WARIOWARE Get It Together Tier List 2023

In the article, we are ranking all Warioware characters for our readers.

If you are interested in Nintendo properties, or even if you enjoy the antics of the notorious villain Wario, then you owe it to yourself to read our Warioware Get It Together Tier List. The article will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of different characters in the game so that you know how capable a character is. Moreover, it is important to know which characters in the game are the strongest and the weakest.

Every character on the roster is different from one another, and each is unique in its own way. And so in this article, we are going to rank them for our readers. Now let’s take a deep dive and find out more about these characters.

Key Points

  • There are a total 0f 18 characters in the game.
  • Every character is ranked based on their strengths and weaknesses.
  • The top tiers include characters like Penny and Ashley.
  • Lower tiers include characters like 9-Volt, Kat, and Ana.


The table below summarizes the entire article. Each character is ranked according to their performance level and is placed into different categories accordingly.

S Rank
A RankB RankC RankD Rank
PennyJimmy TMaster MantisLulu9-Volt
AshleyMikeYoung CricketPyoroKat and Ana
Dr. CrygorOrbulonRed18-Volt
WarioDribble and Spitz5-VoltMona

Keep reading further to learn more about your favourite characters in detail.

S Tier

Strongest Characters
These Are The Most Powerful Characters.

S rank is the first category on the Warioware Get it Together tier list. This includes the strongest of characters, that have brilliant and impressive skill sets and some are almost invulnerable. It is not easy to defeat these personalities.

In other words, these are legendary or top-notch entries, and their controls and movements are not difficult to master. So let’s find out the S-tier characters of Warioware Get it Together.


Penny, the grandchild of Dr Crygor, is our first S-tier character. She is an extremely fun character, and players will enjoy their time with her. Penny carries a water gun which is more like a jetpack and uses it to hit targets. Penny uses her water gun shots to move in different directions. Her jetpack helps her locomote from one place to another with ease. Her skill set is impressive and does not have any flaws. Thereby, we have placed her on the S tier.When she shoots water from her gun, it moves her in the direction opposite to where she has shot. Penny’s unique ability makes her stand out from other characters in the game. Initially, players might struggle with her movement, and it may take a while for players to understand her controls. However, you will love to play with Penny once you master her controls and movements.

In addition, players can also freeze Penny to better aim for the targets. This ability is another plus point that other characters in the game lack.

First Appearance WarioWare Smooth Moves (2006)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get it Together (2021)


Ashley, a teenage witch, is the second character on the S tier. She is a fantabulous character with great agility and can fly. With her as your choice, you can score big because there is no obstacle she cannot pass.

The way Ashley aims her projectile is worth appreciating as well. Using her broom, she can roam around freely, in every direction. In Warioware Get it Together, she is the ideal character. Ashley can also use her wand to smash items and also gather things. The ability to fly and shoot projectiles is an epic combo because not every character has both these qualities.

Moreover, her movements are easy to control, and she does not move until you move her, a major plus point. Lastly, despite her weird looks, she is the strongest character in the game who can aim at targets with great accuracy and precision. There is no game she cannot win. Because of all these characteristics, she is placed in the S tier.

First Appearance WarioWare Touched (2004)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get it Together (2021)

Dr Crygor

Dr Crygor is the second last character in the S category. He is an old mad scientist who is quite easy to control. His movements are slow but effective, and he is capable of achieving targets many characters cant. He can swim smoothly in the air from one place to another and can hit targets with good precision. Dr Crygor’s superb swimming ability makes him one of the best characters in the game. Initially, players may not find him interesting and may think he is of no use. But after playing a few games with him, you will understand his strengths.

Gamers enjoy playing with Dr Crygor as his controls are easy, and players can, without difficulty, make him stop moving with a single button on the keyboard. These abilities of Dr Crygor make him a favourable gaming character and also one of the most powerful ones.

First Appearance WarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get it Together (2021)


Wario is the last character in this category. You do not need to unlock him since he is available from the beginning, and you can play with him the moment you download and install the game. He is a fun character with good skill sets and impressive agility.

