Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List [2023]

Our Tier List Ranks the Most Powerful Heroes to Help You Conquer Your Enemies.

Gaming, a virtual reality, a storyline, a community of like-minded individuals that binds together, what is it to you? For me, gaming is much more than that; it is a way of life, an opportunity to experience limitless possibilities in a life that is crippled with limitations and boredom; in other words, gaming is an escape route from reality to express my creativity and encounter adventures. Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List will discuss a game very close to my heart.

This tier list is divided into five categories or tiers, named S, A, B, C, and D tiers, respectively, in descending order, with S Tier representing top-grade characters of Bloodline’s roster and D Tier representing disappointing ones that may not be of much utility. To clarify, please be advised that Tier Lists are only a matter of one’s perception and ideas and may differ from the thinking and understanding of other minds because opinions are subjective and represent reality from different viewpoints. With this in mind, let us commence with our tier list.

Key Points

  • There is a total of 18 entries in this article.
  • The ranking is based on the skills and abilities of the characters.
  • Among the best-ranked heroes are Doombringers, Ignis, and Fulgars.
  • Among the worst-ranked heroes are Gyphrons, Karguks, and Luxuriants.


S TierA TierB TierC Tier

S Tier

Best Characters in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List
Those Who Achieved Greatness!

The First Tier of our tier list is denoted as S Tier or Superb Tier, which consists of the game’s highest-rated characters. Bloodline Heroes of Lithas gives it’s players an option to choose between a male and female version of a specific character, and you will be amazed to see that different versions of the same character are subjected to different characteristics and abilities, players face a serious challenge when making such a decision. Let us know who is the first champion present in S Tier.


Stats Description
Class Warrior
Ability Demonic Power

The first characters in S Tier of this Tier List are Doombringers, who belong to the Warriors Class when considering Bloodline’s class system. As each version of the same character is entitled to different abilities, there is also a substantial difference in their gameplay.

The male version of this character has a passive ability of Demonic Power, which enables users to generate health and a boost-up shield to prevent any fallout. In contrast, when employing active knowledge, it attacks enemies by using its sword and deals damage.

For his ultimate power male, Doombriger uses Devil Stare, a flash attack that stuns enemies, and uses a knock-back mechanic added by game developers.

As for female Doombringers, it has a passive ability of  Blood Lust, which enables players to steal life from their enemies at a variable rate, which can be altered upon upgrade, traits, and combinations. According to her active ability, this character hits its enemy with a  wave of attacks dealing enormous damage to its foe.

It also reduces their attack speed for a certain period after a wave attack has been carried out. Female Doombringer has the ultimate power of Coup de Grace, which is an impact attack affecting everyone in its range.


Stats Description
Class Warrior
Ability Blazing Soul

Moving on in Heroes Legacy Ranks, we have a fire-blazing Ignis tribe. Male Ignis has a passive skill of Blazing Soul, which works as a damage buffer to deal maximum damage to targeted enemies by burning them to pure ash. Its active ability is called Incineration, which, when cast, burns its opponent for a total of 5 seconds, dealing a certain amount of damage.

To clarify, please understand that attack power and abilities can behave completely differently when paired with different cards and traits and also depends on the rank of your champion. For its ultimate male, Ignis utilizes a thrust attack called Flame Pillar, raising flames from the ground in a targeted area, inflicting damage that can vary depending upon the ranks of your champion.

In contrast, female Ignis has the passive ability of Burning Spirit, which enables her to place a burning fire on its enemy with each simple attack, dealing a certain amount of damage per second over some time of utility.

The active ability known as Flame Blast, is a long-range stun attack that stuns an affected enemy for 2 seconds upon execution. Ultimate power is called Fire Storm, an explosive attack targeting a specific area and burning enemies; this also works on a damage-per-second mechanic rather than a straight hit.

Ignis is a character designed for all-out attacks and is more suitable for a player that prefers to play the game on a more offensive note.


Stats Description
Class Lightening Mages
Ability Mark of Lightening

Fulgar is among the coolest-looking champions in the game, with white attire and glowing white eyes, a character to watch out for. Fulgars are Lightning Mages in the game’s class system and are designed to work on a crowd control mechanic.

