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A recently added element to the Mario Golf series, Mario Golf: Super Rush made its debut on June 25, 2021. The game was announced by its publishing company, Nintendo, in collaboration with Camelot Software Planning. Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List has orderly ranked the best to worst characters of Mario Golf’s sixth volume.

Furthermore, the game offers a variety of modes. Indeed it was this factor that picked up on critics as some remarked how replete and constricting the game was in terms of gameplay choices. But that was only an initial error as the company soon introduced single-playing, multi-playing, motion controls, and various other features.

At current, this game has 22 players; one of which who you might select as your golfer. Unlike the usual golf rendition, some of the modes are noticeably dissimilar. Such as, in “Speed Golf”, the winning players focus on swiftly finishing up their tasks in the lowest time. This contradicts the basic rule of golf; which is to secure points strokes.

Here you’ll see the most popular and utilized characters of this game classified; S, A, B, C, and D. We’ve constituted the Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List to give the readers a better insight at operating the players for the courses they’re best at.

Gameplay and Courses

Before we begin classifying the characters, allow us to give you a better understanding of the game’s setup through this section of our article. This game has done a fine job at adeptly bringing and transforming classic golf to our mobile screens.

First and foremost, players have to choose a terrain for their game. The game offered six maps to begin with but with its final update, five more maps are available for the players. The topographical intricacies advance as one’s skills prosper from being a rookie to an advanced player.

Secondly, the players decide what sort of game they want to play. Recently, target mode, adventure mode, standard golf mode, speed golf and lastly battle golf. Every golf mode requires separate strategies and techniques. Similarly, their efficacy in various courses and modes is also variable, which we’ll discuss shortly.

With the aim of comprising a definite Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List, we shunned any prejudicial and biased opinions toward the characters. To provide their abilities and obtainable skills along with accurate stats is our foremost objective.

Despite my efforts, I’m well aware that tier lists are impressionistic and my opinion may not necessarily imply yours. Thus, I hope to see a debate but not a conflict among our views. All in all, I sincerely apologize for any possible human error or inconvenience in advance.


As stated above, the playable characters in Mario Golf will be categorized in the S, A, B, C, and D tiers. As for any tier list, the characters with the highest proficiency rates, stamina, and speed belong to the top tiers. The second factor is how many courses can they be useful for. This is what separates A and S Tier characters along with other factors like control and spin.

Next, the B tier accommodates the more “average” players of Mario Golf. These characters are capable yet deficient in notable qualities. Still, they may prove useful in some games which require little professionalism. Henceforward, tier C has the moderate characters which aren’t always the best to use but it doesn’t hurt to experiment either.

Lastly, tier C accommodates the utterly useless and detrimental characters. These characters are a liability if you’re competing in a multi-player match against practical golfers. Hence, such characters are best not to use outside of rookies. The characters may be useful in speed golf if their stamina and speed are considerable but often times such cases rarely occur.

S Tier

mario golf super rush tier list
S Tier

Let’s commence the Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List with the gifted characters of this game. An elaborate description has already been written above. But on a more narrative and simpler note, these are the best of all of Mario Golf.

Their spectacular and beaming abilities are why they’re on every determined playerss’ bucket list. Having these characters on one’s side is a winning ticket to almost every match.


Rosalina is one of the best characters you’d want to use. Surprisingly enough, she outshines significant characters like Mario and Pauline, all thanks to her stamina and speed. At the initial matches though, she may show some setbacks only because her spin’s terrible but it’s a phase she easily outgrows.

Her power is over 223 yards which is compatible enough given the framework of most of the games’ terrains. Despite her power show, she is short on control ( 6/10 ). She also has considerable stamina which associates with her guise. Rosalina isn’t easy to beat because her power often gets the better of her and oftentimes, she has trouble controlling it.

One of her features that tops her enemies is her “Special Shot”. This ability allows her to transform golf balls into Star bits. This is largely troubling when the enemy is around the greens. This not only drowns any chances of the enemy’s successful first hit but also weakens any possibility that the second hit will be useful.

She is also a great factor in character points and club sets. She unlocks 1000 character sets each of which upgrades her power by 30 yards. Gaining the character points may be a slightly difficult chore but given all of Rosalina’s abilities and powers, this is no disbelief.

