Girls Frontline Tier List: Best T-Dolls Ranked [2023]

We Will Be Ranking All Of The T-Dolls In The Game.

Our Girls Frontline Tier List ranks all the T-Dolls (also known as Tactical Dolls) from best to worst in different tiers so, the players can choose the best ones from all the characters in the game. These girls are android robots and their one arm is a real-life gun category that can include shotguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, and snipers.

And our article ranks all the characters into five different tiers from best to worst. Ranking the characters of a game can be very subjective and vary from person to person, so please keep that in mind when going through the list.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 199 entries on the list.
  • Each T-Doll has been ranked according to its, Craft Time, Rarity, Origin, and General Stats.
  • Among the highest tiers, you will find the Contender, C-93, Thompson, Cx4 Storm, M950A, and Welrod Mk. 2
  • The lowest ranks contain the likes of Elphelt.


We will list all entries in a short table now.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Contender
• C-93
• Thompson
• Cx4 Storm
• M950A
• Welrod Mk. 2
• Grizzly
• Suomi
• Type 79
• Vector
• HK416
• G11
• G41
• T91
• NTW-20
• OTs-14
• WA2000
• Lee-Enfield
• IWS 2000
• MG5
• Negev
• M99
• MG4
• Five-SeveN
• NZ75
• AK-12
• Contender
• MP7
• C-MS
• Type 100
• RO635
• G36C
• SR-3MP
• Am RFB
• ART556
• K2
• Zas M21
• AK-12
• Type 95
• Type 97
• Kar98k
• AN-94
• DSR-50
• JS05
• Carcano M1891
• Carcano M91
• Ballista
• HK21
• Stechkin
• Spitfire
• P7
• M1873
• Stechkin
• Mk23
• SPP-1
• Thunder .50 cal
• K5
• Gr MP5
• UMP9
• UMP45
• PP-19
• Shipka
• PP-90
• UMP40
• PP-19-01
• Honey Badger
• Type 56-1
• M4A1
• M16A1
• AR-15
• TAR-21
• G36
• 9A-91
• Ribeyrolles
• Ak 5
• CZ2000
• XM8
• Springfield
• Mosin-Nagant
• Gr PSG-1
• G28
• PzB39
• T-5000
• PK
• MG3
• M1918
• M60
• AEK-999
• Mk48
• Ameli
• Type 80
• Makarov
• Sten MkII
• Astra
• M9
• Tokarev
• Luger P08
• Mauser C96
• Type 92
• Glock 17
• Ingram
• Skorpion
• PPS-43
• Sten
• Mini Uzi
• FMG-9
• Z-62
• EVO 3
• AK-47
• StG44
• OTs-12
• CZ-805
• M1 Garand
• M14
• SV-98
• Hanyang 88
• M21
• Type 56
• M1919
• MG42
• M2HB
• RMB-93
• KS-23
• Bren
• M1A1
• FG42
• M1911
• Nagant revolver
• P38
• MP-446
• MP-40
• Beretta Model 38
• PPSh-41
• M3
• Specter M4
• Type 64
• M45
• PP-2000
• L85A1
• G3
• Galil
• SIG-510
• F2000
• Type 63
• SVT-38
• G43
• FN-49
• Simonov
• VM59
• MG34
• DP28
• AAT-52
• Serdyukov
• P99
• Type 59
• HK45
• P226
• CZ52
• GSh-18
• MT-9
• F1
• M12
• T77
• OTs-39
• ARX-160
• AR70
• 6P62
• Ash-12.7
• T65
• Model L
• Super SASS
• OTs-44
• SSG 69
• Type 81
• WZ 29
• Gepard M1
• M249 SAW
• HK23

Learn more about each entry below.

S Tier

best characters in girls frontilne
S Tier.