Male Fulgar has a  passive ability called Mark of Lightning, a damaging stun attack combo; when this skill attacks a targeted enemy, total damage of 300% is inflicted by a fully maxed out 5-star mythic Fulgar.

The Male’s active ability is of a defensive nature which creates a shield of lightning around the player, protecting him from any incoming enemy skill attacks for a duration of 10 seconds. Meanwhile, its ultimate power is Wrath of Lightening, a thrust attack inflicting damage to multiple enemies in a specific targeted area.

Female Fulgars have a passive ability of Electrification, enabling them to perform lightning skill attacks for 10 seconds. Her active ability is a long-range attack called Ball Lightning, a projectile attack in which an electrifying beam of lightning affects enemies in multiple targeted areas. Ultimate power is known as Summon Strom, which just like Wrath of Lightening, is also a thrust attack creating a lightning storm for a specific period, striking targeted enemies every 2 seconds.


Stats Description
Class Warrior
Ability Heart of Beresker

Next in the S Tier of our Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List is Urgull Clan, portrayed as a clan of Orgs, and they belong to Worrier Class in the Bloodline Lithas class system.

Male Ugrull has a passive ability called Heart of the Berserker, which somewhat works as a dual-edged sword because, when used, it enables players to increase their attack speed by 5% for every 5% of health loss. Active skill is called Valiant Strike, an avoidable attack dealing total damage of 612% for a fully maxed out 5-star mythic male Ugrull.

Ultimate power, called Ragnarok, is a defensive ability that grants players immunity against any skilled attacks cast by an enemy and also generates heath points by employing the life steal mechanic.

As for the female version of this character, the passive ability is called  Gaze of War, a barrage attack against a single enemy, increasing mobility and attack speed with each subsequent attack.

Her active skill is a projectile attack where she throws her battle-ax in a specific direction annihilating every enemy in its path. Female org’s ultimate attack is called Ruthless Strike. Like Gaze of War, it is a close-range barrage attack; however, this attack focuses on multiple targets in its range instead of attacking a single enemy.

A Tier

Second Best Characters
Came So Close…

The S Tier is followed by A Tier, which is generally a step down from the greatness of Superb Tier; however, please be advised that all champions or characters that are a part of A Tier are considerably better than those present in the subsequent tiers, and also these characters are perceived good in the global gaming community, making a pretty notable reputation. With all said, let’s get started with A Tier.


Stats Description
Class DPS
Ability Lethal Attack

The first champion in A Tier of our Tier List is Tidestorm which belongs to the DPS class according to the game’s class system.

Firstly, looking at a male version of  Tidestorm Clan, whose passive ability is called Soul Reap, this character captures the spirits of its fallen enemies, increasing its movement and attack speed. For active skills, male Tidestorms make use of the crowd control mechanics by using a long-range attack on far away enemies and then dragging those same enemies towards themselves for more close-range skill attacks.

His ultimate power Lethal Shot is a stun plus damage attack combo, whereby it attacks its enemies with a steel arrow dealing damage and blinding the enemy for 3 seconds, making an opening for further attacks.

As far as female Tidestorms are concerned, her passive ability is called Vicious Quivour, which acts as a damage buffer, increasing the damage of all regular attacks by 50%.

Active ability is called Blinding Spot, which is damage plus stun combo attack; upon contact, the targeted enemy is dealt with total damage of 150% and a 3-second stun for a fully maxed out 5-star mythic female Tidestorm. Her ultimate skill is Meteor Fall, an aerial attack that sends the enemy airborne, simultaneously causing a stun of 1 second.


Stats Description
Class Tank
Ability Wither Aura

Subsequently, the next clan featuring in  A Tier of our Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List is the Limestone Clan, which belongs to the Tank Class of Bloodline Lithas Class System.

First, looking at the male version, whose passive ability is called  Wither Aura, a tactical ability employing a life-steal mechanic, reducing enemies’ health by  33%.

