JG Tier List: Meta Junglers Ranked (12.12)

Summoners welcome this JG Tier List; we will discuss all the viable jungle champions in League of Legends. This tier list will be useful if you are a stranger to the Jungle role or continuously dominate your games. Riot released many different updates in season 12, mainly for the Junlger champions, and they are continually patched.

To help you keep up with this continuous barrage of changes, I prepared this tier list which highlights the new rising faces of the Jungle Role. Remember that most of this data is from recent games and meta picks against the deadliest opponents. Furthermore, this tier list will mainly focus on the Summoner’s Rift, but some of these champions will also be discussed regarding Wild Rift. Let’s get started with this tier list, shall we?

Before we dive into this subjective tier list, it is only natural that I list out this disclaimer. Granted, some of these champions may be among your favorite characters, and you may not like my placing them. However, all the characters in this list are researched carefully and put in their tiers accordingly. Additionally, most of the data is based on recent games by the most recent patches. More information on these patches is listed below.

Latest Patches

Like most online PVP games, League of Legends is no stranger to continuous and game-changing patches. In the JG tier list 12, this season brought out a lot of important updates, which changed this game continuously. In Summoner’s Rift, Riot changed the way champions scale, which put a lot of focus on champions with True Damage like Master Yi and Kayn. However, in Wild Rift, new champions were added, which changed much of the game’s meta.

Summoner’s Rift

If you are a PC gamer and a fan of League of Legends, be it from Arcane or the wave of depression that takes you from playing the game, you are probably familiar with Summoner’s Rift. This is the major part of our tier list because it has many more champions than the Wild Rift. Additionally, the latest patches of Summoner’s Rift introduced many meta changes that constantly change team compositions in every rank. You can check out Patch 12.12 notes here.

Wild Rift

However, if you’re a fan of League and prefer Mobile gaming, chances are you are more than familiar with Wild Rift. In this JG Tier List Wild Rift section, a basic summary of the changes in patch 3.3a is listed as follows. Riot changed many of the way champions scale by most items reducing the amount of armor they have. In addition to less armor, most champions also have reduced health to promote a more fast-paced game. All in all, full notes can be found here.

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S Tier

Best JG Tier List Characters
S Tier

The first tier we will discuss in our JG Tier List is this S Tier. Now, most of you probably do know what the S tier is; however if you don’t, it’s a tier in which we list the best of the best. In this S tier, we will place the champions that have proved themselves to be the best among all the other junglers in this game. In addition to being the best, they are also your ideal pick for most matches. Let us look at some of these in the content listed below.

Master Yi

The first champion which we are going to discuss in this tier and this list is none other than the ruthless Master Yi. Master Yi is one of the best junglers in Summoners Rift and has been one of the best for a long time. Seeing this character in this current meta is marvelous as he does nothing but real damage and is deadly if fed. In addition to being one of the most broken champions in the game, he also has one of the highest ban rates in the game as well.

Consequently, in the case of Wild Rift, Master Yi does not scale that well. Although still good, he is nowhere near as deadly as Master Yi one can witness in Summoner’s Rift. In Wild Rift, True damage is not always good in certain situations, so he loses his throne in that game version. If you’re a PC gamer and want to play Junglers, Master Yi is the easiest way to earn massive dubs over and over.

Difficulty: Easy


Continuing our tier list, our next champion in the spotlight is Kayn. Kayn is one of the deadliest characters in the game because of his ability to do immense damage in very little time. However, this damage is not the only reason he is in this tier; his actual power is his evasion. In addition to dealing massive damage, his kit allows him to make a very quick getaway because he can walk through walls. He is kind of broken but nowhere near as easy as Master Yi to play in-game.

Difficulty: Moderate


Next up on the S tier in this tier list is one of the more recent champions added to League of Legends, Bel’Veth. Bel’Veth has been nerfed a lot since her initial release because I remember when she came out, she could wipe out entire teams in a matter of seconds. In addition to being a fantastic jungler, Bel’Veth was also a devastating top-lane character because she didn’t require a build to become an unstoppable killing machine.

Unfortunately for Wild Rift players, Bel’Veth will not be released on the Wild Rift and is exclusive to Summoner’s Rift. Despite being nerfed to hell, Bel’Veth is still one of the most devastating Junglers in the game because of her unique kit. Furthermore, her kit allows her to be fast in mobility and attacking. Lastly, her E allows her to increase her lifestyle, which makes her a super strong tank and very annoying to duel effectively.

