FFBE Tier List [2023]

Master the Realm of FFBE With Our Comprehensive Tier List of Characters.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a mobile role-playing title published by Square Enix that became available for iOS and Android in 2015. The game was presented as a spinoff to the mainline Final Fantasy series, and this FFBE tier list ranks the most prominent characters of the title.

Brave Exvius is also a turn-based role-playing game that has gacha mechanics. So a player can collect and add characters from several Final Fantasy titles to their team. And Our ranking is based on their HP, ATK, DEF, stats, power-ups, and other attributes that help them to excel in the arena.

Key Points

  • Our list is based on various characters’ attributes, including stats, utility, and role in their storylines.
  • The game is regularly updated, so the list might only be relevant for the version 7.4.5 meta.
  • There are a total of 21 characters on our list.
  • Some of the strongest entries include Rena and Paladin Cecil.
  • Among the weakest characters are Beatrix and Sweet Nichol.


All the character rankings have been jotted down in the table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Paladin CecilBerylTifaKing Edgar ofHess King Lasswell 
RenaKimono FinaBlue Sky Belle FranFigaroSweet Nichol
Alphonse ElricSolNeverending HopeLevinsonRadiant Lightning
Untamed Wolf EdelElenaBeatrix
SerenaFour Winds

You can learn more about them in the article below.

S Tier

best characters ranked
S Tier

The S tier level of our FFBE tier list contains only exceptional characters. They have great abilities that can aid a player in their battles, and during matches, they do not have to rely on other weaker characters. S-tiered warriors ensure that a player’s gameplay is relatively easy and victory is guaranteed.

A reader or a player always wonders why they should choose an S-tiered character over other characters. Well, an S-tiered character has superior skills, top stats, and effective abilities in the game. They have high statistics and great active and passive traits, and these power-ups help them in securing victory easily.

Paladin Cecil

Paladin Cecil is a character who has served the military forces of Baron’s kingdom. As a dark knight, he protected his kingdom. Cecil let go of his old personality during his time and was reborn as a sacred Paladin. Paladin Cecil is included in an S tier for FFBE unit ranking because he has high stats. His statistics include HP of 2966, MP of 127, and ATK of 97. He is awarded 8 attack hits that he uses for his passive and special attacks.

His brutal hits can take down an opponent with just a few hits. His move set includes Paladin’s protection, Knight’s bearing, Moonlight bringer, Saint breaker, and Shadow bringer. As thecharacter levels, his abilities become more savage and deal more damage. His Paladin’s protection protects his allies from 80% damage for at least 3 attacks. He heals 35% of damage by relieving the 4 attacks of an enemy. He can also deal with injury and decrease the HP and ATK of an enemy by up to 60%. Even his passive moves are ruthless. His savior of the Blue planet move increases 40% of SPR, even if the HP is at 1%. This ability keeps him at the top as a healer of his team.

5 2966 97 110 77
6 3856 127 144 101
7 5014 217 188 132


Rena is a woman who was born with unimaginable healing powers. These powers helped her in helping her allies and everyone around her. She also used these powers inside an arena to increase her HP and aid her companions. Due to her skyrocketing stats, she resides under the S tier of my FFBE ranking. These stats elevate as she levels up. After a player upgrades her level to the max, she gains 4478 Hp, 254 MP, and 150 ATK.

Her outstanding abilities include Laser beams, Faerie Healing, enhanced Dispel, Silence, Power up, Light Cross, and Mother’s Protection. These abilities range from enemies’ SPR reduction to revitalizing an ally’s HP and mitigating 20% damage. Mother’s protection allows players to revive 80% HP of all partners and increases DEF and SPR to 130%. Rena’s Passive moves are also not far behind. They include deflect, SPR enhancement, DEF enhancement, healing light, time traveler, and two mothers’ blessings. All these moves aid a player in enabling resistances to paralyze and stop, and They can enhance SPR and DEF by up to 30%.

