Bullet Echo Tier List [Version 5.3]

Gain insight into the bullet echo game, its characters, their description along with their ranking in our bullet echo tier list.

Today we have the Bullet Echo Tier List for you. We will be ranking all the characters from this popular game. The game has many factors that need to be taken into account while ranking the characters in the game from the best to worst.

Thus this Tier List is completely based upon our own time and research of the Bullet Echo. We are ready to see any constructive criticism in the comments section as we respect the opinion of our readers, but this is a subjective tier list. Hence, we are not open to unwanted critics. The game’s characters are ranked in S to D Tier, where S Tier has the best characters and vice versa for the D Tier.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 21 entries in the article.
  • We will rank all the characters in the game according to their health, armor, damage, weapon, and range of weapons.
  • In the highest tiers, you will find characters like Stalker, Bastion, Raven, and Blot.
  • You will observe characters like Ghost, Smog, Bertha, and Hurricane among the lowest tiers.


We will rank all the characters in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

Learn more about each entry by reading on.

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S Tier

best characters ranked
S tier

Let’s begin our tour through the bullet echo tier list with an extremely special S tier. We can’t ignore this tier because it is a remarkably important inclusion of tier ranking.

Not just because it has the principal characters of bullet echo but also because these characters make this game what it is. Without their presence, you won’t be able to abstract the great deal of action inside this game.

A question arises inside the human mind: What distinguishes a top-tier character from a low-tiered character? It’s not a question of what; a sense of reaction should arise inside us. The top-tier characters have huge perks that improve gameplay and lead us toward victory. Not just one but a huge list of traits is embedded inside their profile and statistics. This defines a proper limit from which proper gameplay can be formed.


Do not get alarmed by the Stalker’s name, and he isn’t a stalker, so don’t go preparing your restraining orders against him. His real name is Tim hunter; Stalker is his alias during bullet echo.

He is the first character a player gets when he begins his game; this makes him one of the best characters as he is user-friendly. He has a prominent pink Mohawk and a muscular build. His spiky jacket adds to his grim outlook. His whole attire reflects a badass vibe, the ones you read about in books. He is unlocked at the beginning of this game.

He uses an AK-47 rifle which has a high rate of damage. Like all troopers, Stalker is an all-rounder, which means he is best in every way. He is included in the S tier because he can remain neutral during his game. He helps a beginner player learn all basic moves and gameplay in an arena. You can never go wrong with a trooper who is user-friendly. Usually, the best characters have complex movements that need practice for execution. This character has easy moves that players can learn easily and become proficient in their game.

His skills and abilities include team healing, invisibility, partisan, and ambush. All these capabilities allow him to have the upper hand on an opponent. Such moves don’t let an opponent trick him; he can rarely miss his action.

Class Troopers
Damage Medium
Defense Medium


Bastion is a colossal giant like all other tanks, with his bulky and sturdy body. This huge figure makes him a great choice for fighting against powerful characters as he has great health and armor. He has a pink Mohawk, similar to Stalker, and his armor-composed attire protects him from fatal attacks.

He has huge extremities that make his ordinary punches and kicks highly damaging. Additionally, his armor was already quite high, and he had a feature of a power shield which makes his protective shield impenetrable. He gives him a hard time with his opponents.

He has a heavily loaded weapon that can damage his opponents and leave him in shreds of meat, not literally. When a player chooses him, he expects an outcome that could support his gameplay and lead him toward success. His stats, including his health and armor, are more than enough to aid a player. He never gets disappointed after choosing this beastly character, and This is why Bastion is contained in the S tier of the Bullet echo tier list.

While describing a character, we can’t leave out his skills, especially if the skills are as great as Bastion. He has a mobile shield that requires 20 seconds for recharging; this is a short time, and a player can cover this up by shooting at his opponent through a battle kit. A battle kit slows down the opponent. At the same time, Other specialties include defender and armor. A player can gain Bastion by opening chests.