Despite her stats, what separates Rosalina from other characters is her floating ability. This is highly facilitating as it allows her easy passage across the course. This also serves as an asset against other high-ranked opponents and surely guarantees her victory. Therein, Rosalina tops our list of Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List.


Rosalina’s just a bit short on speed but Yoshi makes up for it. He’s the fastest character in this game up till now. His power may not be the best but with the strength he offers, his power is just a mere bother. His coverage is nearly 213 yards whereas his speed appears to be 10/10. He is manageable for the most part and comes with a control fence of 7/10.

As for his Special Shot; like Rosalina, Yoshi also transforms the golf balls into something more difficult to hit. Oddly, he launches an egg out of his rear which in turn changes all other balls into eggs. These eggs are a barricade considering that the opponent faces a major difficulty to shoot the balls.

Many features of Rosalina and Yoshi are similar with tiny distinctions such as that in terms of character points and club sets. Numerally, Yoshi unlocks 1000 new club sets and 3000 character points, which is the same for Rosalina. However, Yoshi also improves his spin which initially has a rating of 3/10. This improvement does cost him a slice of his control feature but it isn’t as perilous.

As for character points; obtaining them is much easier for Yoshi than for Rosalina. In Yoshi’s case, bettering your performance will increase character points. In a normal mode, securing 3 birdies in a 3-hole course will reward you with 60 points; while for 3-pars the reward is halved.

Yoshi is often regarded as the character with whom the qualities of others are compared. It is because he’s got the most ideal stats supported by an easygoing Special Shot. This secures him a reputation in the hierarchy of the game as well. In addition to having amazing powers, Yoshi is also equally efficient in performing them.


Last on our list is the big man whose abilities and drawbacks are perfectly balanced and still, his skills overpower the disadvantages he has to offer. Almost a cross between Rosalina and Yoshi’s skills, Bowser covers 228 yards which seems to be his power range. This is, at current, the second largest power Mario Golf character holds.

In comparison with others, Bowser’s speed is above mediocre but given his own powers and size, 6/10 is enough speed. Besides, when he utilizes his skills, his speed is almost an unnoticeable concern.

His damage rate is particularly high keeping in view his power which is certainly due to control. He lets go of his control to ensure better strength prospects which is an uncomplainingly great motive.

All his advantages seem to be masked in the beginning and spin is just another crisis. Initially, he can’t spin the balls efficiently which, after unlocking new club sets, is not as much of a problem. His spin is just 2/10 but as you progress in the game and expose Bowser to certain golf courses, he overcomes this difficulty.

His Special Shot, or more accurately, his Special Dash is quite unlike that of the other characters. He has a flammable feature that shoots up his ball in the sky and when it drops, a shockwave is felt, knocking away the former positions of the golf balls. Special Dash is his notably reliable trait that’s best to overcome low chances of victory and depriving the opponent of easy targets.

This being said we’ve concluded the initial and best tier of the Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List. A perfect balance yet imbalance between their advantages and disadvantages serves a practical purpose and is also a reason why everyone strives to unlock and upgrade these players.

A Tier

mario golf super rush tier list
A Tier

Next up is the A Tier which collects and accompanies the second-best characters of Mario Golf. Their statistical aspects and Special Shots are not at all bad but yes, they are a bit degraded as compared to the ones in S Tier. Some of the following characters have certain qualities and attributes that the S Tier ones, rarely ever don’t have. This is a primary cause of their potential usage.


Boo is the perfect implication of a character in A Tier. His skills are nothing over the top but his spin and strength compensate for it. Like Rosalina, Boo too can fly but his speed is low. This is nothing to worry about as his low speed is favorable for a good spin. Talking of spin, Boo can easily change the direction of a ball. This ability helps him overcome any obstacles in his way.

He is a controlled character who handles his spin quite well. Similarly, his stamina remains almost unchanged during the entire game. Hence, you wouldn’t have to check for his strength from time to time. Unlike these two factors though, his power is limited only to 210 yards which isn’t anything grand as compared to the others.

Boo is pictorially represented as a ghost and it is quite uncommon for him to have a ghostly ability but it isn’t unlikely. He scares off the balls around the greens in such a way that their motion halts. Moreover, if the opponent strikes, the ball changes its path which serves as a vantage.

Despite all the good and greats, Boo has to offer, only a skilled and experienced person who knows the golf course well enough can receive the most profit off his abilities. Character points and new club sets increase easily and rapidly if you’re well aware of Boo’s functioning.

