DayZ Weapon Tier List

Today’s article is about the DayZ weapon tier list, which features a ranking of some of the absolute best and worst guns in the entire game. The article is purely subjective and is open to positive criticism, and the rankings are based on how much a specific item is useful for a specific situation. There are too many weapons in the game and it is really exhausting to give time to study each and every one in detail, so we will go over them all briefly.

In DayZ Standalone, weapons are one of the four basic kinds of treasure that may be found. In addition, ammunition, attachments, and magazines designed for use with firearms or other types of ranged weapons are considered to be part of the category of weapons. The vast majority of guns are also accurate recreations of their real-world equivalents and function in the same manner.

Key Points

  • The list will rank all the weapons in accordance with their skills.
  • It has a total of 42 entries.
  • The best weapons include VSD and AUR AX.
  • Among the worst weapons are the Sawed-off BK 43 Rubber and Flare.


You can find a short table of all the weapons here.

Tier RankWeapon
S Tier• VSD
• Mosin 91/30
• M4-A1
• CR-550 Savana
• M 70 Tundra
• Blaze
• AUR A1
• KA-101
• SK 59/66
A Tier• VSS
• KA-74
• M16-A2
• Pioneer
• CR-527
• KAS-74U
• SG5-K
• Sawed-off Mosin 91/30
• Sawed-off Blaze
• Vaiga Buck
• Longhorn
• BK-43 Buck
B Tier• BK-18
• CR-61 Skorpion
• Bizon
• Deagle
• BK-133 Buck
• USG-45
• Vaiga Slug
• BK-43 Slug
• Repeater
• Mlock-91
• Sporter 22
• CR-75
• BK-133 Slugs
• FX-45
• Kolt 1911
• Engraved 1911
C Tier• P1
• M 79 Launcher
• IJ-70
• Derringer
• Vaiga Rubber
• BK-43 Rubber
• BK-133 Rubber
D Tier• Sawed-off BK 43 Buck
• Sawed-off BK 43 Slug
• Sawed-off BK 43 Rubber
• Flare

We will go over them in more detail below.

S Tier

DayZ weapon tier list S Tier
S Tier.

If you’re asking yourself; what is the best weapon in Dayz? Then chances are that you might find the answer to that here. Our DayZ weapon tier list 2022 begins with the S rank. All of these items are the absolute best in the game, and having them on will greatly improve your chances of survival. 


The VSD (Dragunov’s sniper rifle system, 1963 model) is a designated marksman/sniper rifle that was developed in the Soviet Union in the early 1960s and accepted for service in 1963. It shoots the 7.62x54mmR round and can be fed with 10-round stamped iron magazines, however, a single 7.62x54mmR bullet may also be used to chamber the weapon.

It serves as a squad-level marksman, capable of picking out targets at ranges far greater than the KA’s fighting range. The VSD is the only weapon in the game that may be equipped with a suitable suppressor and one of the few that can utilize the night vision optic.


The AUR AX is a centerfire rifle offensive weapon equipped with 5.56x45mm intermediate ammunition. With the reintroduction of the fixed-optic form, the rifle was reintroduced in patch 1.15. In contrast to the A1, the AX is compatible with all western magazines, optics, suppressors, and flashlights. In addition, it features a long cylinder, Picatinny rails, and black furniture. Compared to the CQB barrel, fixed sight, and brown furniture of the A1. 

Mosin 91/30

From 1930 until 1944 the Mosin 91/30 was the main rifle of the Soviet military. It was succeeded by the SKS rifle, which was in turn followed by the AK family of rifles within a few years.

Nonetheless, many millions were produced and shipped across the Soviet Union or its satellite governments, as well as to a large number of allies. This, together with the comparative ease of ammunition and low cost, has led to the rifle’s usage in several battles, such as the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and even more recent conflicts like Afghanistan.


Only spawns in the Contaminated Zone as a late-game, highly configurable assault weapon chambered for 5.56x45mm rounds. Due to its rapid rate of fire and average recoil management, it is suitable for firing at close to medium range. Full Auto makes it appropriate for close-range battles, whilst Semi Auto provides more control at larger distances.

Certain accessories, including buttstocks, handguards, optics, and suppressors, can minimize the rifle’s dispersion, therefore enhancing its accuracy. The rifle typically spawns with a plastic handguard and buttstock, but it has a possibility to spawn with a clip or other attachments.


In DayZ Standalone, the LAR is a very uncommon assault weapon. The LAR is loaded in as a late-game fighting rifle. 308 rounds of WIN. The LAR is exclusive to accident scenes involving helicopters. Due to its enormous damage potential and unusual rarity, the LAR is among the most coveted rifles among survivors. Due to the significant damage of the.308 bullet, it can one-shot penetrate helmets at medium and short ranges.

