Fire Emblem Engage Tier List [V1.3.0]

We Will Be Ranking Some Of The Best Units In The Game.

Fire Emblem requires players to have a solid selection of units for most end-game battles, which is why we bring you our Fire Emblem Engage Tier List. Here we will list all 40 units in the game based on their overall performance as well as synergy in most situations.

Due to the subjective nature of the list, it is important to know that we will only be catering to the Normal difficulty. Keep in mind that with each difficulty it feels like an entirely different game so these selections will not prove to be that effective in Hard or Maddening difficulty.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 36 Engage units in our article.
  • They will be ranked on the basis of Core Stats, Performance, and Synergy.
  • Among the best of the units are the likes of Alear, Diamant, Seadall, Veyle, and Kagetsu.
  • Joining us in the bottom-most tier are characters like Framme, Etie, Boucheron, Citrinne, and Bunet.


Before we dive into the juicy details of the tiers themselves, listed below is a summarized version of our discussion. 

S RankA RankB RankC Rank

These units will be discussed in more detail in the content following the table.

S Tier

Fire Emblem Engage Tier List Top Picks
S Tier.

The first section of our Fire Emblem Engage Unit Tier List is the S Rank. It will cater to the best-performing and most effective units in the game when it comes to normal difficulty. They prove to be useful in almost every situation and rarely get countered, paving the easiest path to victory possible. Without spoiling too much about them here, let’s take a look at who they are down below.


Alear is probably the best possible unit we could start off our list with. He/She depending on the gender you chose for it, is an impeccable unit with some of the best support abilities you could ask for in a game like Fire Emblem. They can buff their allies with Divinely Inspiring, which increases their attack points by three while also decreasing the amount of damage they can take by one. Furthermore, Alear has enough durability to ensure that his/her adjacent allies can push forward and easily take on enemies in their ideal range.

Health Points 23
Strength 8


Diamant is an extremely useful unit that excels at being the tank for your team. He has great HP as well as Defense growth rates making him one of the most efficient units to level up. Additionally, he can also heal up for half of the damage he deals with through his unique skill, Successeur. He can be further boosted with units like Ike which further decrease the damage he takes in combat.

Health Points 32
Strength 13


Seawall is one of the most unique units in Fire Emblem. Primarily because he is the only Dancer Class character in the entire game. Additionally, only he has access to the Curios Dance Skill that allows him to heal 10% of the health of any allies close to him. He also has one of the highest speed stat growth rates, which makes it extremely easy for him to avoid enemy attacks.

Health Points 33
Strength 12


Veyle is a brutal uni that has one of the best growth rates for the Magic Damage skill compared to anyone else. But this is nothing compared to her Fell Protection Skill. Using Fell Protection, she can shield her allies from three points of damage they take while also boosting the damage they deal with one point. However, she is obtained quite late in the game, in Chapter 22.

Health Points 35
Strength 20


Similar to Seadall, Kagetsu has an impeccable speed stat growth rate. Matching that growth rate of hers is also her Dexterity stat making her quite versatile. That’s all cool, but it doesn’t stop there. She also has one of the best follow-up attack capabilities of anyone else in the S rank. Furthermore, whenever you launch an attack, she reduces the enemy AVO by ten points which is incredibly useful against agile enemies.

Health Points 35
Strength 17


Hortensia is the best sustain unit that you can use when it comes to healing and support. Her Big Personality increases her range every time she uses her staff, which coincidentally boosts the healing she does. Additionally, she is a flying unit which makes it near impossible for terrain abilities to hinder her healing range at all. She is also only vulnerable to archer units which makes her quite overpowered if you hard focus the archers first.


The last unit of the S rank is Ivy. Similar to Hortensia, Ivy is also a flying unit which makes her resistant to all units other than archers. Additionally, she too has an impeccable MAG growth rate making her abilities quite lethal at higher levels. My favorite trait about her is that there is pretty much no way to counter her as a mage because the more magic stat the enemy has, the more damage she deals to them.

Health Points 32
Strength 7

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A Tier

Good Units Fire Emblem Engage
A Tier.

