Elden Ring Ashes Of War Tier List [2023]

In This Article, We'll Be Ranking All Ashes Of War In The Game

Elden Ring is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best game of 2022. It is an action role-playing game, and like every one of From Software’s masterpieces, it is hard to conquer. This offers gamers many different sorts of weapons, incantations, and spirit ashes, among which are the Ashes of War.

And in our Elden Ring Ashes of War Tier List, we will rank each one of them based on their usefulness, which may be subjective and will vary from person to person.

Key Points

  • Elden Ring contains total of 91 Ashes of War.
  • Each one of them is ranked on the basis of damage output, availability, and skill effect.
  • Seppuku, Bloodhound’s Step, and Flames of Redmanes are found in the higher ranks.
  • Troll’s Roar, Repeating Thrust, and Waves of Darkness are among the lowest ranks.


Before we dive any further, the following table shows the rank of all Elden Ring Ashes Of War.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Seppuku
• Bloodhound's Step
• Flames of Redmanes
• Flaming Strike
• Glintblade Phalanx
• Golden Land
• Raptor of the Mists
• Sword Dance
• Shield Bash
• Quickstep
• Shield Crash
• Blood Blade
• Hoarfrost Stomp
• Bloody Slash
• Square Off
• Prelate’s Charge
• Ice Spear
• Hoarah Loux’s
• Glintstone Pebble
• Black Flame Tornado
• Lion’s Claw
• Piercing Fang
• Prayerful Strike
• Shared Order
• Sacred Blade
• Golden Vow
• Spinning Strikes
• Sacred Ring of Light
• Royal Knight’s Resolve
• Rain of Arrows
• Phantom Slash
• Spinning Slash
• Chilling Mist
• Lightning Ram
• Unsheathe
• Storm Assault
• Gravitas
• Stamp: Upward Cut
• Golden Parry
• Carian Retaliation
• Mighty Shot
• Wild Strikes
• Cragblade
• Giant Hunt
• Braggart’s Roar
• Earthshaker
• Lifesteal Fist
• Sky Shot
• Storm Wall
• No Skill
• Enchanted Shot
• Golden Slam
• Holy Ground
• Thunderbolt
• Vow of the Indomitable
• Sacred Order
• Beast’s Roar
• Carian Grandeur
• Carian Greatsword
• Storm Stomp
• Assassin’s Gambit
• Storm Blade
• Spinning Weapon
• Double Slash
• Charge Forth
• Stormcaller
• Thops’s Barrier
• Loretta’s Slash
• Impaling Thrust
• Lightning Slash
• Eruption
• Poisonous Mist
• Endure
• Stamp: Sweep
• Blood Tax
• Determination
• Barricade Shield
• Kick
• Barbaric Roar
• War Cry

• Parry
• Barrage
• Through and Through
• Ground Slam
• Vacuum Slice
• White Shadow’s Lure
• Spectral Lance
• Poison Moth Flight
• Troll’s Roar
• Repeating Thrust
• Waves of Darkness

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S Tier

Elden Ring Ashes of War Tier List
S Tier.

Only the best Ashes Of War in Elden Ring can be found in the tier, which is the highest and best tier in the tier system. The members here are notable for their unparalleled availability and damage.


Seppuku increases attack damage and the ability to inflict more blood loss. It’s can be found next to “Freezing Lake” by killing the Scarab.

Bloodhound’s Step

Dropped by a Night’s Cavalry at DragonBarrow’s bridge, this item is mostly used to envelop a locked-on target and temporarily make the user invisible.

Flames of Redmanes

Redmanes’ flames make powerful bursts of flame that perishes any foes that come in the way. Its powerful ability to inflict immense damage and less casting time makes it the most suitable choice for the S Tier.

A Tier

Elden Ring Ashes Of War
A Tier.

In terms of damage and casting time, the A rank of our Elden Ring Ashes Of War Tier List 2023 contains one of the best Ashes of War. However, they lacked the little spark that stops them to be included in S tier.

Flaming Strike

This skill emits fire in the form of a wide arc that is mostly effective with a combination of strong attacks and lunging. It is dropped by a Teardrop Scarab in the Redmane Castle.

Glintblade Phalanx

The Glintblade Phlanx generates blades and automatically attacks enemies, which is very beneficial when the player is surrounded by multiple enemies. It has high damage stats, increases players’ offense, and is easily obtainable in Stormveil Castle.

