ANIME World Tower Defense Tier List: All Units Ranked

Are you also a big fan of Anime World Tower Defense or AWTD Roblox game? Great, me too! As a dedicated player of this game, I decided to research and gather information to create the most accurate Anime World Tower Defense Tier List ever. This detailed tier list will help you discover this game’s best and worst units.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 14 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the characters according to their Rarity, Deployment Cost, Tower Type, Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Range.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find characters like Manala LR (Madara), Red Hair LR (Shanks), and Barust.
  • Among the lowest tiers, you will observe characters like Virtual Swordsman, Blood Wing, and Uchigo.


We will rank all the characters in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Manala LR (Madara)Kasuke Susanoo UR (Sasuke)Dark BeardKasuke (Akatsuki)Virtual Swordsman
Red Hair LR (Shanks)Silent URHunter KidCharuto (Sage)Blood Wing

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

Before we jump into our tier list, we feel highly obliged to give you every necessary information to understand this article in depth. So, firstly, we will be telling you all the critical Anime World Tower Defense Codes that will make it easier for you to get epic units you like. Next is a section on this game’s current status and all new updates.

Subsequently, we briefly explain the methodology of our tier list leading up to the AWTD unit’s rankings. To know every single flaw and strength of each defense unit in our game, you must read this article till the end. So, before further ado, let’s jump into all essential information about this hit Roblox game, Anime World Tower Defense.

Anime World Tower Defense Codes

AWTD is a Roblox game created by a team of developers known as the Lazy Cat Studios on Roblox. In this game, you must place towers or units to defend the heart of your base. AWTD has different defense towers; some are extremely good, while others are plain trash. Also, all valuable units are expensive, so you will need these codes.

Like almost every Roblox game, Anime World Tower Defense also has a set of codes that makes this game much easier and more enjoyable for all players. You can enter or redeem Anime World Tower Defense codes by simply opening the game, searching for settings, and putting these codes in the code bar. Finally, let’s take a look at the Anime World Tower Defense codes below.


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Revamping of AWTD

Since July 8th, 2022, Anime World Tower Defense has been under some heavy rebuilding. Hence, it is also important to realize that some AWTD Roblox codes above might not work after this upcoming update.

So, stay tuned to our website to know whether or not these codes will work later. Also, we will be uploading more new codes, and tier lists about AWTD and other anime games on Roblox, like our Anime Dimension Tier List.

Unfortunately, their developers’ team has not yet informed or updated anyone on when they will finish revamping this game. Therefore, all we can do right now is wait and stay updated with our website and the Anime World Tower Defense’s official page on Facebook. After that, we can ultimately move on to our AWTD Tier List, and you must have been waiting for it.

Anime World Tower Defense List Methodology

Our Anime World Tower Defense Tier List consists of 5 tiers: S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tier. First, an S Tier is a supreme tier with all the best towers in AWTD. Next, we have an A-Tier, which contains all above-average units with good attack power, range, and speed. Finally, B Tier towers are the ones that stand on a middle ground. They are neither exceptionally good nor bad.

Finally, we have C and D tiers moving to a lower side. These are towers that every player should avoid buying and placing as C and D Tier towers are below average in terms of specs.

However, if you are left with no choice, there is a way you can make use of them. In any case, aiming to get towers of B or higher tier would be best for players of any level. This way, you will save time and avoid any waste of gems and cash.

The D Tier is a tier with AWTD’s worst towers of all. Even if you are a beginner, try getting units from a C or B Tier for a good start instead of dragging your D Tier towers. Please remember that all our rankings given to all AWTD towers here are entirely based on our team’s extensive research on this topic and the time spent playing this game. Our team is full of enthusiastic gamers who have played dozens of games, especially Roblox games.

For the accuracy of our tier list, we have also taken polls and votes from all active Anime World Tower Defense players. Your voices gave us a clear insight into what people thought of each tower. Moreover, what is exciting is that most of these results also matched our team’s opinion.

Nevertheless, since this tier list is based on our team’s experience and opinions, all rankings are subjective to criticism but not hate comments. We truly understand that every person is a holder of their unique view.

So, it is evident that our rankings given to AWTD towers may differ from your thought of them. Nevertheless, we have tried our best to make the most accurate Anime World Tower Defense Tier List. With that said, let’s start with ranking AWTD towers.