Its active ability is called Shield Wall, a defensive acumen that grants immunity from any skill performed by the opponent. For ultimate power, male Limestones employ a shield barrier protecting the entire team by absorbing damage from any incoming attacks called Shield of Light.

In comparison, female Limestones have a passive ability of Scale Armor, a defensive armor that absorbs the damage from all incoming enemy attacks. When employing her active command, the character begins to heal her teammates that have sustained a critical amount of damage called Life Link. Meanwhile, ultimate power works as a damage buffer, increasing the complete team’s movement speed and attack power for a total span of 5 seconds.


Stats Description
Class Healer
Ability Arcane Ward

Zaess is a clan belonging Healer class in the Bloodline class structure and fulfills their role of supporters in player-team composition. When deciding between a male or female version of this character, please only consider overall general ability, not the stats and damage percentages. It can vary largely depending upon the champion’s level and traits used.

Male Zaess has a passive ability called Arcane Ward, a damage buffer for the entire team by increasing attack power by several notches and reducing the enemy’s strength simultaneously.

Whereas, the active ability is called Arcane Entanglement, a head-on attack against a single target for 5 seconds. Ultimate power is called  Silence Ward, a thrust attack that affects everyone in the attack radius.

In contrast, female Zaess have a passive ability called Runic Power, which increases a player’s chances of dealing with a critical hit to his opponent. Active ability is called Arcane Missile, an explosive attack that affects everyone inside the attack radius.

The Female’s ultimate power is a long-range attack called Arcane Explosion, where she plants a mystic orb in the designated target area, which explodes upon reaching its total capacity.   


Stats Description
Class Healer
Ability Divine Blessing

Moving on, Aeson Clan plays a designated role of priests in the game’s storyline; residents of the Aeson Clan have a complete white appearance with a gold contrast. Somewhat mimicking Zaees Tribe’s appearance, Aeson Tribe is another support option available for players in their general team composition.

First, looking at male Aeson’s passive ability, where he employs a damage buffer, which increases total team attack power by 30% when considering a fully maxed out 5-star mythic Aeson called Divine Blessing.

Male Aesons form a protective shield for a teammate with the lowest health to compute their active ability. Smite of Judgment is the male’s ultimate, which is a close-range attack focusing on a single target.

Now moving on to the female version, Benevolence is the name of the passive ability, which increases the character’s health by 35%; again, percentages can vary from champion to champion.

Judgment of Light is called a female’s passive ability, which creates a damage-absorbing shield for the entire team. For ultimate ability, female Aesons employ a health-generating spell, which heals teammates with the most critical health.

Overall a pretty decent character in our Heroes Legacy Ranks.


Stats Description
Class Assassins
Ability Lust for Blood

Lycanis Clan, in my opinion, is one of the most incredible looking, if not the cool-looking characters offered to players. Lycanis are a tribe of ware wolfs in the game’s design and belong to Assassins Class.

When looking at a male version of this character, it has a passive called Lust for Blood, which works as a damage buffer when going in to kill enemies. For active ability, Lycanis have a diversion tactic called Dreadful Growl, which distracts enemies and increases player strength, providing maximum utility.

Ultimate is known as  Thrill of the Hunt; upon its execution, a male Lycanis attacks its enemy with the lowest health, simultaneously activating its life-steal start to further decrease its enemy’s health, and eventually kills it using a barrage of multiple attacks.

The passive ability for a female version of Lycanis is called  Bleeding Wound, a close-quarter attack that deals total damage of 150% for a 4-star character.  For active ability, female Lycanis unleashes a fearsome growl acting as a diversion tactic; ultimate power is that this character makes use of crowd control mechanic; summoning two wolfs to fight on her behalf; as a result of a fallen wolf, female Lycanis get a damage boost of 85%, which is an extremely huge buff.

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B Tier

Mediocre Characters In Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List
The Average Ones!

B Tier symbolizes average performance in our tier list. Please note that Bloodline Heroes of Lithas, unlike other games, has completely subjective gameplay; the performance of a single character can vary considerably due to the employment of different traits and multiple team compositions.

