Eyes of Heaven Tier List [2023]

We Will Be Ranking All 43 Characters In Our Tier List

Gaming and Anime are two of the most engaging subjects for most of our readers. But have you ever thought, what if we merge these two? We can get an epic combination like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. And in our Eyes of Heaven Tier List, we will analyze the available characters from the game’s roster and rank them in the form of a ranking list based on their abilities and strengths.

Initially, the game was released In Japan on December 17, 2015, it was made available in North America a year later. The game offers both offline and online modes while giving you a selection of 49 playable characters. 

Key Points

  • All the characters are ranked based on their skills and capabilities.
  • There are a total of 49 entries in the list.
  • The best characters are Jonatah and Zeppeli.
  • Among the weakest characters are Valentine and Joshu.


For a quick view, the following characters are ranked in the following table.

Tier RankCharacters
S Rank• Jonatahn
• Zeppeli
• SpeedWagon
• Dio
A Rank• Joseph
• Caesar
• Lisa Lisa
• Stroheim
• Wamuu
• Esidisi
• Kars
• Jotaro
• Old Joseph
• Avdol
B Rank• Kakyoin
• Polnareff
• Iggy
• Hol Horse
• N'Doul
• Mariah
• Pet Shop
• Vanilla
• Josuke
• Okuyasu
• Koichi
• Rohan
• Jotaro
• Yukako
• Shigechi
• Otoishi
• Kira
• Kawajiri
C Rank• Giorno
• Bucciarati
• Mista
• Narancia
• Fugo
• Trish
• Diavolo
• Jolyne
• Ermes
• Anasui
• Weather
• Pucci
D Rank• Gyro
• Diego
• Valentine
• Joshu

S Tier

S Tier
Strongest fighters.

In the S Tier of Eyes of Heaven Character List, we will place the strongest fighters in the game. These characters have the highest stats, base attack, and defense with unique special abilities, which are much better than the rest. Their general playstyle is more impressive than all the other characters.


Let’s start with the strongest fighter in the game, Jonathan. He is equipped with various traditional martial arts moves. His attacking moves include Zoom Punch, where he throws his fist forward, which strikes the opponents with greater damage. 

Similarly, his Sendo Ripple Overdrive enables Jonathan to produce flame ripples. He can transfer the flame to different parts of his body, and if the foe comes in contact with Jonathan during this time, they will catch fire. Underwater Turquoise Blue Overdrive is another special ability that comes in handy when submerged in water; Jonathan can unleash powerful cyclones that generate enough force to drive foes away. Most of the time, a sizable percentage of the water is also thrown outward, ending off the opponent as a finishing combo.


When it comes to using Ripple, Zeppeli is a pro. He can use it to jump, stand on water, heal, revive plants, and even have the foresight to attack. Zeppeli has a range of different attacking moves which are pretty similar to the one Jonathan has because of being classified as the same type, Ripple, in the game.

The first is Ripple Cutter. The range and precision of the move are so good that dodging it can be very tricky for the foes. While using the Sendo Wave Kick move, he can launch rapid kicks, which can’t be evaded easily. That lets you deal plenty of damage in a short time resulting in a quick drop in your opponent’s health bar.

Zeppeli’s most powerful technique is the Ultimate Deep Pass Overdrive, which causes his power to increase drastically. This also changes Zeppeli’s physical appearance, causing his skin to wrinkle and his hair to turn white as if he greatly aged in a short time making him a terror to go up against.


Speedwagon is an ogre street master in the game. Unlike the previous two entries, he isn’t specialized in Ripple. However, due to his specific class, he is fairly resourceful. He has mastered several useful techniques, including determining someone’s moral alignment based on smell.

One of his special abilities is Saw-Hat, where Speedwagon wears a bowler hat with a hidden buzz-saw that is sharp enough to cut through armor. He can throw the hat at his opponent like a projectile for a fatal attack. He is extremely skilled, juggling the hat easily and tossing it with deadly accuracy. Similarly, Hammer is another technique; where he uses a powerful sledgehammer to launch attacks on the opponents. 


