Holocure Tier List: Best Fighters Ranked

This Top Tier List ranks all the fighters in the game with respect to their stats and usage.

Holocure is a fan-made video game that is free by Hololive, and Kay Yu developed it. The game draws heavy inspiration from Magic Survival and Vampire Survivors. In this Holocure Tier List, we will be ranking the 11 fighters in the game.

With each of these 11 characters having their playstyle and unique combat skill, it won’t be easy to choose a fighter. To determine the best boxer to help the players win the combat, we have prepared a tier list that will rank the players from the best to average, below average, and worst, depending on their strength, power, and combat skills.

This tier list consists of five categories which are as follows:

  • S Tier: The fighters ranked in this tier are known to be the best, which will help the players mark their victory.
  • A Tier: The fighters in this tier are above-average fighters with excellent skills to help the players win the combat.
  • B Tier: It can be said that the fighters in this tier are safe to play, yet they can have flaws throughout the gameplay.
  • C Tier: Consists of average fighters at risk of having some great weaknesses.
  • D Tier: Fighters that can be marked as not even worthy of trying.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 11 fighters in the Tier List.
  • The ranking of entries is based on the factor of strength, power, and combat skills.
  • The top tiers include entries like Nanashi Mumei.
  • The lower tiers include characters like Mori Callipoe and Ouro Kronii.


Below is a table that displays all the characters in their corresponding tiers. This table serves as a useful overview of the entries.

S RankA RankB Rank C RankD Rank
Nanashi MumeiCeres FaunaTsukumo Sana
Takanashi Kiara
Mori Callipoe
Gawr GuraNinomae Ina’nisOuro Kronii
IRySWatson Amelia
Hakos Baelz

Now we will discuss all the entries of the article in detail.

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S Tier

Best characters in tier list
Best Characters In Holocure

First and foremost, we will discuss the highest tier, the S tier. The fighters in this tier are surely those with the best combat skills and gameplay to achieve victory. You can surely rely on these fighters, as they are strong, powerful, and easy to play with. Moreover, players might choose them for their abilities and great combat skills to mark a great victory.

Nanashi Mumei

The first fighter in our S tier is Nanashi Mumei. She is likely to be at the top of many players in the tier list because of her combat skills and abilities, as she is considered more powerful and yet best to choose to mark your victory. She has a lower attack multiplier than most and makes up for it in increased speed which is a super solid weapon and a very powerful special attack through which she can clear the board every 80 seconds.

Nanashi Mumei has an aesthetic look as she carries golden brown eyes and long brown ponytail hair with a pair of feathers at the top of her head. She also wears gloves that are fingerless on her index and pinky fingers. She wears leggings with her right leg reaching above her thighs and her left leg below her thighs and brown boots. She also has a belt wrapped around her waist.

She also gained confidence in streaming. The duality between relatively low energy now characterizes Mumei’s streams. The disparity between her macabre thoughts and cute voice surprised many at first. The line to separate these two sides has since blurred to seamlessness.

HP 60
Attack  0.80
Speed 1.40

A Tier

Overall balanced ones in holocure
Overall Balanced Characters

The next which we will be discussing is our A tier. A tier of our Holocure Tier List contains the great fighters but not the best. Their fighting skills and everything is great but not up to the mark to compete with the warriors of the S tier. Players can choose the A-tier fighter yet have some unique and great abilities, but they lack in some fields that make them suitable for the A-tier. Undoubtedly, the A-tier fighters are best than the other tiers but not up to the reach of the S-tier.

Ceres Fauna

The first fighter in our A tier is the Ceres Fauna. She is an English-language Virtual Youtuber associated with Hololive. She is known to be debuted in 2021 as part of the Hololive Council alongside Tsukomo Sana, Ouro chronic, Nanashi Mumei, and Hakos Baelz. She is a council member and keeper of Nature, the second concept created by the Gods.

Moreover, she has materialized in the mortal realm like a druid in a bid that helps save nature. She also has horns made out of the branches of a certain tree, and in her veins flows the Kirin blood. It is also said that her whispers have healing properties as an avatar of Mother Nature.

Having the ability of the heal command, She is an interesting character who tends to be slightly more defensive than most fighters. Players are recommended to lean into her defensive abilities to get the best and most out of her because she has a fun playstyle but can leave her a little caught out when she’s leveling up at a prolonged rate.

Regarding her personality, Fauna appears very protective of her fans, and Nanashi Mumei to possessive and extreme jealousy. Moreover, she would not hesitate to switch to a more condescending tone when encountering something unacceptable. She also gets embarrassed quite easily, using the verb “uuuu” often.

