Granblue Tier List [Feb. 2023]

This Is Our Granblue Tier List for 2023.

It is always hard to pick the best characters in a game when there are many things to consider. Especially in one with many choices, and you do not know where to start from? For this reason, I have curated this Granblue Tier List which will help you select the best characters to excel and succeed in this game.

This article will give you a good guide to the game itself and its characters. Hence, by the end of this piece of writing, you will be able to make perfect choices for your gameplay. Curious to know which will be a dream character for your amazing gameplay? Stay with me till the end, and I will unveil the secrets to becoming a pro in this game. First, we will go towards the introduction so new players can make the most of this tier list.

About Granblue

Granblue fantasy is an amazing Japanese royal-playing video game. Additionally, Cygames are its creators. First, it was initially only made available in Japan in 2014, then later, everywhere else. In essence, it operates on a gacha system. Most of the players find it very engaging and, for this reason, want to play this game again and again.

There are various levels in it. Hence, a  player needs to clear all of these levels to move forward and gain some more special abilities. Not only this, but by doing so, he can obtain more rewards and acquire the best characters you can see on this tier list. Furthermore, when a player crosses more levels, then at that point, he will be able to get weapons with higher qualities.

Are you a fantasy lover? If yes, then definitely, this RPG game is made for you. People love this game because of its over-the-top graphics and optimum sound effects. I am sure you are eager to play it. So, Click here to download it. Moreover, Granblue fantasy is available for Android and iOS.

Complete Guide to Play

Whether you are a beginner or have been playing this game for some time, it is the most critical factor to have complete knowledge of any game you are playing. For this reason, a player must research every aspect of the game and its characters, weapons, levels, rewards, and more.

But, this all is time taking, and most people do not do it because of laziness and fear of wasting time. Therefore, the professionals of our website Toptierlist got to identify this passivity; in return, different writers prepare tier lists on various games to help you and make things easier. So, are you ready to know the basics and essentials of this game? Let us get started!

Granblue Tasks

Every participant should know that this game calls for a particularly gregarious attitude. Since many things are going on in Granblue at once, it will be difficult for you to remember everything but do not worry, as the Granblue Tier List has covered you. As a result, I’m going to go through several different tasks you can perform to improve your Granblue experience to help you with this.

One-time/Occasional Tasks

So, these are the tasks that you do not need to perform regularly.

  • Select a stat character.
  • Go to the menu, click on profile, and then you need to set up support summons.
  • Furthermore, in every single town, look for free items.
  • Then, obtain free chips from the casino hall. It gets refilled with time.
  • Get your free JDA tickets.
  • Also, set up wonders.
  • Moreover, you need to finish the Pinboard missions.
  • To get free items, you need to participate in Cross Promotions.
  • Buy more stuff to build up a good inventory.

Regular Granblue Tasks

The tasks on this tier list I will now explain are ones that a player must perform regularly. However, you must always remember that the tasks you complete must align with your abilities, resources, and objectives. Let’s start with the most crucial ones.

  • Purchase Half Berries and Soul Elixir from the casino.
  • Replenish AP/VP from Twitter.
  • Finish any event from the current ones.
  • Finish Coop Daily Missions.

More Tasks

  • Buy Omega weapons from the pendant shop. You can purchase every weapon two times a month, but this offer is not valid for Luminiera Sword Omega.
  • Buy moons. Whether you are a free player, moons are still worth buying as you can exchange these other worthy items later. Furthermore, you can buy any one moon in a month.
  • Buy Soul berries and Half Elixirs.

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Granblue Elements

It depends upon the elements from how much damage a player can deal with. Furthermore, it influences the chances of imposing or getting rid of debuffs. Hence, clearly, the element is a primary factor in any Granblue better. There are six elements; Wind, Earth, Water, Fire, Dark, and Light. If you talk about the Granblue class tier list, you first need to learn about these combinations. If you want to learn more about the classes, leave a comment in the comment section.

  • Talking about Wind, it can perform well against Earth but not too good against Fire.
  • Earth is weak against Wind, while it performs well against Water.
  • Water possesses a good strength against Fire but gets weak against Earth.
  • Fire is weak against Water but strong against Wind.
  • Light Performs very well, opposite to Dark.
  • Similarly, Dark is strong against Light.

Understanding the combination of these elements will help you choose your character from the Granblue Tier List .

