Mario Characters Tier List: All Characters Ranked

MARIO! Whom we all have grown up playing with and seeing. Every 90s kid is familiar with this red-attired Italian plumber who fought evil in order to protect his friends and for various other reasons. Mario is the face of Nintendo and it won’t be wrong to say that Mario is Nintendo. He is often seen saving Princess Peach from the entrapment of Bowser.

Though it doesn’t have a straightforward storyline, as a matter of fact, the storyline and the characterization depend, solely, on the gameplay. The gameplay can change the storyline and the plot into whatever you desire. Mario franchise is a blend of numerous games and genres, including racing, running, combats, and puzzles.

In the Mario characters tier list, we will be ranking the characters, protagonists, and antagonists, found in the various games and genres of the Nintendo Mario franchise. This tier list will depend on the characters’ abilities, appearance, powers, character development, and popularity.

Please keep it under consideration that this tier list is prone to variation and opinions of the readers. It is not set in stone and can be altered according to the readers’ preferences and interests. It depends on the time we spent on the game and how we perceived the characters of the games. It is open to all sorts of variations and changes that people might disagree with.

S Tier

best characters ranked
S Tier

Let’s move towards the first-in-line tier of our Mario characters tier list. S tier contains exceptionally superb players of the Nintendo Mario franchise. These characters, the protagonist and the antagonist, collectively contribute to the S tier. The characters lodged under this tier are superior to all other characters of the Nintendo Mario franchise.

They possess the qualities and traits that are absent in other low-tiered characters. These characters are significant, the best of the best characters. Whether they are the heroes or the villains of the story, their traits set them apart from all other characters.

Moving on towards the reasons that put these stupendous characters in a place like the S tier, which contains an exceptionally great selection of characters. Firstly, these characters have the best power-ups in the games. Their extraordinary abilities allowed the player to stay at ease during the game because they were highly accessible and quite effective.

Although the gameplay is what matters in the winning strategies of the game, the use of these exceptional powers allowed the player to up his strategy and gameplay, he became able to defeat his opponent in the game series with just a few tricks up his sleeves.

Not only this, most of all Mario deserved to be in the S tier of the Mario characters because of his relatable factor. Every player is able to relate and link himself to Mario on a whole new level. As a matter of fact, Mario is extremely simple, that his personality matches almost every player and he instantly, becomes the favorite of many gamers. Additionally, the other players were no lesser than the face of Nintendo, their qualities, including their unmatchable strength and powers allowed them a spot in the S tier.

CharacterDescriptionFirst AppearancePowers
MarioA red and blue attired short man whose face carries a huge mustache and red cap.Donkey King (1981)–        Long jumps

–        Toon Force

–        Pyrokinesis

–        Mario Tornado

WaluigiAn evil-looking man wearing a purple overall. His mustache is akin to Captain Hook from Peter Pan.Mario Tennis (2000)–        Summons water

–        Swim through air

–        Adept at tennis

LuigiThe younger and Taller brother of Mario wears a blue overall over a green shirt. His sparkling blue eyes get a lot of attention.Mario Bros. (1983)–        Electrokinetic

–        Super Luigi

–        Indomitable Will

–        Expert vehicular driver

YoshiHe has a large green nose, a row of red spines along his head that accentuate his green skin and a saddle on his back.Super Mario World (1990)–        A long, sticky tongue

–        Transform things into eggs

–        Pinpoint accuracy

RosalinaHer large bangs of strawberry-colored hair cover her cyan-colored eyes. She is dressed in a turquoise dress, that bare her shoulders.Super Mario Galaxy (2007)–        Flight

–        Force fields

–        Size alterations

–        teleportation

Princess PeachA young woman, with yellow hair and blue eyes, whose head is adorned with a red jeweled crown.Super Mario Bros (1985)–        Heart Powers

–        Wishing Powers

–        Parasol skills

–        Emotion empowerment

Bowser Jr.a yellow-skinned Koopa with a light green head and a top-ponytail of orange-red hair held by a black tieSuper Mario Sunshine (2002)–        Fire Breath

–        Huge strike force

–        Strong durability

–        Agility

BowserResembles his son in his looks, with having tan-colored scaly skin with a light green head.Super Mario Bros. (1985)–        Nigh – vulnerability

–        Poison gas

–        Shapeshifting

–        Crusher

WarioWario is shorter, fatter, and has a large jagged mustache, a bellicose cackle, and has a stronger Italian accent than MarioSuper Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (1992)–        Dash attack

–        Super Ground Pound

–        Chomp

–        Corkscrew

–        Disguising ability

Donkey KongDonkey Kong resembles a gorilla with a sturdy physique. He has huge pecs along with biceps and triceps.Donkey Kong (1981)–        Hypnosis resistant

–        Coconut shooter

–        Strong kong

–        Weaponizes  music

Super Mario Characters ranked here, play an integral part in the famous game “Super Mario Party” and we have a similar tier list ready for it here.

