Forspoken Tier List [V.1.12]

Discover the Best Cloaks in Forspoken with Our Tier List.

Forspoken is a hot topic in the gaming community nowadays. It’s an action role-playing game available for both Playstation and Microsoft. There are many gears, and equipment players can stumble upon in the game and use to improve their game. So our Forspoken Tier List will focus on all the available Cloaks in the game, which we will rank in the shape of a ranking list. The game follows the story of a young woman named Frey Holland who travels to the magical land of Athia from New York City. Frey uses her unique powers to navigate this realm on her way home, encountering numerous challenges and gaining friends.

Before diving into the details, we would like to clarify that our article is solely based on our thoughts on our experience. Due to different schools of thought, many readers might not completely agree with all the rankings, but that is perfectly acceptable because we are all free to have our opinions. Let’s get to our rankings with that being out of the way.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 18 Cloaks in Forspoken.
  • We will rank each entry according to its strength, defense, crit rate, magic buff, etc.
  • In the highest ranks, you can find Cloaks like Unstoppable, Pelerine, Judicious, and Gracious.
  • The lower ranks contain entries like Valorous, Lief, Dauntless, and Stranith.


The table below will give you the complete summary of our article.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
PelerineGraciousPuissantNo LimitsStranith
Hooded CloakMonsterful

Keep reading to learn more about each entry.

S Tier

S Tier
S Tier.

The strongest Cloaks in the game will be found at the S Tier. Due to their strength, gaining them won’t be simple, and you’ll need to do a lot of grinding and challenge clearing to obtain them.


We will begin with Unstoppable, arguably the strongest Cloak in Forspoken. With it is equipped, Frey’s attacks will inflict more magic spill damage and will suffer somewhat less fall damage. The players can get Unstoppable by defeating all the enemies in Militis Academy, located in the Southwest of Praenost. Once the quest is completed, you can get your hands on the luxurious Cloak. 

Health 49
Defense 8
Red Magic 17

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Unlike Unstoppable, it can be found very early in your adventure. It’s fairly easy to be obtained; all you have to do is head East toward Locked Labyrinth to get the Pelerine Cloak. You must defeat the opponents in three rooms before taking on a menacing monster to acquire it. It’s a great early-game Cloak that boosts Frey’s stamina and can regenerate good health after landing a critical hit.

Health 42
Defense 2

A Tier

A Tier
A Tier.

The A rank of the Forspoken Cloak tier list will be home to those items that aren’t considered the strongest, but are still are very powerful. Due to a slight flaw, we believe they can’t quite make it to the S Tier.


This particular Cloak will give the players protection from various powerful attacks. Fray will do less damage when equipped, so you don’t have to worry too much about losing your health. It offers nothing in terms of attack, making it a suitable choice for encounters where you are extremely concerned with maintaining a full health bar.

Health 52
Defense 10
Blue Magic 6


Gracious can be found in the Psychic Garden located in the Bhulna Villa. Once you complete the required task, a chest will appear where you find the Gracious Cloak. When it’s obtained, it will give Fray a massive defensive boost. Not only that, but when you use any healing items, it’ll also give you more strong defensive stats.

Health 81
Defense 21
Purple Magic 6


The Fain clock gives the player a 5% increase in health and a 2% increase in both Purple and Red Magic. After completing the Locked Labyrinth task located on the Mountain base, the Fain Cloak can be acquired.

Health 48
Defense 10
Red Magic 4
Purple Magic 4
Blue Magic 4
Green Magic 4


Fearless is another of those Cloaks that restores your health. When the enemies are defeated while it’s equipped, a significant amount of  Fray’s health will be regenerated. To obtain it, you will have to complete the Oxys Guild mission.

Health 83
Defense 23
Purple Magic 12

Hooded Cloak

The Hooded Cloak can be obtained fairly early in the game; you can find it in chapter 3. Once you get your hands on it, you’ll get a massive boost in critical attacks and a 5% defense boost.

Health 21

B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.

The Cloaks of the B Tier of our Forspoken Tier List don’t initially appear to be very good, but with the appropriate approach and strategy, you can maximize their potential.


Before going to the Visorian Plateau, go to the Ruins of Mercador to earn the Audacious Cloak. Eliminating the enemies in the area can unlock a chest containing the Audacious Cloak. The Audacious provides more overall statistic increases, including +5% health, +2% Red Magic, and +2% Purple Magic. Having stated that, it offers more advantages than only increases. If Frey has all of her stamina, the Audacious Cloak will also lessen the damage suffered by her.

