Bayonetta 3 Tier List [Patch 1.2.0]

In this Bayonetta 3 Tier List, we will rank all 12 of the weapons in the game from the strongest to weakest.

Bayonetta 3 was one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, and despite the most recent controversy surrounding it, expectations from fans were still sky-high. It’s an action hack-and-slash game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo exclusively for the Switch, and in this Bayonetta 3 Tier List, we will rank the available weapons according to their performance. 

Many of these weapons can be unlocked during the main story, while a few can be accessed only after beating the game, allowing you to use them on your second play-through if you wish to challenge yourself again.

Key Points

  • This article has a total of 12 entries.
  • Each entry is ranked on the basis of its damage stats, combos, and ease of use.
  • Mab Dachi, Tartauras, and Abracadabra are among the highest tiers.
  • In the lowest ranks, you will find Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo, Colour My World, and G-Pillar.


The following table ranks all the weapons in the game.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
Mab DachiAbracadabraCassiopeiaSimoonColour My World
TartaurasCruel AlteaRibbit Libido-BZ55Ignis Araneae Yo-YoG-Pillar
Bull KissDead End Express

You can learn about them all in more detail below.


We want to clarify something before we begin our article, and that is that the following rankings are based on our personal views, which of course will be different than many of our readers.

Our writers tried out the game for themselves, gathered facts and figures from within the concerned community, and tried to stay as objective as possible. Despite all that, constructing a perfect list is challenging, as biases will always come into play. And with that out of the way, let’s dive into our article.

S Tier

Bayonetta 3 Tier List
S Tier.

As expected, the strongest weapons in the entire game will be ranked in the S Tier. Their impressive stats, powers, combos, and the fact of how comfortable they make your journey makes them the most powerful weapons in our Bayonetta 3 Weapons Tier List.

Mab Dachi

Mab Dachi is an Otachi Sword which is Voila’s signature weapon. It is automatically obtained after playing with her for the first time, so unlike most weapons it doesn’t need unlocking. It supplies Voila with impressive fire and magic properties aiding her in combats. Similarly, with the sword’s different combos, her damage attacks enhance significantly. Other than normal melee attacks like slashing the enemies, Viola can throw Mab Dachi at them like a boomerang which deals damage on both leaving her hands and returning to her.

The sword also allows her to access her special ability “Witch Time” which enables her to ward off any incoming attacks. Likewise, by turning on the Charge Modifier ability Viola can charge up Mab Dachi with flames that can deal damage with flames over a wide area.

Type Melee
Element Magic and Fire
User Viola


Used by only Bayonetta in the game, Tartarus is a set of weaponry constructed from the wreckage of the ruined Umbran Clock Tower. Bayonetta can use this demonic set of weapons to shield herself in battles thanks to the large body of the weapon. It not only acts as a shield but can also be utilized in the offense. The gates of Tartarus can be opened to provide you with various attacks like using both the spikes at the edge of the weapon to deal deadly melee attacks. Similarly, the body of the shield can be used to bash enemies with tremendous force.

When the charge bar of Tartarus is fully charged you can enable the special ability to assemble miniature guns that have a slow start-up but a very fast rate of fire. The weapon is not available from the beginning and can only be obtained after completing Chapter 11.

Type Melee
Element Demonic
User Rosa β4, Bayonetta

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A Tier

A Tier.

The following weapons are a solid group of tools, but they don’t quite have the same impact as the ones in the S rank of our Bayonetta 3 Tier List. Therefore we placed them in a lower rank.

Although they might seem nearly perfect at first glance, upon trying them we noticed some minor flaws which gave us a valid reason for not placing them amongst the strongest weapons in the game’s catalog.


As the name hints, it’s a magic theme weapon that was introduced in Bayonetta 3 and was not seen in the previous 2 games. Another weapon exclusive to Bayonetta, Abracadabra is also classified as a thunder-themed weapon. She uses it to summon projectiles that deal damage from a distance. Unlike most weapons, it can not be used as a melee weapon making it a nonideal option in close-range battles.