Wario is capable of fighting and defeating enemies. Also, he is famous for his dash attacks that can smash things. He is also capable of flying, which is the ability that many characters lack. All these characteristics make Wario one of the best and most enjoyable characters in Warioware Get it Together.

First Appearance Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (1992)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get it Together (2021)

A Tier

Warioware Get it Together
These Characters Have Impressive Skills.

A tier is the second category after the S tier, and you will find some amazing characters with good skill sets here. However, compared to S-rank characters, these will be a little weaker. They might have some weaknesses, because of which they could not make it to the S rank of the Warioware Get it Together tier list.

Let’s explore which characters of Warioware Get it Together we can find in this category.

Jimmy T

Jimmy T is the first character in the A tier, and he can move freely and is capable of giving enemies a tough time, thanks to his dash attacks. He is one of the most versatile characters in the game, and his overall appearance is also interesting. He likes to dance, and when he uses his dash attacks, you will be able to see your screen covered with shiny stars surrounding him, which makes his personality even cooler.

He can use his dash attacks in every direction, but he has one major drawback. His aim does not always hit the target as he struggles with precision. Because of that weak point, he is placed in the A tier instead of the S tier.

First Appearance WarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get it Together (2021)


Another member that has made it to the A tier is Mike. He can shoot projectiles and can move at great speeds. He is an amazing character and can help you score many points. Mike can even hit targets in the vertical direction with high precision. Very few characters in the game can shoot in the vertical direction and hit their targets.

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Like many characters on the list, Mike can roam freely, and his powerful attacks can shatter objects within seconds. Interestingly, Dr Crygor was the one who created Mike. He was looking for someone who could always keep his lab clean. But it looks like Mike likes to sing instead of cleaning the lab. To summarize, Mike is a strong character, but we have placed him in A rank because his movements are difficult to control.

First Appearance WarioWare Touched (2004)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)


Orbulon is our third character on the A section of the list. He is an alien who once wanted to capture and rule the earth. However, his plans laid to dust when his UFO got dysfunctional. This character can float freely in the air and can move around at great speeds. Orbulon also uses his UFO to shoot at objects and destroy them. Moreover, the character can draw objects towards himself using the strong magnetic beams from his UFO.

Orbulon’s has only two drawbacks, because of which he is placed in his current position. First, a player must struggle with his positioning to hit targets. Secondly, his moves are slower, giving enemies more time to make their moves. All in all, he is not a very bad character, and you will enjoy playing with him.

First Appearance WarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get it Together (2021)

Dribble and Spitz

The cat and dog duo are the last ones in the A category. Spitz is a cute cat, whereas Dribble is a dog, and the duo drives a cool cab that can fly and shoot at objects. The car moves very fast and covers long distances in a short amount of time. Dribble and Spitz also can move freely in all directions, North, South, West, East, whichever direction you want them to move.

Lastly, a single drawback makes our duo stand in the A tier instead of the S tier, which is that you cannot use both characters in single-player mode. Only player two can play with Spitz.

First Appearance WarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get it Together (2018)

B Tier

Above Average Characters
These Characters Are Average.

Following the A tier, we have the B tier, where you will find characters whose performance levels are better than the characters in tiers C and D but lower than the characters of tiers S and A. In other words, characters in this category have some abilities and good skill sets, but they have more than one drawbacks that impact their performance.

Please keep on reading to discover all the B-tier characters in the game

Master Mantis

Master Mantis is the first B-tier character on the list. As a martial artist, he is super talented and can walk on roofs without difficulty. Besides, he can also make high jumps and move at great speeds. He is in the B tier because of his inability to move freely in every direction.

Master Mantis can only run in the left and right direction, restricting his movement and making him a weaker character. Also, mastering his movements takes a little while, and it is not easy for players to quickly control the Kung Fu master’s movements.

First Appearance WarioWare Smooth Moves (2006)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)

Young Cricket

Young Cricket is a martial artist with strong and effective but limited moves. He is a student of Master Mantis, who is a professional Martial Artist. Compared to his master, Young Cricket’s abilities are bounded. For instance, Master Mantis is capable of walking with ease on roofs, but this little champ cannot. Young Cricket is best at jumping, his major strength, and can move freely in two directions, right and left.

