Cookie Run Tier List [V.4.2]

All the game's cookies ranked

Cookies are not just for munching! In the trending game Cookie Run: Kingdom, Cookies can form teams, fight against evil, and even protect your kingdom from deadly creatures. These cookies are not to be underestimated! With our Cookie Run Tier List, you can choose the best Cookie to build your powerful kingdom and become the strongest Cookie on this planet.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 14 cookies ranked in our tier list.
  • We will rank all the cookies in the game according to their damage, rarity, position, and type.
  • You will find cookies like Eclair Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, and Sorbet Shark Cookie in the highest tiers.
  • You will observe cookies like Chilli Pepper Cookie, Strawberry Cookie, and Angel Cookie among the lowest tiers.


We will rank all the cookies in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Eclair CookieSea Fairy CookiePoison Mushroom CookieMadelineChilli Pepper Cookie
Dark Cacao CookieEspresso CookieMilk CookieFigStrawberry Cookie
Sorbet Shark CookieStrawberry CrepeMango CookieAngel Cookie

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

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S Tier

Top-Tier Cookies
Top-Tier Cookies

S Tier consists of the best cookies in Cookie Run. They are the most effective ones, with mind-blowing and overpowered stats. Having these cookies can create a massive change in your gameplay. While some of these are super op for PVP, the others are great for World Exploration.

Some characters in this Tier might be good for PVP but not for World Exploration, but that is fine because only a few characters are good at both. They all have fantastic VFX effects, which adds to the game’s fun. S Tier Cookies CRK are characters you will adore if you enjoy having a great appearance and influencing video games.

Not to mention, these Gacha sweets’ visual appeal is captivating. They are the key characters who establish the meta-plot. As a result, you should try to collect these units whenever you come across them.

The game’s protagonist is frequently an S-tier character. They are advantageous for your entire team. Moreover, they have few to no counterattacks whatsoever.

Eclair Cookie

Eclair Cookie plays both a support and a DPS role. Large damage values are present in Eclair Cookie. Eclair triumphs against Sorbet Shark, a DPS job with 378% more damage. Even though we only talk about base damage, it can cause up to 480% damage. You can nearly double these stats by improving your skills and adding toppings.

The cooldown for Eclair Cookie is only 16 seconds. You can obtain upgrades by participating in special events, lowering the already-low cooldown. Weakness is a unique hallmark skill that Eclair Cookie possesses. A whole cooldown Éclair cookie allows you to completely wipe out opponents before they even have a chance to attack if you have a great damage output.

His health barrier enables you to survive even if you don’t eliminate the entire squad until you have another opportunity to launch all your strikes. Eclair has the ability not only to strike but also to defend friendly targets and degrade hostile ones.

It has established itself as a necessity in PVP arenas. It is best to have as much cooldown as possible when it comes to topping because his primary function is priming damage for other individuals, and his effects can stack. 

Rarity Epic
Position Middle
Type Support + DPS

Dark Cacao Cookie

Given that he is a Charge-type cookie that causes massive damage with the correct toppings, Dark Cacao is regarded as one of the most potent cookies in the game. Many CRK gamers, as does our team, agree that Dark Cacao Cookie is excellent. Use the correct toppings and match the Cookie with an affogato or an eclair to get the most out of it. As a result, dark Cacao is S Tier in Cookie Run Tier List 2023.

Moreover, Dark Cacao makes up for its slower assault rate compared to other cookies with a high-damage split attack that hits several opponents simultaneously. Dark Cacao’s Solemn Judgment ability deals tremendous damage with each hit and applies numerous debuffs. Debuffs reduce the enemy’s attack, defense, and maximum HP.

Dark Cacao is currently the best in the PVP Kingdom arena as it deals immense damage. She has only a 16 seconds base cooldown, which can also be reduced. Dark Cacao Cookie will momentarily become resilient to disrupting effects while casting his Solemn Judgment skill. The best feature of this skill is that it will debuff enemies even if they have immunity.

Rarity Ancient
Position Front
Type Charge

Sorbet Shark Cookie

Considering all game modes, Sorbet Shark Cookie is the top ambush cookie. He is suitable for PVP and battles against guild bosses, and he performs well in PVE. a valuable teammate and Cookie. His combination with sea fairy and squid ink will make your team unbeatable.

