The Best Fantasy Life Online Tier List [2023]

This Is Our List Of All 33 Characters Relevant To The Current Meta.

Are you a fan of games where you construct your little town, community, or village where you can design everything according to your preferences? If yes, you are at the right place, as today we will talk about our Fantasy Life Online Tier List, where we will give you an insight into the characters, weapons, gameplay features, and a few tips and tricks for the game.

We have poured over the title over the course of many days, and come to the conclusions that you are going to see in the rankings below. So, let’s get started.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 33 playable characters.
  • They are ranked in 5 different ranks (S-D)
  • Highest ranked characters include Haku, Lucio, and Hawke
  • Among the lower ranks are Dimiel and Fang
  • The game also offers the players 25 different weapons.


To highlight the characters of Fantasy Life Online, we have ranked them into 5 tiers in the table below.

Tier RankCharacters
S Rank• Haku
• Lucio
• Hawke
A Rank• Chacarbo
• Laura
• Leon
• Lerna
• Luza
• Nek
• Olivia
• Ruby
B Rank• Sloane
• Teruha
• Jake
• Crow
• Glen
• Oriana
• Pomelo Great
• Snow
C Rank• Tsukiha
• Grantz
• Belhart
• Bray
• Kennedy
• Klaus
D Rank• Amane
• Aqua
• Cliff
• Cocona
• Josette
• Sophie
• Dimiel
• Fang


Fantasy Life Online is a free-to-play mobile game available on both google play and the app store. Although the game is free to download, it has in-game purchases to help you get better gear and tools to help you enhance your experience. It is a sequel to the first part, Fantasy Life, developed by the Japanese studio LEVEL-5 and published by Boltrend Games. The game was only exclusively available in Japan, but the developers released it globally in 2021 after, 3 years of its release.

The major change in Fantasy Life Online from the first part is introducing a brand-new “Village” feature that lets you construct and improve your town from scratch. To fight monsters and other wild animals, you can also include returning characters from the previous game in your group. With all the characters in the game, we have presented our list to give you an idea of how strong and weak they are.

S Tier

S Tier
Strongest Characters.

The S rank of our Fantasy Life Online Tier List 2022 will hold the most prominent characters of the game. Their unique abilities and powers give them an upper hand over the rest of the roster. So if you want to protect your village from stronger enemies, we advise using the following characters.

605 Star
SLucioMercenary605 Star
SHawkeHunter605 Star

A Tier

A Tier
Strong Characters.

The A Tier will contain those characters who are amongst the best, but they lack a few elements in their game that prevented them from getting a place in the S Tier. They are still considerably powerful and can put on a great fight in challenging situations.

AChacarboCook605 Star
ALauraPaladin605 Star
605 Star
ALernaHunter505 Star
ALuzaMagician505 Star
ANekMagician504 Star
AOliviaPaladin504 Star
ARubyHunter504 Star

B Tier

Fantasy Life Online Tier List
Average Characters.

Moving down to B tier, which is the average rank of this article. These characters have less impact and have average stats. They don’t offer a lot as their abilities are very limited but can prove to be very vital if utilized properly.

BSloaneMagician504 Star
BTeruhaAngler504 Star
BJakePaladin504 Star
BCrowHunter504 Star
BGlenMercenary504 Star
BOriana Tailor504 Star
BPomelo Great Mercenary504 Star
BSnowMercenary504 Star

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C Tier

C Tier
Below Average Characters.

We are almost at the business end of our Fantasy Life Online Tier List. The C Tier is next in line and will be home to those characters who can be acquired easily and early into the game. Very minimum effort is needed to unlock them. As they are easily accessible, they are less impactful, so we suggest using them only at the early stages of the game.

CTsukihaWoodcutter403 Stars
CGrantzMiner403 Stars
CBelhartWoodcutter403 Stars
CBrayBlacksmith403 Stars
CKennedyCarpenter403 Stars
CKlausTailor403 Stars

D Tier

Fantasy Life Online Tier List
Weakest Characters.

We will now conclude our list with the D Tier. The weakest characters in the game will be included in this Tier. The following playable characters are already unlocked from the beginning. They have very weak base stats, which are only best suited for the initial part of the game. Even after upgrading, they remain very vulnerable. We recommend discarding them from your team as you progress into the game.

302 Stars
DAquaHunter302 Stars
DCliffMagician302 Stars
DCoconaCarpenter202 Stars
DJosetteCook202 Stars
DSophieAlchemist202 Stars
DDimielAlchemist102 Stars
DFangMercenary102 Stars

Fantasy Life Online Weapon Tier List

After ranking the characters in the game, we will now rank all the available weapons that can be used to defend ourselves. Some of these weapons need unlocking, while others are already available. 

Tier RankWeapons
S Rank• Crimson Lucio
• Blue Knights Falcon Wings
• Crystal Snow
• Verdant Blade
• IU
A Rank• War Carpenter's Saw
• Bear Grinder
• Snow Blossom Axe
• Mermaid Princess
• Coastal Hibiscus
• Plumage Rod
B Rank• Firelord's Pickaxe
• Earthlord's Pickaxe
• Brute's Rod
• Flower Rod
• Ocean Hammer
• Coral Saw
• Ocean Needle
• Icewand Cocytus
C Rank• Blue Devil Hammer
• Royal Needle
• Sweet Apple
D Rank• Windcalling StaffSage Staff
• Moonlight

The weapons deal extra damage depending on their strength and weakness and the enemies’ invulnerability.


That concludes our Fantasy Life Online Tier List, which we tried to make as easy to read as possible. Not everyone has similar opinions or views, so we don’t expect all of our readers to agree with all of our placements.

But we are more than willing to hear you out in the comments section below, and we promise to take your advice into account when we update the article for the next meta.