A tier

second best tier
A Tier

The A tier is not lower than the extraordinary S-tiered characters. No doubt, they are the best characters Nintendo created for the sake of the game, but the characters included in the A tier are not less than ordinary. They might not have the same extremely powerful strategies, but they do have some powers that allow the gamer to win the game without much thought. Although the gameplay has to be altered to a great extent, the resources that they offer open up new pathways to victory.

I have no idea what gamers see in the other latest games when the old games were a whole packaged deal. Mario truly proves the phrase ‘Old is Gold’.  As Mario is quite literally a piece of shining gold with its huge collection of premiered characters that allow the player to revel in their backstories and personalities as well as entertain himself with their stunning strategies.

Not to forget the character development throughout the whole game is the best and is worth mentioning. As mentioned earlier, the A-tiered characters, do not have the same powers as the S-tiered ones, but they have interesting storylines and intriguing personalities that captivate the gamer in their labyrinth.

Along with this, the villains included in the Mario characters tier list are far better than the heroes in the lower tiers. These antagonists can take down their opponents with just a few moves. The player loses if he doesn’t have solid gameplay. He requires true guidelines to win against these awesome villains. The protagonists are also at a deficiency, they too have one of the few unique powers that aid in winning against strong opponents.

CharacterDescriptionFirst AppearancePowers
Diddy KongDiddy Kong has several features that are akin to his uncle, Donkey Kong. He has big eyes and wears a red hat.Donkey Kong Country (1994)–        Agility

–        Speed

–        Power

–        Strength

PaulinePauline’s appearance is similar to Princess Peach’s; she has brunette hair and wears a stunning red dressDonkey Kong (1981)–        Knock balls out

–        A damsel in distress

BooThey have black beady eyes and fangs. They are typically white, though some are pink.Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)–        Bob’s sheet

–        Fright bomb

–        Boo bell

–        Crystal ball

Lady BowGreen colored ghost, who wears two ribbon bows over her earsPaper Mario (2000)–        Aids Mario
King BooKing Boo has dark red eyes, a blue tongue, two vampire-like fangs, a purplish complexion, and a ruby crownLuigi’s Mansion (2001)–        Materializes objects.

–        Teleportation

–        Control over fire

DaisyDaisy has blue eyes, orange hair, and tanned skin, She usually wears a yellow, floor-length gown that has white and orange accents.Super Mario Land (1989)–        ground pound

–        flower-related effect

–        Flower Ball abilities

ToadetteA pink mushroom hat-wearing toilette wears a pink dress and is seen with a smile on her face.Mario Kart: Double Dash (2003)–        Super Crown ability

–        Collects items.

–        make flowers bloom

ToadHe wears a blue vest, brown shoes, and large diaper-like pants, with a mushroom red dotted hat on his head.Super Mario Bros 2. (1988)–        highest speed

–        Power squat jump

–        Flutter jump

Shy GuyThe shy guy wears a mask on his face with holes cut out for his mouth and eyes. He is attired in red clothing.Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988)–        Appear out of Jar

–        Throw auto bombs

–        Throw Astros.

Petey PiranhaHe has a long neck, a more outward protruding mouth, a round body, and has no feetSuper Mario Sunshine (2002)–        Spits goop

–        Flies with his arms

–        Creates tornadoes

Piranha PlantThe head of a Piranha Plant, a carnivorous plant, is mostly either red or green with multiple other colorsSuper Mario Bros. (1985)–        Absorbs fire to heal

–        Inhibits pits of lava

KoopalingsAll of the Koopalings look, somewhat, similar to Bowser and Bowser Jr., but lack horns on their headSuper Mario Bros. 3 (1990)–        Use shell for combat

–        Skilled in magic

–        Survive dangerous hits

LakituLakitus have very different heads with much smaller, circular noses, all generic Lakitus wear thick goggles, and have a ring pattern on their shellsSuper Mario Bros. (1985)–        Cloud vehicles

–        Produces electricity

–        Tosses spiny eggs

GoombellaAn adorable-looking piece of goop with a headlight and a cap on her head, signaling her archeological background.Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)–        Tattle ability

–        Inserts her own opinions

–        Power bounce

Mario Tennis Aces is a technical game and knowing each character’s ability is vital. Many characters from this tier list are absolutely vital to victory in that game. We have ranked the best characters of the game here.