Simple DMG-dealer Sorbet Shark Cookie is frequently used as a Sub-DPS with other glass cannons like Sea Fairy. In PvE and PvP game modes, he has the strength to maintain the fort by himself. Sorbet Shark is a fantastic option regarding enemies with high HP, like bosses and tanks. Because of his flexibility and great damage, Sorbet Shark is easily an S Tier cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Rarity Epic
Position Middle
Type Ambush


Cookie NameRarityPositionType
Pure Vanilla CookieAncientRearHealing
Cotton CookieEpicRearSupport
Holly BerryAncientFrontDefense
Clotted Cream CookieSuper EpicMiddleMagic
Financer CookieEpicFrontDefense
Cream Unicorn CookieEpicRearHealing
Parfait CookieEpicRearSupport
Pomegranate CookieEpicEpicSupport
Caramel CookieEpicMiddleRanged
Pumpkin Pie CookieEpicMiddleMagic
Vampire CookieEpicRearAmbush

A Tier

Decent Cookie Run Characters
Decent Cookie Run Characters

In our tier list, all cookies in an A tier are the second-best option after an S tier. All potentially more substantial characters with the guts to take on an S-tiered character are collected in this Tier. The critical distinction is that they lack abilities or attacks that may render them invincible. If an s-tier character is unavailable, they are frequently the player’s first choice.

The A-listers are the characters who give outstanding effort in their roles. However, unlike an S Tier character, these Cookies don’t push their awakenings and skills to the utmost.

Not all characters can be plucked from the top Tier, so you’ll always have an A-tier character on your team. They have the potential to injure people severely, perhaps even more so than those in our Supreme Tier.

However, a lack of assistance from other factors could put a roadblock in the way of their effectiveness. But if the conditions are correct, they will still shine brilliantly. Their powers and toppings further enhance their high HP, ATK, and DEF. Finally, let’s look at what we have in the A Tier and why these cookies are in this Tier.

Sea Fairy Cookie

Sea Fairy Cookie is a deadly character that deals tremendous damage causing chaos in the PvP Arena. She has sympathy for others but not for her adversaries. Once enraged, nobody can make her calm down. She is a legendary, the rarest type of Cookie in the game, along with Ancient, and it is so hard to get her.
The only reason Sea Fairy Cookie is in the A Tier and not S Tier as of now is that she is not fit for the current meta. No matter what support and topping are given to her, she cannot do well in the April 2023 Cookie Run: Kingdom meta. It is a pity that the game’s current status does not support her because she is a beast in her element.
Rarity Legendary
Position Middle
Type Bomber

Espresso Cookie

Espresso is superior to Shroomy and will perform better in PvE. Expresso is somewhat effective, but as he just deals pure damage and lacks “Extra content” like debuffs, he will eventually need to be replaced by someone more useful, like Licorice. He has a great solid design. Considering all advantages, we decided to put Espresso Cookie in the S Tier.

Moreover, he is one of the first cookies (apart from Dark Enchantress) without white eyeliner, which I think is cool. I can see why some people fall in love with him. His Perfect Extraction power draws enemies from a distance to its center while doing area damage repeatedly, even if they are impervious to interruptions.

The final burst may disrupt skills and cause injury. Espresso Cookie will momentarily become impervious to interrupting effects while using Espresso’s skill. His damage is limited to 30,000 units based on his maximum health. This talent deals more damage on the final hit and has a base cooldown of 15 seconds.

Rarity Epic
Position Middle
Type Magic

Strawberry Crepe

Strawberry Crepe, an Epic rarity Cookie, is regarded as one of the game’s best defenders. It is a defensive Cookie who, unless two other Cookies already occupy it, is always sent to the front of the team. Due to her special attack’s high AoE damage and reduction of DMG received by two Cookies with the lowest maximum HP, aside from summons, this Cookie is in the first row.

This Cookie should remain in battle for as long as it can. You will need to apply toppings to strengthen this Cookie. This hero can protect teammates and deflect blows from your enemies. Additionally, this Cookie has a fantastic feature that raises the survivability of your characters.

He provides 50% more defense to two teammates. Therefore, using two tanks works well for him. He may appear awful overall, but he performs much better at higher levels, especially PVP. The best part about strawberry crepes is that they are fantastic at protecting your team and limiting harm, especially to the cookies that most need support.

