MID Lane Tier List: All Mid Heroes Ranked

Dota’s most prominent fan is here to help you with the Mid Lane Tier List. It is the best multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game by Valve. In this tier list, you can see my thoughts on how each Hero functions in this Patch and is most vital in this meta. Moreover, as we all know how much change comes with each Patch, this tier list will help you understand the meta and give a general example of why these heroes are good.

Furthermore, water runes play a significant role in this tier list. But first, note that this tier list is simply for fun. Some heroes might not be on this list simply because they perform better at other roles or are not that good compared to the previous Patch. If you disagree after this tier list, it is okay as we are all part of the same fandom.

Dota 2 is already well-known to many of you that visit our website and read this article. Still, I feel driven to discourse on the subject if you are a new player or comeback player due to the new heroes or the latest Dota: Dragon’s Blood anime fan. Dota 2 is a sequel to Dota. You may have heard of the game and a group of friends committed to this game who speak about it frequently.

Likewise, they’d want you to join them, or maybe you’ve been attempting to convince your friends to play your favorite game. Anyone who desires a quick summary of what this game offers, why it’s so incredible, and its heroes should check out this tier list.

Introducing Dota 2

Dota 2 is an RTS-styled MOBA-type competitive team game with RPG elements. It is the next generation of Dota. It is played in matches between two teams (Radiant and Dire) of five players, with each group occupying and defending their respective base on the map. Each of the ten players independently controls a character known as a “hero,” who all have unique abilities and differing play styles.

Players collect experience points and gold during a match via killing the neutral creep. With that gold, you make items for their heroes to defeat the opposing team’s heroes in player versus player combat. The process continues until one team destroys the other team’s “Ancient,” a large structure within their base protected by multiple towers down three lanes.

Dota 2 runs on the Source 2 Engine and mimics some of the quirks that were present in the original Dota game to conserve gameplay. Although developments to the game’s technology, such as new shaders and lighting, give you a better experience than Dota.


Dota 2 offers a total of 123 playable heroes. One hundred twelve of these heroes are from Dota Allstars. They all have a distinct style of play that falls into three categories: strength, agility, and intelligence. At the start of each game, two teams of five Radiant and Dire take turns to select a Hero from the Hero Pool, commonly referred to as that match’s draft.

Each player controls a single Hero and gains experience after killing enemy units nearby. They start the game at level one, and as they earn experience, they ultimately level up. Each rank grants more increases to the Hero’s attributes and an ability point to spend on upgrading abilities or Talents.

In addition to a hero’s abilities, some heroes have a melee, and some have ranged attack, which does an amount of damage based on the primary attribute: strength, agility, or intelligence.

Tier List’s Methodology

MID Lane Tier List
MID Lane Tier List Methodology

Due to so many variables, this is a challenging attempt. We may never be able to process all the information entirely, but we can do our best. The stronger heroes will be able to outplay the less capable ones. It’s not the world’s end if the Hero isn’t a high tier.

To accurately organize heroes, a tier list assesses how well a hero’s abilities, attributes, and tactics perform in a competitive situation. There is, of course, an overabundance of options.

Players devoted to a couple of heroes, aka spammers, will eventually discover their heroes’ hidden potential. The heroes in this Mid Lane Tier List are according to their playstyle and my personal experience with them in the game. However, I prefer this overall ranking of heroes in this tier list. Moreover, tier lists are subjective. Thus the heroes’ ranks may not be what you expected.

This rating of heroes and their tiers is open for debate but not criticism. Dota 2 Mid Lane heroes have six levels: S, A, B, and C, D, F, respectively. Before we begin, I’d want to get the following out of the way: I like every one of the heroes included in this ranking, starting at the very top to down.

It’s simply that the top-tier heroes have a more considerable influence on the meta. Thus it’s more fun with them than without them. That does not imply that I dislike the characters in the lower ranks.

Every Hero in Dota is a favorite of mine apart from Techies. Let’s move on to the fun part: This tier list only focuses on the main meta heroes currently wreaking havoc in the game.

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S Tier

MID Broken Heroes
The Broken Heroes in the Game’s Current meta

The first tier of this list is the S tier as “superb” or “super,” and the S tier is considered the most prestigious. It holds the top spot. Among the best Mid Lane Tier List, this group includes fan favorites with players drafting around these heroes, and in almost every game, you will see one of them if not banned.

The game’s current meta breaks all four of the characters on this tier. These heroes have received massive buffs in the most recent Patch. It is advantageous to use these characters in your games. The more you play them, the better you become. Furthermore, these heroes have a high win rate in high-rank pubs.


