Overwatch 2 Damage Tier List

The article lists best DPS heroes' damage in Overwatch 2 to help you make a good choice.

Blizzard’s newest game has taken the hero shooter genre by storm. while die-hard fans of its predecessor are still mourning the death of the first title in the series. However, with a fresh beginning come new challenges, and one of the most notable challenges gamers are now facing is determining the most incredible DPS character in Overwatch 2. So to inform the players of all the Damage dealers in the game, we have made our Overwatch 2 Damage Tier List.

The setting for the title’s theme is a futuristic world in which 6v6 encounters take place on a variety of old and new maps. The release has also bought an influx of brand-new players to the game, who were attracted to the experience due to its new Free-To-Play model.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 17 DPS or damage dealers discussed in the article.
  • The heroes are ranked on the bases of damage delivery.
  • The top tiers contain the absolute best damage dealers like Genji and Sombra.
  • Among the lower tiers, you will find heroes like Ashe and Symmetra.


To summarize, the damage units of Overwatch 2 are ranked into different 5 tiers. You can see a general ranking of them below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Soldier: 76

You can learn about each hero in more detail in the article below.

S Tier

Top-Tier Damage Heroes
S Rank Damage Heroes.

S Rank is the highest and contains the best of all Overwatch 2’s damage dealers. These characters are the ones you go to when you have to clear a room of enemies quickly.

With the aid of their Sub-DPS and Support, it is almost impossible to defeat these heroes using a damage dealer of a lower tier.


Genji is by far the most potent DPS character in Overwatch 2. Not only is he fast, but his attacks are also deadly. Once He decides on his target, there is no hope for his prey. He has exceptionally high mobility, which allows him the most flexible movement of all Overwatch 2 characters. Moreover, his cyber agility passive skill makes him the most difficult target to attack. 

Genji is undefeatable if the player knows how to play with him. Treat him right, and he can wipe out the entire map alone. His rapid-fire shuriken can be thrown from a range. He is best suited for mid-range play. Lastly, combined with Genji’s super fast speed and flexible movement, the burst damage is lethal. 

Pick Rate 4.63%
Win Rate 47.55%
KDA 2.55


Sombra is a formidable infiltrator thanks to her stealth and devastating assaults. While Genji is the type to take all opponents at once, Sombra is better used to defeat opponents one by one. Her passive ability, opportunist, helps identify enemies with HP below 50%, and once identified, taking down an opponent with less than 50% HP is a piece of cake for her.

Sombra’s biggest ace card is her ability to ‘hack’ people, and the players that she ‘hacks’ will not be able to use any of their abilities that need a button to activate. Besides, her machine pistol is not a joke and will rip apart her targets. Unless she is discovered, auto-targeting attacks cannot target her while she is in stealth. The ability makes it incredibly simple for Sombra to sneak into an opposing base and destroy any enemies who have been seeking cover.

Pick Rate 1.31%
Win Rate 41.86%
KDA 4.57


Sojourn is the best damage and carry hero in the game since her abilities to lead are far superior to other heroes in the game. However, it might be challenging to play this hero as her abilities are pretty complicated. The player’s use of her railgun will be more potent the more precisely they aim. Her secondary railgun firing has a lot of power and may reach a high skill ceiling if used correctly.

Pick Rate 1.89%
Win Rate 47.53%
KDA 3.17

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A Tier

Good Overwatch 2 Damage Heroes
A Rank Damage Heroes.

The A Rank heroes in our tier list are the ones that perform an excellent job in their roles. And even though these damage dealers are strong and have everything a good DPS hero should have like mobility, high damage, high speed, evasiveness, etc, they don’t quite compare to the ones that came before.

These heroes are above-average and are better than most DPS in the game and they will not disappoint you. However, you must take time to learn their moves, skills, and abilities. 


Tracer is deadly when used right. Like Sombra, her mobility is best used to strike a single target and her high single-target damage makes her an ideal choice for targeting important targets with minimal risk. She does a burst-type attack using her ‘Blink’ ability, which is incredibly strong. This skill can turn the tables of a match in the ‘blink’ of an eye. The enemies will not even have the time to realize what happened to them. 

Pick Rate 2.47%
Win Rate 45.23%
KDA 2.61

Soldier: 76

Soldier 76 has a wide variety of skills and abilities. He uses a heavy pulse rifle to do normal attacks, he can throw different types of projectiles, such as rockets, bullets, etc. He is also the best DPS to counter Genji, Sombra, and Tracer. He is incredibly good at taking down highly evasive heroes, as he can lock down a target and chew them apart. 

