Destiny Child Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2023]

In this article, I will be telling you guys all about the players of a fantastic game called Destiny Child. In the Destiny Child Tier List, I will rank all the players from best to worst in the form of a tier system, starting from the S tier and coming down to the D tier. This ranking will be based on these characters’ usefulness and abilities in the game.

You can download Destiny Child on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The term ”Childs” refers to a group of characters that players may choose from to fight against in story missions, events, and PVP.

Shift-Up is the company that created and published Destiny Child. Global distribution of Destiny Child began on December 6, 2018. Although it is not a new game, it still has a huge fan following.

Destiny Child indeed is a great game. It’s understandable why so many people are charmed with it, given its unique graphic style and fascinating gameplay. There is a constant discussion regarding which characters are the best, just as with any well-known game. We’ll discuss the game’s characters in this article and give them a tier-by-tier ranking.

For all of you who are confused about which gaming characters are worthy of your time and money, the Destiny Child character tier list will be helpful. Based on the characters’ overall strength and utility, we shall group them into several tiers.

This article will be beneficial to you if you want to get better at your game. We will rate the players in the game and explain why each character is in that position.

Key Points

  • This article has ranked a total of 159 Destiny Child characters.
  • They have been ranked based on their role, element, and meta-relevance.
  • Among the top ranks, you will see Chang’e, Dana, Mona, Neptune, Pamona, etc.
  • In the bottom ranks, you will find Fennec, Desert Horus, Two-sided Moa, Faith Luin, Conceited Hera, etc.


Here is a table showing the rankings of all characters in Destiny Child.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD RankE Rank
Chang’eIndomitable JacheongbiNatalisHephaestusMethuselahSanta Claus
DanaWorker DeinoDevouring ProcelChaser CaciaYmirRed Cross
MonaNeedfire DemeterRemembering AuroraMarauder CacusPakhetGrieving Thetis
NeptuneFire AbaddonMyraFugitive HarpyAttisFennec
PamonaJustice MafdetNirodhasatya NirrtiArgosAurora KingDesert Horus
SerketAyaneZephyrosMercuryLeifangTwo-sided Moa
LupinLaufeyJunoDeborahReigning MedusaFaith Luin
Dancer SalomeOvertaker TitaniaArhatRafflesFluttering SytryConceited Hera
Courtesan BathoryOphoisMate SemeleSethOracle Werewolf
Wild BastetSword TiamatLauraSemeleBikini Lisa
Lady BathorySweet LedaMircallaHeiCharlotte
Naive SyrinxLiamaVirpuaPiercing LuinKalaratri
Starry AstraeaTiwazEurosForm TamamoWestern Aurora
ThisbeMoonlight ArtemisFancy SytryRealm KeinoClotho
Forbidden EveGuiding RitaTemptress HeketRealm BillySinging Aria
Underground SirenHoly NicoleDazzling VenusHungry LimosSquandering Hermes
Lost MaatAthenaBrilliant AriaWinged Diablo
Dreaming SaturnKnight DaphnisBansheeHeroes Nine
Luster KepriLeoSquadron Noel
Liberated MaatCainHonoka
Spring BesGiltineRin
Deceptive krampusZivaCatgirl Neamhain
Gunslinger HildrTragedy RusalkaMaverick Ganesha
Autocratic ElizabethProud FailnaughtCheating Catherine
Aimless PantheonCrescent LunaSweet Sytry
FreyRealm AnnieSnow Miku
Realm WodanHatsune Miku
Cube MoaField Pan
Shadow OlgaGlamorous Brigid
Seething Hades
Arboreal Raccoon
Snow Miku
Marie Rose
Witch Eochaid
Scarlet Iphis
Ruffian Midas
Girlfriend Katherine
Buster Lisa
Praying Bari
Hands Isolde
Midsummer Anemone
Mysterious Saturn
Pretty Mars
Cynical Tyrving
Rider Kubaba
Illusory Durandel
Broker Brownie
Harmony Mebd
Magician Ailill
Transmigratior Cleopetra
Glorious Myrina
Righteous Mafdet
Catching Eshu
Hesitant Metis
Experimental Jupiter
Adventurer Epona
Spiteful Calypso

Destiny Child Gameplay

In Destiny Child, the Devil’s Fiesta questline is accessible after you complete the mission. It offers a sizable quantity of prizes and also gives you a child ticket. It is possible to complete the Questline assignments simultaneously, even without participating in the search. There are, however, some days when you must perform specified tasks. These cannot be completed in advance. The tasks you must perform for Devil’s Fiesta are listed below.

