Paladins Tier List: Best & Worst Characters [2023]

Paladins is an online free-to-play shooting game that Evil Mojo develops. Evil Mojo is an internal studio of Hi-Rez. The game was released on the eighth of May in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. Paladins were released on Nintendo Switch on the twelfth of June in 2018. It is a group-based game in which every team has five players who compete to achieve combat goals.

The maps in the game are sci-fi fantasy, and the characters are called champions. A player can only choose his champion before the battle begins and cannot change it during the war. The Paladins Tier List ranks all the champions in the game in five different tiers.

Our list ranks all the characters in the game based on their unique skills, from best to worst. It makes it easy for the players to choose the kind of character which suits them and can help them win. The ranking is based on our experiences, a lot of research, and time spent playing the game. Some of the audience might not agree with how we have ranked the characters, but we all know ranking can be very subjective and vary from person to person.

Key Points

  • Our ranking is based on the current meta.
  • There are a total of 56 entries on the list.
  • Among the highest tiers, you will find Cassie Barik.
  • The lowest tiers contain Skye and Torvald.


We will be listing all entries in a table below

Tier RankCharacters
S Rank• Atlas
• Cassie
• Barik
• Khan
• Tiberius
A Rank• Betty La Bomba
• Sha Lin
• Lillith
• Androxus
• Makoa
• Azaan
• Saati
• Zhin
• Raum
• IoRei
• Terminus
• Grover
• Vora
• Jenos
• Corvus
• Evie
• Tyra
• Lian
• Drugoz
B Rank• Kinessa
• Ying
• Fernando
• Maeve
• Bomb King
• Vatu
• Ruckus
• Octavia
• Faith
• King
• Dredge
C Rank• Willo
• Inara
• Furia
• Yagorath
• Ash
• Buck
• Lex
• Viktor
• Seris
• Vivian
• Pip
D Rank• Who
• Talus
• Strix
• Grohk
• Moji
• Skye
• Torvald
• Mal’Damba

Continue reading the article to learn more about each entry.

S Tier

Paladins tier list
The Best Champions.

The characters ranked in the S Tier of the Paladins Characters Tier List are considered the best characters among them all. They are excellent in offensive as well as defensive games, and players can use them to help the squad or alone. They can be helpful in healing and leading the team. The S Tier includes:


Atlas inPaladins tier list

Atlas is considered to be the best paladins character who helps players to deal with the highest hit points to the opponents. Being the best leader in Paladins, he is ranked top tier. This paladin’s character can lead the opponent’s frontline due to his unique skills and is suitable for players who like to show.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Unstable FissureDefault
Temporary DivideMastery Level 2
Déjà vuMastery Level 8


Cassie in S Tier of Paladins

Cassie uses a bow as a weapon, and she has a bird that allows the players to reveal the enemies in range of her teammates. She is a versatile champion, and her particular dodge roll skill can be unique to dealing with opponents. She is excellent in close-range fights against opponents.

Talent NameUnlock Level
ImpulseMastery Level 2
Big GameMastery Level 8


Barik in S Tier of Paladins

Barik is overall worthy but an overpowered character in the game because his skill and he are damaging at the same time. He uses unique weapons against the enemies. His turret can automatically damage an opponent, and his exceptional talent can allow the player to dash away from danger.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Forge fireDefault
TinkeringMastery Level 2
FortifyMastery Level 8


Khan in S Tier of Paladins

Khan is one of the best paladins characters that can damage the opponent’s excellent in close range. He can heal himself and his teammates with his unique skill, making him a supporting character. Due to the close-range attributes of the character, he is ranked in the S Tier.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Lian’s ShieldDefault
Storm of BulletsMastery Level 2
Vortex GripMastery Level 8


Tiberius in in S Tier of Paladins

Tiberius’  movement, attacks, and defensive skills are excellent. Tiberius has a sword and a balded chakram on his weapon list. He can be a real threat to his opponents while in battle.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Predatory InstinctsDefault
Tigron’s FuryMastery Level 2
Vicious AssaultMastery Level 8

A Tier

A Tier
Overall Best Characters.

The characters ranked in the A Tier are considered overall good among all. But they lack something, which makes them a second choice for the players. The A Tier units can also be used by the players to help the squad or alone but have a flaw. These can still be very tough on the enemies. 

