Temtem Tier List: All Species RANKED (2022)

Today I am here with my Temtem tier list, which is all about the enormously popular online role-playing game created by the Spanish studio Crema and released by Humble Bundle. The Pokémon series had a big influence on Temtem’s gameplay, and exactly like that franchise, players assume the role of a novice tamer in the game.

This list will be of much help to you in terms of selecting the best species for your playthrough, as it ranks all Temtem according to their strength and effectiveness. So, knowing which characters are the finest in each new patch is essential if you want to master the game. You may concentrate on creating effective teams by using only the best Temtem available with the help of the list.

Key Points

  • This tier list is compiled keeping in view the current meta of the game.
  • There are a total of 164 Temtems on this list.
  • Among the highest tier are Scaravolt and Yowlar.
  • The lowest ranks contain the likes of  Tateru and Anahir.


All the creatures on this list are ranked in a short table below.

Tier RankTemtem
S Rank• Mimit
• Amphatyr
• Scaravolt
• Nagaise
• Mushook
• Tulcan
• Yowlar
• Vulffy
• Volgon
• Koish
• Skunch
• Zizare
• Mudrid
• Valash
• Mouflank
• Piraniant
• Rhoulder
• Oree
A Rank• Myx
• Minothor
• Chromeon
• Molgu
• Swali
• Hedgine
• Raican
• Saipat
• Kalabyss
• Taifu
• Chubee
• Raize
• Ukama
• Scarawatt
• Kinu
• Vulcrane
• Nidrasil
• Kalazu
• Tutsu
• Babawa
• Monkko
• Saku
• Gyalis
• Barnshe
• Saipat
• Tortenite
• Raignet
• Grumper
• Azuroc
• Zenoreth
• Cycrox
• Pupoise
• Golzy
• Seismunch
• Tateru
• Oceara
• Gharunder
• Ampling
• Aohi
• Osukai
• Vulor
B Rank• Anatan
• Maoala
• Venx
• Volarend
• Vulvir
• Zephyruff
• Goodler
• Mushi
• Oskan
• Bigu
• Grumvel
• Noxolotl
• Osuchi
• Hoglip
• Towly
• Pewki
• Waspeen
• Pycko
• Nessla
• Bunbun
• Garyo
• Mawtle
• Mawmense
• Wiplump
• Loatle
• Hazrat
• Tuvine
• Tukai
• Mitty
• Sanbi
• Thaiko
• Turoc
• Sparzy
• Blooze
• Baboong
• Tyranak
• Loali
• Tuwire
• Zaobian
• Mosu
• Paharac
• Capyre
• Lapinite
• Ob-10
• Kaku
• Toxolotl
C Rank• Mastione
• Venmet
• Broccoblin
• Broccorc
• Gazuma
• Grumper
• Owlhy
• Momo
• Ganki
• Pocus
• Cerneaf
• Goty
• Skail
• Vental
• Broccolem
• Gazuma
• Smolzy
• Adoroboros
• Shuine
• Pigepic
• Platimous
• Raiber
• Gorong
• Piraniant
• Banapi
• Smazee
• Tateru
• Minox
• Tental
• Zizare
• Orphyll
• Drakash
• Shaolant
• Shaolite
• Golzy
• Halzhi
• Platypet
• Platox
• Crystle
• Paharo
• Minttle
• Arachnyte
D Rank• Anahir
• Spriole
• Umishi
• Ob-1
• Houchic
• Sherald
• Taifu
• Reval
• Swali
• Hidody
• Hocus
• Innki
• Valiar
• Chimurian
• Fomu
• Occlura
• Pewki

You can learn about them in detail below.


In this roleplaying game, players must embark on an expedition around the six floating islands of the Airborne Archipelago while facing Clan Belsoto, a criminal organization attempting to annex the islands forcibly.

Temtem is used as a traveling companion in the game. Everyday activity is collecting Temtem and combat, which the populace views as a sport. This is something that Temtem enjoys. 

However, there are one or two varieties for each Temtem species and different types for every technique. Your game depends on how much damage your Temtem can take from certain assaults. You must create your Temtem team considering all of these types of benefits and drawbacks. Our Temtem Tier List can assist you in making the finest decisions in this regard.

