Crash Fever Tier List: Top Characters Ranked [2023]

Crash Your Way to the Top: Our Expert Tier List Ranks the Best Units in Crash Fever

In our Crash Fever Tier List, we’ve tried our best to justly categorize the vast characters of this game into ranks varying from those containing the best characters which slowly devolve into the bad ones.

The characters will be ranked according to their stats, abilities, and the most important factor being damage to the opponent. It may not be possible to cover all the characters in this article however, I’ve put in my utmost effort to properly analyze their characteristics. Furthermore, I apologize for any possible human error even though I’m sure you won’t find any sort of business.

Key Points

  • This article has total 46 entries.
  • All the characters are ranked according to their characteristics, efficiency, distinctive abilities, HP range, and, cost. 
  • The higher tiers contain characters like Seki, Schrodinger UA, Gilgamesh, Ame No Murakumo, and Colorful Poet.
  • Among the lower ranks, you can find characters like Naotora Li, Bullet Hell Boyle, Yuki-Onna, and Sorcerer’s Circle Silver.


Before we start the tiers, the table below will give you a quick summary of all the entries.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
SekiRoaring Flamer BelialMaclaurinOrthrusNaotora Li
Schrodinger UAFire God PrometheusKenshin UesugiRed HareBullet Hell Boyle
GilgameshHot Summer QilinAuthor of the World HokusaiSupersonic Archer YuzuruYuki-Onna
Ame No MurakumoNarcissistic Demon GustavAbyssal Goddess ThetisRaging Song SirenSorcerer’s Circle Silver
Colorful Poet Murasaki ShikibuGreat Strategist Snow WhiteMooncrusher Werewolf LawrenceLove Swearer MerkshaSharp-eyed Thrower Nasu no Yoichi
MobiusSacred Crystal Beast WignerLagrangeHealing Guardian SerketSacred First Lang-Lang
Omnipotent God of Thunder ZeusFreyjaTime-Keeping Faerie FayFloating Sea Minister LucifugasGreen Horned Unicorn
Ironclad Furnace HeisenbergZhao YunGraffiti Rebel KaedeMorphing Monkey HanumanTwilight Seraphim Mikaela
Musashi MiyamotoHansel and GretelBlack Magic Heretic BaphometRealist Prodigy Ja Ridalsa
IzanamiDelta Cluster Lindworm

Read on to learn more about each of them.

S Tier

Crash Fever Tier List
S Tier.

The S tier of the list contains the finest characters of this game. Although this game consists of piles of incredible characters, these specific characters are the few leading ones that are almost perfect in respect to how much damage they cause, how self-reliable, and how much damage can they endure. 


When it comes to the best of the best, Seki’s the first one that comes to mind. He’s got all the skills required to stay top of the match coupled together with good strategy building. It has a highly admiring conversion ability; it converts blue panels into crash panels sending massive blows to the opponent. It’s best to keep him for the endgame where you’ll be facing your toughest enemy. Secondly, it’s best to target one particular enemy on the battle lines if you’re determined to win. Seki has an HP of 2250 which may not be the most suitable choice if you’re looking for stamina. It belongs to the Academic Tribe which suits his technical nature. Another one of his great qualities is the rate of an ultra boost of a red panel that it provides for only one turn. This unit belongs to the color “red”

To attain Seki, you will have to compete in the Fever Festival Hatcher yet the chance for one to partake in this quest is relatively low and very rare because it costs many polygons but then again, it is due to this scarcity that the units which it unlocks like Seki and other notable mentions like Hempel, Turing, and Faraday, etc. are especially uncommon and powerful too. The maximum level for Seki is 80 and it costs around 40 polygons.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 4500
ATK 3498
REC 2205

Schrodinger UA

This is another exceptionally renounced unit from the same color as Seki; red. This unit has two other forms too for the overlapping and crumbling worlds respectively but let’s just take a moment to appreciate Schrodinger UA which comes from a Multi-Layered world with a high HP of 6741 meaning it’s highly sufficient for keeping up with its own stamina requirements in the battlefield. Its skill is called “Cyanide – Negentropy” which is an understatement considering its virus-like prospects causing immense destruction to one major target. This unit demolishes green panels to red and one of its best qualities is an ultra effect which it imposes on all sorts of units by shortening their chains or panels. We highly recommend this unit when up against a green unit since only one unit is capable of lowering any green panels of your enemy majorly.

You may obtain it from the Festival but just like Seki, you’re more than likely to not unlock it despite your efforts due to how rare it is. Its uniqueness is as high as 6★. As much of a blow this might be, do stay consistent and try to pursue it because having this unit on your side is like a game-changer. For a unit to have such countless benefits, it’s only normal for it to settle in the best category of Crash Fever Tier List.

