Brave Nine Tier List [2023]

This tier list aims to rank all the top mercenaries in the game.

Today’s article is about the Brave Nine Tier list, where I will rank the top mercenaries from the game. This is a very famous Gacha game that was released back in 2017, and it is a worth-playing mobile game that has not lost its charm even after so many years of its release. In the game, you have to select a team that has to compete against the enemies for well over 1400 stages. 

And selecting your team is a major factor in accomplishing your goals, so if you select strong characters, you will be able to cross many stages in a short amount of time. And in our article, I will rank the characters from the game in order of best to worst in skills and abilities. The article will then help you ease out the long process of selection.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 106 mercenaries from Brave Nine are ranked in this tier list.
  • The rankings are based on the skills and abilities of each character.
  • In the highest tiers, you can find characters like Hell, Leto, Ceres, Zarka, Corette, and Xenon.
  • Among the lower ranks, you can see the likes of Garinoth, Ventana, Rogan, Rafina, Vermont, and Elise.


We will list all mercenaries in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
JosephViolaDr. MorganCamillaKaina
Hyeon Wol

S Tier

Best characters from Brave Nine
S Tier.

The S rank of this Brave Nine Story Tier List has all the characters who are absolutely fabulous and excel in their skills. These are the finest characters from the game that can let you have a great gaming experience. As with such characters you can enjoy the game more and more.

HellMagicianPrayer for Destruction
LetoWarriorShadow Blade
CeresSupportEye of Mana
CoretteWarriorWitness Elimination
NiyaWarriorCat Punch
IrisDefenderIrresistible Charm
JosephDefenderPagan Declaration
SeirDefenderDevil’s Revenge
EdinWarriorUnholy Power
FoxyWarriorCombat Manual
ValzeWarriorBlade of Betrayal
VenakaSupportVigorous Dance
AsmodeSupportTouch of Desire
GranhildrDefenderGodship’s Shield
SetoWarriorDominant Force
ChristinaWarriorTricolor Bomb
LeviaMagicianForbidden Power
RefitheaSupportHelp, Glutti!
BeliathSupportSkeleton Contract
LuciusDefenderFallen Angel
BeatriceWarriorI’ll Beat You!
CordeliaWarriorRed Flame Sword
ClarisSupportPrayer of Protection
VelonaMagicianFlame Explosion
CordeliaWarriorRed Flame Sword
MariaMagicianDestructive Magic
CarlsonDefenderFirm Will
Hyeon WolSupportLight of Reinforcement

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A Tier

Brave Nine Tier List A tier
A Tier.

The A rank of the Brave Nine Tier List includes those characters that are great in abilities. However, these characters are not up to the mark of the ones in the S tier.

MarronWarriorPiercing Shriek
MarleneMagicianMagic Orb
RonWarriorMocking Bash
ArinesSupportBear Up!
JohnSupportLight Barrier
LeahMagicianDestructive Lightning
EunrangWarriorRear Ambush
ViolaWarriorShadow Arrow
EstherMagicianConjuration of Affliction
JacklinDefenderEscort Stance
AlcheWarriorDestructive Hammer
AaronDefenderLight of Reflection
VelfernMagicianPandora’s Box
LillianMagicianEndless Revenge
SiegmundWarriorPaladin’s Will
NartasMagicianRelease Disaster
AngelicaWarriorDivine Darkness
JinWarriorGale Sword
DeomaronDefenderCursed Shield
ArkanDefenderCelestial Blessing
VeroniaSupportSaving Light
AlecWarriorUltimate Power

B Tier

Average characters from the game.
B Tier.

The B tier has all those characters that are average in skills. These characters do have some decent qualities as well but still, they are not as awesome as the ones mentioned above.

ElijaWarriorBeast Taming
GuntherWarriorDescending Fire Dragon
ThemisSupportLight of Protection
HelenaSupportLet’s Sing Together!
KainaWarriorSacred Fury
AnubisMagicianForewarning of Doom
HijinMagicianSoul of Fire
BrunoMagicianNeo Armstrong Jet Cannon
Dr. MorganWarriorTime Bomb
BrisaWarriorThree Musketeers’ Wisdom
OrienneWarriorLethal Wounds
MoraDefenderAnger of Tenacity
JulieSupport Spiritual Recovery
BranWarriorMusket Fire
MercedesDefenderMirror Shield
WiggleWarriorFire in the Hole!
KozakWarriorBone Crusher

C Tier

Below average characters.
C Tier.

