Botworld Tier List: Best Characters Ranked [2023]

With This Tier List, We Will Rank The Top Bots Of Botworld.

Are you searching for a list that ranks the top character of Botworld? Then stop your search right here because we have categorized the best ones in the game in our Botworld Tier List. The ranking is based on the specs and attributes each bot offers since the game is an otherworldly experience that transports players to a world of robots, lush forests, arid deserts, and rich treasures. 

And our list ensures that a player receives an insight into each bot’s attributes, abilities, and ultimate actions. That way, they can form their team and conquer the world of bots. A reader should reminisce that this list depends on my perspectives and the time invested in the game. It depends on how I perceived the game and evaluated each character. 

Key Points

  • Our article contains the leading 25 characters in the game.
  • Each entry on the list has been ranked on the basis of their core stats and abilities.
  • The highest tier contains the finest bots like Ram, Thump Virus, Comet, and Icicool.
  • You will find the worst bots in the lower ranks, like Halo, Barrie, Bullwark, Yanky, and Scatter.


The ranking of the bots is enlisted in the table.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Ram
• Thump
• Virus
• Comet
• Icicool
• Bullseye
• Phantom
• Pupil
• Fork
• Bigshot
• K.O.
• Inkjet
• Sheller
• Nibbles
• Chainer
• Slicer
• Hornet
• Dune Bug
• Frosty
• Rocketeer
• Halo
• Barrie
• Bullwark
• Yanky
• Scatter

You can read about each entry in more detail below.

S Tier

best characters tier list
S Tier.

The S tier consists of exceptional characters with high stats and top-notch abilities. A player opts for these bots as they aid in the victory and have the player’s back in the arena. Most of the bots under the tier are all-rounders and are the finest in all aspects.


Ram is a chaser in the game, and as his name suggests, he rams into his opponent’s head firsts and topples them over in the arena. He is an all-rounder with the characteristics of a tank, DPS, and great speed, which he shows on the battlefield. His skills put him in the S tier, as he has the attributes of an A-team. His most prominent move is the Speed Boost which enhances his speed by 20%. Along with that, Hard landing offers a negative status effect on the enemy and improves its product by 100%. Ram has striking and defending abilities and incredible abilities that make him a top pick. 


Now, we have a character with extraordinary jumping ability. Thump is a gorilla-like tank bot who displays defense characteristics. He protects his teammates from the fatal attacks of their rivals and has great moves, including support and utility. His ultimate move is the Fist of fury, which casts 5 hits on a 2.5 AoE and deals 45% damage to all the regional enemies. Thump keeps on punching the opponents till they evade the battlefield. Another move that adds him to the S tier of the Botworld Tier List is his cannonball allows him to leap into the air and strike the enemy with a shockwave while dealing damage.


Furthermore, we have another intelligent bot on our list that turns enemies against each other. This amazing talent grants the virus an upper hand on his rivals, and he can easily take them down. He is in the S tier due to his amazing ability to Hack, which forces the nearest opponent to attack his teammate and deal damage. It’s a great and innovative move and causes a lot of damage to the opponent’s team. Additionally, Virus can also immobilize the enemy in the closest range by Disable capability. 


We end our S tier with Comet, who gallops around the arena while ramming and taking down the enemies. His agility and suppleness grant him the high statistics and one-of-a-kind abilities he portrays on the battlefield. Lightspeed is the significant move that makes him dash toward a chain of enemies and take them while lowering their H.P. Comet also has the move Siphon that debuffs the nearest enemy and enhances the player’s skills. His top-notch skills keep him distinct in the arena and make it easier for the player to eradicate the enemies. 

A Tier

second best characters ranked
A Tier.

Furthermore, we have the A tier of the Botworld Tier List that ranks the potentially great bots of the game. They have great prospects but lack a little quality to be at the top. But a player should keep them in his team to keep his A-Game. 


Icicool is a cool character who is characterized by his cold icicles. He has high-ranged moves and high mobility, which keeps him above all other bots of Botworld. His ultimate activities include Blizzard, a long-range motion that slows down enemies in an AoE and it fires 12 icicles in the area. He has been in the A tier due to his incredibly high stats and high sustainability in the arena. By slowing down the enemies, he allows the player to strengthen his gameplay and strike again.


Bullseye is the game’s sniper by ripping all the enemies to shreds in the arena. HE has incredible characteristics that allow him to have high stats, including high H.P., DEF, and ATK. He is in the A tier because his main ability, Barrage, can shoot a quiver of arrows to eradicate enemies from the arena and deal massive damage. Another corrupt move enhance ATK by 150% of the player, which deals more damage to the rivals. Bullseye rarely misses the target,+ which makes him a top-tier bot.