Betty La Bomba 

Paladins Betty La Bomber
Betty La Bomber.

Betty belongs to the damage class in Paladins and is currently one of the best damage dealers and our tier list for December 2022. Her skills like Grenade Launcher can provide massive air damage and strike all the enemies within range. Furthermore, her Cluster Grenade attack can launch explosives on enemies that will then form a chain of attacks depending upon the number of enemies it will hit. It can spawn up to six times. 

Talent Name Unlock Level 
Fiery Disposition  Default  
Controlled Fury Unlocks at Mastery Level 2 
Gotta Bounce Unlocks at Mastery Level 8 

Sha Lin

Sha Lin in Paladins
Sha Lin.

The weapon the character uses is a bow, which can allow the player to deal damage to the opponents from a long range. His special skill allows the player to shoot multiple arrows at a single time while moving. The flaw of the character is that when his skills are on cooldown he can be very weak and unable to escape from the opponent. Sha Lin’s skill is useless if the player is dealing with a single opponent.


Paladins S rank characters in tier list

One of the best support Champions in our list. She belongs to the Abyss and her attacks like Death Wings make her a good aerial attacker. Additionally, her ultimate ability called the Blood Moon will grant her allies Lifesteal for 8 seconds. During this, they will gain higher movement speed and Blood Regeneration. 

Talent Name  Unlock Level  
Cursed Accord  Default  
Maelstorm Of Carnage Unlocks at Mastery Level 2 
Murderous Intent Unlocks at Mastery Level 8 
Talent NameUnlock Level
Desert SilenceDefault
RecurveMastery Level 2
Sand TrapMastery Level 8


Paladins Androxus

The character’s main weapon is a revolver which he uses while dealing damage to opponents, but he also uses his fist for attacks on enemies. He is a versatile champion but his flaw is that he is a slow attacker and can be evaded by opponents while dealing damage to them.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Cursed RevolverDefault
GodslayerMastery Level 2
Defiant FistMastery Level 8


Paladins Makoa

Makoa is an armored turtle who has two weapons that he uses while attacking opponents. One of his weapons is an anchor and the other is a canon. The talents of the character make him more of a Tank than an attacker and he is a supporting character who helps his teammates.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Half ShellMastery Level 2
LeviathanMastery Level 8


Azaan in paladins tier list

Azaan is a very dynamic character and serves as a frontline Champion and is one of the best damage dealers in our Paladins tier list for December 2022. His abilities like the Judgment let you deal about 630 damage and can also deal passive buffs. Azaan’s ultimate ability called the Deliverance allows you to deal 725 damage to the enemy Target. Overall, he’s a balanced champion that you can incorporate in the frontline as a melee fighter. 

Talent Name  Unlock Level  
Persistence Default  
Tempering Unlocks at Mastery Level 2 
Eternal Unlocks at Mastery Level 8 


Paladins S rank characters in tier list
VII or Seven.

Seven or VII is a Flank champion and is one of the best close ranged fighters in our article. He relies heavily on cooldown management and accuracy and possesses three different fire modes. When in close combat he uses his skill called the Explosive Dodge. When using the attack, not only does he avoid incoming damage, but he also lures enemies into his Explosive Trap. His ultimate ability is known as Decree 77, and it can deal damage to five enemies at once. 

Talent Name  Unlock Level  
Tribunal Upgrades  Default  
Overcharged Unlocks at Mastery Level 2 
Spring Loaded Unlocks at Mastery Level 8 



If you’re looking for a balanced damage dealer Champion in Paladins then Saati is a good option in our list. Using her Dead Ringer ability she can create a decoy of herself that can confuse her enemies. She can then deal damage to the enemies by hiding behind her decoy. Her Blastback ability is a great skill for dodging while dealing damage. Additionally, her ultimate ability called the Wallbang allows her to deal 777 damage to the enemies.  

Talent Name  Unlock Level  
Improvised  Default  
Window Of Opportunity  Unlocks at Mastery Level 2 
Heads Or Tails Unlocks at Mastery Level 8 


Paladins Zhin

The weapon that Zhin uses is a blade that lands a lot of damage to the enemies. The character is excellent in speed and attacks which destroy opponents. The flaw in the character that makes him a second choice for the players is that he does not damage if dealing with many opponents and is only good at dealing with a single opponent.

