Overwatch 2 Tier List: All Heroes Ranked [2023]

We Will Be Ranking All The Heroes In The Game.

It’s Overwatch’s most prominent fan here to help you with you helping pick characters in Overwatch 2 Tier List. I am planning to provide a guide, and you can expect to see my thoughts on each hero in order of appearance in this patch and what I believe is the most crucial meta for beta phase 2 of this patch. Significant changes were made to the roles of support passives and DPS passives. This patch has what seems to be a nerf to support. For now, the self-healing kicks in 1.15 seconds compared to 1 second.

Still, the DPS nerf is far more severe, as you no longer earn the 10% move speed that applies to all interactions, outplaying opposing abilities and allowing you to get into position for kills. Remember that you’ll still lose 70% of your ult and die to switch.

Key Points

  • There are total of 13 entries in our article.
  • Each of them is ranked on the basis of movesets, special abilities, damage output, and armor resistance.
  • You will observe Zenyatta, Soldier: 76, and Ana in higher ranks.
  • Among the lowest are Ashe, Hanzo, and Echo.


Before we dive any further, the following table shows the rank of all Characters.

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
ZenyattaD.VaZarya Hanzo
Junker QueenAshe

S Tier

Broken heroes in Overwatch 2 Tier
S Tier.

The first tier of this list is referred to as “superb” or “super,” and the S tier is considered the most prestigious. It holds the top spot. Among the best heroes in Overwatch 2, this group includes fan favorites with impressive movesets, special abilities, damage output, and armor resistance. All the characters on this list may be used for PVE and PVP. You’re going to meet some of the most talented heroes in the game.


In the game Overwatch, Zenyatta is a Support hero. When Zenyatta isn’t using spheres of harmony or discord to heal or injure his friends or adversaries, he’s seeking to become impervious to pain. Zenyatta is a formidable Support who focuses on the offensive. With the ability to kill, he stands out from the rest of the group. With well-placed shots, his Orb of Destruction and Orb of Discord may rip through even the most fearsome Tanks.

His Orb of Harmony and Transcendence, although not as effective as Mercy’s, are more than adequate to keep a squad alive. This power is balanced since it can’t move around very well. Zenyatta saunters until he activates his ultimate power. Nothing else about him lends itself to more incredible rapidity. As a result, he’s at risk of being caught off guard by flankers or a barrage of fire from the front.

When he was weaker, he could use his Discord Orb significantly. However, now that he’s stronger, he can still use his first beta bonuses like the additional life and the potent Spartan Kick to considerable influence. So I will place him on the Overwatch 2 tier list at the S tier.

Ability Orb of Discord, Orb of Harmony
Role Support

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Soldier: 76

Overwatch’s Soldier: 76 is a Damage specialist. Soldier: 76 possesses the speed and support skills of a well-trained warrior, thanks to his arsenal of cutting-edge weapons, including an experimental pulse rifle that can fire spirals of high-powered Helix Rockets.

In terms of Damage, Soldier: 76 is a solid choice. With Biotic Field, he can do both long-term and short-term damage at all ranges, travel fast across the battlefield and assist himself and his squad.

His weaknesses include a lack of weapon or ability specialization, no vertical mobility, and a less powerful Ultimate than other Assault heroes. He’s an easy hero to learn but a challenging one to master, making him an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gamers.

If you are unfamiliar with Soldier: 76’s kit, it is strongly advised that you read the material under Abilities. Soldier: 76 is the epitome of a frontline presence and attack because of its constant damage output, solid AoE healing, and devastating burst.

Ability Biotic Field, Helix Rockets
Role Damage


Ana is an Overwatch Support character. She can impact heroes all around the battlefield because of her diverse armament. Using her Biotic Rifle and Biotic Grenades, she heals teammates while also damaging or crippling adversaries; her sidearm calms down critical targets, and Nano Boost offers one of her companions a significant boost in strength. Ana can heal at any range as a long-range support sniper while delivering decent damage.