PVP (player vs player) aims to quickly fight out a lot of competitive games to best prepare their team for a meta. Here you can build a team of Temtems around you and fight in the game with the team of any other player. PVE (player vs environment) spends many hours grinding stats like levels, TVs, SVs, Attack Moves, etc. for an in-game payoff. 

S Tier

Best characters of Temtem
S Tier.

The S tier is the best tier of this list and comprises some of the best Temtem species from the game, which every player should put at the top of their team’s priority list. These species are very helpful for the player in the game and ensure that they can dominate in most scenarios.

The members of this high-class tier are usually well-rounded and can absorb a great amount of damage in combat.


Mimit is a digital Temtem which do not evolve. However, it may reproduce with any other fertile Temtem of either gender to generate eggs of the other species. 
Also, Mimit requires cautious handling because of its placement, but when piloted successfully, it is very rewarding.


Amphatyr is a perfect illustration of the graceful and nimble “cervus electricus.” Their mating ritual of locking horns results in a stunning electric spark. This specie of Temtems is the next step in the evolution of Ampling so is placed in the top tier of this Temtem tier list.


It is difficult to defeat this species in a fight. However its slow speed can be a problem, but its enormous mass and power make up for it and even provide it an advantage in the fight. The biggest problems with Scaravolt are its inability to manage stamina in the game.


Nagaise’s special attribute enables it to punish quicker opponents, assist slower teammates, and prevent setup or sweep. Due to its highly polarized nature, Nagaise functions as a quick offensive glass cannon with the ability to switch into specific types according to its special feature.


Due in significant part to the wide range of support techniques at its disposal, Mushook is placed in the top ranking in my Temtem tier list. This adaptable offensive support also, it is quite effective at generating offensive pressure on its own for the opposing team. 


Tulcan is a strong Temtem with significant strengths on both offense and defense. Its low stamina cost enables Tulcan to do constant damage and keep a strong board presence.


Yowlar is one of the most resilient Temtems in the entire game so for this special ability, it is placed in the S tier of my tier list. Its Comebacker trait, which increases its powerful physical strikes if the target has hit it this turn, makes up for its slow speed.


Vulffy is a multifunctional Temtem who can play both an offensive and a defensive role in the fight. However, it is immune to all spread moves. 


Volgon possesses two very distinctive and team-defining qualities. Building teams around physical attackers is particularly possible thanks to superconductivity. Teams from the opposition that need powerful buffs to get going are defeated by Short Circuit.


A water temtem that has the ability to increase the damage done by 15% also its special techniques enable him to affect the HP of the opponent.


Due to its high base power techniques and strong attributes. Skunch is an exceptionally hard-hitting creature. It has balanced stats, in addition to having a powerful hit. Despite Skunch having powerful stats, attributes, and methods, its typing might be problematic.


This Temtem in the game has special techniques which make it an excellent performance in terms of both offensive and defensive games. Zizare also has some fabulous physical strength and good speed.


The high special attack, type Temtem is Mudrid’s most distinguishing trait. It can be effective to have priority moves that can deal moderate damage to the majority of adversaries and put them in danger. Users of Mudrid must therefore be aware of its limitations because a poor decision could cause it to perish suddenly.


Some of Temtem’s best sweeping potential is found in Valash so it made its way to the top tier. It can heal after every knockout on the field because of the Scavenger trait, regaining the HP it lost from opponent strikes. 


The opponent is always under pressure to target Mouflank to stop the free speed increases thanks to its special feature.  Mouflank must be handled carefully because of his tools. However, Mouflank has a weak special defense, which allows powerful special attackers to successfully counterattack.


This water Temtem is quite rare to be found but still has some very damaging move sets. Its Aquatic Whirlwind and Water Jet skills enable it to do a very good amount of damage.


This Temtem has the highest base damage and is very rare, also it comes with a good HP level. Rhoulder also does not evolve as many other Temtems and its Tardy Rush and Thick Skin traits help him deal with a lot of damage in the game.


Oree is a small Temtem with some great damaging skills as it has the highest base stats for unevolved terms. Also, Oree has a great matchup option available which can be changed anytime in a battle. Thus Oree is also efficient enough in terms of damage handling abilities as it can absorb damage as well to a good extent. 

A Tier

Good Characters of Temtem
A Tier.

Temtem who are well-balanced in their roles are placed in the A tier of my Temtem tier list. Each member of this tier has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

And even though this is an above-average rank and the members of this tier have some excellent qualities, they are not as good as the S rank.


