Idle Angels Tier List: Cruise to Victory [4.2.0]

Our Idle Angels Tier List Ranks the Most Powerful Angels to Help You Cruise to Victory.

Published by MUJOY games Idle Angels, the game has gathered a mass following of 4 million players in a short period, surpassing twenty countries beyond its borders. This is a massive accomplishment contradicting the common misconception that idle games are only popular in East Asia. The captivating and snappy courses of the game have attracted an enormous audience. In this Idle Angels Tier List, we’ve categorized the characters (angels) in this game regarding their potential, statistics (ATK/REC count), and overall capabilities.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 25 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the characters in the game according to their skills, abilities, potential, and rarity.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find characters like Chaos, Erebus, Nuwa, and Gaia.
  • You will observe characters like Ungneyo, Minotaur, Gabriel, and Muse among the lowest tiers.


We will rank all the angels in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
HadesZhu RongBelldandy

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

Methodology of the Ranking

Being a recent release, the game will undergo many updates and so new characters will be introduced. However, we are going to be classifying characters available up to date. The characters will belong to five respective tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. The characters in the S Tier are the absolute best ones. They’re the ideal characters to choose if you’re aiming for a direct victory. Moreover, the A Tier has characters slightly devoid as compared to the S Tier.

Whereas, the A Tier has characters not so bad. Next is Tier B containing characters with good and bad aspects; in other words, these are the average characters of the game. Angels who are better than the worst ones (fitted in tier D) accommodate tier C. This tier list has been constructed without any prejudice or partiality to ensure an accurate ranking.

S Tier

S Tier of idle angels
Best Idle angels characters

First and foremost, let’s discuss the best characters of Idle Angels. The characters in S Tier are the ideal and most definite ones. Their skills are maximal and even at their initial levels, they have great performance. They can bear enough damage from the enemy and can inflict just as much. If you have a character from this tier on your team, you’ll seem extremely challenging and intimidating.

The game itself has a system of ranking characters and most of the characters in this tier of our Tier List are the SSR+ ones of the game. This tier will also give you an idea of what qualities are good and most crucial for a character.


A top-tier character of this game on our Idle Angels Tier List is surely Chaos. Her rarity is the maximum i.e. SSR+. Characters with such a high rarity are very difficult to unlock unless there’s a summoning event. Or you may even collect a certain amount of her attributes and equipment and synthesize her. One unique characteristic of Chaos is that she is both, a demon and an angel which combines the powers of both such species.

She has a destructive and self-healing aspect to herself which is very admirable. Visually too she is somewhat different from both characters. If you’re looking for a character to debuff the main lineup of enemies, try using Chaos. Especially if you’ve upgraded her up to certain levels, she’d be a beast when it comes to weakening the enemy.

She reduces the blows of her enemy’s damage while simultaneously damaging the warrior line considerably. Moreover, she’s an all-rounder who destroys, heals, and like many SSR characters benefits herself from enemy attacks. She can easily beat any enemy. Most people prefer using her against dungeon bosses; although the debuff strategy doesn’t work on them however her other skills come in handy. Her attack strength is high enough to reduce the healing aspect of all six enemy angels greatly.

Potential 325o
Main Attribute AGI
Active Skill Arcane Arrow, Devastating Shot


Erebus along with some other useful characters was introduced through a limited summoning event from 15-21 November 2020. The anis gel belongs to a rarity of SSIt’snd used as a frontline warrior. It’s a tanker and requires its line up among the first row for total productivity. This means that it should be among the 1-3 angels in your team.

By doing so you’ll be protecting your team from major blows that Erebus can tolerate. Due to this factor, she can greatly maintain her healing as well as her safety. Her skills demonstrate a fine fine line between facilitating herself from enemy damage and also attacking.

Erebus’s ability to damage the enemy compliments her own health in a positive manner. Her destruct rate can damage all six members of the enemy team macharactersIf any one of the enemy’s characters dies out, it increases Erebus’s health by 25%. This is why you’ll mostly never have to worry about a substitute for her since she can sustain her health very well.