With her Biotic Grenade, she may increase the healing benefits of her darts and other Supports and environmental healing, including Payloads and Health packs. She has a sidearm that can fire a Sleep Dart at an adversary, rendering them momentarily ineffective until they are roused. At its most basic, this ultimate’s purpose is to boost the performance of your allies, enabling them to do more damage while absorbing less from their opponents.

Her Biotic Grenade prevents foes impacted by the explosion from being healed in any manner, giving her excellent support and an anti-healer. Having just her sidearm to defend herself, Ana is easily outflanked by flankers and other mobile heroes, leaving her a vulnerable target. Ana’s damage output is comparable to other damage-dealers, but she cannot deliver critical shots and is unable to move quickly. You can’t play like a DPS-focused hero on your own; you need to put your efforts towards healing your friends instead of doing damage.

Ability Sleep Dart, Biotic Grenade
Role Support

A Tier

Prominent heroes in Overwatch 2 Tier List
A Tier.

A-tier is an above-average tier where I put my favorite heroes with the same level of affection as the top heroes in the tier list. Some of the heroes on this list might be an S-tier for many fans since it is subjective. Honestly, all the heroes on this tier ranking share the same place in my heart.


D.Va is an Overwatch Tank hero. With its dual Ability Fusion Cannons, D.Va’s mech is quick and deadly. She can utilize its Boosters to barrel over barriers and smash projectiles with her Defense Matrix, which absorbs assaults. D.Va is a unique tank that can move about a little. She can easily bridge the distance to the attacker because of her robust health and Boosters. Her considerable damage output at close range in one-on-one combat makes her a formidable opponent.

It would be best if you focused on shielding your squad from flankers and snipers, which may necessitate rushing them to the ground. Since they are weak at close range, snipers should be your initial target. After that, other damage providers may be targeted depending on the circumstances and their location. The adversary can outrange her before she even gets a chance to bridge a gap with Ability Boosters since her Ability Fusion Cannons and Ability Micro Missiles are worthless against anything beyond medium-range.

In return for D.Va’s regular health, they traded a hundred of her armor health. Unlike Overwatch 1, which only blocked around 30% of damage, Overwatch 2’s armor is much stronger at blocking burst damage, making D.Va a much superior pick in a more “poke” dominating meta. Hence, I will pace her in the A tier of the Overwatch 2 Tier List.

Ability Defense Matrix, Micro Missiles
Role Tank


In Overwatch, Orisa plays the role of a Tank. While Orisa’s role in Overwatch is to keep her teammates safe, she does it by protecting them from harm with a protective barrier. To slow and move her adversaries, she may use graviton charges, and she can use a Supercharger to increase the damage output of numerous teammates at once. She can also strike from a great distance and bolster her defenses. When it comes to Overwatch 2, Ori is a tank. As an anchor tank, Orisa’s teammates benefit more when they gather around her.

The cannon shell of the Fusion Driver is a projectile, which means it has a flight time but no damage falloff. If the opponent is moving, the player must correctly lead the bullets to utilize this against them at long range.

Choke areas and enemy suppression are the most remarkable places for her Protective Barrier to be employed. For example, in Zarya’s ultimate gravity surge, Orisa uses Halt! to drag adversaries out of position or to put them in a vulnerable position that leads to their death, much as Zarya does.

Ability Energy Javelin, Fortify
Role Tank


In Overwatch, Sigma plays the role of a Tank. In an orbital experiment gone awry, an eccentric astronomer and volatile tank named Sigma obtained the ability to manipulate gravity. Sigma’s presence on the battlefield, controlled by Talon and used as a weapon, cannot be ignored. Despite being a tank hero, Sigma can both attack and defend. It is, nevertheless, necessary to plan rather than rely on his powers unrestrictedly.