Pick Rate 3.65%
Win Rate 47.14%
KDA 3.04


Echo is an absolute beast, and she will rip you apart with her powerful attacks. Furthermore, she can do rapid burst-type attacks and is adaptable enough to play several fighting roles on the battlefield. Perhaps her best ability is ‘Flight,’ which allows her to fly at 8 meters per second. The opponent cannot tell where Echo is approaching them due to her high mobility, and her focusing beam does 4x more damage if the opponent has below 50% HP.

Pick Rate 0.93%
Win Rate 49.79%
KDA 2.87

B Tier

Overwatch 2 Damage Tier List (2)
B Rank Damage Heroes.

The B Rank heroes are average characters in our Overwatch 2 Damage Tier List. They are neither terrible nor excellent in their role, and their performance mainly depends on the player’s skills. However, these heroes will not be able to defeat the S Tier heroes unless they are blessed with a stroke of incredibly good luck.

Nevertheless, these heroes have potential and can be played well under the right circumstances with good support.


Hanzo’s deadly arrows can rapidly fire at opponents without a break. Moreover, the arrows also have the ability to reveal an opponent’s location, which can help your team a lot since he can jump and climb a wall from where he can then shoot at enemies. This ability makes Hanzo unapproachable to heroes with low mobility. His Dragon Style ability shoots projectiles at 20 meters per second and causes 150 damage per second. 

Pick Rate 3.69%
Win Rate 45.56%
KDA 3.18


Mei is another B Tier hero on our List. She has a lot of team utilities and can be accommodating when you need balance in the team. Defeating her could be difficult as she can save herself from taking high-damage attacks using her ‘Cryo-Freeze’ ability. However, she plays better as a support than a DPS, as her abilities are only helpful when played with another hero. 

Pick Rate 1.51%
Win Rate 47.82%
KDA 3.94


Reaper is a short-range attacker who ranks among the game’s most lethal heroes up close but only for new players. Moreover, he has very potent skills that can destroy any enemy. Nevertheless, using him is not a simple task. If the proper technique is not used, he is trounced. His Wraith Form is mainly used to preserve his life and flee life-threatening circumstances, limiting his combat mobility.

His powers are also quite noisy, and one even renders him immobile for a short period of time, making him easy prey if discovered. Another major flaw is that he can only engage in close combat, and if he gets involved in a battle at a medium to long range, he will perish nearly instantly. Therefore, after careful consideration, we decided to put Reaper in the B Tier of our Overwatch 2 DPS Tier List.

Pick Rate 2.29%
Win Rate 48.15%
KDA 2.93

C Tier

Below-Average Overwatch 2 Damage Heroes
C Rank Damage Heroes.

The C Rank heroes in the tier list are the ones that do not perform well in their role as damage dealers, since these units are below-average and need some buffs to perform well.

Some people would downright call C Tier characters terrible heroes, however, we can see some aspects of these heroes in a positive light. They are not the worst but can be one if played terribly.


Torbjorn is a C Tier Overwatch 2 hero. His Rivet Gun does 70 damage per shot, and the projectile travels 70 meters per second. While Torb’s attack speed is fast, his damage is quite low for a damage dealer. He is good at protecting an area by deploying a turret that does 14 damage per 0.25 seconds, i.e., 56 damage per second.

Except for these abilities, he has a hammer that deals 55 damage. Finally, you can see his attack damage is shallow by his abilities. Not to forget that the casting time for his turret ability is 3 seconds which is a lot if you are in a heated fight and need to use your turret. However, there is one ability that is extremely powerful, and that is the ‘Molten Core.’ This ability pools 150 damage per second plus 90 damage if the opponent uses armor.

Pick Rate 1.41%
Win Rate 52.89%
KDA 3.32


Widowmaker looks good on the page, but when in use, she is far worse than one would imagine. While she is a good damage dealer for beginners, she can be put down quickly in a match full of professionals.  The long cooldown of her skills also makes it hard for her to be in a battle for a long time, making it hard to launch skills consecutively. The scope of her rifle leaves her vulnerable to other targets that deal burst damage, not leaving any chance of retaliating.

Pick Rate 3.74%
Win Rate 44.49%
KDA 2.79


Pharah is a forgotten hero that deals damage while having the ability to stay in flight. There is nothing special about Pharah, and she has many counters, so many characters can deal massive damage to her while she is in mid-air. Her ability to be in the air exposes her location, and once she does a single mistake, that is all that the enemy needs to take Pharah down. 