Dio specializes in melee attacks with his expansive range of incredible, phenomenal abilities. One of them is the ability to stop time. Like in the anime, Dio can stop time for up to 9 seconds, allowing him to freeze his opponents in the arena. The players can utilize time to deal as much damage as possible before the ability runs out.

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A Tier

A Tier
Strong Fighters.

The A rank of our Eyes of Heaven Tier Lise we have some strong characters; however, we have noticed a few defects in their gameplay which prevented us from including the in the S Tier. So after examining their game style, we have concluded that they best belong to the A Tier.


Joseph’s unique fighting style involves infusing the Ripple into a pair of Clackers. Once infused, the Clackers become a deadly weapon, allowing the players to tear through an opponent’s skin. The Ripple can enter the body, thus imposing massive damage. If the players can master these skills, which demand a little patience, they can easily bring down any challenger.

Clacker Volley allows Joseph to launch the Clackers in his opponent’s direction. This can be performed in various ways, but the most effective and profound one is where he hides them behind his back. Joseph can use it to slingshot the opponents from different directions from behind his back.


Caesar masters deadly bubble attacks from special soap-like substances. That allows him to release bubbles from his hands and merge them with the Ripple to create lethal projectiles, which he launches at his opponents. Bubble Launcher is a signature attack that allows Caesar to fire out a shower of bubbles from his gloves. 

Another deadly Bubble attack is Bubble Barrier. Caesar uses a Bubble Launcher and summons a massive bubble that can trap the opponents. Similarly, Bubble Cutter is another ability that makes Caesar further strengthens his bubble launcher and launch bubbles with the ability to slice through the opponents. As a result, they take on shapes like saucers with a thin blade-like ring encircling each bubble. Caesar can easily fire them in any direction, which can not be avoided easily.

Lisa Lisa

Lisa Lisa is our third entry in the tier and she relies heavily on her iconic red scarf. At first glance, it might look like an ordinary piece of clothing, but it is a deadly weapon.

Snake Muffler is Lisa Lisa’s primary ability. It involves her scarf, where she can channel her Ripple through the scarf. She can use it as a conduit for her Ripple to stand on its side, with just her stiff portion of the scarf coming in contact with the ground. She can use the scarf’s sensitivity to spot live signals and determine the direction of approaching attacks.


Stroheim specializes in using firearms in the game. One is the Abdominal Machine Gun, where a machine gun is located inside his stomach. This machine gun can fire up to 600 armored bullets per use and is capable of piercing through heavy armor, though it needs a cool down after use.

Ultraviolet Radiation Beam’s ability allows him to launch a powerful beam of Ultraviolet light coming from inside a small laser cannon located in his eyes. Finally, Stroheim is also skilled in firing off his mechanical hand with enough strength to penetrate through his opponents resulting in plenty of damage.


Wamuu’s best known for his Fighting Genius characteristic in the anime. Similarly, he uses his specialized fighting abilities in the game to take down his foes. A great fighting unit, Wamuu can be a very lethal character in close combat. One of his most fatal abilities is Head Gear which wears a headgear. The headgear contains wires that give him amazing attacking powers and enhance his overall game. Additionally, the headgear contains a hole that can be opened to let his horn drill out, giving him the power to boost his movement and allow him to dodge any launched attacks at him.


Esidisi’s abilities revolve around fire, where he can generate heat from his body and turn it into bursts of flames. He can raise his body temperature using the Flame Mode ability, in which the heat inside his blood reaches up to 500 degrees Celsius. Esidisi can use the fire to melt anything he touches.

Erratic Blaze King’s Giant Cartwheel Prison is another ability where he creates several holes in his back. After that, he expands his blood vessels out of these holes, launching an attack. In the same attack, he uses his blood vessels to wrap up his enemies, giving them no breathing space. His crazy self-destructive ability, known as Self Detonation, lets him blow himself up to kill his foes by covering a large area in his boiling blood resulting in killing himself as well. It can be a great tactical move in a 2v2 battle.


Kar can grow bladed appendages from his arms and legs, which he may utilize to project blinding light in the direction of his opponents. The blade’s small, chainsaw-like claws that resemble shark teeth are where the light originates from, which then deals the damage to the foes.

