Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List [2023]

In This Article We Will Rank All The Characters In The Game.

With almost 40 unique characters, each with its own unique set of abilities, we can safely say that Fire Emblem Three Houses is one of the most complex role-playing tactical games out there. And in our Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List, we have ranked all the characters in the game based on a variety of skillset including their offensive and defensive capabilities.

As in any game with this many unique characters, sometimes it becomes hard to decide who to focus on. But don’t worry, we have you guys covered, because we have ranked all the characters based on a variety of skillset including their offensive and defensive capabilities.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 40 entries in the list.
  • Each character has been ranked according to their defensive and offensive capabilities, as well as abilities.
  • In the highest tiers, you can find Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, and Lysithea.
  • Among the lowest ranks, you will see Anna, Hanneman, Manuela, Lorenz, Raphael, and Gilbert.


We will be ranking all the characters in a short table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD RankF Rank
· Byleth
· Edelgard
· Claude
· Dimitri
· Lysithea
· Leonie
· Petra
· Felix
· Linhardt
· Deduce
· Ferdinand
· Annette
· Marianne
· Catherine
· Constance
· Hilda
· Cyril
· Shamir
· Mercedes
· Dorothea
· Ingrid
· Jeritza
· Seteth
· Flayn
· Hapi
· Yuri
· Sylvain
· Hubert
· Casper
· Ignatz
· Ashe
· Bernadetta
· Balthus
· Alois
· Anna
· Hanneman
· Manuela
· Lorenz
· Raphael
· Gilbert

Continue reading to learn more about each entry.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses is set in the fantasy world of Fodlan, where the player takes on the role of a professor at the Officer’s Academy, a prestigious institution that trains students to become leaders in one of the three ruling powers of Fodlan. As the professor, the player must choose which of the three houses to guide and mentor, each with their unique strengths, weaknesses, and characters. The game combines classic turn-based combat with life simulation elements, allowing players to build relationships with their students, explore the academy, and uncover the mysteries of the world of Fodlan.

It is one of those games in which every player can find a character that goes along with his play style, so our article intends to provide players with an encyclopedia from which they can easily find the characters that best suit their play style.

S Tier

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List
S Tier.

We place the S rank at the top of the list, designating it as the premier tier that features the characters which are considered to be the most outstanding in the game. These characters have formidable offensive capabilities, and exceptional defense, making them an ideal choice for competitive players seeking to elevate their gameplay. 


With good offensive capabilities and phenomenal defensive abilities, Byleth makes it to the top of our list. Byleth is a mercenary with a unique crest of flames. He has the unique capability to wield the powerful ancient weapon known as the Sword of the Creator. Byleth first appeared as the protagonist in the game, and since then it has become popular in the gaming world.  Byleth shines in its unique class.  Moreover, you can improve map control and movement, by upgrading it. Gamers have the choice of choosing between male Byleth and female Byleth. Even though its male version does not have access to Falcon Knight, but still it is one of the best characters in the whole game.


Edelgard is a powerful class with strong attacks and impenetrable defense and good map control. She is often defined as a storm that leaves nothing but the dead bodies of the enemies behind. Her unique class also allows it to use axes and magic. Players can choose between two options when it comes down to Edelgard: Emperor and Wyvern Lord. Wyvern lord is preferred in Maddening due to its superior map control and its relic weapon whereas Emperor is known for its power. Even though she is a character that is divided into two types both types perform equally well and can handle any situation. 


With the best growth statics and impressive defense, Dimitri makes it to the S rank of our Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List With DLC. We can consider that in his Great Lord class, he is the best defensive anchor available. Dimitri effectivity increases manifold in the enemy phase. Gamers all around the world define it as a wall of death between you and your enemies.  When it comes to finding an anchor to protect you, Dimitri is the first character that comes into mind, especially when he is in the Great Lord division. Overall his high strength and speed make it a formidable physical attacker. Moreover, he is a great defender. .


Claude is indeed one of the most versatile characters in the game. He has great potential. With high speed, good skill in archery, and his unique combination of using bows and swords, Claude is truly a gem of the game. Claude belongs at the top of the food chain because of his versatile skill set. Claude’s long-range archery makes him a good offensive weapon during gameplay. He can also increase its offensive capabilities. He possesses powerful, diverse weaponry and works with great skill. Moreover, You can also invest in Claude’s speed stat to make it even better.