Here we will cover the champions that aren’t considered the best of the bunch, but they can definitely do more than just hold their own. The units in this section are better than most when it comes to performance in the Normal mode. However, there are certain situations or limitations in their kit that hold them back from the upper rank. They are discussed briefly in the following section.


The first unit in the A rank of our Fire Emblem Engage Character Tier List is none other than Anna. She is available quite early, in the prologue, which makes her a pretty good character given how incredible her growth stats are. She can easily and swiftly scale in Dexterity, Speed, Magic as well as Luck. Anna is also a mage class unit which makes her quite decent early on. As an added bonus, her luck skill makes it extremely easy to farm gold making her one of the best units in Fire Emblem.

Health Points 29
Strength 10


Alfred is available from Chapter 3 as an impeccable frontline unit. He has high HP and defense stats which work really well with his unique class, Avenir. Additionally, he is a high-damage melee unit who has access to the Self Improver class which allows him to increase his Strength stat by 2 at the cost of one turn.

Health Points 28
Strength 10


Chloe is an offense unit with a lot of Dexterity and Speed stats early on. She can later transition into another class because her MAG stat grows faster than her speed stat which is a limitation as well as a strength from versatility. However, her personal skill, Fairy-Tale Folk, when boosted can deal a lethal amount of damage in just a few hits.

Health Points 26
Strength 8


Zelkov is similar to Chloe in the sense that he too has a high Dexterity as well as Speed stat early on. However, he has a fairly poor strength stat which makes counterattacks extremely inefficient as a source of damage. But, he can sometimes counter his weakness through his personal skill, Not Quite, which can lower the Hit Rate of his target.

Health Points 35
Strength 15


Fogato is one of the most fun units to play with in Fire Emblem. He is one of the few units that can one-hit enemies when built properly. In his case the build requires the Radiant Bow paired with Sigurd Skills, allowing him to one-hit fliers. Other than that, he has a strong HP growth rate making him quite tanky. Additionally, he can deal increased damage to enemy units via counterattacks if you use him as a Cupido.


Alcryst is one of the most annoying unis to face off against because of his high Dexterity and Speed stats. However, if you’re playing with him, he has one of the most well-synced abilities than anyone else in the game. He can evade quite easily, which works well with his Get Behind Me personal skill which allows him to deal serious damage. Because of how well his kit works together, it makes him one of the easiest units to play with.

Health Points 28
Strength 11


Mauvier is the frontline hero you need to ensure that you have the upper hand in most fights. He is an absolute beast of a unit with extremely high Defense, Hp, and Res stat growth. Additionally, his skill allows him to control the battlefield. Furthermore, if you manage to promote him to the Royal Knight Advanced Class, he can remove the Break debuff from his allies once equipped with the Staves.


Lindon is your all-in-one crit unit that can deal with a lot of burst damage when set up correctly. Not only does he have a high crit stat from his personal skill, but he is also granted a refined weapon to deal a lot of damage. Naturally, he also has an excellent Mag growth rate which only makes his hits that much more lethal.

Health Points 38
Strength 8


Louis excels as the Tank of the team thanks to his high HP and Def stat growth rate. However, he has one very peculiar trait that you don’t normally see in tanks and that is Agility. But, you do need to pair him with Emblem Sigurd but once you do, he is quite a nuisance for those in his path.

Health Points 30
Strength 13


Panette is one of the most accurate A-rank units of our Fire Emblem Engage Tier List 2023 because she has the highest Strength growth rate of anyone else in the game, tied with Rosado and Amber. But what gives her that extra edge is her personal skill, Blood Fury, which gives her an increased crit rate whenever she is not full health and can easily one-shot most weak enemies.

Health Points 46
Strength 25


Pandreo is an extremely decent support unit but many of you may not agree with this ranking due to his unpopular nature. His healing skills alone make him stand out as he out scales almost every other healer in the mid to late game making him well worth it to build out completely.

Health Points 34
Strength 7

B Tier

Fire Emblem Engage Average Units
B Tier.

In the B rank, we will cover the average units of the bunch. They aren’t that bad but there are better options available. They can sometimes struggle in fights but don’t make it impossible to win fights. Of course, it won’t be that easy but may be fun and too powerful if you are in the ideal situation. They are listed as follows.