Phantom is another of the great bots who plays a huge role in the player’s victory. His agility and stealth grant him an edge in the arena against his rivals, and he can easily evade them. Shadow Strike is his ultimate, which strikes the enemy with a melee and stuns him for 3 seconds while dealing 120% of damage. Fade grants stealth and make Phantom invisible, and he can induce twice the damage on the enemies with this special ability. All these awesome attributes include him in the A tier.


The bot pupil has a single pupil, i.e., one eye on his head, but it doesn’t decrease his perceiving abilities. However, he can inflict damage on his enemies with laser beams that damage a chain of enemies. His ultra beam is infamous for possessing an extra powerful beam to shoot down enemies, including him in the A tier. Laser beams always hit the target and lower the opponent’s H.P. and DEF. They can take down Tanks, DPS, and supportive enemies. 


Next, we have a Bot who has replaced his hands with a pair of forks to impale the enemies and deal damage. He is a half-chaser and half-evader of the team who dodges attacks and deals damages. His main attack is the backstab that allows him to teleport behind an enemy and impale him with his sharp pointy hands while stunning and damaging the enemy. The move adds Fork to the A tier of the list. Also, he releases a smoke cloud to increase his stealth, sneak up on his enemies, and deal damage. The Fork is a competent character with mediocre stats and an astonishing ability to take down enemies. 

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The main shot of the bot is in its name, which suggests that it can shoot huge blasts at enemies and deal damage. Blasting off rivals off of the arena is an oddly satisfying situation, and even though Bigshot takes time to charge up for Megablast and Gigablast but is all worth it in the end. The delay seems sweet when all the enemies are eliminated from the battlefield. These colossal explosions include Bigshot in the A tier. With high stats and massive explosions, Bigshot is a must for the player.


With K.O., a player gets to give a knockout blow to the opponent and take him down. K.O. is one of the boxers of the game and uses his blows and punches to harm opponents. His violent brawls make him a skilled bot of the lot. K.O.’s Spur is the ultimate that enhances his destructive abilities and lasts throughout the battle. With his speed of light, agility, massive strength, and sucker punch, opponents are knocked out. 


If you see a floating bot roaming in the arena, don’t mistake it for an octopus. It’s an inkjet that uses the same defense mechanism as an octopus. He throws inks at the opponents to gain stealth and invisibility while dealing damage. His supreme move is the Squad shadow which puts the whole team into stealth mode. They can deal twice the damage to the enemies. Along with the ultimate move that adds Inkjet to the A tier, squirt and stealth also provide aid in the arena and help in the player’s victory. 

B Tier

average characters ranked
B Tier.

We reach the middle of our Botworld Tier list with the average tier that ranks the ordinary characters. They do not have any specialty. They have mediocre stats and abilities. 


Let’s start the B tier with one of the new Bots, who revolutionizes the battlefield with his innovative mines and surprises the enemies. His mine ability launches the mine in various directions, and it explodes near an enemy. His main move is the mining cluster which launches 3 mines at a single time and deals damage to 3 enemies. He is in the B tier because of his mediocre stats and abilities. He does not have dashing capabilities or great aim, although he covers it up with his AoE abilities. 


If a player wants a brawler on their team, then Nibbles is the best choice, as he can brawl while nibbling on the enemies. His nibbling abilities damage the enemies in a novel way. His ultimate move is ‘Devour,’ which Lowers an enemy’s H.P. and deals with many DMG. But that is the only good move of the Bot, and other than that, Nibbles only deals small damage to the enemies. Also, his average stats do not make him one of the top picks. 


Chainer is one of the game’s tanks that protects the team from the lethal attacks of enemies. Also, he yanks the enemies away from their teammates. His main move is the multi-chain that fires the chain at the enemies, pulls them together, and binds them for 10 seconds. During that time, a player can deal colossal damage to the enemies. Moreover, through Groundslam, Chainer hits the ground and creates shockwaves to damage the enemies, but he is in the B tie because he can not protect his allies or has incredible abilities.


What can you expect from a bot who has swords instead of arms? His main purpose is to damage his enemies and chase them off the arena, and to do this, Slicer exhibits high agility and sustenance. His top move flurry attacks his chosen enemy seven times in quick succession. Other than that, Slicer can leap and slice his rivals with his melee. He is in the B tier because he can not exhibit the great art of war with his confined set of moves. The Slicer can only deal damage through his flurry, but other than that, he is not a prominent figure in the game.