HP 65
Attack  1
Speed 1.40

B Tier

Above average in holocure
Above Average Fighters

The next tier after S and A tier is the B tier. As in the English alphabet, A is followed by the letter B same is the case in our Tier List. Similarly, our S tier contained the best fighters, and our A tier included the great warriors. The B tier has those above-average or mediocre fighters who might have some great combat skills and unique abilities but are not that great to have in comparison with the S-tier fighters or A-tier fighters.

Tsukumo Sana

The first fighter in our B tier is known to be the Tsukumo Sana. She is known to be an English Virtual Youtuber who is associated with Hololive. In 2021 she debuted as a part of the Hololive Council of the second generation as a member of Hololive English alongside Ceres Fauna Nanashi Mumei and others.

She is a speaker of “Space, ” the very first concept created by the Gods. Tsukumo Sana began researching astrology in earnest after being materialized in the mortal realm. This should be noted that it doesn’t matter how she may look. She is quite a chi… young. Yet she has great fighting abilities and combat skills.

Players often choose Tsukumo Sana for the best chance to win in combat because she is the one who has an orbit attack which allows you to clear out a small area. This clearing-out area is a great passive ability that helps Tsukumo Sana to keep herself safe. Moreover, she also has a handful of additional skills, which grants her the ability to give constant damage.

She has a light-hearted and sometimes very childish attitude. She appears to show interest in astronomy and astrology and often references space. Sana enjoys stating fun facts and especially those with a large member. In addition to that, she also tends to exaggerate. She was known to be very careless and had destroyed Earth multiple times.

HP 80
Attack  0.80
Speed 1.30

Gawr Gura

After Sana, the next fighter in our B tier is the Gawr Gura. She is also an English Virtual Youtube associated with Hololive debuting as part of the English branch’s first generation. Gura is currently the most subscribed Vtuber worldwide, taking the number 1 spot in 2021. She had more than over 4 million subscribers on youtube in August 2022.

She is very much friendly and likable. She has no sense of direction and often misspells and mispronounces words. More often, she amuses her viewers with foolish antics. Gura is often known to be lazy sometimes and forgets the perishable items until they start to rot.  Many viewers declared, “Gura has a heart of gold and head of the bone.”

Despite her poor math and spelling skills, She is quick-witted and clever. Moreover, she has a vast knowledge of Shark Facts. Her Game with fast-paced rhythm games is exceptional, and she is highly ambitious. She also occasionally makes lewd jokes and is familiar with modern meme culture.

Talking about her combat skills, she has some unique and great fighting skills that help the player mark his victory. Her combat skills include some decent attack and speed state that me up for a slightly limited health pool. She has some special attack that deals 500% of the damage and increases her attack and speed for 15 seconds, making a nice combo move every 45 seconds.

HP 65
Attack  1.10
Speed 1.40


The other fighter in our ranking is IRyS. She is known to be half demon and half angel, also known as Nephilim. It is said that she once brought hope to Paradise during the ancient age. Her full name is Irys. She has arrived to deliver hope with her feelings to be put in the lyrics and songs and determination in her voice.

She always tends to retain her Nephilim form, but she is still quite young within her race. Looking over her emotion and other factors, her form may lean to one side, and when that occurs, she bears a quick change in her appearance. IRys does not want to speak of the events that preceded her second awakening.

She also has some great combat skills that one can use to mark their victory. Her combat skills include great attacks, speed stats, and even a solid attack, but that’s not quite as strong as long-term as other characters. Her special talent is also solid but weak compared to other fighters. She is undoubted quite a good fighter and has good combat skills, but she is not said to be excellent in a few areas.

HP 55
Attack  1.10
Speed 1.50

C Tier

Average characters in this tier list
Average Fighters In Holocure

The C tier is yet like others containing fighters, but the only difference is that this tier includes average skills fighters of our Holocure Tier List. Choosing a soldier from this tier may not be the best option to have a straight victory, but if some player has their favorite fighter in this tier list, they can choose them and have fun fighting with them. So without wasting any time, let’s jump into this tier.

Takanashi Kiara

The first fighter in our C tier is Takanashi Kiara. She is an English Virtual Youtuber associated with Hololive. She debuted as part of its English branch’s first generation alongside Gawr Gura, Ninomae Inanis, and others. She is an enthusiastic and friendly friend who is open with her feelings to her friends and family.