Difficulty: Moderate


The second last champion, which we are going to discuss in this S tier of our tier list. In this JG Tier list, OP.GG contributes a significant amount of data; according to that, Diana is the most played Junlger in this list. Diana is not a champion who deals with True Damage; instead, her damage is mostly magic. In addition to being a ruthless killing machine, she is one of the hardest characters to master in the entire game.

Diana is not a viable junlger in Wild Rift. Therefore, we won’t be discussing her here. However, we will discuss her kit’s important features that make her a champion worthy of the S tier. Firstly, her AP damage scales quickly and increases significantly with each step. In addition, her E allows her to chase down fleeing enemies, making it very hard to trade against her effectively. All in all, if you like a sophisticated playstyle, I recommend you try her out.

Difficulty: Moderate


Finally, the last character of our S tier of this JG Tier List is here. This character goes by the name Fiddlesticks and, speaking as an ADC main, is one of the most annoying junglers in the game. He has a kit that does constant damage with a lot of range. In addition to being one of the most ferocious-looking characters, his abilities sap you of all your power fairly quickly. A rant about why this character is so good is listed below if you want to read that.

The main reason Fiddlesticks is so annoying is that his fire rate is very quick, and almost all of his abilities also reduce his ability’s Cooldown. Even if you try to take him down as a team, chances are you will lose 2-3 teammates if he is fed. Another thing that makes him, especially in my games, is that getting away from him during ganks is very hard. His ultimate is a guaranteed kill which is very annoying if you’re always on the receiving end (life of an ADC).

Difficulty: High

A Tier

Good Jungler Characters
A Tier

With Fiddlesticks, we conclude our S Tier and move on to this A tier. In the A tier of this JG Tier List, we will review the champions that are still very good but not great in every situation, like our S tier champs. Despite being great junglers, it is important to note that these champions’ difficulty level varies a lot. A master at a B Tier champ may easily defeat a newbie using any of these characters. Let’s get started with this tier with the champs listed below.


The first champion we will discuss in this A tier of our JG Tier List is Volibear. Volibear is one of the most played characters in Summoner’s Rift because not only is he a great Jungler, but he is a fantastic top-laner as well. Voli has an entire kit that can immobilize champions, making him one of the best junglers to gank with. In addition to being quite a fast ganker, he also has a lot of health, making him very hard to get rid of.

However, some chinks in Voli’s character can help you demolish him quite early on. Voli is almost useless against champions who build anti-magic, so keep that trick in mind whenever you play against one. In addition to that, it is very important to know where Volibear is because that eliminates his ability to gank effectively. He is a fun character to play, but not so fun to play against.

Difficulty: Low


Wukong is the next champion we will discuss in this A tier of our tier list. He is one of those champions that can get overpowered if you don’t pay attention to him. One of his most annoying abilities is his ability to send out a clone that can attack nearby enemies. In addition to providing a quick getaway, his clone can be used to burn out enemy ability and mana so you can strike during their cooldown period.

Wukong isn’t in the S tier because he is quite difficult to master and can be shut down easily. If you hunt out Wukong early game, then he loses all his farm, and his passive is rendered useless. However, in the Wild Rift scene, Wukong is one of the best junglers. Ranked at an S+ tier, he can’t be hunted down as easily in Wild Rift as he can be in Summoner’s Rift.

Difficulty: Low


Let’s move on to the quite possibly the hardest junlger to master in the A tier of our JG Tier List, Zac. He is purely a jelly champion; he is made of jelly. Zac may be one of the most annoying junlgers to get rid of because of his unique passive skill. Each time he hits anything, he drops a part of himself that he can pick up later to heal himself again. This makes him incredibly tanky very early on in the game.

However, his role as a tank is well suited for him as most of his abilities grant him a lot of mobility and ranged damage. So, not only is he tanky, he is quick too. Zac is not yet viable in League of Legends Wild Rift and is currently exclusive to Summoner’s Rift. To summarize this champion, He is a very tanky killing machine that splits into smaller jellies when killed. If the enemies don’t kill the four jellies, he respawns with health proportional to the jellies left alive.