Golden Land

After obtaining Golden Land, you can unleash the power of a blast combined with Golden Darts on your enemies. It can kill multiple minor enemies at once and can be found in the Deeproot Depths.

Raptor of the Mists

Raptor of the Mists gives players to vanish in the air when an enemy attacks, converting the enemy’s attack into a quick jump attack, which is useful against boss fights such as Fire Giant.

Sword Dance

Sword Dance provides you a combination of rapid spinning slashes that destroy enemies with great weapon damage. It is found near Minor Erdtree in Liurnia.

Shield Bash

Allows players to brace themselves against enemies and stagger even minor and weaker enemies. It provides a great opportunity for defense and attack in boss fights.


With Quickstep, players can circle around locked-on targets and attack from behind; it could be purchased at a minor price at Warmaster’s Shack.

Shield Crash

After obtaining Shield Crash, you can maintain guard and charge forward simultaneously, completely staggering and destroying minor enemies. It was easily accessible on the Altus Plateau.


Blood Blade

Blood Blade can be fired in rapid succession, which increases your offense in boss fights such as those against Godskin Duo. On the Altus Plateau, it is dropped by the Teardrop Scarab.

Hoarfrost Stomp

It is found in Liurnia of the Lakes and can freeze multiple enemies in its vicinity by spreading freezing mist on the ground.

Bloody Slash

This skill increases the damage of a strong attack with your sword by hitting a bloody slash against enemies. It is very effective against Godskin Noble.

Square Off

Square Off increases normal and strong attack damage, which allows you to hit weaker enemies with just one hit.

Prelate’s Charge

Combined with the bleed flame incantation and Prelate’s Charge, you can inflict a lot of damage with a single charge. It is undeniably effective in boss fights and can be found in the Giant Mountaintops.

Ice Spear

This Ash of War does incredible damage with a magical Ice Spear; just in two hits, an enemy can get frostbitten and have its posture broken in a third.

Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker

Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker shakes the ground and unleashes a shockwave that can take down multiple enemies at once; moreover, its damage input increases if repeated again. It can be obtained by trading it with Enia at Roundtable Hold.

Glintstone Pebble

This Ash of War takes less time to cast and works effectively with a strong attack followed by a lunging thrust. It can be bought at Stromveil Castle.

Black Flame Tornado

With this Ash of War, you can do incredible damage against multiple enemies at once, even in boss fights against Renalla.

Lion’s Claw

The Lion’s Claw, which is dropped by the Lion Guardian in Fort Gael, can be a useful ally against bosses like Morgot or Astel due to its speed, which gives players an edge over them.

B Tier

Elden Ring Ashes Of War
B Tier.

In our Elden Ring Ashes of War tier list, B rank contains all of the most average entries on the list.

Piercing Fang

It is capable of making a powerful, unblockable thrust, which can be acquired from Bloody Finger Hunter Yura.

Prayerful Strike

Prayerful Strike can be applied to axes and hammers and is dropped by an invisible Scarab located in the Altus Plateau.

Shared Order

Shared order not only provides a buff to the player, but also grants holy essence to nearby allies. It is highly effective against Those who Live in Death and also easily obtained in Altus Plateau

Sacred Blade

It is the most accessible Ash of War, which grants new skills and scales weapon damage.

Golden Vow

Golden Vow is very useful as it increases the attack power and damage of the user and nearby allies. A Mounted Knight must be defeated in order to obtain it, which makes it harder to get.

Spinning Strikes

Spinning strikes grant amazing defense against projectiles like arrows as the player performs continuous spinning attacks. It is difficult to obtain as it requires completing the quest line and defeating Edgar.

Sacred Ring of Light

This Ash of War fires Rings of Lights. It’s fast, effective, and easily obtainable.

Royal Knight’s Resolve

Royal Knight’s Resolve just powers up the user’s next attack and is very tricky to obtain, which does not work in the grand scheme of things.

Rain of Arrows

Rain of Arrows showers the enemy with projectiles i.e arrows as the name suggest, it does effective damage but is relatively slow.

Phantom Slash

Phantom Slash deals more damage, takes very little time to cast, and is easily obtainable in Forbidden Lakes.

Spinning Slash

Players need to buy Spinning Slash at Warmaster’s Shack, which is effective against boss fights as it does amazing damage, but its cost makes it inaccessible.

Chilling Mist

Dropped by the Teardrop Scarab, slashes enemies with icy frosts that are fast and deal a lot of damage.