Kiara misses them a great deal when she is abroad. She is sometimes energetic and chaotic and eager to collab with other members. She is also quite shy. She prefers video games and fixed goals, such as RPGs, instead of open-world games like Minecraft. Kiara is sometimes bird-brained and forgetful, or we can say having a short attention span.

Kiara is enthusiastic and friendly and is open with her feelings. She cares strongly for her friends and family and misses them a great deal while abroad. Although energetic and sometimes chaotic and eager to collab with other members, she is secretly quite shy. She is occasionally bird-brained, forgetful, or has a short attention span. She prefers video games with fixed goals, such as RPGs, to open-world games like Minecraft.

Takanashi Kiara is one of those fascinating players that would never let you down. Although she has some mediocre attacks and is in a limited range, she can not take on her enemies from a distance. Her ultimate is an interesting way of getting out of trouble, but she is designed to be played at close range, which makes certain players feel mismatched.

Takanashi Kiara is a fascinating character that is let down by a mediocre attack. Being limited in range, you can’t take on enemies at a distance. Her ultimate is an interesting way of getting out of trouble, but she is designed to be played at close range, feeling a little mismatched.

HP 90
Attack  1
Speed 1.40

Ninomae Ina’nis

Moving on, the next one in our tier is Ninomae Ina’nis. She is also an English VTuber who is associated with hololive. She also debuted as part of its English branch’s first generation alongside Takanashi Kiara and others. Despite her looks, she is a priestess of the Ancient Ones. One day, out of nowhere, she picked a book and started to gain the power of controlling tentacles.

Tentacles are just a part of her ordinary life. It has never been a big deal for her. However, looking at her personality, her girly mind does want to get them dressed up and stay pretty. Soon after gaining power, she starts to hear Ancient Whispers and Revelations. Ninomae began her VTuber activities to deliver random sanity checks on humanity as an ordinary girl.

Talking about her personality, she is gentle, peaceful, and down to earth. She is considerate and kind; moreover, Takanashi Kiara said that when she is down, Ina is always the first to message her. Ina is also famous for using puns and dry delivery of dad jokes. Choosing Ina for your combat, you might struggle a little bit initially, but she is an excellent character capable of buffing their normal attack into an incredibly deadly weapon. In addition to her qualities, her good starting speed can keep you safe until you level up a bit.

HP 75
Attack  0.90
Speed 1.50

Watson Amelia

Watson is also an English VTuber associated with hololive, and she debuted as part of the English branch’s first generation of VTubers alongside Mori Calliope and others. Amelia is one of that eccentric girls who is often seen mingling or teasing her fellow holoMyth members. She watched her fellow member streams and often helped Gura in Minecraft. Therefore, she is kind, supportive, and sweet.

She also likes to joke around with the other members and sometimes even makes lewd remarks, such as naming one of her mines in Minecraft “Gura Backdoor.” Amelia also reflects another side of her personality that is often referred to by her fans. She can be greedy, prideful, and unsportsmanlike in competitive online games like Valorant. For these reasons, fans often refer to her as a True gamer.

She has a unique voice that she uses in Gremlin Mode. Despite these circumstances, Watson tries her best to moderate her gremlin line behaviors which have various degrees of success. It might seem that she has no filter, but it isn’t entirely accurate. She is a great starting character in the tier list due to her relative easiness. Amelia is easy to understand, but the problem is she doesn’t excel at anything.

HP 75
Attack  1.30
Speed 1.35

Hakos Baelz

The next and last one in our tier is Hakos Baelz. An English-speaking VTuber who is associated with hololive. She also debuted alongside Ceres Fauna Ouro Kronii and many others in 2021. She is a council member of the very concept of chaos birthed by the world itself. More surprisingly, the Gods appointed her as the chairperson of the Council.

She has a mouse-like appearance which has deceived many fools who fails to realize that mice are harbingers of chaos. Chaos is confusion and disarray, which fortunes tragedy and is freedom from all life’s logic and inherent nature. In addition, watching her aftermath is her greatest joy; therefore, she remains a bystander to the destruction caused by mayhem.

Talking about her personality, she is loud, unpredictable, and chaotic. Despite this, she seems to have a talent for leading off in discussions and keeping things as orderly as possible. In contrast to her chaotic nature, she speaks rather fondly of other council members, and they regard her as adorable in turn. She can also be flustered if things do not go her way.