Difficulty: High


Hang in there, Summoners; we are almost done with the A tier of our Jungler Tier List. The next champion we are about to discuss is Agony’s Embrace herself, Evelynn. She is one of the most eerily chilling junglers in League of Legends, and rightfully so. All of her abilities imbue fear in the hearts of players who have never played against her before. Let’s discuss some of her abilities in the paragraph below.

When playing her, one of her most important abilities is her passive skill which is made for a jungle. It heals her out of combat and even gives her camouflage at a later stage. This helps her gank seamlessly or even go in for steals completely unnoticed. This is all for Summoner’s Rift, but it is important to note that she is also an A-tier champion in Wild Rift. All in all, a great character to carry games with but very difficult to learn.

Difficulty: High


The second last character which we are going to discuss in this A tier of our JG Tier List is the Troll King himself, Trundle. Trundle is one of the simpler junglers to play in League of Legends. All his abilities allow him to heal and sap the target’s stats for a brief period. However, it is important to note that Stealth is not Trundle’s style. Also, if you gank too early and die, your relevance is pretty much finished for the game.

Trundle is not yet a viable champion in Wild Rift, so there is that. However, in Summoner’s Rift, he stands as one of the best Junlgers in the game rn. His abilities allow him to destroy ADC champions early game. This is why, if you do play Trundle, it is important to gank bot lane a lot. However, if you ignore the enemy ADC, he or she may easily out-scale you in the late game.

Difficulty: Moderate


Finally, the last champion of the A tier of this tier list is for discussion. This character is none other than Shaco, the Demon Jester. Shaco is an enchanted marionette who only knows one thing, killing. Shaco is an ADC’s worst nightmare (speaking from experience). He may not bring most in the early game, but once he comes online, he can easily decimate an entire team on his own.

His passive deals additional damage when he strikes champions from behind, which is quite annoying as one of his abilities is just him going invisible and teleporting to his target. Your best weapon against Shaco is sight; if you shut him down early, he is nothing to worry about. In addition, Wild Rift players are safe from this demon for now as he is exclusive to Summoner’s Rift.

Difficulty: High

B Tier

JG Tier List Decent Characters
B Tier

With Shaco, we conclude our A tier of this JG Tier List and move on to this B Tier. The B-tier champions are the champions who are considered good but nowhere near great. They are decent champions who aren’t that good of a pick but not the worst. There are cases in which these champions shine brighter among the rest but very inconsistently. Some of these champions are discussed as follows.

Nunu and Willump

The first champions of our B tier in this list are Nunu and Willump. This dynamic duo can be seen in many games as the huge bear with the rolling snowball. In general, this champion is not that bad, but sometimes, it can struggle to keep up with the game’s pace. However, certain masters can make winning games with Nunu and Willump seamless.

They aren’t currently in the Wild Rift scene, but this champion is still available for the Summoners in Summoner’s Rift. It isn’t that hard to learn regarding abilities; the hard part is their timing. If you plan on using Nunu and Willump, I recommend you practice it a lot with AI before diving into a ranked game.

Difficulty: Moderate


The next champion up for discussion is Olaf the Berserker. Olaf is one of the deadliest champions in the game if allowed to farm up easily. However, you rarely see Olaf be used as a Jungler because he is favored more as a Top-Lane champion. Olaf is especially deadly because the more health he is missing, the faster his attack speed is. In addition to attack speed, he also gains increased Life Steal.

This is also the case in Wild Rift when it comes to Olaf. He may be a B-Tier on the Summoner’s Rift, but he is at the top of the board, an S-tier champion on the Wild Rift. This is because the mechanics are quite different in Wild Rift, but he is a great champion there. To conclude, I would not suggest that you play Olaf on the Summoner’s Rift as a Jungler but do try him out as a Top Laner.

Difficulty: Low


The third last champion we will discuss in this B tier of our JG Tier List is Amumu, the Sad Mummy. Although Amumu is not played a lot because of his kit, he is still a better choice as a Junlger than many of the other champions in the tiers below him. His Passive is quite deadly because it fits well the current patches. Amumu’s passive allows him to deal true magic damage to his enemies, which can be quite fatal.

