Mario Tennis Aces Characters Tier List [2023]

Serve Up Victory: Our Mario Tennis Aces Character Tier List Ranks the Best Players to Help You Ace Your Opponents.

Our Mario Tennis Aces character tier list ranks the characters of the game into various tiers based on their special shot, main shot, lore, back story, style, innovation, and many other attributes. But please note that the list is prone to variation among players.

It depends on the time spent on the game and how we perceived various characters. The shots were evaluated based on our own opinions. Hence, it is open to change.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 23 entries on our list.
  • We have ranked them according to their various attributes like shot power, trick shots, and special attacking shots.
  • Among the highest tiers, you will find characters like Waluigi, Yoshi, Boo, and Daisy.
  • Meanwhile, the lowest ranks contain characters like Luma, Toadette, Dry Bones, and Chomp Chomp.


We will now list all entries in a short table.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
WaluigiBowser Jr.BowserBlooperLuma
YoshiMarioRosalinaPetey PiranhaToadette
BooLuigiDonkey KongDry BowserDry Bones
DaisyPeachFire Piranha PlantToadChain Chomp
WarioKoopa Troopa

S Tier

Best characters ranked
S Tier.

The S tier commonly known as the superb tier consists of all the superb characters from the Mario franchise. It has characters that are exceptionally great. They are the characters that have the top qualities and attributes and they don’t lag behind in the war of the best. 


Talk about elegance, Waluigi is all about it, especially his special shot. In his main shot, Waluigi puts a rose between his teeth, which takes us to the French style of dance. When we say dance, how can’t there be dance? He puts up a dance show known as the Flamenco Blast.

That helps the opponent get distracted and Waluigi scores the shot. The elegance puts him above all in the S tier of the Mario Tennis Aces characters tier list 2022. His dreamy and romantic charm just adds a bit more grace to his superiority and gameplay.  To add to it, Waluigi also plays a huge role in covering a huge area while defending his territory.

Type Defensive
Trickshot Twisted Jump
Main shot Showtime


A cute little dinosaur with characteristics of a strategic tennis player. Yoshi has one of the highest speeds during the game. The main feature that causes his inclusion in the S tier is his ability to fly.

Yoshi is the only character who is able to flap his wings and scavenger the skies while playing the game of tennis against the opponent making him the best character. The added sound effects of flying enhance the aesthetics of the game. Additionally, Yoshi looks utterly and wholly devastated when he loses, which mostly shadows the expression of the player. That aids the player in regaining their composure because a devastating-looking dinosaur is a sight for sore eyes.

Type Speedy
Trickshot Spin turn
Main shot Flying The Rainbow


Who can ever get enough of boo? This adorable-looking creature is always there to scare you, but also supports your win in the long run. His toothy grin is enough to shatter the confidence of the opponent till he is down to his knees. Boo is a pretty great playable character in the game. He is included in the S tier because of his main shot.

His main shot includes the appearance of eight boos out of thin air, the main purpose of their appearance is to gang up on the opponent, so they change their shape into a tennis ball. That abounds the effect offered by the character, eight times the original one, which creates the deception of a robust and potent shot that startles the opponent.

Type Tricky
Trickshot Roundabout
Main shot Illusion Shot


Gamers were always disappointed with the fact that daisy was not a playable character in the original Mario tennis game, but that complaint was cut short when she made her debut as a tennis player here. Not just that she turned out to be an outstanding character. She aided the player a lot with her main shots. All of that reserved a seat for her in the S tier.

To start it off, a loud ‘HA HA’ echoes through the arena, then she starts ascending in the air, making it seem like she is running. She uses her flower power and then launches herself into the ball. She didn’t possess the specialty of flower walking previously, in any of the Mario games, but it is her main trait in the Mario Sports games world.

Type All-Around
Trickshot Parry
Main shot Bloom blast


The number one villain of our beloved Mario franchise. He has received love from many of his players, because of his evil plans. In the game, he is one of the top-tiered characters due to his highly nutritious main shot. The trait is, somewhat, stupid but entertains the players. He eats raw garlic, increases in size, becomes corpulent and then bangs the ball on the opponent with all of his Garlic Might.

Garlic might be an obscene-smelling food, but it does strengthen the body. Wario is the renewed Popeye, who received energy from spinach. Like spinach, Garlic has proved to be highly beneficial for the body by enhancing eyesight and giving nutrition. That might be the main reason Wario doesn’t have to wear eyeglasses. Before the shot is hit, Wario entertains his player by singing a small lullaby.