Then there is also a notion of character upgrades, due to which health and power stats are also not absolute; hence when making a decision, please consider the general ability of each character. Champions that are a part of B Tier have a pretty average significance in-game campaign.


Stats Description
Class Hunter Class
Ability Splitting Arrow

In Tier List Bloodline, we have the Travain Clan, a tribe specializing in Hunter Class.

Male members of the Travain Clan perform a long-range attack for a passive ability known as Splitting Arrow; having said that, please note that this skill attack can only be performed after three regular attacks, which makes it a bit of a hassle. The character’s active ability is known as a Constraining Arrow, which deals with damage and restrains the movement of all targeted enemies upon contact; hence this ultimate move is called Charged Arrow, which damages every opponent standing in its path, an excellent tool for effective crowd control.

Female has a passive ability known as Tank Buster, which causes additional damage to the same enemy when performing a third consecutive attack. Quick Shot is a name for acting ability, a barrage of multiple attacks against numerous targets. For ultimate attack, female members of the Travian Clan get an amplifying trait, which increases attack damage, movement speed, and health points.


Stats Description
Class Hunter Class
Ability Summon Pet

Moving on, the next Tribe featured in the B Tier of this Tier List is Huntsdorf, a tribe belonging to Hunter Class.

First, looking at the male version’s passive ability, which is called Summon Pet, when using Summon Pet, the male version of Huntsdorf summons an ally to assist a  player in ongoing combat against foes, also increasing attack powers; this ability will come very handy in later stages of game’s campaign.

The character executes a rage attack for acting ability, increasing strength and mobility. He tries to perform a long-range projectile attack for the ultimate maneuver, targeting far-away enemies.

When looking at the female version of Huntsdorf, the passive ability is the same as a male version called Summon Pet; for the active skill, she uses a diversion tactic known as Taunt to create openings between enemy lines for surprise attacks. Female Huntsdorf throws grenades to target its enemies when using ultimate power.

Upon review, it is a character that may not be of great utility in starting stage of the game but can be a considerable choice after some much-needed upgrades and buffs.


Stats Description
Class Assassin
Ability Dragon’s Might

We are next moving on to Karg Tribe in our Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List, which is another option in Assassin Class.

A Male’s passive ability is called Dragon’s Might which acts as a damage buffer but can only be employed after three attacks, which proves to be very annoying and a serious cause of frustration among many players.

The character uses a long-range fire beam attack for active ability, which acts as a thrust attack, affecting multiple targets in attack range and dealing immense damage per second. A male Krag has the ultimate skill of transformation, whereby it transforms into a dragon, getting a significant buff in strength and health.

For the female version, the passive ability is a rage attack, known as Rage Burst, increasing the damage dealt to any opponent in close proximity. Active ability enables her to cast a spell against multiple enemies weakening their defense and making them vulnerable to a series of attacks. As for ultimate power, Wild Inferno, a female Karg, performs an aerial thrust attack, creating a storm of flames in the targeted area, causing significant damage per second over 5 seconds.

C Tier

The Weaker Characters
In Quest of Redemption!

Moving on to C Tier, characters that are a part of C Tier are generally inferior and are in no condition to compete with champions in upper tiers. These characters may have appealing abilities, but they require a substantial buff and upgrades to use those abilities. Otherwise, all effectiveness of these abilities is ruled out due to weak stats possessed by these specific characters. Let’s move towards the first character of C Tier.


Stats Description
Class Tank
Ability Close range thrust attack

Sallyhorns are a part of Tank Class and are generally a clan most suited for early adopting players due to their relatively simple move set. However, many consider them a weaker option available to players.

Males have a passive ability known as Retaliation, which states that upon sustaining a normal attack, players have a 50% chance of hitting their enemies with a critical hit within the next 5 seconds; this ability, in my opinion, is not of much utility as it removes all unpredictability from player’s movement, causing a definite possibility for counter-attacks.

For active ability, males perform a close-range thrust attack, affecting everyone in its proximity, known as Ram. In comparison, ultimate power enables male Sallyhorns to create a top shield known as Solid Shield, which can sustain total damage of 1050 hit points.

