Splatoon 2 Weapons Tier List: All Weapons Ranked

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Here in this article, we will be discussing the weapons in the game Splatoon 2. By the name you can tell it is the second edition of Splatoon. Splatoon 2 was released on 21 July 2012 by Nintendo for Nintendo switch. This game is a third-person shooter game that got so much fame among gamers, having a single-player mode as well as a multiplayer online mode to play and enjoy with your friends.

Splatoon 2 sold twice as many copies as compared Splatoon. Here I will share with you the Splatoon 2 weapons tier list, where I will explain all the weapons and their ranking on the basis of their effect and awesomeness.

Most of you must be familiar with the game, however, if you are new to it, let us help you out in getting to understand the mode of the game, gameplay, the plot of the game, and most importantly all the weapons. This tier list is purely subjective with simply no room for negativity. We make sure all the content is 100% unique and up to the mark with the likes and dislikes of our audience. Let us start with the gameplay for Splatoon 2.

There are many famous characters in the game and each one has its unique quality and stat. However, in this article we will not be discussing the character rather we will discuss the incredible weapons of this game. There are many weapons in the game, more than 120 to be rough. Here in this tier list, we will elaborate on the most factual and popular ones which have a certain amount of likes or perhaps some dislikes as well.

Explaining all the weapons will not be possible in a single sitting as it would rather make this article boring and too long to read. So I will try to do justice to each and every weapon I explain.

The Gameplay of Splatoon 2

The characters are known as Inklings and Octolings which are controlled and handled by the gamers. It is a third-person shooter game in which Ink is used as ammunition for the purpose of a fight. This ink can be refilled by spreading it on the ground or any colored surface. The players as Octolings and Inklings are able to substitute kid and human forms to carry out different functions.

For instance, in the humanoid form, they are able to shoot and walk, while in the kid form they can win in the ink they have already spread in order to fulfill their health as well as ink requirements. One of many similarities that Splatoon 2 has with Splatoon is the Turf War mode which is specially designed for regular battles. In this war mode, a team of four players is made, each having a total of three minutes to cover up the entire turf with their ink.

There is a mode known as League Battles where the gamers are free to connect with their friends or whosoever to play a multiplayer game. Salmon Run is yet another mode in the game where the players can form a team in order to beat the enemies known as Salmonids and Salmonid’s eggs.

There was an event held every July until two years after the game was launched, this event was called Splatfest, where the gamers had to select a team to play like heroes versus villains. Apart from this, there is a single-player mode in the game known as the Hero Mode, where the players are supposed to rescue the Zapfish on some levels, this moe has a classic weapon set when a player uses a single weapon on all levels provides the player with a Hero Weapon Replica in order to play multiplayer modes.

In Octo Expansion DLC the gamer is supposed to play as an Octoling that has about eight missions to accomplish, In order to complete them the player must bond with the Inkopolis Cap’n Cuttlefish. There are a number of great assorted items to be collected in the game, these items are known as Thangs, these help the player throughout the game.

Game Plot

The main plot or let’s say the storyline of this game is based on a squid named Marie who defeats her cousin named Callie. This caused a separation between the two, On the other hand, Maris worries that Callie would be affected by this. When Marie comes home to see her parents she discovers that Callie and the great Zapfish are missing. Suspecting the Octarians, she becomes agent 2 to recruit the Inkling.

The Inkopolis Square becomes the agent 4. Agent 4, later on, travels through Octo Canyon Fighting Octarians to recover as many Zapfish as they can. Callie on the other hand has paired up with the Octarians as they hypnotized her with Hypnoshades. Marie, later on, sets Callie free from this state, and together with agent 4, they team up to fight Octavio. After all this chaos is a happy and peaceful union of all.