First, achieve Level 25. Then, in Story Mode, complete Normal 2-3-4. Then make twelve trips through each event dungeon. Explore the first region five times for around an hour. Then, four times consecutively, challenge the Underground. After that, participate 18 times in the PvP event known as the Devil Rumble.

Players should use an amiable gacha seven times. After that, you will be promoted to S Class and Child till 40 Level 4. Finally, remove the skill cap, please, two kids and thirty-five times leveling up a specific skill.

Even though they provide numerous unique goods as rewards, newbies typically miss tutorial missions. However, you can find them in the My Room area, and you’ll get a bonus five Stars Child Ticket by going through them all.

I advise playing the game in regular settings when you first start it. You will probably get loads of crystal, energy, cash, and onyx that aid growth if you finish the narrative the conventional way. The level of the story quest will determine how many prizes you may anticipate getting.

Remember to complete Chapter 2 since it offers drops of Crafting Material exclusive to this chapter. The most effective approach for you to raise your ”Child” is through these.

I advise playing the game again on Hard Mode after you finish Normal Mode. These will enable you to earn Mona Prizes rewards. Avoid using the overwhelming challenges of farming. Grinding through the level is typically not worth your time because they are only intended for unlocking a small number of unique rewards.

Grinding through the level is not worth your time as it results in a lot of wasted gold when you may grind other tasks. Furthermore, they are only intended for unlocking a few special prizes. You are given daily missions that you must fulfill each day. The ones to watch out for are these:

Among Lisa’s missions are nine hundred fifty crystals, 65k money, 3.3k onyx, and a blood jewel. Daily Free Summon is also a sporadic opportunity for ten free summons. A round 250 stamina, 300,000 gold, and some ammunition for armour.

Try to avoid making the challenge difficult since it might be complex. This game is crucial for novices. You get five daily attempts and receive roughly 211200 coins from it.

Destiny Child Updates

The turn-based game Destiny Child is exciting and challenging. The quantity of material in the game is its primary draw. You may constantly learn something new in the game, whether it is through events, dungeons, guilds, or something else.

Most games in the turn-based genre have become somewhat old. However, Destiny Child’s unique features for adopting new characters and emphasizing character development make the game extremely engaging.

On the other hand, the game has an extensive skill curve, which makes it difficult for beginner players. So, reading this essay should significantly improve your understanding of the game.

The game’s most recent update, which the developers released on January 27, 2022, is loaded with information about the new Child, gaming features, upcoming events, and much more! A new Narrative Dungeon event occurred from January 27, 2022, to February 10, 2022. Players in this event received awards for completing the dungeon’s eight phases.

The game’s Endless Combat feature, which allows players to send 15 Child characters into a six-minute battle and get victory awards if they prevail, was first launched in July 2021. It’s an effective technique to get prizes without doing anything at all! This brings about some pretty impressive features to the game.

Let us now begin with the Destiny Child Tier List 2022. Starting with the S tier having all the best characters from this game. It ends up in the D tier, where all the worst ones are placed. All of these characters are ranked based on their skills and abilities.

This article is motivated by the Destiny Child tier list Reddit and Destiny Child tier list jp. These two platforms are the go-to places for all gamers to know about character ranking. Despite that, it involves extensive research and extensive time spent playing this game. I have a pretty excellent grip on this game as I am a consistent player and love what this game has to offer.

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S Tier

Destiny Child Tier list S tier

The S tier of the Destiny Child Tier list has all this game’s fantastic and superb characters. These are the most notable characters you can unlock as they’ll perform well in every scenario, whether it’s PVE, PVP, a raid, or a World Boss. These characters are without flaws, and they can accomplish anything. Put it another way, you might say that they are the game’s powerful ”Childs”.

