Jungler Tier List: Champions Ranked [V.3.5]

In this tier list we rank the champions from the game based on their performance, skills and overall impact.

League of Legends, Smite, and MLBB are taking over the multiplayer online battle arena game genre in a significant way. Since they are online free-to-play games, anyone can hop and start battling against players worldwide. Today, we will rank different jungle champions of League of Legends, Smite, Pokemon Unite, and MLBB from best to worst in our Jungler Tier List.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 16 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all champions according to their performance, skills, impact, equipment, and abilities.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find champions like Graves, Ne Zha, Lancelot, and Garchomp.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe champions like Ekko, Benedetta, Anivia, and Ashe.


We will rank all the champions in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Ne ZhaOdinSkarnerSylveonAnivia

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

S Tier

Top-Tier Jungle Champions
Top-Tier Jungle Champions

Our S Tier Junglers are the strongest jungle heroes, as evidenced by their inclusion in this tier. Card characters who excel in their particular roles are included in the S tier. They give you more satisfaction than you must have expected from them. These Junglers have a massive fan base and are incredibly strong.

The champions in this tier are overpowered and incredibly unique. Their abilities are a chef’s kiss; every ability will render your enemy hopeless and helpless. So if you want your opponent to fall into despair, S Tier Junglers are the ones for you. Moreover, with S Tier Junglers, you can quickly progress further in your favorite MOBA game and create a record.

They define the meta-plot as our main character. Therefore, you should make an effort to gather these units whenever you see them. Frequently, an S-tier character is the one who carries the game by themselves. Despite having absolutely no countermeasures, they are beneficial for the other members of your team.

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Thanks to increased range and the added benefit of knockback while shooting monsters, he has excellent jungle clearance and suffers minor damage.

The hardest thing for him, but still achievable if appropriately done, would probably be ganking. When your team needs scaling, safety, and a competent team fight damage dealer, he makes an excellent comfort pick.

He is still powerful despite all the nerfs. He is a decent champ for team fights after your first item, either BC for semi-tanky or BT for crit. Graves inflict a tonne of harm. He can attack and tank hard if you have a proper location and carefully stack your E grit. His smokescreen is also quite effective in capturing objectives and blocking the view of opponent junglers.

Game League of Legends
Range Type Ranged
Jungler Type Speed Clearer

Ne Zha

Great jungler Ne Zha has powerful ganks, incredible precise speed, and excellent agility. Ne Zha is a person who needs cooperation from others to succeed. She is a noble choice. However, one has to work hard to master Ne Zha and finally use it to its full potential.

Enemies would give up immediately if they find you lurking in their base. However, your teams must not be naive and take advantage of the fact that, in essence, you will have reduced their whole team to half health or less and caused them to panic.

The hardest part will probably be resisting the urge to approach the enemy. Numerous gods nowadays are simple to “move” out of your way. Therefore, your last decision will be crucial. Never be scared to start with it, especially when playing characters without a sprint or jump. By doing this, you intend to afford your friend plenty of time to approach and do some damage when they land.

Game Smite
Range Type Melee
Jungler Type Silent Assasin


Lancelot is the best Mobile Legends Big Bang Jungler in the current meta. However, its difficulty is the same as its rank in this Jungler Tier List MLBB. Nevertheless, his skills deal immense damage, and the best thing about his skills is that if his attack hits your enemies, there is no skill countdown time.

With Lancelot’s passive, you can deal abnormally high damage compared to other heroes using the appropriate combos. Lancelot is a hero that mainly shines bright in mid or late games. The ability of Lancelot to dash can help him rotate faster around the map.

Game Mobile Legends: Big Bang
Range Type Melee
Jungler Type Speed Clearer


When Garchomp hits five, his astounding early performance improves. He’s an endurance fighter, so he can remain on a lane and provide solid body guarding. His ganking is good. When he reaches 9, he goes crazy. He becomes one of the game’s most potent duelist gankers and team combatants. as long as you get skilled at engaging with your unit.

It is THE engage tool since it renders you unstoppable, drastically reduces the amount of damage you receive, offers you a BB shield (you should run BB), and, lest we forget, it does enough BASE damage over its length to usually KO attackers and speedsters caught in a string of blows. It is pretty powerful.