Splatoon 2 Weapons

Splatoon 2 has a huge variety of weapons. There are above 130 weapons in the game, and each one of them has its own plus points as well as disadvantages. If you are new to the game and want to learn more about the weapons of the game or if you are a frequent player but are in search of new options, you are at the right place indeed. Here in the Splatoon 2 tier list we will discuss the best and worst weapons all along. The selection of weapons can be extremely challenging as there is a huge variety to select from.

There are specifics of each and every weapon, whether that can be used in particular battles or not. Keeping in mind all the systems and mechanics of the game let us begin with the most amazing tier list that will help you decide which weapons you should pick, and which ones to avoid. Here we will place the weapons with the best advantages and stats in the S tier which is known as the superb tier, after that comes the A tier, then B, C, and D tiers as the level goes down.

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S Tier

Splatoon 2 weapons tier list
Best weapons of the game.

The S tier has some amazing weapons from the game. These weapons are such that you should pick them without thinking, they are definitely all easy to use and have perfect stats to acquire the desired results. Let us begin with the superb tier and get to know about the finest weapons of all.


Bloblobber is a classic slasher weapon that shoots bubbles that are bounced off of the walls and the ground. The ink tank has to be refilled after the Bloblubber has fired a good twelve attacks. This unique weapon can be purchased after the player completes level 11, additionally, it is a weapon inspired by a bathtub.

The main advantage of Bloblubber is that it helps the player to keep the opponents off the Turf, in order to survive, they have to shoot them, or else face the consequences of getting injured. It does a great amount of damage with its long-range attacks accompanied by the Sub Weapons this one can lead the lot by being the best of the best.

This weapon has a middleweight that tends to make the opponent come out of hiding and slow them down when they are present on the field, it can be pretty dangerous for the opponent to handle too much in little time.

In order to keep the team safe as well as attack the opponent team with immense pressure, Sub Weapon(Splash Wall)  and Special Attack(Ink Storm) come forward to carry out the desired attacks. The Sub Weapon will help to form a wall of ink to make sure that the opponents can not attack while the Ink Storm will rain a great cloud of ink on the enemy and get them out of the picture.

Enperry Splat Dualities

This weapon can attack in both short and long ranges, indeed one of the best weapons in the game. It can attack 131 times and can be purchased after reaching level 11. In order to splat the enemy, these guns are the best choice to make the opponent out of your way and conquer the battle. It is most beneficial for the gamers who are interested in jumping into action, on the contrary when your character in the game is cornered, despite having these guns, you can always utilize the sub-weapons and special attacks.

This is an absolutely great weapon specially for the enthusiastic players who are always ready to attack the opponent without the fear of getting damaged themself. The Sub Weapon that accompanies the Enperry Splat Dualities is called the Curling Bomb, which splatters very well. The Special Attack here is called Inkjet which has the specialty to strike a blaster in the air which helps them to fly for a while.

While flying, you can avail yourself of the opportunity of attacking the opponents one by one. Additionally, you can transform from squid or octopus form into human form while in the air to manipulate the opponent. This will last for only 7 to 8 seconds.

N Zap ’89

This one has classic importance in the game as it has both short and long-ranged attacks. It is a middle-weight weapon that has its own Sub Weapon and Special Attack. The N Zap ’89 can be purchased after completing level 11. It can strike 125 times as it is an ink-friendly sort of weapon. It cools down right after the strike which makes the player a really deadly opponent.

The Sub Weapon is known as the Auto bomb which hits the opponent so quickly and so fast and does not even leave an ink trail. After it targets the enemy it can not be diffused or let go without exploding, the iconic attack of N Zap ’89 is known as Tenta Missiles. These missiles can target even when it is far away on the map, targeting five opponents at the same time. When these missiles are fired, your character is also up to be counter-attacked.

Splat Charger

The Splat Charger has a great specialty of attacking the enemies which are far away on the map, if you can not reach the opponent, you can still use this weapon to finish them off. When it is held for way too long it results in a much more powerful attack and eventually, it can rip off the enemy in a single shot. The ink has to fill right after 5 attacks, having an offensive long-range attack.

