Shrek Super Slam Tier List: Latest Ranking [2023]

All the characters are categorized into different tiers in this ranking brought you by Top Tier List.

In Shrek super slam tier list, we will be ranking the characters of the game in five different Tiers based on their motility, slam attack, and air attacks. Let’s get down to the tier list, so the dronkies can go back to sleep. This tier list is based solely on our experience and gameplay. The tier list depends on how we evaluated the characters based on their attacks, moves, speed, agility, mobility, and power. This article is not written in stone and is prone to inconsistency.

Key Points

  • This article has 20 entries
  • The ranking is based on speed, agility, aim, and slam attacks
  • The highest tiers are comprised of red riding hood, Princess Fiona, prince charming, and gingerbread man.
  • Among the lowest tiers are Donkey, puss in Boots, and Humpty Dumpty.


the table has the ranking of all the characters

S RankA RankB RankC RankD rank
Red riding hood

Robin hood
Princess FionaDronkeyBig bad wolfBlack KnightPuss in Boots
Prince CharmingWitch LunaAnthraxShrekHumpty Dumpty
Gingerbread man
Captain HookG-nomePrincess Fiona

Read their details below:

S Tier

The best tier
S tier

The S tier is the tier that has the best of the best characters from the game. If you have one of these undefeatable creatures playing for you, you are bound to win. You can even place a bet on it. If you lose, you have extremely bad luck. Anyhow, these creatures have the best combat reviews.

They don’t need to try very hard to win the battle, they usually gain the upper hand against the enemy with their effective slam attacks and great speed. They have a great combination of moves and are also durable. The S-tier creatures if defined in a single word are superb. They’ll aid you throughout the game and are also user-friendly. You can easily learn their combos and use them against your opponents.

Red riding hood

Red riding is one of the great unlocked characters of the game. Her zero-to-death combo move is effective on each and every character of the game and it is the reason for her inclusion in the S Tier. This move causes the most destruction and this, sturdy character was banned from the game for some time as it gave the player a great advantage in the battle arena. Later on, she was unbanned. She is user-friendly and the players can easily gain the upper hand with this character on their side.

Slam Attack: Picnic Basket of Utter Destruction

Super Slam summons a cyclone from her picnic basket, which slams any opponent that gets in contact with it. The closer the opponent is to the cyclone, the stronger the vacuum will be.

Princess Fiona

This princess is like no other. Her grace and poise don’t reside in castles and beautiful gowns, but it resides on the battlefield, outside the Castle’s premises. This is where she gives up her sophistication and becomes a barbaric fighter. As it is said when in Rome do as the Romans do. So this character specifically follows that. Her ninja techniques aid her on the battlefield.

Her ninja techniques also help her with her lightning speed and mobility which is the main reason for her being in the S Tier. Her air evade is different from other players jumping moves. It helps her travel very fast in the arena. While playing with her, the chances of losing decrease a lot.

Slam Attack: Bouquet of Blades

Tosses out short-ranged-homing shuriken while staying slightly airborne, then she puts herself in a state that allows her to toss more sets of shuriken, called the sped–upstate, this can be accessed with the use of the strong attack.

Prince Charming

Prince charming is not only charming in his ways but also in his moves. He has great agility and fast mobility, which allows him to have great precision. His slam attack has a versatile range that allows him to score a rank on the S tier as his moves help the player on the battlefield. The speed of his projectile waves is also to be accounted for.

Slam Attack: Charming’s Roar

Prince Charming, repeatedly, smashes his sword down in front of him, which creates giant beams of light in the form of fire waves forward for a set duration of time.

Gingerbread man

Do not go on the looks of this flimsy little cookie, whose name might make you drool. This character can take on heavy and sturdy characters due to its great agility and potential. His grab-out is his most significant move, his horizontal aerial dashes aid in this move and reserve a slot for him in the S tier of the Shrek super slam tier list. His high wall attack is free of any sorts of lags that help the player use it a lot and gain the upper hand on the opponent.