Hornet is an evader from the arena and he stays far from the battlefield in the air but spreads his poison to the enemies and does his job. While soaring through the skies, he shoots his Stinger and Corrosive Retreat poisons that harm the enemies. Also, Toxic Shock is an ultimate move that stuns all enemies under the influence of the poison.

Dune Bug  

The bug bot is a nimble Bot with mediocre stats and evading characteristics like the Hornet, but his abilities are quite different. His ultimate move is the Omni-roll which allows him to roll around the enemy swiftly and fire at them. His tail gun shoots at the enemies far away from him, granting him a long-range shot. He is in the B tier due to his mediocre stats, including low H.P., DEF, and ATK, which make him susceptible to enemy attacks. 

C Tier

botworld tier list
C Tier.

The C rank is one of the bad tiers. It has the poor bots of the Botworld. These bots have low stats, agility, and dexterity. They do not aid a player inside the arena.


As his name suggests, frosty freeze the enemies in place and stuns them. His main move is the cold snap that allows Frosty to spin around the enemies in a 3.5-meter radius and freeze them for 3.5 seconds. Other than that, frosty can teleport, but he is in the C tier because he can not damage the enemies and lower their H.P. like other top-tier Bots of the Botworld Tier list 2023. Frosty also has a frost spray that allows him to freeze the enemy on whom he sprinkles his spray. 


We have another character with low statistics and an inadequate set of moves that ruins a player’s gameplay in the arena. Rocketeers may have explosives to fire off in the hall, but they cannot damage the enemies to a more considerable extent. His main move is the Rocket Swarm which fires a volley of rockets at the opponents. A total of 10 missiles are fired, but these have a really short range. His short-range attacks and slightly damaging skills add him to the C tier. He also has a Knockback move which initiates blasts on close enemies. Rocketeer takes down the close enemies from the arena by utilizing his projectile missiles.

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Next, we have a long-ranged attacking character who stays far from the battle arena and throws his bubbles to protect his teammates. He only benefits his allies and supports them through his DEF-increasing bubbles that form a shield around the allies. It protects against the incoming attacks of opponents. His main move is the Boost Bubble which shields the ally while increasing his ATK. As he does not possess any damaging characteristics, he resides under the C tier.


Barrie is a sturdy tank with a small queue of abilities that aid a player in the arena. He mainly protects his allies from the rivals’ attacks by increasing the DEF and boarding up the defenses. His ultimate move is the energy barrier that stops him from taking damage from the enemy attack. Besides that, he can only deal damage through his melee to a small extent. He is a useless bot who roams around putting up defenses to survive in the arena.

D Tier

worst characters ranked
D Tier.

Lastly, we have the D tier of the abysmal characters. These characters have no significant importance in the game and they have poor stats and common attributes. A player should refrain from them to gain victory.


We have a tank in our D tier that reduces the damage with his shield. His main activity is the Shockwave that stuns the enemies and inflicts harm on them, enemies. Although he is a tank, he does not defend his teammates much. This characteristic adds him to the D tier. His punches do not deal a lot of damage. Bullwark is a bad character, and a player should avoid him to gain victory in the arena.


Yanky is characterized by his signature hook, which yanks his enemies toward him. He is a brawler who fights with enemies and deals damage through his punch and Grapple moves. Grapple is a prominent move that stuns the enemy for 2.75 seconds without dealing damage. On the other hand, Punch is a melee attack that deals small damage. These abysmal characteristics and abilities add Yanto to the last tier of the Botworld Tier List.


Lastly, we have Scatter on our list, who is another brawler characterized by his garbage chute. He has short-range attacks and needs to be near the enemy to attack. His ultimate move is the stun shot that fires pellets at close enemies and deals damage while stunning them. Scattershot sprays garbage pellets to remove the enemies and make them evade the arena. 


Conclusively, we can say that all the characters in the article are unique and have peculiar abilities and dexterities. All the bots are characterized by the specialty that sets them apart, and choosing any one of them can entertain a player in their gameplay. Although using the S tier bots is in a player’s favor as they are the finest in all aspects. They have high skill, agility, and mobility, and their sets of moves are astonishing and help out in the gameplay.

In contrast, the D-tier characters are abysmal and can ruin the gaming experience with their ill movements and poor mobility. A player should opt for the S-tiered characters to gain once in a lifetime experience.