The Sub Weapon for this one is Splat Bomb, which thereby provides a great attack on the opponent as it is a balloon that is filled with ink. The Special attack is known as Sting Ray which has the advantage to hit the enemy in the form of a laser. Despite the fact that it can not be struck directly at the enemy, it makes you open to attacks.

Carbon Roller

It is a light weighted weapon that makes it less difficult to take out on the enemies. The Carbon Roller can be fired a good 25 times in one ink filling, additionally, it can widely cover the ground in ink. This can be purchased in level 7 of the game having a fan following among many gamers across the world. When the ink hits the opponent it can devious it easily and effectively.

The Sub Weapon used for Carbon Roller is called the Autobomb, which is a solid bomb that chases the opponent even when it is far away, using a lot of ink it will eventually give the best results by hitting and killing the opponent. The Special Attack known as Ink Storm rains heavy ink on the opponents that do a great amount of damage to them. The Ink Storm can continue raining for about eight seconds. Evidently, all these together make a great and unstoppable player.

Splat Dualies

The Splat Dualies are a great weapon as they can both be shot at once in each hand. They are extremely light-weighted weapons that can be availed when level 4 is reached. Although these guns are not heavy in shooting but is better to have two than one.

The roll technique can help the player to roll away from the enemy just by using it right, allowing them to move away from danger pretty fast. It can shoot 131 times after a new ink change, additionally, they have a great shot range and mobility, making them the best for players who tend to find a good way out for winning.

This a unique weapon as they are newly introduced in Splatoon 2. The rapid shots along with rolling mechanics make it so agile for the gamers. The Sub Weapon to these is known as Burst Bomb which is an ink-filled ballon to be thrown at the opponents. Although it requires less ink compared to Splat Bombs the damage is pretty awesome.

The Special Attack is called the Tenta Missiles as mentioned before, these missiles can target even when it is far away on the map, targeting five opponents at the same time. When these missiles are fired, your character is also up to be counter-attacked.

A Tier

Splatoon 2 weapons tier list
Good weapons of the game.

The A tier has all the great weapons that are equally famous as the S tier weapons but as long as their durability is concerned, they are somewhat below the S tier weapons. Although each weapon has its own specialty, let us discuss the weapons in the A tier of this tier list.

Splattershot Jr

This one splatter while being light weighed weapon it is the initial weapon when the player starts playing. As it is loved by all gamers due to its tendency to quickly fill ink and fire. This one has great fame and popularity among all. This is a great weapon in terms of shots, providing an abundance of 255 shots after an ink filling. In a Turf War, this provides great splatters to help your team win without much effort.

A single shot can not do much damage, but to make it effective the opponent should be shot multiple times. The Sub Weapon for this is called a Splat Bomb, which is a triangular balloon that is filled with ink, when struck at the enemy it will damage it worst. The Special Attack is called Ink Armor which acts as a shield for the player while attacking the opponents, taking damage for up to 100 points. Even after 100-point damage, the Ink Armor throws the attacks right back at the enemy that damages them in return.


Slosher is a great weapon for attacking unwanted enemies that are specifically nearby, eventually clearing up the map for you to have an open area to move and function properly. The Slosher is a good weapon, especially for beginners as it is not complicated to use. It can take down the opponent in quick two shots leaving them finished. It has a wide range that is so powerful that it can get to the opponents even hiding behind the wall.

The Slosher has a unique ability to fill up the tank pretty quickly, even in that little lapse of time when it is recharging the ink, the Sub Weapon and Special Attack are there for the rescue.

The only drawback of this weapon is that it requires the filling of ink after 14 strikes. This is the main reason it is placed in the A tier of the Splatoon 2 tier list. The Sub Weapon is called a Suction Bomb, which is a unique type of bomb having a suction cup that adheres to the place it is targeted. As it explodes it spreads the ink to the entire area, giving a decent amount of time to the player to get the main weapon ready and especially for recovery.

