Hogwarts Legacy Talents Tier List [V.1126182]

In our Hogwarts Legacy Talents Tier List we will try to focus on ranking all the Talents and discuss their sub-talents.

Finally, one of the most anticipated games of the month, Hogwarts, is here. It’s up for grabs on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Windows. With that, our Hogwarts Legacy Talents Tier List has also arrived to provide our readers with essential knowledge about the Talents in the game.

To put it another way, talent is a set of talents that enhances your performance. One of the game’s primary quests, Jackdaw’s Rest, must be completed to unlock them. These Talents will become available to the players once they have completed this quest.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 32 Talents in our article.
  • Each has been ranked according to its utility and effectiveness in combat.
  • In the highest ranks, you can find Protego Mastery, Bombarda Mastery, Transformation Mastery, and Avada Kedvara Mastery.
  • Among the lowest ranks, you will see Headache, Spell Knowledge 1, Sense of Secrecy 1, Sense of Secrecy 2.


The table below will give you a complete summary of the rankings.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Protego MasterySwiftWiggenweld Potency 1Descendo MasterySpell Knowledge 1
Transformation MasteryWiggenweld Potency 2Spell Knowledge 2Disarming CurseSense of Secrecy 1
Avada Kedvara MasteryStupefy MasterySpell Knowledge 3Stunning CurseSense of Secrecy 2
Bombarda MasteryIncendino MasteryBasic Cast MasteryHuman Demiguise
Confringo MasteryAccio MasteryInvsible Potion Potency
Blood CurseEnduring CurseEdurus Potion Potency
Maxima Potion PotencyCurse SapperFocus Potion Potency
Protego MasteryPetrificus Totalus MasteryHeadache

Continue reading to learn more about each entry.


Talents in the game fall under five main categories and are available for purchase with Talent Points, which you acquire by raising your Wizard level. In Hogwarts Legacy, there are five different Talents:

  1. Spells
  2. Dark Arts
  3. Core
  4. Stealth
  5. Room of Requirement

Each of the Talents is further divided into 3 levels; 5, 16, and 22. The players will unlock sub-talents within each category upon reaching these levels. By now, we hope it’s clear what Talents are so that we will rank them according to their strengths.

S Tier

S Tier
S Tier.

The S rank entries of our Hogwarts Legacy Talents Tier List are some of the most powerful talents in Hogwart Legacy. As expected, they will cost more talent points; to be fair, it’s worth spending on how easy they will make your journey.

Protego Expertise

With this talent, you can shoot projectiles back at the opposition after each successful block. It would be a great move to counterattack after blocking, and at level 16, it becomes accessible. We thought a move that allows you to counter back after a block deserves the highest ranking; thus, we put it in the S Tier.

Level Requirement 16
Spell Requirement N/A

Transformation Mastery

With the Transformation Mastery, you can transform enemies into random objects that will explode quickly and can be unlocked at level 22.

Level Requirement 22
Spell Requirement Transformation

Avada Kedvara Mastery

Ok, not here might be a must-buy sub-talent from the Dark Arts Talent and it is worth all your Talent Points. Whenever you kill an enemy with Avada Kedvara Mastery, all the cursed enemies will also be killed automatically.

Level Requirement 22
Spell Requirement Avada Kedavra

Bombarda Mastery

Bombarda Mastery can be unlocked at level 16, and the players can create big explosions in the targeted area. It can clear a large group of enemies at once, so we believe it needs to be placed in the S Tier.

Level Requirement 16
Spell Requirement Bombarda

A Tier

A Tier
A Tier.

Yes, several of these talents could have easily been placed in the S Tier, but we don’t think they can quite make it to the highest rank and will therefore have to settle for a position in the A Tier due to a few minor shortcomings.


The player will become temporarily invisible thanks to the spell, then reappear. It’s a fun spell to use to fool your enemies, but due to its drawback, which is in power for a short time, it got a place below in the A Tier of our rankings. Swift can be unlocked at level 5.

Level Requirement 5
Quest Requirement Jackdaw’s Rest

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Wiggenweld Potency 2

Wiggenweld Potency 2 is a healing potion unlike the first one, it is unavailable early in the game, so the players must increase their Wizarding Level to level 16.

Level Requirement 16
Spell Requirement Wiggenweld Potency I

Protego Mastery

Protego Mastery can only be obtained if you have reached level 22. You’ll be able to send back a blast after each successful block, which might break the defenses of numerous enemies, so it’s worth your time and Talent Points.