Class Tanks
Damage Medium
Defense Very High


Raven is a mysterious character with his face covered by a raven mask. He wears a poncho made out of raven’s feathers. This character seems obsessed with Raven. He adopted every single one of their moves and attire. The only thing left behind is the ability to fly. If he had had that, he would have been the best, but without it, he is pretty great too. He has holes in his mask for his vision and a long beak, and a hood on his head. All this camouflages his real structures and features.

He is included in the S tier because of his extraordinary capabilities. These abilities allow him to have low health and armor, but his skills make up for all this. He has an SMG rifle that can shoot his opponent and take them down.

Do not let his raven looks fool you, and he is quite competent inside a battlefield. SMG can cause a lot of damage and has a long range for shooting. By winning battles and opening chests

His mask is not just for mimicry; it has a hidden agenda. It helps Raven scan his opponents for their stats and capabilities. It helps locates his enemies and grants him a buff.

Class Scouts
Damage High
Defense Low


Let’s move on to our robotic sniper. As we have described before, snipers are a vulnerability but still grant great opportunity for a player. Blot is a metallic character with automatic features. He’s one of those cute robots; looking at him makes me think of Atom from Real Steel.

If you don’t know him and like this character, you need to look him up. Back to Blot, he has a fierce face that makes his opponent take him seriously. He has Long legs and a short abdomen. His bright, digital eyes show him scowling at his opponent. He has fans on his back that aid him during his battle.

Now on to our main question, what includes Blot in an S tier of Bullet echo tier list. He is a capable character who can take down an opponent with twice his health and size. He has A high damage rifle that allows him to inflict loads of damage on his enemy, making a character choose him without a second thought. He aids in a player’s gameplay. This way, he doesn’t sabotage his player and falls under the category of exceptional character. Players can obtain him by moving through wood 2 during Hero championships.

Another thing that adds to this tier is his ability to form a force field. This field protects him from shots targeted at him by his opponent. Grenades and rockets cannot penetrate this strong field force. A player can disable it by employing rocks if a stone hit directly at its weak point.

Class Snipers
Damage High
Defense High

A Tier

second best tier list
A tier

In addition to the S tier described previously in the bullet echo tier list, we have another expansion in a visage of the A tier that contributes to potentially great characters. A-Tiered characters also add greatly during the victory in an arena. A question comes to mind: why the characters under this tier are called potentially great, not great alone.

It’s not an enigma; it should be made clear that they have a few statistical variations that dragged them down a tier into a lower one. They are also considered a part of exceptionally great characters. Additionally, the statistics that specific characters provide, help us gain full information that leads to this evaluation and ranking.


Firefly is the young character of the game; he has got many ladies falling for him. His fire-colored, ruffled, spiked hair can melt his opponent and the ladies’ hearts. He has a prominent aura around him that makes his opponent fall to their knees just at first glance. He wears a red bomber jacket and brown cargo pants that make him look more savvy than intimidating. But he doesn’t need to prove himself through his looks because his skills are enough to talk during a battle. Once an opponent fights him, they can spread the word about his capabilities.

He is included in the A tier because if there is a little opening, he gives their opponents to strike. During his grenade skill, he has a fifteen-second reviving time. During this time, his opponent can easily hit him as he has low armor and health. Though, he has a medical skill that helps him restore his potential and health to a maximum extent.

Firefly can sting his opponents and leave them writhing in pain, though this is characteristic of bees and wasps. Our firefly has this ability making him a great choice. His vigilance is also commendable.

Class Snipers
Damage High
Defense Medium


The name leviathan makes us recall the big whale. But here, we are not talking about it. We are discussing a character of Bullet echo, which seems to be from the armies. He is a renegade and wears a soviet hat. He is engulfed in a furry red jacket to keep him warm in cold regions, and This hints that he lives in the cold areas. He carries a huge LMG on his shoulder like a cross-body gun. And when necessary, uses it efficiently. His abilities are noteworthy.