The S in the tier stands for superb or super in the Girls Frontline Tier List 2023, which means that this tier will have the best characters in the game. The characters in the S rank have the best stats and abilities and can be used in both offensive and defensive gameplay by the players. These characters require a lot of effort from the players to be unlocked. The S Tier Tactical Dolls include:


Contender has a very unique mix of critical rate and damage which provides an increase in the character’s ability to cause four percent more damage than usual. The stats of the character are given in the form of a table. The special skill of the contender is called Inquistor’s Bullet which helps the player to half the boss’s effective HP and also damages t enemy by burst damage.

Craft Time 1:02:00
Acquisition Normal
Rarity 5-star
Full Name Thompson/Center Contender
Origin United States


C-93 is the second-best character in the S Tier because its special skill and tile make it one of the best handgun T-Doll. The special attack of C-93 is called PigeonWing Recording allows the players to increase their teammate’s damage up to eighteen percent of eight seconds and with PigeonWing Recording the rate of fire of the teammates of the player increases up to eight percent but only six of PigeonWing Recordings can be stored at a single time.

Craft Time 1:09:00
Acquisition Normal
Rarity 5-star
Full Name Borchardt C-93


Thompson can be a very unique Main Tank and one of the main T-Doll for a squad because of its ability to survive and great team skills. Thompson’s special skill is called Force Shield which allows the player character to be immortal for some time and helps the player character to absorb the enemy’s damage.

Craft Time 2:30:00
Acquisition Heavy
Rarity 5-star
Full Name
Thompson M1928 Submachine Gun
Origin United States

Cx4 Storm

Cx4 Storm can be earned by completing chapter one of an event called Continuum Turbulence. The character’s special attack is called Concealment Focus which allows the players to increase the evasion and accuracy of the character by fifty percent for ten seconds.

Acquisition Event
Rarity 4-star
Nickname Beretta Cx4 Storm


Character Names Unique Weapon
M950A Handgun
Welrod Mk. 2 Handgun
Grizzly Handgun
Suomi SMG
Type 79 SMG
Vector SMG
FAL Assault Rifle
HK416 Assault Rifle
G11 Assault Rifle
G41 Assault Rifle
T91 Assault Rifle
NTW-20 Rifle
OTs-14 Assault Rifle
WA2000 Rifle
Lee-Enfield Rifle
IWS 2000 Rifle
MG5 Machine Gun
Negev Machine Gun
M99 Rifle
MG4 Machine Gun

A Tier

overall best characters in girls frontline
A Tier.

The A in the name stands for an all-rounder which means that this tier includes those tactical dolls which allow the players to dominate the game with extraordinary skills and not just all-rounder skills but still the A Tier Girls Frontline Characters lack behind as compared to the S Tier characters which makes them a second choice for the players to choose. The characters ranked in the A Tier include:


Here is one of the rare characters because it can be tough on enemies and can be a good Main Tank for the squad. The special skill of Five-SeveN is called Piercing Command which allows the player to increase their teammate’s critical rate and fire up to twenty percent for eight seconds.

Acquisition Event
Rarity 4-star
Full Name FN Five-seveN
Origin Belgium


The second-best character in the A Tier is NZ75 who plays a vital role in the squad and can be one the best partners in the echelon and has good diagonals. The character’s special attack is Assault Suppression which allows the player to decrease the enemy’s rate of fire for eight seconds by thirty percent.

Craft Time 1:05:00
Acquisition Event
Rarity 5-star
Full Name Norinco NZ75
Origin China


Ak-12 is the one and only AR T-Doll which can be placed in the first tile and use its special burst skill. The special attack of the character is called Eye of The Snow Wolf which allows the character to increase the accuracy, rate of fire, critical rate, and damage to the enemies by up to five seconds by thirty-five percent.

Craft Time 4:12:00
Acquisition Normal
Rarity 5-star


MDR is considered to be the best among the A Tier because of its unique skill which might be a little too hard to handle for the enemies. The special skill of MDR is known as Danger Sniffer which allows the player’s character to increase the rate of fire of the character and the damage to the enemies up to twenty-two percent for ten seconds. If a teammate is standing next to MDR, then it increases the teammate’s evasion by eighty percent and increases the health by up to forty percent too.