Rarity 4 Star
HP 5160
ATK 3568
REC 2646


Belonging to the red attribute, Gilgamesh is referred to as the “hero” in Crash Fever’s lore. What distinguishes this from the others is that it straight up invades and destroys. Other units may be offensive but Gilgamesh is on a whole next level when it comes to attacking. When talking about admirable wizards, Gilgamesh is the most prominent one among them all. Its invasive nature is very surprising once you figure out its tactics. This unit will first absorb and take in as much of the battle junk as it can and prove itself as an empire of destruction. Using Gilgamesh causes brutal blows to the enemy’s front line as it triggers 1 special crash panel (both XL and L). The tribe this unit belongs to is Deity, human which explains its extraordinary powers. This unit also provides you with four crash panels at any time during your game!

Gilgamesh can be bought with 35 polygons and it comes with a maximum level of 80, just as it was for Seki. There’s nothing about this unit that wouldn’t help you in the battle. It has all favorable characteristics including a high HP of 4697. It can self- facilitate itself quite well. Gilgamesh ranks itself close to Seki and Schrodinger because of these features. It’s best to come in handy at any time during the game especially if you’re not doing so well. Gilgamesh will be the ultimate destroyer.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 4697
ATK 4023
REC 1527

Ame No Murakumo

Stepping aside from the “red” attribute, let’s talk about some of the strongest characters of the blue color who have proved themselves worthy of placement in the S Tier. Another reminder here is that each color has its strengths and weaknesses so don’t stay too focused on attaining units from one particular color. Ame No Murakumo has an HP of 2250 which may not seem as appealing, but don’t you worry because this unit’s skill is called “Eight Deadly sins” and yes it is as lethal as it sounds. It specializes in targeting one enemy and then causes heavy damage to the rest of the enemy. It belongs to the “weapons” tribe and its type is technical. If you’re aiming for unmatched gameplay, make sure you’ve got Ame No Murakumo on your team.

You can obtain this unit from the Rank Point Store. This store introduces you to new characters like this one depending on how many rank points you have. To gain more and more rank points, be sure to partake in rank quests individually and not as a team. Don’t skip any of these quests as you’re giving away your chance at gaining these points. They aren’t exclusive however they are subject to your game strategy as a solo player. The points you’re rewarded are based on how much total damage you cause and get from the opponent as well as your number of turns.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 4500
ATK 2646
REC 2157

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Colorful Poet Murasaki Shikibu

Another mighty unit of the blue attribute is the Colorful Poet Murasaki Shikibu. It belongs to the human tribe with a relatively fair HP of 3697. The highest level to unlock it is 99. When surrounded by many junk panels, use this unit as it will greatly eliminate any such panels when in sight. This isn’t its only ability as this unit also unleashes two special crash panels at any time. Colorful Poet Murasaki Shikibu is a great trouble maker to the enemy if your blue units turn thrice, it adds in two taps extra!

To obtain this unit you will first have to activate Murasaki Shikibu. Don’t confuse these two units; they may sound the same but they have different functions and abilities. Its maximum level is 80 so try to get your hands on it as soon as you’ve got the polygons for it as it unlocks the eminent unit as talked about above. It costs nearly 35 polygons so it won’t be as big of a deal.

Rarity 6 Star
HP 6324
ATK 3916
REC 3033


It would be a disgrace not to add Mobius to this tier due to its splendid and unique qualities. It belongs to the human tribe with a specified type called “balanced”. This makes complete sense considering that it attacks the enemy with one red, green, blue, and lastly yellow unit causing heavy damage. It comes with a remarkable HP even for the first level (4136) so it may even be used as a healer for low HP units. Another one of its notable features is that it gets rid of all damaged panels, absorbing its damage like a sponge, but not even letting the damage reach you one bit. It also breaks down Junk Panels when in front. It costs around 60 polygons but considering all these features, will you really not want it if you’ve got the money.

Obtaining it may be a bit difficult though as it requires activating other high HP units like Inconceivable Wings Mobius and Miraculous Harmony Mobius. According to Crash Fever Lore, Mobius is a member of the Supreme 7 ranking it as one of the most efficient and prominent of all units. Its maximum level is 99 and has a high scarcity due to its complicated obtain method.

Rarity 4 Star
HP 3760
ATK 2864
REC 2445

Omnipotent God of Thunder Zeus

This unit belongs to the Yellow attribute and has skills that you’d definitely want on your side. First off, let’s talk about its healing nature. It comes with a high HP of 3933 at only the first level but later skyrockets to 6727. On the battlefield, it can be very self-sustaining. It’s highly effective against green panels as it converts them into yellow when in front. You can obtain it by awakening Zeus which is almost similar to this unit however expect less HP for Zeus. This God of Thunder will cost you a solid 50 polygons but it’s totally worth it. At its highest, this character can not surpass level 99. Its ultra damaging ability causes a massive boost to both REC and DEF.

