BTD6 Hero Tier List: Ranking The Best Heroes [V35.2]

With Our Btd6 Hero Tier List, We Will Be Ranking Some Of The Best Characters In The Game.

There has never been a better time to join the Bloons TD 6 squad, which is why we bring you our BTD6 hero tier list. The article will cover the best and the worst heroes you can play in the game, and the ranking will, of course, be quite subjective, so keep that in mind when traversing through the contents of this list. However, the heroes are ranked on a plethora of different attributes to ensure we keep it as unbiased as possible.

The main attributes used for rankings are the hero’s abilities and strengths. The difficulty of each hero also plays a vital role, which is why it will be matched with the average player’s performance. Besides that, popularity and meta play a part in deciding between heroes of similar attributes. Let’s get started.

Key Points

  • There are 14 entries on our list.
  • Each hero is ranked on their overall performance in the game, including difficulty and abilities.
  • Among the highest-ranked heroes are Obyn Greenfoot, Captain Churchill, Adora, Benjamin, and Sauda.
  • The lowest tiers contain characters like Geraldo, Striker Jones, Ezili, Quincy, and Admiral Brickell.


Before we dive into the main content of the list, the table below will give you a quick summary of the heroes and their respective rankings. 

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Obyn GreenfootPat FustyGwendolinStriker JonesQuincy
Captain ChurchillSaudaGeraldo EziliAdmiral Brickell

They will be discussed briefly in the content following the table.

S Tier

BTD6 Hero Tier List Best Heroes
S Tier.

The first tier of our BTD6 Tier List is the S Rank. As most of you already know, the S tier caters to the best of the best. This rank will discuss the best heroes you can opt for right now. They give exceptional overall performance and come at a relatively low price, making them the ideal counter to most Bloons you may encounter. They are listed as follows.

Obyn Greenfoot

First up in the S tier is Obyn Greenfoot. Greenfoot uses nature’s power and decimates any foes standing in his way. He is an exceptional Hero with high power abilities and excellent clearing power. Additionally, the power is found useful in many different scenarios in the game, which is why he is one of the most popular heroes in the game right now. However, If his attack does not seem sufficient, he also offers a lot of defensive maneuvers ensuring that you can easily prepare for an attack.

Average Damage 9
Range 43
Attack Speed Every 1.35 sec

Captain Churchill

Next on our list we have is Captain Churchill, who is a serious powerhouse on the battlefield. He is one of the best heroes when it comes to defense. The hero has a unique ability called the MOAB barrage at level 10, which can easily destroy many of his foes. Captain Churchill certainly takes the cake when it comes to tanks because of his destructive yet immovable presence in the game.

Average Damage
Range 63-60
Attack Speed 0.7-0.3 sec


Benjamin is known for generating extra money for the cause. His hacking skills are extraordinary and can help you destroy all those bloons trying to enter your area. He is an incredible hero, best for competitive play and unlocking new levels. His unique ability is known as Syphon Funding which is unlocked at level 10. That will not only help you destroy most of the obstacles through a single rank but also increase the amount of cash you will receive by popping them through the way.

He is also quite unique compared to some of the other monkeys we will look at in our article. His abilities make sure that you always have enough buck for the bang. Lastly, the higher level you go with Benjamin, the better the yield and his power get, so try to get level 100 as soon as you can.

Average Damage
Range 63-66
Attack Speed 0.7-0.3 sec

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Adora is the last S-tier hero of ours that can smash the bloons with her powerful abilities. She uses the power of light to erase her enemies from existence. When it comes to damage, nobody can beat her, as she is known for popping the lead bloons with little to no effort. Furthermore, she has auto-targeting magic bolts, which only get better with each level. Adora is quite exp hungry, but towards the end of the game, she becomes an unstoppable force.

Average Damage
Range 45-59
Attack Speed 1-0-0.6 sec

A Tier

 Good BTD6 Hero Tier List Monkeys
A Tier.

A-tier heroes carry brilliant abilities that make them stand apart from their competitors. They are unbeatable and furious; however, with little changes, they can excel high and reach our S-tier. Their powers are not limited, and each has something exceptional to offer. All in all, they are outperformed by the S tier, but if you can’t select any of those yet, these make for an awesome backup pick.

Pat Fusty

Bloons TD 6 is all about being strategic, and you will only win if you have the right mindset throughout the game. It is not just about playing or winning a few rounds; the game becomes increasingly critical with each passing round. Having said that, Pat Fusty is what you need to have on your list of heroes, as he is exceptional at all game levels and will not disappoint you. He is strong enough to get hold of several waves simultaneously. As the level ends, Fusty is an essential support tower for its fellow monkeys.

The only reason for adding him to our A-tier is that Fusty is not suitable for the maps that need to be grouped during levels of high waves. He needs powerful towers around him in the last phase as he becomes a superhero.

Average Damage
Range 24-40
Attack Speed Every 1.1 sec


Sauda is another incredible and powerful hero on our Bloons TD 6 Tier List. She is an amazing unit with high pierce, fast attack speed, and built-in camo detection. She carries twin-razor sharp swords that are enough to carve the bloons up. In the late game, her sword charge ability shows up as her best ability, as it helps her to counter chaotic moments with no trouble at all. However, if her sword charge ability could upgrade, it would have been more impressive and powerful. Sauda’s range is also somewhat limited, and that, in turn, makes her dependent on the map.