At the first spot, we have Puck, which is currently the best mid-lane Hero for this Patch. It can be seen in every game if it is not banned. Puck has always been an excellent mid-lane hero. This Hero has gotten so much spotlight this Patch because the traditional spirit heroes got nerfed into insensibility.

In addition to spirit heroes getting nerfed, Puck is now the best version of spirit heroes that ruled the previous Patch. It scales well in the late game and has an excellent laning stage in almost every game. The Puck can wreak havoc in side lanes, too. Because of that, this Hero is perfect.

There are many different builds you can go to as Puck, and my favorite one boots into witch blade into blink dagger then Kaya-sange. Puck is not an easy hero to use but currently has a 52.6% win rate this Patch which is quite good. Puck deserved to be at the top of this Mid Lane Tier List right now due to his strong presence in the game.

Keeper of the Light

Keeper of the Light is in the second spot after Puck, and sometimes, it is better than Puck due to his first spell; illuminate is good even after they nerfed it in this Patch. Put Keeper of the Light can clear the creep wave just by using his first spell, and then you can move to the side camps and stacked camps faster than the enemy mid-lane, which puts you at an advantage.

In addition to farming faster than the enemies, Keeper of the Light kills you quickly if you don’t dodge his first spell. It scales well in the late game, and if the enemies don’t have heroes that can kill the backline, then Keeper of the Light spams the first spell repeatedly.

As for the Build, the most effective way to enable your team is to rush boots of travel and Spirit Vessel into Dagon and Bkb. Similar to Puck, this Hero is not easy to use.

You always have to be careful with your positioning because if you get caught by the enemy team, you will die in no time. Moreover, Keeper of the Light has a 53.6% Win Rate which puts him on this spot in this Mid Lane Tier List.


On the third spot, we have Tiny, who used to be a carry last Patch but got nerfed, but it didn’t change much. Now tiny is played as Mid with maxing out his first and second spell and rushing blink dagger first item so that he steals the side lanes, and at that time, he can kill almost every Hero with his first and second spell combo.

This cycle continues until the enemy team purchases bkb, and due to his early success, he can scale very well into the late game, and we all know how scary tiny gets in the late game. Tiny deserves this spot on Mid Lane Tier List.


After tiny, we have Zeus, who has all the damage in the world, but once he gets caught, he dies like any other support hero, but that is not the case anymore as his third spell, called heavenly jump, is pretty much made him invincible. All you have to do is max out the first and third spell so you can farm safely and have an escape route if the enemies try to hunt you.

Moreover, the Build is simply booted into sange and kaya into the shard and blink dagger, and you can actively join the team in the fights. Zeus is on this spot because he is a good matchup against all these meta mid-heroes.

Furthermore, Zeus is not that hard to use. It would be best if you were careful of the positioning and are good to go. So that sums up our S-tier heroes in this Mid Lane Tier List.

A Tier

MID Lane Tier List
The Essential Heroes in the Game’s Current meta

The second tier of this tier is the A-tier as “Above-Average.”, In this tier, most of the heroes are good in almost every other game but are not invincible to the ones in the S-tier. This group includes heroes as good as S-tiers among the best Mid Lane Tier List if you hit their item timing at the right time.

Similar to the S-tier, these heroes have a decent win rate in pubs, and for some reason, if any of the S-tier heroes are not available, you can always go for these because they are also excellent.


On the first spot, we have Batrider. He is perfect at mid if given the right matchups, and if you know how to play this Hero the right way, you will probably win Mid regardless of the lousy matchup.

Moreover, the Build is simple. You rush boots of travel, blink dagger into BKB, and you can kill any hero with your ultimate combo until the enemy heroes buy bkb. Still, it is not a straightforward hero. You must hit your item timing and identify your strengths and weakness in the laning phase.

Batrider is well against TA, which is good against the heroes in S-tier, so if you get the last pick, you can go for Batrider into the TA, and you will have an easy game. Apart from all this, Batrider has a decent win rate of 52.2% Win Rate.


After Batrider, we have Pangolier, he got some nerfs this Patch, but still, he is a perfect mid-hero and brings so much to the team that no other hero does in this A-tier. Pangolier is not a straightforward hero; if you know how to use the skills properly, you can do well in the laning phase and ultimately scale into the late game.

Furthermore, the Build is simple. You rush boots into difusal blade into blink dagger and shard. Apart from the Build, the only reason Pangolier is not in the S-tier heroes are perfect at the moment compared to him, and they do well against Pangolier.