CR-550 Savana

The CR 550 Savanna is also commonly referred to as the CZ 550. It is a hybrid between the M70 Tundra(Winchester) in regards to damage with range, and the CR 527 in terms of its external magazine. Due to its sluggish rate of fire and usage of.308 ammunition, the sniper rifle is most effective at long range. The hunting scope makes it particularly effective at shooting distant targets, and the 10-round magazine gives it a higher real rate of fire than the majority of sniper rifles in DayZ.

M 70 Tundra

In DayZ Standalone, the M70 Tundra is a rivet sports rifle. It is an excellent option for just a long-range weapon because it can instantly kill or at least render unconscious the majority of opponents, even from great distances. When coupled with a Hunting Scope, it is quite effective.

The M-70 Tundra, often known as the Winchester, is widely regarded as one of the most effective Sniper Rifles in DayZ. The Hunting Scope makes this pistol extremely effective for long-range sniping, while the Improvised Suppressor allows for clandestine use.


Blaze is a ranged weapon type in DayZ Standalone. Its low recoil with dual barrel setup allows for immediate follow-up shots, enabling it to engage medium-range targets with ease. It is only slightly effective at closer range due to the need to reload after every two shots. The Blaze can be cut off with a hacksaw, causing it to lose its iron sights and become nearly useless without the Wildlife Scope.


The LE-MAS Bullpup Assault Rifle, often known as the FAMAS, has an exceptionally rapid firing rate and excellent damage. That makes it one of the most effective assault rifles for close-quarters fighting in DayZ.


The AUR A1 is a bullpup assault weapon chambered with 5.56x45mm intermediate ammunition. The rifle was initially released in Alpha version 0.51 but was updated with the new AUR AX in version 1.15. It has an integrated 1.5x magnifying scope with the best iron sight and accepts only the unique 30rd AUR Mag cartridge.


It is a Kalashnikov-series assault weapon designed for international export. It is constructed with contemporary and composite materials, such as polymers that minimize weight and enhance precision. The KA-101’s disassembly technique is similar to that used on the KA-74.

The KA-101 includes a receiver-mounted attachment rail for installing scopes as well as other optical sights, which is compatible with the majority of Russian and European KA optics. 

SK 59/66

In DayZ, the SK 59/66 is a sub-weapon. The SK 59/66 is a mid-game, mid-range, level 3 rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm and equipped with an internal 10-round magazine. It is chambered for the now-common 7.62x39mm cartridge, just like its eventual descendant, the renowned AK-47. It has a ten-round internal magazine that is loaded from the top and is operated by a spring-driven bolt carrier and gas piston rod.

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A Tier

DayZ weapon tier list A Tier
A Tier.

The A rank of our DayZ weapon tier list contains those items that are really great by themselves but have some minor issues that prevent them from being the absolute best. They have fundamental abilities, attack sets, and move sets that are much above average their class. 


The VSS is a late-game integrally suppressed select-fire marksman rifle that can only be obtained from Helicopter Crash Sites or other victims carrying the weapon. The rifle is integrally suppressed and fires subsonic 9x39mm and 9x39mm AP ammunition, making it and its counterpart, the SVAL, the quietest weapons in the game.

Due to the subsonic 9x39mm ammunition, the SVAL is only heard at distances of up to 200 meters, and there will be no shell crack (caused by the bullet traveling at supersonic speeds) while shooting at other victims. The rifle is optimal for ranges up to 150 meters, however, the ATOG Scope can increase its range. 


A descendant of KA-47, the KA-74 is an automatic weapon in DayZ Standalone. It is an assault rifle created in the Soviet Union and equipped with a 5.45x39mm cartridge. The cartridge is lighter and more compact than the 7.62x39mm cartridge used in the KA-M.


The M16-A2 is a gun designed for shooting at close to medium ranges. Since you can only use iron sights at long ranges, long-range firing is not advised. However, the high rate of discharge in burst mode makes it suited for accurate shots at short to medium distances, and its semi-auto fire capability provides for greater control at farther distances.


DayZ’s gun is called the Pioneer. On April 1st, 2021, it was added to the 1.12 Test patch. The Pioneer is a special rifle that incorporates flip-up iron sights, a detachable box magazine, and the ability to mount any optic on a Picatinny rail.


One of the lightest weapons in DayZ is the AS VAL. In addition to being suppressed by default, the AS VAL always fires subsonic bullets, which prevents a weapon from cracking noise. discharges 9x39mm AP rounds.