He is included in the A tier of bullet echo tier list due to his uncountable abilities. These allow him to fight his opponents with the best tactics. His turret is his most prized asset as it greatly helps in an arena. He uses it to shoot down his opponent, and it doesn’t let him down. Also, he has direct access to B. O. R. G. gear and can pick up his Sapper gear.

The duration of his turret is just 10 secs and is durable for 2 sec. It’s not good inside a battlefield. Leviathan’s other skills include a battle kit that can stun his opponent to slow him down, and This is highly efficient in an arena.

Class Tanks
Damage High
Defense Medium


Arnie is an ambusher, which means he carries a shot ranged gun and must be close to attempting to take a bullet. He has a deadpan expression on his face. His bright green eyes can pierce your soul through their scrutiny. He is engulfed in African designed attired. He has a maroon poncho around his neck and long boots up to his calves that conceal his whole figure. His mustache overlies his scowl lips and gives him a stoic expression, and he carries a shotgun rat can shoot his targets and help him win an arena.

He is lodged under A tier because of his close-ranged moves, making him most vulnerable to his target’s attacks. Arnie’s opponent gets an opening when he approaches him with the incentive of killing him. This way, he ruins his player’s gameplay by becoming susceptible to attacks; this is not good quality and drags him down from an S tier. Other than this, he is a competent character with tactful skills.

His stats make him a good choice, with health and armor to protect him against powerful attacks. A player should opt for him when he is seeking a powerful team.

Class Ambushers
Damage High
Defense High


Doc is a dreaded character in the Bullet echo game, and This is because he has a scary-looking mask on his face that settles dread inside a heart. He wears a cover, like the dread doctors. He even has one of his eyes taped, making us wonder what terrifying he had undergone to receive such an outcome. He is a trooper, so he is also an all-rounder and helps his player in all fields soft his game. He can carry out great fights and will also help his player learn all the tactics and skills to become the best in bullet echo.

As described earlier, troopers are usually the best for a beginner as they can help a player learn the basics. Doc also helps his player, but sometimes his moves come off as a bit complex, which confuses his player and includes him in the A tier of Bullet echo tier list. Besides this, he carries an AR gun that can shoot a target from a long distance.

His stats are also quite measurable as they portray him as a good character with commendable health and armor.

Class Troopers
Damage Low
Defense High


Freddie is a character who has inquisitiveness written on his face. He has raised one of his eyebrows, making us believe he is suspicious and doesn’t believe anything. But it would be best if you thought that Freddie is a compatible character and can fight off enemies in an arena.

He has a gas mask on his face; unlike Arnie, Freddie’s breather covers his mouth only and leaves his eyes to judge his opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. Under his bushy eyebrows are ruby red eyes. He is a normal person who carries his oxygen tank on his back. If someone has trust issues, it’s this guy.

He is included in the A tier because he has very low armor and can’t protect himself against his opponents’ attacks. However, his armor stat is covered by his health which is high enough to save him. He also has street fighting abilities that make him adept at brawling and using his hand to take down his enemy. He carries a submachine gun to bore holes in his opponent or anything obstructing his way.

His skills and abilities include grenade, STM, street fighting, and influence. These skills make him powerful and sturdy enough to follow a player’s gameplay and win in an arena.

Class Scouts
Damage Very High
Defense Medium

B Tier

average characters
B tier

Let’s get to another tier, the next line in the bullet echo tier list. Let’s call the B tier to make its presence known. B tier could also be referred to as a mediocre tier as it compiles characters with everything an ordinary-level person would have. B tier combines the characteristics and qualities of the worst part of the tier list and the best part.

Overall, we get a product in the form of a B-tier list. A range of widely arranged characters forms an A tier that benefits a beginner and a pro.  A beginner can learn all basics of this game from mediocre characters.