While he can do a lot of damage, he excels at staying out of harm’s way with Accretion and Hyperspheres, creating openings, and protecting his squad with Experimental Barrier, which he can utilize in any situation. Quick thinking and excellent situational awareness are required when using Kinetic Grasp to defend himself and his squad. As a result of his skills, Sigma might seem more powerful than he is, which can lead to aggressive play from players.

If you’re trapped in a circumstance where you’re alone and surrounded by adversaries, Sigma’s lack of mobility will make it a catastrophe. You’ll die quickly if you overextend with Sigma, and if you think your friends are close but they’ve already left a battle, you’ll die just as quickly. When facing an escapee like Lucio or Tracer, the best course of action is to kill them before they can escape with the help of Accretion and his Hyperspheres.

Ability Kinetic Grasp, Accretion
Role Tank

Junker Queen

Overwatch 2’s Junker Queen is a tank character. Close combat is the Junker Queen’s specialty. Wounds from several of her abilities steadily deplete the health of her opponents. Having this life-steal passive enhances her survivability as well as aggressiveness. Junker Queen may be termed a “berserker tank,” whose survival is directly linked to the number of opponents she wounds.

Although Junker Queen’s passive “Adrenaline Rush” gives her self-healing capabilities, it is not likely to be as dependable as channeled abilities such as “Take a Breather,” “Self Repair,” or “Recall” for restoring lost health. Its primary purpose is to extend the lifespan of Junker Queen. Like Lucio’s Sound Barrier, the commanding cry may be used. Aside from saving yourself, this is best utilized to rescue your allies from life-threatening ultimates or to boost your chances of success in a battle.

Carnage’s range is limited. Therefore it’s best employed against close-quarters foes like Reinhardt or Doomfist. However, it may also be used to do significant wound damage and heal Junker Queen. The ordinary player may easily overcome her weaknesses. As long as Junker Queen has cooldowns and you have something to run at, you’ll feel like Junker Queen is the finest duelist you’ve ever picked up.

Ability Jagged Blade, Commanding Shout
Role Tank

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B Tier

Balanced heroes
B Tier.

The B tier does not continue down to this level. Compared to the A-tier heroes, these characters have a modest disadvantage. Despite their numerous strengths, each of these heroes has a few essential disadvantages.


Overwatch hero Zarya is a Tank. Zarya’s Particle Cannon is an essential tool on the front lines of any fight, thanks to formidable personal barriers that turn incoming damage into Energy. Zarya is a problematic task to master, but it is also among the most rewarding. Her barrier skills allow her to absorb most of the damage she takes, boosting her damage output significantly. When she is fully charged, her Particle Cannon can decimate an entire opponent team in a matter of seconds.

When she unleashes her Ultimate, she has the power to imprison the whole opposing team in a single location for her friends to attack. In addition, she has the lowest essential health of the tanks (except for Orisa), no mobility abilities, and only a short-duration barrier to defend her and her squad. All of this comes with a severe drawback. Heavily relies on his teammates to recharge his Energy, offer cover/healing while she is out of position, and synchronize with her ultimate.

Consistently gaining is an excellent strategy. Before deploying Particle Barrier, use your Energy to confront your opponents. Enemies actively engaged in a firefight will have less time to respond and cease striking their defenses. You may want to activate Particle Barrier before approaching your foes since doing so will likely compel them to flee until the barrier is broken. As a result, she will be placed on the Overwatch 2 Tier list as a B tier.

Ability Particle Barrier, Projected Barrier
Role Tank


Widowmaker is an Overwatch Damage character. Weapons, including mines that release poisonous gas and an infrared-seeking visor, are among Widowmaker’s weapons, which she uses to destroy her enemies. Overwatch’s archetypal sniper, Widowmaker. A fully-charged headshot from her powerful scoped rifle is enough to take down most of the game’s heroes, and she can still inflict significant damage with body shots.