Rarity Epic
Position Front
Type Defense


Cookie NameRarityPositionType
Oyster CookieSuper EpicRearSupport
Dark Choco CookieEpic FrontCharge
Frost Queen CookieLegendaryMiddleMagic
Purple Yam CookieEpicFrontCharge
Cocoa CookieEpicFrontDefense
Black Raisin CookieEpicMiddleAmbush
Cream Puff CookieEpicRearSupport
Snow Sugar CookieEpicMiddleMagic
Squid Ink CookieEpicMiddleMagic
Mint Choco CookieEpicRearSupport
Licorice CookieEpicMiddleMagic
Affogato CookieEpicMiddleBomber
Tiger Lily CookieEpicRearRanged
Tea Knight CookieEpicFrontCharge
Crunchy Chip CookieEpicRearAmbush
Cherry Blossom CookieEpicRearAmbush
Herb CookieEpicRearHealing
Moon Rabbit CookieEpicFrontDefense
Raspberry CookieEpicFrontCharge
Gingerbrave CookieCommonFrontCharge
Kumiho CookieEpicSupport Rear
Red Velvet CookieEpicFrontCharge
Almond CookieEpicRearSupport

B Tier

Cookie Run Tier List
Average Cookies

B Tier Cookies combine characteristics from the S and D tiers, the two ends of a tier list. Characters in the B-tier have average attributes, need carefully designed gameplay without flaws, and have weaker abilities. Otherwise, there may be a greater probability of losing. It will be challenging for the B Tier units to prevail in a battle without solid backing.

It could be challenging to win a PVP game if your squad just has B-tier units. You will need one skilled tank or Cookie guardian from a higher tier as backup, at the very least. These are the organizations that have consistently performed their tasks admirably. They can use their valuable skills for the majority of a battle.

Even though they have many restrictions, such as skill cooldowns, they are quite powerful and can deal good damage. It would be better to have a B Tier Cookie than a Cookie from the C or D Tier, as they are even worse. Using the right toppings and upgrades can help them put a decent match against A Tiers.

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Poison Mushroom Cookie

Poison Mushroom is a B-Tier cookie in Cookie Run: Kindom, which is average in terms of stats. Despite his cute and lovely character design, Poison Mushroom plays the role of an antagonist in the game’s storyline. He has a great plot, which gets even more interesting as the game progresses. It is fun to see how he clashes with other characters.

When it comes to gameplay, Poison Mushroom Cookie is relatively better at early PvP battles and a particular guild set-up than late-game. If you are a beginner, you should work hard to get this Cookie because it will help you progress the game much faster than other cookies. However, please do not get too attached to it; you must dispose of it once you get S or Tier cookies.

Rarity Epic
Position Middle
Type Bomber

Milk Cookie

A portion of Milk Cookie’s soul is preserved in his soul stone. It emits a soft light of justice. His “Noble Sacrifice” ability delivers area damage while taunting the adversaries and compelling them to engage in combat. This skill has a relatively short skill countdown of 12 seconds. Milk Cookie’s Divine Milk Shield reduces incoming damage while it is active.

Noble Resolution, one of his Magic Candy skills, shares many characteristics as the talent stated above. He also heals HP proportionate to the damage he prevented and removes any debuffs. In World Exploration levels before 10-1, Milk Cookie’s Noble Sacrifice significantly increases his damage resistance by 50%.

Moreover, it increases area damage by 288% at level 70 of his damage score. Unfortunately, Milk Cookie is a terrible fighter in Kingdom Arena despite being egotistical. Despite being called “Noble Sacrifice,” the skill exclusively benefits him, not other fighters, in contrast to the Cookie.

Even worse, it unintentionally exposes the remaining Cookies to attacks from the opposition. Therefore, noble Sacrifice must enable Milk Cookie to defend his team by giving them 5 seconds of invulnerability and 50%, or 187.5% at level 70, of the team’s total damage and healing. Therefore, Milk Cookie is a B Tier.

Rarity Epic
Position Front
Type Defense

Mango Cookie

Mango Cookie is a B Tier cookie in our tier list. His Mango Juice skill launches a flood of luscious mango juice that harms foes and deals 75% base damage. The crisp, delicious waves also temporarily increase the ATK of allies. Mango Cookie is one of the Cookie Run characters with the best personality. He is adorable, and all he wants is to take you on a Canoe ride!

