Hollow Knight Charm Tier List

In This Article We Have Ranked All The Charms of Hollow Knight

If you are looking for an enjoyable and delightful game then naming Hollow Knight as one of the best games will not be wrong. And if you are aware of this outstanding game and want to explore tips and tricks to succeed with a substantially good score then hey gamer congratulations! Fortunately, you have landed on the perfect page. In this article, we are going to explore the hollow knight charm tier list.

Key Points

  • This article consists of 45 entries on various charms of Hollow knight.
  • The charms are ranked based on buffing capabilities and powerups.
  • The top tiers rank the top charms including Dashmaster, Lifeblood core, Unbreakable heart, Mark of pride, and soul eater.
  • Among the lowest tier are the Lifebollod heart, void heart, and carefree blow. 


The ranked charms are in this short table:

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
DashmasterJoni's BlessingSpell TwisterSteady BodyHeavy Blow
Lifeblood CoreGrubsongThorns of AgonyDefender's crestCarefree Melody
Unbreakable HeartDeep FocusFury of the FallenShape of UnnVoid Heart
Mark of PrideShaman StoneFragile StrengthSpore ShroomBaldur Shell
Soul EaterLong NailNailmaster's GloryGlowing WombLifeblood Heart
DreamshieldSharp ShadowSoul CatcherWeaversong
QuickslashSprintmasterFragile HeartDream Wielder
KingsoulStalwart ShellGathering Swarm
Unbreakable StrengthGrimmchild
Fragile Greed
Wayward Compass
Quick Focus
Grubberfly's Elegy

You can read the detail below:

As long as you start playing and the levels increase you can unlock all 8 notches, and this will permit you to equip 11 charms together. The S, A, B, C, and D Tiers are based on our experiences so they may vary from person to person and are subject to change.

What Are Charms in Hollow Knight ?

Charms are unique items in Hollow Knight. They provide you with several abilities, buffs, and bonuses. To equip Charms, you will need notches. Charms can be equipped or unequipped only when you are sitting on a bench.  

Our tier list contains all the 45 Charms available in Hollow Knight for 2022. It is to be noted that you can keep 40 Charms at one time. The rest of the five charms can be replaced with different ones in the game. 

S Tier

The best ones
The S-tier

Your success in this game wholly depends on how wisely you use the charms. There are a total of 45 charms in the Hollow Knight. You must choose the charms smartly to play and remain in the game like a true champion. In our Hollow knight charm tier list, we are going to include the most useful charms in the S-tier. As per our experience, these are the best charms to equip if you want to play the game like a legend.

Without wasting more time, have a look at the charms included in the S-tier, analyze them, and think at the end whether these charms deserved to be in this tier or are there any conflicts of opinion between your and our views.


You can find one of the legendary Hollow Knight Charms “Dashmaster” in Fungalwastes under a statue below the Martis village, by Royal Waterways. If you equip this charm then you will be able to dash downwards. Dashmaster will allow a player to dash repeatedly and more frequently. If you are one of those players who love to dash and find it interesting also if you adore fast movement then dashmaster is a necessary charm for you.

This charm increases the speed of filling out the map. In order to equip this charm you only need to have two notches. So, the requirements are not too difficult you can easily have them. The best time to equip the dashboard is starting of the game when the difficulty level is not too high and enemies are not that much challenging to you.

Location Fungal Wasted

Lifeblood Core

It is one of the bestest charms in this game but unfortunately, it is not an easy task to obtain this one. The player has to do a lot of effort in order to equip lifeblood care. You must first get at least 15 lifeblood masks. After obtaining these masks open the locked door which is hidden in the Abyss on the wall. This charm is very useful for those players who lean on casting a spell so that they can conquer their enemies.

Location The Abyss

Unbreakable Heart

You cannot obtain this charm at the very beginning of the game. Also, it is not a piece of cake to obtain an unbreakable heart. There are some requirements that you should meet to equip this charm. Firstly, you have to buy another charm named “fragile heart”, and you can get this from fungal waste. The player having this charm will have the advantage of having two health masks, and these masks do not break upon dying. This can be helpful to deal with while challenging hoes and to platform the sections in the Kingdom of Hallownest.