However, Amumu can be countered quite easily by building just one item with magic resist. This is the reason he is primarily why he is in this B tier, but still, if farmed up high enough, he may very well negate most items as well. As unfortunate as it is to see Amumu in this B tier for the Summoner’s Rift, he is even worse in the Wild Rift, ranked as a D-Tier champion. All in all, he is not the worst jungler but not the best either, so be careful if you decide to play him.

Difficulty: Low


Next up on this tier list is the uncaged horror of Zaun, the Wild Beast, and Warwick. Warwick is one of the easiest junglers to learn, as all of his abilities are pretty straightforward. He is a very good junlger but can be countered so easily that I can’t place him any higher than the B tier. Some players can demolish champions with this character, but that rarely happens.

Warwick’s entire kit is for dueling and ganking, especially against low-health champions. Unfortunately, Warwick is not yet available in Wild Rift as a Junlger, but for the Summoners in Summoner’s Rift, he is a real threat if left unchecked. Warwick is the only jungler I have ever played, so if you’re forced into playing him, don’t worry; he is very easy to play with, just don’t be too greedy!

Difficulty: Low


Finally, the last champion of this B tier of our JG Tier List is up for discussion. That champion is, of course, the Iron Revenant, Mordekaiser. Despite being a deadly Top-Lane champion, he is also a viable Jungler. Although confusing to grasp, his kit is well designed for ganking and clearing many of the game’s neutral objectives.

However, Mordekaiser is not a viable jungler champion in the Wild Rift. But it is still a great one to learn if you play the Summoner’s Rift. In addition to having one of the most broken ultimates in the game, his passive is like an upgraded lethal tempo which is deadly if he immobilizes you within his range. I love this champion as a junlger, but due to his mobility and lack of speed, he is only worthy of a B-Tier as a Jungler.

Difficulty: Moderate

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C Tier

Average Junglers in LoL
C Tier

Slowly we are moving toward the end of this JG Tier List. However, before we get there, we must first go through these last two tiers of this tier list. The next tier we are going to discuss is the C tier. The C Tier champions are close to the worst champions in League of legends at the current stage. Winning games with the champions of this tier are extremely hard. These champions are discussed briefly as follows.


The first champion we will discuss in the C Tier of this list is Ivern. Despite being excellent support, some people consider playing him as a jungler too. In some cases, it does pay off, but he fails miserably in most cases. He doesn’t have that most aggressive kit, and the best he can do is assist his allies in the other lanes, but he definitely can not solo carry the game in any condition.

Unsurprisingly, Ivern is not in the Wild Rift as a viable jungler champion either. Ivern used to be a great champion in set plays, but if you don’t have a plan preset, Ivern is rarely any good which is disappointing because I love his kit’s potential. Alas, he is outmatched by a plethora of champions. However, if you like playing him, go for it!

Difficulty: Moderate


The next champion on the chopping block for this C Tier is Sejuani. She is known as the Fury of The North, which hints at her kit, mostly related to the ice like Volibear. Despite her appearance, she is one of the tankiest junglers in this tier. Her appearance is not all that she shares with Ashe but some of the targeting mechanics too. Her passive, for example, deals deadly magic damage to stunned enemies, which is quite lethal.

So why the C tier? That is simply because Sejuani struggles to find timings, and her kit is very similar to Trundles. Trundle is almost always the better option as a jungler. Despite having the role of Tank, she struggles to do much damage, especially if her opponents build magic resist. And even if they don’t, most of her kit is status effects like Ivern, which don’t do much damage, so she can only be placed in the C Tier.

Difficulty: Moderate


Finally, it is time for the Arcane fans to rejoice because the next champion up for discussion is Vi, The Piltover Enforcer. While that arcane was out, Vi had a ridiculous buff, but now she is one of the worst junglers in the game. That is simply because her mobility is very bad despite her abilities. She shares a lot of her mechanics with Warwick, only that she doesn’t have lifesteal and has no mobility compared to him.

However, if we move out of the clouds of Summoner’s Rift and look at the scene over at Wild Rift, you can see that she is one of the best junglers there. Because Wild Rift is far more fast-paced, her mobility is not a problem which is why she is a perfect A-tier champion for that case. Additionally, with Warwick not in Wild Rift, she can have all the fighter junlger glory she wants in that game.