Talent NameUnlock Level
YomiMastery Level 2
SmolderMastery Level 8


Paladin's raum

The character performs similarly to Makoa and can be a fantastic Tank type of character in the game just like him. To use the full potential of the character, players should know how to use his skills and abilities and get a greater damaging output to the opponent.

Talent NameUnlock Level
EarthsplitterMastery Level 2
SubservienceMastery Level 8


Io in Paladins tier list

Io is the only support character more than a damage dealer in the A Tier. The abilities and skills of the character allow the player to heal teammates and herself making her the best supporting champion in the A Tier.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Life LinkDefault
Goddess’s BlessingMastery Level 2
SacrificeMastery Level 8


Rei in paladins tier list

She can be one of the best damage dealers in our list if you position her precisely and carefully in the battles of Paladins. Her basic skill is called Sigil which can deal direct damage of 450 to her enemies. Furthermore, she can link to an ally or enemy using her Spirit Link ability. When linked to an ally she can heal and restore their 50 HP. However, while linked to any enemy she can reduce their movement speed and deal 50 damage to them. Her ultimate ability is called Vivify which can make any linked ally immune to damage for two seconds. Furthermore, her ability to heal them by 75 percent makes her a great healer.

Talent Name  Unlock Level  
Extension Default  
Restraint  Unlocks at Mastery Level 2 
Focus Unlocks at Mastery Level 8 


Paladins Terminus

This paladin’s character uses an ax as a weapon. His weapon can do a lot of damage to the opponents by swinging. Terminus is a good damage dealer and can damage opponents in close range and absorb damage. The only flaw is that he might not escape and get weak when dealing with opponents in the more extended range.

Talent NameUnlock Level
CrushMastery Level 2
DecimationMastery Level 8


Paladins Grover

The character also uses an ax to deal with the damage and offensive gameplay. Grover is good for long-ranged damage as his primary attack gives the opponents more damage when they are far from the character. This paladin’s character uses nature as a primary source of an attack and allows the players to heal their teammates nearby.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Rampant BloomingDefault
FerocityMastery Level 2
Deep RootsMastery Level 8


Paladins Ultimate Ranking

The abilities and skills of the character allow the players to deal damage to the opponents. The only flaw of the character is that her ultimate attacks come at the cost of high animation time and until then Vora remains exposed to enemy attacks.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Unyielding PressureDefault
Relentless PresenceMastery Level 2
Deafening SilenceMastery Level 8


Paladins Female Characters

Jenos performs similarly to Zhin and can also heal the player’s teammates using his ability. Jenos has a weapon called Star Splitter which is excellent in dealing with medium to long-ranged opponents. His full potential come out when Zhin and he are playing in one squad.  

Talent NameUnlock Level
Binary StarMastery Level 2
The Power CosmeumMastery Level 8


Paladins Corvus

Corvus is an all-rounder character and uses a gun to deal damage directly to the opponents. The character also plays the role of supporting character as he can heal the player’s teammates using his abilities.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Dark GiftDefault
Stunning VisageMastery Level 2
Spreading InfluenceMastery Level 8


Paladins Evie

Evie is small-sized and uses ice to damage enemies. Evie also uses ice staff as it provides her a shield against the opponents’ attacks and allows the players to block the opponent’s attacks. The character has increased speed and does moderate damage to the opponents. The only flaw in this character is her low health which makes her a second choice for the players.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Over the MoonDefault
Slow GlobeMastery Level 2
WormholeMastery Level 8


Paladins Female Characters

Tyra uses a grenade and rifle for her offensive play against the opponents. Most of her offensive play against enemies involves damaging with grenades and shooting them directly. The only flaw which makes Tyra our second choice in the game is that she has low immunity abilities.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Mercy KillDefault
Hunting PartyMastery Level 2
Burn, Monster!Mastery Level 8


Paladins Sexy Characters

Lian uses a rifle for direct damage to the opponents. She deals with enemies in long-range and mid-range. Lian by using her abilities can be a good enemy crowd controller character in the game. By using her abilities the right way the character can destroy opponents in a short period.