5 2650 98 98 97
6 3445 196 128 127
7 4478 254 166 165

Alphonse Elric

He is a young alchemist who is commonly known as his alias Al. He is a hollowed suit of armor, and his soul adheres to his armor suit. Do not mistake him for a Full metal alchemist, he may be made of metal, but he still has a soul. He is a part of an S tier because his stats helps a player’s gameplay and keeps him hooked. His 5016 HP, 205 MP, and 173 ATK level are high enough to help him excel in an arena.

His power move solidifies steel, allowing a player to protect his teammates from 80% physical damage. It can alleviate 60 to 80% or 45% of magical damage. His other special moves have Painless Chassis, increasing ATK to 230%. Body slam reduces DEF and shoulder tackle; it can de-buff an enemy and reduce 60% of his ATK or DEF. Moreover, His passive moves are not far behind either. A player can easily take down an enemy with these moves. Refined combat, tough exterior, Edward’s brother, and ogre’s head are his main passive attacks. They can induce his ATK up to 30%, induce auto healing 1.2 times each turn, and equip the character with a heavy shield of 20% DEF.

5 2697 102 123 79
6 3858 133 161 103
7 5016 173 210 210

A Tier

second best tier list
A Tier

The A tier on our FFBE tier list has potentially great warriors and guardians. And although these characters have unimaginable and powerful skills, they are still slightly weaker than the S-tiered ones. These warriors rarely disappoint players as they perform great in fights without leaving any loopholes, and you feel satisfied while using them.

These characters also have high stats and appropriate skills according to their demands. They display agility, strength, and motility in versatile ways and their moves have groundbreaking characteristics that greatly damage opponents. They also have enticing storylines that enchant a player and enhance his gaming session.


Beryl is a character whose emotions amalgamate light and dark personalities. The two extremes of characterization have broken apart its life. He is an otherworldly being who uses high statistical moves to defeat his enemies. He is a part of an A tier of my FFBE article because of his high stats ranging between 3000 to 5000 HP, 218 MP, and 156 ATK level. These stats are a little lower than an S-tiered character.

Beryl’s active inbuilt abilities include being alone in the dark, exposing guilt, bathed in light, heaven judgment, seraphic call, seraphic installing, and heaven marked. He is a mage that can inflict magical damage of 60% ATK Decrease to an enemy. He can de-buff the target and increase SPR up to 200 for itself. This power-up also increases his LB gauge exponentially. Beryl’s passive-oriented skills allow a player to take down his enemy. These include shadow counter, kitchen knife mastery, and judge the guilty. Some of these moves require some weapon, while others can be used without acquiring any armor. He can also increase his DEF with just the equipment of a row. His conditional moves have high demands, making him a resident of an A tier.

5 2935 92 100 113
6 3816 120 130 148
7 4962 156 169 193

Kimono Fina

After being captivated by a crystal ball, Fina lost her memories and still regained her magical abilities. These supernatural abilities helped her build a strong exterior to knock out her opponent. She has 4624 HP, 286 MP, and 144 ATK levels, and these astounding statistics create an impactful effect on an enemy.

She is included in an A tier due to her Unfathomable abilities, including arrows of healing, sunbeam, banquet feast, flash, a profusion of Lotus, and light indicator. Arrow of light is attained at the maximum level of seven, which grants her the ability to inflict magical damage of 20 times an enemy HP and cast a modifying effect on the enchanter. Her other moves deal with magic damage by extracting energy from ice, light, and the sun. Magical transformation allows her to increase her MP up to 20% and fill her LB gauge. Magic Archer increases her accuracy and precision during battle while wielding a weapon. Full from feasting is a total feast for the character as it increases her MAG, LB gauge, and accuracy, all in a single passive move. Some of her actions are activated by feats or honest wishes, granting her high effect.

5 2735 84 89 129
6 3556 110 116 168
7 4624 144 152 219


He is a character of Final Fantasy brave exvius who was encaptivated in a crystal for 700 years. He was overturned by darkness and chaos and now used the chaotic power in his battles. Sol has a neo-vision power-up, which enhances some of His specs. He is lodged under the A tier because he also has a brave shift ability that enhances his capabilities and makes him more chaotic.

His abilities include devastation, malice collection, darkness beam, a blessing of darkness, and terminating abyss. These moves allow him to deal magic damage, recover MP for all allies except himself, and dodge three physical attacks from an enemy. His other Abilities include being a demon killer, obliterating magic, chain mastery, pursuing green, and helping in FFBE unit ranking.