Lastly, Young Cricket’s moves are easy to master, and players can play with him in the game’s early stages. His character is also enjoyable, and players score exceptionally high while using him.

First Appearance WarioWare Smooth Moves (2006)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get It Together! (2021)


Red is the next character on the B-tier of the Warioware Get it Together tier list. He is a character who can make only one effective move: dropping bombs on the objects below. He is also capable of flying freely in every direction, and you will mostly find him giving a hand to Ashley, helping her out, and being her good friend.

Although his bombs are powerful and can destroy objects, he is weak because he can only drop bombs in the downward direction, so he fails to reach out to things above him or even his left or right. Red would have been a top-tier character if he could reach out to things in every direction. He is above average and better than all Tiers C and D characters.

First Appearance WarioWare Touched (2004)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get it Together (2021)


The last character on the tier is 5-Volt, who is the mother of 9-Volt. The character is placed in the B tier because of one powerful ability: her ability to teleport. Teleportation is her super strength, and she uses it for multiple purposes. She can also can destroy objects using electrical impulses, which are quite effective. 5-Volt is a fun character and is easy to get a grip on.

However, even 5-Volt’s major strength, teleportation, can give you a hard time as sometimes, you will have to teleport this character multiple times when you are playing a game where you have to move all the time, which is also the reason we have placed her in the current tier. Also, you don’t have any room for making mistakes when using her ability to teleport when you are going with great momentum, as you will not have the opportunity to snap back.

Lastly, players find it difficult to turn around with 5-Volt in games where you are supposed to move to and fro. So, here we have one of her major drawbacks.

First Appearance WarioWare Twisted (2004)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get It Together! (2021)

C Tier

Average characters
These Characters Are Below Average.

The C tier is the next category after the D tier. You will find all the below-average characters in the article. The characters on this tier are barely acceptable in terms of performance and skill sets.

In other words, these personalities do not possess any impressive abilities. Their capabilities are limited but are still better than D-tier characters. They are also weak when compared to S, A, and B tier characters. Let’s find out all the C-tier characters now, and we hope that you don’t get shocked if, by any chance, we have placed your favourite character here.


Lulu is the first C-tier character of the game. She can float smoothly in the air and at great speeds, but in the horizontal direction only. Her movement is slow, and she is not good at hitting targets in a vertical direction. She uses her water gun to shoot targets, but her controls are complex and take time to master. Moreover, Lulu is an archer, but her character is unavailable from the start. You can unlock her later on in the game.

She is good because of her ability to smash things below her by falling to the ground almost instantly. Because of high speed, objects that get in her way get smashed. But that is her only ability. She can’t do anything else at all.

First Appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get It Together (2021)


The second character on our C rank is Pyor0, a brick-red-coloured bird. But despite being a bird, he ironically can’t even attain flight. After looking at this character, one would think that it is an ordinary cute little bird, but Pyoro has abilities that will shock you. The little fellow can increase the size of its tongue to extremes giving it unlimited reach.

Ont top of tha, its tongue can be used to reflect objects and completely decimate everything and anything around it. Although the character has powers worth mentioning, it still lacks the oomph other upper-tier characters.

First Appearance WarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get It Together (2021)


The next character on our C- Tier of the Warioware get it together Tier List is 18-Volt. This mammoth of a child debuted in 2004, and it is said that he is only 9 years of age and yet has a figure of a colossal being. His giant structure, too, has cons as his figure results in him being immobile, which is a pretty sick attribute to be missing on. Looks are not his forte, as he wears colours that make no sense.

He has a friend named 9-Volt and has great bonding with him. There is a CD on top of his head, which is beautifully placed between his puffy hair and can be shot in multiple unique directions countless times. Although the attribute itself is very cool, 18-Volts character serves no purpose in combat other than his CD, making him a weaker option.

First Appearance WarioWare Twisted (2004)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get It Together (2021)


Mona is the last C-tier character on the list. Using her motorcycle, she can move freely in all directions, and the only way to stop her is when you aim for a target and shoot. Her agility to move freely is one of her greatest strengths and her major drawback.