The Special Attack is called Tents Missiles which can reach the opponents meanwhile you can recharge your main weapon. The Tenta Missiles can attack five targets at once but their range is not too far.

Inkbrush Nouveau

The Inkbrush Nouveau has a short attack range which can be obtained at level seven. It is a roller-type weapon with a great speed to cover the whole map with ink pretty quickly and effectively. It can cause an excessive amount of damage to the enemy by swinging the brush, mostly by a single hit. Leaving trails of ink almost everywhere it has the fine ability to damage the opponent. It can hit fifty times after a tank refill.

It has many similarities with the Inkbrush, although the difference between them is the Sub Weapon, which is Ink Mine which is a great bomb placed beneath the ground and invisible to the enemy, eventually exploding with any realization to the enemy about what exactly happened. This Sub Weapon is my personal favorite, as it lies beneath the ground and bursts within ten seconds even when the enemy covers the ground with ink, even then it will explode.

The Special Attack is the Baller, which covers the players in a ball to save them from attacks of the enemies. It can provide a great shield while climbing walls without getting damaged by the opponent’s attacks.

Aerospray MG

Aerospray MG is a shooter typer weapon that allows the player to apply long and short-range attacks. It can be obtained after level six, being a staple weapon it is played during Turf Wars. The rate at which the enemy is shot totally depends upon the state of the character, either in human form or in squid form, this can be used for the player’s own benefit if thought thoroughly.

It can strike two hundred shots after filling up the ink tank. It’s joked about that this weapon is made by Sheldon’s granddad’s blueprints. It is a lightweight weapon with a great Sub Weapon, known as a Suction Bomb which can be aimed directly at the enemy. The Special Attack is known as the Curling Bomb which is like throwing an ink-filled stone on the enemy that bursts. It can fire the enemy with a speed so fast that it can directly hit the opponents that come at you suddenly. The only drawback is that its shots are weak and require more amount of firepower.

B Tier

B tier weapons.
Average weapons of Splatoon 2.

The B tier is composed of the weapons in the game which are average. They are surely better than many weapons out there but they are absolutely not better than the ones mentioned above. Let us begin with the B tier of the Splatoon 2 weapons tier list.

Splash O Matic

This is a shooter-type gun that has an incredible range as well as a brilliant fire rate. The aim of this weapon is so precise that it never fails to hit the desired target. Additionally, it can cover Turf in such a manner that there is no room for error at all. However, the only drawback of this weapon is that it does less damage than many others. Due to this, it is placed in the B tier.

.96 Gal

The .96 Gal is an amazing shooter-type weapon that allows you to carry out the fight in a great manner with its amazing range and incredible damage, it spreads the ink all over the map. Although the only fault with this one is that it slows the player down a little bit. Apart from that, its fire rate is so awesome along with this it is known to be unstoppable.


It is a great weapon in terms of range and damage. It specifically does such a significant amount of damage that the opponent is left really injured. The Squeezer has a good ability in covering turf with all the great qualities with the drawback that it may slow the player down, and for that very reason, I placed it in the B tier of the Splatoon 2 weapons tier list.

Bamboozler 14 MK 1

It is the most balanced of all the snippers as it has a good range and speed. These are the two most important things in a weapon especially in Splatoon 2, as the opponents are mainly focused on ignoring as much ink as possible. It has some fine qualities that make it stand in the B tier. Although it does require more than one hit to kill the opponent, in the meantime you can get damaged by the enemy, so it is a major drawback that it makes its hit worth noticing in two strikes.

Mini Splatting

This weapon has great mobility with an incredible speed that lets you fetch the opponent in no time. This is a great feature of the Mini Splatting that it can sense the enemy nearby and make sure it is killed in a lesser amount of time. It can cover up the Turf in a great manner. It is a nice weapon used in terms of a beginner game or even when things get complicated. Despite the advantages, its fault is that its range is not top-notch. which makes it a member of the B tier of the Splatoon 2 weapons tier list.