These allow him to increase his MAG and SPR to 30%, increase his modifying abilities for a chain element by 200% and ignore fatal damage 2; his HP is 5%, unlike S-tiered characters who could enhance their HP when it was at 1%. His conditionals are activated by the Summoner of the chaotic darkness, a blessing of the evening, and memories of the sun. Without these activations, a player cannot avail of these mayhem-causing moves inside an arena. A player can acquire limit bursts to enhance his effects of Voracious Move even more.

5 2773 77 76 130
6 3606 101 10 169
7 4689 132 131 220

Untamed Wolf Edel

Untamed Wolf Edel was a time-limited character; add it to the list of characters for only a specific span. He used to be a part of a special team. He was an adventurer who moved alongside Fenrir. Edel is a physical attacker who deals damage and has a high HP of 4812, MP of 248, and ATK of 210. These abilities allow him to excel inside an arena and bring down his enemies. He uses handguns and shotguns to blow away his opponent.

Untamed Wolf uses night bringer wolf aura through his gun to deal physical damage of 2.5 times their HP. It also increases his allies’ ATK and MAG ability by 110%. Fire wolf’s fist is a fire-dealing trait that deals 4.8 times damage to all foes. It also makes the team resistant to fire. Twin howls induce 5x physical damage to the opponent’s team and de-buff their resistance to wind and fire. His passive-oriented moves enhance his fire, dark, and wind resistance. These also increase his HP by 20%. Some skills increase his DMG ability against beasts by 50%. If a player acquires a limit burst, he can cause physical damage to his enemies; the percentage increases as the character levels up to 30th.

5 2846 123 114 86
6 3701 161 149 112
7 4812 210 194 146


Serena is a healer who was summoned from the small village of Arboria. She has a twin sister, Veronica, who she hates. Despite her loathing abilities, Serena is a great addition to a team. She has high stats of 4616 HP, 266 MP, and 149 ATK; a player acquires these abilities at level 7 of rarity. She is a part of an A tier due to her excellence inside an arena that baffles an opponent. her skills allow her to deal damage while healing her companions.

Her active move set includes multi-heal, a hymn of ice, light, earth wizard ward, snap crackle, poof, a paean to life, and Serena’s salvation. When displayed in an arena, such superior moves allow an opponent to lose his wits and the battle. Serena can enhance resistance to ailments and decrease ATK, MAG, DEF, and SPR abilities. She can also increase her resistance against the earth, light, air, and ice by 80%. Serena’s passively executed abilities include Scion of Sages, Dual Sword Mastery, Pep pump, Arborian breeze, Veronica’s blessing, pep power, and luminary’s left hand. These allow her to enhance MP or SPR by 30% or gain a counter-magical or physical attack by 30%. Besides this, a player can also gain resistance against wind and darkness. Limit burst enhances her magic DMG dealing capacity and reviving ability.

5 2730 87 100 101
6 3550 114 131 132
7 4616 149 171 172

B Tier

average tier list
B Tier

Let’s move on to our B tier, which can also be considered mediocre, as it contains average or ordinary characters without unique skills and stats. They are good for beginners as they have easy learning curves. Players resort to these characters when they need to learn the basics and establish strategies. But people only stick with these until they can get better characters.

These entries have average statistics that induce a player to work hard to gain victory. They cannot depend on success, but they can turn the tables if they are added to a good unit.


She is a young woman who belongs to a distant world where she has struggled to sustain her planet. She has average statistics that include her in a B tier. Her HP at 7 rarities is 4692, MP is 209, and 199 ATK is seen in her attacks. She also has a brave shift option available for only one turn, including her in the FFBE breaker tier list. She cannot use the ability consecutively. Most of her moves require a longer time to cool down. 