Talent NameUnlock Level
EminenceMastery Level 2
PrecisionMastery Level 8


Paladins Fictional Characters

Drogoz has a rocket launcher and a spitfire to deal with the opponents. Lian has good gameplay in offensive as well as defensive situations. The speed and damage of the character are good but the flaw which he has are his cooldowns and the limited usability of his abilities. Even his ultimate has limited usability against opponents.

Talent NameUnlock Level
ShootingMastery Level 2
W.Y.R.M JetsMastery Level 8

B Tier

B Tier
Above Average Champions.

The characters ranked in the B Tier are considered to be above average among all the units in the tier list. But they are not as powerful as the characters in the S and A Tiers. The B Tier is not bad but needs to be mastered by the players to help the squad win.

The tier may also be appealing to players who would like to learn how to use their abilities and talents and players who are looking for a tough challenge. The B Tier includes:


Paladins Kinessa

The weapons that Kinessa use is a sniper and carbine to deal damage to the enemies in short and long-range. Kinessa’s special ability is a teleporter which teleports her wherever it lands and does 50% more damage to the opponents.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Steady AimDefault
RepositionMastery Level 2
Eagle EyeMastery Level 8


Paladins tier list

Ying is an illusion master in the game and can allow the player to heal teammates or confuse the opponents with a delusional mirror which does moderate damage to the opponents.

The special ability of this character helps her to teleport to her far-end illusion and is useful for both offensive and defensive gameplays. She can also allow the player to heal their teammates in close range for eight seconds. The flaw of the character is that she is a slow attacker and does not have much health.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Focusing LensDefault
Life ExchangeMastery Level 2
ResonanceMastery Level 8


Paladins tier list Fernando

Fernando is a knight who uses a Flame Lance as a weapon to deal damage to opponents at close range. His shield ability allows the player to block the enemy damage. Fernando’s other two abilities allow the player to prevent their teammate’s health to go below 1500.

Talent NameUnlock Level
ScorchMastery Level 2
FormidableMastery Level 8


Paladins tier list

Maeve performs like Evie uses daggers as a weapon. She does not have any shield but she has an ability that allows the players to dash forward and dodge enemy attacks. Maeve also has an ability that allows the player to run faster and jump higher too. The other ability of the character allows the player to heal themselves and cool down all their skills.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Cat BurglarDefault
Street JusticeMastery Level 2
Rogue’s GambitMastery Level 8

Bomb King

Paladins tier list
Bomb King.

Bomb King offers an effect of abilities to the player and damages the opponents in groups. His skills allow the player to destroy opponents in a crowd. The only flaw in the character is that it does not perform well when dealing with a single enemy and needs balancing to get up in the Paladins Tier List.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Chain ReactionDefault
Royal SubjectsMastery Level 2
AccelerantMastery Level 8


Vatu in Paladins tier list

Vatu is an overall good character but the reason he is ranked in the B Tier is that it has no shield ability and can allow the player to dodge the opponent’s attack to escape which cools down after five seconds. Therefore the character is unable to defend himself and might get stuck in the opponent’s crowd.

Talent NameUnlock Level
UnerringMastery Level 2
Enveloping ShadowsMastery Level 8


Ruckus in Paladins tier list

Ruckus has two weapons minigun which deals direct damage to the opponent and a missile launcher which deals the effect damage to the opponents. The character is a goblin in a mechanical suit. Ruckus’s first ability can allow the player to tackle dying situations and another ability allows the player to absorb the opponent’s damage for some time which is why he is ranked in the B Tier.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Flux GeneratorDefault
Rocket BarrageMastery Level 2
Aerial AssaultMastery Level 8


Octavia in Paladins tier list

Octavia is similar to Seris in offensive and defensive gameplay. Octavia uses a Rifle that deals damage to opponents in medium range. But the character performs poorly when dealing damage to close-range opponents because of her sniper.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Hell or High WaterDefault
Display of ForceMastery Level 2
Asymmetric WarfareMastery Level 8


Faith in Paladins tier list

Faith is very challenging, which is why it is ranked in the B Tier. Imani’s skills and abilities are all very dynamic and the players might have tough learning to execute them perfectly while dealing with close-range opponents or a group of opponents. If the player fails to use this paladins character’s abilities and skills perfectly they might face defeat.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Spitting FireDefault
PyromaniaMastery Level 2
Mana RiftMastery Level 8


King in Paladins tier list

King performs well in healing the player’s teammates using abilities and skills which makes the character perform a little low in the offense department. Her special abilities can allow the player to make their teammate immune and restore all the health for two seconds. Her ability allows the player to deal a small amount of damage every 0.7 seconds which is not so good.