S Tier

Best AWTD Towers
Best AWTD Towers

The first tier we have here is an S Tier. As discussed in the methodology above, this tier is the supreme and contains every best tower in this Roblox game. Unfortunately, most S Tier towers are expensive.

Therefore, you will need Anime World Tower Codes to get S Tier units quickly. These towers are exceptional in every way. With S Tier mighty beasts, you are sure to win any map with ease.

The best thing about every unit in our S Tier of this ranking list is that all of them are extremely useful in a battle. Moreover, they can change a dangerous tide of a fight in seconds. Their attack power is great, defense is strong, attack speed is fast, and range is decent. So, I call these towers the perfect units of Anime World Tower Defense.

However, one thing to remember is that no matter how good a unit is, if you do not have an accurate strategy or enough skills, you will not be able to win any match. So before you place any tower on a map, make sure you have the correct plan. Otherwise, your defeat will be inevitable.

You can easily search for strategies of different AWTDs online on forums or an official group of this game. Moreover, we might also upload a tier list for all strategies of the maps in Anime World Tower Defense. Hence, it is suggested that you stay tuned and updated with our website.

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Manala LR (Madara)

We have our Madara (Manala) at first for being the most robust and reliable unit ever. You can hate him all you want, but you can not deny that he is one of the most significant characters ever. Whether an anime character ranking or an anime game character ranking, Madara usually quickly makes his way to the top. There is legitimately no defeating him. 

While it might be as clear as day for experienced players why we put Madara here, let us still explain our reasons. Firstly, look at his stats; they are crazy, aren’t they? Even as a beginner, you can tell how dangerous this unit is by looking at its stats. Manala’s attack damage and range are so significant that I had to put him in the S Tier.

Moreover, his attack type is AoE, which means Area of Effect, and is a spell-type attack that affects a wide area of ground where everything within that area takes up damage. You can think of it as a circle attack that takes up life. Madara’s AOE is the most deadly one in Anime World Tower Defense. It will turn your enemies into dust within milliseconds.

Deployment Cost$3000
Tower TypeGround / Hill
Attack Dmg5000 to 132000
Attack Speed3 to 7
Range50 to 150

Red Hair LR (Shanks)

The AWTD game character ‘Red Hair’ is based on a character from One Piece, Shanks. Shanks is well-known for his red hair since he leads the Red Hair Pirates and governs the New World.

He has a lot of power over the people he leads, which is why he’s such a great leader. However, because of his intimidating presence and the limited capabilities he is known to possess, Shanks exudes mystery as to his true abilities.

Everyone in the anime respects Shanks, and his demeanor has profoundly inspired Shanks’ abilities in Anime World Tower Defense. Unfortunately, Red Hair is overpowered not just in One Piece but also in this game.

On the sixth upgrade at level 80, his attack damage can be increased to 100k points, which is insane. You can see Shank’s stats above and figure out how strong Shank is; his stats are wild.

Deployment Cost$500
Tower TypeGround
Attack Dmg1200 to 52500
Attack Speed3 to 4s
Range30 to 80


Barust is another legendary unit we have in our S Tier. You might argue that we have only put all the legendaries in this S Tier, but one should understand that the developers and creators of the game ranked these units as ‘Legendary’ for a reason.

Still, we do also have some Ulta Rare and Super Rare towers here. Check out the list below for more S Tier Anime World Tower Defense Units.

When you compare Barust to Madara (Manala), you will find him weaker, but as I said before, Madara is an exception. There is no one as powerful as Madara whatsoever. Either way, Barust is still very much worthy of being in the S Tier as he is on a completely next level to the units in other tiers.

Barust starts with more damage than Manala, and his upgrades also cost less than Manala’s. Since his upgrades are more accessible, it becomes easy to increase his attack damage; with increased damage, we get more kills. With more kills, we get money faster than before. In short, your game progresses much faster with Barust.