Slayer is a slayer in every way of his dealings. He has Slayer moves and Slayer looks. All these collectively make him a good addition to your team. He has a red bandana on his lower face to protect himself from acidity. His bushy eyebrows are furrowed, indicating that he is serious about his matters and concentrating on his game.

He has golden-colored headphones covering his ears. Probably to block out every other sound and to increase his concentration. He carries a sniper rifle to eliminate his enemies from the face of the game.

This character is included in this tier for several reasons. He has low health and armor, which makes him susceptible to injury during a battle. But his damage level is quite high so that he can take down his enemies with just a little effort. He just needs to put his head in the game and help with the player’s gameplay to support him throughout the game. He requires factually formed gameplay to order him around an arena.

His abilities include thermal vision, bandage, slaughter cartridges, and targeting. His target accuracy is extremely accurate; he rarely misses his target and is always on the spot. His thermal vision can scan an arena and his enemies for their insight.

Class Snipers
Damage Very High
Defense Low


When you first glance at Dragoon, a player sees him as a see him as a muscular belt bike Ryder gang. You know, those who sit in rowdy bars drinking beers and have a gold tooth. Like them, he has a muscular upper body and tattoos on his forearms. His long red beard was tight in a pony, and his spiked shield hung over his back. We will explain that later, but first, his style is noteworthy as he also wears a band around his wrist to increase his outlook.

Now he is included in a tier because he has mediocre stats; this means he has high health and armor, but his damage level is so low that it is laughable. Once you look at him, you decide that he may never go wrong, but when you glance at his stats, it’s another story. When a player looks at his damage stat, he decides he is not worth the effort and chooses someone over him. Although his mobility level is quite high, and he can dodge attacks, his offensive moves don’t play a huge part.

His abilities include blink, battle kit, storm, and mobility. All these collectively play a part in forming a gameplay end, enhancing the outcome of a game.

Class Tanks
Damage High-Low
Defense High-Low


Angel is the first woman we include in our tier list. Not to be feminist, but she is a pretty great character than many of the males in the game. Her damage level and armor stats are Praiseworthy. Angel has long silver hair that goes up to her waist; she’s seen styling them in pigtails, ponytails, and even left open. She has a growling face that states business and doesn’t let her opponent take advantage of her. She gets down to business and can take down her enemy with extreme power with a player’s gameplay.

Her inclusion in the B tier is due to her low health, which makes her most vulnerable during her battle as an enemy can shut her down, and she wouldn’t even have to take another breath. However, she has high armor that can protect her against her worst enemies. She holds a submachine gun to shoot down her enemies.

Her aptness includes a shield, stim, protective matrix, and recycling. all these things add up to increase her armor

Class Scout
Damage High
Defense High


Levi is another girl in our Bullet echo tier list. She is not a vulnerability for a player and can enhance his chances of winning inside an arena. She has dirty blonde hair, usually tied up in a bun. Her abilities allow her to takedown her worst enemies. She wears a red tank top paired with a pair of cargo pants. She seems cunning at first glance though have face rarely shows her emotions.

She is included in the B tier because of her stats and abilities, and her potentials sometimes make her a good target inside an arena. Opponent occasionally receives closure and shoots her down before she even gets to use her incredible ability.

Her potentiality includes thermal vision, team healing, hunter, and stun. Being a hunter dictates that she has great accuracy and can fire her assault rifle with precision. She can kill her opponent with one eye closed.

Class Troopers
Damage High
Defense Medium


Cyclops is a terrifying and petrifying monster with three eyes. Everyone knows what high clops are; he has an additional third eye between his ears. It’s been said that the truth about it is the third eye can foresee visions and the future. This creature is red akin to a devil. He has a scrutinizing gaze that can kill you if looks could kill. He has dark eyes and pointy ears. He carries a shotgun as he’s an ambusher and must be in close range to kill his enemies.

Let’s move on to the stats that aided the player during the gameplay and helped him defeat his enemies. The stats of this character or mediocre he has quite high health and armor but very low damage, which doesn’t allow him to be a good choice. He can be included in a backup plan if other good characters are unavailable. He carries a shotgun to take out his enemies from a short distance.