Location Dirtmouth

Mark of Pride

You need only three notches to equip this extremely useful charm. You can obtain this charm from Mantis Tribe. If we compare Mark of Pride with long nails, then this charm has 10% more length which is added to your nail weapon. It is very helpful for defeating enemies. With the help of this charm, you can easily win over your enemies even without coming within their reach. If you do not like to fight with bosses with close interaction then you should opt for this charm in Hollow Knight.

Location Mantis Village

Soul Eater

If you want to equip a soul eater, then it will cost you a bomb. You must necessarily have four notches. The regular players of this game know what it feels like to give your four notches. Because it is a big amount for the hollow knight players.

This charm allows the player to draw the soul of the alive creatures, who are referred to as enemies in the game. The best quality of this charm is that it is very useful in terms of killing radiant. Commonly, players use this charm in the Hall of Gods.

Location Resting Grounds


The quality and ability of this charm depend on how well you are playing the game. The more you are proficient, the more the dream shield is. If you are highly skilled in playing hollow knight, then this charm can do wonders for you. Dreamshield can protect the player who has equipped this charm, by following him. In order to get this amazing charm, you need to break a wall in the resting grounds under the seer.

Location Resting Grounds


You can find this outstanding charm by finding a room that is in front of the big skeleton in the Kingdom’s Edge. The ability of this charm is hidden in its name, as “Quick” means doing an act fast, and “slash” means cutting. So, basically, it is one of the best charms in the hollow knight charm tier list that allows the player to lash its enemies faster than usual. The speed of your nail is increased with the help of this charm so that you can attack quickly. Along with increasing the speed, it also gives more damage relatively.

Location Kingdom’s Edge


The extraordinary charm “kingsoul” is divided into two different parts. One part of it is handed over by the White Lady and she can be found in Queen’s Garden while you can equip the other part if you beat the White Palace. Kingsoul has the ability to spawn four souls every 2 seconds. An amazing fact about this remarkable charm is that it can be converted into the void charm in an area at the bottom of Abyss.

Location Queen’s Garden and White Palace

Unbreakable Strength

There is a proper process required to equip this charm. It is a very useful charm in our hollow knight charm tier list which you must definitely go for. If you purchase Fragile Strength from the Leg Eater and then pay divine to elevate it then, you can finally equip unbreakable strength.

You can become 50 times more powerful by equipping this charm, and the creatures can easily be killed. Obviously when your physical strength is multiplied 50 times then it will become so easy for you to kill the enemies.

Location Dirtmouth


After a grueling fight with Flukemarn in The Royal Waterways, you can equip this charm once you manage to defeat your enemy. This is a very challenging and tough fight as Flukemarn generates various kinds of rapidly moving enemies. But the charm received in return for this challenging fight is worth it. If you are a brave player, and willing to get into closer fights then this is the perfect charm for you.

Location Royal Waterways

Fragile Greed

As you are aware of the fact that goes are dropped upon killing your enemies. If you are having fragile greed then the quantity of Geos dropped by enemies will be boosted. The more enemies are defeated the more Geos you can get. We do not suggest a player use this charm in boss fights. You can get this charm for 250 Geos in Fungal Waster by buying it from Leg Eater.

Location Fungal Wastes

Wayward Compass

A wayward compass is that charm that can be quipped at the initial level of the game. The players who want to use the maps to confirm whether they are following the right direction or not must equip this charm. This absolutely useful charm will guide you through the labyrinth. The player can feel this charm whispering its location whenever the map is open so that the player can know where he is standing on the map.

Location Dirtmouth

Quick Focus

It is one of the best charms in the hollow knight charm tier list which helps the player in healing quickly. The time it usually takes to heal your damage will be decreased by 50% with the power of Quick Focus. The best time to equip the fast healing charm is when your power is extremely low, and this situation usually comes when you are stuck in a very challenging battle with the bosses. You must wisely equip the right charm at the right time.

Location Kingdom’s edge


You are rewarded with this charm when you finally managed to kill the Hive Knight. This fight takes place in the well- Hive, the same place where you are going to get the Hiveblood. Your masks are turned into honeycombs with the power of this charm.