Type Powerful
Trickshot Total typhoon
Main shot Glorious Garlic Bomber

A Tier

second best characters ranked in this tierlist
A Tier.

A tier, otherwise known as the potentially great tier. The characters residing under the current tier are highly pro at their work. Their way of playing and their tactics are appreciated by the player. But they either don’t have a great main shot, that comes off as boring rather than intriguing. 

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. is an almost replica of his father. He is a great playable character in the Mario tennis game. He plays as a defense which aids the player change his gameplay accordingly. His main shot is quite unique and dangerous. It terrifies the opponents a lot. A mechanical hand seems cool and Bowser is the possessor of this cool tech. he hits the ball with his hand.

He is not included in the S tier like the other top-tiered Mario characters because his special shot could have been a lot better if we were to turn into a Shadow Mario and used his brush to hit the ball.

Type Defensive
Trickshot Wild ride
Main shot Armed and Dangerous


How can we leave the face of the game far behind? He deserves a place among the top Mario characters more than any other. He is the reason we are writing the article or getting entertained by the game itself. But the reason he is in the A tier and not above is his almost normal main shot.

Mario is the plumber the player has seen a bucketful of times in various games, specifically in their Adventure modes. The player has, on various occasions even seen him tighten his hand and jump off of tall walls. The thing that sucks more than that is that the feat has been featured in almost all adventure modes of the Mario games.

Type All-Around
Trickshot Hand-spin
Main shot Blazing wall jump


The younger brother of Mario is not leaving his brother in the Mario Tennis Aces tier list either. He is with his brother in the A tier, supporting his brother, Mario. But that is not the sole reason for him being in the current tier. It’s his main shot in which he snuggles inside a pipe and launches himself out of it as if he were a cannon. The move is highly effective in the game and helps the gamer in winning.

But it is not innovative or novel. It’s pretty basic, Luigi could have used a better main shot in the game. Any novel and thought-provoking combination would have been appreciated by the gamers. Only then, we would have seen Luigi much higher.

Type All-Around
Trickshot Racket Twirl
Main shot Pipe cannon


Our beloved princess peach is here to introduce us to her. How can we not get enticed by her charm and beauty? Even her main shot is full of love and hearts, which creates a place in the hearts of the player and a losing spot for the opponent. Peach’s main shot is quite prominent in the game in which she jumps mid-air, making heart jumps, and draws a heart right before she breaks the racket of her opponent.

The feature is only great for aesthetics, otherwise, it is not of much use in the game. We know that she is a princess, but it’s honestly not that creative. She could have had so much more up her sleeve if the creators had put some thought into it. She could have been given some love and appreciation by allowing her the ability to float in the air.

Type Technical
Trickshot Twirl
Main shot Heart shot

Koopa Troopa

No need to worry about our little turtle over here, he is not far from the top-tiered Mario charactersHe resides among them due to his superior quality traits and ultimate moves that stun the gamer. How can you ignore the spin break performed by this small creature, that takes the opponent by surprise as he is mesmerized by the way he performs the said shot? But the only reason he is lodged under the A tier is his drop shots.

Drop shots are loved and adored by many. Many people use it frequently due to its high accessibility. But Koopa Troopa’s drop shots are nasty because they get a wicked angle. Along with that, the flow of his movements is complicated and takes a little bit of time and technique to get used to.

Type Speedy
Trickshot Power Play
Main shot Spin break


Spike is the small green creature and everyone remembers him as the guy who spits out spike balls. In fact, he used his signature move and improvised it in a unique way. In his shot he eats his own racket, then he spits out a spiked club, transformed from the racket. It’s, basically impossible to beat someone who eats his own tennis equipment. He throws it after upgrading it and renovating it into something entirely peculiar and powerful. He could have been in the S tier if it weren’t for his slow and odd drop shots. They don’t cause many effects.

Type Powerful
Trickshot Somersault
Main shot Spike Strike

B Tier

average characters
B Tier.

The mediocre tier, but famous as the B tier, is no less than the higher tiers of Mario tennis aces characters tier list. The tier has characters that are no greater or no lesser than ordinary. In fact, they are the mere definition of ordinary. 


We have already ranked the son of Bowser, so the father deserves as much attention. Now is the turn for the mighty Bowser. Bowser is a character who makes the gamer awestruck, and he does that by merely breathing fire, which ignites his racket and enhances his shots.

I mean, the flaming racket provides a good outlook but doesn’t really create a high image in the eye of the opponent or player. Additionally, the main shot is not, in any way, momentous and is kind of a Bowser thing to do in a Tennis Match. Instead of that, he could have done something with his wedding hat, or any other power-up could have been used from Mario land.