As your character upgrades and professes his abilities, he’d also slip away from the control factor. This is to better spinning and strikes in general. His impact damage is also super strong; worthy enough to be stated side by side with the characters in S Tier. Yet because of the slow speed, we ought to place him here in the Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List.


Wario has great power and surprisingly, even better stamina. He has power over 223 yards and can shoot his shot with great strength. This comes often as a surprise to many when seeing his visuals in the game. Yet, his skills are really important and unique.

He unlocks nearly 1000 new club sets and as you continue unlocking more, his spin gradually appears to become better and more advanced. Initially, his spin has a rating of 2/10 which has no major impact on the course of the ball. His control is also limited and some of his shots may fall off the field but it’s nothing to worry about as his hold against the opponent is much stronger.

His speed isn’t really a great asset to his character but his extraordinarily excellent stamina makes up for it. This is the character build-up required for a character in this tier of Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List.

Practically, his stamina might not match his other features and size, nevertheless, this is a game that finely broke this norm. His special shot and stamina are both some of the best ones in this game.

As said above, Wario’s destructive aspects are more visible against the enemy rather than in his strikes. He’s capable of summoning light and thunder and sends the ball up in the cloud which receives the opponent.

The opponent has a chance of getting out of the thundering course but it requires his entire strength. Supplying his power to get out of this barricade means the unavailability of strength for his next shot.


A character adored by most pledged him a reputation suitable enough to fit into the A Tier. Most of his traits are average and definitely, nothing compensates for him, but he’s able to knock out enough enemies. Waluigi’s mediocre abilities have nothing over his reception. The cool outfit might also have something to do with it.

Waluigi has a power of 213 yards which isn’t anything extra. His spin is almost nonexistent at the start which ensures promising control of about 7/10. The stats change as you unlock new club sets but for the most part, Waluigi’s spin doesn’t add many benefits.

Speed Golf is the most recommended model for Waluigi’s pace (8/10) which is neither bad nor excellent. His pace also seems to be affected by the way he often moves; a distinguishing feature of his.

His special shot is indeed very special and crucial for one’s victory. Although super easy to understand and control, your first few special shots may not be as effective as the ones afterward.

Good timing is necessary for planning out Waluigi’s special shot and also his special dash. He always appears to be active and stirring up trouble for the enemy most commonly seen as him displacing the opponent’s balls.

Waluigi can swing high and beyond a slow-moving ball into the air. This removes any chance of diversion of the path by obstacles coming its way. Secondly, it also dislocates the enemy’s balls off the course due to his leaping and jumping way of moving through. Most of his stamina is used up quickly just because of his unfound stillness.

B Tier

mario golf tier list
B Tier

Up next in our Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List are the slightly better-than-average characters. These golfers either have great powers but less potential for utilizing them or in the more common case; their abilities and skills aren’t any special. This isn’t the absolute worst of this game; in fact, many of these characters are easily accessible and obtainable.


It would be a shame not to have Luigi top this tier. His character stats, when broken down, show the model figures for what a character in the B Tier seems to be. Luigi has an unbelievably great speed along with an impressive spin.

It takes little practice to get to know his abilities. His special Shot allows him to freeze the green to make it difficult for the opponent to score any points.

Unlike other well-known characters, Luigi’s spin is absolute perfection even at the very start of the game. You can easily secure enough putts in a speed game of tough courses.

Again, don’t let his mediocre skills scare you off as Luigi can very easily make his way around any tough spots which may otherwise intimidate another character. As for stats, Luigi’s spin has a rating of 3/10 and a speed of 9/10 which is just the second best speed of any character in this game ( the first being Yoshi’s).

Unlike other characters, Luigi has unusually high control too. It’s rated to be 7/10 but given his great spinning ability, control of this extent is not average at all. Despite this extraordinary skill of his, his stamina tends to give in as his stamina appears to be 10/15 which is nowhere close to good.

The character built up before us is what a character in the B tier should certainly look like; a part liability but a part of his is still auspicious. It is this accurate analysis upon which we hope to deliver and assemble this Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List.

Bowser Jr.

Bowser has acceptable enough abilities covering most of his aspects except the fact that he seems to be short on stamina. His power is about 215 yards which is not bad. Alike Luigi, Bowser’s spin and control have the same rating.