Game Pokemon Unite
Range Type Melee
Jungler Type Duelist Ganker

Other S Tier Junglers

Jungler NameUnit TypeGame
TaliyahRangedLeague of Legends
HecarimMeleeLeague of Legends
SejuaniMeleeLeague of Legends
Kha'ZixMeleeLeague of Legends
TsareenaMeleePokemon Unite
Talon FlameMeleePokemon Unite
DragoniteMeleePokemon Unite
SelenaRangedMobile Legends BB
HarleyRangedMobile Legends BB
LingMeleeMobile Legends BB
JulianMeleeMobile Legends BB
SaberMeleeMobile Legends BB

A Tier

Good Jungle Champions
Good Jungle Champions

The characters that deliver standout performances in their roles are the A-listers. These troops do not, however, push their limits of abilities and awakenings as an S Tier character does. Tier jungle champions are outstanding units contributing to a team’s identity, and they have robust pieces of equipment.

Unlike S Tier, A Tier are imperfect and flawed in at least one way. In addition, there are a few petty drawbacks to these character cards.

However, players can easily ignore these flaws as they are negligible and minor. Nevertheless, every card in this tier is above average and can cause a wreck haven when upgraded and used correctly.

Your performance in a game will improve if your squad has any A Tier players. Even one, A Tier MOBA Jungler, may support your whole team and become the pillar to lean on for them. For it to perform to its total capacity, you might need some aid from other troops. Nevertheless, an A-tier can still fight well on a battlefield without assistance.


Roger is one of those heroes who shine equally at any time, whether in an early game, mid-game, or late game. He has a total of five skills, which is rare for other Junglers.

Besides those skills, there are two forms of Roger: Werewolf and human form. You can use these forms according to your current enemies. Moreover, he is excellent against gankers.

However, there are a few drawbacks to Roger. Firstly, Roger’s skills demand a long cooldown time and are weak against Crowd Control. In addition, Roger’s Jungle clear is relatively slow since he is a Ganker Assist type of Jungler.

They also require a lot of farms to have an advantage over others. Therefore, I have placed Roger in the A Tier.

Game Mobile Legends: Big Bang
Range Type Melee
Jungler Type Speed Clearer


Odin has great early- to mid-game strength. He has good damage and control. He also has excellent escape skills, and his other abilities are damaging. Additionally, Odin has excellent Gank skills and outstanding team fighting control. Odin users are usually the leaders of a team.

Game League of Legends
Range Type Ranged
Jungler Type Duelist Ganker


This ranged attacker excels in making surprise strikes, dealing damage, and draining its opponents’ health. Greninja is a duelist ganker kind of Jungler who has dealt outstanding damage. However, he is terrible at supporting and is best when played solo. Hence, we have placed him in the A Tier.

Game Pokemon Unite
Range Type Ranged
Jungler Type Duelist Ganker

Other A Tier Junglers

Jungler NameUnit TypeGame
Hun BatzMeleeSmite
Da JiMeleeSmite
GengarMeleePokemon Unite
AbsolMeleePokemon Unite
CinderanceRangedPokemon Unite
ZaraoraMeleePokemon Unite
OlafMeleeLeague of Legends
Nunu & WillumpMeleeLeague of Legends
AmumuMeleeLeague of Legends
MordekaiserMeleeLeague of Legends
Yi sun shinRangedMobile Legends BB
AlucardMeleeMobile Legends BB
Fanny MeleeMobile Legends BB
GusionMeleeMobile Legends BB

B Tier

B Tier Junglers
B Tier Junglers

The B Tier Characters on our Jungler Tier List S11 are often generally considered balanced by gamers. They are effective in assisting your advancement in MOBA games. These goods might not be as impressive as those found in the S Tier, and they might not lead to new opportunities, but they can make the game easier for the players and speed up the process of getting to the conclusion.

B-level MOBA Junglers are competent and realistic. These are the organisations that have consistently performed their tasks admirably. They may use their advantageous skills for the majority of a battle. Even though they have several restrictions, such as skill cooldowns, they are nonetheless quite powerful.


Balmond is an early to mid-game MLBB Jungler. With his passive ability, he can recover 5% of his HP on every last hit on minions or heroes. This ability is very beneficial for team fights and ganks. Balmond can change the tides of a match in a blink of an eye. It is a hero that deals burst damage and can survive against surviving CC heroes.

Game Mobile Legends: Big Bang
Range Type Melee
Jungler Type Silent Assasin


Skarner is equipped with every tool a jungler may need. He can remain on the map indefinitely because of his quick and healthy clear, he is fantastic at invading and challenging to invade himself, his ganks are vicious with ult, and he does not fall off late game, turning into a hefty tank which is excellent at creating picks. However, Skarner has been severely nerfed and performs poorly in the current meta. Hence, our team decided to place it in the B Tier.

