Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Characters Tier List – All Rankings

Mario games are the most nostalgic games ever created. People from all over the world are familiar with Mario. Mario Kart 8 is a kart racing game that retains Mario Kart series game mechanics, where players control the Mario characters in kart racing. Mario Kart 8, for the first time, introduced anti-gravity driving on walls or ceilings. Also, an opportunity that allows players to ram into each other for a short boost.

It comprises single-player and multiplayer modes, including online via the Nintendo Network. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe brings together all the exceptional pieces from previous Mario Kart games while adding enough extra additions to make it worth it. In the Mario kart 8 deluxe characters tier list, we will rank the game as mentioned earlier’s characters.

The characters in this tier list will be classified according to their basic features and attributes, differentiating them from others. A principal motive for classification is the weight category of the characters that help ram the opponent off the track while gaining a boost. It sounds a bit selfish, but meh!

It is to be strictly considered that this tier list is not set in stone. It is prone to variation and different points of view. It is based on the time we spent on the game and our knowledge of it. The tier list reflects our interests and experience. It can be altered to the readers’ desires.

S Tier

best characters ranked in this tier
S Tier

The S tier, also called the superb tier, is the topmost tier of the Mario kart 8 deluxe characters tier list. It has the characters of the Mario franchise that are exceptionally great. The racers included in this tier have unmatched features, characteristics, and attributes.

They have superior aims and moves that allow them to reside under this superior tier, also above all other tiers. The S tier is universally known to give a place to the best of the best characters in the game. These characters help the player enhance his gameplay and win against various opponents.

The Mario characters are included under this tier while considering their weight, size, speed, acceleration, traction, and handling.

These attributes keep them high above other lower-tiered characters in the Mario kart 8 deluxe characters list. The weight category under this tier is very heavy or, simply, heavy.

The weight helps the character in pushing aside the opponent. The heavier the character, the easier the opponent has pushed aside. The heavy characters also have the top speeds in the games. The rate helps them in covering large distances in a short time. It helps them in winning the race easily.

Not only this, but these characters are perfect for tightening drift corners and boosting into first. If they can maintain high speeds without someone ramming into them, then they are the unbeatable racers of the game, making them the best characters of the Mario kart 8. Suppose the player has one of these S-tiered characters on his side.

His chances of losing are decreased to almost zero. Although, it’s all about the gameplay. But these characters aid in the gameplay as well.

CharacterWeight categorySpeed Features
Wario Very heavy4.75Wario’s dirty tricks bring him close to disqualification, but he is the best despite his evil nature.
Dry BowserVery heavy4.75Dry Bowser is the fastest character, making him a force to be reckoned with. He is dealt with great gameplay.
MortonVery heavy4.75Wait for Morton to exceed his speed, after which he becomes a top racer who has great control over his acceleration.
MiiAny weight categoryVariableMii is the most variable character whose features depend on the player. He can be made the best or mediocre.
WaluigiHeavy4.5Waluigi is a top-speed racer who is adept at his acceleration. His flying speed is unmatched.
Donkey KongHeavy4.5Donkey kong’s weight and size make him one of the most formidable foes if he gets a chance to be close.
Gold MarioHeavy4.25Reskinning of metal Mario gave birth to Gold Mario, who, along with being heavy, is a top-speed Mario character.
King booHeavy4King Boo has exceptional rivalries with other characters and has extraordinary racing skills, making him a character of the high-tier

A Tier

second best characters
A Tier

They are moving to the next tier in line, the A tier. It has potentially great characters. They have the extreme potential to be one of the best characters in the Mario franchise. But unfortunately, they lack some attributes and features that don’t allow them to remain in the S tier.

They have pushed down a tier into the A tier of the Mario kart 8 deluxe characters tier list. They help the player gain victory against every opponent but require a different approach, which means more hard work. The hard work pays off when the gamer wins the race.

These characters are lodged under the A tier due to several reasons. They are the absolute best but have a bit of a lack in their characteristics. The characters included in this category ranges from heavy to moderately heavy.

They have good ramming and pushing ability. Hence, they can easily gain boosts throughout the race track. Their speed is also commendable, which is not that great in the lower-tiered Mario kart 8 deluxe characters tier list. They have top speeds and decent accelerations, but they cause a shaky ride.

This is due to the low traction and handling, making it difficult for the player to play. Although, a quite adept player can easily handle them.

Moreover, these characters require constant speed to gain a top speed. They start slow and gain momentum gradually. Most of these Mario characters are heavy, weighing down the car. They require a great set of wheels for racing. Otherwise, they’ll just slow down the vehicle to the minimum. The car building is a key factor in the gameplay.

