Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List [Updated Season 2]

Look no further than this Overwatch 2 tank tier list to help you decide which tank characters you need to guarantee victory in your matches.

At this point, discussing the hype about the game in our Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List is redundant. Blizzard nailed it with the new free-to-play multiplayer shooter title, and although it is not perfect, it has done well enough to gain more than 25 million players in just ten days of its release.

And in the game, players can pick one of three different roles, which are named Healer, DPS, and Tank. Our focus in the article will be on the most broken of these roles in the game, the Tanks. These are heavy defense units that always act as the defensive pillars of a team, and furthermore, they are able to inflict a lot of damage.

Key Points

  • There are currently ten Tank characters in Overwatch 2.
  • These characters are ranked based on their usability, utility, and performance in most games.
  • The best of these ten are Winston and D. Va, and Sigma.
  • Among the lower tiers are the likes of Doomfist and Junker Queen.


Before diving into the descriptive tiers of the list, given below is a table that contains all the character rankings. 

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
SigmaOrissaJunker Queen
D. VaWrecking BallZarya

All these rankings are done using the criteria mentioned above.

S Tier

Overwatch 2 tank tier list best characters
S Tier.

The first entry that we will discuss in our Overwatch 2 tier list is the S rank. The S tier characters are the absolute best in the game, and they convincingly outperform all the other characters and are on top of the Tank food chain. 

These characters are undoubtedly the go-to pick for the Tank role and have little to no counters. Perfect use of their utility and good teamwork is almost always a guaranteed win. 


When it comes to the definition of a Tank character in Overwatch 2, no one defines that as well as Winston. Winston is arguably the best tank in the game at the moment simply because of how well-rounded his utility is. Even though Winston was a very mid-ranked character in the previous Overwatch, in the current meta, he dominates. Winston does not have one extreme or the other but offers a lot when it comes to equalized utility.

He is perfect for mitigating a large majority of the damage for his team. In addition, Winston also serves as the perfect wrench to throw in the enemy plans, thanks to his extremely disruptive playstyle. He comes equipped with a Tesla Cannon that can demolish units in a short range along with a long-range charged shot. Furthermore, Winston also has a leap that allows him to be very mobile in the current meta. A fun thing about his leap is that it deals AoE damage in his landing area.

Another significant part of his kit is the temporary shield he can drop on himself at a moment’s notice to save himself in dangerous situations. All of his utility can be used in several different ways, all depending on how you play him as. Ultimately, he can be the ultimate disruptive master or the absolute menace for enemy DPS characters. His Primal Rage is nothing to scoff at, either. He gains more durability and damage as he rages around the map dealing damage to every enemy he comes in contact with.

Health 350
Armor 200

D. Va

Next up in the S tier is the most dangerous tank currently in the game, D. Va. D. Va is the least traditional tank when it comes to the definition of a tank. That is because when it comes to health and defense, she suffers a lot. However, when you talk about her damage and ability to attract attention, no one does it better than her. She zooms around the battlefield in her mecha suit dealing massive damage with her Rocket launcher with a very short cooldown timer.

Like Winston, D. Va can also equip a shield, although hers is quite different in nature. You cant trap enemies in it, but you can make projectiles bounce off it. Similar to her Rocket launcher, this shield utility also comes with a short cooldown after each use.  Once her mecha suit bites the dust, she can fight on foot and still be a lethal killing machine. However, she has very little durability compared to her former mecha suit self. As far as Tanks go, she is not the most convenient because she can’t defend her team. However, she can easily draw out their fire and give your team a great opportunity to push through.

Health 350
Armor 300

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A Tier

A Tier.

As most ranking lists go, we will discuss the A-rank characters after the S. Obviously, these characters are not as good as the S-ranked characters, however, you can easily count them as some of the best in the game.

They are a little more challenging when it comes to their difficulty, and additionally, they do demand more awareness in a match as they are relatively easy to counter as well.


The first character who ranked in the A Tier is none other than Sigma. He is one of the most dominant tanks in our Overwatch 2 tank tier list, thanks to the current fast-paced meta. He normally would rank as an S Tier character in most lists. However, because of the slightly higher difficulty this character comes with, I thought it best to place him at the A Tier. When it comes to stats, utility, and overall playstyle, Sigma is the most well-rounded tank you will find in the game. After you are used to him and his timings, being a powerful asset for your time is inevitable.