Rarity Epic
Position Middle
Type Magic


Cookie NameRarityPositionType
Rye CookieEpicRearRanged
Latte CookieEpicMiddleMagic
Pastry CookieEpicRearRanged
Twizzly Gummy CookieEpicRearRanged
Blackberry CookieRareRearMagic
Adventurer CookieRareMiddleAmbush
Princess CookieRareMiddleSupport
Carrot CookieRareFrontCharge
Mala Sauce CookieEpicFrontCharge
Werewolf CookieEpicFrontCharge
Lilac CookieEpicMiddleSupport

C Tier

Below-Average Cookies
Below-Average Cookies

Our Cookie Run Tier list PVE’s C tier is potentially worse because its characters lack a quality that might improve a player’s gaming. They can not be victorious against their opponent because they have low HP, ATK, and DEF. These individuals leave the gamer very unsatisfied and hinder his gaming.

No guarantee choosing one of these Cookie Run: Kingdom characters will increase your chances of success, so only do so if you are confident in your abilities to govern them. Furthermore, none of these characters possesses a distinguishing quality. Therefore, they should never be deliberately sought after and bought unless they are the last thing your team needs.

Though it will take meticulous planning, C Tier forces can suddenly materialize on a battlefield and prevail. Additionally, players can swiftly choose between the C Tier units of our Artery Gear Fusion Tier List based on their skills, qualities, and other characteristics. For example, they are less efficient than the S, B, and A-tier units.

However, if placed correctly and with the right troops, C Tier units can be rather substantial. They are still better than none at all or a D Level character. Their assistance with your A and B Tier units could also be beneficial. Furthermore, if you have a C Tier Cookie and a character from a higher tier, severe encounters are considerably simpler to win.

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Madeleine is a C-Tier cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom, as he has no specialty. He lacks the factor that would make him stand out amongst other epic characters. Madeline has always been good in Speed Comps and was used in the previous meta for his debuff immunity. It seemed he had found his spot in 4 front comps for a while.

However, the meta has shifted, and people have again forgotten about him. Madeleine is not one of the worst characters but does not lie in the good category either. Overall, he is a decent tank to play in early-game and beginning. However, his primary worth is being a tank for a team full of high-attack-speed characters.

Rarity Epic
Position Front
Type Defense


Fig is a C Tier character in Cookie Run: Kingdom. He is a below-average cookie with lower stats than most cookies in the game. He is in the C Tier and not the D Tier because it can help beginners level up and fight until they find a top-tier character. Unfortunately, though, Fig falls behind all the B Tier cookie characters.

Fig’s Jelly Horn skill summons a flock of enraged Fig Birds, swarming at the enemies and causing massive damage. Due to this abrupt onslaught, the adversaries also sustain a debuff that lowers their attack damage. Its base cooldown duration is 15 seconds, and its 210% base attack damage rises by 2.45% with each level.

Rarity Epic
Position Middle
Type Support


Sonic is okay, and the same goes for tails. The problem is that sorbet, black raisin, and vampire are stiff competitors for any new ambush cookie. Thus, Sonic and Tails do not compare their damage output and general strength. He would be okay if there were no other ambush cookies.

He also loses health very fast, though, if the right toppings are unavailable. Despite this, the characters are amusing, and fans adore the crossover. To put it mildly, using Sonic is enjoyable. However, it would be preferable to keep Sonic off the battlefield and keep him as a showpiece.

Rarity Special
Position Middle
Type Ambush


Cookie NameRarityPositionType
Sparkling CookieEpicRearHealing
Tails CookieSpecialMiddleAmbush
Knight CookieRareFrontDefense
Avocado CookieRareFrontDefense
Custard Cookie IIIRareRearHealing
Cherry CookieRareRearBomber
Wizard CookieCommonMiddleMagic
Ninja CookieCommonMiddleAmbush

D Tier

Worst Cookies in Cookie
Worst Cookies in Cookie

The D tier is the lowest tier on our Cookie Run tiers list and contains characters with no gameplay advantages. Their stats, such as their HP, Attack, and Defense, are meager. Characters of the D-tier are low combat utility characters. They seem to be more suitable for World exploration than combat.