Myx’s Puppet Master feature makes it a distinctive Temtem. If it reaches the health range without passing out as long as it is not the final one on the field. Myx has one of the greatest special attack stats in the game and strong offensive moves, and its inability to target makes it a terrifying menace. 


Despite having a very slow speed Minothor still has some very effective electrical damage skills which are very useful for winning the battle.


Another Temtem that is very resistant to attacks and also has the ability to increase its damage dealt by up to 30%.


A special Temtem is very resistant and prevents its status from falling in the battle.


This small bug like Temtem has the ability to reverse the damage coming from the enemy.


Gotta Go Fast, Hedgine’s distinguishing feature that gives all of its moves is of great importance in the fight. However, this particular type has four frequent weaknesses, including a risky four times weakness to Water.


It is the evolved form of Raize. This Temtem uses a variety of fire techniques including Fire Tornado which renders a tremendous amount of damage to the opponent.


This Temtem uses its special toxic techniques to increase the damage done and is also resistant to many electric mental and toxic attacks.


The extremely massive Temtem Kalabyss has a good defensive type and reliable offensive coverage. Given its type and defensive attributes, Kalabyss can threaten with toxic damage or end an enemy’s turn with its special ability once it enters the field.


A plantlike Temtem that produces healing and nourishing ones against the attacks of opposing teams.


It is overall a good Temtem with great stamina and reduces all damage done by earth techniques to 50%.


This Temtem is however a mid-evolved version and comes with good matchups damaging abilities and techniques. 


Due to Ukama’s strong stamina stats, it can continue using moves long after many other Temtems would have run out of energy. Although Ukama has a limited range of coverage, its raw attacking pressure frequently makes up for this.


Scarawatt is an electric Temtem with good stats and normal HP, so can take up damage to a certain limit.


Once this Temtem enters the field, it has a variety of support choices to aid its ally or impede the adversary. Some stall teams can become unkillable thanks to Benefactor. This means that Kinu’s flexible method pool and a variety of useful Gear options let it be built quickly, bulkily, or unexpectedly hard striking.


Vulcrane boasts four resistances to Fire and Crystal in addition to considerable physical bulk. Before the release of its special attacks also lacked powerful Fire-type attacks. 


This is the most distinguished by its Tri-Apothecary attribute. It causes deceptively high levels of damage via Poison ticks inflicted by special attacks, or it can regenerate the team. 


It has a special ability to increase its damage by 15%.


All damage taken is reduced by 15% and its tornado technique allows it to render damage of 135%.


Babawa is a slow tank that excels at dealing Nature-type damage so is placed in the A tier of the Temtem tier list. While its massive stamina stat allows it to ignore the technique’s hefty stamina cost. However, Babawa’s low speed, on the other hand, allows many Temtems to outrun it.


 Its martial arts techniques enable Monkko to maneuver into advantageous situations and daunt powerful assaults.


The Saku species is a strong barrier with some excellent defense, consistent healing, DPS options, and surprisingly hard-hitting attacks. 


Gyalis is incredibly powerful, which allows it to hit several Temtems back that would otherwise threaten melee types. Also, its technique pool isn’t as lethal as some other possibilities, but, it has access to strong options for both types, including a priority move.


Barnshe is a fragile Temtem with a powerful offensive presence and a wide range of support options. It has access to multiple powerful Wind techniques, and it can increase their damage even more with its special abilities.


One of its special abilities enables it to attack extremely powerfully at high priority despite its average speed. It has adequate mass, but due to its weak type against a wide range of opponents, it frequently finds it challenging to feel at ease on a particular board state.


A strong attacking and defensive character, Tortenite is a versatile material. It is capable of repeatedly spamming aggressive moves.


Raignet is a powerful mono-Electric Temtem with a slow speed and a large range of techniques. The other ability of Raignet, Kinetic Transfer, may be favored on teams with minimal Electric weaknesses because it drains stamina from opponents that attack it.


The electric techniques of this Temtem restore its HP after being attacked.


This Temtem comes with some very good stats and renders 25% knockback damage to the attacker with its mirroring skill if he attacks it.


This is also an overall very efficient Temtem in the game with good HP and SPDEF over 70%.


Cycrox is an odd one with two potent qualities but an inconsistent technique pool that it finds difficult to completely exploit at once. Hence made its place in the A tier of my Temtem tier list. 