It belongs to the tribe of Deity and is of a balanced type due to its conversive features. The boosted effect of ATK is also due to its high effectiveness against crash panels. Another name assigned to this unit is “Wild God Attack” because when in front of the enemy, it does whatever it senses coming its way, either ignoring, protecting, or completely demolishing enemy panels.  As for many of the S tier units that we’ve placed in our Crash Fever Tier List, this too has a high rarity of 6★ but considering how many benefits it provides, it’s quite understandable.

Rarity 6 Star
HP 6727
ATK 4338
REC 3348

Ironclad Furnace Heisenberg

Lastly, on this brief list of characters who’ve secured their positions in the S tier, let us introduce Ironclad Furnace Heisenberg from the attribute green. The green attribute has many high-rated characters which you might wanna check on because they’re highly destructive. It’s not much of a healer kind but more centered towards the offense so keep it for attacks where you want to cause blight worthy of applaud to your enemy. At level 1 its HP comes to be 3392 which is not at all bad considering the boost at the maximum level. Ironclad, like Seki, belongs to the Academic tribe and has a maximum level of 99. It will cost you around 55 polygons so be prepared for a deserving investment.

In terms of having this unit, money isn’t really a big deal, but what’s the cause for its uncommonness is its obtain method which requires you to unlock Heisenberg and the Dubious Melter Heisenberg (both of which are very useful units). It has a somewhat unique mechanism for causing damage, it absorbs red and blue panels by first reducing them. It can destroy a maximum of 20 panels when in action.

Rarity 6 Star
HP 6783
ATK 5639
REC 1876

A Tier

Crash Fever Tier List
A Tier.

This tier is built up of characters that are just held back by the smallest of all flaws from entering the S Tier. These characters are not to be underestimated as they still have some of the most impressive abilities this game has to offer.

Roaring Flamer Belial

Again commencing our list of characters from the red attribute, let us introduce Roaring. Roaring belongs to the tribe “Demon” and is mainly used for offensive purposes rather than healing yet it has a fair enough HP of 3465 which helps it to bear its own strength. It costs only 45 polygons and its maximum level is 99 where it reaches its highest ATK and REC stats. Its ATK also boosts when the fever gauge surpasses 50% or more. This rewards you with lots of points at the end of the match. One of its uses is the destruction of junk panels when faced which also adds an extra tap to you. It’s a good booster of ATK as you can tell. Like many other units, roaring too focuses on eradicating one enemy at a time.

You can obtain Roaring by awakening Reckless Mutineer Belial and Breakneck Daredevil Belial. Roaring’s abilities almost make it a combination of both of these characters’ traits.

Rarity 6 Star
HP 6930
ATK 5333
REC 2029

Fire God Prometheus

This next character is the Fire God, which belongs to the red attribute and may partly act as a self-healer as it recovers from 15% damage caused to it. It isn’t quite as effective as its name since it only causes medium-level damage to mainly green panels. It costs 45 polygons and comes with a pretty average HP of 2728 which increases to about 4663 once you reach the maximum level of 60. There isn’t a major boost in ATK or REC which is why we’re ranking it in the A tier. It decreases red damage to all types of enemy units, whatever they might be. It does get a bit useful in terms of HP when it reaches its maximum level. Its type is stamina.

It can be obtained by activating the Hatcher and Prometheus which wouldn’t be a huge problem. Don’t try to favor this unit on major S Tier characters. Just have this as a second option on your team if things aren’t going too smooth.

Rarity 4 Star
HP 4663
ATK 1778
REC 1172

Hot Summer Qilin

Belonging to the red attribute, Hot Summer Qilin is exactly how it sounds like! The skill that distinguishes it from other units is most definitely its ability to send intense thermal rays. Its minimum HP is 3522 and although it poorly recovers itself; This can reduce the enemy’s HP by 25%. It induces great damage to one enemy despite its nearly average stats. It belongs to the Deity tribe and is of a balanced type. This also increases its ATK by 25 for every blue panel it absorbs. This may not seem as much of a commendable ability but the fact that it’s immune to all viruses is.

It also greatly reduces enemy damage to the player by almost 15% which may not seem a lot but it is very helpful when up against a challenging opponent. The major source of ATK and REC boost, when it comes to this unit, is an increase in each Deity’s unit by 300 ATK/REC.

Rarity 6 Star
HP 5871
ATK 4005
REC 4018

Narcissistic Demon Gustav

It belongs to the human tribe of the blue attribute. It’s mainly used for offensive purposes rather than healing so you might want this on your team coupled with some strong units recommend ably from the same blue attribute when up against a worthy opponent. Its maximum level is 80 and costs you around 30 polygons. Its HP at level 1 is only 2632. It’s quite effective against the ‘Human’ tribe and against red panels. It’s a win-win if the opponent belongs to the red attribute while also belonging to the human tribe. You can acquire this unit by awakening the Hatcher and Biased Beast Gustav. Its self-healing isn’t as strong which is why we rank it in the A tier of characters. There isn’t a much noticeable increase in ATK and REC which is one reason we don’t recommend it for the S tier.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 4230
ATK 3658
REC 1728

Great Strategist Snow White

Great strategist Snow White is a unit of the blue attribute and human tribe with a balanced type. Its maximum level is 99 and costs a fair 50 polygons. Its HP at level 1 is 3858. Snow white heavily damages one enemy twice and is able to suppress the virus’s effect on it. It has high conversion stats as it can change 7 blue panels into crash panels. It absorbs red and green panels for a higher ATK increase. You can obtain this unit by awakening the Unbeaten Commander Snow White.