Furthermore, Kar can teleport, where he can take his opponents by surprise attacks from any direction, but the move has a very high cool down, so players will have to wait for quite some time to use it again.


One of the strongest stand fighters in the game, Jotaro, possesses superhuman senses, strength, stamina, accuracy, and speed. He thrives at close-range combat with his extremely powerful and fast movement alongside his melee attacks. Once you can get the hang of his abilities, Jotaro can prove to be a powerful unit in the game. 

Old Joseph

Another ripple class in the game, Old Joesph, makes his way onto the list. With the Clacker Volley ability, Joseph tosses the Clackers in the direction of his opponent. There are several ways to accomplish this, but he can hide them behind his back for the best and most unexpected result. From there, Joseph can slingshot them toward the foes in all directions from behind his back.

While using Boomerang Clacker, Joseph launches both Clacker pairs against a structure or beam behind the enemy. When one is thrown against the partition, one side of it becomes lodged. Like boomerang functions, the other team grabs hold of the second pair of Clackers and throws them back toward the opponent from behind.


Avdol is a stand-class fighter in the game and relies on his fire abilities to take down enemies. He has plenty of time to perfect his use of fire by expertly sculpting Magician Red’s flame into precise shapes, such as producing number-shaped flames and manipulating the fire’s intensity; Avdol illustrates the versatility of his pyromancy.

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B Tier

Eyes of Heaven Tier List
Average Characters.

B Tier of the Eyes of Heaven Tier List will contain all those fighters with a very average playstyle. Their attack, defense, and combos are average at best but remain decent units in the game.


Kakyoin has tentacle-like limbs that he can extend to help him in attack and defense. Players can use his signature attack, where Kakyoin can shoot a flurry of hard projectiles at enemies. Stand Mastery is his special ability where he can use his long extending limbs to grab enemies and wrap them around them, lowering their health. Additionally, it allows him to attack from a distance with a hail of razor-sharp emerald shards.


Just like in the anime, with his special training, Polnareff can control Silver Chariot with the skill of a seasoned swordsman, controlling it to slash or stab enemies with amazing precision and timing in the game. Although the sword is its primary weapon, he can switch to kicking foes with great power when necessary. Additionally, Polnareff frequently channels a portion of Silver Chariot through his body, boosting his defense.


Iggy, a dog who is our first non-human fighter on the list, is a Stand Unit in the Eyes of Heaven. He has very average attacking moves but has a main ability; the first is Stand; while activated, he can shape sand into different shapes and use it as a weapon.

Hol Horse

As seen in the anime, Hol Horse is an incredible warrior specializing in weaponry and a handgun master. Similarly, in the game, he relies on this ability allowing him to use guns from his wide-range arsenal. He can prove to be a great long-range fighter but will struggle in close combat, especially against a quick and agile opponent, due to his slow speed.


Despite being blind, N’Doul has incredibly keen hearing. And due to his sensitive hearing, he can navigate by picking up very faint sounds. He has developed the ability to use his cane to sense vibrations, aid him in combats, and recognize opponents by listening to their footsteps.


In the game, she is a Bastet Typing who can wield magnetic power to turn anybody who touches her into magnets, attracting metallic items to them. She can crush them with heavy magnetic attacks, which can deal plenty of damage. Similarly, with her abilities, Mariah can magnetize the opponents by attracting metal upon them, giving them all sorts of problems. During a powerful display of tactics, she can even use magnetic and electric powers to electrocute her enemies.

Pet Shop

Another nonhuman fighter in the list, Pet Shop, is a falcon in the game. He has access to air combat which gives him an upper hand in battles. Addiotianly, with Horus’s ability, he can manufacture and control ice, making spikes out of it that he can employ as makeshift missiles. With a critical hit, these missiles can also cause the foe to freeze for a few minutes, giving you enough time to deal as much damage as possible before the freezing times run out. When he combines the ice and flying abilities, he can be one tough fighter to go up against.