The B tier of the Brave Nine Tier List has all those characters that are below average in skills and abilities. These characters are not really up to the mark and lack in many respects.

MelodyMagicianFlash Explosion
AseraSupportWound Explosion
LydiaWarriorDrilled Thrust
RigenetteWarriorCritical Arrow
SloanDefenderToxic Spurt
ReneDefenderPurifying Spear
MayaWarriorMark of Prey
VarionWarriorI’ll Copy You!
CamillaWarriorThree Musketeers’ Fury
MagnusMagicianMagical Predation
SabrinaSupportMember Encouragement
DalviWarriorMillennial Wait
MichaelaSupportMaddening Faith
ZenithDefenderHunter Instinct
CeciliaDefenderAbyss Shield
GlaciaDefenderGlacial Shield
GloriaDefenderScales of Judgement
MarySupportHero’s Song

D Tier

Brave Nine Tier List D tier
D Tier.

The D tier of this article has the worst characters from the game. These characters should better be avoided when selecting.

FloriaSupportMother Nature
ClaudiaMagicianMarionette’s Rondo
ValtorMagicianMother Nature’s Power
KaoliDefenderChampion Shield
BarbaraWarriorJavelin Throw
AstridDefenderGuardian’s Creed
BathoryMagicianAll Mine!
YmirDefenderTitan’s Sword
KainaWarriorSacred Fury
GarinothMagicianSoul Collapse
VentanaWarriorDraw Sword
RafinaDefenderMechanical Dive
EliseMagicianDeath Ending Love

Character Guide

So how do you obtain characters in the game? The Recruit tab is where players may acquire Heroes for their teams. This is a complete list of all the methods to acquire warriors. The call may be broken down into the following categories:

  • Normal: The demand is made for scrolls that are considered normal.
  • Class: The call is made in accordance with the classes of the heroes who are participating.
  • Friendship: Friendship points are awarded after the call has been finished successfully.
  • Legend: You may choose a particular hero to summon with special coins if you have legendary scrolls, or you can acquire legendary warriors in a random sequence if you have legendary scrolls. 
  • Crystals: Crystals may be used to call forth random or particular warriors for the purpose of acquiring crystals.
  • Premium: If you purchase a premium scroll, the call will occur in a random sequence, and there is a good probability that you will get a five-star character.

If you look in the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see an arrow. When you click on it, you’ll be sent to a page that lists all of the playable characters in the game.

Hero Classes

All of the characters in the game are assigned to one of many classes, and each class has a distinct function on the combat field. The match’s progression may be influenced, either positively or negatively, by the presence or lack of certain classes.


A warrior who is assigned to the first line of combat is called a Defender. They are the brave individuals who stand between the rest of the frail warriors and certain death. It is essential for defenders to have a reliable indication of both their health and their armor since this positions them advantageously in comparison to other classes. In addition, defenders have self-healing health and the ability to provide a shield for the rest of the squad. The existence of a mock, which ensures that all of their opponents strike them perfectly, is an essential consideration when selecting a defense to play on the field.

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The Warrior

The warrior engages in close-quarters combat and has a strong attack. The primary responsibility of the warriors is to immediately eliminate the threat posed by the defenders of the adversary. 


The Mage hero class possesses a respectable attack, but its hits are lower than those of the Warrior class. The ability of wizards to exert influence on other members of the adversary’s squad and inflict harm on heroes who are positioned farther back in the battle gives them a distinct edge. Magicians often have the ability to do huge harm as well as explosive damage, and they may also inflict bad effects on their foes, such as preventing healing, cursing, bleeding, and burning, among other things. Due to the low number of health points that magicians possess, it is best to position them behind defenders and warriors.


On the battlefield, support characters are essential because of the many ways in which they may assist their friends, including healing, boosting defense and attack, and removing detrimental effects. They have a moderate number of health points, but their assault power is rather weak. Nonetheless, the need of providing assistance to other social strata cannot be overstated. There are instances when a correctly picked squad that has support heroes can wipe out an entire team that has been fully beaten down by defenders, warriors, and magicians.

