Dead Space Remake Tier List: All Weapons Ranked

In Our Article, We Will Be Ranking All 7 Weapons In The Game.

In our Dead Space Remake tier list, we will be going over all seven weapons currently in the game. Given how recent the release was, it was only natural for us to deliver on our part. The rankings will be quite subjective, so keep that in mind when using this as a reference.

The rankings are made on the basis of damage, usability, and efficiency of the weapon in question. A massive deciding factor between guns is also the average opinion of the community on guns, as opinions vary greatly on which weapon is suitable for certain situations.

Key Points

  • The Dead Space Remake currently has seven playable weapons.
  • They will be ranked on the basis of damage, usability, and efficiency.
  • Among the best weapons are the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle.
  • Joining the lowest tier as the worst weapon is the Ripper.


The table below is a summarized version of the content that follows.

S tierA tierB Tier
• Plasma Cutter
• Force Gun
• Pulse Rifle
• Line Gun
• Contact Beam
• Ripper
• Flamethrower

You will only find the rankings in the table. Brief descriptions will be available in the tiers below.

S Tier

Best Dead Space Weapons
S Tier.

Like any ranking article, the first rank that we will discuss in our Dead Space Weapon tier list is the S rank. This tier will cater to the best weapons in the game. They excel in both damage and usability, which gives you the winning edge against your opponents. Without spoiling too much, let’s take a look at what weapons are considered the best.

Plasma Cutter

The Plasma Cutter is unanimously agreed upon within the community to be one of the best weapons in the Dead Space Universe. In addition to its monstrous damage and fire rate, it has one of the best accuracy stats in the game. Its versatility, paired with its consistent damage, easily put it at the top of the list. Lastly, it is quite efficient in terms of ammunition because its ammo type is Plasma Energy, the cheapest ammo in the game.

Force Gun

The Force Gunk came out of the rework as an absolute beast. In addition to its amazing Primary Fire damage, its alt fire has impeccable crowd control, which is almost too good to pass up. Gravity Well pulls all its targets together in a crowd that is free to destroy with ease using the rest of your weapons. It does struggle a little in the long-range fights after the rework, but even then, with a little help, it’s an absolute monster. 

Pulse Rifle

The last weapon of our S tier is one of the most iconic weapons in Dead Space, which is the Plasma Rifle. It simply would not be Dead Space without it. Its devastating high fire rate can easily tear through enemy hordes allowing you to flex your aggressive playstyle effectively. However, post-rework Pulse Rifle has a very deadly alt fire called Proximity Mines, which allows you to place traps to take apply pressure on chokepoints in quick team fights.

A Tier

Great Dead Space Remake Tier List Weapons
A Tier.

Next up is the A rank of the Dead Space Remake tier list. This would normally cater to great weapons, but due to the small number of contestants, the guns here are relatively average. That being said, they are still fantastic weapons. Additionally, in the right hands and playstyle, these weapons can convincingly dominate the S-tier weapons. They are listed as follows.

Line Gun

Line Gun is the first weapon of our A tier. It is quite a spectacular weapon in its ideal situation, which is inside a hall or in narrow alleys. While it does have a pretty low fire rate, its damage output is so high that it gets brutal pretty quickly. Additionally, its alt fire has been improved quite a bit in its rework, boosting its crowd control a lot. Granted, it is a little less explosive, but it is accounted for by the speed of its laser traps. 

Contact Beam

The Contact Beam is one of the highest-damage weapons in the game. It may be the only weapon that can potentially one-shot most Necromorphes because of its alt fire, Asteroid Cutter. Although it does have an abysmal fire rate, it is a fantastic long-range weapon that allows you to do a ton of damage safely. Its ammo efficiency and fire rate are the only two things that hold it back from joining its peers in the S tier.

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Finally, the last weapon that we are going to look at in the A Tier is the Ripper. It is one of the easiest-to-use weapons thanks to its many sawblades ready to tear limbs off Necromorphs. Its alt-fire also saw some perks after the rework, which allows for more coordinated and powerful plays with its more efficient aim.

B Tier

Worst Dead Space Remake Tier List Weapons
B Tier.

Lastly, the final tier of the Dead Space weapon tier list is the B rank. It contains only one weapon that isn’t bad, but it’s definitely not as good as the abovementioned weapons. You should opt for any other weapons unless you are forced to use this one in the heat of battle. Let’s discuss it further below.


The final weapon on our list is the Flamethrower. Like most games, the Flamethrower is one of the coolest weapons to use, but because of its relatively low damage and poor ammo efficiency, almost no one ever opts for it. The only time when you do see it in the game is if you just want to let it rip and burn anything that is in front of you. Because of its low range and poor stagger, it fails to go any higher but even then, it’s quite a deadly weapon to face. 


Well, that does it for our article. The rework has been extremely fun to try out, which is why it was only natural that I make the rankings. However, if there is something you wish to add to review about the rankings, feel free to do so in the comments. Until next, good luck killing all sorts of Necromorphs on the USG Ishimura fellow engineers.

We would also like to point out that as new DLC for the game is released and hopefully newer weapons are introduced into the game, we will be updating the list to reflect the changes.