Another of her skills is called “Hades’s Malice” which is also a manifestation of the above skill. The only difference is that Erebus massively deals damage to the front line of the enemy and reduces the enemy’s inflicted damage upon her by 55%. She also has a skill called vampirism which increases by 5%. It’s the manipulation of the enemy’s damage to gain maximum healing points from it.

Potential 3625
Main Attribute INT
Active Skill ice world, meteorite


An SSR-quality mage hero, Nuwa is spectacular for binding and imposing magic spells. In an ideal team, you’ll see her placed somewhere between 5-6 positions since she’s also a healer. Just because she has many aspects of a healer, her attack and combat skills remain incomparable. As the game begins, she may not show any of these abilities however if her health is under a threat, she’ll take immediate action to prevent dying out. You must not substitute her for another character as Nuwa does require some pressure building before actively attacking.

However, it’d be a waste to let go of such a powerful image. She not only heals herself but can recover her fellow angels’ health if the total share of their attack is 80% or more. All her skills point towards one definite tier in our tier list i.e. the S Tier.

Her rate of infusing critical damage to the enemy is 5% which may not seem a lot but with the rest of her powers, this is a great boosting factor. The overall attack and invasion rate she offers is more than 25%. She not only heals herself but can recover her fellow angels’ health if the total share of their attack is 80% or more. Her team members benefit from her for every 5%rease in health points. In her own case though, if her health points are less than 50%, the total healing facet is doubled.

Potential 4625
Main Attribute INT
Active Skill Strike of Nuwa Sky-mending Colors


She’s a perfect incaGaia’sion of a divine soul on Earth. Gaia’s title is “Mother of Earth” and has a resemblance to the “mage” career. She’s no stranger to distracting the enemy from the rest of the team by using its special offense skills. Sometimes, this angel seems preoccupied in the first round of the battle. Yet, when she feels the team needs her, she shows her talents in an effective and unique form. Like many SSR+ ranked mages, Gaia also voices alike abilities.

There’s no reason for you to object to using her except of course if your quest doesn’t require abilities she subtends. She has a potential rating as high as 4450 which is more than exemplary. She heavily damages enemy lines from short and long-range which is a manifestation of an archer’s ability too.

Gaia can heal herself and by a small but effective ratio her teammates too. The only thing which is pinchy about her character is that Gaia can’t partake in certain battles. Besides those few cases, you can make the best use of her abilities in most battles. She gains stamina from enemy destruction and holds health as her top priority. Thus, if you have her on your team, don’t worry about healing! That’s no doubt the best of her uses.

Potential 4450
Main Attribute INT
Active Skill Avator

Gaia’s Sympathy


The last character in our S Tier is Hades, a capable and challenging opponent to face. Like Erebus, Hades is a warrior whose distinct quality is called “Master of Torment”. She has a rarity belonging to SSR and yet is just as difficult to obtain as compared to most SSR angels. Many people tend to underestimate her usefulness when compared to SSR+ angels. Her only major downside is that she is incompetent against BOSS of Dungeon.

But for that case, you can try bettering the rest of the team. Her combatting skills are amazing; just as great as her offense is. The extent of her damage is as great as 600%. Inflicting this much damage twice or even thrice to one targetted enemy. If the enemy still manages to stay alive, she imposes a bleeding spell that will surely kill it.

Hades blocks all effects of an enemy against her or her team using a “fog” skill. Unlike many other characters who boost healing points, Hades can increase defense points by 5%. Two gameplays ideal for Hades is the Arena and Guild Boss. Hades brutally affects the rival and victory is no doubt insured. All these positive attributes of her are seen only in herself, not in the entire team. Hades can also block bodily and magical effects. This being said, we’ve halted the first tier on our Idle Angels Tier List.

Potential 2600
Main Attribute AGI
Active Skill Moon God’s Arrow

A Tier

idle angels tier list
second best characters

Next, we have the second-best tier on our tier list. The characters here are exceptionally great, just like the ones mentioned above. However, they have a distinct catch to them too; not that it affects their qualities in the least but it surely has an impact on their usage. The gameplays which doesn’t support them though are quite rare and I’m sure, with the right setup of the rest of the team, you can still pull them off. Also, if you upgrade them, their quality becomes top-notch. Thus, most characters in this list have similar performances as the S Tier characters but not at their initial levels.