Use this unit when you’re facing a great mass of green panels since it reaches its maximum working potential when up against green or red panels. At its maximum, this unit has an HP of 6599 which is quite commendable for an A-tier unit. Although suited in this tier, this unit is not at all a bad one so make sure you have room for it if can. Winning most quests in this game is based on a strong strategy and a good team accompanied by the best units suited for your mission.

Rarity 6 Star
HP 6599
ATK 4298
REC 3547

Sacred Crystal Beast Wigner

One of the best characters in the A tier is the Crystal Beast, a unit of the blue attribute, with a relatively high HP for an A tier character. At the lowest level, its HP is 5488. It also belongs to the academic tribe and has a specifically balanced type. The maximum level for this unit is 99 where the ATK and REC reach their utmost limit. They cost only 55 polygons which makes them very affordable.

Now let us talk a bit about their abilities; Crystal Beast changes two panels into special crash panels. Although its initial ATK is low, it causes heavy damage to the enemy’s ATK range as it reduces it nearly by 40%. This is one of its most distinctive features which separates it from other A-tier characters on the Crash Fever Tier List. Other aspects include ultra damage to one enemy in front by either ignoring, protecting or destroying panels depending on what the enemy’s attributes are.

Rarity 6 Star
HP 6860
ATK 4116
REC 3392


One of the most convenient units to have on your side is the blue attributes unit called Freyja. Freyja costs only 25 polygons and has a maximum level of 60. It’s used more for healing purposes other than defense because it focuses mostly on recovery and is of the “animal” tribe. It comes with an HP of 1260 which is pretty low but the advantage to it is that it recovers your HP helping you to ace the battle. This blue unit helps change red panels into bomb panels which is a bonus for ultimate destruction. It also destroys heart locks (again due to its healing nature). The most efficient use of this unit is against an enemy belonging to the same “animal” tribe as Freyja.

You will have to participate in the Hatcher Festival and pave your way towards rewards which will, sooner or later, unlock Freyja and many other units too.

Rarity 4 Star
HP 2520
ATK 2119
REC 3055

Zhao Yun

Zhao Yun belongs to the tribe of Samurai (human) and similar to some units discussed above, it is also of the balanced type. Its attribute of fuse is green This unit comes with a moderate ATK of 1495 which boosts up to 2989 at the maximum level of 80. It costs 50 polygons which supports its quality of gaining maximum points by crushing Junk panels into crash panels causing a complete disaster to the enemy. It also serves some conversion from yellow to green and the most preferred unit of attack for Zhao Yun is one with a low HP since it triggers the most damage.

Again, it deals with one enemy at a time to offer its topmost damage. Similar to Freyja, Zhao Yun can also be obtained through the Fever Festival Hatcher. To make most of Zhao Yun’s use, firstly demolish the enemy’s HP greatly and then bring this unit into action for the best results. This includes dual input but believes us when we say, the output is worth it. It causes heavy damage to the enemy, especially with the help of another high HP character (ideally a healer).

Rarity 5 Star
HP 4845
ATK 2989
REC 2375

Musashi Miyamoto

A great unit for offensive means, Musashi Miyamoto, a member of the yellow attribute comes with a minimum HP of 1612. One of its most admirable traits is the best results of damage that it offers when up against a unit of the human tribe or even a dragon. A dragon is particularly difficult to defeat especially ones with a high HP which is why this unit is favored so highly. The maximum level of this unit is 60 and it costs a total of 48 polygons. You might want to give this character a shot when up against red panels or enemies because of the correspondence of these two attributes. It increases the ATK range for 3 turns by the player which also complements its other trait of crashing panels any time during the game.

Rarity 4 Star
HP 3224
ATK 2793
REC 1267

B Tier

Crash Fever Tier List
B Tier.

Next on our Crash Fever Tier List are the characters that are partly above average or in other words they lie on the border between excellent and pathetic. 