Lysithea is without a doubt one of the greatest threats to the enemies. She is one of the best offensive spellcasters in the entire game. In the game, we have the option of building up  Lysithea into a Dark Flier, Dark Knight, and Gremory. You should build her into a Dark Knight or a Dark filer if you want more map control and defense. Whereas you can build Lysithea into a Gremory if you want to turn it into an offensive arsenal. She already has a large surplus of the magical attack stat, so it’s a legitimate threat to your opponents. Make sure to boost Lysithea’s magic stat as much as possible, as it makes her even more effective. Lysithea knows how to defend her territory as she has good map control. Thus we can say that Lysithea is the one-stop shop if you want pure offensive power.

A Tier

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List
A Tier.

The A rank features a character that is deemed exceptional but may lack a crucial aspect in their performance. Nevertheless, these characters possess an impressive array of abilities that enable them to be among the most potent players in the game.


Owing to its good defense, map control, and impressive offense, Leonie makes it to the A rank of the list. Leonie can build itself into a Bow Knight. A Bow Knight is known for its offensive capabilities. Due to her unique set of abilities Leonie Outplays its opponents. In the game, you can see it wiping out enemies. Being in A rank, she is naturally very low-maintenance because of its built. Moreover, she can improve her stats. Leonie has long as well as short-range offensive capabilities making her a good fit for the A tier.


When it comes to impressive defense, good growth stats, and even better offense, Petra is the character that comes into one’s mind. with her impressive natural speed of growth, it is bound to give your enemy a hard time. She develops herself into a Wyvern Lord, which helps her in mobility as well as defense. Due to her avoidance capabilities, Petra can be called a moving target for enemies, making it less venerable to counterattacks. Petra’s high speed and avoidance make it ideal for use as dodge tank. Petra is an extremely dominant character. 


Felix develops himself into Mortal Savant and a Bow Knight.  He is known to be quick and a good offensive weapon.  He has a good defense against opponents who want to give physical or magical attacks. Making Felix a Bow Knight is a good option for players looking to develop him into a long-term asset. Initially, it is a difficult task due to the need to invest in bows and riding, but the rewards are well worth it in the end. Overall he is quick, he has a good defense mechanism and he has even more impressive attacking abilities. That makes Flex a good fit for A rank of our Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List 2023.


Linhardt is a versatile character with good survivability, good defense, and impressive healing ability. He is one of the best healers in the game. All this is on one side but the thing which makes him stand out is his offensive ability. It is these attacking’s abilities that make him outperforms all the other characters in the gameplay. Linhardt’s versatility makes him an option of choice thanks to his offense and healing capabilities. If you want more mobility and survivability develop Linhardt into a Holy Knight. Linhardt is preferred by aggressive players due to his offensive abilities and warlike nature. He is a versatile character that can be made into a Holy Knight for his survival abilities.


Deduce is the best choice for beginners who want to play a more defensive game. He is known for its good defense and quick speed. Moreover, His avoidance capabilities make him a one-stop shop for every defensive player out there. He is a good shielding unit for beginners. Deduce is the player who will help you get through the beginning, middle, and end of the game. He possesses unique capabilities and it is his exceptional killing capability that makes him perfect for the A rank.


Ferdinand is a low-maintenance character that develops himself into a Paladin and Wyvern Lord. He has a good defense as well as a good offense. That makes him a good fit for players with aggressive as well as defensive playstyles. He also suits those players who want to play a more supporting role in the game.

B Tier

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List
B Tier.

The next rank on our Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List features characters with a well-balanced set of offensive and defensive capabilities. While they may be lacking in certain crucial aspects, they possess some exceptional skills that, if used wisely, can make them game-changers. 


Marianne is a character with good offensive capabilities. She can also play a supporting role. Marianne is an option that can serve the best for aggressive as well as defensive players. She also has the unique ability to develop herself into a falcon, Holy knight, and Valkyrie. When it comes to faith, building Marianne into a falcon or a holy knight is the best option. Owing to her good stats in faith, she is a good fit for players who want to play a defensive game or a supporting role in the game.