Deployment Cost$3000
Tower TypeGround/ Hill
Attack Dmg6500 to 100000
Attack Speed3 to 4.5
Range50 to 130

Other S Tier AWTD Units

TowerRarityAttack DamageAttack RangeDeployment Cost
FatherLegendary6,500 to 155,00050 to 1603500
Capsule GirlSuper RareGenerates MoneyNONE500
Charuto (Chakra Mode)Ultra Rare1000 to 2650040 to 85500
CotaruSuper Rare420 to 625020 to 35500
Dragon EyeUltra Rare1,100 to 195,00060 to 135500
Dark HollowLegendary2500 to 95,000/285,00050 to 113500
PurgatoryLegendary3000 to 7250035 to 100750
Unlimited (Goju)Legendary3000 to 8200050 to 150800
Falcon EyeLegendary2,850 to 102,21360 to 1251312
Evil KaiLegendary1,800 to 134,50013 to 135250

A Tier

Good AWTD Towers
Good AWTD Towers

Next, we have an A-Tier, which contains outstanding units. However, these defense towers may not be as good as the ones in our S Tier. However, you may play better with A-tier towers than in the tier above. It all depends on what strategy your hands and mind are set on.

Everyone’s brain functions differently, and not every player is capable of mastering a specific technique. That is why you must find out what works best for you. In any case, all A Tier towers are pretty easy to use. So, you will not find it hard to make and master the best strategy for them.

All units in this tier are all-around decent and have good damage. Nevertheless, A Tier units may lack in one or more than one aspect. For example, a tower may have immense attack power but a low attack range. These units are not perfect. Overall, A Tier Anime World Tower Defense units are pretty worthy, and you should probably get them if you can. You can easily win matches, climb ranks, and level up using the A Tier units.

Kasuke Susanoo UR (Sasuke)

Kasuke Susanoo is Sasuke’s final and most potent form in Anime World Tower Defense. He has a good attack speed or rate for units in his range. Moreover, he is an excellent unit to stabilize your defense. So even if you have S Tier towers, Kasuke can still be considered worthy of being part of your defense. Also, his damage after the upgrades is somewhat remarkable.

RarityUltra Rare
Deployment Cost700
Tower TypeGround
Attack Dmg1000 to 30000
Attack Speed3 to 8
Range40 to 80

Silent UR

The Anime World Tower Defense unit, Silent, is based on Giyu Tomioka from Demon Slayer. Personally, it is one of my favorite towers in the game. Since Silent is in his meta mode, he is overpowered compared to other Ultra Rare units. Furthermore, he is relatively easy to get from the banner, and his total upgrades are cheap, amounting to around $20k.

RarityUltra Rare
Deployment Cost500
Tower TypeGround
Attack Dmg750 to 29700
Attack Speed4 to 9
Range50 to 55


Todororo is a strong character from My Hero Academia who has two quirks; ice and flame. Half of his body generates ice while the other half creates flames. He might not look strong if you compare the damage he causes from other Tier units, but he is perfect for his range. Moreover, Todoroki is easily gotten from the banners at the beginning. He can help you progress the game much faster.

Deployment Cost750
Tower TypeGround
Attack Dmg200 to 1300
Attack Speed5
Range30 to 38

Other A Tier AWTD Units

TowerRarityAttack DamageAttack RangeDeployment Cost
Kong-Kun SSJGUltra Rare2000 to 4850050 to 120600
JonosUltra Rare1300 to 3750050 to 90500
KongHan SSJUltra Rare1800 to 4250050 o 110500
ShizakuUltra Rare420 to 625020 to 35500
ArterRare1,100 to 195,00060 to 135500
Hoku (100%)Ultra Rare1500 to 3000050 to 85500
Kroly (Evo)Super Rare1800 to 12,37550 to 75750
Veshita SSJGUltra Rare1200 to 5200020 to 100500
Slime LordUltra Rare1500 to 3850050 to 95500
Lightning GodUltra Rare1000 to 3785060 to 120800
Kriezer Full PowerUltra Rare1500 to 4176540 to 120500
Red ArcherLegendary3000 to 125,00060 to 120 (can be infinite)700
Soul PantherUltra Rare800 to 42,92540 to 85500
Hidden Mist DemonUltra Rare1,300 to 30,00012 to 120500

B Tier

Decent Anime World Tower Defense towers
Decent Anime World Tower Defense towers

The B Tier is an average tier consisting of towers that are neither too good nor too bad. These units can hold up a good defense for all starting waves. In addition, most B Tier towers are cheap, so we have a good advantage here. Also, you will be saved from the frustration of being unable to save money for upgrades.

All units in B Tier can put up a decent defense for your base and stop your enemies from getting in. However, there are some disadvantages to having these towers. While B Tier Units are ok at defending, they will be unable to defend your base for too long. B Tier Towers not being able to defend at a late game means that you will have to put at least one tower from a higher tier to ensure the safety of your home.