Dancer SalomeAttackerWater
Courtesan BathoryAttackerFire
Wild BastetAttackerLight
Lady BathoryDebufferWood
Naive SyrinxHealerWood
Starry AstraeaHealerWood
Forbidden EveAttackerWater
Underground SirenAttackerWater
Lost MaatHealerLight
Dreaming SaturnAttackerLight

A Tier

Good characters from Destiny Child

The characters belonging to the A tier are an excellent option for advancing the game. Even if they are not the most strong, these heroes are nonetheless capable of competing. In any setting in the game, you won’t have any issues interacting with these fantastic characters.

Indomitable JacheongbiAttackerWood
Worker DeinoAttackerWater
Needfire DemeterDebufferFire
Fire AbaddonAttackerWood
Justice MafdetAttackerWater
Overtaker TitaniaAttackerLight
Sword TiamatAttackerFire
Sweet LedaSupportFire
Moonlight ArtemisAttackerDark
Guiding RitaDebufferDark
Holy NicoleAttackerWood
Knight DaphnisAttackerWood
Luster KepriAttackerDark
Liberated MaatAttackerDark
Spring BesDefenderWater
Deceptive krampusAttackerWood
Gunslinger HildrAttackerLight
Autocratic ElizabethAttackerDark
Aimless PantheonSupportDark

B Tier

Decent characters from Destiny Child

The characters in the B tier are average. These characters can be used quite well, but getting the most from them will need a lot of work on your behalf. It’s because these characters aren’t the most powerful. Therefore you can run into problems in the game’s later levels. Still, you could make them function with the appropriate configuration.

Devouring ProcelAttackerWater
Remembering AuroraSupportWood
Nirodhasatya NirrtiSupportWater
Mate SemeleSupportLight
Fancy SytrySupportWood
Temptress HeketHealerWood
Dazzling VenusSupportWood
Brilliant AriaAttackerLight
Tragedy RusalkaSupportFire
Proud FailnaughtSupportFire
Crescent LunaSupportLight
Realm AnnieAttackerWood
Realm WodanSupportWood
Cube MoaDebufferLight
Shadow OlgaDebufferWater
Seething HadesTankFire
Arboreal RaccoonTankWater
Snow MikuSupportWater
Marie RoseTankWood
Witch EochaidAttackerWood
Scarlet IphisDebufferDark
Ruffian MidasHealerDark
Girlfriend KatherineDebufferWood
Buster LisaAttackerWater
Praying BariAttackerWater
Hands IsoldeDebufferWater
Midsummer AnemoneSupportWater
Mysterious SaturnAttackerDark
Pretty MarsAttackerDark
Cynical TyrvingAttackerFire
Rider KubabaAttackerDark
Illusory DurandelSupportDark
Broker BrownieSupportWood
Harmony MebdAttackerFire
Magician AilillAttackerFire
Transmigratior CleopetraAttackerLight
Glorious MyrinaSupportWater
Righteous MafdetAttackerLight
Catching EshuTankWater
Hesitant MetisHealerLight
Experimental JupiterDebufferFire
Adventurer EponaSupportWood
Spiteful CalypsoAttackerWater

C Tier

Destiny Child Tier list C tier

C-tier characters are only tolerably developed. You may utilize them to a certain extent, but I advise upgrading to good ones as quickly as possible. These characters will have difficulty with characters found in higher levels since they lack sufficient strength.

Chaser CaciaAttackerWater
Marauder CacusHealerFire
Fugitive HarpyDebufferWater
Piercing LuinAttackerWood
Form TamamoDebufferFire
Realm KeinoTankFire
Realm BillyDebufferWater
Hungry LimosDebufferFire
Winged DiabloTankLight
Heroes NineDebufferFire
Squadron NoelAttackerWater
Catgirl NeamhainSupportLight
Maverick GaneshaSupportFire
Cheating CatherineTankFire
Sweet SytrySupportLight
Snow MikuHealerWater
Hatsune MikuSupportWater
Field PanDebufferWood
Glamorous BrigidTankFire

D Tier

Mediocre characters from Destiny Child

The characters in the D-tier are pretty mediocre. So only utilize the characters listed here while you have other good options. If your players fall into this category, I’m sorry; you’ll need to quickly assemble a new team of stronger ”Childs” if you want to keep moving forward in the game.