Annette is a good offensive weapon that can be utilized against enemies but her lack of magic dealing capabilities makes her vulnerable to counterattack. She can develop herself into a Dark Flier and a Pegasus Knight. Both these options are good choices for players who want to go forward in the game with a balanced approach. Her unique ability to give +4 strength and speed to ally makes her a good fit for players who wants to play supporting roles in the gameplay.


Players have the choice of building Catherine in a Mortal Savant as well as a Falcon Knight. Although Catherine can be a good option for beginners when it comes to the middle and the end of the game, she can become a real liability especially if she is not developed into a Falcon knight.  Thus if a newcomer wants to experiment with an aggressive playstyle, Catherine can be a great option. Considering all of its abilities along with her fallback during the middle and end stages of the game makes her a proper fit for B rank.


Constance is a character with amazing magic capabilities but her lacks faith making it a poor choice for players who want to go with a versatile character. She is a good choice when it comes to magic. She has an appropriate defense and offense mechanism. Furthermore, she can also be built into a Dark Flier and a Gremory. It seems that Constance offers its optimum performance when she is developed into a Dark Filer. 


Hilda is a fearsome physical attacker. Her unique ability allows her to deal more damage when near enemy units. Further more she has the capability of developing herself into a Falcon knight. With good defense, impressive attacking ability, and relatively better strength than most other characters in the area,  Hilda becomes an easy fit for the B tier.  


He is the character that can develop himself into a Bow Knight as well as a Wyvern Lord.  Cyril is one of those characters that do not bring much to the table, his intermediate defensive and offensive capacities make him an average character. Cyril can be a good choice in the mid and at the end of the game. All this makes it fitting for the B rank of our Fire Emblem Three Houses Classes Tier List.


Shamir is a powerful archer who belongs to the Church of Seiros. She has good skills and a one-of-a-kind ability to carry out an effective ranged attacker. She can build herself into a sniper as well as a bow knight. Shamir has a good defense as well as offensive capabilities. 


Mercedes has a good healing ability. That makes her a good choice for players who want to play a supporting role in the game. She can develop herself into a Bishop as well as a Holy Knight. She has intermediate offense and defense along with good spell-casting abilities. If you decide to invest in the character, she can be developed into a long-term asset.


Dorothea can become a good asset if one decides to invest her faith. She has intermediate offensive capabilities. However, her low defense sets her back. She has a unique ability to charm enemies which makes it a  situational unit to be a part of your team. She can also develop herself into a Gremory. Dorothea is not a good option for beginners but as you move forward with the game it becomes a very reliable character to go with. 


Ingrid is quick and evasive unit. Owing to her unique class and set of abilities she can be utilized as a versatile attacker and support unit. She can develop herself into a Falcon Knight. If a player decides to invest in the unit it can improve its speed and avoidance capabilities many folds.

C Tier

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List
C Tier.

The C tier in our list features characters that have several significant flaws that limit their overall effectiveness in the game. These characters have weaker stats or fewer abilities compared to those in higher tiers. They also have limited offensive capabilities and some of them may be less versatile in their play style. 


Jertiza is a character with good mobility, strength, and magic-casting abilities. He has a good defense as well as a good offensive mechanism. However, one of the major setbacks of using the character is that they can only be used effectively in the second half of the game. 


He is a character that can develop itself into a Wyvern Lord. With good growth stats and a versatile set of skills, he is a good character for players who want to experiment with different characters. Seth is a great support unit. Moreover, his incredible abilities help it deal with extra damage. He has intermediate defensive and offensive capabilities.



Flayn is one of the characters that critically lacks in defense. However, she has a unique ability to protect allies. That makes her a very useful character. Flayn’s lack of proper defense mechanisms and her intermediate attacking capability makes her a bad choice for beginners as well as aggressive players. However, if you want to play a supporting role she is probably the best option out there.


Hapi is a character that critically lacks authority and faith. These critical weaknesses make her a bad option for most of the players out there. She has average defensive and offensive capabilities. She can develop herself into a Valkyrie. All of that makes her a perfect fit for the C rank of our Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List 2023.


Yuri can develop itself into a trickster. He has intermediate defensive and offensive capabilities. Yuri is an option only for those players who love playing with a trickster and are ready to make a compromise on many critical capabilities. For people who are a die heart fans of tricksters, Yuri is the best option out there.