His abilities include scan, team recovery, invader, and siege expert. Oldies collectively compose his potential and enable him to fight a war.

Class Ambushers
Damage Low
Defense Medium

C Tier

Bullet echo tier list
C tier

C Tier is not a part of the top tiers; It is included in these lower tiers with bad and worse characters. You might think how bad can a character be to be included in a lower tier. All characters in the last two tiers ruin a player’s gameplay that he keeps in mind during his playing session. Every player has a strategy, and these characters mess it up. This is what makes all lower tiers infamous for their statistics and skills.


Mirage Is another big deal bullet echoed here; he has an extremely well-built body, both upper and lower. She has long Violet hair that goes down to her calves. A cute innocent face with a button nose speaks beauty and elegance. Her moves are a reflection of her personality.

She is included in the C tier because of her low status, including health damage and armor. She has last stats which do not aid a player in his battle. He has to compose a whole new kind of gameplay to surround Mirage. She carries a sniper rifle, but the damage done through this rifle is not enough to take down a powerful enemy.

Her potentials include Breakaway bandage accuracy and agility. All these are what keep her from going down to the D tier. They supply her with enough abilities to keep her stable inside an arena.

Class Snipers
Damage High
Defense Low-Medium


Satoshi is a fierce character. He has a stern look on his face that terrifies an opponent. He speaks the language of war and keeps his opponent rooted to the ground. He has his silver Gray hair tied back from his face. He is in a samurai outfit, with a samurai jacket and sword that becomes useful during the formation of the force field.

He is included in the C tier because of his stats and damage level, which are extremely low compared to other characters already listed in the top tiers. He has a bit of high armor value that saves him from the detour.

His capabilities include Force field, team healing, and recalibration. All these aids while setting up a gameplay.

Class Troopers
Damage Very High 
Defense High


Sparkle is a sparkly girl on our bullet echo tier list, and she has the abilities of a competent character and the stats of a minimal-game person. At first glance, it seems like she is in her early adulthood, and her body is not well built-in; she looks quite lean. She seemed to be carrying an ax or a baseball bat in her different skin. These things make her look fierce in front of her enemy.

She resides under the C tier because her stats dot has incredibly low armor and damage levels, but her health is comparatively high, saving her from demise. Her abilities also make up for her deficiencies and increase her fighting ability.

Her abilities and capabilities include grenade, team recovery, initiator, and healer. Her abilities conclude that Sparkle is more of a helper than a fighter. she helps heal her teammates and herself rather than killing off her enemies.

Class Ambushers
Damage Very High
Defense High


Bertha is our overweight woman; I am not promoting body shaming, but she is part of tanks and is supposed to be a heavyweight character. All tanks have high armor and health to protect their teammates from the effects of the opponents. Bertha has short hair and bangs that frame her forehead, and her smirk signifies her mischievous personality. She has tattoos on her forearm and arm that enhance her fierce outlook.

She is included in the C tier because of her incredibly low statistics profile. These include damage inflicted on the opponent, which is so low that it can only make him stagger a little. Her health and armor are high to compensate for her damage level, but comparatively, they can’t make up for it. She carries a machine gun on her shoulder; it is pink, giving her a touch of her feminine side.

Her abilities include suppression, battle kit, dot, and other skills. These realities are not enough to cover up her deficiencies; hence, she is part of a second-to-last tier.

Class Tanks
Damage Medium
Defense High

D Tier

worst characters
D tier

At last, we have reached the end of our bullet echo tier list. We offer farewell to this tier list by talking about inclusion that ruins the whole visage presented by bullet echo. Not everything is perfect. Perfection is a compilation of many imperfections hidden Everything and person have a side that makes them shy away. They try to hide by employing cloaks and hiding away.