Talking about her combat skills, she can be the favorite of many as her fighting skills are very interesting, but that isn’t consistent enough to rely on. As she is based on RNG, you can not fit into a groove without worrying about losing it to very few bad throws. We can also assure you that her ultimate is also interesting but varies based on your equipment, which is more of a risky type.

HP 60
Attack  1.10
Speed 1.60

D Tier

Worst characters in this holocure tier list
Worst Of All Fighters

Finally, on to our D tier of this ranking, which I’m sure you would know what it means, but I will still describe it. D tier contains those entities or fighters with the worst combat skills or, if I can, make it simpler than those fighters, which I recommend not to choose if you want to mark your victory. Yet some of you might have your favorite characters in this tier through which you can succeed in your battles, but mostly don’t choose them due to their worst performance and low combat skills.

Mori Callipoe

The first fighter in our D tier is Mori Calliope. She is an English Virtual Youtuber associated with hololive and debuted as part of its English branch, the first generation, alongside Watson Amelia and Gawr Gura. Calliope is equally excited by both rapping and reaping, and her favorite weapons include her scythe and the flail, a medieval weapon made from a spiked metal ball on a chain.

She is noted to have the lowest pitched voice in hololive, even more so than like of, etc. She is fluent in English, but she often fails to understand current modes of speech, which include the use of contractions or we can say modern slang one other thing which is very famous about her is that she is easily flustered by romance which leads to some the people to call her the tsundereaper.

Talking about her combat skills, she has an arcing attack which can be very useful, but it also can be a very failed move if used too close to the enemy. Players can not bring out the best of her in close and far-range shots, which makes her pretty useless at the wrong distance, but she is much more useful if played wisely.

HP 70
Attack  1.10
Speed 1.30

Ouro Kronii

The next and last one in our D tier is Ouro Kronii. She is also an English Language Virtual Youtuber associated with hololive. Moreover, she debuted in 2021 as part of the hololive council’s second generation alongside Nanashi Mumei, Hakos Baelz, and more. She is the member council and the Warden of time linked with humankind.

Her captivity is strong, and none may escape the sands of time; indeed, most men do not even wish to be freed from her. She had picked up the blades almost as a reflex action and seemed to enjoy it. Still, her quiet, aloof personality doesn’t ever change over the ages, yet she has developed a little arrogance and sadistic tendencies along the way.

Kronii is very confident and self-centered and completely unafraid to praise herself. Fans also use to describe her that she is not generally a happy person. She is more self-conscious, actively looking out for her own mistakes. She is also known to vocalize explosively whenever she takes damage or is killed in video games.

Talking about her combat skills so I would not recommend it to players, especially beginners, because she is one of those fighters who might tease you during the fights due to her low combat skills. Despite all this, Hakos Baelz in Holucure is described as too talented and savage, but she is much more likely to be the last pick because her semi-random attack can leave you without a clear path forward. Her ultimate is also pretty good, but it takes a little while to get going.

HP 70
Attack  1.20
Speed 1.35

Comparison Table

Nanashi MumeiS600.801.40
Ceres FaunaA6511.40
Tsukumo Sana
Gawr GuraB651.101.40
Takanashi Kiara
Ninomae Ina’nisC750.901.50
Watson AmeliaC751.301.35
Hakos BaelzC651.101.60
Mori Callipoe
Ouro KroniiD701.201.35

Patch Notes Version 0.5

We are excited to present the top 10 patch notes for HoloCure 0.5.

  • Rap Dog’s DEF debuff increased to 20%.
  • Credit Card’s randomness adjusted.
  • Gorilla’s Paw now multiplies overall damage.
  • Face Mask now multiplies overall damage.
  • Super Chatto Time drops more bonus HoloCoin and picks them up automatically.
  • Nurse’s Horns have a chance to recover HP when taking a hit with less than 15% HP.
  • Plushie now delays damage taken instead of granting invincibility.
  • Sake loses half buff per hit and slowly gains back per second.
  • Piggy Bank generates 1 coin per 100px traveled and grants extra Max HP with Piki Piki Pimsn.
  • Ame’s weapon can now shoot in any direction.
  • Kiara’s Phoenix Shield’s stacks are now displayed as a buff icon.


All Tiers of holocure
All Holocure Fighters Ranked

With this, we are here to conclude our Holocure Tier List. The rankings were based on personal experience, which might differ from person to person. I played this game very much and ranked the characters best suited for the following tiers. This tier might help you choose a fighter with great combat skills and abilities to mark you a great victory. If you think about any player ranked in the wrong tier or the powers that make them best suited in any other tier, do let me know in the comment. Check back to our site for more articles!

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