Level Requirement 22
Spell Requirement Protego

Stupefy Mastery

Stupefy Mastery allows you to stun enemies, which can buy you some time when facing a large group of them, and eliminate them easily. It’s also unlocked at level 16.

Level Requirement 16
Spell Requirement Stupefy

Incendio Mastery

With Incendio Mastery, you can cast a spell through which a ring of fire will surround you. The ring of fire surrounding it will damage any nearby enemy who comes in contact with it. As it’s an early-game sub-talent, you will only need to wait until level 5 to unlock it.

Level Requirement 5
Spell Requirement Incendio

Confringo Mastery

Confringo Mastery will let you produce long-range bolts, which can be further improved by unlocking Confringo Mastery Talent and striking your enemies with lightning-fast bolts. This particular spell is highly recommended against a big group of enemies and can be purchased at level 5.

Level Requirement 5
Spell Requirement Confringo

Blood Curse

One of the best possible talents to spend your Talent Points on is Blood Curse which will allow you to deal damage to the nearby enemies when you strike an already cursed enemy. You wouldn’t want to be missing on such a spell, and it is worth spending your Talent Points on and is available for purchase at level 5.

Level Requirement 5
Quest Requirement Jackdaw’s Rest

Maxima Potion Potency

The current talent can be unlocked at level 16, increasing your damage output. It will come in handy against tougher enemies whose defenses are harder to break.

Level Requirement 16
PotionRequirement Maxima Potion

B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.

The B rank of the Hogwarts Legacy Talents Tier List will include those talents which are not very effective, and you can go on your journey without unlocking them. However, if you have them unlocked, they will improve your game, but not significantly.

Wiggenweld Potency 1 

An early-game potion Wiggenweld Potency 1, is accessible at level 5 that heals your health, and can also be used in combats.

Level Requirement 5
Quest Requirement Jackdaw’s Rest

Spell Knowledge 2

It’s similar to Spell Knowledge 1, which adds further spells to your set spells. It’s also an early-game spell that can be unlocked at level 5.

Level Requirement 5
Spell Requirement Spell Knowledge I

Spell Knowledge 3

The third version adds the character’s fourth and final set of spells, just like the previous Spell Knowledge Talents. Following that, you won’t need to enter the Spells menu to access 4 Spell Sets, which equal 16 spells.

Level Requirement 16
Spell Requirement Spell Knowledge II

Basic Cast Mastery

The Basic Cast Mastery reduces cooldown time to your spells and is also unlocked at level 5. Given how much it will aid you in the early stages of your adventure, it is worthwhile using Talent Points on.

Level Requirement 5
Spell Requirement Basic Cast

Accio Mastery

You can pull close-ranged enemies towards yourself with Accio Mastery to do damage with a combination of spells. Yes, for many players, this might not seem like an ideal attacking move, but in some parts of the games, it can be very beneficial, especially for enemies attacking you with long-range weapons. The players will need to wait for level 5 to obtain Accio Mastery.

Level Requirement 5
Spell Requirement Accio

Enduring Curse

At level 16, you can unlock Enduring Curse, increasing the curse duration of the enemies.

Level Requirement 16
Quest Requirement Jackdaw’s Rest

Curse Sapper

Cursed Sapper can be obtained once your Wizarding Level reaches level 16, allowing you to heal your character every time you eliminate a cursed enemy.

Level Requirement 22
Spell Requirement N/A

Petrificus Totalus Mastery

After sneaking up on foes, the spell Petrificus Totalus is cast; you can sneak up on an enemy and cast the spell, which also affects other nearby enemies, with the Petrificus Totalus Mastery. It can be unlocked at level 22.

Level Requirement 22
Spell Requirement Petrificus Totalus


At level 22, you can also get Noxious, a small venomous plant that shoots venomous spikes at enemies. It is the last B-ranked talent in the Hogwarts Legacy Talents Tier List.

Level Requirement 22
Cast Requirement Venomous Tentacula

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

We will place some of the fairly weaker Talents in the C Tier.

Descendo Mastery 

It’s a force spell through which you can create shockwaves and pull enemies down to the ground. This also can be purchased at level 16.

Level Requirement 16
Spell Requirement Descendo

Disarming Curse

At level 5, you can unlock Disarming Curse, one of the early game sub-talents. You will be able to hit enemies with Cursed-Expelliarmus through it.