Not only this, but it also respawns the last comb which you had lost. Despite being a useful charm it also has some drawbacks. The best time to use this charm is to respawn health in those circumstances where SOUL is not readily possible to get.

Location Hive

Grubberfly’s Elegy

You are rewarded with this incredible charm in our hollow knight charm tier list when you save the cutest creatures referred to as Grubs, which is not too hard. The power of this charm allows you to make the addition of a long-range beam attack to your nail, and now you have more alternatives to deal with the foes.

Location Forgotten Crossroads

A Tier

The useful ones
The A-Tier

If we compare the charms in this tier to S-tier charms, then these are a step below those. But, definitely, we are going to rank one of the best hollow knight charms in this tier. You must be thinking that if the charms of both tiers S and A are best then why are they both not included in the same group? The charms divided into S and A tiers are more or less the same in terms of usefulness but do not possess exact qualities like each other.

For instance, if you have flu and you visit the doctor and he prescribes you a medicine, but when you go to the pharmacy and ask for that medicine unfortunately it is not available.

Then, you tell the whole scenario to your doctor and he prescribes you another medicine and tells you that both medicines will help you with your flu but the intensity of recovery will be different. So same is the case here with the charms. The charms of both tiers will help you in adding more powers, but the intensity will be different. Following hollow night charms are included in the A-tier.

Joni’s Blessing

It is one of the top-ranking and extremely useful charms in terms of boosting your health at an increasing rate. If a player equips this charm then all of his masks will be converted into lifeblood masks. As we know that lifeblood masks can not be healed on their own until the time that a player is safe, which means if the person who is playing this game loses any single lifeblood mask then he will not be able to have it again until he reaches a safe point.

Location Howling cliffs


This charm is received from the Grubfather as a reward for returning ten Grub creatures to him. You have to free those creatures while playing the game. Grub song is an exceptionally powerful charm despite being so easy to equip as it costs only one notch. It is a handy charm of Hollow Knight.

With the ability of this charm the player can heal himself and use it in spell-casting. If you are stuck in a tough fight in which your health is losing rapidly then it is the best time to take advantage of the Grubsong.

Location Forgotten Crossroads

Deep Focus

With the help of this best charm, you can heal two of your masks simultaneously, which is not possible in normal situations. But, one thing that is not so good about this charm is that it takes too much time than usual to use focus. Undoubtedly it is a useful charm, but the case is not the same for fast-paced fights. You can equip Deep Focus when you manage to find it inside the mines of Crystal peak, and you need to find your way through more difficult sections in order to get this.

Location Crystal peak

Shaman Stone

You can obtain Shaman Stone for 220 Geos by purchasing it from Salubra in Forgotten Roads. We have placed this charm in the A-tier of our hollow knight charm tier list because it increases the damage power and also the spell powers. The spell damage is increased by 33-51%, with respect to the spell. It is able to deal with more damage to foes.

Location Forgotten Crossroads

Long Nail

With the power of this charm, the range of nails is increased by 15%. If you equip Long nails, you can easily perform nail bounces and also you can keep yourself distant from the destructive enemies. But, as compared to our A-tier charm “Mark of Pride”, the range of this charm is shorter. Two notches are required to equip this charm and you can get this for 330 Geos by buying it from Salubra in Forgotten the Crossroads.

Location Forgotten Crossroads

Sharp Shadow

This charm has that type of prohibited spell that converts the shadows into mortal and death-dealing weapons. It harms the enemies while striking the enemies and dash length is also increased while using the shade cloak. This charm has the ability to sharpen the body of the player when he is going to dash the enemy.

Enemies do not respawn souls while they are struck by the player (Knight). You can find this wonderful charm in Deepest, which is located in Southeast of the Hot Spring in the back of a Shade Gate. Shade Cloak is required before equipping this charm.

Location Deepnest


The charm that needs only a single notch to be equipped is none other than the Sprintmaster The player having this charm can increase his speed by 20% which will bring a massive change in the performance, and the game will be yours. This charm can be useful while having a fight with light-footed bosses, like Hornet. Sprintmaster will help you in running faster so that you can overtake your enemies and the chances of danger will be minimized, or almost finished. To equip this charm firstly, you will need to get Shopkeeper’s eye for 400 Geos, and then buy it from Sly in Dartmouth.