Her special abilities include meteor crusher, triple limit, Sonic combo, beat rush somersault, and 7th heaven. Her moves allow her to cause physical damage and cure ATK reduction through an enemy. It decreases a DEF of an enemy by up to 50%. Her activities require a lot of Turns to cool down. Her passive moves are not that effective on an enemy. They increase her HP and ATK to a minimal level and do not enhance her weapon-wielding ability. Her conditional activities include the essence of Zangan’s teaching and OverDrive plus, which decreases her ATK and MAG by 60% of an enemy. It also deals damage but not like high-tiered characters. 

5 2776 117 103 86
6 3609 153 134 112
7 4692 209 175 146

Blue Sky Belle Fran

Blue sky belle Fran is a rabbit-eared character whose stories are famous in remote lands. She is a sky pirate who extracts her powers from fire. She is a part of a B tier of our list because even her 7 rarity does not grant her extraordinary capabilities. The blue sky can turn the tables if a player constructs good gameplay. She has 4912 HP, 239 MP and 205 ATK.

Her active and passive special abilities are nothing compared to S or A-tiered characters. Her energetic moves include True ardor, phoenix down, a breath of the wood, fiery arrows, Archery of the Viera, and luminescence. Blue shy belle, Fran’s abilities, allow her to deal physical damage up to 20 times and enemies’ strength and heal her allies up to 1000 HP. She can also decrease the fire resistance of her enemies and then deal fire damage to them. This way, they inflict a lot of damage. But her moves usually have only one hit capacity, after which they become incapable. Her passive moves grand her 80K and MAG of 500, magic and physical damage against humans, avians, and machines. All of these are equal to 150%. She also has an increase in DEF and SPR up to 20%. Her accuracy is also increased but only up to 25%. Her conditionals include warning spirit and sky pirate skill, which grant her an increase in LB gauge.

5 2906 120 110 108
6 3778 157 144 141
7 4912 205 188 184

Never-ending Hope

Never-ending hope is a boy with eternal hope; no one can break it down, even with the Burley list of bosses. He is included in a B tier because he has average HP even at the seven rarities. Many characters in our article have extraordinary capabilities on 7 levels of rarity, unlike all B-tiered characters. The character does not have neo-vision, which would have made him a competent character.

Never-ending hope has a dual cast, brutal sanction, steel crusher purification, obliterator, last resort, and death-defying destiny as his main skills. These allow him to have earth, light, and dark resistance, and These deal magical damage to his enemies and alleviate the damage done to his allies. He is a capable character who can increase ATK DEF and SPR to 230% for his supporters. His passive moves allow players to increase MAG, MP, and LB gauges. They include sacred guardian will to move forward memories of mom and future hero. The ability has helped upgrade his stats, making him stand and sustain inside an arena. Some of his moves are activated by becoming hope and regen. They heal his allies and mitigate some of the damage.

5 2524 100 102 121
6 3282 130 133 143
7 4267 169 173 206


Elena is the rare character on our rankings who used to be a protagonist in fundamental forces. She is a Mage damage dealer and supporter, which makes her an all-rounder. She has average stats at 4800 HP, 260 MP, and 205 ATK. Her abilities allow her to stand erect inside an arena and play against an enemy.

Her active abilities are one-of-a-kind and allow her to deal damage physical and magical. Some of her moves can deal hybrid damage. Her dynamic actions include a piercing prism, crystal refraction, aquatic enervation, electrifying enervation, a Starlight way of the blossom, and divine guidance. These moves grant her ice, wind, and light resistance, enabling her to deal hybrid damage and heal her allies. But most of her activities have a low number of hits ranging from 1 to 10. So she cannot be a competent character.

Her passive moves include warrior of the Azure, crystal lights, blessing born of the morning, and purser of the order. These moves grant her an increase in various specs, including ATK, DEF, MAG, MP, and HP. She can also wield a weapon and has high accuracy with unrivaled swordsmanship. Her moves work well when she’s in a well-built team where she can turn the tables. Aurora’s blossom arts and blossom arts activate some of her actions. Moreover, She’s some of the characters who can deal with hybrid damage, but it is weaker than Sole physical and magical attacks.

5 2841 154 113 113
6 3693 200 147 147
7 4800 260 190 190

Four Winds Physalis

Four winds Physalis is a special team of three characters, including Physalis, former Pi-Star, and wind esper Tetra Sylphid. This group has average stats, including 4692 HP, with 206 MP and 153 ATK. These statistics are lower than the stats of S-tiered or A-tiered characters of the FFBE unit ranking. But these characters have exponential growth patterns, making them better than lower-tiered characters. 