Aurora KingTankLight
Reigning MedusaDebufferDark
Fluttering SytryDebufferWood
Oracle WerewolfDebufferLight
Bikini LisaSupportWood
Western AuroraHealerFire
Singing AriaSupportLight
Squandering HermesSupportFire

E Tier

Worst characters from Destiny Child

These characters should be avoided while playing because they are the worst in the Destiny Child game and almost unusable. So many better alternatives are available for you that choosing these characters would put you at a disadvantage.

Santa ClausDebufferWater
Red CrossTankDark
Grieving ThetisDebufferWater
Desert HorusDebufferLight
Two-sided MoaTankDark
Faith LuinDebufferWood
Conceited HeraTankWood

How To Reroll In Destiny Child 

 In case you are looking for some of the best characters from our August 2022 tier list for Destiny Child, we recommend that you perform reroll. 

By rolling you will be able to get some of the best characters in the game and formulate a team that will help you in the late game. In this RPG, you will have to reset all your progress in Destiny Child in case you want to reroll. You can do so by accessing your in-game settings.  


First, you need to go to the Settings option and then click on the Support tab. Here you will find an option to Delete your account. When you click that button, your account to third-party apps like Google Play, Facebook, or line will automatically be unlinked. Furthermore, you will also be able to reset your game progress so that you can start from the beginning. 

As soon as you do this you can start the game again. all you need to do now is to play the tutorial again and use your free summoning and keep rerolling until you get the characters you want. In case you do not like the character generated by the gacha system, you can always just repeat the process again. 

Keep in mind that the rerolling process will take around 30 minutes to one hour to complete. Furthermore, there is a huge chance for you to get a five-star character while re-rolling. However, if you are going for a specific character you will need to do the rerolling process a lot of times till you actually get them. 

We recommend that instead of opting for a single character, look for a 5-star character with that all you want. For instance, good Attackers to go for while rerolling are Abaddon and eve. Jupiter is a good Debuffer and a fire-type character and Epona is a good Supporter. 

Patch Notes 2.9.3 Version

The following changes were made to the game in the latest patch notes. Version 2.9.3 was released on 5th December 2018.

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Its a Wrap

The Destiny Child Tier List consists of all the characters from the game ranked from best to worst in terms of usefulness. They have been placed in the specific tiers after extensive research, and as a constant player of Destiny Child, I can assure you that this article is undoubtedly up to your desires. On the other hand, everyone has their perspective, so if you have any suggestions, you can enlighten us in the comments section.

The main adjective of the tier lists we produce is to provide the viewers with excellent guidelines and choices they might have forgotten even about their favorite categories.

All the writers firstly gather extensive information regarding the respective topic, and a tremendous amount of time and energy is given to every single article, after which a whole team of seniors is assembled who have the responsibility of picking out even the slightest errors in the articles.

All the writers here have to do much research even before writing a single word. As this tier list is not made for ourselves but for our dear viewers, we make sure that what we provide here is liked throughout in abundance.

This takes out a great deal of energy and time. However, these are not just utter words; instead, these are the treasure of wisdom, research, and consistency that leads to creating a whole article for your ease and better selection of the specific category.

Most Searched Question About Destiny Child

How can I reroll in Destiny Child?

Go to the Settings menu in-game, select the Support tab and click the Delete Account option to unlink your account to make your initial game. This will reset your progress. Then, relink a new account to begin the game over after that.

How should I change the difficulty setting in the game?

It is strongly advised that you finish the narrative mode in accessible mode first and then do it again in strict mode to get the most out of the rewards that will aid your character’s leveling up.

How many currencies are there in the game?

The currencies in the game are: Gold, Onyx, Rumble Coins, Blood Gems, Crystals, and Friend Points.

What happens in Devil Rumble mode?

It’s a PvP arena where you may compete against other teams, advance in levels, and gain Rumble Coins to spend in the Rumble Shop on good evolution goods.