In this case, the top-tiered characters are given more attention, and these lower-tiered characters are usually unlocked at the end of the bullet echo. This last additional tier leads to a fundamental change in gameplay.


Ghost is a character whose face shows what life has put her through. All the miseries Have distraught her expressions and made her look depressed and worried. She has her sad, melancholic face with hollowed cheeks and hair styled in a buzz cut. She holds a submachine gun to aim at her opponents. She is given this name due to her invisible ability that hides her from her opponent.

She has low stats that do not compare with the other top-tier characters. Her statistic values are down in her category, making her addition to D Tier compulsory. She has extremely low health damage and armor. Her skills cannot compensate for this low level.

Her abilities include invisibility, STIM, and bloodsucking one king of thieves. Which makes her addition to the D tier more explain?

Class Scouts
Damage High
Defense Low


Smog is a multi-skinned character on our tier list. He comes in the skin of a clown, Frankenstein, a deep-sea creature, and a welder. Whose original skin is of a welder, in which he has a backpack on his back and a welding shield on his face? He carries a machine gun that can shoot many enemies at once.

Smoke has an incredible and extraordinarily low start that makes up a player to hold his head if he chooses him. he regrets it for the entire game because his abilities can never compensate for his less damage. His armor and health are quite high, but what are they used if he can’t inflict pain on his opponent? His abilities are also not praiseworthy as they don’t offer a lot of damage.

His abilities include a grenade launcher, battle kit, and directional fire and tank; these are heavy-loaded things and cannot fire off the enemy. 

Class Tanks
Damage High
Defense High


let’s move on to our last character on the Bullet echo tier list. It is Hurricane, who is a tough character. He has a scar on one eye from his forehead to his Cheekbone. His affected eye is made of stone as it is white. He has silver hair combed back and half-shaved hair in some skins.

His stats are like other characters lodged under this tier, and this explains that he has an awfully low statistical profile that prevents a player from choosing him to be on his team. Hurricane’s abilities can’t even nudge a player to take this move.

He’s potentials include shield team recovery, calibration, and adaptive armor. He carries a shotgun that requires proximity to shoot down his enemy.

Class Ambushers
Damage Medium
Defense Very High

Comparison Table

BastionSTanksMediumVery High
FreddieAScoutsVery HighMedium
SlayerBSnipersVery HighLow
SatoshiCTroopersVery High High
SparkleCAmbushersVery HighHigh
HurricaneDAmbushersMediumVery High

Patch Notes Version 5.3

In the latest update, the following changes were made in the game.

  • The long-awaited voice chat for teams.
  • New opportunities for ads.
  • New Map: Space Prison.
  • New Skins: Scorpio Satoshi, Venus Levi, Lunar Raven, and Tyrant Smog.

Trusting us

When a new reader arrives at this article, a question arises about why he should trust this article to make his decision according to this tier list. First of all, we put great energy and speculation into this tier. We gave it our time and experience 2 compile all this data in a single-tier list.

We analyzed each character and put their stats and skills under the microscope to evaluate their outcomes. We also speculated how a character could enhance a player’s gameplay. This way, we ensured that we were just in our ranking and didn’t include any mistakes.


To abridge the bullet echo tier list, at first, we must state that this tier compiles all those characters included in bullet echo categories. All characters have variable statistics and skills. They have features that make them distinct, which helps us rank each character based on their traits. We put each character in each tier depending on their stats, profile, weapon, and range of a firearm. Through this, we concluded our five levels.

Inside an S tier, we included all exceptionally great characters with high stats and abilities. They err rarely and always aid a player’s gameplay. Next is an A-tier, in which the characters have potential good heroes; This means the characters have amazing abilities but are deficient in some aspects. Then is the B tier, which has all those mediocre characters.

They have a blend of good and bad traits. Next comes the C tier, which lodges potentially bad heroes, and the D tier, which has an abysmal array of characters that do not contain aid gameplay. They have a low level of stats and close to no useful abilities.

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