CharactersWeight categorySpeed Features
LinkHeavy4He is the staff ghost character for Hyrule Circuit. He is a fast, accelerated racer.
Pink Gold PeachHeavy4.25Despite her exceptional capabilities, many hated her for wasting a slot.
RosalinaHeavy4Rosalina is the first female character out of all the Mario characters to ever be in this class. While racing, a Luma revolves around her.
Roy KoopaHeavy4.5He is an enemy to Mario but has a great speed to leave people behind.
Iggy KoopaMedium-heavy3.75A moderately heavy driver. He is a member of the seven koopalings.
Ludwig von KoopaMedium-heavy3.75He is a moderately heavy racer, which makes him a balanced driver in the game. He is an arrogant show-off.
LuigiMedium-heavy3.75Mach 8 is Luigi’s signature bike, which he uses to show his exceptional racing skills.
MarioMedium-heavy3.75Mario can ram many opponents due to his medium heaviness.

B Tier

average characters
B Tier

How can we leave the B tier behind, as it is the mediocre tier of our very own Mario kart 8 deluxe characters tier list? It has characters that are just, in a word, ordinary. They help the gamer in the game to a minimum extent. If the gamer is not a pro, a beginner, then he suffers a lot with these characters as they don’t help that much in the long run. They tend to mess up the player’s gameplay, as he is expecting huge things from the characters, but he has to work quite hard for the victory.

The attributes of the characters included in the B tier are mainly medium-weighing characters. They don’t have high capabilities of ramming the opponent off the track by hitting them.

Hence, they don’t acquire much boost either.
They don’t have great speed, and their normal weight is not heavy. The characters in this tier of the Mario kart 8 deluxe characters tier list give the gamer a tough time during the race. He has to evaluate every move he makes to win. He doesn’t have any space left for mistakes.

Although these creates have decreased speeds and size compared to the top tier characters of the Mario kart 8 deluxe characters tier list, they have huge ranges of mini turbos, handling, and traction.  This is why they are not in the lower tiers. These lower tiers have one thing but not the other.

Hence, they come in between the worst and the best. They make up for their speed through the mini turbos. They are easy to handle. Therefore, the player can keep up the speed without losing a grip on the character’s kart.

CharactersWeight categorySpeed Features
Cat peachMedium3.25Cat peach has drifting abilities, along with item management.
InklingsMedium3.5, 3.25These part human, part squid humanoids, including girl and boy, can change between the two forms at will
Tanooki MarioMedium3.5Tanooki Mario can hover in the air and slam down in a solid statue form.
Princess daisyMedium3.5The tomboy princess is good friends with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and the rest of the “good guys.”
Princess peachMedium3.5she has quite an attitude toward competition and harshness while driving. So don’t be fooled by her girly and harmless appearance
YoshiMedium3.5Yoshi is one of the 6  main characters to appear in every single one of the main series of Mario Kart games.

C Tier

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Characters Tier List
C Tier

Next is the second to last tier, the C tier. It’s hard to overlook this tier when it has almost the worst characters in the game. It’s good to keep them under consideration to avoid them as much as possible.

If you are lucky and adept at what you do, you might be able to get a hold of their flaws and gain the upper hand on the race track. These characters have more demerits, as compared to the merits. That is the main reason they are in this tier. They require solid gameplay and a steady hand at the race track to leave every other racer behind.

The main initiative behind putting these characters in this tier are their weight and speed. They are categorized under the lightweight category. It is hard for them to push other opponents off of the race track.

They get pushed away themselves rather than affecting the rival. This wastes a lot of their energy and time. Hence, it becomes difficult for them to remain consistent in their speed. This is a key factor in their slow speed and why they are in a low tier of the Mario kart 8 deluxe characters tier list.

Moreover, weight and speed are not the only things that matter in the tier ranking. Mini turbos, traction, handling, and acceleration also matter. These characters have relatively high characteristics.

But that doesn’t matter in the long run. Their slow speed and small size don’t allow the character to make up for them. Also, most of the characters in the C tier of the Mario kart 8 deluxe characters tier list are small and can be squished. So, be wary of being trampled over by larger carts when lightning strikes.

CharactersWeight  categorySpeed Features
Bowser Jr.Light2.75He usually assists his father in doing evil things.
IsabelleLight2.75She is a female dog who is a secretary from the game Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
Koopa TroopaLight2.75Koopa Troopa is usually mad at others for using him as an item.
LakituLight2.75Lakitu charges the player Coins to drop them back onto the track.
Larry KoopaLight3He is more peaceable in this game than others and races against other characters.
Shy guyLight3A shy guy comes in multi-color in this specific game. He doesn’t offer car customization.