An exclusive unit obtained only from the Ranking VS. Hatcher quest; Maclaurin is widely known as “Paw Swipe”. It belongs to the red attribute and causes massive impairment to green panels by converting them into red bombs which increases CP. CP in simple terms stands for one hit which means you get an extra chance to shoot your shot at the enemy’s panels. It belongs to the academic (animal) and targets technical units since that is its type. Maclaurin has an impressive enough HP of 2363 and it costs a good solid 40 polygons. Its maximum level is 80 at which its output is the most effective with an ATK of 3029.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 4725
ATK 3029
REC 2205

Kenshin Uesugi

A member of the Samurai (human) tribe, this unit acts on offensive grounds due to its ability to boost the ATK rate of blue units. Another of this unit’s benefits is that it allows an increase in the rate of blue panels whenever the player goes for three turns. It costs 35 polygons and at its lowest level, it has an HP of 2389. 80 is the maximum level this unit can advance to. This unit reinforces the production of blue panels which is in the player’s favor since he has blue units in use already.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 4778
ATK 3825
REC 1546

Author of the World Hokusai

Many players assume this unit is ranked somewhere in between the A and S tiers just by taking a glimpse at its HP however it has a major drawback that holds it back from those tiers. We’ve placed this character in the B tier due to some drawbacks it possesses. With a reasonable HP of 4158, this unit belongs to the red attribute and tribe of Samurai (human). Mainly, the nature of Hokusai is offensive since it causes considerable damage to one enemy but poorly ruins all enemy units at once. It also converts yellow panels into red and increases the ATK of red units and those belonging to the “Samurai (animal)” tribe.

Rarity 6 Star
HP 7112
ATK 5751
REC 2283

Abyssal Goddess Thetis

Being an embodiment of stamina, Goddess Thetis is a principled healer specializing in its skills against red panels. Anoxia strike is its special skill that reduces blue damage to one enemy. However, when exposed to multiple enemies the damage rate is particularly less. A noticeable increase in REC count is seen for every three turns and its HP reaches its maximum limit of nearly 6ooo at level 80. This unit only costs 45 polygons and can be obtained by unlocking the Solitary Goddess Thetis as one of Hatcher Festival’s exclusive units.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 5916
ATK 2167
REC 1548

Mooncrusher Werewolf Lawrence

As the name hints, this character belongs to the tribe of animals and its skill’s name is “Blue Roar” taking into account its surge of power which makes it a good unit for offensive aims. Mutual benefits up to their maximal potential can be secured if the enemy is a red unit and also a single one at that. It means that this unit shows its full effect against one unit at a time, like for many others. All things considered, there’s really not much of a drawback to it because it also boosts the ATK stats for blue units for every four turns, however, when we investigate its other aspects we conclude that it’s better to keep this unit as a backup for some other durable character.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 4500
ATK 4645
REC 1356


Exclusively obtained from the Fever festival Hatcher, this unit serves exemplarily in offense considering its adequate stats. As for its alliance with red, it boosts red and blue rates speedily for each turn. Another one of its abilities includes great blemish to all enemies which is quite impressive when comparing it with other B Tier characters. Its HP is only 2014 and has a somewhat surprising rarity of 4★. Mostly it comes in handy when fighting many red panels. Absorption of green and yellow panels also comes about which is quite appreciative. It also boosts the ATK range by compelling heart units towards it. This is why its ATK almost doubles at the maximum level of 60 by reaching a mark of 2726.

Rarity 4 Star
HP 4027
ATK 2726
REC 2076

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Time-Keeping Faerie Fay

One of the most adorable characters of Crash Fever according to players is Faerie Fay. Her association is with an unidentified tribe of the green attribute. This character particulate in healing and works for the betterment of HP of a player’s units on the battlefield. You may obtain it during the Hatcher Festival or by awakening Tender Wings Fay. We’d recommend you to use this character when in need of a rapid REC boost only for three turns. On reaching its maximum level (80), its REC reaches 3610. After exploring some of its other abilities we also get to know that it increases the rate of heart panels too.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 3672
ATK 1857
REC 3610

Graffiti Rebel Kaede

It is also related to the Time-Keepiregardingy in regard to that it also serves as a healer for the most part. Graffiti Rebel Kaede is ascribed to the green attribute and costs solely 26 polygons. The peak level of this character is 80 and it actively turns green into heart panels. Not only that, but it also boosts the green REC (from 2080 to about 3406) for every three turns. Its damage rate is inadequately low even to a single enemy which explains the low ATK rate at its maximum (1725).

Rarity 5 Star
HP 3206
ATK 1725
REC 3406

Hansel and Gretel

With a symbolic indication of the ever-famous tale of Hansel and Gretel, this unit belongs to the human tribe and is mostly used in this game to fight humans.  It costs 25 polygons and the maximum level that it reaches is 60. You may obtain it through the Hatcher Festival for an HP of 1728. One of its qualities that are seemingly unusual to characters ranked in the B tier of our Crash Fever Tier List is its 50% damage reduction strategy for just a single turn. This is one such, out-of-the-ordinary kind of trait that helps increase the value of this character. Moreover, this uplifts its rank too.