Dark Beard

Dark Beard is in B Tier because there is nothing extraordinary about him; he is mediocre. Among other Ultra Rare units, he is one of those that do not stand out. There are much better choices than Dark Beard at the same price. Nevertheless, he has good attack damage, and if you can earn enough money to afford his upgrades, he is a good unit.

RarityUltra Rare
Deployment Cost800
Tower TypeGround / Hill
Attack Dmg1800 to 30000
Attack Speed4 to 8
Range40 to 100

Hunter Kid

Hunter Kid is another B Tier unit on our tier list. This tower is based on Hunter X Hunter’s main character, Gon Freecss. It is relatively easier to summon Gon Freecs via gacha as his rarity is subpar. One of the best things about this unit is its cheap upgrades.

For a total of $8400, you can purchase every single upgrade of his. Therefore, it dramatically helps one level up fast and progresses in the game efficiently, especially if they are a beginner.

RaritySuper Rare
Deployment Cost450
Tower Type480 to 8200
Attack Dmg4 to 3.5
Attack Speed4 to 3.5
Range30 to 35


Like other B Tier, Sanjiro is also very mediocre; he doesn’t stand out, has no unique quality, etc. However, Sanjiro has an excellent attack range for a relatively cheap unit compared to other Super Rare units.

It can surely give you an advantage against strong enemies. Also, his attack rate is 4, which can be increased to 5. So, he is considered a good unit. It is worth buying at the beginning of the game.

RarityUltra Rare
Deployment CostNA
Tower TypeNA
Attack DmgNA
Attack SpeedNA

Other B Tier Units

TowerRarityAttack DamageAttack RangeDeployment Cost
Pink Hair BoyUltra Rare1,100 to 41,25040 to 90500
The GrapplerUltra Rare1,350 to 32,00040 to 90500
Kongkun SSJSuper Rare450 to 9,00040 to 60500
Veshita [Majin]Super Rare500 to 9,00035 to 60500
Sword ControllerSuper Rare600 to 8,75040 to 75500
KillerSuper Rare420 to 7,35035 to 60450
Ruffy [TS]Super Rare600 to 8,50030 to 60500
Ice ShinigamiSuper Rare,275 to 7,35012 to 60500
Golden SpinnerSuper Rare300 to 295040 to 75725
TakashiSuper Rare400 to 7,50035 to 60500
HokaSuper Rare600 to 6,80020 to 50500
One Eye MonsterRare666 to 36,77040 to 90800
VunoRare700 to 47,50060 to 100500

C Tier

Below-Average towers of AWTD
Below-Average towers of AWTD

The C Tier is known for being a below-average tier. Therefore, these towers fall into a lesser helpful category. With these towers, you might be able to protect your base for only beginner maps. However, your loss will be inevitable if you use C Tier towers on a challenging map.

All towers in our C Tier of this Anime World Tower Defense Tier List have certain flaws, but they are still usable. When you start the game as a beginner, these towers will be the ones to help you level up at the start. However, once you have leveled up enough, it is suggested that you start farming for better units. Below is the list of all the C Tier Towers.

Kasuke (Akatsuki)

This unit is the Akatsuki version of Sasuke, which is much weaker than the Susanoo version. He is below average in everything, and his attack rate keeps decreasing with every upgrade, which is disappointing. His attack type is single target. However, the tower can upgrade it to a circle Area of Effect. Therefore, his range is the only thing good about it.

Deployment Cost700
Tower TypeGround
Attack Dmg200 to 750
Attack Speed3 to 6
Range20 to 45

Charuto (Sage)

Charuto sage is a decent tower for early games. It is an excellent damaging tower for newbies and has a good range. However, his attack rate is pretty slow, which is a significant disadvantage. He also does not have an evolution. Anyways, you can quickly get Charuto Sage by summoning from Gacha.

Deployment Cost500
Tower TypeGround
Attack Dmg280 to 1,800
Attack Speed4.5
Range30 to 50


Uchigo is a below-average AWTD tower, but it is not that bad. This tower or unit is a decent tower for early game and starting waves as it has a good range. Moreover, with every upgrade, its attack speed increases, which is a plus point. Besides that, there is nothing special or exemplary about this tower.