Lightning Ram

Lightning Ram is capable of doing incredible damage to enemies with lightning and increasing dexterity scaling. It can be found at Altus Plateau.


It can kill minor enemies with a single hit by performing a rapid slash attack followed by a normal or strong attack.

Storm Assault

Storm Assault allows players to surround enemies with storm winds and then thrust downwards, but it is time-consuming to cast and not very effective in terms of damage.


Gravitas is most effective when you are surrounded by enemies, as it causes a gravity surge that pulls them inward to their doom. It is obtained in Limgrave by accessing the entrance to the Cave of Knowledge.

Stamp: Upward Cut

It allows players to get into a low stance that prevents most enemies’ attacks and is sold at Warmaster’s Shack for an expensive rate.

Golden Parry

Golden Parry is very useful as it deflects enemies, breaks their stance, and can be used at a slight distance; however, it hinders your offense, which is a great disadvantage.

Carian Retaliation

You can use the skill to dispel incoming magical attacks, and turn them into magical glintblades

Mighty Shot

Mighty shot increases the damage of each shot obtained by the bow and can easily penetrate the enemy’s defense. It is dropped by the Teardrop Scarab.

Wild Strikes

Wild Strikes, which cause rapid swinging followed by a normal or strong attack, are great when fighting minor enemies but are less effective in boss fights.


It is dropped by Scarab west of the Impassable Bridge, which just reinforces weapons.

Giant Hunt

Giant Hunt helps you tremendously in defeating gigantic foes such as Giant Crabs of Land Occtupus with a highly effective upward thrust. It is dropped by the Troll Knight.

Braggart’s Roar

Obtaining Braggart’s Roar raises damage, defense, stamina, and recovery speed. It’s very effective against boss fights with Mohg or Malenia, etc.


Sends a shockwave towards Earth, inflicting damage on multiple enemies at once, dropped by an Invisible Scarab. It belongs right here in our Elden Ring Ashes Of War Tier List.

Lifesteal Fist

Lifesteal Fist makes foes unconscious and steals their HP, making it very effective against foes like Exile soldiers or Putrid corpses. It is dropped by Teatdrop Scarab near Caelid Highway.

Sky Shot

Sky shot, as the name suggests, fires arrows into the air that hit enemies approaching from above. It is very effective against Warhawks and Giant Bats.

Storm Wall

With the help of Stormwall, players can not only defend against flying projectiles but also parry against ground enemies’ attacks. It is found near a collapsed bridge in Sitormhill.

No Skill

This Ash of War has no skill, so the skills of the weapons on the other hand will be used instead. It can be purchased from Knight Bernahl.

Enchanted Shot

Enchanted shots make each regular arrow shot faster and take more damage, and it even changes its trajectory to hit the target. 

Golden Slam

You simply jump and slam the ground with the Golden Slam. It can be found near the Woodfolk Ruins.

Holy Ground

Holy Ground allows players to heal themselves and their allies in its vicinity and boosts defense. It is obtained through Auriza Hero’s Grave.


This Ash of War calls down multiple bolts of lightning and, with less casting time, can be used in multiple successions.

Vow of the Indomitable

Grants invincibility momentarily, could be located in Liurnia of the lakes.

Sacred Order

Sacred order is highly effective against Those Who Live In Death. It can be obtained from the Teardrop Scarab.

Beast’s Roar

It releases a roar that staggers large enemies, knocking down minor enemies at once, and is easily obtainable from Gurranq.

Carian Greatsword

It transforms the blade into a magical sword with increased damage stats, making it particularly effective against Demi-humans and Miners.

Carian Grandeur

Creates a gigantic magical sword that can be swung down to deal massive damage.

Storm Stomp

Storm Stomp creates a momentary storm that takes down whatever comes into its grip. Moreover, it is found near Stormveil Castle.

C Tier

Elden Ring Ashes Of War
C Tier.

The C rank entries of the Elden Ring Ashes Of War Tier List 2023 are pretty subpar. Despite being rather simple to find, they do not do well in terms of damage.

Assassin’s Gambit

Assassin’s Gambit lets players conceal themselves at the cost of some HP, allowing them to bypass enemies. It is purchased in the Volcano Manor.

Storm Blade

Storm Blade fires strong gusts of wind at your enemies from a long distance. It can be purchased from Knight Bernahl.

Spinning Weapon

Spinning Weapon executes consecutive short-ranged attacks by rotating the weapon in front of the user. It is purchased from Sorcerer Rogier.