D Tier

worst characters ranked
D Tier

Last and, the east tier list, if all is the D tier. Maybe, the D is here to represent a dump as these are better be dumped in the game. These characters do not benefit the player at all. He has to face a lot of music while playing with these menaces. These characters symbolize disgrace and dishonor to the game as they are the worst characters of all. They are enough to ruin the progress of the player. They utterly ruin the gameplay of the gamer. He has to bear a lot with these characters.

The characters residing under the D tier of Mario kart 8 deluxe characters tier list are mostly a part of the light to the very lightweight category of the game. This makes them an absolute abysmal choice for the player.

Don’t get me wrong, but they don’t offer great values or benefits to the player, and he regrets a lot after choosing these absolute menaces. They only wreak havoc on the gameplay, totally running it to the bits. Their speed, along with their weight, is quite low. Nothing can cover up for this low speed. Not even a professional gamer can make them win. You need a huge barrel of skill for it.

On the contrary, they have quite high mini turbos and traction rates. How is the traction of use when the character can get easily trampled over by the opponent? It’s ridiculous to give them good vehicle handling when nothing is all they are good for.

Maybe the high traction and handling are there to show the creator’s sense of humor that is outrageous. They could have given these features to the top-tiered Mario characters, and they would have put them to use. But under this tier, these attributes are unwanted.

CharactersWeight categorySpeed Features
ToadLight3Toad comes in many colors; however, they are only spectators. He can be played as the red and blue toad.
ToadetteLight2.75She is very light, and it is easy to push her, but her karts and bikes are exceptionally fast and have great handling.
Wendy O. KoopaLight2.75Bowser’s minion is good at racing but is light.
BabiesVery light2.5, 2.25Babies are small and very light. The race is well but can be pushed off with a slight nudge.
Dry bonesVery light2.75Dry bones remained a good player throughout the Mario series, but in this being, just bones have paid off.
Lemmy KoopaVery light2.25The worst member of the koopalings can be pushed off easily and has slow speed.

Best Racers In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 

If you’re looking for some of the best racers that can carry any kart well, then take a look at some of the best characters from our August 2022 tier list for Mario Kart 8 deluxe. 

Metal Mario And Pink Gold Peach 

Metal Mario is one of the most underrated characters as no one sees the potential of the character unless they utilize him. He’s not that flashy and that is probably why he doesn’t get much attention from players. But the fact that heavy metals like metal and gold are incorporated in his belt makes him one of the best. Due to these heavy materials, you can drift easily in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Also, if you choose a good kart that has excellent acceleration it will give your character the starting boost he needs. 

Donkey Kong 

Donkey Kong is one of the favorite characters of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe players and he does pretty well in every race he joins. His optimal weight and size make him a good option for beginners as well. At the start of the race, you will find him very slow but he eventually builds up speed and when played in the right hands, he can leave behind every other Racer. The strategy here is to use the best wheels and maintain an optimal speed while racing. 


Even though the character is not in Smash, he is pretty celebrated in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The heavy-class character can reach top speeds if played right with a good strategy. However, his acceleration is pretty average as compared to other characters, and the turbo speeds he has are very slow. Make sure that you select a kart that focuses more on acceleration and jumps well as well. 


Everyone loves to try out Bowser at least once in the game and he is another heavy character that people adore. Even though he is the main antagonist in the Mario franchise when it comes to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe many fans love trying him out thanks to his heavyweight. While he is a heavy character, he is capable of maximizing the speeds that his opponents cannot however make sure that you focus more on handling and it is quite poor. 


Overall, the article Mario kart 8 deluxe characters tier list was able to rank down different characters of the Mario franchise. They were ranked based on the whole outlook that they presented during the game itself rather than the facts presented by the game creators. Because the first-hand experience is what matters the most, creators are supposed to lie about the statistics to up its sale, but the true gaming experience matters.

The characters were ranked into various tiers, keeping in view their numerous attributes. The attributes include traction, handling, speed, acceleration, and weight. These helped us rank the characters into different tier lists.

The tier lists included in this article are S, A, B, C, and D. these tiers range from the best and, eventually, the worst. The S tier houses the best of the best characters who have the top speed and are the heaviest.

They can topple the opponent over easily. Next comes the A tier; it has the characters that are almost the best, but lacks an attribute here and there. This doesn’t mean that they are bad. They equally help the gamer in his gameplay and don’t disappoint him.

Onto the next tier in line, that is the B tier; it lodges the mediocre characters of the game. These characters benefit the gamer to some extent, but he has to work quite hard with them in the long run.

Later comes the C tier, the almost bad tier of the Mario kart 8 deluxe characters tier list. It isn’t every day we encounter the bad characters of the game, and that is certainly not the case here either; they are bad as long as the gamer doesn’t know how to tackle them.

Lastly, the D tier is left. It’s best to avoid these little lightweight menaces that completely ruin the gameplay. It’s all about the gameplay and how the characters benefit from it.

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