Granblue Fantasy Characters Ranking Criteria

I will be placing the game’s characters into five different categories. So, the ranking will be based on best to worst criteria. There are five tiers; S, A, B, C, and D. On the S tier, you can find those characters that must be on your priority list because they are flawless, with no issues in them. However, remember that the quality of characters will decrease as you move down the tiers.

All of the writers of Toptierlist are committed to their vision of providing unbiased, valid, and detailed information to readers. Similarly, my ranking will be unbiased. It is not easy to develop a tier list, knowing it will be live for readers worldwide. As we know, there are all types of people; some agree while others do not.

But, agreeing or disagreeing with something is not bad; it is totally fine, we constantly ask you to leave your queries, comments, and doubts in the comment section below. However, if we talk about criticism, then it is not something appreciable. Opinions vary from person to person. Hence, we can have a debate on something and try to understand each other’s views. But, please, I request you not to criticize. Now, without wasting more time, let us get into the rankings.

S tier


The characters I will place on the S tier of the Granblue Tier List are the most powerful ones. Moreover, they are considered an essential part of winning any battle. Their amazing toolkits make them overpowered. So, who will not want to own such fantastic characters? The S-tier characters are well known for being the best damage dealers.

If we talk about mobility, then they possess higher mobility. Not only this, but they are one step above even in case of long ranger attacks. In simple words, these are the best characters a player can have.

FireSiegfried, Metera Shiva, Anila, Zeta, Athena
LightHalluel and Malluel, Io, Ferry, Ilsa, Jeanne d’Arc, Noa, Hallessena, Kumbhira, Melissabelle, Robomi, Zooey
EarthCain, Pengy, Dante and Freiheit, Alexiel, Mahira, Zeta and Vaseraga, Leona, Vira
WindYurius, Meteon, Monika, Andira, Grimnir, Nezahualpilli, Tiamat, Yodarha
WaterLily, Vane, Altair, Europa, Vajra, Cagliostro, Grea, Katalina, Lecia, Lucio, Narmaya, Sturm
DarkPredator, Black Knight, Clarisse, Rei, Helel ben Shalem, Kolulu, Olivia, Vikala, Amira, Vania, Wulf & Renie, Anthuria

A tier


These characters are also amazing, but they have a few flaws, due to which they cannot reach the level of S-tier characters. However, the issues are utterly ignorable as they do not make a huge difference. Furthermore, if you successfully summon the following characters of this tier, trust me, you are lucky.

Also, after summoning them, you need to raise these characters, as they can later become a reason to obtain some fantastic rewards. Isn’t it interesting? So, are you ready to learn more about them? Let us get started!

WaterSilva, Vania and Malinda, Lancelot, Yuel, Aglovale, Kolulu, Milleore and Sahil Lao, Pholia, Sandalphon, Romeo, Shura, Anne, Charlotta, Diantha, Izmir, Macula Marius, Aqours Second-Years, Arulumaya, Yngwie
EarthEustace, Jessica, Ladiva, Sara, Ayer, Aletheia, Eugen, Hallessena, Medusa, Baal, De La Fille, Rosetta, Soriz, Vaseraga
WindSeruel, Kokkoro, Lennah, Levi, Morrigna, Albert, Heles, Naoise, Societte, Gawain, Selfira, Stan and Aliza
LightDorothy and Claudia, Levin Sisters, Mary, Rosamia, Juliet, Percival, Silva, Danua, Sarunan, Shitori, Zeta, Amira, Sandalphon
FireTeena, Tsubasa, Grea, Illnot, Magisa, Tabina, Yuel, Abby, Mugen, Percival, Rackam, Satyr, Reinhardtzar, Scathacha, Therese, Yuisis, Aoidos, Colossus, Lancelot and Vane, Beatrix, Drang, Ghandagoza, Ilsa, Kallen Kouzuki, Zahlhamelina
DarkVaseraga, Azazel, Tanya, Lunalu, Nicholas, Lady Grey, Narmaya, Orchid, Rosetta, Black Knights and Orchid, Joker, Kou, Seox, Veight

B tier


Now, if I talk about the B-tier characters of the Granblue Tier List, it is really good to raise them as they possess many likable qualities. However, these heroes can not compete with the powers and efficiency of the upper-tier ones, but it does not mean they can not help you out. Despite being in the lower category, these are good characters and can assist you greatly. Their mobility and damage-dealing power are a bit lower than S and A-tier protagonists, but still, you can make the most out of them if you know how to play them.