Vanilla Ice, simply known as Vanilla, is another fighter who uses ice powers to fight. Vanilla’s ability, The Deeply Destructive Cream, can consume any opponent. Its main shortcoming is that, when it’s activated, Vanilla can’t see where it is going, and the players lose control of him until the powers run out. It is for a brief moment, but it’s a very tricky situation for both the players controlling him and the opponents.


Josuke is categorized as a Crazy Diamond Stand in the game and can use his powers to restore his health. He can treat wounds and regenerate his health with his abilities.

In battle, Josuke demonstrates an exceptional mastery of Crazy Diamond. He can employ unconventional strategies with this ability because of its superior physical capabilities, such as busting through a shield or barrier or even fleeing an attack. Furthermore, he has shown to be a very effective thrower of missiles due to the strength and accuracy of his Stand.


Okuyasu masters possesses a stank known as The Hand. With it, he eliminates the space by cutting off or scraping it away and replacing it with newly dispersed nearby space. Without completely eradicating the impacted area, its power may also be restricted to removing physical substances. The Hand is a strong Stand, but Okuyasu’s delayed thinking prevents it from reaching its full potential.


Koichi’s Stand, Echoes has 4 different stages. The first one opens with just ACT1. As for the second part, Koichi gains access to new skills as Echoes develops. Echoes acquire ACT2 and ACT3 towards the end of Part Four. He can freely call upon the previous ACT incarnations of Echoes and use their special skills to aid him in battles.


Rohan, a Stand User, is one of several characters with a radically diverse set of skills that provide him an edge in combats. When he strikes an opponent, they are sealed and have their powers disabled until either enough time has gone or Rohan has been severely knocked to the ground. His special ability, I’ll be the first o Strike where Rohan attacks with Heaven’s Door; the opponent is knocked to the ground if it succeeds. All opposing abilities, like Flash Cancels and Flash Bursts, are blocked by the ability.

Similarly, I think I’ll put you out of commission allows him to use Heaven’s Door and charge in with a barrage of punches, finishing the attack with an unstoppable grasp that steals from the opposition’s materials and renders them helpless and vulnerable to additional attacks. The Dual Heat Gauge is frozen, and the ability to use Dual Combos, DHAs and Flash Bursts is blocked.


Star Platinum, one of the game’s strongest Stands, gives Jotaro superhuman power, stamina, accuracy, and speed. Jotaro can also freeze time to buy him some time to deal damage before the time runs out. With all that, he has a very good close combat technique allowing him to utilize his powers to their full potential and prove himself as a good pick in the game.


Yukako has the exclusive ability to Switch Modes to be more precise with her powers. Unlike other mode users, her skills and move sets do not drastically change, and she does not have a long cooldown period. Despite this, Yukako is still a Stand User, making her one of several characters with a wide range of skills that give her a distinct combat style.

One of her standout abilities is Style Action – Love Deluxe: where Yukako becomes irritated on purpose, making her hair stand on end. All non-DHA attacks become unblockable while active, her damage increases and some skills acquire new abilities. When Yukako’s endurance runs out, the power will shut off automatically, but it may also be turned off manually at any moment by pressing the Style Action button once more. Using the trait – I can’t hear you while Love Deluxe is active; Yukako is immune to the effects of many special attacks from the opponents.


Shigechi, a Stand User, is one of several characters with radically unique mastery that make him stand out in battles. He continues to play as he did in All-Star Battle, using Harvest to improve or change his skills.

When Style Action – Harvest is activated, Shigechi calls a Harvest soldier. The number of units he has active at once, up to three, affects the characteristics of his skills. Harvest is symbolized by “Stocks,” which may store a maximum of 7 and are gradually refilled. These will deduct from the available Stock count correspondingly. When more Harvest units are operational, Shigechi’s Homing Dash travels farther and faster. 


Otoishi has access to the Stand Rush ability, allowing him to strike alongside his Stand, and he can also turn ‘Red Hot Chili Pepper’ on or off while changing movesets. A Power Gauge is a unique ability that lets Otoishi use a two-meter gauge which determines how much of his skills are affected by how much of it is filled. His Power Gauge’s power is constantly consumed whenever he utilizes his talents or has Red Hot Chili Pepper.