Now, this is not for memes. Alchemist is now perfect. He constantly received buffs throughout the last few patches, which, as a result, made him a better hero during the laning phase. Alchemist, as we know, struggles in a lane, but due to the buffs now, you put a point in the second spell during the laning phase, which is good now.

Moreover, if you hit your item timing correctly with an alchemist, you can stomp the game. The Build is simple soul ring boots into radiance. If you know how to play, Alchemist, do use him now. When his spells are perfect and he gains MMR quickly, he deserves to be in this A-tier of Mid Lane Tier List.


Don’t start to flame me in the comments because Pudge is in A-tier. He is not here for nothing. The stats don’t lie. As of now, Pudge has a Win Rate of 51.0%. Moreover, with how his third spell works now, he is pretty good. When the third spell is active, he blocks all the damage thrown at him, making him a solid Mid hero.

The Build for mid-Pudge is simple you rush soul ring boots into hood and Aghanim, and you can walk into five-person team fights and tank all the spells with receiving no damage, so that sums up our A-tier of Mid Lane Tier List.

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B Tier

Balanced MID Lane Heroes
The Balanced Heroes in the Game’s Current meta

The third tier of this tier is the B-tier as “Balanced.” B Tier is the balancing tier in the Mid Lane Tier List. Despite being in B-tier, these heroes are not ever good. However, they are occasionally perfect depending on the situation, and some heroes in this tier are good against the ones in S and A levels.

Similar to the S and A tier, these heroes have a decent win rate and pick rate in pubs, and some of them counter the ones in S and A level, so these heroes are good counter heroes to the meta heroes.


On the first sport of this tier, we have Lina. She is a pretty decent hero. Her laning phase is vital. You can farm fast with her spells, and she scales well into the late game. The problem with Lina is that in this Patch, most offlane heroes carry types like Razor Tiny Dawnbreaker, and when you have lina in your team, it gets greedy because she also needs to hit her item timings on the right time.

Still, if you manage to hit her item timing at the right time, she is perfect. The Build is simple boots of travel into bkb into a silver edge or satanic, and you are good to go with your team, so she deserves to be in this B-tier of Mid Lane Tier List.


After Lina, we have Dawnbreaker’s terrifying Hero when she wins her lane. And She is my favorite Hero in this Patch, and it is pretty good when it comes to Mid. She has a win rate of 59.8%, and Dawnbreaker is in the B tier because she is not that good when it comes to mid but still does good.

The Build for this Hero is simple you rush soul ring into boots and echo saber Desolator. She is not in the upper tier because she does more work in offlane or as support than in mid, but she is still a pretty strong hero, and that is why he deserves to be in this B tier of Mid Lane Tier List.


On the third spot of this tier, we have Kunkka. He does well against most of the heroes in the upper level aside from Batrider. Whenever you feel like your team lacks a team fight, you can go for Kunkka, who brings so much to the group. The Aghanim Scepter is good. He is the team-fighting mid-hero.

The Build that I like to go boots into orchid into bkb and Aghanim Scepter, and you are good to go, and that is why he deserves to be in this B tier of Mid Lane Tier List.


Leshrac is your traditional mid-hero, but lately, he is not doing well because of the constant nerfs he is getting, but still, it doesn’t affect him that much, and he still is a perfect mid-hero who deserves this spot in this Mid Lane Tier List.

It is not in the upper tier because the meta heroes such as Puck and Zeus tiny can kite him, which becomes a problem for him, but at the same time, he is good against heroes like Pudge Alchemist and Dawnbreaker.


After Leshrac, we have Visage. He is a pretty decent hero but not a straightforward hero. You always have to be careful of the positioning. He is perfect in this Patch because of how the soul assumption works. Now you can constantly spam that spell in the lane, and secure range creeps every single creep wave. It is just not easy to punish Visage in the lane.

Visage is not in the upper tier because the Hero does so well at position three than the mid, but you can still play middle with him if you are a Visage spammer.


Void is still a pretty decent hero even after all the nerfs he received. He does good against most of the heroes in the upper tier, and if you are a void spammer just like me, you know the strength of this Hero when he hits the item timing at the right time.

Furthermore, the Build is simple you rush boots into the witch blade into the ethereal, and you can kill any hero with your combo. He is not in the upper tier because of the nerfs he got, and Void is not as good as he used to be, but this Hero is in every other match.


On the last spot of this B tier, we have another Spirit hero, Ember, who is similar to Void Spirit in this Patch. It is a decent hero, but some heroes give more than Ember, so it is always better if you go for higher-tier heroes.

Moreover, this Hero is not in the upper tier because of his many bad matchups in almost every game. It is not easy to play Ember these days against Puck Tiny, but still, if you are an Ember spammer, you dont have to worry about that because you probably know how to counter them.