Pick Rate 2.06%
Win Rate 47.47%
KDA 3.20


Cassidy deals immense damage, but that is all. Also, She has low mobility while being squishy, and she is the target of many enemy damage dealers as their first priority is to take down such a high DPS hero. Fighting against crowd-control heroes, she can quickly be subdued once caught by enemies. 

Pick Rate 4.35%
Win Rate 45.10%
KDA 2.56

D Tier

Worst Overwatch 2 Characters
D Rank Damage Heroes.

D-rank heroes are the worst Damage units in our Overwatch 2 Damage Tier List since there is nothing noteworthy about them. Moreover, they have terrible performance in their roles

There is no way these characters should be used as a main DPS unless the player is incredibly skilled. It is better that these heroes are used as sub-DPS at most or just left unused, as better options are available in the game.


Junkrat is a good hero to play pranks on enemies, as uses traps and indirect projectiles to protect his area. He also has weapons with high damage, however, there are way too many drawbacks to this hero. While his grenades deal good damage, they are tough to aim correctly. Not to forget that most heroes like Genji can deflect the projectiles released by his total mayhem ability.

His steel trap may be placed in dimly lit spaces or around corners, where foes will be less likely to see them before tripping over them. Junkrat’s Concussion Mine does not harm him, and therefore he may blow himself into the air with its explosion to move more quickly or reach higher terrain. Your adversaries can plainly hear the RIP-thunderous Tire’s engines, which gives them a general notion of its whereabouts.

Pick Rate 2.84%
Win Rate 47.50%
KDA 2.84


Ashe is a renegade gunslinger and boss of the Deadlock Gang. Her shotgun causes 12-77 damage per second, and her skills and abilities are pretty useless and terrible for a DPS hero. Moreover, the dynamite she throws can also hurt her, plus the cooldown time of her abilities is very long, and the player will have to wait a lot to use the skills. 

Pick Rate 2.42%
Win Rate 49.70%
KDA 2.87


Here is a D-Tier DPS hero because he has way too many counters, and anyone can easily defeat him. The reload time of his gun is too slow, and the damage output is also not all that significant. He has nothing noteworhty, and it is better to leave him alone if possible.

Despite having decent damage output in the game, Bastion’s turret cannot fire critical shots. Faster heroes may simply sneak up behind him and rapidly dispatch him using this weakness. Despite its adequate health and capacity to cure itself in any circumstance, its massive frame makes it a target, and its healing power has limits. Additionally, Bastion moves quite slowly, making it simple for adversaries to surprise it.

Pick Rate 1.49%
Win Rate 47.80%
KDA 3.07


Symmetra is a big disappointment. She has low mobility and can not escape if seen by any fast damage dealer, plus she can teleport to a selected point on the map using he ‘Teleporter’ ability. However, the ability stops her from using another skill for a whole second, which in combat seems like a lifetime.

Pick Rate 1.37%
Win Rate 54.48%
KDA 3.72

Comparison Table

CharactersTierPick RateWin RateKDA
Soldier: 76

Patch Notes Updated 7 March 2023

The latest patch offers the following changes and features in the game.

  • Orisa’s Terra Surge can now be interrupted by Hack.
  • Ramattra’s Annihilation ability while in Nemesis Form refreshes bonus armor.
  • Roadhog’s Chain Hook cooldown is reduced to 6 seconds and starts at the ability’s end.
  • Wrecking Ball has added a timeout indicator for Grappling Claw and Minefield arming time increased to 1.25 seconds.
  • Zarya’s Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier shared cooldown reduced to 10 seconds.
  • Ashe’s B.O.B. now prefers to shoot at targets Ashe damages with her rifle.
  • Hanzo’s Lunge cooldown decreased to 4 seconds.
  • Mei’s Blizzard ultimate cast time was reduced to 0.4 seconds.
  • Pharah’s Jump Jet movement is influenced by directional inputs.
  • Sojourn’s torso hit volume width increased by 20%.


This has been our Overwatch 2 Damage Tier List. Here you will see a ranking of the absolute best and worst DPS units in the entire game, which are Genji, Sojourn, and Sombra. Tracer is also a decent option to consider due to her high mobility, but among the worst Damage heroes in Overwatch 2 are Symmetra, Bastion, Ashe, and Junkrat.

Finally, it is essential to remember that every ranking made in this article is based on our team’s professional experience and personal opinions. Hence, it would not be surprising for others to have clashing viewpoints. Either way, we are always open to constructive criticism as we understand the rankings are subjective.

It should also be made aware that the game is brand new right now, and over the next couple of weeks and months, it is subject to change with newer updates. And when that happens, we will also be updating out the article to reflect the new meta.

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