Rarity 4 Star
HP 3455
ATK 2250
REC 2026


The last character on our list of characters for the B tier is Izanami. To some degree, it’s quite effective for an offender but only when compared with charrs in its own range. It is called “Birth of Destruction” as it offers substantial damage to one enemy unit. Statistically, Izanami has an HP of 1176 which is relatively low but its Deity nature compensates for it. It is a cheap purchase of 45 polygons and its maximum level of reach is 40.

Rarity 3 Star
HP 2352
ATK 2055
REC 863

C Tier

Below average characters of crash fever
C Tier.

The characters included in this tier are usually those who do not have any remarkable qualities. These characters lack aspects that are convincing enough for a player to use them.


The first character of this category belongs to the red attribute with a focal goal of targeting “stamina”. It is exceptionally well when it comes to causing damage however its ATK is aTo0. In order to increase the ATK of a unit, it is required to turn twice. But even at its highest, Orthruss’ ATK surpasses no more than 1659. It costs just 17 polygons and the highest level it reaches is 60. In the light of its association with the “animal” tribe, Orthrus produces Special Crash Panels from single panels at any time during the mission. Unlocking this character demands you to compete in the “Savage Canine Ta is basically a limited-time quest.

Rarity 4 Star
HP 4205
ATK 1659
REC 895

Red Hare

“Red Hare on Horseback” is a limited-time quest to obtain characters that cost less than 30 polygons. The only condition is that players will have to play solo, without using heart panels. Red Hare is one of the units we obtain from this quest. Its offensive characteristics come in handy when damaging one enemy at once; ideally a Samurai (human). Belonging to the “animal” tribe, the Red Hare’s HP is around 1700. This HP range provides favorable conditions for boosting the ATK of animal units for every two turns. The one particular downside of this unit is its low REC, only 771 at the maximum level (60).

Rarity 4 Star
HP 3480
ATK 3116
REC 771

Supersonic Archer Yuzuru

If you’re up against a mass population of humans to fight, use this unit. Not only is it quite cheap, but it also damages all enemy units moderately. Ascribed to the “blue” attribute, Supersonic Archer Yuzuru comes from a human tribe that engages best with technology. At level one its HP comes to be 1963 which increases up to 3215 at level 80. For three turns, this unit uplifts the ATK of blue units and converts yellow panels into blue ones. It is considered a rare character because for unlocking it, you need to awaken Fearless Sniper Yuzuru.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 3215
ATK 2588
REC 1866

Raging Song Siren

Coming from the blue attribute, this unit serves as a healer. Many times people appropriate healers only with green or yellow attributes which is obviously wrong and is contradicted here. As any healer, the Siren recovers high HP; oddly, however, it lowers the chance of falling asleep. This helps the units to remain active at all times and acts as a stimulus. Its HP is only 1856 and costs 38 of Crash Fever’s currency. Most of the time it’s also used to transform heart panels into blue ones. You may obtain Raging Song Siren after awakening the Siren. The highest level this unit reaches is 80.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 3040
ATK 1821
REC 3220

Love Swearer Merksha

This unit is fundamentally an animal (unidentified) and blue in color. Its cost is only 26 polygons with the highest level being 80. Looking at the stats reveals an HP of 2506 which isn’t bad at all. For three turns, a visible increase in both ATK and REC will be observed. At its highest, a solid ATK of 3097 is seen. Honestly, good for it since it seems to be managing its abilities all at this low ATK and REC range. An interesting thing about this unit is that it resets darkness during the match which benefits you greatly.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 4104
ATK 3097
REC 1727

Healing Guardian Serket

Indeed one of those units that deserve better character qualities is this one. Even as a character ranked in the C tier, it competently carries out all its tasks. This was probably expected of it since it comes from a Deity (animal) tribe. Mainly, Serket serves as a healer. It’s considered to be one of the best healers out there which is why it’s called “Lifebringer’s prayer”. Offense-wise, it is really weak but it greatly increases the HP and REC of a unit. Another quality is its transforming ability; by changing two panels into special crash panels.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 3356
ATK 2035
REC 3236

Floating Sea Minister Lucifugas

First and foremost, this unit belongs to the blue attribute and is a balanced Deity. Its maximum level is 80 and it costs 30 polygons. For the most part, it works as an offender but small-scale recovery of units is also possible. Most of its efficiency can be seen when fighting one enemy unit at a time (best if it’s red). It has a minimum HP of 2160 which is quite alright. Now, let’s examine its “recovering” powers. It transforms 15% of the damage dealt with into a useful form i.e. HP. This means you’ll be increasing your HP while also destroying the enemy’s units.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 4320
ATK 2699
REC 2458

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Morphing Monkey Hanuman

Used mainly for offensive means, the monkey belongs to the green attribute and masters damaging all enemies at once. Its damage rate is pretty moderate; initially has an ATK of 2409. You can easily obtain it by partaking in the Hatcher Festival or by awakening Westward Journey Hanuman. One of its pros is the mass destruction of red panels and also accumulation of an extra turn for each turn. It costs only 30 polygons and has a maximum level of 80.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 4590
ATK 3871
REC 1357