B Tier

average characters ranked in this tier
B Tier

We, certainly, should not forget the mediocre tier of our Mario characters tier list. The B tier houses characters that are just ordinary. They have ordinary and simple powers and a boring storyline. The gamer requires a whole lot of strategies and combos to win against the opponent if he has a B-tiered character in his team. The B-tier characters are not bad, but they are not great as the other Mario characters.

They could have been good if they had some of the qualities that the top tired characters possessed. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on their side and they had to reside under the B tier due to a lack of a few traits and characteristics.

One of the main reasons these characters are under the B tier is that they are highly underrated characters. They were unable to gain popularity like all other top-tiered characters, due to their basic and mediocre backstories, personalities, and powers. The characters did not go through a lot of changes throughout the game.

They remained in the shadows of the top-tiered characters, as mediocre and anti-social people do. They were mainly the outcasts or the sidekicks in the game. Some of these characters even annoyed the players to a great extent with their annoying squeaky voices or the glitching in the powers that made the gamer lose against the opponent.

Moreover, the tighter you hold on to your gameplay during the game, the more chances you have of winning. But with these ordinary characters, a tightest and toughest form of strategy is required, as they do not let the player stay at rest and make him use his brain to win, might be called the best characters. Additionally, most of the characters included in it are weapons, whose sole purpose is to aid the gamer.

CharacterDescriptionFirst AppearancePowers
GoombaGoomba resembles a small, brown mushroom and is a fungus-based species like Toads.Super Mario Bros. (1985)–        Tackle

–        Bite the enemy

–        Fire flower

Dry BonesDry Bones have gray skin, dark gray shells, black eyes, yellow pupils, and pale blue shoes and gloves.Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)–        immune to lava

–        Immortal

–        Infinite health

–        Throws bones.

Kammy KoopaKammy Koopa is one of the higher-ranked Magikoopas, for this, she wears distinctive clothes and is seen with dark purple robes and a dark purple hatPaper Mario (2000)–        summons blocks

–        magical lightning

–        teleportation

KamekHe wears a pair of round spectacles on his face and a set of blue robes, complete with a blue wizard’s hat.Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (1995)–        teleportation

–        creating beings

–        pyrokinesis

Koopa-TroopaKoopa Troopas are tortoise-like creatures with removable shells. They have elliptical eyes, a large beak-like nose, short limbs, and large heads.Super Mario Bros. (1985)–        used as projectiles

–        shell defense

King Bob-ombKing Bob-omb has a large, circular, explosive body. The color of his body is black or, sometimes, purple.Super Mario 64 (1996)–        Thrown as an explosive
Admiral BobberyIt is around the bomb-shaped creature, outfitted in sailor attirePaper Mario (2004)–        Thrown as an explosive
Bob-ombBob-ombs are living, moving mechanical bombs with eyes, feet, and a wind-up key on the backSuper Mario Bros. 2 (1988)–        An explosive
Professor E. GA mad scientist’s look marks his appearance, He always makes ambiguous gibberish sounds when speaking.Luigi’s Mansion (2001)–        Scientist.

C Tier

Mario characters tier list
C Tier

Landing on the C tier that contains the almost worst characters of the Mario franchise. The C tier is famous for possessing the characters that are potentially the worst but contains a few of the traits that don’t allow them to reside under the D tier, where the worst characters live.

The C-tiered characters have only a few plus points unlike the other high-tiered characters, these plus points aid the gamer in enhancing his gameplay to some extent as some of these are weapons, that destroy the opponent with their effective and damaging powers.

Their only advantage is they cause damage to the opponents, otherwise, they have no backstory or character development. They lack a personality profile as well. Only a few powers and advantages drag them up to the C tier of Mario characters tier list. These characters are weak and slow. Even with great gameplay, the player’s loss is written in his fate if he plays with one of these characters. They only benefit the player in small aspects of the game. But if the gamer takes a step and looks at the bigger picture, those small aids don’t help.