If it is empty, Otoishi is only left with his standard attacks and is briefly unable to summon Red Hot Chili Pepper or use any skills or actions, including his throw. He enters “Level MAX” Mode if it fills past the first meter, increasing the damage and speed of his talents and changing their characteristics. Chili Pepper also becomes noticeably brighter as more sparks and electric crackles emanate from it. Chili Pepper remains in Level MAX Mode when the gauge falls below the threshold.


Among the numerous Stand Users, Kira has a wide range of skills that make him stand out in battle. His moveset and most animations were carried over from the previous game.

When his ability Style Action – The First Bomb is activated in an area where a bomb is present, it detonates it, dealing moderate damage in that area while dealing more harm to the main target. If the opponent is vulnerable, they can even be detonated. The ability strikes a pose and then executes an unblockable downward chop to do some damage to an opponent while simultaneously charging.


While they are fairly slow, Kawajiri also uses massive, unblockable attacks to force his opponents to play his game rather than their plan. His assaults can also be utterly avoided by any character with good movement speed or unusual attacking angles.

C Tier

C Tier
Below-Average Characters.

Characters in the C rank of our Eyes of Heaven Tier List will be below average. These characters’ stats aren’t robust, and their skills and talents aren’t strong either.


Giorno uses Gold Experience, one of the game’s most adaptable Stands. He can generate and control life and, by doing so, produces little animals and plants, most frequently helping him in combat. Both have a wide range of applications, from camouflage to origin tracing. 


Bucciarati, a Stand User, is one of several characters with various skills that provide him an edge in the battles.

He uses Style Action – Open, zipper ability to put a zipper on the ground; Bucciarati calls up Sticky Fingers. The zippers will paralyze opponents who put a foot on them, leaving them open to additional attacks.

Also, using the Zipper Icon ability can indicate how many active zippers Bucciarati has at any given time, shown by a little open zipper located above his health bar. The time limit for a single zipper placement does not exceed the time it takes him to place more than three other zippers. He may have up to four zippers installed.


Mista, a Stand User, is one of several characters with various skills that give him an edge in the battles. He doesn’t have any combinations for normal attacks. Instead, he fires his bullets at targets during his normal attacks. Mista features an Ammo Icon above his health bar that shows his current bullet count out of six. Any attack or skill that would normally prompt him to fire, now instead causes him to load his revolver. And if he is out of ammunition, the icon will have the word “RELOAD” flashing over it.


When using Narancia, the control is alternated between Aerosmith and Narancia. The majority of Narancia’s damage is dealt by Aerosmith, which possesses above-average mobility and may easily ascend and drop to any height as it pleases. While in Aerosmith Mode, using Normal Attacks or Powerful Attacks may cause the Stand to launch bombs or long lines of gunfire directly below. Aerosmith will not be damaged if attacked while the player has Narancia, making any assault on the Stand pointless. By doing so, Aerosmith can also deflect bullets away from Narancia. However, if Aerosmith is not close by to protect his body, Narancia is all but helpless. While in Aerosmith Mode, Narancia’s stamina bar slowly depletes.


Like in All-Star Battle, Fugo can release Purple Haze’s Homicidal Virus with his attacks. Anyone afflicted gradually loses health over time, sustaining more damage overall. In contrast to other attacks that deplete your health, the virus is powerful enough to break health meters on its own. However, neither Fugo nor his partner in a 2v2 battle is immune to it. It’s important to note that Fugo won’t get Downed or gain invincibility if he’s on guard when the Homicidal Virus damage is activated.


Trish  is immune to being wall-splat, meaning that any time she is knocked into a wall her Spice Girl’s ability will activate and cause her to recover. Her stand will also trap larger objects, making them repel any opponents that might touch them. 


Diavolo uses time travel to ‘teleport’ short distances in place of the conventional sidestep, giving him brief periods of invincibility in return for a more prolonged dodging ability.

He can call forth King Crimson to erase time, and upon activation, the arena environment appears to turn red. While time is erased, He is invisible to opponents and foes cannot perceive or attackgim, allowing easy movement. 