C Tier

MID Lane Tier List
The Situational Heroes in the Game’s Current meta

The fourth tier of this Mid Lane Tier List is the C-tier as “Situational.” Although the C tier isn’t as crucial as the other tiers on our tier list, it’s still good. Sometimes the heroes in this tier are good against some heroes and do very well if you use them correctly. These heroes have decent win rates similar to upper levels and were a good few patches ago.

Templar Assasin

On the first sport, we have TA, who does a pretty good job against some heroes from S tiers, such as tiny and Puck. Still, it is not viable for your team because the Puck and Tiny will rotate more than the TA, and they will help their sidelines while TA will focus on her farm, so it is better to play her as a Carry role than mid.

If you can pull TA mid without your sidelines getting failed, it can be a good option, so that is why she ended up in this spot on Mid Lane Tier List.

Queen of Pain

After TA, we have Queen of Pain. She is a decent mid-hero, but many heroes in meta are tanky such as Bristleback, Dawnbreaker, and Razor, and that is where she suffers. Moreover, most of the time, she will be against Puck and Tiny, who do a better job at mid than her.

Still, you can go mid with qop. It is not the end of the world. You can still stomp the game if you match up against Pangolier, Batrider, and Keeper of the Light, who are also in meta, so it’s a gamble.

Death Prophet

It has been a long time since we last saw Death Prophet meta, and after all the nerfs she received, she is still outstanding sometimes when your matchups are in her favor. Death Prophet does good against Puck in Lane but falls short when it comes to rotations, and for that reason, Death Prophet is an offlane where you can almost do the same thing but effectively.


This Hero used to be in every other match, but now we hardly see him at mid, and if we do see him at the middle, it is played as a Quas Wex build, which is not suitable against most of the meta heroes and for that reason he ended up so low in this Mid Lane Tier List.

Still, some players spam this Hero and win the game just because they are too good with this Hero, and sometimes your matchup is good such as Queen of pain, and that is when this Hero shines the most, but most of the time, it is not suitable simply because other heroes offer so much more.


This Hero is in every other match but not as a mid-lane. The main reason this Hero is better at the side lane is that the meta heroes are Puck, Zeus, and Keeper of the light, and Razor cannot catch these heroes. They will outrun you, so Razor performs better as a carry or Offlane.


Like Razor, Viper is also in the meta, but not as mid he is an Offlane because of the Bristle, and Viper completely shuts Bristle, so it is better to play him as an offlane than mid. Moreover, some matchups favor Viper, whereas if you see Alchemist, Pudge, or Void Spirit.

Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit is not as good as he was a few patches ago. The reason why he is in this tier is because of how the Null talisman works now. He just doesn’t have a better laning phase now, he suffers a lot, and there is not an item Build that favors Storm’s spirit. You cannot rush bloodstone because of how it works, and other heroes bring much more than what Storm Spirit offers, so that is why he is on this tier of Mid Lane Tier List.


Snapfire is a decent hero, but you have to be careful with it because the Hero is not vital in the early game, and you have to delay the game. Moreover, we all know how scary Snapfire is when she has a Daedalus, Desolator, Mkb, and her level 25 talent which lets her one-shot enemy heroes.

If this Hero is in the right team with the right heroes, it will shine, but most of the time, you will be against Puck and Keeper of the Light, who will not let her get to level 25, and the game will be much more challenging when you play against those two.


Like TA, Huskar is a lane dominator and will not rotate as much as Puck and Keeper of the Light, so it is not viable in this meta. Still, if it is against an Alchemist or TA, then this Hero gets scary, but that is if you know you are going into TA or Alchemist, and for the most time, you will be against meta heroes who will Punish you in the lane, and with that our C tier of Mid Lane Tier List concludes.

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D Tier

MID Lane Below Average Tier List
Below Average Heroes in the Game’s Current meta

The fifth tier of this Mid Lane Tier List is the D-tier as “Below Average.” In this tier, most of the heroes are sometimes really good, but most of the time, they are greedy and a burden to the team. Moreover, some of the heroes in this tier are not your traditional mid-type Hero. Some are good at other roles, while the ones played on mid are not that good.


On the first spot of this tier, we have Necrophos, who was a good few patches ago but over time nerfed, and now most of the time, he is played as on offlane. Still, you can play him on mid against certain heroes such as the Alchemist. The only reason he is that low in this Mid Lane Tier List is that he does so much more as an offlane than mid.


After Necrophos, we have a sniper who is more of a carry hero than a mid he needs to farm first. The only reason why he is here is that some players still play him as middle, and what ends up happening is that they unintentionally throw the game.