Jade is quite a decent general role unit with quite a decent HP growth rate. Her personal skill is especially good when used with the correct skills. If you use Resolve+, you can potentially gain seven points in defense and nine points in Res whenever you get struck by magic damage. So, she is quite a unit when facing mages that can be useful at times.

Health Points 33
Strength 14


Celine is a very useful unit that can boost the healing of your team by 50% thanks to her personal skill, Gentle Flower. She also has a pretty decent HP and Speed growth rate which grants her enough sustain to hold her own for quite a while in battle. You can also pair her with Sword Agility or Tome Precision to give her extra damage to break enemy units as well.

Health Points 22
Strength 8


While Lapis is not a good unit on her own, she can provide a lot to the team which is why she is in the B tier. Through her personal skill, Share Spoils, she can give allies within one space around her ten points in Hit/Avo at the price of ten Crit points. One of her most popular builds includes making the most of her speed strat paired with Alacrity which can potentially kill threats before they can even do anything.

Health Points 26
Strength 11


Jean is quite possibly the best unit to level up and grind out with. His personal skill is called Expertise and grants a unit-enhanced stat growth rate. It is best paired with skills like Healing Light which allows Jean to keep himself as well as an ally alive for as long as he has the Healing Staff equipped. This also boosts his healing allowing him to heal his party for a relatively long time.

Health Points 19
Strength 9


Yunaka is an extremely accurate B-rank unit in our Fire Emblem Engage Unit Tier List that excels in just the right circumstances. Her personal skill, Trained to Kill, gives her a +15 Crit when she is in a terrain that provides her an Avo bonus. Needless to say, it is best to pair her up with a high-crit weapon to maximize her skill efficiency. Lunar Brace+ along with a weapon like Peshkatz is so far, the best build for her.

Health Points 25
Strength 8


Timerra is another perfect B-rank unit that is extremely useful against enemies with high Crit Damage. Her personal skill is called Racket of Solm which reduces the crit stat by five points of the enemies who are within three-tile range. Her built path is quite tedious but definitely worth it if you are opting for her. It is recommended to utilize her synergy with the Picket Class and increase her Defense and Dexterity stats with Lance Power to increase her damage and activation chances. Other than that, you can also you Resolve+ with her which allows you to deal more damage over time.


Merrin is quite an honorable knight which is only further emphasized through her personal skill, Knightly Escort. Whenever two or more female allies are within two spaces from her, she grants herself and those allies five points in Hit/Avo.  Naturally, it is recommended that you build her as an initiator using Perceptive+ and Knife Precision 5. The build works very well with her personal skill, allowing her allies to finish off her targets.

Health Points 36
Strength 15


Consequent to Merrin, Rosada is strong against his own gender. His personal skill, Stunning Smile, inflicts Avo -20 if his enemies are of the male gender. Rosada’s looks can be quite deceiving which works perfectly for his recommended role as a scout. You can use Build with Axe or Lance Power 5 to maximize his damage or lethality respectively, strongly boosting his utility as well as fantastic HP growth.

Health Points 44
Strength 16


Continuing our list of gender-based units, next up is Goldmary. She has the personal skill, Disarming Sigh, which inflicts the foe with hit-20 if they are male. Furthermore, thanks to her excellent HP and Defense Stat growth rates, she is an extremely good frontline unit. You can even build her with Vantage++ or Resolve++ to boost her utility as well as damage, both base, and counter-attacks.

Health Points 40
Strength 17

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Saphir’s personal skill is quite unique because if he is lower than 50% hp at the start of combat, he gains hit/Avo+20 which makes him quite risky but at the same time, quite powerful. It is recommended that you use Saphir as a warrior because he has the perfect stats for it. You should also pair him with Hold out++ to be a little safe with his playstyle and to trigger Wrath early on.

Health Points 51
Strength 24


The last unit of the B rank is none other than Amber himself. He has the personal skill, Aspiring Hero, allowing him to gain Hit +20 and Avo-10 if no other units are within one space of him. Similar to Saphir, this playstyle can be a little risky but it can work in some situations. Your best bet is building him as a Great Knight or Paladin with Lance or Sword Power to maximize his damage stat. It can potentially allow him to obliterate enemies before they even get a chance to land a hit.