In DayZ Standalone, the bolt-action CR-527 rifle is available. The CR-527 is a mid-game weapon, it can employ the Hunting Scope and is fed by a detachable 5-round magazine. It is chambered in 7.62x39mm. This hunting rifle, made by Chernarusk Zbrojovka, utilizes detachable, single-stack, linear steel magazines with a scaled-down German Mod. 1898 receiver.

It is renowned for its excellent accuracy and dependability while remaining incredibly tiny and light, thus making it ideal for both target shooters and hunters. Even without sight, the rifle’s zero is set at 200 meters. As a result, at close range, the bullet frequently misses the chosen target.


An assault rifle made in the Soviet Union, the KAS-74U was designed to be a shorter, more portable variant of the KA-74 that is still compatible with the majority of its magazines and attachments.


In DayZ Standalone, there is a select-fire machine gun called the SG5-K. The SG5-K is a mid-sized, tier 3 machine gun loaded in 9x19mm Rounds that is infrequently seen in military sites around Chernarus.

Sawed-off Mosin 91/30

In DayZ Standalone, there is a sawed-off bolt-action rifle called the Mosin 91/30. The 7.62x54mmR-chambered Sawed-off Mosin 91/30 is made using a Mosin 91/30 and a hacksaw. By having a significant section of the barrel and grip removed, the variant, as its name suggests, is significantly shorter than the original Mosin 91/30.

As a result, the rifle has a much lower profile and may be carried on the back or packed inside backpacks and other disk drives with at least four slots. However, that comes at the expense of a decreased effective range and a significantly increased recoil. 

Sawed-off Blaze

In DayZ, there is a sawed-off two-shot weapon called the Sawed-off Blaze. As the name suggests, it can be acquired by taking a hacksaw to the regular Blaze, but in the process, it loses its iron sights.

Vaiga Buck

The Vaiga or Saiga has a high RPM that makes it lethal in close quarters, but it also has a high rate of recoil and wobble. The Vaiga or Saiga, however, is a weapon to be dreaded. The Buckshot shells allow the weapon to deal out a lot of damage rapidly. The damage is calculated using an average (of 4 pellets) since the damage is uncertain.


A break-action, long-distance pistol, the Longhorn. It is inappropriate for close-range personal protection since it is noisy and requires reloading after each fire. A single-shot handgun called the Longhorn is equipped with a.308 WIN round chamber. Since it can be kept in the player’s inventory, this pistol works well at medium ranges and is an excellent weapon to carry with a close-range weapon like a shotgun or submachine gun.

BK-43 Buck

The BK 43, often known as the twin barrel, can fire both bullets simultaneously and is jam-free. The Buckshot shells enable the gun to do a significant amount of damage with each shot. The damage is calculated using an average (of 4 pellets) since the damage is uncertain.

B Tier

Decent weapons from DayZ
B Tier.

The weapons in the B rank of the DayZ weapon tier list 2022 are somewhat average. They can be incredibly effective in the hands of a skilled player, but they don’t possess any special traits.


The BK 18, sometimes called the Izh 18, shoots 7.62×39 bullets. The BK 18 Rifle doesn’t support a lot of attachments, but considering the harm its ammo can cause and how well it can shoot at a distance, it shouldn’t be disregarded. Although the BK 18 and sawed-off BK 18 are not very good weapons in DayZ, they are simple to locate in lower loot levels.

CR-61 Skorpion

In DayZ Standalone, there is a select-fire submachine gun called the CR-61 Skorpion. A tiny, tier 2 submachine gun chambered in, the CR-61 Skorpion may occasionally be found in police stations around Chernarus. 380 rounds of ACP.


The Bizon includes two extra slots for just an Eastern optic and its own form of pistol holster, as well as its own specified 64-round magazine, in contrast to the other.380 ACP machine pistol, the CR-61 Skorpion. The bottle suppressor or the pistol can be used by the Bizon.

The Bizon is probably a more versatile gun than the CR-61 because of its big magazine and diversity of attachments, but the Skorpion still outperforms it at close range due to its faster fire rate. If the survivor intends to use this weapon, it is advised that they carry a Gun Cleaning Kit, as firing the whole magazine would often cause the Bizon to degrade to the following damage level.


DayZ has a semi-automatic handgun called the Deagle. In comparison to the Revolver’s total of 6, the Deagle has 3 extra rounds in a magazine and can hold 1 round in the chamber for a total of 10 rounds. The Deagle is magazine fed rather than loading each cartridge into a cylinder one at a time, hence reloading is quicker than with the Revolver.

