Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List [2023]

In Our Article Below, We Will Be Ranking All Of The Magic In Deadly Sins Retribution.

Here I am today with my Deadly Sins Retribution Magic tier list which gives a detailed overview of the different magical skills available in the game. This is a Roblox game in which magic skills are used to acquire unique abilities that players can use for a number of different tasks. So our article goes into great detail regarding the game, its races, and the magics available as well as other useful information on the most effective skills in the game.

The magic you obtain is an important factor in determining how your game will play out. There are presently 12 spells in the game all of which can be useful if utilized correctly, some are more effective than others. However, all the different magics in the game, are unique and provide many bonuses to the player using it in the game is used correctly and at the proper timing. However, some magical skills clearly outperform others, which is where we come in.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 12 entries in the article.
  • The rankings were done based on the current meta and the spell’s individual strength.
  • Among the highest tiers, you will find magic like Sunshine, Babylon, Infinity, Wind, and Magma.
  • The lowest tiers contain magic like Christmas, Dark, Nitro, and Blaze.


The contents of the list are quickly mentioned in a brief table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

Continue reading to learn more about each entry.


Your hunt for the Deadly Sins Retribution Magic rankings has ended and our list will guide you about the magic available in the game and which one to choose from the list. For leveling up your characters in the game you need these ultimate magical skills in order to become the best warrior ever. The game’s focus however is on the various races and the magical talents they utilize to resist and defeat foes. 

This page goes into great detail regarding the game and its races and magics available as well as other useful information on the most effective magic in the game. There are presently 12 spells in the game, each of which benefits the user in some way. While all magic available in the game is effective enough if deployed correctly by the player. We’ve produced a list ranking each spell in Deadly Sins Retribution Magic organized from lowest to highest to assist you in choosing one for yourself.

S Tier

best magic of deadly sins
S Tier.

The S tier of my Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List January 2023 comprises some very effective ultimate magic available in the game. Selecting them will help the player in all areas as they do possess skills for the offensive and defensive games. These magics are powerful and impactful in the game with their excellent ability to hit the target and also to defend the player’s own health in the game.


Sunshine is unquestionably the best magic in the game so is placed in the S tier of my list. The magic, as its name indicates has unmeasurable heat inhibition to anyone against you in the game. The blazing form inhibits the foes from approaching you and gives you a great deal of magical resistance. Sunshine’s performance will be substantially enhanced if you do possess second magic as it is best employed for greatly enhancing magical damage. Also, its anti-melee fighting skill enables the user to outperform their foes. 

Along with that, Sunshine magic is one-of-a-kind in the game and can function well in both offensive and defensive areas. With the Brutal Sun ability, the user can easily boost both offense and defense. Also, the Crazy Prominence ability allows users to throw a bomb at the enemies that explode after a short period of time, inflicting significant damage on nearby enemies. Thus it is one of the game’s most well-rounded ones still it lacks good offensive powers because avoiding every damage requires only a short distance. 

AbilitySummons a sun
Upgrade Levels2


Babylon Magic is placed in the S tier because it is a great damaging magic that focuses primarily on damaging the enemies with good destruction. Also, it has the potential to destroy foes with its ultimate powers. By using the current magic you can hit in any direction and render huge damage using its special techniques.

Finally, Babylon Magic focuses on doing harm and has the ability to demolish opponents fully with its unbeatable skills. With the Treasure Barrage move, users can throw treasures that will destroy every barrier on the course and ultimately lead to the success of the user. Similarly, the Treasure Eclipse move can be used to launch archived chests in all directions.

Upgrade LevelsNil


Infinity is placed in the topmost tier because it has the ability to turn the tables in your favor. Users of Infinity Magic can control the space around them and turn the game to their advantage. However, this extremely powerful magic class can be utilized for both offense and defense attacks. Infinity Magic users have the ability to manipulate the space around them and create an environment for their win in the game so selecting it in your games will be completely in your favor.

AbilityManipulate and distort space
Upgrade Levels3

A Tier

Good magic of deadly sin retribution
A Tier.