Location Dirtmouth

Stalwart Shell

The players who are mindful of using various charms in different kinds of situations, and their choice is perfect according to that scenario, Stewart Shell charms are for these professional players. This charm will provide a safe place for its user so that he can heal easily, and that safe place will be Stalwart Shell.

But, a player must be aware of the fact that the shield will not protect you for the whole time, it will be ended before you are finished healing. It can be purchased for 200 Geos from Sly in Dirt mouth.

Shrek Super Slam is a very popular game and you will love to read about it as well, as both of these games have some common elements.

Location Dirtmouth

B Tier

The Average ones
The B-Tier

The charms included in B-tier are not too good but you can opt for these as a safe side. If you don’t have the option to equip one of the best charms that are lying in S and A tiers, then you might go for the charms with average usefulness. You cannot compare these charms with high-power ones, but these are also not too bad to equip. Excited to know more about the B-tier charms? Let us have a look below!

Spell Twister

The ability of the player is improved and increased to cast spells with the help of Spell Twister. It does not use SOULS to respawn but this charm uses it in an efficient way. Spell Twister allows the player to cast 4 spells in a short time period instead of using 3, which is a plus point of this charm. It is a very good charm to opt for any player. The SOUL cost for each spell is decreased by using this charm. Two notches are required to get this high-performing charm.

Location Soul sanctum

Thorns of Agony

Thorns of Agony is the top pick for the revengeful players, as it requires only one of the notches. But, if you want to take most of the advantage from the notches then it is not a good option for you.

Thorns of Agony is a right-winger, which helps the player when he is damaged. It flares up blackthorns from the body of the knight. You can get find this charm inside the Greenpath in a thorny labyrinth. The last time of this charm is shorter but if an enemy comes then he can be damaged badly because of Thorns of Agony.

Location Greenpath

Fury of The Fallen

It is that charm, which when equipped, the nail damage can be increased by 75% when the player is having 1 mask. The best time to equip this charm for a player is when he is about to die because it can rapidly increase the health power of the player. If the player build is more Nail-focused, but if it is spell-focused then in this case Fury of the Fallen is not a better option. You can equip this charm by giving two of the notches. it is a quite long process to equip this charm.

Firstly you have to find it in King’s Pass, which is at the start of the cavern, beyond a spike-filled cavern. In the Southwest part of the pit room, you need to find the Geo cluster. Then, cross the spikes by dashing, and continue to the east in order to find the charm.

Location King’s pass

Fragile Strength

The charm which increases the nail damage by at least 50% is Fragile Strength. Increasing the damage gives a lot of strength and power to the player who is having this charm. In this way, you as a player can deal with the enemies powerfully with your nail. This charm is brittle, and due to this, it can be easily broken if the player having this charm is killed. Only one notch is needed to quip this charm.

The two charms Fury of the Fallen and unbreakable altogether are very beneficial for the player, as when both of the charms are combined, then 170.6% damage is increased to the player when he is at one mask. You can buy this charm for 600 Geos from Leg Eater in the Fungal Wastes.

Location Fungal Wastes

Nailmaster’s Glory

This is the charm that decreases the time for charging nail art. We have ranked it on B-tier in the hollow knight charm tier list because this charm has the ability to kill the enemies in one hit only. When all of the three nail arts Nailmaster Oro, Nailmaster Mato, and Nailmaster Sheo are obtained by the Nailmasters, then you can easily equip Nailmaster’s Glory which is given by Sly.

Location Dirtmouth

Soul Catcher

The knight can achieve a large number of SOUL when he hits the enemies with the nail. This charm is also among those Hollow Knight Charms that can be equipped at the initial stages of the game. By using this charm you can feel a big change but still, it is useful in some ways. Soul Catcher is a good charm for healing the Knight. The best time to use this charm is when the enemy attacks are increased and SOUL is not readily available.

Location Ancestral Mould

Fragile Heart

Fragile Heart increases the health of the charm through two masks. By using this charm, the player can bear more damage than usual and fight competitively. This charm is the same as Fragile Strength as it is easy to break when the player dies. The fact of the breakage of the charm can be ignored as it is of very high potential.