Clash Blaster

Although it has an extremely bad range and damage it is somewhat balanced because it has some good qualities as well that make this weapon not all bad. It can fire many strikes that may confuse the opponents. The Clash Blaster has a good fire rate that can be very deadly in terms of harming opponents and eventually killing them.


Explosher is a bucket-type weapon that bursts on impact causing the spread of ink onto the opponents that removes them from the map as well as is of great benefit for the player to move forward in the meantime as all the enemies in the nearby surroundings are killed by it. Indeed it is good for attacking as well as covering Turf. It has a good range but is relatively slow as a weapon. It may take a while to perform the desired functions that may harm the player.

Splat Brella

The Splat Brella is an umbrella-like weapon that has nice mobility and damage. It can be used as a weapon as well as a shield that can provide a double advantage to the player. However, the damage is somewhat satisfactory which is why it is placed in the B tier of the Splatoon 2 weapons tier list. 

Range Blaster

The Range Blaster has a good range along with a good impact which brings out the main beauty of this weapon, along with that it has good damage that devastates the opponent and leaves them with a high amount of damage. , however, it has a slow fire rate that will result in slowing down your player.

Ink Brush

It is a brilliantly well-versed weapon as it does a good amount of damage. As the name implies it spreads ink over the ground with perfection. It does not slow you down as well. The main flaw that I faced with this weapon is that its range is below average, which is why it is placed in the B tier of the Splatoon 2 weapons tier list. 

Octo Brush

Octo Brush is a nice weapon when it comes to spreading ink to kill the opponents which are famous for finishing them up in less amount of time. It has a great range that can devour the opponents who are near as well as far away. However, it is relatively slow and has pathetic damage.

E liter 4k Scope

It has a vast range, probably one of the best ones in the game, even having the best range in the game can not lead a weapon to the S tier, as it is not only the range that is important, everything should be in a balanced and equilibrium to have a great weapon. However, it does slow you down a lot. Its charge speed is very weak.

Undercover Brella

It has a lesser range, durability, and damage as compared to many others. It is mostly used as a shield in order to protect yourself from attacks. Apart from this, it has no special stat that a great weapon should have.

C Tier

Average weapons of the game.
Average weapons of Splatoon 2.

In this tier, all those weapons present are somewhat below average in their abilities and stats. These weapons either lack in the damage they do or the rang, or many times both. Let us begin with the C tier of the Splatoon 2 weapons tier list and get to know more about the weapons in it.

Nautilus 47

It is a balanced and brilliant Splating Canon that has a good speed along with fine range providing an opportunity to fight the opponents with a good weapon overall.

Dark Tetra Dualies

These are majorly famous for their mobility as they have the ability to perform four dodge tools rather than two, which is a regular score. They have a decent range that provides a plus point to this weapon’s features. On the contrary, they don’t do a lot of damage.

Dynamo Roller

It is a very powerful roller with a brilliant range that allows the player to attack the opponents far away. It is extremely slow that is the reason it is in a lower tier. However, it does a good amount of damage to the opponent.

Rapid Blaster Pro

The Rapid Blaster Pro has a range very similar to the Blaster but it does a great amount of damage. Although it has a slow fire rate.

Googla Dualies

Their range is great along with the damage they do, the main issue with them is that they may slow the player down in the game.

Classic Squiffer

It has a quick charge time and can charge itself in no time, without having a need to use the Sub Weapon or Special Attack. However, it has a somewhat low range and mobility. Apart from that it can directly hit and kill the opponent. It shoots and kills in one go.

Goo Tuber

The Goo Tuber has excellent mobility and range allowing it to be an efficient weapon. Its charge speed is low which makes it pretty difficult to use. That is why it is placed in the C tier of the Splatoon 2 weapons tier list. 