Craft Time 3:53:00
Acquisition Heavy, Normal
Rarity 5-star


Character Names Unique Weapon
Contender Handgun
Type 100 SMG
Am RFB Assault Rifle
ART556 Assault Rifle
K2 Assault Rifle
Zas M21 Assault Rifle
AK-12 Assault Rifle
SRS Rifle
Type 95 Assault Rifle
Type 97 Assault Rifle
Kar98k Rifle
AN-94 Assault Rifle
DSR-50 Rifle
JS05 Rifle
Carcano M1891 Rifle
AUG Assault Rifle
Carcano M91 Rifle
Ballista Rifle
PKP Machine Gun
HK21 Machine Gun

B Tier

above average characters of girls frontline
B Tier.

The characters included in the Tier List Girls Frontline B rank are considered to be above-average characters and perform well with the right settings by using the right units of synergy and the right strategy by the players to get the best out of these characters but these characters are not able to compete with the characters included in the S Tier. The characters ranked in the B Tier include:


SAA can fit mostly in every team and is not having any extraordinary skills but as the character is placed far away from the enemies it can perform well and its flaws are hidden. The special attack of SAA is called Fire Command which allows the player’s character to increase the damage of its teammates on the enemies from eight seconds up to twenty-two percent.

Craft Time 0:50:00
Acquisition Normal
Rarity 4-5 star
Full Name Colt Single Action Army
Origin United States Of America


Stechkin has a rarity and in some aspects similar to Five-SeveN and has a based FP and good tile skills. The character is really good in slow and heavy combat firing and is mainly focused on offense rather than defense which makes it an above-average character.

Craft Time 0:55:00
Acquisition Normal
Rarity 4-star
Full Name
Avtomaticheskiy Pistolet Stechkina
Origin Soviet Union
Nickname APS


Spitfire has two buffs which include tile buff and accuracy which can be proven to be very good for the echelon, but the character does not have good skill for the offense. The special attack of Spitfire is known as Assault Suppression which allows the player character to decrease the enemies rate of fire up to twenty-five percent.

Craft Time 0:52:00
Acquisition Normal
Rarity 4-star
Full Name Spitfire
Origin United Kingdom


P7 backs up the squad very well but the limitations including the less utility of this character hold P7 back from being ranked in the higher tiers. The special attack of P7 is called Cover Command which allows the player’s character to increase all of its teammate’s evasion for six seconds up to sixty percent.

Craft Time 0:55:00
Acquisition Drop, Normal
Rarity 4-star
Full Name Heckler & Koch P7
Origin Germany


Character Names Unique Weapon
M1873 Handgun
Stechkin Handgun
Mk23 Handgun
SPP-1 Handgun
Thunder .50 cal Handgun
K5 Handgun
Shipka SMG
PP-19-01 SMG
Honey Badger SMG
AS VAL Assault Rifle
Type 56-1 Assault Rifle
M4A1 Assault Rifle
M4 SOPMOD II Assault Rifle
M16A1 Assault Rifle
AR-15 Assault Rifle
FAMAS Assault Rifle
TAR-21 Assault Rifle
G36 Assault Rifle
9A-91 Assault Rifle
Ribeyrolles Assault Rifle
Ak 5 Assault Rifle
CZ2000 Assault Rifle
XM8 Assault Rifle
Springfield Rifle
Mosin-Nagant Rifle
Gr PSG-1 Rifle
PTRD Rifle
SVD Rifle
G28 Rifle
PzB39 Rifle
T-5000 Rifle
PK Machine Gun
MG3 Machine Gun
M1918 Machine Gun
M60 Machine Gun
AEK-999 Machine Gun
Mk48 Machine Gun
Ameli Machine Gun
Type 80 Machine Gun

C Tier

average characters of girls frontline
C Tier.