Health Points 31
Strength 15

C Tier

Worst Picks Fire Emblem
C Tier.

In the last section, we will focus on the weakest units in the game. They have the poorest performance when it comes to the criteria we discussed earlier. They can be good in very specific situations at times which makes them a little viable. However, the effort required to build them properly is way too much to be worth it in the end. But, if you like them you can definitely try them out. Let’s have a look at who these units are.


Starting the C Rank of our Fire Emblem Engage Character Tier List is Vander. Vander is good in extremely specific situations and has very restrictive synergized plays. His personal skill is called Alabaster Duty which allows him to grant five crit points to himself and his adjacent unit but only if it is the Divine Dragon. Your best bet at winning with him is by building him with Vantage++ to make sure he gets the first hit and takes out the enemy before they can deal damage.

Health Points 40
Strength 11


Clanne is also a unit that only works well in the company of the Divine Dragon. His personal skill is Verdant Faith which allows him to grant hit +10 to both him and The Divine Dragon but only if he is adjacent to the Dragon. Clanne is pretty much an all-rounder unit that can fit into a number of roles. However, the best way to use him is the same as Vander’s. Pair him with Vantage++ to make sure he can kill the enemies before they can kill him.

Health Points 19
Strength 3


Framme too is a unit that works only when in the company of the Divine Dragon. Her personal skill, Crimson Cheer,  requires her to be adjacent to the Dragon in order to give them both Avo+10. She is a healer but also a close-range fighter which makes it quite hard to use her properly. Ideally, you want to use her out of battle as much as you can but a way around that is to give her Strength +5 and Vantage++. This way she can stay alive as well as finish off low-health enemies.

Health Points 18
Strength 3


Etie is a unit that doesn’t rely on the Divine Dragon which increases her versatility a bit. However, her personal skill, Energized, is quite poor making her quite useless. It lasts only for one turn and gives the unit two points in strength whenever she is healed using an item. You can still make the most of her kit if you pair her with Alacrity and Bow Focus 5 which can potentially allow her to one-hit KO most enemies.

Health Points 21
Strength 10


Boucheron is a very team-oriented unit that relies a lot on its allies. That is his biggest strength as well as his toughest weakness. In the scenario that his team fails to sync with him, he is close to useless. However, if they are working together perfectly, his personal skill, Moved to Tears, will proc and do a lot of consistent and lethal damage. One of his best builds is to pair him with Axe Power 5 and Defense +5 so that he has a lot of sustain as well as good counter-attacks ready for the foes that attack him first.

Health Points 29
Strength 10


Citrinne is a pretty nifty unit, and when used properly, it can be quite annoying to deal with. She works as a conduit for healing that passes said healing to other units and herself. In simpler terms, her skill, Generosity, allows her to heal all her adjacent units for the same amount of healing she receives when she uses a healing item. That works extremely well if you maximize her weapon efficiency with Magic +5 and Staff Mastery 5.

Health Points 24
Strength 2


Bunet is the weakest unit on our list because his skill is pure luck bases. Seconds? Allows you to duplicate maybe an item you eat. The skill trigger also gives you a percentage of luck that I could not deduce. His build path has nothing to do with his personal skill, so he is the bottom-most unit on our list. You can pair him with Vantage++ and Pair up, which allows Bunet to stand between multiple foes and still deal a lot of damage while tanking a considerable amount of damage.

Health Points 41
Strength 15

Comparison Table

CharacterTierHealth PointsStrength

Patch Note: Version 1.3.0 

Version 1.3.0 brings the following changes

  • Compatible with Wave 3 of the Expansion Pass.
  • From Chapter 7 forward, you can exchange items at the ancient well on the Somniel.
  • You can now use Inherit Skills in the Arena.
  • Several bugs have been fixed to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.


With that, we have concluded our Fire Emblem Engage Tier List 2023. Due to the subjective nature of our list, you may not agree with some of the placements I made. In that case, feel free to use the comments below to let others know your opinion on the article as well. Lastly, have fun farming, and stay tuned for future articles.