Enemy ambushes and coordinated assaults may be readily thwarted because of her Infra-Sight capabilities and Venom Mines. Widowmaker may be a real threat to the other squad if played correctly.

Ideally, she should be employed on maps with many long corridors and open regions with minimal cover where she can fire down her opponents and take them out. Maps containing many little rooms and other ways her adversaries may get around her are less effective for her. Tanks like Reinhardt, whose massive barrier can stop her bullets dead, also provide a significant challenge for her.

Use Venom Mine with your submachine gun to take out adversaries near you while combat is at close range. As well as the submachine gun of Widowmaker, the Venom Mine does a startling amount of damage. You may not be able to kill a well-trained flanker, but you can still cause enough damage to scare them away, particularly if you’re not surprised by them. Never remain in one area for too long as a widowmaker.

Ability Grappling Hook, Venom Mine
Role Damage


As an Overwatch Damage specialist, Cassidy is a serious contender. Cassidy is a lethal combination of speed and accuracy when armed with his Peacekeeper pistol. Cassidy should be one of the finest duels in the game. When he gets near enough to someone, he may murder them instantly by using Flashbang to incapacitate them and then unleashing his Peacekeeper. His primary weapon’s precise hits also make him excellent for medium-range combat against mobile adversaries like Genji and Pharah.

Combat Roly allows him to get away quickly to reload his weapon at the exact moment, which is just what he needs. Due to the sure kill shot, Deadeye may be utilized to kill non-tank heroes inside his line of sight quickly or to ward off opponents. At medium ranges, Cassidy is an excellent anti-flanker and damage dealer.

While sending him out on his own may be tempting, he is most effective when he stays close to his team, as he can rapidly eliminate bothersome flankers like Genji and inflict substantial damage to Tanks like Winston, ensuring the safety of his team. With his limited mobility, Cassidy is at risk of being picked off by foes like Widowmaker, who can easily hear him approaching from a mile away because of the sound of his footfall. Avoid employing the central fire of the Peacekeeper at distances more than or equal to 10 meters.

Ability Combat Roll, Magnetic Grenade
Role Damage


On Overwatch, Ashe specializes in dealing with damage. When it comes to gunfights, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. At the expense of firing rate, Ashe employs her rifle’s aim-down sights or shoots it swiftly from the hip. She can create space between herself and her opponents with dynamite throws and her coach gun, and she can also acquire some height to jump to difficult-to-reach areas or to use an aerial attack. Furthermore, Ashe is not alone in the fight, as she may call on her omniscient sidekick B.O.B. for assistance if the situation warrants it. When playing Ashe, it is essential to understand mechanics thoroughly.

Using her ADS (aim-down-sight) alternative firing mode, the Viper is quite powerful at long range. It’s a hazardous and adaptable ability that may be utilized to threaten space (such as tight passageways and chokepoints) and cause substantial damage in its radius.

To no one else’s knowledge, dynamite may be set off before its fuse has burned out entirely by firing it. A defensive “get-off-me” weapon (like Lucio’s Soundwave) and a formidable mobility option (like Pharah’s Concussive Blast), her Coach Gun does double duty in the game. 

Ability Coach Gun, Dynamite
Role Damage

C Tier

Subtle heroes
C Tier.

Although the C tier isn’t as crucial as the other tiers on our tier list, it’s still vital. Two heroes make up this tier, and they are all quite similar. These are the heroes who are the lowest on the priority list. So, at the bottom tier, the worst heroes in this game, according to the current meta, are the ones in the D Tier. A few more things now that I am revealing the bottom tier.


In Overwatch, Hanzo is a Damage hero. Hanzo’s arrows are capable of revealing his opponents or striking many targets at the same time. A gigantic spirit dragon may be summoned, or he can mount the walls to discharge his bow from afar. With his excellent team utility and area denial skills, Hanzo is a medium-range sniper. Compared to Widowmaker, his arrows are quieter and harder to spot, allowing him to sneak up on his targets and grab the kill before they see him.