However, unlike Luigi, Bowser’s spinning levels up on unlocking other new club sets. His constant control assures the straight passage of a large chunk of his shots.

Bowser Jr. has an association with Bowser who is his father. His speed ( 8/10) isn’t perfect but better than Bowsers. Overall, his abilities are nothing too special but with characters like these, the player’s plans matter quite a bit.

For instance, you may not score enough points with him but his Special Shot makes it possible to lower the opponent’s confidence markedly.

When it comes to Special Shots, he seems to be an oddly dull one. Special Shots are supposedly the most marvelous of skills a character can have and almost always are distinct for everyone. But Bowser Jr.’s special shot isn’t as effective as all he does is display a smoke-like mist.

Of course, it can distract the opponent and make him lose his way, but it isn’t always that functional. But sometimes, this is what confuses the opponents and they give up any chances of theirs at scoring putts.

Lastly, like many others, Bowser Jr. also unlocks 1000 new club sets and about 3000 character points. As he goes on unlocking clubs, his power increases by 30 yards, and in a short period, he has a coverage of 215 yards. This also leads to a loosened grasp on the control factor which therein paves way for better spin and ultimately better-shaped shots.

Donkey Kong

As a matter of factly, Donkey King (DK) should lie in the same rank as Bowser but there are some parts of his that need improvement. His speed is lacking and so is his spin. As Yoshi is the norm for “speed”, DK and Yoshi are incomparable as his speed is only 6/10. His stamina, on the other hand, is as higher, about 12/15, and this rating helps alleviate his low speed.

The most important feature is his power of 225 yards. This long range of his is most useful when the ball needs to travel a great deal. As for his spin, it’s useless without unlocking any club sets.

Thus if you want to level up his spin from 2/10 you’re going to have quite a dive in the “control” department too. Statistically, he has control of only 6 out of a total of 10.

Like the other more powerful golfers, DK has a very pleasing special shot. It’s of the kind in which the ball goes up with maximum force and jumps flashing down, changing the entire layout of the terrain. If you’re lucky enough, you may even change the positioning of some of the opponent’s balls on the course.

Chargin’ Chuck

Chuck has an interesting setup for his character. Despite being a massive powerhouse, covering almost 224 yards, he has significant drawbacks too. It’s probable you might strike a ball much farther than this stat but it is very unlikely. His flaws aren’t “merely” improvable parts of him instead they’re rather factions of his that are beyond repair.

His speed and control are terrible in comparison with other bulkier characters like Bowser and DK etc. Both features are rated about 6/10. The fact that his power range is so high is another burden when it comes to him being slow. These two skills are, to some extent, still compromisable however the same can’t be said about his spin.

Chuck’s spin has got to be the worst one by far. He’s rated 1/10 and I’m sure that speaks enough. It’d take a few unlocking of the new club sets for his spin to even be called “mediocre”.

The Special Shot probably outweighs all his skills as his skill goes roaring and smashing the former balls. Like other powerful golfers, his special skill is hitting up a ball and when it returns, confounding all hurdles in the pathway, it even changes the map of opponents’ balls.

His Special Shot and grand power display are quite literally any factors of his usage. It is also these two attributes upon which we’ve justified Chuck to be placed in the B Tier rather than the very last ones in the Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List.

C Tier

mario golf tier list
C Tier

Being the second last tier, we will now resume the Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List with the bad characters. These characters are often neglected for any use because most of their “special” abilities are minor tasks for other better characters. Regardless, these are also never the last option; some part of them always charms the players as they’re easier to use and access for the short term.


It may come as a shock but Daisy is as actually a great option to consider if you’re doing speed golf. She has rather incredible speed ( 9/10 ) matched with enough stamina ( 12/15 ) for her to run miles.

She is one of the fastest golfers in the game which may be surprising despite her being in the C Tier. The same is the case for her spin, having a rating of 3/10, that’s more than one can ever wish for.

As for power, she can strike up to 218 yards which aren’t the best but it doesn’t seem to be a problem with her other better stats. With her short power range, players can easily access it for every club set that you unlock, your power increases by 30 yards.

Her Special shot is also a great one, called the “Blossom Strike”. She strikes up a ball into the air, making her way through the course while also avoiding the majority of the hurdles. This provides easier putt opportunities and effortless approach shots.

