FTL Weapon Tier List: All Weapons Ranked

As I am a game freak, I keep searching for new games. Not only about games, but also regarding their complete information; playing guide, characters, rewards, weapons, and more, as it is very helpful to know about a game before playing it. Are you facing difficulty choosing appropriate weapons for your ship during the FTL run? Now it is all sorted with this FTL weapon tier list. I understand that making a quick decision with a wide range of weapons is very difficult. Also, ship configuration plays a vital role in deciding whether a particular gun will suit it or not.

Henceforth, you must be aware of weapon features along with their rankings. Not only will it increase your chances of winning, but it will also be quite knowledgeable for you to become a good professional player. Moreover, this game has various weapon categories, including missiles, lasers, ions, beams, bombs, and crystals. You will get to know about all of them.

Factors to Identify Best FTL Weapons

A primary question comes to our mind: What makes these weapons good? Some criteria or features must prove these weapons to be the best, exemplary, or average. Hence, I am going to discuss these key points below:

Is Damage Important?

Firstly, it would be very dumb of any player even to question if raw damage is an essential feature of a weapon. But, no worries, this FTL weapon tier list is curated to answer every kind of query. So, what do you think is the vision or purpose of every player in a game? He wants to decrease his partner’s health and eventually make him lose, right?

And this is possible if we have a good enough weapon to cause immense damage to the rivals. So yes! A gun needs to give a massive amount of damage to let down the foes.

Role of Speed

Moreover, imagine how lucky you would be to fire the first shot toward your opponent. As a result, it will be easier for you to deal with the damage and gain the first mover’s advantage. This way, your rival will get busy replenishing his health rather than attacking you. What could be more impressive than that?

Weapon Must be Flexible

As faster than light is a roguelike game; therefore, games like this need weapons with higher flexibility. Because these kinds of firearms always prove to be the best option for any player. Download faster than light now and start discovering your favorite weapon.

Hence, these were some main features to consider while opting for weapons. However, there might be other factors that can also assist you in making the right choice. As everyone has a different playing style, so you discover those features by yourselves as per your style.

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FTL Weapons Ranking Criteria

This FTL weapon tier list is subjective because there might be an update in the future that will cause these rankings to change a little bit. And, apart from this, opinions vary from person to person, and for this reason, there are chances that some of you may not agree with me. But, it is totally fine. So, the comment section below is open for discussion.

The weapons are divided into five categories/tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. This list will move from best to worst. This way, superb weapons will be ranked on the S tier, and the quality will decrease as we move down in the tiers. So, are you ready to explore the best FTL weapons? Let us get started!

S Tier

Superb FTL weapons ranked.

Usually, our professional writers rank the ideal options in this category while curating any tier list. Comparatively, they are better than any other class. Similarly, in this FTL weapon tier list, you will find superb weapons in the S tier. The number of shots and the damage they give are all effective.

Furthermore, if I talk about prioritizing weapons, this category is in this list number 1. If you want to win the game (well, who does not want to), then I recommend these weapons. So, are you ready to dive into this particular category? Just get into it.

Flak IIt can fire 3 shots in 10 seconds with the power of 2. You have to sacrifice accuracy in return of the fire rate.
Burst Laser IIIIt can fire 3 shots in 12 seconds with the power of 2. Moreover, it has an ability to fire rapidly which I love the most.

A Tier

best firearms
Best FTL weapons ranked.

Now, the weapons included in this category of the FTL weapon tier list are also very efficient, but not as much as the above ones are. In other words, you can say that this tier is a level below the above category. However, it does not mean that these are low-performing weapons. No, not at all!

To make things clear for all the readers, I want to make it simpler. The faster-than-light weapons I will be placing on this list are undoubtedly one of the best. Given these points, you must include them in your priority list to perform like a pro player.

Halberd BeamIt can destroy opponent's vessel in just one single shot. You will never regret purchasing it. Furthermore, it's balanced cost and power makes Halberd Beam more efficient.
Swarm MissileIf you want to beat defense drones, then go for swarm missile without brining a second thought in your mind. Moreover, after every 7 seconds it can charge one shot. This single missile is equal to three missiles.
Small BombSmall bomb is a very cost-effective weapon. The saying "don't judge a book by its cover" applies here, because do not judge it by its size. Despite of being small it can defeat the enemy systems and crew quickly.
Ion Blast MK 1It is very effective in destroying various shield bubbles at a time.

B Tier

good firearms
Good FTL Weapons ranked.

Since we have discussed the top-notch weapons, now moving towards the ones with good enough features and quality that is not entirely perfect but still can do good to you, I suggest using them after knowing properly how they work and why they are good. Congratulations, because you do not have to waste your time researching them in the presence of this FTL weapon tier list.