The characters in the C rank of the Girls Frontline Tier List 2023 are considered to be average and do not have high stats and extraordinary abilities like the S and A tier characters.

Playing with these characters and building a squad with them would take a lot of time, which is why they are not chosen by the players at times and have only situational uses. The characters ranked in the C Tier include:


Makarov is one of the best average characters among all the characters in the C Tier because this character fits really nicely in the squads and is also considered to be a downgrade of Welrod. The special skill of Makarov is called Precision Suppression which allows the player’s character to decrease the accuracy of the enemies by up to six seconds by thirty-six percent.

Craft Time 0:40:00
Acquisition Normal
Rarity 3-star
Full Name Pistolet Makarova,
Origin Soviet Union

Sten MkII

Sten MkII can be a good choice for players who are new to the game due to the character’s flexibility to progress in the game. The special attack is a Hand Grenade which allows the players to damage the enemies up to six times more than usual within a distance of two and a half yards.

Craft Time 1:40:00
Acquisition Heavy, Normal
Rarity 3-star
Full Name Sten Mark II
Origin United Kingdom
Nickname Plumber’s Nightmare


Astra is considered to have limited use for the players that are building a strong echelon and have other alternatives and is considered as the budget M950A which is why the character is ranked in the C Tier. The special attack of Astra is called Assault Command which allows the players to increase their teammate’s rate of fire by twenty percent of eight seconds.

Craft Time 0:40:00
Acquisition Normal
Rarity 3-star
Full Name Astra 357
Origin Spain


M9 is considered to be good for the newbie players at the beginning of the game. The unique thing which this character possesses is the flashbang. The special attack of M9 is a Stun Grenade which allows the players to stun the enemies within a radius of two and a half yards for around three seconds.

Craft Time 0:40:00
Acquisition Drop, Normal
Rarity 3-star
Full Name Pistol, Semiautomatic, 9mm
Origin Italy
Nickname Beretta M9, M9


Character Names Unique Weapon
Tokarev Handgun
Luger P08 Handgun
Mauser C96 Handgun
Type 92 Handgun
Glock 17 Handgun
Ingram SMG
Skorpion SMG
Sten SMG
Mini Uzi SMG
Z-62 SMG
AK-47 Assault Rifle
FF FNC Assault Rifle
StG44 Assault Rifle
OTs-12 Assault Rifle
CZ-805 Assault Rifle
M1 Garand Rifle
M14 Rifle
SV-98 Rifle
Hanyang 88 Rifle
M21 Rifle
Type 56 Rifle
M1919 Machine Gun
MG42 Machine Gun
M2HB Machine Gun
RMB-93 Shotgun
KS-23 Shotgun

D Tier

weak characters in girls frontline
D Tier.

The D Tier includes those characters who are considered to be below average in the game and the weakest in the Girls Frontline Tier List and they may require a lot of effort from the player to excel.

These characters can only be useful in understanding the basic mechanism of the game at the beginning of the game. These characters might also be useful in the progression of the game. The characters ranked in the D Tier include:


RPG could be unlocked from the monthly login at first but now it unlocks after a campaign called Arctic Warfare. Being a below-average character it can not compete against the high-tier characters. The special attack of RPG is Damage Focus which allows the player character to increase the damage of the enemies for up to six seconds by sixty-five percent.

Rarity 3-star


Bren has very low stats as compared to other Machine Guns and should only be used by the players if they do not have an alternate character. The character might be used by the players at the beginning of the game. The special skill of Bren is called Lock and Load which allows the player characters to increase the damage by thirty percent up to eight seconds and increase their ammo count by three.

Craft Time 5:20:00
Acquisition Heavy, Normal
Rarity 3-4 star
Full Name Bren Light Machine Gun
Origin United Kingdom


M1A1 is one of the few exclusives which can be only obtained by the players in the maps but the struggle and effort are just wasting time because M1A1 has no specialties.

