Overwatch 2 Support Tier List

All the support heroes in the game are definitively ranked in this Top Tier List keeping in mind many relevant aspects.

The long wait for Overwatch 2 is over as Blizzard Entertainment finally released the sequel to the first title earlier this week. And with that, we also felt like making our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List to help the players get familiar with the characters and game. Each Hero in the game has different roles, and we will include the support characters only in our article.

The game offers its players various diverse playable characters and game modes where you can put your shooting and teamwork skills to the test. You can try many different modes, such as Assault, Escort, Hybrid, Control, Push, and Arena maps. The game ensures that no matter what type of player you are, there is something in here for everyone.

Bear in mind however that each ranking here is based on our personal preferences and gameplay styles. You might not agree with a lot of our opinions, and that’s okay.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 8 support role heroes ranked in this Tier List.
  • Every rank is based on overall stats, mechanics, and abilities.
  • The highest tier includes heroes like Lucio and Ana.
  • Among the lowest rankings, you will find heroes like Zenyatta and Mercy.


The following 8 Support Units are summarised in the form of a table:

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

You can learn more about them in the article below.

S Tier

S Tier
Strongest Support Characters.

We will place the stand-out Heroes from the game in the S rank of our Tier List. These characters are considered the top amongst the Support class, and their overall stats, mechanics, and abilities give them a greater advantage over the rest of the entries.

All these points make them deserving of a place in the S Tier.

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Lucio takes the first spot on our ranking and is the strongest hero on the list. Just like in the first game, he remains the superior support unit. With his smooth operating skills and stylish movement, Lucio is a fan favorite.

Despite its long cooldown timer, Lucio’s ability significantly increases the impact of the song he is playing at the time. Despite this, he has other ways to defend himself and his squad. With his weapon, Lucio can cause moderate damage to opponents with well-timed blasts, and in alt-fire mode, he can throw a huge wave at them to knock them back.

Although Lucio’s ultimate is simple, it is also one of the most helpful in the game because it gives allies close more health than they typically would. Only a select few characters, such as Junker Queen, are capable of doing such a thing

KDA Ratio 4.05
Pick Rate 3.55%
Win Rate 51.13%

Just like Lucio calling Kiriko proved herself worthy of a top spot. It was a tricky decision on who is the best of the best between these 2, but after noticing some minor flaws in her game, we believe Kiriko will have to settle for a second-place finish.

The fundamental set-up of Kirko is comparable to Mercy’s (another support hero), but it has been adjusted for Overwatch 2. Kiriko deals critical hits and inflicts damage on enemies with kunai. Her healing onafuda has no cooldown timer and can even target enemies at close range, although they work best close to the target because they are less likely to be blocked or destroyed.

Our healer ninja from Kanezaka lacks that little spark in her game, which brought us to the conclusion of giving her the second-best spot in the article.

KDA Ratio 5.25
Pick Rate 4.95%
Win Rate 49.19%

A Tier

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List
Strong Support Heroes.

The A Tier will include those support units who perform exceptionally well in the game, but due to some tiny setbacks, they did not make the S rank.

We believe the A category of our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List is the right fit for them, as they can’t be viewed as the best characters. 

Ana, an Egyptian bounty hunter and a member of the original overwatch, is our first inclusion in the B Tier. She might not have the best healing abilities. Still, She does have a much more intriguing set of skills that can accommodate a variety of playstyles and provide support in addition to healing. She is exceptional at everything ranging. She’s a skilled sniper; when her shots connect, they can cause significant harm. Her healing ability doesn’t just heal allies; it also tosses a medical grenade at them. Ana’s grenade increases healing for those; it hits harmed foes nearby and temporarily stops them from getting recovered. She receives a sleeping dart that works at a distance instead of sprinting.

The drawbacks might be obvious. Our Egyptian hero is slower than you might anticipate for a supporting character, struggles in close-quarters fighting, and takes a little more finesse than usual. Though she is temporarily cornered, she may paralyze most of her adversaries nearby and flee to safety; therefore, her advantages far exceed her disadvantages. Just be sure to keep an eye on the battleground. It isn’t much you can do if an enemy discovers your hiding place and approaches your hero covertly.

KDA Ratio 4.68
Pick Rate 8.44%
Win Rate 48.65%

The second hero to follow in A Tier is Jean-Baptiste Augustin, who simply goes by Baptiste. At first glance, Baptiste appears to be an ordinary healer with a gun, which is somewhat accurate. Baptiste’s equipment offers one of the most dependable sources of healing. It enables him to compete in most confrontations, even though it lacks some of the top support heroes’ more eye-catching support components.

Baptiste uses a potent biotic blast as his direct assault that delivers a startling amount of damage with each hit, and he can adjust the gun’s settings so that it instead fires healing rounds. Even far-off teammates can be kept alive with ease thanks to his healing rounds’ long range and quick cooldown timeframe. Even simpler is his Immortality Field, which stops allies from dying as long as they are inside the field. The power of healing and harm missiles that travel through his ultimate ability is increased. When you pair it with Immortality Field, your entire party can get stuck and fight for a long time.