When this Temtem is attacked by wind techniques it has the ability to reduce the damage by 50% and when attacked by water attacks it gets a SPDEF increase.


According to the stats and the variety of techniques and matchups available for this particular leveled-up Temtem make it a good performing character in the battle especially against the offensive teams.


This Temtem specie can play a more aggressive role. Despite having little mass, Seismunch can nevertheless play a supporting role on select teams thanks to its rapid speed and availability to a range of more assisting moves.


Despite being shy and not so aggressive is still very good with the damage stats and skills in the game. Also, it has the hight base stats in the game and the base HD is greater than 70. However, this hamster-like Temtem is quite effective in dealing with damage in a battle.


With overall good stats and base damage Oceara is a well-known Temtem for its tremendous speed and attack abilities.


This Temtem unlike most other ones is not at all evolved from any other Temtem and deals with a good amount of toxic damage. All you have to know in dealing with it in the game is to master its techniques in battle.


This wind Temtem is large and evolved from Paharac after reaching level 16. The matchups and stats are also very damaging in the battle.


With many damaging matchups and stats, this Temtem made it to the A tier of my Temtem tier list and is leveled up to Amphatyr after 14 levels.


Aohi’s move pool is versatile and has a strong mental defense, enabling it to impose both potent offensive pressure and valuable assistance. Fortunately, Aohi has access to strong physical attacks that enable her to serve a damage-dealing function better. 


Osukai best exemplifies a slow-moving snowball, using Hook to raise its already-impressive ATK stat, allowing it to do a lot of damage.


It is a very tough and damaging Temtem and also has the ability to take a lot of damage.

B Tier

Average characters of Temtem
B Tier.

Even though the Temtem in this category of my tier list are not the strongest in the game, they are still well-balanced.

This is a selection of absolutely average creatures, and they can be seen as good or bad depending on their trainers.


On teams, it works best with its frequently nasty danger attacks. Anatan aims to stay alive, discover ways to influence the game when necessary, and hit hard also has the ability to reduce the damage done to it by 20%.


Although Maoala has a limited range of coverage, its raw attacking pressure frequently makes up for this.


It has the ability to reduce all damage from physical and special techniques by 20%.


Several distinct team archetypes can benefit from Volarend’s characteristics. The anaerobic technique enables it to be a hefty physical attacker that can consistently pivot into several attacks.


Its base special defense is insufficient, and its four times Toxic weakness allows any Toxic-type to threaten it and reduce the damage done.


 With its wind attacks and damage techniques, this toxic Temtem renders a boosted damage to the opponents.


Although it is a slow Temtem still can render effective damage to the enemy in terms of its poisonous attacks.


It is a resilient Temtem that can render 90% damage to the opposing team by its Humiliating Slap technique.


This Temtem has a very special ability to reduce the damage coming from physical attacks by 20%.  Also, its specials do more damage when its health is low for protecting it.


This is quite an aggressive and short-tempered Temtem in the game with an evolution option at level 18. However, it has low stats but still comes with a number of techniques and match-up options.


With its increased damage and Atk this Temtem stays in the battle for a long.


Noxolotl is a flexible tank that can be modified to specialize in physical or special defenses or be adjusted to handle both. Additionally, it provides helpful qualities that specific team archetypes can highly value. Its use of Trance and Acid Reflux can make it a danger when piloted carefully or with the correct team support.


This is earth Temtem and of very shy nature. However, it comes with decent matchup options and is evolved into two Temtems on leveling up.


This Temtem comes with a decent stats level and also a variety of techniques of which the Fire Tornado is the most effective and damaging one.


Towly on leveling up evolves into two types of Temtems depending on the gender. It comes with a variety of skills of which Wind Burst and Wind Blade are the most damaging ones.


It is water them which is fish-like and has Head Charge and Humiliating Slap techniques which render good damage.


It has the ability to restore its HP to 5% after being attacked.


It is a very joyful Temtem with good stamina and damaging abilities. It has good overall stats in both attack and defense.


Nessla’s biggest disadvantage is its stat pool because it is a middling-speed Temtem with average bulk. Despite having a strong offensive and defensive type and the ability to pivot into electric techniques effortlessly. Still, Nessla cannot compete with top-tier water damage providers.


This Temtem is later leveled up to Mudrid after level 20, not only this but also it is quite resilient and has good stats and damaging abilities.


