

There is a summon tab from where you can spawn heroes by using the gacha system. This is the one and only way to acquire heroes in the game, you have no other options. Yet, a player can also get fragments of the characters they own from various shops by utilizing some resources.

The best way to get progressive growth in this game is to summon the heroes with the best qualities. Because only then can you fight opponents and win against them.

Eroica Tier Reroll Guide

Now let us discuss some of the basics of this game. Not only the basics but rerolling is also a crucial part of this game, about which you must also be keenly aware. The time that you will invest doing this will be worth it. You only have to follow the steps discussed below to perform an Eroica reroll. So, let’s get started!

  • Firstly, start with a guest account when you open this game.
  • Initially, you will not be allowed to use the ten pulls. So wait for that time and play through the tutorial levels.
  • Whenever you get a chance, then immediately use the 10 pulls.
  • If you get the character you want, then that’s great. Otherwise, repeat the whole process again.
  • When you get your favorite pull, create a new account and play from it.
  • Congratulations, you are now all set!

Eroica Tier List Ranking Criteria

In this tier list, I will list down not only some of the best heroes but also the worst ones. This way, you will know which character to collect and which not. As we know, in every game, there are some premiere players that you wish to have and win all the fights with.

Likewise, Eroica is also a game with various different characters, but some are good, and some are not. So I will rank all the characters by keeping some facts in mind.

Firstly, we will analyze the stats of every hero and then decide the place to rank them. I will examine their abilities and skills and place them on their respective tiers. I have broken down this ranking into five categories; S, A, B, C, and D. So, the best characters will be placed in the S tier, the ones slightly less powerful than them on the A tier, and so on & so forth.

S Tier

Eroica tier list
The Flawless Eroica Characters

This is the top-most tier of the Eroica tier list, in which you will find the heroes with some of the best abilities in the game. So naturally, a player will be fortunate to summon these characters. However, we all know how difficult it is to call your favorite and desired protagonists, but if you are lucky enough to do so, CONGRATULATIONS.

I will make it easier for you by telling you which characters you should select first. This way, the whole game will be crystal clear for you, and your strategies will mostly work.


Melavi is the S-tier character having the most commendable health points. Moreover, this incredible character has the ability to deal double damage. Not only this, but they can also burn debuffs.



Orslasha is one of the best damage dealers on the list. They have a great command over all kinds of damage. Stunning enemies is a really easy task for this hero. Also, I love their AOE damage.



If you want to deal with a single damage type, then Gaffs is a perfect choice. This flawless character can act two times in one turn, isn’t that fantastic?


A Tier

Best heroes
Best Eroica Heroes

Now, I am placing the second-best characters in this category of the tier list. These may have minor issues, but these issues are so insignificant that you can ignore them. So, what is the point of considering them inferior only because these are not ranked on the A tier?

It is a universal truth that some things have an upper hand over other things in one way or the other. However, it does not mean that we should not consider those who are only a level below the upper one. Because again, nobody is perfect.


Now, as you know that Melavi is a pro in burning, so if you combine Xenia and Melavi together, then it will be an extremely strong combination. I am saying from my personal experience that Xunia is really good at dealing great damage to foes by burning them.



Do you know what is the most positive point of this character? While in a fight, they can avail an extra turn, which gives you an advantage in dealing more damage and maintaining good health points (HP). Moreover, Milena can also bleed and buff.



The opponents can never think of healing when Wraith is playing against them as she does not let them do so. Additionally, she is excellent at dealing AOE damage.


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This great lady is an all-rounder. What is it that she can’t do? I can not think about anything specifically. While being an excellent tank troop, Lisa can also attack and debuff.



The robust bleeder Sumi has the ability to deal with an exceptional amount of damage with the help of her fire abilities.



Do you want to reduce enemy attacks? If yes, then go ahead with Florence. They are the perfect choice to meet that requirement.


B Tier

good heroes
Good Eroica Heroes

You will now meet some really good characters in the B section of the Eroica tier list. Moreover, they can not be your first preference because of some lackings, otherwise, they can work for you pretty well. So, if you ever come across them, select one member from this category without bringing a second thought to your mind.


I am including Soare in this category because of their nice defense abilities. Other than that, this character is also a debuffer.



Mintz is the perfect choice for avoiding enemy troops as they are really good at these situations. Moreover, they are also good at gauge boosting.



This B-tier hero has the ability to increase the run gauge at the time of defeating their foes.



If you want to boost up Freyja’s performance then combine their ultimate with a powerful damage boost.



Muto is a healer but not an extreme one as they can heal one player at a time. For this reason, I am ranking this character at the B tier of the Eroica tier list.



I adore Stella for her sacrificing ability, as this character gives up their health for other teammates. So, I personally find them really impressive.


C Tier

below-average characters
Below-average Eroica Characters

We are now coming towards the below-average tier. Here, you will not find your desired characters at all. However, if you have no other option left, then you can definitely summon these. I am telling you from my personal experience that they never massively benefitted me. However, they can work for you in the initial stages of the game.


I will never say that Chloe should be your first preference for making good progress in the game because they are neither too good nor too bad. However, at the beginning of the game, they may help because of good AOE damage.



This lady hero is a good healer and debuffer. However, none of her qualities give a spark to her character. For this reason, I am ranking her on this tier of the Eroica tier list.



Without combining this character with Melavi, they are useless. Whereas, by combining them with Melavi you can make most of their AOE damage ability.



Only one single ability makes this hero somewhat bearable, which is maximizing the damage with their ultimate.


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Since Nene is a crowd manager, they can also do well with books.



If you are a beginner then opting for Luna would be a better option as she can increase her crit rate and sometimes deal a lot of damage. But she will not work in some of the harder levels.


D Tier

weakest characters
Weakest Eroica Characters

Lastly, let me introduce you to the worst characters on the Eroica tier list. Getting them is such a nightmare, and I am annoyed by them whenever I manage to summon them (sometimes by mistake). I will never recommend you to go for any of these. It is an alarming situation whenever you summon them, and you should make a swap as soon as possible.


Selecting Emuwald on a reroll would be an extremely bad decision as they have a really low self-sustaining power.



This D tier character can prevent enemies from dodging and boost up their critical damage rate. But they do not contribute much to the big fights



Airi can not do anything alone, then what is the point of even selecting them? This character can only act as a supporter that increases the attack power on an opponent.



Nero is a blind protagonist that makes use of pincer moves. Do you find him to be an interesting character? I certainly don’t!


Comparison Table


Patch Notes Version 1.8.0

In the Latest Patch, following changes were made.

  • New Hero Pickup Grunn and Hainell.
  • New Group Pickup Heroes Sylvia/Tris.
  • Many products related to exclusive equipment are now available such as Hero Bound Gear Summon Ticket.
  • Various bug fixes.


Every tier list that you will find on the TopTierList is well researched by our team of writers. Our professional writers ensure that they are doing their best to give you a correct analysis of all the characters in this game.

However, this tier list is subject to change if there is a new update to the game. So we will edit the article according to the latest version as the situation calls for it. Moreover, if you have an objection to any rankings, feel free to leave your suggestion in the comment box below. Hopefully, you got great help with this article.

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