It fires the.357 rounds, inflicting 88 shock damage and a total of 63 health damage. At a range of 160 meters, the Deagle can take out lightly armored fighters with one shot to the chest. In comparison to other handguns in the game, it deals quite high damage, supports attachments, utilizes common ammo, and is extremely uncommon.

BK-133 Buck

The BK 133, often referred to as the MP 133, is a pump-action shotgun with a lengthy reload and sluggish rate of fire. When using the buckshot, the damage is calculated using an average (of 4 pellets) since the damage is uncertain.


In DayZ Standalone, there is a select-fire machine gun called the USG-45. It is a mid-sized, tier 3 machine-gun chambered in, and is infrequently found at military sites around Chernarus.

Vaiga Slug

The Vaiga or Saiga has a high RPM that makes it lethal in close quarters, but it also has a high rate of recoil and wobble. The Vaiga or Saiga, however, is a weapon to be dreaded. The weapon has a greater effective range and penetration rating than the Slug shells.

BK-43 Slug

Otherwise known as the standard double-barrel, the BK 43 can fire both shots at the exact same time and doesn’t jam. With the Slug shells loaded, the shotgun has significantly better penetration power.


The Repeater often called the Winchester Rifle, fires.357 rounds and should not be confused only with Winchester M70 Tundra. Every time you fire the rifle, the repeater forces you to cock it again.


One of the best early-game weapons is this handgun, which can accept 15-round magazines and is a typical early-game pistol found in most police stations across Chernarus. With maximum damage of 26, the Mlock-91, which is chambered for 9x19mm rounds, is on the weaker side. You will be able to strike targets as far away as 25 meters without any problem thanks to the minimal weapon wobble and good sights.

It is less accurate at longer ranges and performs somewhat worse in CQC because of its greater recoil in comparison to its equivalent (the CR-75), longer reloads time, and larger dispersion (Close Quarters Combat). A few accessories, such as Mini Sights, Pistol Suppressors, and Pistol Flashlights, are compatible with the Mlock-91. 

Sporter 22

A semi-automatic rifle chambered for called the Sporter 22. 22 rounds in LR. the harm caused by the slow speed. Because the number of 22 LR rounds is so low, it takes multiple bullets to the body to kill an infected person. Any target may require two headshots to be dispatched. The benefits received in return, however, include extremely little noise and virtually no recoil. 


A semi-automatic pistol in the 9mm Parabellum caliber is called the CR-75, it may frequently be a victim’s first gun and is frequently located throughout Chernarus’ towns, villages, and police stations. The CR-75 is a moderate handgun in DayZ Standalone that is based on the CZ 75. The CR-75 is a 919mm Parabellum main weapon that may be used early in the game or as a mid to late-game defense weapon. It is fed by an order request detachable box magazine.

BK-133 Slugs

The BK 133 is a pump-action shotgun that may also be referred to as the MP 133. It has a sluggish rate of fire and takes a long time to reload. This weapon has a higher penetration rating and an increased effective range when it is loaded with slug rounds.


The FX-45 is a.45 ACP-chambered semiautomatic pistol. The FX-45 is a rare military handgun that may only be discovered in military camps. It is often obtained late in the game. The FX-45 is a medium-sized handgun modeled after the tactical version of the FN FNX in DayZ Standalone. The FX-45 is a late-game defense weapon chambered in.45 ACP and fed by a detachable 15-round box magazine.

Kolt 1911

The Kolt 1911 is a.45 ACP pistol with excellent sights, precision, recoil, and damage. Despite having a smaller-than-average 7-round magazine capacity, it outperforms most handguns in stopping power and gunshot noise when suppressed. The subsonic 260m/s muzzle velocity of the.45 ACP cartridge makes it ideal for use with a suppressor.

As it eliminates suppressor pop and reduces noise at a distance, it increases your stealth in larger cities and high-traffic areas filled with infected and other survivors. Its companion is the FX-45, which is preferred by many gamers because of its double-sized magazine and ability to mount a handgun red-dot sight.

Engraved 1911

In DayZ Standalone, one of the types of weapons you may use is called an Engraved Kolt 1911. It is a limited edition model of the Kolt 1911 handgun, and while it is mechanically identical to the standard model, it features a distinctively different aesthetic design. It has etched patterns on the slide, and its grips are white and adorned with skull emblems.

C Tier

Below average weapons from the game.
C Tier.

The C rank of our Dayz tier list is where we start to get into the weapons that are perhaps not the best in combat. You should only pick these up if you are really skilled in firefights, or if you have no other options.