Of all the characters in Cookie Run: Kingdom, these units have the weakest offensive potential. They usually are not worth considering as they are not great at what they do. D Tier troops work best when used as scapegoats and lures. Just because a cookie is the worst in this tier ranking does not necessarily indicate that they are the worst.

Time and fresh developments alter everything. The current meta does not support these units, but there might come a time when they play well due to the meta. However, most of these characters are pretty useless, and avoiding them is better than purposefully pursuing them or buying upgrades.

Chilli Pepper Cookie

The chilli pepper cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is the worst Epic rarity cookie. Therefore, if you still employ Chili Pepper, the most common and widely accepted advice is to trade her for other damage providers. The first Epic and damage-dealing Cookie are Chili Pepper.

Most newcomers are unaware of the power of other epics and can only compare Chili Pepper to common or uncommon cookies that aren’t damage-focused. Unfortunately, this perceptional bias causes many people to overrate Chili Peppers. , newcomers mistake Chili Peppers for other cookies since they are unaware of their superior quality. 

Rarity Epic
Position Middle
Type Magic

Strawberry Cookie

Strawberry Cookie is a D-Tier cookie because of its weak attack power, skills, and defense. She is terrible at both PvE and PvP battles. There is no use in having a Strawberry cookie, and you might as well discard them. However, her character design is adorable. Her storyline is also somewhat enjoyable.

Rarity Common
Position Front
Type Defense

Angel Cookie

Angel Cookie is another D-Tier cookie on this list. You will know why Angel Cookie is here if you have used it once. Her stats are meager, and she can not survive even the beginner battles. Angel Cookie is one of the worst heals you may have at your party despite having a beautiful appearance. Having her on your team will give you many disadvantages.

Angel Cookie has wavy, dress-like skin on their chest and yellow, curly hair. She also carries a wand with a star in it that is silver in colour. But, unfortunately, their skill is also very useless. There is nothing about Angel that would intrigue people.

Rarity Epic
Position Middle
Type Magic


Cookie NameRarityPositionType
Devil CookieRareMiddleMagic
Pancake CookieRareFrontDefense
Clover CookieRareRearSupport
Beet CookieCommonRearRanged
Alchemist CookieRareMiddleBomber
Onion CookieRareMiddleSupport
Gumball CookieRareRearBomber
Muscle CookieCommonFrontCharge

Comparison Table

Eclair CookieSEpicMiddleSupport + DPS
Dark Cacao CookieSAncientFrontCharge
Sorbet Shark CookieSEpicMiddleAmbush
Sea Fairy CookieALegendaryMiddleBomber
Espresso CookieAEpicMiddleMagic
Strawberry CrepeAEpicFrontDefense
Poison Mushroom CookieBEpicMiddleBomber
Milk CookieBEpicFrontDefense
Mango CookieBEpicMiddleMagic
Chilli Pepper CookieDEpicMiddleMagic
Strawberry CookieDCommonFrontDefense
Angel CookieDEpicMiddleMagic

Patch Notes Version 4.2

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the game.

  • Stardust Cookie(Super Epic, Middle, Ambush) 
  • Wrath of The Stars: Stardust Cookie soars in the sky and marks the enemy with the highest ATK (targets Cookies first) with the Sign of the Stars. 
  • Space Doughnut (Epic, Front, Charge)
  • Doughnut Beam: Fires the Doughnut Beam, dealing damage, reducing the targets’ DEF, and amplifying debuffs they receive.
  • Cookies: New playable Cookies, Magic Candies, adjustments, and Costumes.
  • Treasures: New usable Treasures, adjustments, and more.
  • New Features: New game modes, adjustments, and additions to gameplay.
  • Improvements, Changes & Additions: Extra and/or quality-of-life changes made to help most players.
  • New Events: Limited-time Stories, gameplay, and missions.
  • New Decor: Newly-added Decorations, Decoration Themes, and Buildings.
  • Shop: New packages in the Shop and Cookie Soulstones have been added to the Mileage Shop.
  • Bug Fixes: Corrections that solve problems occurring in-game


This is the ned of our Tier List. Feel free to comment on the placement of your favorite cookies, and we will get back to you. We have tried our best to be as unbiased as possible but well the subjective nature of a tier list stops us from pleasing everyone, even though we would love to do that.

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