Type Powerful
Trickshot Dive Bomb
Main shot Fire-Breath Barrage


Rosalina has captured the hearts of many with her poise, charisma, and chic tennis skirt. Her elegance is on the lips of many. She doesn’t do most stuff herself. She uses her Lumas for many of her combos and feats in the Mario world. Similarly, Rosalina, in the game, gets her Lumas to dribble the ball around.

This act seems minor but in the bigger picture, it allows her to plan her major throw. The move is only suitable for a distraction and the major blow is not that major. The use of Lumas also comes off as lazy.

Type Tricky
Trickshot Galaxy Warp
Main shot Star Combo

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong got his fame from his personalized game Donkey Kong Country. He, too, doesn’t go far from his roots and throws himself in a barrel to perform his move. It’s quite entertaining seeing Mario Games linking and combining folklore and storylines from various spinoff Mario games into Mario sports games. That creates a good outlook and ascertains that Mario shares a universe with other Mario spinoffs. But the connection doesn’t go with the aesthetic. Also, it dulls the game itself and gets set back afoot. Hence, is included in the B tier.

Type Powerful
Trickshot Kong Roll
Main shot Barrel Cannon Chaos

Fire Piranha Plant

Type: Technical

Trickshot: Surefire Shot

Main shot: Hot Shot

The Fire Piranha Plant puts fire to the ground when he arrives, quite literally. He surprised us all with his novel abilities. Everyone got stunned when the typical and standard pipe cleaner suddenly gained the ability to spit flames at the opponents, through his wide-toothed mouth. These flames were improvised in his main Shot and players see him blazing the ball on fire with his throated scorching flare.

After that, he smashes the burning round coal back over the net. Although this move has great style, it has zero offensive capabilities. But the trick shot is quite difficult to assist and hence, he is added to the B tier.

Type Technical
Trickshot Surefire Shot
Main shot Hot Shot

C Tier

Mario Tennis Aces Characters Tier List
C Tier.

The C tier is the opposite of the A tier. Where the A tier is potentially great, the C tier is potentially the worst. It has just a bit of an advantage that doesn’t let the characters get dragged down to the last rung.


Blooper might be a ghost-like creature but his moves are not that haunting. It is confusing rather than threatening or terrifying to the opponent. The ball just moves here and there. The move confuses the opponent and leaves him feeling brutally unfair and if he manages to understand the pattern he can easily dodge it. This is wrong for the game because he plays it like a fight rather than a tennis match.

Type Tricky
Trickshot Lucky Leap
Main shot Wave Rider

Petey Piranha

Another carnivore is added to our Mario Tennis Aces tier list. He makes his appearance to entertain us with his moves.  But he is in the C tier due to a huge reason. He is an extravagant and embellished form of an influencing character of Mario’s tennis aces. Don’t get me wrong, but he is a pretty average character and the player has to mess up his gameplay just for his sake. His shots are powerful, indeed, but his motility is extremely slow.

Type Powerful
Trickshot Fluttering Fury
Main shot Vicious Twister

Dry Bowser

These skinless and fleshy additions to the Mario tennis aces are not the most attractive and innovative additions. Dry Bowser is one of them. Even though he had very powerful moves and benefitted the player a lot. But it felt like a huge waste of a slot. They could have added someone fresh, novel, and inimitable but, instead, they chose a bony version of the browser.

Type Defensive
Trickshot Dive Bomb
Main shot Blazing Barrage


A Cute little toad with his huge mushroom hat has entertained us with his presence many a time during his appearances in various Mario games. He doesn’t have much lore behind him nor is he the most modish. He should have been in the tier even below this, as he is the worst, but what he does with his racket saved him. He performs an appreciable feat by combing his jump and the racket throw. The use of his head as a jump launch pad was absolutely hilarious, the players demanded more innovative feats.

Type Speedy
Trickshot Toad Jump
Main shot Super toad dive

D Tier

worst characters ranked
D Tier.

Let’s not forget the last tier. The characters included in the current rank are the absolute worst. They have zero good attributes. Even if they do have some advantages they are masked by their worst features. These characters have the ability to ruin the gameplay and the tactics of the player. 


The star-shaped companion of Rosalina made his separate appearance in the Mario Tennis Aces characters tier list. He is a total heart stealer with his adorable little hands and feet and cute sparkly eyes but that is where the benefits stop. All he does is spends time on the sidelines, throwing out slices, and not doing much. His drop shots are not at all effective and hence he is lodged under the D tier.