Sploosh O Matic

The Sploosh O Matic is an average sort of weapon with no specialties or great features. Although it does a good amount of damage only when you are close to the opponent as its range is extremely pathetic. If you are willing to endanger yourself by coming close o the opponent and then killing it, you are free to select this weapon.

L-3 Nozzelnose

The L-3 Nozzelnose has a pretty long range and does a significant amount of damage. It is a good weapon to aim at opponents and fire accurately. This one good damage so there is a lot of change for the enemy to be afraid of it. Although it slows down the player a bit as it has to be helped to fire while striking.

D Tier

D tier
Worst weapons of Splatoon 2.

The D tier is composed of all the weapons that are not so great, they lack the main and key points that are essential to be present in a good weapon in the game. These weapons are absolutely not a great choice if you are willing to start playing Splatoon 2. Let us begin with the D tier of the Splatoon 2 weapons tier list. 

Splat Roller

The Splat Roller is just a basic roller that does somewhat fine damage but it has all the basics of a roller and nothing so special to be discussed. It can have a decent range but it is of no significant use as it has a slow speed.


It is not a great weapon as it lacks basic damage and range. There are many defects in this one and you may not select this one especially if you are a beginner and want to learn about the great weapons of the game.

Jet Squelcher

The Jet Squelcher has pathetic damage along with its fire rate that is a mess. It has not a desirable weapon to opt for in order to play a good match. There are many downfalls of this weapon as its range is just fine, not great at all but just fine. That is why it is placed in the lowest tier in the Splatoon 2 weapons tier list. 

Best Weapons For Turf War 

Following are some of the best Splatoon 2 weapons from our tier list for August 2022 for Turf War. 

  • Tentatek Splattershot 
  • Aerospray MG 
  • N Zap 85 
  • Splattershot Junior 
  • Splat Dualies 
  • N Zap 89 

These weapons do great in a turf war as they have the maximum spray of ink in the game. With these weapons, you can cover a lot of ground as they are always filled to the top. For instance, the Aerospray MG, Splat Dualies, and Splattershots can give you the advantage of a high fire rate in the battle. Also, the Zap 85 and Zap 89 can deal damage by Suction Bombs.  


The Splatoon 2 weapons tier list contains many famous weapons from the game that is popular throughout the globe among gamers. These weapons have many advantages as well as disadvantages that lead to their placement in the respective tiers. It took us a lot of time and energy to gather up these weapons and tell you all about their stats and skills that help the player in the game.

The main adjective of the tier lists we produce is to provide the viewers with great guidelines and choices that they might have forgotten even about their favorite categories.

All the writers firstly gather extensive information regarding the respective topic, and a huge amount of time and energy is given to every single article, after which a whole team of seniors is assembled who have the responsibility of picking out even the slightest errors in the articles. All the writers here have to carry out a great deal of research even before writing a single word.

As this tier list is not made for our own selves, but for our dear viewers, therefore we make sure that what we provide here is liked throughout in abundance. This takes out a great deal of energy and time, these are not just utter words, rather these are the treasure of wisdom, research, and consistency, that leads to creating a whole article for your ease and better selection of the certain category.

Most Frequent Splatoon 2 Queries

Which weapon should be used at the start?

The Splattershot Jr should be the weapon used in the start as it has a great combination of causing damage and inking Turf. It is good for all types of gamers and for the sake of familiarity it is the best weapon to use in the game.

How can different weapons be used in Splatoon 2?

Guns and weapons can be changed in the game only after completing level four. It is not that hard to reach level 4 and thus if you get a hang of the initial mechanics of the game then it is very easy to go beyond that.

What is the DND range?

When a weapon can perform ranged attacks it possesses a range in the thrown party. This particular range is known as the DND range.

How to become a squid in Splatoon 2?

In order to become a squid, you should hold the ZL button while standing in ink. it has a lot of perks one of which is to hide from the enemies and the other one is the ink refilling by its own while you are squiding.

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