Moving on, females have a passive ability known as Desperate Struggle, which enables them to generate 35% of their total health if defeated quickly, to keep fighting alongside their comrades. An active ability called Shoulder Throw is a grapple attack that deals absolute damage of 40 hit points, which is almost insignificant compared to other characters.

For female Sallyhorns, the ultimate power is Unstoppable, an unavoidable attack that sends enemies inside the attack radius airborne upon contact.

Stats Description
Class Assassin Class
Ability Shadow Sting

The next tribe in our poor tier of the is Yivnian, a member of the Assassin Class, and are formally referred to as Dark Assassins due to their appearance.

Males have a passive ability known as Devour, which enables after a player sustains an attack from its enemies, depleting their energy by 100 points, opening an opportunity for an easy kill. Blade fan is an active ability, a barrage of multiple attacks, slashing and piercing through the nearby enemies.

The character’s ultimate move is called Shadow Sting, which is a stun attack restraining all affected enemies for a period of 10 seconds, making them vulnerable to an easy kill.

A Female’s Passive ability is known as Phantom Dance, a buffer tactic that increases movement speed for each successful dodge. Female Yinians active ability is known as Blade Fury, which is a damage plus stuns attack upon contact targeted enemy is dealt with total damage of 178 hit points and a stun of 5 seconds. The ultimate skill is Lethal Cleave, a taunt attack aimed at the enemy with the lowest health.


Stats Description
Class DPS
Ability Weakness Strike

Elzediths are a member of the DPS class in Bloodline Lithas class structure, and just like other members of this specific, Elzediths generally play the role of support in general team composition.

Male clan members have a passive ability known as Weakness Strike, a long-range attack dealing damage of 50% of the player’s health and other adverse effects. Active ability is known as Rapid Fire, a series of multiple attacks from a long distance dealing specific damage per second. Whereas ultimate power enables it to perform an aerial attack known as Storm of Arrows, in which a rain of deadly arrows falls on the enemies in targeted areas.

Females have a passive ability known as Freezing Shot, mainly used for crowd control. Active ability Ice Arrows is a head-on attack aimed toward multiple targets, which deals total damage of 100%. Ultimate power is known as Ice Rain, an aerial attack that targets numerous enemies in specified areas dealing straight damage of 120 hit points.

Overall, they are not very strong characters with a unidimensional move set, as each attack is aimed toward enemies over a long distance; this character becomes pretty predictable. Elzediths are also somewhat difficult to pair in team compositions due to their general play style.

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D Tier

The Weakest Characters in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List
A Complete Mess!

The last tier is the D Tier, which consists of completely the worst characters added to Bloodline Heroes of Lithas by game developers. These characters are a complete misfire regarding the general utility it provides to players. Bloodline Heroes of Lithas is an entirely new game and will have a lot of updated patches soon.

If game developers have any planned future for these characters in-game, then these characters must be backed by some strong buffs; otherwise, these characters are a lost cause.


Stats Description
Class Tank Class
Ability Absorption

Gyphrons are a part of Tank Class in the game’s class structure.

Male Gyphrones possess a passive ability called Absorption, which uses a life steal mechanic, causing enemies to deplete health for each attacking player sustains. Active Ability is called Side Sweep, a close-range thrust attack, which affects multiple enemies in attack range, dealing total damage of 322 hit points. The ultimate is Flip Strike; upon activation of Flip Strike, the character deals additional damage of 50% in the next prevailing three attacks.

As for female versions, a passive ability is called Blazing Fury, a damage buffer that increases attack damage by 50% for 3 seconds. Active Ability is called Annihilation Thrust, a close-range thrust attack dealing damage of 133 hit points.

The ultimate power is Merciless Streak, in which this character performs multiple attacks against a single enemy, dealing overall damage of 200 hit points.

Gyphrons, in one way or another, are not viable for the early stages of Bloodline Lithas, as they need upgrades to be helpful in any way possible. As their attacks are considerably weaker in comparison to any other character in-game.