Talent NameUnlock Level
RestraintMastery Level 2
FocusMastery Level 8


Dredge in Paladins tier list

Dredge uses the full potential of his abilities to deal with an area of effect damage. His ultimate skill direct damages the opponents who try to come near his tentacles. The weapon which Dredge uses is Harpoon and is damage dealing character in the article.

Talent NameUnlock Level
HurlMastery Level 2
Abyss SpikeMastery Level 8

C Tier

C Tier in Paladins tier list
Average Champions.

The characters ranked in the C Tier of the Paladins Tier List 2022 are considered to be average among all of them. These are unpredictable and might have different outcomes. The C Tier might be very good champions in some battles while in other battles they can be easily knocked out by high-tier characters. These units have some abilities which are not powerful in the attacks and defending the player from the opponent’s attacks.


Willo in Paladins tier list

Willo is good at dealing with an area of effect damage by spawning a toxic spore that stops the opponent’s healing abilities if they get affected by it. The character deals very little damage to the opponent in 0.7 seconds.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Night ShadeDefault
BlastflowerMastery Level 2
ScronMastery Level 8


Inara in Paladins tier list

Inara uses stones as a weapon to deal damage to opponents, and the ability allows the player to have a stone wall around the character and not get affected by the opponent’s attacks. She also uses her abilities to throw three projectile stones to damage the opponents and her ability gives the character healing at cost of damage for some time.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Mother’s GraceDefault
TremorsMastery Level 2
Treacherous GroundMastery Level 8


Furia in Paladins tier list

Furia is an attacking champion, and her special ability allows the players and their teammates to have extra speed and increased weapon damage to the opponents while her other ability can heal the player’s teammates.

Talent NameUnlock Level
ExterminateMastery Level 2
Solar BlessingMastery Level 8


Yagorath in Paladins tier list

Yagorath is good at absorbing damage and nothing else. The movement speed of the character is slow and is not a good attacker but it can usually take whatever comes his way. The reason why Yagorath is considered average and ranked in the rank is that he is a bad Tank.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Corrosive AcidDefault
Sight Beget StrengthMastery Level 2
Unnatural PersistenceMastery Level 8


Paladins tier list

Ash is considered average because of its damaging and blocking abilities in offensive and defensive gameplays. Her full potential can be seen in one-to-one fights and deals direct as well as an area of effect damage to the opponents. 

Talent NameUnlock Level
Battering RamDefault
Slug ShotMastery Level 2
Fortress BreakerMastery Level 8


Buck in Paladins tier list

Buck uses a shotgun as his weapon, and is great when it comes to dealing with close-range opponents as he directly damages them. His ability can slow down opponents for more precise shotgun shots.

Buck does not have a shield but his ability can allow the player to evade the opponent’s attack and use Quick Recovery to heal himself. On his ultimate, his ammunition and rate of fire increase up to sixty percent.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Bulk UpMastery Level 2
Bounce HouseMastery Level 8


Lex in Paladins tier list

Lex uses dual guns called Magnums to deal damage to the opponents. His movement speed and rate of fire are excellent, and he can use his ability to deal with an area of effect damage and can increase the accuracy of the gunshots. Due to his abilities, he can also allow the player to do area-of-effect damage.