King Bob-omb

Knowingly, King Bob has the most power in this game; he can shoot over 230 yards which is even more than Rosalina or Wario. But the astonishment lasts no longer once you realize how pathetic the other stats are. King Bob’s spin (1/10), speed ( 3/10 ), and control ( 5/10 )make us doubt anyone can ever properly utilize his power.

If you shoot your chance and it makes its way all the way to the far end of the course, you’re lucky. However, for many, the ball diverts from its initial route just as soon as you strike. It is this defect that limits King Bob to the C Tier in our Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List.

He is short on speed which is why his stamina is somewhat better. A 12/15 heart rating of stamina gives him enough potential to keep up with the others. The more exciting feature of his is his unique Special Shot. The ball flies in the air and when it lands with heavy impact, several mini Bob-ombs are launched a long way to disperse the opponent’s balls.


Not gonna lie, Pauline’s character isn’t to blame but the complexity of it, certainly! Pauline has average and some great stats in certain aspects but most of the time, people don’t really understand her mechanism. This is the ultimate reason for the drowning of her prospects. Her power is one of the lowest among all characters, at about 210 yards only.

Now let’s analyze her better skills. She has top-tier spin, rated 3/10, and can do well without unlocking any new club sets too. However, if you do unlock them, her shots will only become more chaotic and wild, which is awesome.

She has relatively good stamina ( 8/10) which is much more than that of most of the others. Her speed is also 8/10 which helps her complete courses in the speed golf mode much faster.

Her stamina is just mid-way good. Its impact isn’t seen as vividly considering that her other stats are much better thus it doesn’t appear to be a major problem.

D Tier

last tier
D Tier

Alas, we’ve reached the last tier of this Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List which has the ultimate worse characters of this game. You mustn’t confuse the C Tier with the D Tier characters as the former ones still had some potential unlike these. Their stats are unsupportive and although their Special Shots may rarely be something out of the box, they still can’t manage to pull it off completely.


Being the title character of Mario Sports, Mario is quite a disappointment. Most of his skills are practical and useable but their extent isn’t exactly impressive. The most notable of his skills is his speed ( 9/10 ) which is just a bit lesser than Yoshi’s. On a brighter note, his pace is fast enough to be suitable for speed golf.

His stamina is almost average, 10/15, which secures the maximum putts. His spin is also good, with a high-tier rating (3/10), but it gets better as soon as new club sets are unlocked. On the other hand, his control ( 6/10 ) is terrible, which means many of your shots are going to stray away.

Unlike others, Mario’s Special Shot is just what his regular strike looks like. Except, of course, a heavy impact can be noticed once the ball touches the ground. It helps to divert the opponent’s golf balls off the ground.


If you’re looking for a character apart from Yoshi for speed golf, Toad is a good option to consider. However, with Toad, there’s a major weakness within him, which is his low power. His power is the weakest among all characters in Mario Golf, only 208 yards. This directs to good shots if the cups are nearby but you may run out of luck if the cups are way far off.

Toad’s gravely depleted stamina binds the player to constantly note his dash meter. Otherwise, you may run out of health midway in the game. His stamina is only 9/15 which is extremely less. Besides stamina though, Toad’s speed is favorable and good; almost even amazing. But his short strength range does somehow affect his speed.

His control ( 8/10 ) and spin ( 3/10 )are good enough too. He can spin a ball as great at the start as he can after unlocking a bunch of club sets. Good control means there’s a much higher chance your balls will land in the cups. As for his Special Shot, Toad blasts away all opponent balls in the nearby territory with a huge impact.

Summing it up!

We’ve computed and compiled the characters of Mario Golf Super Rush into a tier list via inspecting their qualities, abilities, and especially their Special Shots. Mario Golf is a highly indulging game for golf lovers.

Certainly not the best “Switch” game ever but in the sports category, it has a reflective rating. It isn’t only a renowned game in Japan but has attained worldwide fame all thanks to the intriguing and unique plot twists of classic golf.

In this Mario Golf Super Rush Tier List, we’ve analyzed the characters of this game with regard to important factors (speed, stamina, spin, etc.). The tier list comprises five tiers.

The first two tiers, S and A, have all eyes watching them. They’re the spectacle of the show. Gradually, as we explore the lower tiers, the characters in them lack in various aspects. The last tier, D, is the absolute worst of all. This is also why people overlook these characters and strive to acquire the ones in S and A.

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