Sniper steals the farm of carrying, which is not a good thing for carrying, so this Hero is not a mid hero unless your carry is something like Kunka or Slardar.


This Hero is decent. I know it is hard to believe, but you can get away with Tusk mid the reason why Tusk is on mid is because of how his Aghanim scepter works now and most of the time, what ends up happening is that he blinks into the enemy, team and then he kicks out their carry out of his team.

Furthermore, the Build is simple. You rush boots into blink into Aghanim, and you are good to go. It is decent but not as good as other heroes and does so much more as support.


Windranger is a perfect hero but not as a mid, and sometimes, she suffers a lot because most of the heroes in the meta are a terrible matchup for her, and it is not easy to play against them. You cannot kill them alone; they will do much more than Windranger.

Still, you can get away as Windranger mid, and her stats are good. She has a 62.0% Win Rate, and the Build is simple. You rush boots maelstrom into bkb and blink. The only reason she is not in the upper tier is that she does so much more as a support than mid, and that is how she ended up on this spot on Mid Lane Tier List.

ARC Warden

This Hero is enjoyable to play and watch because of the new Build. He does well at mid, but like most of the heroes in this tier, he suffers a lot against the meta picks—the Build for Mid Arc Warden boots into Midas into gleipner and Aghanim, and then you can spam your first spell and become a hindrance for the enemy team.

Shadow Fiend

On the last spot for this tier, we have SF, who is a right-clicker, and the only reason this Hero is not in the upper levels is that there are heroes that do his job better than him, such as Lina, and he does not have an escape when enemies try to hunt you. So this completes the D tier of this Mid Lane Tier List.

F Tier

MID Lane Tier List
Bad Mid Heroes in the Game’s Current meta

The F tier is the last tier for this Mid Lane Tier List. In this tier, most of the heroes are not in the meta and are not viable if you pick them. Moreover, these heroes are not what they used to be, and many heroes do the job much better, so these heroes ended up in this F tier.

Outworld Destroyer

On the first spot, we have OD, who is either the best Hero of the beta or the worst, and this Patch is not good at all because of all the nerfs he got and how the damage of the meteor hammer works now it is better to opt for any other hero than Od. This Hero is low in this Mid Lane Tier List because other heroes offer much more than mid-OD.


Before you start grilling, this Hero is terrible because of the rework. Even if you are a Tinker specialist, you will not be able to win against most of the meta heroes who do so much more than Tinker. This Hero is always like this.

It is either the best Hero of the meta or the worst and right now, it is not looking good, so that is how he ended up here in the F tier of this MID Lane Tier List.


This Hero used to be scary. Now it is almost unplayable because of how much the heroes in the upper tiers offer. It is good and bad at the same time, suitable for the players who hate playing against this Hero and bad for the Meepo specialist. Still, if you know how to play this Hero, you can get away with him in low rank, and you will always be up against the heroes that are much better than Meepo. So this finalizes our last tier for this Mid Lane Tier List.

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Mid Heroes Ranked
Illustration of MID Lane Tier List

Creating this tier list was not an easy task, and if we missed any of the heroes, that is because they are not played as Mid Hero anymore. They do much better at other roles, and most of the heroes in higher tiers are your go-to heroes in this meta, and the ones in the low level are rarely picked.

Why Trust Our Ranking?

At TopTierList, all writers have years of expertise aiding with high-quality writing. The writers have a key to several reliable sources of data. To make the tier list pleasing, they are entitled to compose it in their tone. Other tier lists will always exist.

Moreover, we have crafted the tier list with the slightest amount of bias added by our side. Our team invested a reasonable amount of time and effort before arranging the content in front of you. All heroes are ordered according to the player’s feedback.

The performance, Win rate, and Pick rate of each Hero were considered before creating this tier list. On top of that, the heroes in the higher tiers are better than the ones in the lower levels. This is our opinion, and you are free to disagree. We will love to hear from you if you disagree with this Mid Lane Tier List.

In Conclusion

That is the tier list until another update or Patch. To summarize, This is our view, and all the heroes are ranked according to their performance in the meta. I made this tier list exceptionally carefully, with every tier. Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below.

If you have read through the whole tier list, you are a True Dota 2 fan and probably love developing tier lists. I hope it was enlightening or fascinating, and you agree with my rankings of Mid Lane heroes in this tier list.

To end this Mid Lane Tier List, I would like to remind you that it is purely based on how I think about these heroes and their value. Make sure to look at the other tier lists on our website that we have made for you. Lastly, don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment section below. If you read the whole list, Thank you!

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