Here comes the A tier of my Deadly Sins Retribution Magic tier list which comprises overall good and effective magic available in the game however they are still not as good as the S tier magic still they are good for your win.


This is an overall good spell and has more to offer in the game for your win as it works for not only destroying the target but also inhibiting its attacking abilities. The first move, “Mortal Tornado,” reduces the target’s protection and once it breaks the protection barrier it averagely hurts them with its offensive attacks. It is very much considerable for your win in the game and is not a bad option to select from the list. The other move is not a very effective form to use. However, the third movement, “Rising Tornado,” is an excellent move with a middling cooldown, low DPS but high total damage, and destroys any enemy in its way. However, it has a considerably low mana cost and a short cool-down time.

AbilityDamage with Air Projectiles
Upgrade Levels3


Magics are very rare and difficult to get, so you could consider farming for Magma, which is a powerful magic that despite having only two moves at its disposal, it can deal a lot of damage. The magic that combines the elements of Earth and Fire enables it to deal good damage to the enemy and destroy its health. So it is a strong form of magic that is of great help in your win in the game. It can deal a lot of damage to the enemy in a battle despite the fact that it has only a few moves.

AbilityCombination of Earth and Fire
Upgrade LevelsNil

B Tier

average magic of deadly sin retribution
B Tier.

The B tier of my list is an overall mediocre tier or in simple words, the magic mentioned in this respective tier is of average ability and strength. On the other hand, these magics mentioned in the current tier also do possess certain drawbacks as they lack in one area or the other. However, selecting them for your game is not such a bad idea as they do have certain qualities which can be helpful in the game still if you have options available from the upper tiers try selecting those instead.


Frostbite magic is placed in the mediocre tier since it is situational magic due to the casting animation. However, its moves are also very predictable and simple to avoid so are not as effective as the magics in the upper tiers. Its move, “Ice Torment,” is a low-damage, mana-intensive, and highly predictable move. The range of it is a ruse, and the damage is equal to all the other “bullet” magic moves. The hitbox for the move is only effective in the first quarter. The third movement, “Cryogenization,” uses a lot of mana and, if performed improperly, may be the reason for the problem.

Most moves have more drawbacks than benefits, for instance, if you use it close to your opponent, they may take advantage of the fact that you will be forced to suffer the consequences of their magic or melee attacks once the move’s invincibility has expired. However at the same time, the fourth move, “Blizzard,” is quite effective and can be used first, followed immediately by the Cryogenization move in close proximity to the opponent, trapping them inside the ice crystal. They suffer significant damage as a result, whilst you are protected. It is a prominently significant technique to use in the game and attack the enemy while being protected yourself.

AbilityFreezing, Making Jiant Wave of Ice
Upgrade Levels4

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Lightning Magic is an absolute defensive magical skill available in the game so if you want to take a defensive stance, Lightning Magic can be an effective option. Along with that it provides a good deal of protection for your health in the game and resists external attacks. However, it is not a bad option to select if you are to play in the defensive mode as it lacks any special attacking skills in the game.

AbilityExplosion on impact
Upgrade Levels3


After the recent rework, Earth Magic has become more viable magic in the game. Still, it is underwhelming compared to most magics in the game. However after its recent addition, Earth Magic has improved, although it still doesn’t have the same impact as the majority of the game’s Magic.

On the one hand, the first two moves of the magic are quite effective against melee opponents like demons and provide ultimate damage to the opponent. That is because the knockback separates them from you while still doing little damage to “poke” their health. In contrast, the third movement, “Gea Force,” offers magic and physical damage protection, lessening the damage taken, while the final move, “Fall and Crush,” is predictable but extremely potent because, with enough magic points, it can severely cripple your enemy’s damage or even kill them.

So this is not overall bad magic as it possesses good damaging skills as well as protection against most attacks in the game.