Deployment Cost400
Tower TypeGround
Attack Dmg50 to 400
Attack Speed5 to 3.5
Range25 to 35

Other C Tier Units

TowerRarityAttack DamageAttack RangeDeployment Cost
Salo [TS]Super Rare500 to 6,00040 to 60500
PaneSuper Rare600 to 7,00030 to 80500
Mage ChildSuper Rare350 to 6,25040 to 50500
Ghost SpeechSuper Rare400 to 7,50030 to 53500
AlmonRare300 to 1,45025 to 35500
Beast MaskRare300 to 1,80025 to 40500
Thorn PrincessRare75 to 72030 to 50500
TobaraRare200 to 1,10025 to 40800
Gentle JoRare300 to 2,10040 to 90500
Psychic BoyRare220 to 1,35020 to 40500
BlossomCommon50 to 32515 to 28500
KojiCommon75 to 40020 to 40300
CharutoCommon150 to 50040 to 60700
HokuCommon100 to 40020 to 35250

D Tier

Worst Anime World Tower Defense Units
Worst Anime World Tower Defense units

Finally, last but not least is the D Tier of Anime World Tower Defense Tier List. This tier consists of every worst tower that exists in AWTD. These units have almost no use and have terrible stats. You should only use D Tier towers if you do not have any other towers from a higher tier.

If you play this game, you will know why I have ranked these towers with a D. These towers are below average and have countless flaws. D Tier units are seldom a good choice. However, they might get buffed with a new update in the future. Rarely are these towers played well or thoughtfully. They are amusing for a moment or two but not at all practical.

Virtual Swordsman

Virtual Swordsman is based on the main character of Sword Art Online, Kirito Kazuto. Unfortunately, Kirito is one of our D Tier’s worst rare AWTD towers. His attack rate decreases with every upgrade, and he becomes worse. Therefore, there is no need to buy or keep this tower as it is useless.

Deployment Cost400
Tower TypeGround
Attack Dmg280 to 1,725
Attack Speed3 to 5
Range9 to 45

Blood Wing

Deployment Cost400
Tower TypeGround
Attack Dmg50 to 400
Attack Speed5 to 3.5
Range25 to 35

Other D Tier Units

TowerRarityAttack DamageAttack RangeDeployment Cost
KoolinRare220 to 1,20035 to 52500
MisukoRare200 to 1,65030 to 55600
Gem GirlRare200 to 1500
35 to 50500
KongkunCommon1,200 to 32,50050 to 95500
RuffyCommon60 to 35025500
SaloCommon80 to 40025 to 40500
VeshitaCommon150 to 90040 to 50400
Kong Kun [Kid]Common100 to 7003 to 2.75450

Patch Notes

In the latest update, following changes were made in this game.

Latest Codes

  • HappyNewYears – Gold and Puzzle Pieces (NEW)
  • 25KLikes – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • HappyChristmas – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • UnitFollowingIsBack – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • PF2BUpdate – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • EarlyChristmas – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • ProTurtle – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • Fate – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • FateUpdateDelay – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • OitnaiWorkHard – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • 10MVisits – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • End – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • LateSummer – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • 20KLikes – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • SorryForBug – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • FreeGold – Free Gold
  • XboxSupport – 1,000 Gold and 50 Puzzle Piece
  • KingLuffy – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • NewSecret1 – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • New_6Mvisit – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • New_Yosha! – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • New_SorryWeCantRestoreYourUnitUpgradeTUT – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • New_SorryForSummonAndStoryBugged – Gold and Puzzle Pieces
  • Noclypso – 25 Puzzle Pieces

Expired Codes

  • AWTDRelease – Redeem code for X Gold and Puzzle Pieces (Added on July 17th, 2022)
  • 10KLikes – Redeem code for X 50K Gold & 25 Puzzle Pieces (Added on July 4th, 2022)
  • SryForALotOfShutdown – Redeem code for X 50,000 Coins
  • 1Mvisit – Redeem code for 50K Gold, 25 Puzzle Pieces
  • SryF0rShutD0wn – Redeem code for Puzzle Pieces


We finally come to the end of our Anime World Tower Defense Tier List. To summarize, we have given some basic information and current updates about the game to help you understand what is going on in the game now.

Also, we have tried our best to rank every character unit as accurately as possible by doing a lot of research. If, by chance, we have missed any unit, please let us know in the comments below. Do not forget to let us know what you think of our tier list and how much you agree with it.

We love feedback from our audience as it lets us grow and increases our knowledge on the topic. Make sure to look at other Roblox anime game tier lists on our website that we have made for you.

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