Lucifer is well known for how rashly it devours its enemies and reduces their chance of winning. Two of the techniques it mostly uses are “bleeding” and “poisoning” and if you’re ever unlucky to face her, here’s what’ll happen. First, she targets one of her rivals, and if she’s feeling pitiful for you, she might just poison you. This has a massive blow on the rival by a 3% loss of health points.

Yet it’s incomparable to when the rival is bled out. In this case, the target can’t heal itself or get health from others which will eventually kill it. Lucifer is a mainline character, however, it can attack the late rowers which is quite surprising and unusual. According to the game’s tiers, she belongs to the SR rank which is persuasive with our tier list too.

Her overall attack ratio is 200% but when facing a single targetted enemy she surpasses 500%. She is great at provoking the enemy against which the toughest enemies can also not keep up. This may also be due to her “nightmare” skill which shapes her attacking skill by 4%. None of her attacking strategies ever go to waste because she possesses highly accurate instincts.

Potential 3075
Main Attribute INT
Active Skill Infinite Chaos

Eternal Void


Hephaestus is an angel of support excellent for dungeon bosses. Her rarity is SR+ although she isn’t easy to get. Perhaps it is because of her usage in battles technical for others. It benefits her team in different ways; healing, support, increasing attack rate, etc., and debuffs the enemy. She also works by targeting a single enemy at a time. Her best skill is support, however, she does keep a good attacker (with a high destruction rate) under her guard.

She can also increase the attack and damage rate to the enemy by 8%. In her case, she applies the bleeding technique which inhibits the enemy from receiving health for three rounds. Her target is always the one dealing the most damage. So it’s quite useful to have her on the team.

If you ever get a chance to use her, don’t hesitate to upgrade and awaken all her skills. Don’t try to rush the unit by leaving her skills at the bottom line. By awakening all her skills, she develops resistance against the enemy. This ability of hers persists for quite some time. Since she is an SR+ character, she needs a lot of investment in her before being able to compete with other tough characters and bosses.

Potential Not Applicable
Main Attribute STR
Active Skill Radiant Sword

Dawn Barrier


Nike is one such example that shows how much thought was imbued in the character-building of the game. With a regard to Greek Mythology, Nike is the “God of Victory”. Thus having her on your team uplifts the spirits of the other team members as she is considered to be good luck and bring luck to her people. She seems to have a definite aim of winning which makes her presence a symbol of doom to the enemy.

She is a warrior belonging to the SR tier in the game. Her most commendable quality is speed and sometimes she has wings. She is best to catch the enemy off-guard. It’s one of her best skills. By boosting her character, these powers become greatly consistent, and so do her attacking skills.

You might want to select Nike when you’re partly slacking on good characters. She isn’t comparable Tier characters but is definitely not a bad one either landing her in this tier of Idle Angels Tier List. One of her acting skills is called “Final stab” and as the name indicates, she does make the final blow in a battle eradicating the enemy’s last standing unit.

Potential 3600
Main Attribute STR
Active Skill Final Stab


Fu-Si is a good warrior in terms of both offense and defense. She is placed between the first rowers (from 1-3) and one of her skills enables her to damage four enemies at once. Nike is a warrior but can summon magical spells to some extent. She deals a total of 20% damage through magic which is decent enough. Despite her attacking strategy against four enemies at a time, she controls one targeted enemy too.

Therefore, she’s very efficient against an entire enemy team. Not only is her attack worth the praise but her self-healing ability is also worth mentioning considering that it supports her stamina greatly. She increases her rate of attack and critical damage by a total of 8% which is fitting for her abilities.

She also belongs to the SR tier of the game. Her health and defense points are almost always boosted which is great for her attack plans as well as being a good defender for the other angels on her team. The resemblance is uncanny as her health points and attack rate increase by 4%.

Potential 3525
Main Attribute AGI
Active Skill Sign of the light

Zhu Rong

Zhu Rong has a rarity of SR+ and is a mage so most of her abilities center around magic. She conceals her weaknesses by her great attacking ideals together with her self-healing abilities. Her strike rate is no less than any SR+ character; it is somewhere above 5%. This may not be a large ratio however it is the most her character can do. The only disadvantage encircling Zhu Rong is that she requires support from other characters in the team. That’s why you’d have to construct the rest of the team with a lot of attention to win the team.