Black Magic Heretic Baphomet

This Heretic is a member of the yellow attribute. It offers little yellow damage to an enemy unit of low cost. Overall, its damage is high keeping in view the given condition. Its maximum level appears to be 80 at which the HP reaches nearly 4000. Despite its affiliation with the Deity tribe, its REC is peculiarly low. It costs about 40 polygons which, on comparing with other S Tier characters is unnecessarily high. Originally, its ATK appears to be 2203 which is fitting for its rank in the Crash Fever Tier List. It can be obtained from the Hatcher festival or by awakening Baphomet the Pagan.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 3998
ATK 3494
REC 1467

Delta Cluster Lindworm

The tribe is “Dragon”; Delta Cluster proposes high damage to all enemies. It has one of the most impressive abilities a C Tier character can have. Its maximum level is 80 and costs only 38 polygons. The thing about this which helps it stand out is its damage rate. This Dragon gives a damage rate of 10,000 only to one unit. You can only imagine its damage to all enemies. However, its drawback is its low stamina (HP) which is a vital factor for battleline attackers. At level one its HP is only 2343 which isn’t very compatible with its attacking nature.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 4686
ATK 3656
REC 1014

D Tier

crash fever tier list
D Tier.

The D Tier includes the extremely worse characters of this game. They lack all the useful features for destroying enemy units, recovering one’s stamina, increasing ATK/REC rates, etc. 

Naotora Li

Despite its tempting skill name “Double Misery”, this character lacks any such qualities which help it to stand out. It pretty much has the same skills as any other unit. For example, it converts green panels into the red. It also damages one enemy at a time. Moreover, for every three turns, Naotora Li boosts its ATK but only to a maximum of 2121. Although these qualities of it may seem average to you, the main reason why this unit isn’t much liked is its cost. Naotora Li costs a hefty sum of 53 polygons! This is more than that of some of our S Tier characters too. It aggravates the regular players a lot because they claim that, “this unit doesn’t even have any special uses”.

Rarity 4 Star
HP 3290
ATK 2121
REC 1835

Bullet Hell Boyle

Bullet Hell is a member of the human tribe. Its maximum level is 80 and costs as low as 28 polygons. It is rather effective against darkness-causing viruses. It’s only natural for this unit to have a high damage ratio against red units since Bullet Hell, itself, is a red unit. Being a D Tier character, it has a somewhat high rarity of 5★ which is due to its obtain method. You’d have to awaken Boyle for laying your hands on this unit. It’s kind of interesting how this unit has a high damage rate of 6000 to a single enemy. Nevertheless, its low HP is apathetic despite all of its qualities.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 2876
ATK 2317
REC 1805


Yuki-Onna belongs to the blue attribute and reaches its peak destruction when fighting a single unit. Surprisingly, it can also summon two crash panels. All in all, it offers great damage to all enemies but its major setback is its low REC count. Its maximum level is 60 by which its HP and REC reach 2900 and 1627 respectively. Its obtain method requires awakening other blue units such as the Blue Rabbit and Aqua Mad Hatter. This unit is pretty much a bland mixture of all of their abilities and stats which is why it lands in this category.

Rarity 4 Star
HP 2900
ATK 2097
REC 1627

Sorcerer’s Circle Silver

This unit has some considerably good qualities but unfortunately, the statistics don’t keep up. Its type is technical and comes from a human tribe. At most, this unit has an HP of 3215 once it reaches level 80. It costs only 26 polygons and for productive use make sure there’s only 1 enemy at a time. This character may induce sleep upon the enemy’s units. It also boosts ATK up to 1991. To obtain this unit, you will have to awaken Sleight-of-Hand Silver. Due to its action against viruses, it is also called Rank Infection.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 3215
ATK 1991
REC 1866

Sharp-eyed Thrower Nasu no Yoichi

This unit may fool many because of its overall nice profile however it offers quite less REC damage. Initially, its HP is only 1489, and a noteworthy quality of its is converting 5 yellow panels into crash panels. Its maximum level is 60 at which its REC reaches 1396. Secondly, it causes a great deal of damage to one enemy at once. For every two turns, it boosts the ATK count for all green units which is partly beneficial. Players are required to participate in the “Zero-One Game” to attain this unit. It’s a special kind of quest which comes in all three levels ranging from normal to hard and lastly expert.

Rarity 4 Star
HP 2978
ATK 2142
REC 1396

Sacred First Lang-Lang

Now let’s talk about some healersLang-Lang belongs to the green color and its main function is as a healer. Its damage rate is super low so try not to use it for those purposes. It boosts HP for every three turns which lower its efficiency. Damage to one unit may be caused but don’t expect a high damage rate as that’s not the case. Its maximum level is 60 and costs only 35 polygons. All in all, we won’t recommend keeping this unit on your team because you can find better healers.