Four winds can capture short, magic splash bullet updraft, deep concentration, Selphyd type and F type strongest storm short period these power-ups induce wind damage and increase wind resistance for the whole group. They also decrease the wind resistance for the enemy’s water damage dealt with it. Updraft can increase MAG&S PR to 150% for the caster, and deep concentration increases the accuracy of the characters with their weapons. Passive moves include wind sprites magic, connection protection, and unlimited connections, which are used along with some equipment or weapons. These weapons have Spears guns and armor and can induce 30% DEF and MAG. Some even ground 20% of wind and water resistance. A player can deal great damage and enhance their abilities by gaining limit burst, and These power-ups increase their statistics to some extent.

5 2776 90 95 129
6 3609 215 124 168
7 4692 280 162 219

C Tier

ffbe tier list
C Tier

Let’s move on to the next rank of our FFBE tier list. The characters that reside here are only used to fill up a slot in a team but do not help much in battles. A player may be severely disappointed because they have low stats and poor skills that do not meet their needs. 

These characters have below-average traits and specs, and you will lose your battles if you become dependent on them. They can excel in an arena with proper technique, but it requires a lot of effort and training. The storylines of these characters are also boring.

King Edgar of Figaro

King Edgar is a young man with a compelling story. He was an engineer who wielded unusual weapons and used his weapons to fight in battles. King Edgar is a handsome king with a blonde mane down to his waist. He has below-average specs, including 4668 HP, 227 MP, and 202 ATK. Besides that, he is a good character with a few special attributes that make him distinct.

His active skills include equipped drill miracle, blaster super-enhancer, clipping scissors, rejuvenator bio blaster, air anchor, royal shock, and awkward inventor. His abilities can only be used once or twice inside a battlefield or require five to eight turns to recharge. This trait is what includes him in a C tier. He induces physical and magical damage on his enemies while mitigating the damaging effects of his allies. He can also restore the MP of his companions and protect them from opponent attacks. Some of his Active attributes induced poisonous, paralyzing, and disastrous effects on his enemies up to 30%. His passive moves are mediocre as they do not induce high statistics. They can recover 5% MP or generate HP per turn. Most of his aptnesses revolve around his turns inside an arena. His Edgar Roni Figaro can increase his HP to 20% and ATK to 80%. He also has conditional activation attacks that require critical call, Armageddon blast, and rejuvenation, which allows him to restore his statistics and induce resistance against water, earth, and light. A limit burst can help him intensify his abilities.

5 2761 119 105 83
6 3590 155 137 109
7 4668 202 179 142


Levinson is an enigmatic character who guards a toy castle while admitting his powers to protect his parameters. He can animate matters from thin air. He is a mage, damage dealer, and supporter, which makes him an all-rounder. His stats are quite low, which makes him a part of a sitter. These include 4900 HP, 240 amp man 280K.

His Innate abilities include special active and passive rules. His energetic moves enlist attacks like Throw, be merry, snow globe, and electric sleigh packed with presents, which calls for war. They do not induce high damage-dealing capabilities. A player can increase ATK to 130% but can use some of these moves once or twice. Checking it twice requires five turns to cool down and is only available for one turn. His passive moves are associated with his petrifying confusion and sleeping resistance. He is equipped with clothes with help and increases his SPR up to 30%. King of toys enabled his dealing damaging capabilities for fairies and humans up to 50%. Some of his moves require activation through festive spirit, turbo sleigh, and snowball fight. He can inflict paralyzing effects on his enemies and stuns them for training seconds. 

5 2899 117 106 117
6 3796 152 138 153
7 4900 200 180 200


In the tales of Gaia, Beatrix appeared as a professional General who had a rocky childhood and still has a reputation for slaying the heads of her enemies. She has low statistics for all 4716 HP, 205 MP, and 199 ATK. These do not allow her to excel inside an arena, but she has to work hard alongside her units to have a small effect. Her moves may seem damaging on sight but do not have huge consequences. 