Double Slash

Double Slash executes a flurry of slashes akin to Rivers of Blood. It can be obtained from a Scarab in Selia, Town of Sorcery, located in Caelid.

Charge Forth

Charge Forth allows you to ram through your enemies with the tip of your weapon. It is obtained from a Scarab in Liurnia.


Stormcaller channels a gust of wind around your character in an area of effect attack. It is obtained from a Scarab in Stormveil Castle.

Thops’s Barrier

Thop’s Barrier allows you to parry Magic attacks by timing your parry perfectly. It is obtained after completing Thop’s questline.

Loretta’s Slash

Loretta’s Slash executes a magical leaping attack that does decent damage. It is obtained by defeating Loretta in Caria Manor.

Impaling Thrust

Impaling Thrust executes a piercing attack that can bypass shields. You can purchase it from Knight Bernahl in Volcano Manor.

Lightning Slash

Lightning Slash allows you to execute an electric explosion with your weapon. It is obtained from a camp in Altus Plateau.


Eruption lets you slam your weapon on the ground, causing a firey explosion that leaves behind lava, dealing damage over time. It is purchased from Knight Bernahl.

Poisonous Mist

Poisonous Mist executes a slash that leaves behind a poison mist, building up the poison status effect. It is obtained from a Scarab in the Aeonia Swamp.


Endure increases your poise temporarily, allowing you to tank attacks. It is purchased from Knight Bernahl.

Stamp: Sweep

Stamp: Sweep lets you enter a stance that lets you execute a circular sweep, dealing high damage. It is obtained from a Scarab in Limgrave.

Blood Tax

Blood Tax allows you to execute a rush of stab attacks that build up Bleed and restore your HP. It is obtained from a cave in Mohgwyn Palace.


Determination powers up your next attack. It is obtained from a Scarab in Agheel Lake, located in Limgrave.

Barricade Shield

Barricade Shield will buff the defensive capabilities of your shield for the next attack you block. It is obtained by killing the Night’s Cavalry in Weeping Peninsula.


Kick allows you to break through an enemy’s guard with a simple kick. It is purchased from Knight Bernahl.

Barbaric Roar

Barbaric Roar buffs your damage output and changes your “heavy attack” to a more powerful version. It is obtained from a Scarab in Ravine Veiled Village.

War Cry

War Cry is a weaker version of the Barbaric Roar, but has the same property of changing your heavy attack. It is purchased from Knight Bernahl.

D Tier

Elden Ring Ashes Of War
D Tier.

Due to its poor damage stats and lengthy casting times, Tier D Ashes of War is the least advantageous in a fight.


Parry allows you to counter an enemy’s attack and put them in a vulnerable state. However, as it hinders your offence, it is not worth much in the grand scheme of things. This is why we put it on the B tier of our Elden Ring Ashes of War tier list.


Barrage fires a rapid succession of arrows that can kill foes in an instant. Players can deal more damage to flying enemies such as WarHawks and Giant Bats. However, it is very difficult to locate and takes more time to cast, which is a big disadvantage.

Through and Through

Sends a blade-like arc toward the enemy which is not very effective in damage, that is why we put it in D rank.

Ground Slam

This Ash of War spreads a powerful shockwave in all directions, which is advantageous when fighting multiple opponents. It can be located in Mistwood.

Vacuum Slice

Through and Through fires a massive arrow that can pierce through enemies like Golem warriors and Trolls. It is dropped by Invisible Scarab in Altus Plateau.

White Shadow’s Lure

White Shadow Lures is very effective against Demi-Humans; however, it is very difficult to locate in Consecrated Snowfield.

Spectral Lance

The Spectral Lance, which is dropped by Teardrop Scarab, launches huge spear against enemies.

Poison Moth Flight

It does significant damage to a poisoned foe but takes time to cast.

Troll’s Roar

Trolls’ roars simply create a powerful shockwave. It can be located near the Church of Repose.

Repeating Thrust

Repeating Thrust is without a doubt really powerful, but it takes time to cast and build up, which affects the player’s offense. Moreover, it can be found at the Gatefront Ruins.

Waves of Darkness

This Ash of War sends out three waves, which are not very effective in terms of damage, and players had to trade in Enia in order to obtain it.


Well, that concludes our list of Elden Ring Ashes of War Tier List 2023. The article has all the details you require to select the Ash of War that will work the best against a certain foe.

There’s a chance that some of the ranks shown here don’t line up with your own. Additionally, we are well aware that every statement made here is open to critique, so feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts.