Gotham Knights Suit Tier List [2023]

The Gotham Knights Suit Tier List ranks all suit styles from best to worst.

Gotham Knights have been the talk of the gaming community over these past couple of days, and not always because of positive reasons. But everyone can agree that it has some fantastic suits, and after spending some time with all the characters, we’ve created a Gotham Knights Tier List of the best suit types you may use for your character.

So in our article, we intend to rank every suit style in the game according to how good or bad we think they are. But keep in mind that this ranking is based solely on appearance, as the suit styles do not impact gameplay in any way. That is the gear system, and we are not touching that today.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 13 suit styles in Gotham Knights. 
  • Each style is ranked purely based on its looks.
  • You will find suit styles like Knighthood, Privateer, and Shinobi among the highest ranks.
  • The lower ranks contain styles like New Guard, Titan, and Neon Noir.


Below is the summary of all suits in the game.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
KnighthoodMetalKnight OpsNew GuardNeon Noir
PrivateerKnightwatchDemon SuitTitan
ShinobiEternalBeyond Suit
Year One

You can read about each of them in more detail below.

Tier List’s Methodology

In our Gotham Knights suit ranking, the S Tier consists of the best suit styles of each character, while D Tier contains the worst of all. Furthermore, the A Tier has decent fits that are above the average styles and are more stylish, and the B Tier has average styles with nothing too fancy or special to show off. And finally,  C Tier contains the below-average suits in Gotham Knights.

It is essential to recognize that every player has a distinct perspective and a strong personal opinion on their favorite choices of suitors. And because of that, some of the rankings here may not be what you have in mind. So with that all said, let’s jump into this list wholeheartedly.

S Tier

S Tier Gotham Knight Suits
S Rank Gotham Knight Suits.

The S Tier Gotham Knight suits are the most dashing and attractive character skins. These suits make your characters look absolutely badass and improve your gameplay experience significantly on account of how cool they make you feel.


Knighthood is the standard for all suits. These suits are in full, lush black. These suits genuinely appear to be what Gotham develops and welcomes. Moreover, they are something criminals ought to flee from after facing. Nightwing and Batgirl especially look fantastic in these gorgeous skins.

Furthermore, KnightHood Robin is a black suit with green linings on the hoodie for Robin. It is an outfit for Red Hood based on his comic book personas, darker attire, and the same vivid red mask. Not to forget, all these outfits are designed to honor the character’s traditional appearance.

Suite Unlock Requirement Completion of all Knighthood challenges


Privateer is the most dashing suit style in Gotham Knights. The color scheme, the armor design, the cowl, logo, boots, and gauntlet are designed so amazingly that you will be attracted to these suits at first glance. Especially Batgirl looks super dope with the Privateer hairstyle and armor. She looks wicked and deadly in Privateer. 

Also, the privateer suits are based on the Steam Punk theme, which is retro-futuristic. In addition, Victorian-era industrialism inspired these suits. Privateer looks best on Nightwing and also Batgirl. The skin makes them look extravagant and striking, and you will be attracted to the Privateer suits at first glance. Therefore, we decided to put the Privateer suit in the S Tier of our Gotham Knight Suit Tier List.

Suite Unlock Requirement Craft a Suit with a Privateer style


The Shinobi suits are freaking magnificent. They are simple yet splendid. Firstly, the theme of these suits is based on Ninja aesthetics, which will help you become a sneaky shadow warrior. Moreover, these suits have white hand wraps, protecting the characters’ hands and creating a fighter look. This suit style will also give a hoodie to some characters. Finally, the overall look of the Shinobi suit is glorious, and you will have a lot of fun playing the game while wearing the suits. 

Suite Unlock Requirement Craft a Suit with Shinobi style after Chapter 5

A Tier

A Tier Gotham Knight Suits
A Rank Gotham Knight Suits.

The A Tier of our ranking list also contains some impressive Gotham Knights Suits, but they are not the most attractive. You will still enjoy playing the game while wearing the suits in this category as they will still make your characters look gorgeous.


Like Privateer, the metal outfits are a new addition to the game. These suits have heavily armored sheathing, and they look deadly. If there is a suit that would make the heroes look like a villain, it is the Metal suit. Furthermore, these outfits have combat boots, studded belts, and heavy metal coverings, which will give your hero a brand-new look, and everything will become much more intriguing for you.

Sometimes, it feels great to be the big bad guy, and the armor is the best at giving that feeling. Due to Red Hood’s physique being muscular, the Metal skin suits him the most. It also reminds us of Red Hood from Batman Arkham Knight. Because of its excellent war aesthetics, we gave an A Rank to the Metal suit in our Gotham Knights Suit Tier List.

Suite Unlock Requirement Craft a Metal-style Suit quest


Knight Watch is the standard for all suits. It is disappointing that this suit style is not the default skin because the suit style showcases the character’s comic personality more than any other skin. Famous comic book author, artist, and current CCO of DC Comics, Jim Lee, created the suit’s design himself.

Furthermore, these suits have a very conventional look, making you feel like a real superhero and awakening your nostalgia. The Batgirl’s early days as the Dark Knights’ sidekick inspired the KnightWatch outfit for her. On the other hand, the others’ Knightwatch looks are based on their classic comic look.

Suite Unlock Requirement Presently exclusive to the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition


Eternal is another decent suit in Gotham Knights. It is slick, classic, and elegant. These character suits do not have a single theme and look different on every character. For example, the Batgirl Eternal suit has a traditional comic book appearance, while Eternal NightWing has a high-tech outfit. If you are looking for a versatile suit style, Eternal is the one for you. These outfits also have some metallic fashion aspects, especially for Red Hood. Overall, the suit style is a glorious look to try for your characters. 

Suite Unlock Requirement Craft an Eternal-style Suit quest

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B Tier

B Tier Gotham Knight Suits
B Rank Gotham Knight Suits.

These B Rank suits are neither excellent nor terrible. Moreover, nothing about these suits would make them stand out amongst the other suit styles.

Knight Ops

All of the ‘Knight’ suit styles are gorgeous and bring that classic comic look to life. KnightOps is like a diluted version of Knighthood with only a few differences. However, the suit style has matte black while the other has shiny black. Before the team added Knighthood skin to the game, Knight Ops was the one that took its spot, but now the skin looks dull compared to it. There is nothing too special about it anymore, as better suit styles are out there. According to the polling we held inside our team of professional gamers, few prefer this skin to have a higher rank.

Suite Unlock Requirement Finish all of the Secret Cache side quests

Demon Suit 

The Demon suit has deadly skin, and the characters look dangerous when wearing it. As its name suggests, the Demon suit style has a horror theme, and red Hood turns into a vengeful mummy while wearing it, Nightwing has a mask covering his entire face as well, and Robin looks like a demon with a red suit and grey hoodie, and Batgirl looks like Spectre. It is a good choice for Halloween.

Suite Unlock Requirement Craft a Demon-style Suit quest available after Chapter 5


The Batman Beyond and the Beyond Suit from the video game Arkham Knight are both major influences on the Beyond Suit aesthetic. Each character has a complete face mask, giving them the appearance of a hidden warrior. Additionally, the skin gives the characters luminous eyes and a few thin, colorful metallic stripes on the black suit. The suit style features the Batman Beyond theme with a more futuristic and high-tech appearance.

Suite Unlock Requirement Restricted to Deluxe or Collector’s Edition presently

Year One

The Year One suits are dazzling. They look okay on all four characters in Gotham Knights and have an informal theme overall, which makes the character look more like civilians. Therefore, these suits are excellent choices for players who want a relaxed, non-deadly look. Urban clothing and fashion styles make up a city look, and Batgirl also looks the best with her Year One suit, as this suit makes her hairstyle look the most attractive.

Suite Unlock Requirement Discover every Collectible Batarang in Gotham City

C Tier

C Tier Gotham Knight Suits
C Rank Gotham Knight Suits.

The C rank of our Gotham Knights Suit Tier List contains Gotham Knights suits that are below average and dull in appearance. They do not make your characters look attractive and are also somewhat ugly. They are wearable, but it is not preferred to do so because there are better choices. 

New Guard

New Guard is the initial suit style available. It is the most basic suit style in the game for all characters. The suit design is similar to the character’s original look in the comic. Besides donning a chest plate rather than his recognizable jacket, the New Guard Red Hood Suit Style is based on his appearance in Batman comic books. For New Guard Nightwing, it is also the look from the comic, except the blue is brighter in this suit style. 

Furthermore, New Guard Robin only has a more oversized cape than his original comic look, and New Guard Batgirl is precisely like her appearance in the comic. The color choices are vast and attractive, and the customizing part also makes the look a bit more interesting.  Anyhow, the suit style has nothing special and is very basic. People who like simplicity and originality will like the New Guard suit style.

Suite Unlock Requirement Default Style


Titan is another C-Tier suit in the game. Robin Titan’s face-covering headpiece and outfit give him the appearance of a masked luchador. The costumes of Batgirl and Nightwing are black and yellow, respectively, while Red Hood’s costume makes him appear to be an extraterrestrial and is all black. Compared to other suit styles, the suit style is plain and uninteresting. Thus, we gave it a C rank.

Suite Unlock Requirement Complete Knighthood challenges individually with each character

D Tier

Gotham Knights Suit Tier List
D Rank Gotham Knights Suits.

Finally, we have come to our last tier in the Gotham Knights Suit ranking, which contains the worst skin out of all the skins in Gotham Knights. These suits are so bland that there is no need to use them at all. 

Neon Noir

Neon Noir is a highly dull look for all characters, as the suit style does not make the characters look attractive or impressive. If you use this skin for too long, you will get bored of it really and will eventually switch to something else.

When your character looks good, you will feel more inclined to play the game, but since the Neon Noir skin makes your characters look ugly, you may give up on it after a few hours of playing. If you look at the suit before the other suit styles, you will not feel too bad using it, but since better skins exist in the game, Neon Noir is a big turn-off.

Suite Unlock Requirement Craft a Neon Noir Style Suit 

Comparison Table

Gotham Knights SuitTierSuite Unlock Requirement
KnighthoodSCompletion of all Knighthood challenges
PrivateerSCraft a Suit with a Privateer style
ShinobiSCraft a Suit with Shinobi style after Chapter 5
MetalACraft a Metal-style Suit quest
KnightwatchAPresently exclusive to the Deluxe or Collector's Edition
EternalACraft an Eternal-style Suit quest
Knight OpsBFinish all of the Secret Cache side quests
Demon SuitBCraft a Demon-style Suit quest available after Chapter 5
Beyond SuitBRestricted to Deluxe or Collector's Edition presently
Year OneBDiscover every Collectible Batarang in Gotham City
New GuardCDefault Style
TitanCComplete Knighthood challenges individually with each character
Neon NoirDCraft a Neon Noir Style Suit

Patch Notes Feb-March 2023

The update of February and March brought the following new changes.

  • There is now support for Gilded Age Comic Book Rewards.
  • Adaptive Triggers implementation for PlayStation 5 controller has been added.
  • Precision Aim firing for Batcycle traversal is added.
  • Controller Rumble Updates for certain actions in combat, traversals, grappling, Knighthood traversal, Batcycle traversal, and Bike trials are included in the patch.
  • Controller Speaker Sounds when the momentum bar is filled, after picking up certain collectibles and health packs, and when the ultimate cooldown has refreshed.
  • Stability fixes for crashes in the Open World.
  • Fix for crashes related to using Fast Travel Points.
  • Fix crashes when returning to the main menu.
  • Fix crashes when using Text-to-Speech functionality in some options.
  • Rendering performance improvements.
  • Various graphics fixes, including HDR settings and materials display.
  • UI/Input improvements, including fixes for missing SFX, input issues, and changes to Social menu bindings.


We have finally concluded our Gotham Knights Suit Tier List, where we have done our best to sort all suit styles in the game according to how good or bad they are. But ultimately, it is vital to acknowledge that every player will have a unique point of view, and personal opinions on suits will vary greatly.

Therefore, some of the rankings we have given here may not comply with your rankings. Furthermore, we fully understand that all grades here are subject to criticism, so comment below and let us know which one of these suits is your favorite Gotham Knight Suit.

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