Two notches are required to equip Fragile Heart. You need to have 350 Geos in order to equip this charm, and you can buy it from Leg Eater in Fungal Wastes. You can obtain this charm at a lesser cost of 280 if you wear the Defender’s Crest charm and the cost is lowered by the Leg Eater.

Location Fungal Wastes

Gathering Swarm

The Gathering swarm generates a swarm that then collected the Geos which are dropped. The swarm charm follows the player having it and keeps on collecting the Geos. Are you one of those players who do not want to leave even a single thing behind? If yes, then it is the best charm for you. you can purchase this charm for 330 Geos from Sly in Dirt mouth.

The knight himself can not collect Geos from dangerous places like Thorns and spikes, so this charm helps him to do so. but remember that even if you are having a Gathering swarm, still you will not be able to take Geos that are lying in an opening that leads to another area, or if any of them are fallen into acids.

Location Dirtmouth


For the players who participate in Grimm Troupe’s Ritual, this charm is worn by those in Phase 1. Unique dialogues are activated by wearing this charm when the Knight is speaking with the white lady. This is a floating charm because it floats behind the bearer when he equips it. You can acquire this charm in Dirt mouth by Troupe Master Grim when the Grimm Troupe is summoned.

The player can reveal three flames around the Hallownest when Grimmchild is equipped. And, the charm absorbs these flames when the Knight conquers the Grimmkin Novices that were guarding them. The knight must find Grimmkim to collect the flames. The flames that are not collected can be seen on the player’s map. these were the reasons for ranking this charm on B-tier in the hallow knight charm tier list.

Location Dirtmouth

C Tier

hollow knight charm tier list
The C-Tier

The C-tier charms are neither too useful nor up to the expectations in terms of usefulness. This is the second last option for you to choose from. If you go for any of the charms included in this tier, then your victory is not guaranteed. As mentioned above that your game depends upon the charms, if you choose them sensibly then the ball is in your court otherwise it will be very difficult for you to continue your game with good scores. Compare this tier with others from our hollow knight charm tier list, and make the right choice.

Steady Body

The first charm ranked in the C-tier of the hollow knight charm tier list is Steadu Body. The quality of this charm allows the Knight to remove knockback when the player is hitting the enemy with his nail. This charm keeps on pulling its player back when the player dashes his enemy with the nail.

Steady Body allows the player to bear it to maintain his balance properly while attacking the enemy continuously. If you want to quit this charm then it is a must to have 120 Geos and you can buy it from Salbura in Forgotten Crossroads.

Location Forgotten Crossroads

Defender’s Crest

It is that charm that generates damaging clouds around the player. The unique charm is gifted as an honor by the great King of Halloween the player (Knight). This honor is received by only those players who are loyal. The knight bearing this charm is able to emit some special kind of fragrance. We have placed it in the C-tier of the hollow knight charm tier list because the clouds that this charm spawns around the player are not very powerful or strengthening, the power of these clouds depends upon the situational basis.

This charm is useful when the knight is running away from the enemies, as these clouds remain behind the player for a longer time period. The clouds have the ability to kill the balloons quickly, so this charm can be useful in fights like Lost Kin and Broken Vessel.

In these fights, the knight can be benefitted in a way that he has more focus time to heal himself. As discussed earlier you can acquire this charm as a reward from King, when you are succeeded in defeating the Dung Defender in Royal Waterways. You must have one notch to equip this charm “Defender’s Crest”.

Location Royal Waterways

Shape Of Unn

It is a special charm that allows the knight to make movements even when he is using focus. This charm is responsible for revealing the shape of Unn within the player who has equipped this charm. When the player is using focus he can transform into another shape, by using this charm, so that he can avoid enemy attacks.

This charm makes the knight shorter, so it is beneficial in a way that when enemies attack the knight when he is focusing to heal, at that time knight can slide under some certain type of enemies. Acquiring this charm requires Isma’s Tear. And, you can get it from Unn under the lake of Unn. Lastly, two notches are required to equip Shape of Unn.