DarkKaryl, Lelouch Lamperouge, Cerberus, Forte, Freezie, Marquiares, Skull
FireCharioce XVII, Agielba, Aquors Third-Years
Light Mikazuki Munechika, Pecorine, Sophia, Baotorda, Conan Edogawa, Cure Black and Cure White
WindFeena, Gachapin, Kaede Takagaki, Korwa, Mirin, Arriet, Carmelina, Christina, Petra, Sen, Suzaku Kururugi, Yuisis, Juri, Sevilbarra
EarthHerja, Ilsa, Jin, Razia, Aquors First-Years, Catherine, Yggdrasil, Nezahualpilli, Walder, Yaia
Water Lady Katapillar and Vira, Chat Noir, Cucuroux, Lilele, Owen

C tier


If you are unlucky in summoning the upper-tier characters, then it is okay to have those that I will be ranking in this tier. To make it easier for you to understand, I can say that these are below-average characters which means they are neither too good nor too bad. If you are a skilled player and possess proper knowledge regarding every bit of Granblue, then you may find handling these characters somewhat easier.

However, if we talk about the initial stages, then, in this case, the C-tier characters can do good for you. Otherwise, choose them with an open mind if you want to.

DarkRichard, Shao, Will, You, Deliford, Katalina, Sarunan, Elize Lotus, Meg, Mika Jougasaki, Zaja
LightArusha, Bridgette and Cordelia, Erica Fontaine, Feather, Nicholas, Vermeil, Tear Grants, Tyre
FireSutera, Aster, Gemini Sunrise, Izuminokami Kanesada, Danua, Friday, Dante, Ferry, Lina, Miria Akagi, Naoise
WindMiku Maekawa, Mimlemel and Stumpeye, Sevastien, Helnar, Mikasa, Krugne, Shiki Ichinose, Sutera
EarthAlmeida, Galadar, Melleau, Nemone, The Lowain Brothers
WaterMina, Ejaeli, Minami Nitta, Cailana, Leona, Lowain, Morphe and Phoebe

D tier


I recommend you replace these units as soon as possible because there is no point in choosing characters with no potential. Neither their stats are good nor their skills. So, why would someone invest in such heroes? So, if you want to reach a higher level in this game, then simply avoid D-tier characters on the Granblue Tier List .

DarkRanko Kanzaki, Luna, Stan, Koume Shirasaka, Randall, Yuri Lowell, Zehek
LightPhilosophia, Uzuki Shimamura, Daetta, Elta, Ceylan, Ezecrain, Johann, Nakoruru, Soriz, Sakura Kinomoto, Novei
FireCarren, Cassius, Karin, Mio Honda, Nina Drango, Alec, Barawa, Rosine, Elmott, Ippatsu, Milla Maxwell, Ryan, Jessica, Karva, Mary, Stahn Aileron
WindChloe, Goblin Mage, Hazen, Karteira, Arisa, Arthur, Arthur and Mordred, Keehar, Rashid, Toru Amuro, Robertina, Ryu, Sakura Shinjugi, Tsubasa Kashiwagi, Eso
EarthLa Coiffe, Mimlemel and Pun-Kin, Redluck, Vanzza, Zaja, Augusta, Carmelina, Claudia, Airi Totoki, Anzu Futaba, J.J., Juri, Kanako Mimura, Laguna, Mariah, Skull, Yamanbagiri Kunihiro
WaterPamela, Anastasia, Ange, Camieux, Chun-Li, Kaoru Sakuraba, Lamretta, Mishra, Erin, Farrah, Rin Shibuya, Sahli Lao, Sig, Mizuki Kawashima, Naga, Suframare, Ulamnuran

Winding it Up

I invested a lot of effort in preparing this tier list for you. I hope that my contribution to helping you is worth it. After analyzing every character very closely by playing them to provide you with a piece of complete and reliable information, I come to this conclusion. Now, I believe that you will find this game more effortless with the help of the information you see in this list.

Keep in mind that your success or failure depends solely on your choices. So, please make a sensible choice and avoid the protagonists on lower tiers, especially the D tier. Moreover, if you want to enhance your experience in this game and improve your portfolio, then ensure to play it regularly and finish at least 10 draw missions. Furthermore, gather and obtain your rewards.

Try to benefit yourself from this list as much as possible. Congratulations on having enough knowledge to become a Granblue pro. Wishing you very good luck for your next battle!

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