Average Damage
Range 22-29
Attack Speed 0.4-0.1 sec


Etienne is one of the tiniest monkeys on our list. He is equipped with drones that can shoot at any incoming bloons. He comes with two abilities, the Drone Swarm and the  UCAV. However, these are all but a part of him, as his main power generates from his non-ability level-ups. At level eight, the monkey gets an upgrade that lets him transfer special abilities to all his fellow towers. Additionally, her UCAV ability will become permanent at a later stage in the game, allowing you to immediately pop any unfriendly Bloons.

Average Damage
Range 55-80
Attack Speed 07-0.55 sec


PSI is the final A-tier hero we will look at and one of the most ruthless heroes when it comes to competitive plays. He is ranked as one of the game’s strongest and most favorite monkeys. His abilities include psychic blast and psionic scream, which easily decimate most Bloons.  The only reason why he is in our A-tier is the relatively late power spike he gets from his Psionic Scream upgrade at level 20.

Average Damage
Range Infinite 
Attack Speed 1-0.85 sec

B Tier

 Average BTD6 Hero Tier List Heroes
B Tier.

In the B rank of our BTD6 Hero Tier List, we will look at some of the heroes who are quite average. They are not too special but not too bad either. This makes them a viable pick but still far from ideal. They do possess a few skills which allow them to excel in certain areas but not generally. All in all, you can win with these but not nearly with as much ease compared to the upper-tier heroes. They are listed as follows.


When Bloon players hear the name Gwendolin, the first thing they think of is fire, lots of fire! His motto is to incinerate everything in his path and walk away with the win. As fun as that would be, it is not the case because his abilities are sometimes underwhelming in terms of damage. He does offer a lot of AoE attacks which are excellent moves for fast-clearing hordes of enemies. He is a viable pick if you are a fan of fire but be prepared to do a lot more than scorching if you want to win.

Average Damage
Range 38
Attack Speed 0.5-0.15 sec


Geraldo is more like a shopkeeper that has a number of different features to offer. These can sometimes be overwhelming for players as Geraldo is a Jack of all trades and master of none. Playing with him is definitely quite challenging if you don’t know what his skills are and when is the best time to use them. As for a master, winning with him is close to ideal because of his versatile play style.

Average Damage
Range 40
Attack Speed Every 1.1s

C Tier

Below Average BTD6 Monkeys
C Tier.

The C tier will cater to some of the heroes that are nowhere near the best but possess some traits that keep them from being among the D-tier heroes. It is possible to win with them, but it is extremely unlikely because of how difficult it is to use these heroes. Additionally, they are known to be quite weak in most scenarios which is why they are also quite unpopular among players. Let’s take a look at who these heroes are.

Striker Jones

Since C-tier consists of below-average heroes, we are here with Striker Jones. He has nothing best to offer except a few party tricks. After reading our review about him, you will not be left with any reason to use him. Firstly, you cannot rely on his buffs because they are dull and extremely weak. However, he can only do well with flammable towers, but still, the spells are not that great. Compared with other game heroes, his bonus range is relatively low, around 5%. Secondly, the only ability that saves him from falling into our D-tier is “Concussive Shell,” which shocks Bloons for a little while. All in all, he is quite underwhelming compared to the higher-tier heroes.

Average Damage
Range 55-60
Attack Speed 1.2-0.2 sec


Ezili is the latest addition to the Bloons Tower Defense 6 heroes team. However, you cannot rely much on her commands as she has no prime powers that would make you turn your head. She can infect an enemy and pop a layer of it before it runs out. She is only good early on because her damage is quite good against weaker opponents, but she increasingly becomes weaker as the game progresses.

Average Damage
Range 43-47
Attack Speed 1.2-0.8 sec

D Tier

Worst BTD6 heroes
D Tier.

D-tier heroes are known to be the worst among all, and they do not have any quality that could save them. These characters are wholly ineffective and need a lot of headway. In contrast to the above tiers, their abilities and powers are almost insignificant. Having said that, try not to get your hands on this one because the D-tier units are not going to let you win. They are more often than not a liability than a perk in most games.


Quincy is the first hero in the D tier of the BTD6 Hero Tier List. Additionally, she is unanimously agreed upon as the weakest hero among them all. She is quite versatile, but she is not strong in any one of the many skills she has access to. Furthermore, her damage is insignificant, making it impossible to win when playing with her. However, her early game is relatively decent but not nearly as strong as some of the other Monkeys. All in all, you can play her if you like her, but chances are you’re not going to have a fun time.

Average Damage
Range 50-54
Attack Speed 0.95-0.2 sec

Admiral Brickell

Admiral Brickell is the last hero we will look at. Ironically, she is the first water-based hero that was introduced in Btd6. She is definitely not the worst champion, but she is quite weak. Brickell’s overall performance is not good enough to be placed in the C tier, which is why she is in the D tier with Quincy. Her abilities are single-target and quite weak when it comes to damage. That makes her an extremely difficult character to win with. All in all, she is a champion, mostly by her fans, and not often used by players focused on winning.

Average Damage
Range 50-62
Attack Speed 0.8-0.4 sec

Patch Notes V35.2

According to the official update, the following changes were made to the characters.

  • Resolved a crash from selling Etienne with Drone Swarm active then immediately placing him again
  • Resolved an issue where placing then selling and placing Etienne again would not display his Drone Swarm in the ability bar
  • Resolved issues with Robo Monkey’s left arm not acquiring the correct targets


With Admiral Brickell, we conclude our article. Hopefully, it helped you identify which Monkeys will help you on the road to victory and which heroes will let you down. Furthermore, feel free to add any tips and tricks associated with the game in the comments below.

While you’re at it, why not leave a comment about what you thought of the article list as well? We always appreciate all of your notes, and use them to better our content.