At long range, Storm Bow’s poor aim necessitates risky close-quarters combat, which is a problem for him. Hanzo has difficulty firing from long range unless his foes travel through a tight area. As a result of Hanzo’s mobility, it is possible to get into a position where you can see both shoots on your opponents and flee if they choose to pursue you. Do not be afraid to maintain your ground when just one person comes after you since Hanzo is far more deadly than Widowmaker at close range when he can score headshots.

At close range, Hanzo’s burst damage is rather consequential. The tracer may be killed with a single arrow from the Storm Bow and a short melee strike. Storm Arrows’ significant damage per second may quickly take down high-health enemies. Lunges may be utilized in several situations, including chases, disengagements, and general movement. In Rialto, for instance, it may be used to switch between the three high platforms.

Ability Storm Arrows, Sonic Arrow
Role Damage


On Overwatch, Echo specializes in dealing with damage. There are several uses for Echo, which is an evolving robot with a quickly adaptable artificial intelligence. As her profession indicates, Echo is a versatile hero who can blend into various settings and circumstances. Sniping at the rear of tanks or launching missiles from the skies at foes is one of many ways she may help her squad gain an advantage on the battlefield by opening up a clear line of sight for the rest of the team.

Using her Focusing Beam, Echo may pounce on weak spots in the backline and take out targets her colleagues have left susceptible because of her omnidirectional solid mobility. For Echo, learning to play other characters is more important than any other. To get the most out of Duplicate, you must know the other heroes’ play styles. Since Echo has a variety of playstyles, such as flanking and diving, this familiarity will allow you to adjust to any circumstance.

As a general rule, Echo’s main attack is more difficult to target the further away you are. Her Focusing Beam has a 16m range, and dropping Sticky Bombs is easier when you’re in mid-range combat. Echo, like Pharah, is a good scout thanks to her ability to see the battlefield from above. With Echo’s vantage point from above, you can see over barriers and where the other team is gathering or intending to advance. Hence, I will place him in the C tier of the Overwatch 2 tier list.

Ability Sticky Bombs, Flight
Role Damage

Comparison Table

ZenyattaSOrb of Discord, Orb of HarmonySupport
Soldier:76SBiotic Field, Helix RocketsDamage
AnaSSleep Dart, Biotic GrenadeSupport
D.VaADefense Matrix, Micro MissilesTank
OrisaAEnergy Javelin, FortifyTank
SigmaAKinetic Grasp, AccretionTank
Junker QueenAJagged Blade, Commanding ShoutTank
ZaryaBParticle Barrier, Projected BarrierTank
WidowmakerBGrappling Hook, Venom MineDamage
CassidyBCombat Roll, Magnetic GrenadeDamage
AsheBCoach Gun, DynamiteDamage
HanzoCStorm Arrows, Sonic ArrowDamage
EchoCSticky Bombs, FlightDamage

Patch Notes – June 2023

In the latest patch, changes were made to the following heroes.

  • Junker Queen
  • Roadhog
  • Cassidy
  • Genji
  • Hanzo
  • Mei
  • Reaper
  • Tracer
  • Widowmaker
  • Lifeweaver
  • Moira


That is our Overwatch 2 Tier List there is another update or maybe after the gamers get the grip of the new heroes. This is my view, and you are free to disagree. Suppose you play low-tier heroes and are performing fine with them. I am thrilled for you. That signifies that you are a skilled player with a promising future. I will love to hear from you if you disagree with my hero placements. Why do you think your hero is stronger or weaker than I believe? Let me know in the comments section below.

However, it is all 13 heroes that I suffer and adores passionately, and I cannot stop myself from talking about it, as you can see in this tier list. I conducted a slight rearranging, and I am sure we would all agree that is the perfect order for the most prominent Overwatch 2 characters in the game’s current meta.