Location Lake of Unn

Spore Shroom

Like the other charm in hollow knight, this is also a cloud-releasing charm. It releases clouds for the player when he is using focus to heal. It is made up of fungal matters that are alive. Spore Shroom disperses spores when exposed to SOUL. This charm is useful for damaging those enemies who are not too fast. This charm is located near a pool of acid in the Fungal Wastes. It is very close to the entrance of Deepest and Queen’s Gardens. It needs Mantis Law to equip this charm.

Location Fungal Wastes

Glowing Womb

Glowing Womb is a charm ranked in the C-tier of the hollow knight charm tier list which generates hatchlings that are useful to deal with the damage to enemies whenever the player and enemy come in contact with each other. It takes the SOUL of the player bearing it and then uses the player’s SOUL to generate hatchlings. The hatchlings generated are properly prepared and ready to protect their parent from the enemies and do not want to live, because they want to sacrifice their lives for their parents.

If you have mastery in dodging the enemies and are proficient in using nails, then this charm is a perfect fit for you, and also for a player like you. You can get this charm in the Forgotten Crossroads. Two notches are required to equip the Glowing Womb. The charm synergies include Fury of the Fallen and Defender’s Crest. The perfect combination of this charm can be made with Kingsoul.

Location Forgotten Crossroads


This charm orders three weaverlings to appear in front of the enemies so that they can attack these enemies and give high damage to them. It may deal with 3 damage per hit. You can find this charm in the upper part of the Weaver’s den. A player must have two notches so that he can become eligible for equipping Weaversong. Grubsong and Sprintmaster are the charm synergies.

Location Weaver’s Den

Dream Wielder

The usage of this charm can decrease the time which is required to attack with the dream nail. When a player hits the enemy while equipping this charm then the number of souls gained is increased, when the enemy is hit with the Dream Nail. The player is allowed to charge the Dream Nail at a high speed with the help of this charm. Once the player has gathered 500 essences, then he can easily equip this charm. Along with gathering essence, one notch is required to equip Dream Wielder.

Location Resting Grounds

D Tier

The worst ones
The D-Tier

This is the last tier of our tier list. The charms included in this tier are extremely terrible and pathetic. If you choose any one of them, then according to our experts it is the dumbest move you have made in this game. These charms are almost useless for you in the game. We will not be wrong if we consider the charms lying in the B-tier as complete trash.

You must have a piece of complete information about which of them can ruin your complete game. Read about all the charms properly ranked in this tier list, you will surely agree with us. And, thank us later for making you aware of these important facts, and helping you in winning the game.

Heavy Blow

This charm is helpful against enemies who attack continuously. If you are stuck in a fight with Massive Moss Charger and the Wandering Husk then you can use this charm without even thinking. But this charm does not help all the time, this is the reason we have ranked it in D-tier in the hollow knight charm tier list. If you use this charm against the enemies attacking repeatedly without a gap allows the knight to push the enemies backward to avoid their attack.

Using this charm will give you some time to focus so that the player can heal himself preventing the enemy attack. But this charm is not at all useful if the Knight is having a fight with enemies like No eyes and Gorb, as they are long-range enemies, and it is very tough to fight with them from a long distance.

A player requires two notches to equip this charm. You need 350 Goes to get this charm. And, the proper process to get this charm is to buy it from Sly, but you can only purchase it from Sly if you are able to find the Shopkeeper’s Key which is located in Crystal Peak.

This charm alone is not very useful if used alone but if it is combined with other charms like Quickslash, Steady Body, and Grubberfly’s Elegy then it may be useful for you.

Location Dirtmouth

Carefree Melody

Carefree Melody can be a useful charm if the Player (Knight) wants to protect himself from the damage when he is hit. But this charm is useful only on a situational basis because the damage that is caused due to environmental hazards cannot be blocked or prevented by this charm. And the qualities of charm are also not so attractive because every time the Carefree Melody protects the enemy from the damage, then its power again resets to 0%.

The chances of preventing damage are approximately 22.4%. The players must have 3 notches then they will become eligible to equip this charm. Once the player dismisses the Grimm Troupe then he gets his charm from Nymm if he listens to him in Dirt’s mouth.

Location Dirtmouth

Void Heart

The charm void heart can be replaced by another charm “Kingsoul” and then the player will not be able to unequip it. Amazingly not a single notch is required to equip this charm. Another quality of this charm is that it can unlock new dialogues with Bardoon, Hornet, Steel Soul Jinn, The White Lady, and confessor Jiji.