The P1 is a semi-automatic pistol with a 9x19mm chamber and an 8-round, one-stack, single-row magazine. Since its 8Rnd, P1 Magazines is slightly more prevalent than the 15Rnd CR-75 Mag, it is considerably simpler to get a functional firearm.

M 79 Launcher

The M79 Grenade Launcher has a break action and launches 40mm Mortar Launcher Rounds. The smoke shots detonate instantaneously upon shooting and will reflect off practically every surface in DayZ. The Smoke Grenade Shot will last around forty seconds until it ceases to release smoke. All varieties of 40mm Grenade Rounds act like bullets in flight, much like any other firearm in DayZ.

However, unlike the other 40mm rounds, smoke bullets do not directly harm players or AI. In addition, they do not penetrate surfaces like other forms of grenade launcher ammunition. The ratings provided to the M79 are based only on the weapon/projectile combination and do not account for the explosion properties of the chemical gas round.


Based on the Soviet PMM handgun, the IJ-70 is a tiny, compact, lightweight double-stacked magazine variation. The IJ-70 is chambered in.380 ACP and fed with a 12-round detachable magazine; it is often viewed as an early-game or “tier 1” weapon. Due to its.380 ACP caliber and 21-damage stopping strength, the IJ-70 has a fairly short range and weak stopping force.

Although a headshot would often kill an infected, it may take many body shots to bring them down. The IJ-70’s usage of the less potent cartridge has the advantage of less recoil, allowing for rapid follow-up rounds at a maximum rate of fire of 450 rounds per minute. The installation of a Pistol Silencer or Plastic Bottle Silencer renders the IJ-70 nearly inaudible at distances over 100 meters.


The MK II is one of the game’s weakest pistols, while the.22 LR is the game’s weakest cartridge, requiring multiple body shots to kill an infected. As.22 LR bullets are too weak to kill an animal in a decent length of time, it is also not suggested to hunt with them. With a 10-round magazine and the game’s weakest cartridge, the MK II is among the worst handguns for PVP, making it difficult to use successfully. The sole advantage is that each shot has a high probability of applying the bleed effect.


The Derringer is a type of pocket pistol with two barrels that are intended to be strong despite its small size. The gun only occupies two of your inventory slots despite having two barrels that each hold one.357 round. The Derringer is available in three different colors: black, gray, and pink.

Vaiga Rubber

Due to its fast rate of fire (RPM), the Vaiga or Saiga is destructive in close combat; yet, it has significant recoil and sway. Regardless, the Vaiga or Saiga is a dangerous weapon that should be avoided. 

BK-43 Rubber

The BK 43, which may also be referred to as the twin barrel, does not jam even when both rounds are being fired simultaneously. It has the ability to cause a significant amount of shock damage when equipped with Rubber shells.

BK-133 Rubber

The BK 133 is a pump-action gun that may also be referred to as the MP 133. It has a sluggish rate of fire and takes a long time to reload. 

D Tier

DayZ weapon tier list D tier
D Tier.

The weapons present in the D rank of the DayZ weapon tier list are hands down the absolute worst in the game. Only pick these up if you have no other recourse.

Sawed-off BK 43 Buck

Both the dispersion and the recoil of the sawed-off variant of the double barrel, also known as the BK 43, are significantly increased. When loaded with buckshot shells, the firearm has the potential to deal a significant amount of damage with each shot. Because the damage it deals is not consistent, an average of four pellets is utilized to calculate the damage it does.

Sawed-off BK 43 Slug

Both the dispersion and the recoil of the sawed-off variant of the double barrel, also known as the BK 43, are significantly increased. The weapon has a higher penetration rating and an increased effective range when it is loaded with slug rounds.

Sawed-off BK 43 Rubber

The sawed-off variant of the double-barrel, which is often known as the BK 43. It has significantly more dispersion and double the amount of recoil. 


In DayZ, the Flare round is a kind of ammunition that may be used. A light source may be created by employing it in conjunction with the Signal Pistol. When it is discharged from the flaregun, it creates an extremely light area both while it is in the air and when it finally comes to rest on the ground.


This was our DayZ weapon tier list 2022, and we worked really hard to place all the weapons in their appropriate ranks. Hopefully, it helped you discover what is the best gun in Dayz. However, these placements may or may not correspond with your individual tastes and that’s fine since everyone plays games in their own way, and what I find appealing may not necessarily appeal to you. 

However, we tried our best to construct a list that represented the current meta and reflected our individual playstyles. I believe the majority of readers will approve of our selections. However, if you disagree, you are more than free to voice your opinion in the comments section below.

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