Stats Description
Class Tank Class
Ability Execution

Karguks are the Org tanks of Bloodline Lithas and are a rival of the Urgull Tribe. When looking at the Karguk Clan, the passive ability is called Counter Spiral, a counter-attack in response to any attack executed by their enemies; dealing total damage of 30% of the player’s complete power is not a great passive from its looks.

Its active skill is a confusing one called Execution, a sort of aerial attack where the damage of the attack increases with lower enemy health. Ultimate power, known as Orc Roar, is a diversion tactic whereby male Karguks create an opening for a surprise attack.

As for the female version, the passive ability is called Revenant Siphon, a healing power upon which a female orc, for each kill, generates 15% of health; please note that these percentages may vary depending on the champion’s level and traits used.

Active skill is called Smackdown, a kind of thrust attack where it smashes her hammer on the ground affecting everyone inside in an attack radius. Like its male version, the ultimate power is called Orc Roar, but instead of diversion, it temporarily heals the character itself.

For a game mostly run through auto mechanics, where players have limited to no control over movement and attack execution, most abilities of male Karguks become almost irrelevant, thus pulling this character down to the D Tier of our Heroes Legacy Tier List.


Stats Description
Class Hunter Class
Ability Weakness

Luxuriant is a clan of devils and a member of the Hunter Class in the game’s class system.

Male members of this tribe have a passive ability known as Weakness which is a combat tactic reducing the enemy’s health, attack damage, and overall movement. For active power, the character performs a head-on attack against its enemy, dealing total damage of 294 hit points. Male Luxuriants employ a restraining tactic for ultimate power, completely sidelining the enemies from performing any attacks called Banish.

The female version has a passive ability called Scar of Pain, which is also a restraining tactic depleting the enemy’s energy by 50%. Active ability acts as a buffer, increasing the character’s attack speed and overall mobility. For its ultimate move, female Luxuriants play with the lust of their enemies, forcing them to lash out at their teammates.

Comparison Table

DoombringersSWarriorDemonic Power
IgnisSWarriorBlazing Soul
FulgarsSLightening MagesMark of Lightening
UgrullsSWarriorHeart of Beresker
TidestormsADPSLethal Attack
LimestonesATankWither Aura
ZaessAHealerArcane Ward
AesonsAHealerDivine Blessing
LycanisAAssasinsLust for Blood
TravainsBHunter ClassSplitting Arrow
HuntsdorfsBHunter ClassSummon Pet
KargsBAssassinDragon's Might
SallyhornsCTankClose range thrust attack
YivniansCAssasin ClassShadow Sting
ElzedithsCDPSWeakness Strike
GyphronsDTank ClassAbsorption
KarguksDTank ClassExecution
LuxuriantsDHunter ClassWeakness

The End

Growing up, gaming has been an integral part of my life; it provided me with an escape route from the crippling limitations of reality and an opportunity to explore my imagination and experience freedom. However, living in these advanced technological ears, gaming has become a luxury backed by big bucks affordable to a mere minority.

Hence, under such dire circumstances, many other gaming platforms started to gain significance, such as mobile gaming and web gaming, when game developers began to cater needs of the overwhelming majority who shared the same passion for gaming but had a shortage of funds to spend on such a luxury.

Over the years, game developers have produced a vast majority of games to engage with mobile gamers; in one such attempt in recent days by GOAT Gamers, an RPG game with the title Bloodline Heroes of Lithas was published, ready to take the world of mobile gaming by storm. In this Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List, we attempt to make a precise insight into different characters known as champions offered.

Bloodline allows its players to experience a fantasy Mugen world from the viewpoint of 18 characters, each equipped with a specific class, passive, active, and ultimate power.

Please note that Bloodline Heroes of Lithas offers its players an utterly subjective gameplay experience by employing different mechanics such as traits, team compositions, and upgrades. The character upgrade feature also causes a significant change in character stats.

Heroes Legacy Tier List is divided into a total of 5 tiers ranging from S Tier to D Tier in descending order of best to worst also; please note that  Tier Lists are only a matter of one’s perception and ideas and may differ from the thinking and understanding because opinions are subjective and represent reality from different viewpoints.

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