Game League of Legends
Range Type Melee
Jungler Type Silent Assasin


Depending on your build, Hercules may be a tank or a damage dealer. And as I stated, he can pretty much play any position. For him, solo, support, and jungle are all exceedingly feasible options. ADC and Mid are also possibilities. However, learning how to utilize him is pretty challenging. As a result, nobody employs Hercules as a jungler.

Game Smite
Range Type Melee
Jungler Type Gank Assist or Duelist Ganker

Other B Tier Cards

Jungler NameUnit TypeGame
LucarioMeleePokemon Unite
Ma ChampMeleePokemon Unite
TalonMeleeLeague of Legends
RammusMeleeLeague of Legends
NocturneRangedLeague of Legends
NidaleeMeleeLeague of Legends
KarthusMeleeLeague of Legends
NataliaMeleeMobile Legends BB

C Tier

Below Average MOBA junglers
Below Average MOBA junglers

The current meta does not typically favor heroes in the C tier. Compared to individuals at higher ranks, their influence on the game is frequently less.

This tier is a list of Heroes with modest benefits who struggle in the current meta. They perform below averagely in the game and poorly in their job as jungler. Moreover, C Tier Jungle characters have more disadvantages than advantages.


Helcurt is easily defeated, and because he is so weak, anybody may explode him. Furthermore, it is simple to avoid his second skill. Helcurt is not a hero you want, believe me. His initial ability, which turns everything dark, can be defeated by just being mindful of your surroundings and your teammates’ health.

Helcurt struggles to handle ambush scenarios because most of his equipment just deals damage and offers no resistance. He was once a great hero, but now after the nerfs, he has become very useless.

With its difficulty even higher than Mount Everest and the nerfs, it is not very important to use. Therefore, you should not waste much time trying to Jungle with Helcurt. I humbly request that Mobile Legend developers make some significant changes to him.

Game Mobile Legends: Big Bang
Range Type Melee
Jungler Type Speed Clearer


Sylveon would be a bad pick for the jungle compared to other Pokemon because they can benefit from the environment there much more. By level 6, Sylveon receives its whole arsenal, and at level 4, it develops its primary attack. Its early game is quite strong, and it can control the landing phase, steal minions, and even kill the other team.

However, Sylveon is not the best option for Jungling. For Sylveon, even one jungle clear is overkill because it only requires level 4, not level 5. For someone who has to be level 5 or higher to be helpful, which Sylveon does not, that experience should be demoted. Hence, Sylveon ranks C.

Game Pokemon Unite
Range Type Melee
Jungler Type Gank Assist


The Ekko Jungle Clear is extraordinarily unbalanced and sluggish. He lacks intrinsic sustain, but he also deals less damage to enemies than he should. As a result, he is only still viable in the middle of the game. As a result, Ekko regrettably lacks the steady momentum necessary to succeed in the jungle.

Ekko’s main flaw is that you can either have an excellent early game start or fail the match. For example, if you get killed early by snowballing quickly, you will go 20/0. On the other hand, if you do not get any kills early, you are ineffective for the rest of the game, finishing 0/10. This problem is because he over-relies on snowballing and early kills; if you fail in that aspect, you fail the entire match.

Game League of Legends
Range Type Melee
Jungler Type Gank Assist

Other C Tier Cards

Jungler NameUnit TypeGame
He BoMeleeSmite
Erlang ShenRangedSmite
LiliaRangedLeague of Legends

D Tier

Worst Junglers
Worst Junglers

Finally, the D Tier consists of the worst MOBA Games Junglers. These junglers have the worst performance in their role and are easily defeated by others. Moreover, these characters are easy counters because they can put the entire team in crisis. Therefore, it is best to avoid using these.

These rankings, however, are purely subjective and not based on any data. Sometimes the player, not the champion he is utilizing, is at fault. As a jungler, you must fight fire with fire since it is more probable that you will gank successfully with your winning lanes than attempting to save a losing lane. And if the other jungler is nearby, your 2v1 advantage is lost, and you are now battling at a disadvantage.


Benedetta is the worst Jungler in Mobile Legends: Big bang. Even though Benedetta has high potential in team fights, it lacks behind every hero in jungle play. It is challenging to use, and only a few people can handle Benedetta as a Jungler. It can easily stay behind on the farm if you do not get enough kills.