He is a character that can develop itself into Wyvern Lord and also into Paladin. Sylvain is a versatile offensive player. His unique ability makes him a very useful unit for dealing with damage. He has good defensive and offensive capabilities, Which makes him a useful character for payers who want to go forward with an intermediate approach.


Hubert is strong in the beginning but fades dramatically by the end of the game.  He has excellent spell-casting ability and also very good magic stats. He is a useful character in the gameplay. Hubert lacks mobility making him a character that is venerable to counterattack. Hubert can develop himself into a Dark Knight.

D Tier

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List
D Tier.

In our article, the D tier includes characters with significant weaknesses and limitations that make them difficult to use effectively in most situations. These characters have very low stats and few abilities, and they are vulnerable to enemy attacks. 


Casper is a great offensive unit. He can become a game changer if used properly. His intermediate defense compliments his extremely good attacking capability. This makes him a character of choice for aggressive players. Casper can develop himself into a War Machine. Overall, Caspar is a powerful physical attacker. He lacks speed. However, his unique ability to deal extra damage when adjacent to allies makes him a situational unit. After taking everything into account we believe he makes a perfect fit for the D rank of our Fire Emblem Three Houses Unit Tier List.


Ignatz is a versatile attacker. He has intermediate attacking and defensive abilities. His high skill and unique ability to increase his hit rate make him a useful unit. He can develop into a sniper class which adds to its unique set of abilities. Overall he is not recommended for the player who is just getting started with the game.


Ashe is a character that can be regarded as a good attacker. She has low strength which makes her less effective in aggressive gameplay. However, she has one ability that makes her very unique i.e her ability to open doors and chests. She is one of those characters which have average defenses.


Bernadetta is a student of the Black Eagles House at Garreg Mach Monastery. She can develop herself into a sniper. She has a good defense against counterattacks along with average attacking capabilities. All of that makes her a good fit for the D rank of our Fire Emblem Three Houses Classes Tier. 


With the ability to develop into a war moon, Balthus is a  good option if you are looking for an average character in the game. His average defense and slightly better offense make him a character of choice for players who are looking to experiment with new chart develop


He can develop himself into a War Master as well as into an Armour Knight. He has intermediate defense and equally good offensive capability. All in all, he is not a good choice if you are looking to go forward with a player who can be useful as you reach the end of the game.

F Tier

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List
F Tier.

Characters in the F tier of our characters ranking list are typically the weakest and least effective in the game. They have extremely low stats, limited abilities, and significant weaknesses that make them almost unusable in most situations. 


Anna is a character that can be built into a trickster. She is one of the characters that is not useable in most circumstances.  She has below-average attacking capabilities which hardly makes an impact. Her poor defense makes her an easy target for enemies.


He is a character that has nothing more to offer other than some magic dealing abilities. He can develop himself into a dark knight. His poor defense and poor offense make him a bad choice for a player in most circumstances to develop.


Manuela can develop herself into Gremory, Bishop, and also into a trickster. Her lacks offensive and defensive capabilities making her a bad choice. Her capabilities can hardly be brought to use. Sometimes she is useful but that happens under extremely rare circumstances. All that makes her a good fit for the F rank of our Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List.


Lorenz is a character that is preferred to be developed into Palatine. He has a bad defensive mechanism making him very vulnerable. He has a poor attacking mechanism. All of that makes him a below-average choice for most circumstances.


A bad defense mechanism along with a poor offense-giving system makes Raphael a poor choice for most people.  Although he can develop himself into a war master but all in all he is of little use with very few useful abilities to offer.


He is the last character in our list. Gilbert lacks defensive and attacking capabilities. He can develop himself into an Armor knight. Apart from that he rarely has anything to offer.


In the end, we will like to add that our Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List is a valuable resource for players seeking to identify the most suitable character for their preferred playstyle. Every character possesses unique strengths and weaknesses, and players should carefully consider which character aligns best with their desired gameplay style. All in all Fire Emblem Three Houses has a diverse cast of characters to accommodate a range of different gamers.

Throughout our article, we have taken great care of considering all the different abilities that each character had to offer when evaluating and ranking them.  We welcome your feedback in the comments section below. We hope that our list will guide you toward selecting the character that best complements your playstyle. Additionally, we encourage you to explore other articles for further insights and information. Thank you for taking the time to read our article.