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The only special attack of this character is called Assault Focus which allows the players to the player’s character rate of fire up to fifteen seconds by forty percent.

Acquisition Drop
Rarity 3-star
Full Name United States Carbine
Origin United States
Nickname M1


The stats of these characters are very low which puts FG42 in the D Tier and has a very low clip size. The special attack of FG42 is called Hunting Impulse which allows the players to increase their accuracy by sixty percent and make their hits critical for six seconds.

Craft Time 4:50:00
Acquisition Heavy, Normal
Rarity 2-star


Characters Names Unique Weapon
PPK Handgun
M1911 Handgun
Nagant revolver Handgun
P38 Handgun
FF FNP9 Handgun
MP-446 Handgun
Beretta Model 38 SMG
Specter M4 SMG
Type 64 SMG
PP-2000 SMG
L85A1 Assault Rifle
G3 Assault Rifle
Galil Assault Rifle
SIG-510 Assault Rifle
F2000 Assault Rifle
Type 63 Assault Rifle
SVT-38 Rifle
G43 Rifle
FN-49 Rifle
Simonov Rifle
VM59 Rifle
MG34 Machine Gun
DP28 Machine Gun
AAT-52 Machine Gun
LWMMG Machine Gun
Serdyukov Handgun
P99 Handgun
Type 59 Handgun
PSM Handgun
HK45 Handgun
P226 Handgun
CZ52 Handgun
GSh-18 Handgun
OTs-39 SMG
ARX-160 Assault Rifle
AR70 Assault Rifle
6P62 Assault Rifle
Ash-12.7 Assault Rifle
T65 Assault Rifle
Model L Assault Rifle
Super SASS Rifle
OTs-44 Rifle
SSG 69 Rifle
Type 81 Rifle
WZ 29 Rifle
Gepard M1 Rifle
M249 SAW Machine Gun
HK23 Machine Gun

Girls Frontline Shotguns

Shotgun characters of girls frontline
Shotgun Characters.

In the game, the shotgun is also termed SG and its main purpose is to do a lot of damage to the enemies. So the Girls Frontline Shotgun Tier List ranks all the shotgun tactical dolls based on the offensive and defensive skills of each character from best to worst to make it easy for the players to choose the shotgun that best complements their strategy.

These types of SG characters have excellent defensive skills and are ranked below in the form of a table.

Character Names Skill
DP-12 Defensive
M500 MOD Defensive
M500 Defensive
S.A.T.S Defensive
M870 Defensive
KSG Defensive
LTLX-700 Defensive
Super-Shorty Defensive
M590 Defensive

Offensive Skilled SG Characters

These have excellent offensive skill is ranked below in the form of a table.

Character Names Skill
M1887 Offensive
Triela Offensive
TS12 Offensive
Elphelt Offensive
M1897 Offensive
M1014 Offensive
Dana Zane Offensive
AA-12 Offensive
NS2000 Offensive
Itacha M37 Offensive
USAS-12 Offensive
SPAS-12 Offensive
KS-23 Offensive
Defender Offensive
RMB-93 Offensive
Type 97 Offensive

Patch Notes V3.0100

A bunch of changes were made to the game with the V3.0100 update.


  • “Frontline Protocol” system
  • “Heavy Fairy Production” system. 
  • “Icon Frame” system. 
  • Department leveling feature. 
  • “Combat Tutorials”. 
  • A new background “Highway to Hell” will be added to Luffberry Chess.
  • Switchable backgrounds in Luffberry Chess. 
  • Optimizations to the match-making interface in Luffberry Chess. 
  • A new button for manually checking and repairing resource files will be added to the resource file loading interface.


So, our article ranks the best girls frontline characters to worst giving the players an idea of which character is the best among all and whom they should go with to stand out in the game and complete all the challenges like a piece of cake.

It should be kept in mind that our Girls Frontline Tier List 2023 is based on our research, gameplay, and experience with which the audience might not agree as we all know that ranking characters can vary from person to person and be very subjective