Game Mobile Legends Big Bang
Range Type Melee
Jungler Type Duelist Ganker


Playing Anivia as a Jungler is one of your worst choices. Her Jungle Clear is terrible, and an unleashed buff can quickly kill her as she has no sustain. Also, it is funny how she is supposed to be a Duelist Ganker, but she sucks at ganking. As a result, she will fail to do well even if your team is filled with professional MOBA players.

Game League of Legends
Range Type Ranged
Jungler Type Duelist Ganker


Ashe is immobile, awful at dueling, squishy, poor at ganking without R, and susceptible to counter-ganking. Moreover, Ashe is on the D Tier of the Jungler Tier List for various reasons, but mostly because she can only kite away from a battle. Any jungler with burst now has a chance to either kill her or take the camps.

She just is not built for the jungle and performs very subpar in that capacity for the squad. Farm till six junglers seriously disadvantage their team. In essence, you’re stating that the only choice is to delay to a longer game because not ganking puts your team at a disadvantage right away.

Game League of Legends
Range Type Ranged
Jungler Type Speed Clearer

Other D Tier Cards

Jungler NameUnit TypeGame
Ao KuangMeleeSmite
ViegoMeleeLeague of Legends
ZedRangedLeague of Legends
PantheonMeleeLeague of Legends
Lee SinMeleeLeague of Legends
SivirMeleeLeague of Legends
AsheMeleeLeague of Legends
EveMeleeLeague of Legends
SonaRangedLeague of Legends
CloudRangedMobile Legends: Big Bang
LeslieRangedMobile Legends: Big Bang
NainaRangedMobile Legends: Big Bang
EstesRangedMobile Legends: Big Bang
LailaRangedMobile Legends: Big Bang

Comparison Table

NameTierGameRange TypeJungler Type
GravesSLeague of LegendsRangedSpeed Clearer
Ne ZhaSSmiteMeleeSilent Assasin
LancelotSMobile Legends: Big BangMeleeSpeed Clearer
GarchompSPokemon UniteMeleeDuelist Ganker
RogerAMobile Legends: Big BangMeleeSpeed Clearer
OdinALeague of LegendsRangedDuelist Ganker
GreninjaAPokemon UniteRangedDuelist Ganker
BalmondBMobile Legends: Big BangMeleeSilent Assasin
SkarnerBLeague of LegendsMeleeSilent Assasin
HerculesBSmiteMeleeGank Assist or Duelist Ganker
HelcurtCMobile Legends: Big BangMeleeSpeed Clearer
SylveonCPokemon UniteMeleeGank Assist
EkkoCLeague of LegendsMeleeGank Assist
BenedettaDMobile Legends Big BangMeleeDuelist Ganker
AniviaDLeague of LegendsRangedDuelist Ganker
AsheDLeague of LegendsRangedSpeed Clearer

Patch Notes Version 3.5

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the game.

  • It includes the launch of Yuumi’s highly anticipated rework, some changes to the jungle and some nerfs to a few surprising champions.
  • After months of waiting, Yuumi is finally getting her much needed rework which will hopefully stop her being the single most annoying champion in the game.
  • Her passive has seen some massive changes, and now she can have a best friend in the game. Basically whenever the ally she is attached to does something good she will bond further to them. When she is attached to the ally with the highest friendship score, her abilities become stronger.
  • There’s a few other changes to most of her kit, but the reworked passive is the biggest change. Overall she now has some more combat focused healing, and is more suited to sticking with a marksman, instead of just being able to float around on her own and be a menace.
  • Elsewhere in the patch there are some changes to the jungle, mostly pulling back some changes that were made in preseason.
  • The bonuses you get for farming your own jungle are being pulled back to make counter jungling a thing again, and some of the gold lost from the treat system is being put back into clearing camps, to make junglers who aren’t always ganking more viable.
  • This is also being dealt with in terms of XP, with gankers getting less XP compared to someone sitting in the jungle and farms.


The primary goal of the tier lists we create is to provide readers with fantastic recommendations and options they might have overlooked, even for their favorite categories. The characters from the game are therefore evaluated from best to worst in terms of their relevance to the current meta.

Our team spends a significant amount of time and effort learning everything there is to know about the subject and playing the game before beginning to write.

A team of seniors is then established, and their job is to find even the most minor faults in pieces. Therefore, even if I disagree with a few of the jungler rankings, I believe the study is impartial and fair.

This list also provides a tremendous initial view of the current top units. Because the character ranks in this tier list solely depend on the person’s experiences, there is, as I already indicated, no room for criticism. Wishing you luck on your quest, feel free to comment on any missing units or levels that you believe should contain specific Junglers!

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