Due to this minor drawback, Zhu Rong is in the A Tier and not the S Tier. Apart from this, if you upgrade her from time to time and maximize her skills, I’m sure she’ll be a great asset for your team to win.

One of her skills is named “God of Southwater and Fire”, this is because of her visuals and her possession of water and fire. She’s a great damage-dealing unit to have on the team for offense and defense both. She partially partakes in healing too, mostly for herself. If you’ve upgraded her enough, she may be able to increase health points for herself and the rest of the team.

Potential 4200
Main Attribute INT
Active Skill Firelord’s Wrath

Unbridled Fury

B Tier

tier list of idle angels
the third best list of characters

As we progress, the next tier on our Idle Angels Tier List is the class containing all average characters. These characters aren’t the best ones but also not the worst. Their abilities and skills are pretty ordinary and there’s nothing special about them.

If you try upgrading and amassing most of their skills, you may somewhat direct your team toward success however it is very unlikely. Even at their maximum, these characters are incomparable to the ones above. It’s good to have them for backup purposes though as they are somewhat tolerable.


Most often, Raphael is used as a backup healer for other strong mages like Nueva. Her rarity is purple, so the majority of the points she can secure are three. She’s placed at the 5 or 6th position for support. Her attacking skills aren’t as impressive as her healing abilities. She can heal three of her teammates given that their attack rate is 100%. As for attack and defense, an 18% and 60% boost is observed.

This skill lasts for three rounds during each battle. You may try improving her skills by increasing her attack rate by buying new outfits, accessories, etc. Not only does she lifts her own stats but is also beneficial for keeping up the health of her allies. One of her skills, “Elemental Mastery”, allows her to increase the maximum health points by a total of 3%.

Potential 2625
Main Attribute INT
Active Skill Light Heal



Lilith also has a purple rarity. Her career is a mage and has a potential of 3075 which is fairly good. She has an evident association with Lucifer even in Greek Mythology and also in this game. Her skills are sharp even for angels belonging to her league. Despite the fact that she requires a lot of mastery of skills, she is quite useful for Dungeon bosses.

Although it’s still recommended to keep her a second choice and not a major, especially not your main angel if you have other better characters. Her healing rate is a little above the average; she can also sometimes heal her allies. It all depends on how much total damage they inflict. Despite being a mage, some of her magic spells are supportive of damaging the enemy. Evidently, her title “God of Chaos” suits her destructive nature just finely.

Potential 3075
Main Attribute INT
Active Skill Infinite Chaos

Eternal Void


She is a reliable warrior as well as a healer. She may not be as progressive in her healing however her great attacking skills make up for that liability. Her rarity is purple like many of the characters of this tier. Her knowledge regarding healing and strategies always involves boosting the lives of her team members. But when she has to guard, she is second to none! Yet despite her capabilities, Anubis doesn’t master all her slacking points which is a setback for the players.

She is most often placed in the backup line at positions from 1-3, specially assigned for warriors. Her total attacking rate is admirable which is why we’ve included her in this tier of Idle Angels Tier List.

Potential 3225
Main Attribute INT
Active Skill Trauma

Arcane Bolt


Having a moderate rarity of R, Nephthys’s skills complement each other and are a bit confusing in all honestly but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite mesmerizing. Nephthys’s nature is highly protective and thus is a major asset to defense. She’stoarcher and targets her enemies to a lengthy degree. Her skills are exactly what any average archer majors in. Yet in some cases she’s able to go to extraordinary lengths both, to kill and save one’s life.

The skills I’m talking about are termed “Guard of Death” and “Master of Life”. She’s a self-healing angel and has a well enough stamina and similarly, her stance on death is one to which her enemies are brutally subjected. This character could’ve been a massive blow if only the management explored her potential but for now, she’s suited well in this tier.

Potential 3075
Main Attribute AGI
Active Skill Life Harvest

Life Restore


Just like Apep, Belldandy too belongs to the purple rarity with a total potential of 3225. She is controlling her team members, but it is for their benefit. Most of the Gods of Titans are said to be under her restraint. Despite her being so assertive, her skills don’t match up. According to Greek Mythology too, Belldandy hadn’t displayed her full potential.