Garyo is an extremely sluggish offensive Temtem.  Its ability to absorb one attack for free thanks to the trait Autotomy makes it incredibly durable, and regardless of build, it can almost always accomplish its objectives. Garyo provides innovative team-building chances and synergies.


It features a variety of build options that let you either focus more on support by skipping full STAB coverage. Also, it has the ability to reduce the damage done by 20%.


It can withstand damage as long as it’s not a Nature-style attack this feature makes it a mediocre tier Temtem. Also, it burns the opponent up to 4 turns on receiving a poison attack.


This triceratops Temtem is a very smart one when it comes to the utilization of powers and has plethoric and patient traits also the HP and SPDEF levels are very efficient for the battle.


Loatle is a special Temtem with two special qualities and a large range of techniques. Its characteristic may allow it to target both adversaries with the damage it provides to its partner, getting beyond protection levels and resistances, but this comes at a high cost to allied health.


Although less used, it still offers a variety of utility and support choices and can use its poison attacks to affect the HP of opponents.


Tuvine is a strong hitter but a terrible one defensively. This area in which it lacks placed it in the B tier of my Temtem tier list.


Tukai is an offensive Temtem with flexible typing who can deal effective damage to the majority of opponents. It can pivot into a variety of special attacks because of this and its high special bulk. 


Mitty has some good base stats and almost increases the damage done to the opponent by 20%.


It is an evolved version of Mitty and is protected from external attacks by a shield.


This a very adaptive Temtem and can defensively switch kinds or increase SPATK with its attack.


The offense Temtem Turoc is sluggish and large.  Although it has several special abilities to resist damage still also falls back in many areas and is a serious threat because of its innate slowness.


Being an aggressive Temtem Sparzy is very damaging in the game with its Held Anger trait.


It has the ability to damage the opponents by 35% and also can poison them for 2 turns.


This monkey-like melee Temtem has some mediocre range and damaging stats.


Tyranak is a ridiculously muscular Temtem with an excellent defensive type, a great base ATK number, and access to two game-changing qualities. However, they are not so efficient against a team that has powerful buffers in their team and needs considerable help from its teammates.


This mediocre Temtem has some very decent damaging skills and above 50 DEF and STK stats. Loali has good damaging skills and is quite effective in their action.


Tuwire possesses one of the most intriguing features in Temtem in Common Factor – a board-wide neutralize-inducing trait that can assist all types of Temtems in overcoming difficult type chart deficits in damage going out or damage coming in.


Nevertheless, despite many advantages, Zaobian is hindered by a combination of slow speed and small overall weight. It also finds it difficult to choose only four techniques from its huge pool to use. Due to these drawbacks, it is placed in the B tier of my Temtem tier list.


It is quite an evolutionary Temtem and levels up to Magmut and has a punching bag and parrier traits. With some decent stats and STAB techniques, Mosu is overall not a bad Temtem. 


This is also a decent Temtem with good damage abilities in the battle and is a 7-level up of Paharo and also has many more advanced abilities than Paharo.


This fire temtem has fire-like fur on its body and is an evolved version of Banapi. This Temtem comes with a good variety of matchup options and hitting techniques.


Lapinite comes with a wide range of matchups and its electric synthesis skill enables it to render good attacking skills toward the opponent and damage the opponent’s health in the battle.


This two-in-one Temtem works on attraction-repulsion dynamics. It has good traits like electric charge and electromagnetism still it has very low stamina.


Overall it is a mediocre Temtem as it can render 100 % damage with its Noxious Bomb skill but still has a low HP.


Along with all other techniques and qualities, one special quality this Temtem possess is that if it is knocked out of the game it renders a 2 times poisonous effect on every opponent.

C Tier

bad characters of Temtem
C Tier.

While the creatures in this rank of my Temtem tier list are not at all that horrible, they still are not very adaptable, thus extra tactics and assistance are needed to make them workable.

So I will suggest avoiding them in the game for a smooth gaming experience as these Temtems lack any unique talents.


Mastione is a sluggish Temtem with low special defense but strong physical defenses. Still, its low base speed can become a strength when partnered with the appropriate allies, allowing you to use Embers to burn an opponent before it hits.


In general, Venmet is a powerful option against any Temtem that can’t defend against its attacks or punish its paltry physical size.


This Temtem can restore its HP to 20% when attacked.