Comparison Table

HellSMagicianPrayer for Destruction
LetoSWarriorShadow Blade
CeresSSupportEye of Mana
CoretteSWarriorWitness Elimination
NiyaSWarriorCat Punch
IrisSDefenderIrresistible Charm
JosephSDefenderPagan Declaration
SeirSDefenderDevil’s Revenge
EdinSWarriorUnholy Power
FoxySWarriorCombat Manual
ValzeSWarriorBlade of Betrayal
VenakaSSupportVigorous Dance
AsmodeSSupportTouch of Desire
GranhildrSDefenderGodship’s Shield
SetoSWarriorDominant Force
ChristinaSWarriorTricolor Bomb
LeviaSMagicianForbidden Power
RefitheaSSupportHelp, Glutti!
BeliathSSupportSkeleton Contract
LuciusSDefenderFallen Angel
BeatriceSWarriorI’ll Beat You!
CordeliaSWarriorRed Flame Sword
ClarisSSupportPrayer of Protection
VelonaSMagicianFlame Explosion
CordeliaSWarriorRed Flame Sword
MariaSMagicianDestructive Magic
CarlsonSDefenderFirm Will
Hyeon WolSSupportLight of Reinforcement
MarronAWarriorPiercing Shriek
MarleneAMagicianMagic Orb
RonAWarriorMocking Bash
ArinesASupportBear Up!
JohnASupportLight Barrier
LeahAMagicianDestructive Lightning
EunrangAWarriorRear Ambush
ViolaAWarriorShadow Arrow
EstherAMagicianConjuration of Affliction
JacklinADefenderEscort Stance
AlcheAWarriorDestructive Hammer
AaronADefenderLight of Reflection
VelfernAMagicianPandora’s Box
LillianAMagicianEndless Revenge
SiegmundAWarriorPaladin’s Will
NartasAMagicianRelease Disaster
AngelicaAWarriorDivine Darkness
JinAWarriorGale Sword
DeomaronADefenderCursed Shield
ArkanADefenderCelestial Blessing
VeroniaASupportSaving Light
AlecAWarriorUltimate Power
ElijaBWarriorBeast Taming
GuntherBWarriorDescending Fire Dragon
ThemisBSupportLight of Protection
HelenaBSupportLet’s Sing Together!
KainaBWarriorSacred Fury
AnubisBMagicianForewarning of Doom
HijinBMagicianSoul of Fire
BrunoBMagicianNeo Armstrong Jet Cannon
Dr. MorganBWarriorTime Bomb
BrisaBWarriorThree Musketeers’ Wisdom
OrienneBWarriorLethal Wounds
MoraBDefenderAnger of Tenacity
JulieBSupport Spiritual Recovery
BranBWarriorMusket Fire
MercedesBDefenderMirror Shield
WiggleBWarriorFire in the Hole!
KozakBWarriorBone Crusher
MelodyCMagicianFlash Explosion
AseraCSupportWound Explosion
LydiaCWarriorDrilled Thrust
RigenetteCWarriorCritical Arrow
SloanCDefenderToxic Spurt
ReneCDefenderPurifying Spear
MayaCWarriorMark of Prey
VarionCWarriorI’ll Copy You!
CamillaCWarriorThree Musketeers’ Fury
MagnusCMagicianMagical Predation
SabrinaCSupportMember Encouragement
DalviCWarriorMillennial Wait
MichaelaCSupportMaddening Faith
ZenithCDefenderHunter Instinct
CeciliaCDefenderAbyss Shield
GlaciaCDefenderGlacial Shield
GloriaCDefenderScales of Judgement
MaryCSupportHero’s Song
FloriaDSupportMother Nature
ClaudiaDMagicianMarionette’s Rondo
ValtorDMagicianMother Nature’s Power
KaoliDDefenderChampion Shield
BarbaraDWarriorJavelin Throw
AstridDDefenderGuardian’s Creed
BathoryDMagicianAll Mine!
YmirDDefenderTitan’s Sword
KainaDWarriorSacred Fury
GarinothDMagicianSoul Collapse
VentanaDWarriorDraw Sword
RafinaDDefenderMechanical Dive
EliseDMagicianDeath Ending Love


Well, that was our Brave Nine Tier List where we attempted to rank all characters in the game according to how well they perform. Hopefully, it will help you in choosing the best character for yourself.

But there is also a chance that you might disagree with some of our placements, and in that case, we encourage you to leave your thoughts below so that we can learn from them.