It’s this possible resemblance due to which we’ve placed her in the B Tier of our tier list. Her ability to attack with significant magic is remarkable but the rate, not so much. This is just general data about her which is valid at some point for everyone. However, this may change if you’ve invested enough toward her accessories, glamourized her outfits, and unlocked all her skills which will reveal her highest prospect.

Potential 3225
Main Attribute INT
Active Skill Trauma

Arcane Bolt


Nyx has one of the best artwork of this game! Her pictorial presence has a clever correspondence with the Greek myths surrounding her. One of her names, “Angel of Darkness”, is excellent for her appearance. She has a fierce look to herself; her walking anywhere is considered to bring darkness and gloominess along with her.

She’s an archer and this is beneficial for her as she obtains shelter in her twilight during an attack. She naturally has a way with arrows; her attacks are almost always on point! Against Dungeon Bosses though, she loses her shine which is why we’re adding her to this tier.

Potential 3225
Main Attribute AGI
Active Skill Blazing Brilliance

Arrow of Dusk


Apep is also a mage with the purple rarity (R). Her utility is awesome when up against a worthy opponent. However, this may also count as her weakness as in some cases, Apep tends to underestimate her enemies. But at the same time, if she puts her mind to it, there’s no stopping the undying darkness, disarray, destruction, and damage she brings about. Her career is that of a mage and most of her skills involve the manipulation of “fire”.

One way or the other, she always seems to find a way to disrupt the natural capabilities of fire and benefit from it. Individually though, she doesn’t seem as fierce as this description of hers, but with the right setup, she is invincible.

Potential 3025
Main Attribute INT
Active Skill Fire Annilhilation

Flaming Meteor

C Tier

Worst Idle Angels
the fourth best list of characters

We’ve finally made it to the second last tier. The rip-off kif characters are going to start off from here. They don’t have any specialty whatsoever and their skills, unlike the characters in B Tier, are below mediocre. However, with a lot of planning and observances, you may upgrade their standard to an acceptable level.

But even so, they aren’t economical at all, hence players prefer putting in the same amount of time and effort in other better characters who at least have a more promising statistic chart.


An archer of blue rarity; this is the first character we’ll begin this tier with. Tsukyomi belongs to the N Tier of the game. It’s really easy to obtain this character however many players tend to avoid her in pursuit of better ones. Even after upgrading all her features, she doesn’t do much. In fact, most of her offense skills can be carried out by other B or Tier characters. You’d just need a bit more effort to obtain those characters.

The effectiveness of her long-range attacks isn’t as prominent. The impact rate is quite less. Her attacking targets a tough opponent which is insufficient since she’s incapable of actually inflicting any damage to it. Sometimes her offense is okay and tolerable for the team to surpass the battle yet it is risky enough.

Potential 2600
Main Attribute AGI
Active Skill Tsukuyomi

Moon God’s Arrow


The next angel we have on our tier list is the Angel of Harvest. Her career is that of a purple rarity warrior. Although being a warrior, her output damage is extremely low. She seldom ever contributes toward victory. Her potential is only 2675. Some of her magical abilities allow her to use the element of wind or thunder. This is also one of her most commonly used tactics on the battlefield to distract the enemy.

As for her rating, she’s a 1 which is noticeably low when compared to that of other better characters. The easy access point is valid for her too, even during summoning trials, anyone can easily collect her skills to summon or synthesize her. One of her skills allows her to increase the rate of attack up to 6% which is probably why she isn’t in the last tier already.

Potential 2675
Main Attribute STR
Active Skill Mesmerizing Blonde

Thunder Spear


Despite being a three-star ranked warrior, the skills of this angel are more meaningful towards healing than fighting. Some of her skills center around action allowing a boost in an attack by 5-8% but her contribution in the field of healing is much more prominent as compared to her fighting. The character has a natural ability to overcome crises and feelings of despair. She cures her fellow allies along with maintaining her own health, which she needs during short-range attacks. Her evolved thoughts on war and medicine are revolting to some angels yet it is also the most perfect symbolism of her wise character. She may feel hesitation in fighting but in some cases, this delay greatly boosts her ATK/DEF count. This is a major drawback which is why she’s in this tier.