Another nature Temtem with the ability to resist almost all poisonous attacks.


An evolved version of Ganki has much better SPDEF and increased HP.

Grumped r

The hefty Temtem is known as Grumper.  Additionally, it can give defensive bonuses to teammates who are utilizing Stone Wall and Double Edge. Although Grumper can check a variety of frequent dangers thanks to its distinctive typing, its slow speed also makes it vulnerable.


This is an owl-likeTemtem and comes with a decent health matchup and a few basic skills.


Momo doesn’t have many moves, but she doesn’t need many moves due to Undermine’s massive damage potential. 


It has botanophobia in which damage from natural species is increased by 50% also it freezes when cold. This Temtem is always in need of support from the team in terms of protection and cannot carry it off all by itself.


This creature is a leveled-up version of Hocus and it is much appreciated in terms of stats and HP. Ninja Jutsu technique enables him to deal 130% damage to the opponent.


Cerneaf is a very versatile choice that can be used in aggressive teams. Despite its adaptability, its game strategy can be very easily predicted by looking at the teams around it. Cerneaf may be a reliable danger thanks to its ability to heal itself or its allies. 


This neutral Temtem resembles a goat and is very popular amongst the players for its techniques. Although it has normal damage abilities still it offers some good techniques and moves sets in the game.


This is a natural Weasel-like neutral Temtem with some mediocre skills and stats.


Although this Temtem has the ability to reduce the damage to 20% still, it cannot compete in qualities with the Temtems placed in the upper tiers so made its way to the C tier of my Temtem tier list.


A nature Temtem with the ability to reduce the invading damage by 20%.


Defensive support with a focus on access to a variety of speed control options is Gazuma. However, its method of operation is quite predictable.


Despite the fact that it does not possess any effective stats still its ability to restore HP after any electric attack makes him stay in the game.


Adoroboros is a particularly defensive tank with a wide range of skills. Overall it has not proven itself to be strong enough in the game so I placed it in the C tier of my Temtem tier list.


Guardian is special support of this Temtem that protects teammates from a lot of unpleasant effects more through its attribute than through its skills.


Pigepic is a Temtem with excellent support moves. It manages the game’s tempo by using strategies for denying damage and bolstering teammates. It features a variety of special abilities and moves sets. Pigepic uses all its special abilities to add some final value before falling.


It has uneven defensive stats, no turn-one pressure, and mediocre Toxic coverage. While its special abilities do offer it a unique option to use its speed as a survival strategy still, is not of much help in the game.


Raiber has strong fire attacks which render good damage to the opponent in the battle. Also, this fire Temtem can be evolved into three types.


With its Hook Kick techniques, Gorong is a good melee Temtem with overall good stats. Although this creature has some good HP still it is not efficient enough to knock out other Temtem in a fight.


Piraniant has a strong physical defense and offense, but its weak special defense hinders it. Due to this, I placed it in a lower tier in my Temtem tier list. However, its slow speed makes it difficult for it to utilize its support techniques unless Energy Reserves is engaged.


This fire Temtem has a decent matchup set and the highest base damage ability. Also, the techniques used are quite effective in the battle in rendering a good amount of damage.


Here the only advanced feature this melee Temtem posses is of nullifying the attack of the opponent.


Tateru has a variety of powerful attacking moves, and it also has a vast array of supportive attacks at its disposal. Together, these attacks can do significant damage. However, its slow speed hinders the effectiveness of its attacks so is not so efficient in the fight.


Some special stats allows Minox to lock in the opponent’s board state and put them in dangerous positions. However, it has low stamina.


It evolved from Houchic and is quite efficient in traits like water affinity and avenger is very effective in damaging abilities.


Zizare possesses impressive physical numbers, a unique signature moves. This Temtem may be incredibly threatening in the right situations, but his slow speed and special weight are a bit of a letdown and make him fall into the C tier of my Temtem tier list.


This is a natural toxic Temtem that has a high base but low HP because of this it has a chance of dying in the early game.


Drakash has an excellent combination of high special attack, a priority move, and speed, allowing it to put forward its special fire attacks. Furthermore, Drakash’s Sentinel feature can dissuade opponents from employing Sleep-applying moves or turn the tables by instantly awakening a critical ally.


Damage of this melee Temtem is increased by its special bruiser trait.