CharacterDescriptionFirst AppearancePowers
BirdoBirdo are dinosaurs with funnel-shaped mouths and a body structureSuper Mario Bros. 2 (1988)–        she can spit eggs

–        Suck things closer

VivianVivian appears as a dark purple ghost-like being, Her light-pink hair covers most of her face, leaving only her mouth and the blushes of her cheeks visible.Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)–        Avoids detection

–        Eavesdropping

Captain ToadHis key, distinguishing features include his large, oversized backpack and headlamp.Super Mario Galaxy (2007)–        Seeks out secrets

–         maze waddling

Hammer BrosHammer Bros. have yellow skin, slightly protruding noses with snake-shaped nostrils, cream-colored belly plates, and white eyes with blue irisesSuper Mario Bros. (1985)–        Superior jumping

–        use hammers

–        Throw weak hammers.

Bullet BillBullet Bills are anthropomorphic, bullet-like projectiles with armsSuper Mario Bros. (1985)–        Acts as bullets
Chain ChompThey resemble a ball and chain. They behave like dogs and even bark. They are a strong and unintelligent speciesSuper Mario Bros. 3 (1990)–        Used as weapons
CacklettaIt is a tall, green-skinned, banish specie. With large pink eyes and an elongated face.Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (2003)–        Pyrokinesis

–        Electrokinesis

–        Ability to poison

Count BleckCount Bleck wears a white top hat and coat and is shrouded in a cape with a gradient of white at its top fading to blue at the bottomSuper Paper Mario (2007)–        Dark Prognostics

–        Chaos Heart

Mario Kart is one of the major reasons for Nintendo’s success in recent times, here we have ranked all the best characters from the 8th version of that game.

D Tier

Worst characters
D Tier

D tier is the last and the last tier of the Mario characters tier list. This tier contains the characters that are absolutely the worst ones. They help the gamer almost to no extent. He loses more than he can gain with these characters. The strongest and most solid gameplay and strategy can’t save the player from these disastrous Mario characters.

The D-graded characters have absolutely no benefits. All they confer is a loss to the gamer. No matter how hard he tries to play with these characters, they always lose at the hands of their strong opponents. Even a weak opponent can win against these flimsy characters. It won’t be wrong to say that these characters are of no use to the player.

The main reason for them being in the D tier of this tier list is their zero capacity to win against study opponents. They have zero backstories and personalities that make people hate them to a huge extent. Another thing that makes the worst is their ineffective attacks on the opponent. These attacks appear to be of some use, but they disappoint the player when they are put to use.

CharacterDescriptionFirst AppearancePowers
BlooperBloopers are small, white squid-like creatures with a black marking on their face, resembling a face maskSuper Mario Bros. (1985)–        Shoots globs of ink

–        flying

Baby LumaLumas are star-like creatures, they have a rain drop-like shape and come in many colors.Super Mario Galaxy (2007)–        spinning

–        transformation

WartWart is a frog who wears a crown, cape, and loads of jewelry.Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988)–        affinity with water

–        spits  water

ToadsworthToadsworth is the oldest species of toads. He has an old brown mushroom cap, his nose supports his spectacles and he walks with a stick.Super Mario Sunshine (2002)–        Magical cane

–        Create blocks

–        plays Mahjong

WingoHe possesses black feathers and orange anisodactyl feet with black talons. He wears golden bracelets on his legs, a golden necklace with a Power Star around his feathered neckCaptain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2014)–        Teleportation

–        Creates wind

ThwompThwomps are giant stone faces.Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)–        Flattens things


In the article Mario characters tier list, the characters of the Nintendo Mario franchise were ranked into various tiers. This ranking was based upon the powers, popularity, character backstory, development, and the strategically aiding of the gamer.  Other people’s opinions matter as much as our own opinions. Hence, while ranking, popularity is kept under consideration.

This tier list ranked the Mario characters into S, A, B, C, and D tiers. The S tier contained the best of the best characters, that had powerful strategies and enhanced the gameplay. The A tier contained the characters that lacked a bit of a few traits that didn’t save a spot for them in the S tier. B tier of the article is also not far behind, they have traits that are a blend of the good and the bad characters.

Lower to this is the C tier, which has characters that are potentially bad. They possess just a bit of characteristic that saves them from the last rung of the tier list. In the end, the D tier is located that contains the characters of the Mario franchise that are the worst. They are highly unrequired and do not help the player in the long run.