Level Requirement 5
Spell Requirement Expelliarmus

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Stunning Curse

Stunning Curse can be acquired fairly early into your journey, which strikes the foes with cursed zaps, leaving them highly vulnerable.

Level Requirement 5
Spell Requirement Stupefy

Human Demiguise

In many games, you can’t run around while in stealth mode, but Hogwart Legacy allows you to move faster while being in stealth mode without being detected. Human Demiguise allows you to perform that and can be unlocked at level 5.

Level Requirement 5
Spell Requirement Disillusionment

Invisible Potion Potency

As the name implies, the Invisible Potion Potency will turn you invisible, and with a few upgrades, you can lengthen the duration of your invisibility. It can be unlocked at level 5 and costs only 1 Talent Point.

Level Requirement 5
Potion Requirement Invisibility Potion

Edurus Potion Potency

Edurus Potion Potency will boost your defense, plus with a few enhancements; you can increase it even more. Another great quality of the potion is that, at random times, it can launch back any projectile launched by the enemies.

Level Requirement 5
Potion Requirement Edurus Potion

Focus Potion Potency

Focus Potion Potency allows you to decrease the cooldown time of many of the spells and is available for purchase at level 22.

Level Requirement 22
Potion Requirement Focus Potion


These are small plants that will allow you to stun and cause damage to foes. You will have to grow these magical plants in the Room of Requirement, and they can be upgraded to do even more damage.

Level Requirement 16
Cast Requirement Mandrake

D Tier

D Tier
D Tier.

The weakest talents will occupy the D Tier, and it’s best to neglect them as they will not benefit you that much on your journey. 

Spell Knowledge 1

It can be unlocked fairly early into the game (level 5) and is one of the best early-game Talents. You can add another Spell Set in the bottom right corner of your screen using Spell Knowledge. As a result, you won’t need to unequip and re-equip spells constantly. Instead, you can create a second spell set that can be instantly donned during combat.

Level Requirement 5
Quest Requirement Jackdaw’s Rest

Sense of Secrecy 1

Sense of Secrecy 1 is amongst the 2 Sense of Secrecy spells which doesn’t do much and only adds up to your stealth mode. It doesn’t provide anything special, and you might want to skip purchasing it.

Level Requirement 5
Spell Requirement N/A

Sense of Secrecy 2

Like SOS 1, Sense of Secrecy 2 doesn’t give you any unique qualities; therefore, we might advise ignoring it.

Level Requirement 16
Spell Requirement N/A

Comparison Table

TalentsTierLevel RequirementSpell Requirement
Protego MasteryS16N/A
Transformation MasteryS22Transformation
Avada Kedvara MasteryS22Avada Kedavra
Bombarda MasteryS16Bombarda
SwiftA5Jackdaw's Rest
Wiggenweld Potency 2A16Wiggenweld Potency I
Stupefy MasteryA16Stupefy
Incendino MasteryA6Incendio
Confringo MasteryA5Confringo
Blood CurseA5Jackdaw's Rest
Maxima Potion PotencyA16Maxima Potion
Protego MasteryA22Protego
Wiggenweld Potency 1B5Jackdaw's Rest
Spell Knowledge 2B5Spell Knowledge I
Spell Knowledge 3B16Spell Knowledge II
Basic Cast MasteryB5Basic Cast
Accio MasteryB5Accio
Enduring CurseB16Jackdaw's Rest
Curse SapperB22N/A
Petrificus Totalus MasteryB22Petrificus Totalus
NoxiousB22Venomous Tentacula
Descendo MasteryC16Descendo
Disarming CurseC5Expelliarmus
Stunning CurseC5Stupefy
Human DemiguiseC5Disillusionment
Invsible Potion PotencyC5Invisibility Potion
Edurus Potion PotencyC5Edurus Potion
Focus Potion Potency C22Focus Potion
Spell Knowledge 1D5Jackdaw's Rest
Sense of Secrecy 1D5N/A
Sense of Secrecy 2D16N/A

Build Version V.1126182

The latest patch notes were released on 8th March, which addressed many issues; however, the changes related to spells included:

  • Fixed crash when using Incendio spell.
  • Fixed crashes when using Accio, Confringo, or Stupefy.
  • Fixed using Ansel while a spell is being cast.
  • Fixed crash when using Wingardium.

That about does it for our Hogwarts Legacy Talents Tier List, where we ranked all the Talents alongside their sub-talents, keeping our experience in mind. Yes, it might vary from person to person as we all have different experiences, but we tried to stay as general as possible so our readers could get the information from a neutral point of view.