The projectiles released from Abracadabra are in the shape of bats which can be controlled in the desired direction by the players want. The special ability Charge Modifier lets you release large amounts of bats creating large, robust blasting projectiles which puts the foes in a very tricky situation. As for unlocking, completing chapter 12 will give you assess to it.

Type Thunder
Element Ranged
User Bayonetta β4, Bayonetta, Jeanne

Cruel Altea

Cruel Altea is an ice-element weapon used by Bayonetta. It is not available from the start and requires the players to beat level 14 in order to obtain this particular weapon. It can be a little challenging getting your hands on it,  but the struggle and grinding are worth it.

With Cruel Altea, you can shoot destructive freezing magic rays at enemies. You can also strike your enemies with a broad arc of chilling blue flames to stop them in their tracks. Similarly, the ability Bazillions allows you to create a large beam charged with ice that can explode in close surroundings to cause a heavy blow.

Type Melee
Element Ice
User Bayonetta, Jeanne

Bull Kiss

Another weapon used by Viola, Bull Kiss is magic-themed darts that she can throw at her enemies from a long distance. As the weapons are darts therefore they are amazing long-range weapons but for close-range combat, we would recommend avoiding them. These darts don’t have many special skills but one stand-out ability is where Viola leaps and releases these darts which detonate from time to time. Bull Kiss is among those weapons that are already available and doesn’t require you to reach any level in order to be unlocked.

Type Ranged
Element Magic 
User Viola

B Tier

Bayonetta 3 Tier List
B Tier.

The B rank of our Bayonetta 3 Weapons Tier List will hold some pretty average weapons. These aren’t the strongest, but at the same time don’t belong to the weakest weapons either, and a skilled player can do wonders with them.


Used by Bayonetta only, Cassiopeia is a water element weapon. It is a substantial anchor that contains the Infernal Demon Kraken. Whenever Bayonetta uses the anchor-like weapon, little puddles of sticky ink are formed under her feet with every step she takes. If an enemy steps on them they are stuck to the ground allowing you to have enough time to deal damage before they step out of it. It’s a fantastic long-range weapon that can stretch to reach enemies at a distance while also acting as a bow where Bayonetta can shoot arrows from it. In order to get Cassiopeia players will need to beat chapter 14.

Type Melee
Element Water
User Dark Eve, Bayonetta, Jeanne

Ribbit Libido-BZ55

Bayonetta can conduct fast long-range attacks using the stand as a spear when using Ribbit Libido. When equipped, Bayonetta’s steps and jumps produce little pools of purple steaming poison from her feet. It can also produce small projectiles which can be launched at enemies from a distance making it a good long-range weapon. It can be acquired after completing chapter 10 in the game.

Type Long Ranged
Element Poison and Sound
User Jeanne β3. Bayonetta. Jeanne

Dead End Express

It’s a Titianesque chainsaw-like demonic element weapon that can be only used by Bayonetta. It has multiple blades all over it which can crush any enemy if they come in contact. When equipped, Bayonetta produces orange false from her feet with every step. 

When it’s fully charged the metal end rod of Dead End Express heats up and turns red indicating that it’s prepared for fierce use. Similarly, Bayonetta attacks her foes with a huge, sluggish saw wheel that comes out of this weapon. You can access the chainsaw once you have finished chapter 10.

Type Melee
Element Demonic
User Bayonetta β2, Bayonetta, Jeanne

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C Tier

C Tier.

Some of the weakest weapons in the game will be placed in the C rank of our Bayonetta 3 Tier List. They are not the most sturdy and powerful weapons in the game but at initial levels, you have no other options but to rely on them.

However, they fail to do the same in the later part of the game. Anyway by that stage, you will have access to many more powerful weapons than these.