Baptiste is an outstanding healer, but the drawback is that none of the healing skills truly heal him; as a result, he needs someone else to maintain good health.

KDA Ratio 4.48
Pick Rate 2.03%
Win Rate 47.75%

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B Tier

B Tier
Average Support Heroes.

The B rank will be home to the unexceptional heroes of the Overwatch 2 Support Tier List. They might not be the brightest characters from this class, but they can be pretty handy in many situations.

We believe they don’t belong to higher or lower Tiers, so the B rank is perfect for them.

With a wide variety of skills that enable her to damage, defend, and heal, sometimes all at once, Brigitte performs well in the new Overwatch. Brigitte’s flail strike can heal nearby teammates for modest amounts of HP, but her dedicated healing ability is superior when trying to survive a hard battle. It has three charges, a good amount of HP healing, and an amazing range. Brigitte is one of the greatest on-field doctors in the game when considering her defensive shield and bash assaults.

Her choice of weapon and speed are what hinder Brigitte. The flail has great force. Although Brigitte initiates her attack, she is vulnerable to counterattacks due to her poor strike speed. Even when she isn’t using her shield, her movement is already slow, making it simple for foes to surround and overpower her. Brigitte was designed by Blizzard with DPS skills, although she should always be next to a tank or a good DPS unit.

KDA Ratio 125
Pick Rate 1.49%
Win Rate 54.28%

In Overwatch 2, Moira occupies an unusual location. She has more potent healing than Zenyatta and sufficient DPS potential to compete without a victim to take the brunt of an assault, making her one of the most beginner-friendly heroes. With the use of her biotic power, Moira can attack hostiles and heal others at the same time. With Biotic Grasp and erratic mobility to avoid being attacked, you can safeguard off an enemy if you find yourself alone with them.

KDA Ratio 6.24
Pick Rate 4.02%
Win Rate 49.91%

C Tier

C Tier
Below Average Support Heroes.

The C Tier will have only one entry which is Zenyatta. He isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but a few glances at his performances prevented us from placing him in any lower Tier.

Another support who would’ve benefited from more than simply a flashy new kick is Zenyatta. His configuration encourages smart play, while the ability of Orb of Destruction can help quickly wear out opposing teams. This skill was essential to draining a tank’s health in the original Overwatch, and Zen could still assist allies with healing and a respectable attack. He still can, but not as well as he previously did.

However, Overwatch 2 is much quicker than the series’ previous game. Suppose you’re close enough to apply a debuff to an opponent. In that case, you should be assaulting them instead because maintaining the line of sight required to keep applying to heal or a debuff is more challenging. Similar to Mercy, Zenyatta needs a full tank to stick close to in addition to a committed healer to make up for Zen’s own limited healing choices. Wait and see who else your teammates select first if you wish to take Zenyatta.

KDA Ratio 5.47
Pick Rate 3.34%
Win Rate 51.21%

D Tier

Overwatch 2 Support Tier List
Weakest Support Heroes.

So we finally reached the final rank of our Support hero rankings, which is the D Tier.

Similar to the C Tier, we will only have one unit from the roster here, Mercy. In our eyes, she is the weakest support character with whom we will wrap up our list.

Mercy is the support character who would have benefited most from changes to make her more compatible with Overwatch 2’s new organizational system. Unfortunately, Mercy is still Mercy. There isn’t much she can do in a situation with just one tank and an enemy team where even other healers typically have higher DPS abilities.

Mercy still specializes in healing, and her increased attack power might sometimes be useful. The challenge is keeping her alive long enough for either talent to be used. Her only tool of defense is her trusted pistol, and her dash ability is slow and predictable. But with the appropriate team compositions, you can work with your allies and hide Mercy behind a strong tank or dependable DPS and still support them in their fight for victory.

KDA Ratio 4.22
Pick Rate 6.83%
Win Rate 48.90%

Comparison Table

CharactersTierKDA RatioPick RateWin Rate

Patch Notes Update February,23

In the latest patch, the following changes were made to the game.

  • After every 5 victories, 15 defeats, and ties, skill divisions, and tiers will be updated.
  • For all heroes, new challenges have been added to unlock “Silhouette” player icons.
  • The game has also been updated to include a new map ANTARCTIC PENINSULA.
  • Players can now endorse the rival team.


So this concludes our Overwatch 2 Support Tier List. We hope the conclusions of some of the Heroes from the game will be fair, but there will still be slight disagreements about some of them.

While writing and ranking, we try and provide our readers with as accurate opinions as possible. Our writers do thorough research, try out these games for themselves, and then offer you the data from their point of view, which will have some biases. But we hope that it gives our readers a better understanding of their favorite games either way. We would also like to hear your observations about it down in the comments.

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