She can separate different parts of her body into a string thanks to the stand Stone Free, allowing her to run away and conceal herself by tying various sections of herself into a string. Jolyne can appropriately materialize Stone Free in part or whole when she completes the string.


Ermes duplicates her limbs with stickers, first applying them on her arms and then her legs (she may not apply them anymore after that). Except for DHAs, this talent increases Ermes’s overall strength by doubling the number of hits she deals with in her attacks and skills. The stickers on Ermes’ limbs, however, come off and vanish if she is struck or otherwise recoils from any cause of harm, inflicting more injury. If Ermes had stickers on her arms and legs at the time, she would sustain greater injury.


Anasui uses Style Action – And… RELEASE ability to Diver Down delivers a single forward kick, storing the energy of the kick as a trap. If it strikes an enemy, they will catch the energy and become a conduit for it, hurting and blowing back both themselves and their partner if they come in contact. The energy will be left behind as a trap if it hits a wall, harming and blowing back any foes who approach too closely. Diver Down can charge its power to cause more damage, store up to 15 kicks, and eventually render the traps unblockable if Style Action is held. Any traps that impact Anasui’s opponents are allowed to be active simultaneously as up to three other traps.


In combats, Weather generates white clouds are created surrounding him. He will charge the strength of his Stand to produce different effects throughout three stages if the Style Action button is held down. In Weather’s first phase, if his enemies attack him, they will be repelled by the white clouds around him and set themselves on fire due to friction. If Weather is destroyed, the clouds will deactivate.

In the following stage, the Weather is surrounded by white clouds that turn dark and stormy. He will shock his foes with lightning for additional damage with each of his normal attacks, boosting the combined damage of his combos. In the Weather’s third and last phase, he is surrounded by a small gust caused by the storm clouds. In two intervals, poisonous frogs will start to rain down on different parts of the stage near the opponents, poisoning them.


Pucci is the only character who can use three Stands, and he is the only character who can use more than one Stand at a time. Pucci also has access to the Stand Rush ability, and can switch his Stands on and off, modifying his movesets. He can also attack only while C-Moon is nearby. Pucci is 900 HP.

D Tier

Eyes of Heaven Tier List
Weakest Characters.

So we are at the business end of our Ryes of Heaven Character List which we will wrap up with the final tier, The D Tier. It will include the remaining fighters in the game who are the weakest and most vulnerable from the roster.


Gyro is the character with the most Styles; he is a Stand User, a Mounted Fighter, and the only Spin User Style among the available characters in the game. He is one of several characters with radically diverse talents that give him individuality in combat. He is a Spin User who can use the power of the Spin to boost and enhance the qualities of his abilities. Gyro is a Mounted Fighter who can flip between riding on Valkyrie and traveling on foot.


Diego can transform between his human and dinosaur forms, each of which gives him unique skills and powers. It lets him behave and has access to most of his powers while in Human Mode. He transforms into a Utahraptor in Dinosaur Mode, making all of his attacks unblockable (except from “Dinosaurs!”) and passively gaining super armor. His offensive powers are considerably improved because he becomes extremely strong and unblockable with his Normal and Powerful Attacks while unaffected by most damage sources.

Also, this is the “Dinosaurs!” ability that works in both Human Mode and Dinosaur Mode. He summons a little dinosaur that hunts down the closest foe or Diego’s lock-on target, biting them three times, and then vanishes. The dinosaur has projectile-like characteristics; therefore, it can be deflected by various powers capable of doing so for projectiles.


Valentine’s most powerful move is when he leaps on while removing a flag, hides in it, and then emerges through another flag to reappear in another dimension. He acquires extraordinary armor when he reappears and is made invincible from the minute he pulls out the flag until he falls. 


Despite having a limited number of talents and powers, Joshu is nevertheless a strong fighter. He also has the game’s slowest base movement speed, yet under some circumstances, it can become the quickest.


So that does it for our Eyes of Heaven Tier List, where we ranked all the available fighters in the game. We expect a few clashes of opinions as it is constructed solely on personal opinions and points of view since everyone’s observation is different.

We welcome different opinions, and we encourage our readers to leave comments below to help us understand your viewpoints.

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