You can find this charm in an area known as The Birthplace which is located at the bottom of the Abyss. But, the entry of the area is closed and it opens up on one condition that is; if the player has already equipped Kingsoul charm. An egg is placed at the end of the area, and if the Knight hits the egg with Awoken Dream Nail then it discloses the memory of the Knight including the Pale King and The Vessels.

Location Birthplace, The Abyss

Baldur Shell

This shell is used when the player wants to heal himself safely, as it makes a protective shell around and near the knight. This shell has the ability to prevent its bearer from 4 hits. But as long as the 4 hits are done on the 5th hit the power of the charm will be finished, which can be repaired only if the player rests at the bench. The Notch cost of this charm is 2 notches.

The location of the Baldur shell is the Southwest portion of the Howling Cliffs, and there is a chest that can be dropped at 1 Geo only. If a player wants to increase the usefulness of this charm then he must use it with other charms like Stalwart Shell, Thorns of Agony, Carefree Melody, and Hiveblood.

Location Howling Cliffs

Lifeblood Heart

The usage of its charm is somewhat similar to Lifeblood core, as in this case also the player uses the charm when he is more spell-focused rather than nail-focused. When the player has a Lifeblood heart resting then at that time he gets a lifeblood coating that prevents him from being damaged.

Two notches are required to equip this charm and you can buy it from Salubra in Forgotten crossroads, for you have to pay 250 Geos first. When this charm is combined with Joni’s Blessing, Lifeblood Core, and Grubberfly’s Elegy then it can be more useful.

Location Forgotten Crossroads

Comparison Table

DashmasterSFungal Wasted
Lifeblood CoreSThe Abyss
Unbreakable HeartSDirtmouth
Mark of PrideSMantis Village
Soul EaterSResting Grounds
DreamshieldSResting Grounds
QuickslashSKingdom’s Edge
KingsoulSQueen’s Garden and White Palace
Unbreakable StrengthSDirtmouth
FlukenestSRoyal Waterways
Fragile GreedSFungal Wastes
Wayward CompassSDirtmouth
Quick FocusSKingdom’s edge
Grubberfly's ElegySForgotten Crossroads
Joni's BlessingAHowling cliffs
GrubsongAForgotten Crossroads
Deep FocusACrystal peak
Shaman StoneAForgotten Crossroads
Long NailAForgotten Crossroads
Sharp ShadowADeepnest
Stalwart ShellADirtmouth
Spell TwisterBSoul sanctum
Thorns of AgonyBGreenpath
Fury of the FallenBKing’s pass
Fragile StrengthBFungal Wastes
Nailmaster's GloryBDirtmouth
Soul CatcherBAncestral Mould
Fragile HeartBFungal Wastes
Gathering SwarmBDirtmouth
Steady BodyCForgotten Crossroads
Defender's crestCRoyal Waterways
Shape of UnnCLake of Unn
Spore ShroomCFungal Wastes
Glowing WombCForgotten Crossroads
WeaversongCWeaver’s Den
Dream WielderCResting Grounds
Heavy BlowDDirtmouth
Carefree MelodyDDirtmouth
Void HeartDBirthplace, The Abyss
Baldur ShellDHowling Cliffs
Lifeblood HeartDForgotten Crossroads

Patch Notes v1.5.68.11808

Following changes were made in this version of the game:

  • The “Borderless” option is added to fullscreen in video options
  • Ram is increased to 64-bit.
  • On startup, it would require less memory. 
  • The screen shakes during screen tearing was reduced.
  • Many bugs were fixed including Grubfather’s rewards, the Soul Tyrant battle glitch, Absolute Radiance phase 2 death loop, and Elderbug’s dialogue.

Final Verdict

You must be shocked by all the detailed information provided in this article. Our experts observed each aspect of this game too closely and finally prepared a perfect hollow knight charm tier list for you. You must be closely conversant with the fact that which of the charms included in the above tier list will be most useful for you. These were some secret tricks we shared with you. We hope that now you will be able to defeat all of the evil bosses; most importantly The Radiance. Happy Gaming!

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