Potential 2650
Main Attribute STR
Active Skill Poisonous Magic

Curse of Herbs


Regarded with loads of respect, Xiwangmy has pretty moderate stats but her efficacy and effectiveness are lacking. Her control was over the powerful creatures of the world called “Yin and Yang”. There are a lot of references in the game indicating historical events triggered by this angel.  Being an archer, she has a specific portion of herself devoted entirely to healing others and ensuring the wellness of her people which ultimately includes her allies. Her healing skills are capable of extending one’s life but she’s also just as deadly and violent to the core when facing her enemies.

She is hardly ever merciful to her opponents. A challenging enemy may intimidate her but her skills get the better of her. Honestly speaking, she can progress greatly if provided the right setup to evolve. However, it’s a much safer option to use her as a supporting character, not as your protagonist.

Potential 3250
Main Attribute AGI
Active Skill Matronage

Meteor Shower

D Tier

Weakest idle angels
worst idle angel characters

Finally, we’ve reached the last tier after which this tier list will reach its conclusion. Before we dive in, let us give a synopsis of what you should expect in this tier.

The angels that reside here are the absolute worst ones of Idle Angels; be it attack and command, defense, or healing. They aren’t good at doing either of these. Their occupation is just fitting for their character descriptions because practically, they have no application. In addition to this, these angels aren’t a good input to invest your coins or diamonds either since they’re barely worth playing even at their utmost levels!


It isn’t a baffling matter of fact to include her in this tier given her tragic backstory; probably the saddest among all the angels. She’s commonly referred to as the “Bear Angel” because she’s always seen with a bear. Her career is that of a warrior yet it matches her not one-inch considering her interest in regard to offense. Besides her offense, she isn’t that effective of a healer either.

She does try to justify her healing by working hard for both her teammates and herself but the efficacy is worthless. It’s better to never have this angel on one’s team as she is a waste of slots which you could perhaps give to a more suitable warrior or archer. Despite being a warrior, Ungneyo has no mastery when it comes to long-range shooting or attacks.

Potential Not Applicable
Main Attribute STR
Active Skill Radiant Sword

Dawn Barrier


The firstborn monster according to Greek mythology, Minotaur has two horns symbolizing her devilish nature. Her rated potential, one, is befitting since she isn’t particularly difficult to obtain either. Unlike other warriors of her league, she makes use of her horns in a battle which could’ve been great if her stamina was also sufficient. However, she runs out of her life mid-battle, especially because of how closely she fights the opponent.

As she has an unpredictable death rate, she isn’t reliable at all which is why we’ve included her in our Idle Angels Tier List’s last tier. Irrespective of her low range of impact, she tries her best to appear mighty, and strong and attacks her enemies ruthlessly. Her effort, though, deserves to be praised could definitely try exploring her powers and abilities further. 

Potential 2700
Main Attribute STR
Active Skill Bull Rush

Bull’s Horn


Practically speaking, there’s no major use to her character however ancient folk and mythology have given her a prominent background. Her specialty is an archer however she doesn’t seem to bring much interest to this aspect of hers. Even in the game, her character appears to be living off her reputation in Greek mythology.

This novelty that follows her is conservative to some extent because there aren’t any particular uses for her in the game. Her destruction rate is extremely low and the same goes for her ability to defend her team. In the game, her rating is the lowest rating a character can receive i.e. an “N”.

Potential 2600
Main Attribute AGI
Active Skill God’s Light



Muse is also a mage belonging to the blue rarity. Her potential is as low as 2725 which isn’t the most preferable and it also explains her positioning in our ranking. She usually serves as a backup unit in the rear row. Her title is “God of Poetry, Music, and Art.”

Her offense rate is only about 5% but her healing is spectacular. She isn’t the best healer either but when you’ve got none of the best ones, Muse is a safe choice. She facilitates her allies along with maintaining her own strength. Her self-healing ability also contributes to her stamina which is not bad.