Chain VulcanIt would not be wrong to say that Chain Vulcan is a situational weapon due to which it could not make it to he top tiers. On the other hand if we ignore this fact, then it is a good one. For this reason I am placing it in this category of FTL weapon tier list.
Flak III am ranking Flak II in this tier because it is good for taking down shields. However, if I talk about damage then this feature is not so good in it.
Ion StunnerIf paired with any bomb, then Ion stunner would be a good option to get rid of annoying medbays.
Chain BurstI think Chain Burst is an underrated weapon. There are players who complain of it being slow. But if you use it properly then you can make most of it.
Breach Bomb IBreach Bomb is almost similar to Small Bomb but I am placing it here because comparatively it is less effective but still so good.
Pegasus MissileIt can fire twice at a time. This is good as well as bad at the same time as there are chances of a failure in attack. For this reason it is a B tier weapon.
Laser Charger (L)Laser Charger (L) is undoubtedly an effective weapon. However, it is a bit costly and charges slowly. Further it can shot after every 5 seconds.
Ion Blast MK IIThe only reason to place Ion Blast MK II in this category is that it is a costly weapon. Other than that it can lock down enemy shields very quickly which makes this projectile a good choice.
Heavy Laser IIHeavy Laser II helps in breaking shield but not as much as the S and A tier weapon. For this reason I am placing it in the B tier of FTL weapon tier list.
Hull BeamHull beam is used to give a good amount of damage due to which it becomes a useful weapon.
Laser Charge (S)Laser charger (S) is a really flexible weapon that impresses me a lot. It gives either 1 shot after every 6 seconds or 2 shots after every 12 seconds.
Burst Laser (I)In every 11 seconds it gives 2 shots for power of 2. And I think this is good enough for some situations.
Ion ChargerIn every 6 seconds it gives 1 ion and can charge up to 2. In my opinion, it is good enough for the power of 2. It is a very good addition to ions and can teat shields in 2 pieces. Isn't that good?
Breach Bomb IIBreach Bomb II's long cool down is something I do not like. Otherwise, it is a good option to choose.
Heavy Laser IHeavy Laser I is an effective addition to load out as after every 9 seconds it can give 2 damage. Another thing that makes it a good weapon is that you can buy it from stores.

C Tier

below-average firearms
below-average FTL weapons ranked.

Now, I am going to talk about those weapons that are below average. You must have and experience all the weapons I have placed in the above tiers, but considering this tier, I can not say these are a must-have. You can grab them in a situation when no other option is available. Otherwise, I do not recommend you to use these more often.

Glaive BeamSetting it up is a really tough task and annoying at the same time. But, it is amazing that at times it can even destroy opponent's ship in a single shot. But again, Glaive Beam is situational and does not deserve to be your priority.
Pike BeamDespite being a beam it is not as effective as other which is a real disappointment. Pike is an unreliable beam and you can not trust its performance. Sometimes it is good and the other time it ditches you.
Burst Laser IIIBurst Laser III requires a lot of player's power. For this reason it couldn't make it to the above tiers. Also the speed of this weapon is not too satisfactory.
Ion BombIt could make it to the above tiers but one thing that resisted it is Ion Bomb's slow charge time and long cool down.
Hermes MissileHermes Missile can take down 2 shield bubble simultaneously. However, its high power cost is something disappointing.
Fire BeamFire beams can do nothing in front of robot, so especially at that time you have to opt high performing weapons instead of this below average one. On the other hand it is really good for Rock boards but has a very long cool down.
Fire BombFire Bomb is a power hungry weapon with a slow speed. It lights up very small fires, other than that Fire Bomb can be a good weapon.
Healing BurstIf we consider Healing Burst's performance for boarding parties then it is good. Also, it is a situational weapon that can not be useful all the time.
Crystal Burst IIIt is only useful in those cases where your current weapons are not being effective. Otherwise I will not recommend you to use it.

D Tier

worst firearms
Worst FTL weapons ranked.

The weapons ranked on this tier of the FTL weapon tier list are literally of no use. I do not understand why they even exist. Maybe these are there for the people who do not know what qualities or features must a good weapon have to help the player hold the ground in a game. But, as my guidance is available for you, there is no need to waste your time on weapons like these.

Anti-bio BeamAnti-Bio beam is one of the slowest and weakest beams, making it the worst weapon. You can not expect it to save you from any kind of bad situation or from your opponent's attack. I am warning you to never trust on this pathetic weapon.
Heavy IonHeavy Ion is a dependent weapon on which you can not rely in bad times. It has the most extended cooldown, which makes it even more worse. Never go for it, otherwise, you will regret your decision. And, I hope anyone will not want to regret it later!
Repair BurstYou can never expect any kind of help from this useless and miserable weapon. Choosing it will not be worth it. Please make a wise decision while selecting weapon to save your time and effort.
Breach MissileIt is perilous to opt for Breach Missile. Because simply, it is not a good weapon at all. Neither in terms of damage nor in speed and flexibility.
Chain IonAhh... Chain ion take ages to get charged. So, I do not think you can wait so long because till then, the fight will be over.
Stun BombYou really do not need Stun Bomb. Because I have experienced it, and trust me, it will waste your efforts and time.
Hull Laser IOh my God! I get so irritated with Hull Laser I's speed. Why would someone want to use such a useless weapon?
Hull Laser IIIt is the same as Hull Laser I.
Hull MissileI do not think that the Hull series is any good.
Heavy Crystal IIHeavy Crystal has so many drawbacks that I will simply ask you to think what qualities make any weapon the worst one. All those qualities are there in it.

End Note

Hopefully, now you are in a position to make a wise choice of weapons as there is complete information available in this article regarding every weapon, why it is good or bad, and whether to choose it or not. So, I assume that there is no need to get confused about them at this point.

Under an in-depth description of every tier, you can find the detail of weapons also. In this way, you will be able to make a perfect choice for yourself. You can visit our site’s top-tier list whenever you need help regarding this game or any other. Here you can find detailed information related to almost every game.

And, if you want us to guide you about another game you can not find on our site, then do not hesitate. Just leave a comment in the comment box below, and all the writers and I are ready to help you. Good luck with your game!

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