His main attacks are quite slow, and that may be frustrating for you if you are used to the fast DPS style. However, Sigma’s main attack is one of the most damaging attacks there are in the game. Aside from the initial attack, it also explodes on impact, which deals additional damage. One of his most broken abilities is his experimental barrier ability. It is a projectile shield that he can send forward. The shield will continue to block until it expires, usually taking a few seconds.

Lastly, his final ability is called Accretion. It involves Sigma flinging rocks at enemy characters. Upon impact, the projectile stuns the enemy character for a moment. It is a relatively difficult utility to use but can be devastatingly powerful if used properly.

Health 350
Armor 200

Wrecking Ball

Next up in the spotlight is the ever-devastating Wrecking Ball. As the name suggests, Wrecking Ball is possibly the most chaotic character Overwatch 2 has and will ever see. The metal monstrosity is as destructive as it is cute. Like Sigma, Wrecking Ball is also quite high on the difficulty scale, which is why he is at the A Tier rank. It is equipped with many rapid-fire cannons. These can be devastating in close-range fights.

However, the main part of his kit is his ball. He can roll around the field with his cannons and just be a menace to the enemy team. He can pop up behind enemies and distract them long enough to help your team progress.  One of his trickiest skill shots is his grappling hook. Using the hook, you can aim yourself at enemies and launch yourself toward them. However, be careful, as his particular skill is a little too advanced for new or inexperienced players.

Health 450
Armor 100


The last character among the A Ranks is Roadhog. Roadhog is a very tricky character to place in a list because his usability depends on the player’s skill. However, when talking about the average Overwatch 2 player that knows how to play, he can be an annoying character to deal with. He is the ultimate counter to any well-planned strategy that you may try to execute. Roadhog can effectively break enemy positions and ruin a fellow Tracer’s life. One of his key abilities is the ability to latch onto an enemy character and pull them towards himself.

He is also equipped with a handful of blasts that can easily end a weak defense character or a low-hp tank in seconds. Given the hook’s immense range, he is often seen targeting unaware healers or DPS characters and ending their run for the remainder of the round. In addition to all of these abilities, Roadhog can also heal himself for 350 hp. This is extremely good because the healer can focus on the DPS more effectively. The only thing Roadhog needs to be careful of is his weaponry. He only has a handful of rounds with a pretty slow reload time.

Health 700
Armor 550

B Tier

 Overwatch 2 tank tier list average characters
B Tier.

Let us continue our Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List with the next rank, the B Tier. In the B category, we will discuss some of the more average tank characters in the game, and these characters are not necessarily the worst but definitely are not the best either.

Their usability very largely depends on the scenario they are placed in. In some, they can dominate their opposition, while in other instances, they get dominated quite easily. 


The first character that we are going to talk about in the perfectly average tier is none other than Orissa. Orissa is not completely a tank character. She is best described as a Tank and DPS hybrid in Overwatch 2. Orissa can dominate long-range fights and be great at picking off enemy defenses. Additionally, her rifle is quite a devastating tool. She can fire continuously for five seconds before she is prompted to reload. 

However, despite being quite the offensive master, she lacks a lot on the defensive front. This is the main reason she is not higher up in the list. Consequently, she does offer a little when it comes to keeping her team safe. Her ability called Fortify reduced incoming damage and added more time to her rifle. Because of her ability, Orissa is the perfect initiator in Overwatch 2. While having no way to shield her teammates, she can certainly be a nuisance for her enemies and draw out their fire long enough to help her team progress past enemy lines.

Health 275
Armor 275


Next up in the spotlight among the B-ranked characters is Zarya. Zarya is the definition of a perfectly average tank character. All of her utility is extremely balanced, with the ability to help her team effectively.

When I say average, I do not mean weak. Her utility is extremely dangerous for an unaware DPS or Healer character. My favorite ability of hers is her particle cannon. At close range, it can decimate its targets. However, you have the option to charge a shot with more ammo for a long-range AoE projectile.

Zarya offers a lot in terms of shields as well. Her shields have two charges with a relatively average cooldown time. But, she has the opinion to either shield herself or a nearby ally because both of these shields share the same charges and cooldown time. 