Difficulty: Moderate


Finally, the time is here to discuss the final champion of this C Tier in our JG Tier List. This champion is none other than Talon, The Balde’s Shadow. Despite having an assassin role, Talon is a very good jungler regarding attacking speed and attack damage. The only problem with Talon is that he is extremely squishy. If you don’t know what that means, he dies very quickly.

Although a great champion for hunting down other junlgers in the early game, it is not hard for the enemy junlger to out-scale him, and that is when he struggles the most. He is like late-game Draven, who the enemy jungler can out scale and will work in most games. I never liked Talon because all the Talons I played with go AFK at 30 mins.

Difficulty: Moderate

F Tier

JG Tier List Worst Champions
F Tier

At last! It is time to discuss the final tier of this JG Tier List. In this F Tier, we will be going over the worst jungler champions in the game. These champions rarely succeed and struggle in every game to try to scale up to their opponents. Generally speaking, they’re more of a liability than an advantage, so you should never try to play with them as the Jungler. Let’s see who some of them are in the content below.


The first champion we will discuss in this F tier of our JG Tier List is Graves. Graves used to be an S-tier champion in the early season stages of season 12. Graves is the old dude with the huge shotgun and large barrels. The reason why Graves fell to the F Tier is that Junglers were expected to do a lot of True Damage and be able to Tank some damage as well.

Graves only fulfills the not dying part of those requirements and lacks in the doing damage area. Graves is like the Junlger Jhin, which means he won’t be of any use until the very late stages of the game. Considering he isn’t shut down before that, which is very likely. However, in Wild Rift, True damage doesn’t hold much value, which is why Graves is a Solid A-tier champion in that game version.

Difficulty: Low


The next champion up for discussion in this F tier is Hecarim, the Shadow of War. Hecarim looks a lot like Thresh but lacks the lethality Thresh brings to the table. He has one of the lowest play rates in the game, but still, some people choose to play him regardless. Hecarim struggles in the same department as Graves did, with no considerable damage.

Hecarim’s kit focuses only on one thing, Mobility and Attack speed. This plays into his passive, which gives him attack damage based on his attack speed. Despite that passive skill, he struggles so much in the mid to late stages of the game that it is almost impossible to win games with him. Consequently, Hecarim does not exist in Wild Rift, so he is not at a higher tier there either.

Difficulty: Moderate


The second last champion who we are going to discuss in this F tier of our JG Tier List is Vigo. The ruined king is one of the most played junlgers in this game but is still considered an F Tier champion. Viego has a crucial limitation; to do anything, he must effectively kill enemy champions. His passive allows him to possess them for a while and gives him access to his abilities.

This is sort of a double-edged sword because, to be strong, he must first wait for his enemies to get stronger. He fails to do a lot of damage in the mid stages of the game, but he does have one great use. He can deny enemy champions their farm if he continuously makes his presence known thanks to his mist. However, in conclusion, Viego does fail most games, so I would not suggest playing him unless you have mastered his abilities to perfection.

Difficulty: Moderate

Lee Sin

Finally, the time is here to discuss the last champion of our tier list, Lee Sin. Lee Sin used to be a very good jungler, but amidst the recent patches and updates, he has been very nerfed. This is why Lee Sin is now in the F Tier of Junglers. His damage was changed a lot, rendering him near useless until the very late stages of the game. His abilities are discussed in more detail below.

Lee Sin’s passive allows him to gain good attack speed but only with great damage. Since all of his damage is magic, it is incredibly easy to counter and shut him down, which is why he is in the F tier. However, in the case of Wild Rift, Lee Sin is a phenomenal jungler, placing him at the S tier. In Wild Rift, building against magic damage is not as easy. This is why champions like Graves and Lee shine there a lot.

Difficulty: Moderate

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Ending Notes

With Lee Sin, we conclude this JG tier list. Making this tier list was fun because I play this game a lot. Although I’m not experienced in the jungler side, I know how most of it works. If you find anything you wish to let me know, be sure to type it out in the comments below. I tried my best to provide you with as accurate content as possible until next time!

Why Trust Us?

It is important to judge the credibility of this tier list. Frequently, we fall prey to too much false information online. This is why I have added this little section to clarify that. The data used in this tier list has been taken from various sources like op.gg and u.gg. In addition to all of these sources, my personal experience helped form this tier list. If you do find anything doubtful or incorrect, be sure to let me know about it in the comments below.