Type Technical
Trickshot Dazzling meteor
Main shot Constellation smash


At the absolute bottom of the barrel right here in the D tier. The reason for that is that she hits the ball after jumping on top of different mushroom tops. That is the mere thing she does. It’s truly the most mind-numbing and the most apathetic special shot of the whole game. it will still wreck a racket, but it’s utterly nothing.

Type Technical
Trickshot Cutesy Turn
Main shot Hop Step Jump

Dry Bones

Dry Bones are known for their immortality. He is invincible to fireballs, making him indestructible. He allows Mario to jump and boost up through his head, which causes him to crumble down into a pile and heaps of just bones, and no flesh. but he resuscitates and revives again after an interval of a few seconds. That’s about all he does making him the worst. His bone crushes but he gains his posture back. That’s stupid and the cause of his presence in the D tier.

Type Tricky
Trickshot Scattershot
Main shot Bone Crusher

Chain Chomp

Each and every player was frustrated and saddened by the chain and ball combo, Chain Chomp. His special shot is that he jumps all around the arena and then revolves around in concentric circles until he hits the ball. Everyone liked chain chomp in Mario World before this, as he caused a lot of damage. But in Mario’s tennis aces, he proved to be a disappointment.

Type Powerful
Trickshot Vertical whirl
Main shot Unleash

Patch Note: Version 2.1.0

Version 2.1.0 has brought the following changes.

  • Mario
  • Decreased the length of the period that time is frozen after leaping for a ball.
  • Bowser
  • Slightly increased the power of his shot.
  • Waluigi
  • Slightly decreased the power of his volley shot.
  • Peach
  • Slightly decreased her pace of acceleration and cutback speed.
  • Toadette
  • Slightly increased the length of the period that time is frozen after leaping for a ball.
  • Slightly decreased the power of her volley shot.
  • Slightly decreased the top speed at which she moves.
  • Boo
  • Slightly decreased the power of his volley shot.
  • Slightly decreased his ability to aim for the edges of the sideline.
  • Slightly decreased his pace of acceleration.
  • Blooper
  • Slightly decreased the power of his volley shot.
  • Slightly decreased his ability to aim for the edges of the sideline.
  • Koopa Paratroopa
  • Slightly decreased the power of his slice return.
  • Slightly decreased the bounce of his topspin shot.
  • Decreased his pace of acceleration.

Comparison Table

CharacterTierTypeTrickshotMain Shot
WaluigiS DefensiveTwisted JumpShowtime
YoshiSSpeedySpin turn Flying The Rainbow
BooSTrickyRoundabout Illusion Shot
DaisySAll-AroundParry Bloom blast
WarioSPowerfulTotal typhoon Glorious Garlic Bomber
Bowser Jr.ADefensiveWild ride Armed and Dangerous
MarioAAll-AroundHand-spinBlazing wall jump
LuigiAAll-AroundRacket TwirlPipe cannon
PeachATechnicalTwirl Heart shot
Koopa TroopaASpeedyPower PlaySpin break
SpikeAPowerfulSomersaultSpike Strike
BowserBPowerfulDive Bomb Fire-Breath Barrage
RosalinaBTrickyGalaxy WarpStar Combo
Donkey KongBPowerfulKong Roll Barrel Cannon Chaos
Fire Piranha PlantBTechnicalSurefire ShotHot Shot
BlooperCTrickyLucky LeapWave Rider
Petey PiranhaCPowerfulFluttering Fury Vicious Twister
Dry BowserCDefensiveDive Bomb Blazing Barrage
ToadCSpeedyToad Jump Super toad dive
LumaDTechnicalDazzling meteor Constellation smash
ToadetteDTechnicalCutesy Turn Hop Step Jump
Dry BonesDTrickyScattershot Bone Crusher
Chain ChompDPowerfulVertical whirl Unleash


In our Mario Tennis Aces characters tier list, the characters of the game are ranked into various categories based on their positive and negative attributes. These characters are classified on the basis of their powers, main shots, trick shots, style of delivery, backstory, and lore. These attributes aided in inputting the characters of Mario’s tennis aces into different tiers.

The S tier has the best of the best characters that don’t betray the player in the long run. Next is the A tier which includes the characters that tend to mess up a bit but are still considered great. After that, the B tier is ranked in which the mediocre characters are ranked that offer an amalgamation of good and bad. C tier can’t be left behind even though it leaves the player behind. Lastly, the D tier has the worst characters who make sure that the player wins with great difficulty.

Hopefully, we helped you figure out what is the best character in Mario Tennis Aces.

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