She can throw her boomerang at objects to destroy them, but she will have to stop. It’s either she is moving or staying still. You cannot shoot objects while she is moving. There are characters in the game who are capable of doing both at the same time, so that gives them an edge over Mona. Players can unlock her in the game’s early stages, but her movements are not easy to control. Because of these characteristics, she is considered weak as she does not possess any other impressive abilities.

First Appearance WarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get It Together (2021)

D Tier

Useless characters
These Are The Worst Characters.

D tier is the final category on the list. Within it, you will be able to find all the trash characters. The people on this rank are not useful even if they possess one or two abilities. Their weaknesses dominate over their strengths and make them bottom-tier choices.

Players need to know about these characters because it can help them make wise decisions by avoiding these useless characters during crucial game stages. You won’t be able to score well if you are playing with these characters. In Warioware Get it Together, some characters are good for nothing, and thus we have decided to place them in the D tier. Let’s find out more about them in detail.


9-Volt is the first D-tier character on the Warioware Get it Together Tier List. She is the daughter of 5-Volt, and she has just one capability which is not always useful. She can reach out to objects above her. Besides, it is not easy to control the character as she continuously moves her skateboard in the left and right directions. A player has to struggle to make her stop.

Other characters in the game are far more capable than 9-Volt, and their performance levels are also great. It is advisable to avoid playing with her as there are better alternatives.

First Appearance WarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get It Together (2021)

Kat and Ana

Kat and Ana are an annoying duo that, like 9-Volt, keeps moving continuously. They never stop jumping, which distracts players from concentrating on the game. A player has to press the A key on the keyboard multiple times to control their movements, but they would still not be able to do it perfectly.

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Even though they can jump high, you reach things that are otherwise beyond your reach. However, players will always struggle to control her movements which is irritating and makes them pathetic characters. You can play with the duo yourself to witness their uselessness, but we suggest avoiding playing with these characters as much as possible. You won’t have a good gaming experience with our ninja duo.

First Appearance WarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003)
Latest Appearance WarioWare Get It Together (2021)

Comparison Table

CharactersTierFirst AppearanceLatest Appearance
PennySWarioWare Smooth Moves (2006)WarioWare Get it Together (2021)
AshleySWarioWare Touched (2004) WarioWare Get it Together (2021)
Dr. CrygorSWarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003)WarioWare Get it Together (2021)
WarioSSuper Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (1992)WarioWare Get it Together (2021)
Jimmy TAWarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003)WarioWare Get it Together (2021)
MikeAWarioWare Touched (2004)WarioWare Gold (2018)
OrbulonAWarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003)WarioWare Get it Together (2021)
Dribble and SpitzAWarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003)WarioWare Get it Together (2018)
Master MantisB WarioWare Smooth Moves (2006)WarioWare Gold (2018)
Young CricketBWarioWare Smooth Moves (2006) WarioWare Get It Together! (2021)
RedBWarioWare Touched (2004)WarioWare Get it Together (2021)
5-VoltBWarioWare Twisted (2004) WarioWare Get It Together! (2021)
LuluCWarioWare Gold (2018)WarioWare Get It Together (2021)
PyoroCWarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003) WarioWare Get It Together (2021)
18-VoltC WarioWare Twisted (2004)WarioWare Get It Together (2021)
MonaCWarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003)WarioWare Get It Together (2021)
9-VoltD WarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003) WarioWare Get It Together (2021)
Kat and AnaD WarioWare, Mega Microgame (2003)WarioWare Get It Together (2021)


In the discussion above, we ranked every character of Warioware Get it Together to give readers an idea about each character’s strengths and weaknesses. We tried to discuss these in as much detail as possible to help you make better choices while playing the game. But if you have already played the game or are planning to play it now, we hopr our article will help you a lot.

To gain hands-on experience, you can play with characters of all tiers. But if you want to enjoy your time and get high scores, we suggest avoiding playing with D-tier characters as it will only make you hate the game. We hope you enjoyed reading this article, and we are looking forward to your precious feedback. We have tried our best to make the ranking as transparent as possible, but if you still have any reservations, do let us know.