Muse is regarded for her alluring visuals however when it comes to productivity, her presence really doesn’t add much to the table. Her background set-up is quite fascinating due to its slight resemblance to Greek mythology, Muse has two forms; the older one is the daughter of Uranus and Gaia while the younger Muse was Zeus and Monemosa’s daughter.

Potential 2725
Main Attribute AGI
Active Skill Harmonious Shot

Mesmerizing Tune

Patch Notes Version 4.2.0 

In the latest update, the following changes were made to the game.

  • Added SSR+/UR angel Asura
  • Added Vow Fate system: The fate between the vowed angel and other angels or Main Character will always exist, and no need to deploy to enjoy the bonus effect.
  • Added Chaotic Realm visiting system: The player can like other players’ Chaotic Realms to speed up the productivity of all buildings; the Player can assist friends’ Chaotic Realms in speeding up the productivity of all buildings and get rewards.
  • Players can like anyone’s Chaotic Realm but can only assist friends’ Chaotic Realms.
  • Optimized some in-game displays and art performances;
    【Bug Fixed】
  • Fixed the problem of Gods Twilight: under certain circumstances, the target of worshiping in Hall of Fame is not the player in the same battle zone.
  • Fixed the problem that during the battle, when randomly dispelling or stealing buffs, if there’s a stacked same-typed buff, it would wrongfully display that the newest buff is dispelled or stolen.
  • Fixed other known issues.

Comparison Table

CharactersTierPotentialMain AttributeActive Skills
ChaosS3250 AGIArcane Arrow, Devastating Shot
ErebusS3625 INT ice world, meteorite
NuwaS 4625 INTStrike of Nuwa Sky-mending Colors
GaiaS 4450 INT Avator, Gaia's Sympathy
HadesS 2600AGI Infinite Chaos, Eternal Void
LuciferA 3075INT Infinite Chaos, Eternal Void
HephaestusANot Applicable STRRadiant Sword, Dawn Barrier
NikeA 3600 STR Final Stab
Fu-SiA 3525 AGISign of the light
Zhu RongA 4200 INTFirelord's Wrath, Unbridled Fury
RaphaelB 2625 INT Light Heal, Seraph
LilithB 3075 INT Infinite Chaos, Eternal Void
AnubisB3225 INTTrauma, Arcane Bolt
NephthysB3075 AGILife Harvest, Life Restore
BelldandyB 3225 INTTrauma, Arcane Bolt
NyxB 3225 AGIBlazing Brilliance, Arrow of Dusk
ApepB 3025 INTFire Annilhilation, Flaming Meteor
TsukyomiC 2600AGITsukuyomi, Moon God's Arrow
SifC 2675 STR Mesmerizing Blonde, Thunder Spear
ShennongC 2650 STR Poisonous Magic, Curse of Herbs
XiwangmuC 3250AGIMatronage, Meteor Shower
UngneyoDNot Applicable STRRadiant Sword, Dawn Barrier
MinotaurD 2700STRBull Rush, Bull's Horn
GabrielD2600 AGIGod's Light, Hellfire
MuseD2725 AGIHarmonious Shot, Mesmerizing Tune


Idle Angels Tier List is a judgment of the characters, or angels, regarding their skills, abilities, potentials, rarity, etc. All statistical data concerning the characters were checked and reviewed thoroughly to bypass any kind of mistake. I’ve made sure to include the most accurate data in this article, yet if there’s an error, I take complete responsibility for it and apologize in advance.

The game has a wide range of angels that unlock depending on your progress. Although I couldn’t fit in all the angels, I tried to include the most definite and appropriate ones which fit each class the best.

Allow me to wrap up this article. The article covers the best, mediocre, and, lastly, the worst characters of this game. Decent critique has been incorporated as a necessary aspect for all the characters in all tiers. Based on their capabilities, all characters are classified into five basic tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. The top tiers, S and A, constitute the best of this game! The characters of these tiers are fulfilling in all aspects; even if they have a minor inconvenience, their abilities conceal them. The next tier, B, includes average characters.

The productivity of these characters depends on what kind of battle they partake in. And lastly, the last two tiers enclose the worst characters; mostly thought to be a second option. Our ranking is based on a balance between analytical data concerning my feelings and my opinions on certain characters.

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