Its stamina and defense stats are very high and all damage taken from physical attacks is reduced by a good percentage.


Due to its type, Golzy can hit rival Temtems quite well and extremely effectively. Golzy frequently finds itself in awkward situations and needs careful piloting to be used efficiently. Although few Temtems can withstand both its electric and melee strikes, it still hits powerfully, making it dangerous to leave unchecked.


This Temtem is not very efficient in terms of stats and needs a lot of buildups and level-ups to perform in the battle. The overall stats and HP 52 and overall stats are also not so strong to make effective damage.


It is a platypus like them in blue color and has a very toxic affinity towards the enemy. Although it has a high ability and damaging stats towards water-evolved toxic Temtems but low base DEF for them.


Platypet evolves into a Platox after reaching the twentieth level of the game. However, the HP damage is quite good which is 62. still, it requires a level up to level 20.


This Temtem comes up with three evolutionary terms which are obtained on leveling up. Its Head Ram and Crystle Spike techniques render a great amount of damage to the opponent in the battle.


This Temtem resembles a bird covered in red feathers which is not so efficient in base stats and range of damage so is placed in the C tier of my Temtem tier list. Also, SPDEF and HP are less than 50 so not very effective in the battle.


Although it has many characteristics with situational use cases, it lacks powerful attacking possibilities but still can restore its HP to 15% after being attacked.


Since Arachnyte does not always get to move first, it may find it difficult to check foes it has an offensive edge over or simply to live against them.

D Tier

Worst characters of Temtem tier list
D Tier.

As the weakest Temtem in the game are placed in the D rank of my tier list, that means selecting them in the game is useless.

These characters are not incredibly specialized and typically need a lot of assistance and commitment from you. So if you want them to be reasonably decent, you will need to form a team specifically around them.


Despite having incredibly strong defenses, Anahir is constrained by its weak overall performance. Due to its weak attack, it must employ Heat Up to deliver considerable damage. Also, its serious stamina problems are worst than expected so it is placed in the last tier of my Temtem tier list. 


If we talk about SPDEF and stats this Temtem is not very impressive and renders low damage to the opponent.


This water Temtem is much like a water slug in appearance and does not possess overall good base damage or stats.


This is a spherical yellow Temtem in appearance which comes with good matchups but still has very low HP so is not very good at battles and cannot deal with damage as the health is very low.


This Temtem displays a very good variety of matchups and can also evolve into three types of which Houchic is the weakest type and has the lowest HP of them all.


With its ultimate mirroring techniques, it renders 25% knockback damage to the attacking Temtem.


It hits hard enough but doesn’t quite cover enough ground. However, there are very few chances to win by constructing around Taifu so it is placed last in my Temtem tier list.


This mental Temtem is very well known and also liked by many players for its attacking speed and stamina to withhold incoming damage.


This naturally occurring Temtem whose body is covered and wrapped with leaves does not show remarkable damaging skills. Also, the ATK and DEF abilities are not very good as well so are placed in the last tier of my  Temtem tier list.


This natural Temtem resembles a caterpillar and is green in color. Its electrical synthesize trait helps it to render good damage in the battle but still, it is not very appreciated in terms of damage abilities in the battle.


This Temtem has overall good HP and basic stats and can render 150% damage with its Gamma Burst technique.


This Temtem is very resistant and has good stamina against a team with toxic, mental, and wind attacks. However, this creature is quite weak against the attack of crystal, earth, and fire attacks.


It is not so liked by players and also is a very outdated Temtem when it comes to base damage and stats.


Depending on the characteristic utilized, Chimurian is a rather distinct Temtem as they get stats to increase once in a battle.


This amphibian Temtem overall does not possess good damaging skills and its hydrologist skill this water Temtem uses vapors as steam to damage the opponent and also prefers to live in aquatic habitat due to the usage of a lot of water in its vaporizing skill.


This Temtem is not very effective in battling techniques as it has skills only on leveling up and does not possess any special stats or techniques by technique course.


It is water them which is fish-like and has Head Charge and Humiliating Slap techniques which render good damage.


This Temtem tier list will not only enable you to create a good team in the game, but will also give you detailed information about the characteristics that each species possesses. Our ranking of Temtems was done after a great deal of research to get the facts right and provide you with authentic information, but all the rankings are still influenced by my personal biases.

But we are still open to suggestions, and we will be more than willing to hear you out in the comments below.

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