Health 76
Defense 16
Green Magic 6


Puissant functions much differently from the other Cloaks. According to the number of foes nearby, Fray’s stats rise. Her stats will increase the more enemies she faces. You would want more enemies to surround you to gain greater stat boosts after you have the Pusissant Cloak.

Health 34
Defense 6
Red Magic 2
Purple Magic 2
Blue Magic 2
Green Magic 2

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When Surge Magic is fully charged, it increases the critical rate and occasionally poisons the enemies. You can get the Cloak after completing the Locked Labyrinth mission.

Health 64
Defense 12
Red Magic 6
Purple Magic 6
Blue Magic 6
Green Magic 6


Elite is one of those Cloaks that is only accessible with a pre-order of Forspoken. Players who pre-ordered it on PC will receive it, while others who missed out on this opportunity are out of luck.

Health 32


To obtain Monsterful, you must complete the Locked Labyruthn Forest task. Once done, you will be presented with the Cloak which will aid you in your adventure by boosting Fray’s attacks.

Health 86
Defense 18
Red Magic 18
Purple Magic 18
Blue Magic 18
Green Magic 18

C Tier

C Tier
C Tier.

The Cloaks’ abilities will weaken as we descend farther on our Forspoken Tier List.


Faultless will increase Fray’s chances of landing a critical hit. However, there is a condition for that: the players must have a full health bar. You must complete a small mission in the Molybods Guild to obtain it. Once the task is concluded, the players will get their hands on Faultless.

Health 62
Defense 12
Blue Magic 12

No Limits

Ok, this particular Cloak will only be available for players who have pre-ordered the game for their PlayStation 5. Players playing on other consoles or the PS5 without pre-ordering Forspoken will not have access to No Limit. However, please don’t be too disappointed as it’s not a very strong piece of gear, so you are not missing out on anything strong.
Health 32


When Frey’s helpful bracelet helper Cuff stops damage, the Valorous Cloak’s beneficial ability increases the rate at which surge magic recharges. The Valorous Cloak makes a significant difference when playing with a build that greatly emphasizes Frey’s surge magic. That allows Frey to use magic attacks much more frequently and provides the player the opportunity to create genuinely broken weapons build. You can find Valorous in the Ligare location of the game.

Health 39
Defense 3
Red Magic 6


Lief gives the players a 2% increase in Red and Purple magic. When equipped, you can absorb health from nearby enemies, which can be very advantageous in situations with low health. You will need to beat the Locked Labyrinth: Barrier task to obtain it.

Health 28
Defense 4
Red Magic 1
Purple Magic 1
Blue Magic 1
Green Magic 1

D Tier

D Tier
D Tier.

The D rank will bring an end to our Forspoken Cloak tier list. This has the weakest Claoks on our list. Even yet, certain players might still be able to employ them effectively.


Dauntless gives the players great buff when it’s obtained. Similarly, Fray will take much less damage, which is very helpful in encounters with stronger enemies. On the map, move east toward Praenost’s northern region to locate the Cloak. When completed, Brass Cavern, a quest located near Brass Hollow, will grant the Dauntless Cloak the greatest equipment.

Health 46
Defense 6
Red Magic 12


Stranith allows Fray to recover health quickly, but as the game has to offer far better Cloaks that can do the same job far better, we believe it belongs to the lower ranks. You can get it only by buying it from a trader.

Health 84
Defense 6

Patch Notes V1.12

These patch notes were released on 4th April 2023. They added the following changes to the game.

  • Adjusted the visual effects for Frey’s Shot spell.
  • Changed the default Sprint button from “L3” to “L3 or 〇”.
  • *Existing save files will not be affected.
  • Frey can now run in certain locations, such as Pilgrim’s Refuges, the Archives, and the Mausoleum.
  • *Running will remain disabled during certain event scenes.

Comparison Table

Hooded CloakA21NA
BonifateB 6412
No LimitsC32NA


That concludes our attempt to rank every Cloak currently available in Forspoken. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did making it. But there’s a good possibility you might disagree with some of the rankings. In such a case, feel free to share your opinions in the comments below, and we will take your opinions into consideration when updating the article with any future cloaks,.