Talent NameUnlock Level
HeroismMastery Level 2
Death HastensMastery Level 8


Viktor in Paladins tier list

Viktor uses a military-issued assault rifle to deal damage to opponents for offensive gameplay. He can use his rifle and grenade while battling his opponents. The character does not have a shield ability but uses his ability to run faster and avoid enemy attacks during the battle.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Burst ModeMastery Level 2
SharpnelMastery Level 8


Seris in Paladins tier list

Seris is a mage and a good attacker and is effective at medium to long-range combat. As she does not have a shield the players can still use her ability to dodge the opponent’s incoming attacks. Seris is an average attacker in the Paladins Characters Tier List.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Soul CollectorDefault
Mortal ReachMastery Level 2
AgonyMastery Level 8


Vivian in Paladins tier list

Vivian has two drones that damage the opponents whenever the player shoots them. Vivian uses the Deflector Shield ability to block the opponent’s damage. The flaw of the character is that her shield has a cooldown time of thirteen seconds.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Suspect EveryoneDefault
Booby TrapMastery Level 2
Opportunity in ChaosMastery Level 8


Pip in Paladins tier list

Pip uses the potion launcher’s ability to deal damage to the opponents. Pip can also allow the player to heal their teammates after using a Healing Potion. The character can escape the opponent’s attacks using his ability as he does not have a shield.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Mega PotionDefault
CatalystMastery Level 2
Combat MedicMastery Level 8

D Tier

Useless Champions in Paladins tier list
Useless Champions.

The characters ranked in the D Tier are considered to be of no use at all. These do not have good attacking or defensive gameplays at all. Using the D Tier characters is a total waste of time and impossible to carry in a squad if you are looking to win. The D Tier units need buffs to compete with the high-tier characters. 


Who in Paladins tier list

Who is a real challenging character just like Inara and can create confusion for the players. Learning and executing its abilities perfectly can be a little difficult for the players. The character can be confusing when the opponents are in close range of the player.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Adrenaline JunkieDefault
Blood ReaperMastery Level 2
Dragon FangsMastery Level 8


Talus in Paladins tier list

Talus uses a very fast-firing weapon against the opponents which is called Veracharger. He can knock back enemies by using his uppercut ability and deal damage to them. The character does not have many abilities which is why he is ranked in the D Tier.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Inner StrengthDefault
Faustian BargainMastery Level 2
Nothing PersonalMastery Level 8


Strix in Paladins tier list

Strix uses a rifle which can be converted into a pistol as well. Strix uses his versatile weapon to deal damage to opponents who are in mid-range to the player. He can blind the opponents and damage them using his ultimate, but he does not do a lot of damage.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Unauthorized UseMastery Level 2
Crack ShotMastery Level 8


Paladins tier list Grohk

Grohk uses Lightning Staff to deal direct damage to the opponents and he also uses a Shock Pulse to deal damage per bounce. His ability can also allow the players to heal some amount of health to their teammates.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Totemic WardDefault
Spirit’s DomainMastery Level 2
MaelstormMastery Level 8


Moji in Paladins tier list

Moji uses magical marks on the opponents to deal damage to them using his ability called Familiar Spit. The flaw in the character that ranks him in the D Tier is that he cannot do higher damaging attacks on opponents.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Snack AttackDefault
Boom BoomMastery Level 2
TootMastery Level 8


Skye in Paladins tier list

The only thing which is great about Skye is that she has the ability that destroys all the equipped shields of the opponents.

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She uses a crossbow that is mounted on her wrist and does very little damage to the opponents. 

Talent NameUnlock Level
Smoke and DaggerMastery Level 2
PreparationMastery Level 8


Torvald in Paladins tier list

Torvald uses a weapon called a Gauntlet which does 190 damage to the opponent every 0.25 seconds. His ability is a great strike that deals damage to the opponents in 2 seconds but has an eleven-second cooldown. 

Talent NameUnlock Level
Thank’s GrandpaDefault
Direct CurrentMastery Level 2
Field StudyMastery Level 8


Mal' Damba in Paladins tier list
Mal’ Damba.

Mal’ Damba is the final character on the list. The character has a unique ability that allows the player to heal their teammates and damage the opponents at the same time.

Talent NameUnlock Level
Spirit’s ChosenDefault
Ripened GourdMastery Level 2
Wekono’s WrathMastery Level 8


Our Paladins Tier List has ranked all characters of the game which are also known as champions, from best to worst in different tiers so that players can choose the character that best suits them. Our tiering system is based on our research, expertise, and gameplay. The stats, performance, unique skills, and powers of each character were the most important aspects of our research.

We understand that some members of the audience may disagree with how we placed the characters in one of the tiers, but rating differs from person to person and is highly subjective.