Health 250
Armor 225

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The time is here to discuss the last character of the B rankings, Reinhardt. Reinhardt is one of the most controversial characters in the game because, for some, he is a God Tier character, and for others, he only fits the F Tiers. However, according to the criteria listed, Reinhardt is the perfect average tank when it comes to the current game meta. Reinhardt used to dominate every game in Overwatch 1. However, the characters in it were slower, and the game was not as fast.

Because the current meta relies on mobility alone, characters like Reinhardt suffer a lot. Reinhardt is a huge asset to the team because of his devastatingly powerful shield. His shield can easily absorb 1000 points of damage before being broken. However, Reinhardt is one of the slowest characters in the game. Despite having attacking abilities, the difficulty of landing any of them effectively is extremely hard. This is mostly why Reinhardt is placed in the B-Tier characters.

Furthermore, Reinhardt also possesses another weakness, durability. While he has a powerful shield, Reinhardt himself has no defense for himself. Because of how fast DPS characters are, they can easily shred Reinhardt if he doesn’t have the support of a healer or another tank support.

Health 325
Armor 300

C Tier

C Tier.

Finally, the time to discuss the last rank of the Overwatch Tank Tier List is here. Here, we will go over the worst tank characters currently in the game.

These characters are the hardest to master and offer little to none in terms of utility. Even an experienced player will find it hard to play with these two characters.

Junker Queen

The first of the two C-tier tanks in our article is the Junker Queen. Junker Queen has rarely ever seen the spotlight in the higher tiers because of how easily she is countered in almost every scenario.  Describing her as a tank is not accurate, either. If anything, she is more of a DPS than she is a tank character. She can potentially deal devastating amounts of damage in a very short interval of time.

However, using her is not the easiest of tasks as almost all of her abilities are skill-based abilities. She has a number of weapons at her disposal. She can use her combat knife ability that continuously deals damage to enemies and simultaneously heals her. In addition to that, Junker Queen can also utilize a shotgun but hitting with that is not that easy or discrete. Furthermore, Junker Queen also has a buff that she can trigger anytime.

This buff is called Commanding Shout, which gives her and her allies a health and speed boost. However, to use the buff, allies must be in a given range of Junker Queen; otherwise, it will not take effect.  To conclude, Junker Queen is not a terrible character but one that is extremely difficult to use.

Health 450
Armor 300


The second and final character of the C tier is none other than Doomfist. Doomfist, in theory, is a great character if not for Winston. Winston is the ultimate form of Doomfist and is almost superior in every way. Like Winston, Doomfist has a primary attack that fires four bolts of energy that deal significant damage. Furthermore, he also has a slam, much like Winston, that does not cover as large an area as Winston’s slam.

Additionally, Doomfist also has a charged punch that deals significant damage. However, the problem is that the punch is quite slow, which makes it extremely easy to dodge. Lastly, he also has the fortify ability, but it only lasts for two seconds and has a cooldown of eight. Because of the huge cooldown, the ability loses all its usability rapidly.

Health 450
Armor 300

Comparison Table

D. VaS350300
Wrecking BallA450100
Junker QueenC450300

Patch Notes For March 7

The following changes relate to Tanks in the most recent Overwatch 2 patch.


  • Terra Surge can now be interrupted by Hack


  • Chain Hook cooldown now starts when the ability ends instead of at the start
  • Chain Hook cooldown reduced from 8 to 6 seconds

Wrecking Ball

  • Added a timeout indicator for Grappling Claw located above the ability icon
  • Minefield arming time increased from 1 to 1.25 seconds


  • Chain Hook cooldown now starts when the ability ends instead of at the start
  • Chain Hook cooldown reduced from 8 to 6 seconds


  • The shared cooldown for Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier reduced from 11 to 10 seconds


Well, gamers that about does it for our Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List. I had a lot of fun writing it because I am fond of Overwatch 2, and I hope that my rankings are close to what you would also rate each of these characters. But again, I am just another player, and a lot of my personal choices may not align with yours. And that’s okay.

If there is something you wish to add to this list or if you simply have a comment, be sure to let me know in the comments down below. We will take all of your advice into consideration, and update the article accordingly where relevant. Also, it should be mentioned that the game is still brand new, and is probably subject to rapid change. And exactly because of that I would like to clarify that the rankings on our article will be subject to change quite often.