Her weapons include magicians row, battle boots, generals, and save the queen, which is a great sword that she uses to gain fire resistance up to 30%. Her trades include an invincible sword, Thunder Slash, and rose finale. Most of this damage an enemy, but she cannot shield herself from the attacks. She is an offensive character who does not protect her corners and gives an enemy leverage to strike. Her passive moves are sharpest blade powers of shared memories dual wield and graceful Paladin. These allow her to modify her equipment-wielding powers and induce ATK and MAG up to 20%. Some of her moves can award her with resistance against paralyzing, confusion, and petrification. Her activating includes double Seiken, and I’ve never been so humiliated.

5 2790 121 103 92
6 3628 158 135 120
7 4716 205 192 156

D Tier

worst characters ranked
D Tier

The most abysmal characters make the D tier the worst category on our list. This includes characters with extremely low stats and skills that do not aid in an arena. They are simply there for show, and after that, they become so useless that you want to throw them away.

Their skills cannot help a player stand up to the toughest challenges in the game, as they have really low survivability and durability, and players should avoid these characters at all costs.

Hess King Lasswell

Hess King is an emotionally supporting character who has performed his duties alongside Raegen, Citra, and Milo. He is a damage dealer and supporter. Hess King deals physical damage utilizing his weapons. HE is included in a D tier because his specs are not extraordinary. He is an abysmal warrior with poor specs. His stats include 2854 Hp, 147 MP, and 125 ATK; He does not have neo vision and brave shift ability.

His complete profile has active and passive traits that grant him access to his powers. Purple lightning, Lasswell’s clothes, and insignia are his equipment that enhances his ATK, DEF, and SPR. Hess King’s finger snap induces physical damage and de-buffs the enemy. His mirror of equity can deal fire, ice, and physical damage to each enemy. His true mirror equity allows him to deal 10% damage, but a player can only use it after 2 turns. King Hess’s moves have many conditions without which they cannot work. His passive moves are also not much help. They include the New king of Hess, Carrying the hopes of others, but unfortunately, he cannot carry the hopes of a player. 

5 2854 125 114 99
6 3710 162 148 128
7 4823 210 192 166

Sweet Nichol

Nichol is a loving creature who spreads her love and joy all around her. She remains content in her arena and doesn’t lose her temper. This joy is her demise as she cannot excel in a theater without great specs. Her bad stats include 4732 HP, 284 MP, and 153 ATK. If one of her stat is better, then the second is worse. She doesn’t possess a brave shift or neo-vision version.

Her innate active skills include a mellifluous whisper, a cool smile, a heartbeat accelerator, and blue harmony. Her moves require a 2 to 4-turn cooling down period. The ability keeps a character lacking knowledge, as sweet Nichol cannot perform well. Some activities allow her to deal magic and ice damage while ignoring 50% of SPR. Love tactics are her power move as it doesn’t deal damage and decreases an enemy’s ice and water resistance. She doesn’t render physical damage and induces resistance reduction in an enemy. Sweet Nichol is a sweet character whose passive moves increase a little of her stats, HP, ATK, DEF, and SPR but don’t increase her ability. Lovely invitation, Mindful Master, Elaborate Date Plan, and Calm awareness.

5 2800 91 97 130
6 3640 118 126 169
7 4732 153 163 219

Comparison Table

Paladin CecilS29669711077
Alphonse ElricS269710212379
Kimono FinaA27358489129
Untamed Wolf EdelA284612311486
Blue Sky Belle FranB2906120110108
Neverending HopeB2524100102121
Four Winds PhysalisB27769095129
King Edgar of FigaroC276111910583
Hess King Lasswell D285412511499
Sweet NicholD28009197130


Our FFBE tier list is a compilation of all the warriors from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which ranks the characters based on their HP, ATK, DEF, SPR, and active and passive abilities. We have done our best to be as detailed as possible in our explanations as to why each character belongs in their current position, but of course, you may disagree with our choices. We are extremely open to differing opinions, so please let us know in the comments what you think.

I would also like to say that as the game is updated, these rankings may no longer be accurate to the new meta. In that situation, we will be sure to update the article promptly.

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