Simoon has blades attached to the ends of it allowing you to use it as a good melee attack weapon. It can be only used if you are playing as Bayonetta and cannot be combined with other weapons. Bayonetta will start firing a barrage of bladed blows from the Talon blades which are fixed to the user’s heels. When equipped, Bayonetta’s walks and jumps produce black feathers from her feet. It unlocks after completing chapter 9.

Type Melee
Element Wind
User Bayonetta β3, Bayonetta, Jeanne

Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo

Used by both Bayonetta and Jeanne, Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo is a fire element weapon shaped like a set of yo-yos. It enables users with more rapid mobility and continual harm from a distance by using its blades. It’s a good medium to long-range weapon where the yo-yo blades spin into opponents, dealing numerous hits per attack. As it’s an early-game weapon it only requires you to beat chapter 3 in order to unlock it.

Type Melee
Element Fire
User Bayonetta β1, Bayonetta, Jeanne

D Tier

Bayonetta 3 Tier List
D Tier.

The 5th and final rank, the D rank, will conclude our ranking of the Bayonetta 3 Weapons Tier List. The last two weapons in the article are without a doubt the weakest in the entire game.

Colour My World

Also known as Orange Blossom, Yellow Sunshine, Green Grass, and Blue Sky the Colour My World is an early game weapon that is only used by Bayonetta. It’s a four triple-barrelled weapon that resembles pepperbox pistols which have magical gems on their barrels. As fearsome as its design might look the performance isn’t that impressive. But it still remains quite handy in long-range battles in the early parts of the game. You can get access to the gun after completing the very first chapter of the game.

Type Long ranged
Element Magic 
User Bayonetta


The final weapon on the list, G-Pillar is a magic element weapon. Due to its large size, G-Pillar enables Bayonetta to deliver ground-pounding blows combined with slow yet powerful medium-range swipes and strikes covered in dark purple energy. The opposite end’s cannon is charged up by G-Charge Pillar’s Modifier, culminating in an explosion that increases the damage and expands the area of effect. It’s available from the beginning and doesn’t demand any specific unlocking methods.

Type Long ranged
Element Magic 
User Bayonetta

Comparison Table

Mab DachiSMeleeMagic and FireViola
TartaurasSMeleeDemonicRosa β4, Bayonetta
AbracadabraAThunderRangedBayonetta β4, Bayonetta, Jeanne
Cruel AlteaAMeleeIceBayonetta, Jeanne
Bull KissARangedMagic Viola
CassiopeiaBMeleeWater Dark Eve, Bayonetta, Jeanne
Ribbit Libido-BZ55BLong RangedPoison and SoundJeanne β3. Bayonetta. Jeanne
Dead End ExpressBMeleeDemonicBayonetta β2, Bayonetta, Jeanne
SimoonCMeleeWindBayonetta β3, Bayonetta, Jeanne
Ignis Araneae Yo-YoCMelee Fire Bayonetta β1, Bayonetta, Jeanne
Colour My WorldDLong rangedMagic Bayonetta
G-PillarDLong rangedMagic Bayonetta

Patch Notes Version 1.2.0

In the latest patch, the following changes were made to the game.

  • Weapons “Simoon”, “Tartarus” and Viola’s Charge Attacks can now continue to hold charge, even if dodged or blocked.
  • If the Block input is used repeatedly, the granted Witch Time duration will decrease.
  • Golem Chest fragmenting animation can now be fast-forwarded.
  • When equipping the accessories “Infernal Communicator” and “Pulley’s Butterfly” to summon Devils and Butterflies, it is now possible to cancel the summoning motion by dodging or blocking.


So there you have it, that was our attempt at ranking all the weapons in our Bayonetta 3 Tier List. We hope that we did justice to many, if not all of them, by placing them in the ranks that we thought were appropriate for the,

But as we have discussed above, this will give rise to many different views which are totally welcomed as we are all entitled to our own opinions. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and keep in mind that the game is still brand new, and future updates might change some of the placements.