AbilityHitting Rocks and Pillars
Upgrade Levels4


When combined with another spell, Christmas magic is incredibly helpful. Trineo is a common first move that is roughly equivalent to all other magics. One of the best moves in the entire game is unquestionably using elves. Snowballing deals the same damage as a first strike, which is the lowest damage of any magic in the entire game, but it uses up less mana and can be used to “poke” opponents’ damage as the huge snowball is typically unpredictable.

AbilitySled Firing in the intended direction
Upgrade Levels3

C Tier

Bad magic of the game
C Tier.

The C rank of my Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List January 2023 is not that effective in the game and does not help much in the game. Also, they do not provide a good gaming experience in your game.


All of the actions of this magic concentrate on healing the caster rather than harming the opponent, and it is the greatest one to utilize for healing. However, only healing will not be sufficient for your game. As all players need some ultimate magic skills for a good gaming experience as well as fight. So it is not a good option for the game as it only functions in healing your health. 

AbilityDrains health of the enemy
Upgrade Levels3


Nitro is damaging magic that allows the player to damage the health to a good extent with its explosive technique. The first move enables the player to jump and move away from the attacking enemy and blast the enemy with its skill rendering good damage to it. The second skill enables it to attack the enemy from behind, also the third skill attacks the enemy with a blast in both directions. it is not an overall bad skill however is quite predictable in the game.

AbilityExplosion and blast
Upgrade LevelsNil

D Tier

worst magic
D Tier.

The D tank is an overall bad tier that contains magic which is neither of much help in your game nor a good gaming experience to play with and thus should be avoided.


Blaze is support magic since it lacks strong offensive techniques. It possesses a technique called “Fire Form 1” that protects against Sunshine magic because the intangible heat does no harm. However, the pride flare can be utilized to defeat this fire form, effectively harming the flame. However, all its moves are not effective and are easily predictable in the fight also they can be overcome and are of low intensity.

AbilityFire Magic 
Upgrade Levels4

Deadly Sins Retribution Race And Magic Tier List

Deadly Sins Retribution, like other RPG games, contains a cast of characters to choose from so below is a table ranking each race in respective tiers:

S TierRoyal DemonLegendaryHas powerful abilities that increase stats such as armor and DMGs
S TierCurseLegendaryHas good healing abilities
S TierDeityLegendaryHas a pair of wings and a significant magical boost
A TierDemonEpicHas 4 times abilities.
A TierGoddessEpicHas 3 times unique abilities.
B TierVampireRareHas ability of power restores, heals damage, and calls on the bats for help.
C TierFairyUncommon Has ability toincrease the magic DMG
D TierHumanCommonHas ability of regenerating mana, ATK increase, and magical defense

Deadly Sins Retribution Reroll Guide

Rerolling is a pretty easy process in deadly sins. The whole list of instructions is provided below:

  • Visit Roblox to begin the game.
  • Activate a guest account to access the game.
  • On the following screen, finish the tutorial and prologue of the game.
  • Finally, summon the character.

We advise choosing the S- tier characters to get off to a strong start. These characters are the greatest in the game and dramatically increase your chances of victory in the game.

Comparison Table

MagicsTierAbilityUpgrade Levels
SunshineSSummons a sun2
InfinitySManipulate and distort space3
WindADamage with Air Projectiles3
MagmaACombination of Earth and FireNil
FrostbiteBFreezing, Making Jiant Wave of Ice4
LightningBExplosion on impact3
EarthBHitting Rocks and Pillars4
ChristmasBSled Firing in the intended direction3
DarkCDrains health of the enemy3
NitroCExplosion and blastNil
BlazeDFire Magic4


So here was the entire Deadly Sins Retribution Magic Tier List article. We hope that our list will guide you through the game about all the different magics and races available in the game, and also, it will provide you with correct information about the correct situations to use them.

I will like to end the article here with the hope that you now have a thorough understanding of all Magics. I would also like to mention that our article is not free of biases, as our writers are also fans of the game and hence are likely to have their own unique opinions. But they still work hard to ensure that all lists are free of any misinformation, and are always open to constructive criticism from our readers.