Rarity 4 Star
HP 2531
ATK 1498
REC 2507

Green Horned Unicorn

Used as a healer, this unit belongs to the green color and tribe of animals. One of its skills is boosting REC for three turns however even at its highest its reach is only 882. It has a good HP of almost 4140 at level 60 which is also its maximum level. This unicorn greatly damages one enemy unit and productively converts junk panels into hearts. You may use this unit after awakening the Unicorn. Unlike HP, the REC and ATK of this unit are extremely low even at its highest level.

Rarity 4 Star
HP 4141
ATK 1539
REC 882

Twilight Seraphim Mikaela

Twilight Seraphim is a yellow Deity that is perfect from almost all aspects except for maintaining a balanced REC. It heavily damages one enemy while on average its damage rate is high for all enemy units too. It costs only 30 polygons and at its maximum level (80) its HP surpasses 4000. There’s a variety of ways to obtain this unit; it’s a special unit of the “Christmas Hatcher Side A and B”. You may not gain it from that special edition quest but you might by awakening Secret Angel Mikaela.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 4445
ATK 3699
REC 1475

Realist Prodigy Ja Ridalsa

To conclude our article, let us introduce this red (unidentified) character named Realist Prodigy. It is quite justly been included in this tier due to its insufficient damage rate. With an HP of 2234, this unit has a lot of potentials if the game undergoes an update. It’s effective to use against units whose tribe is unknown or unidentified. This is because of its ability to absorb all-timer panels. This is a cheap unit that costs only 26 polygons and has a maximal reach up to level 80. You can obtain this unit by unlocking Ja Ridalsa.

Rarity 5 Star
HP 3659
ATK 2302
REC 1676

Comparison Table

SekiS5 STAR450034982205
Schrodinger UAS4 STAR516035682646
GilgameshS5 STAR469740231527
Ame No MurakumoS5 STAR450026462157
Colorful Poet Murasaki ShikibuS6 STAR632439163033
MobiusS4 STAR376028642445
Omnipotent God of Thunder ZeusS6 STAR672743383348
Ironclad Furnace HeisenbergS6 STAR678356391876
Roaring Flamer BelialA6 STAR693053332029
Fire God PrometheusA4 STAR466317781172
Hot Summer QilinA6 STAR587140054018
Narcissistic Demon GustavA5 STAR423036581728
Great Strategist Snow WhiteA6 STAR659942983547
Sacred Crystal Beast WignerA6 STAR686041163392
FreyjaA4 STAR252021193055
Zhao YunA5 STAR484529892375
Musashi MiyamotoA4 STAR322427931267
MaclaurinB5 STAR472530292205
Kenshin UesugiB5 STAR477838251546
Author of the World HokusaiB6 STAR711257512283
Abyssal Goddess ThetisB5 STAR591621671548
Mooncrusher Werewolf LawrenceB5 STAR450046451356
LagrangeB4 STAR402727262076
Time-Keeping Faerie FayB5 STAR367218573610
Graffiti Rebel KaedeB5 STAR320617253406
Hansel and GretelB4 STAR345522502026
IzanamiB3 STAR23522055863
OrthrusC4 STAR42051659895
Red HareC4 STAR34803116771
Supersonic Archer YuzuruC5 STAR321525881866
Raging Song SirenC5 STAR304018213220
Love Swearer MerkshaC5 STAR410430971727
Healing Guardian SerketC5 STAR3356203353236
Floating Sea Minister LucifugasC5 STAR432026992458
Morphing Monkey HanumanC5 STAR459038711357
Black Magic Heretic BaphometC5 STAR399834941467
Delta Cluster LindwormC5 STAR468636561014
Naotora LiD4 STAR329021211835
Bullet Hell BoyleD5 STAR287623171805
Yuki-OnnaD4 STAR290020971627
Sorcerer’s Circle SilverD5 STAR321519911866
Sharp-eyed Thrower Nasu no YoichiD4 STAR297821421396
Sacred First Lang-LangD4 STAR253114982507
Green Horned UnicornD4 STAR41411539882
Twilight Seraphim MikaelaD5 STAR444536991475
Realist Prodigy Ja RidalsaD5 STAR365923021676

Crash Fever Patch Notes – March 15th 2023

With the most recent patch for the game, the following changes were introduced:

  • New EX-Evolution Cost65 unit Sanxiao Xiangu debuts.


Crash Fever is a highly compulsive game consisting of a variety of characters. Since not all of us are progressive enough to unlock each and every one of them and dissect their features piece by piece, hopefully, our list will give you an idea of which characters to keep an eye for and which to avoid. Our fundamental goal, based on which this Crash Fever Tier List has been constructed, is to inform the players about which qualities in a character are considered good or bad which will further help them to judge characters into different tiers for themselves.