Slam Attack:  Peppermint Fury

Gingerbread Man winds up, then starts to float in the air while being stationary in midair, in a flat sky-diving position, spinning around himself as he sends out a whole load of peppermint shurikens in four directions that fly towards a set range before they disappear.

A Tier

the second best characters in this tier
A tier

Moving on to the next tier. The characters in this tier may not be the best of the best but are also not mediocre. They have huge plus points in the game. These characters help the player gain the upper hand in the game easily, but they lack some quality that couldn’t help them in getting a slot in the S Tier.

Robin hood

Robin hood used to be the favorite of many boys in childhood, due to his great archery skills and all the adventures he went on. In this video game, he isn’t the best but a little low than that. The main trait that pushed him down to the A tier is his, not so effective, slam attack, and his lack of vigor in different areas of the map.

In some maps, his character lags in speed and moves that make the player lose focus and lose the fight. Other than this he is a very great character to play with. His grabber lunge catches the opponent off guard and he gains the upper hand.

Slam Attack: Merry Men Arrow Swarm

This character gestures forward to support the rain of arrows, which can be directed, easily and has three different firing patterns upon executing the Slam with the strong attack button. The strong attack causes the arrows to fly straight forward in the form of v-formation volleys, holding it slightly causes the arrows to hail downward in a curved arc in front of Robin Hood, while holding it down longer allows the arrows to be fired from random directions, all around Robin Hood.


This donkey and dragon hybrid, are a combination of cuteness and sturdiness. This character is famous for its mid-air jump. It can easily go for two jumps on the battlefield. This helps to go over the opponent and unleash the moves. The reason for it being in the A tier is its slam attack. Its slam attack is very effective but the chances of it hitting the opponent are low. It only goes to a certain distance and the time duration for it is very low. Which gives the opponent the advantage of avoiding it easily. Hence, its slam attack is usually wasted.

Slam Attack: Rapid-Fire

The donkey stampedes around the arena, with a rapid blast of fire while flying; the fire blasts count as separate projectiles that can be avoided with strict timing.

Witch Luna

Witch Luna is one of the unlocked characters, which unlock after you progress in the game. She is not like other ghastly wicked witches but does have a wicked laugh. Like the character preceding her, her slam attack also has a low range. She can not target her opponent easily and causes more damage. This gives her a spot in the A tier. Although she is a great character and has the double mid-air jump that aids in the jumping and grabbing of the opponent.

Slam Attack: Wicked Ride

She hops onto her broom in a surfing position to fly forward, then lets loose a series of magical droplets that pour down from her broom and cause small explosions on the opponent.

Captain Hook

Who hasn’t heard of the evil character of Neverland, who tried to harm Peter pan in every way? He came to life in our very own video game. His hooked hand is scary and is the main reason for him being in the A tier. His hand doesn’t allow him to have a huge range of movement and aiming. This is the reason his slam attack includes his pirate ship. Because, without it, he won’t able to play. Albeit, his slam attack is very effective and helps the player win the battle.

Slam Attack: Seven Seas Cannonball Storm

This cunning character gestures and laughs to summon heaps of cannonballs that shower down around him, these are fired from his pirate ship, along with having one last cannonball nearly hit him as he dodges in place. These cannonballs fall on the opponent to injure him.

B Tier

the average characters ranked in this tier
B tier

The B tier is probably the most mediocre unbiased characters, they have their perks but also huge downfalls to choosing them. These characters may help you get through the game, but a skillful player is required for this.


My favorite thing about the Shrek Franchise is how they brought to life every single fairytale. In the Shrek super slam videogame, these favorite characters use their specialties against their enemies. Pinocchio, the wooden boy, whose nose elongated every time he lied, is included in our B Tier.

In fact, his combo moves are one of the best. He can land multiple punches on the opponent in his combo. The only thing wrong with him is that during his air attacks, he, almost always, misses the target and it goes to waste. This drags this character down to the B Tier.

Slam Attack: Buzz Bomber

This long-nosed wooden boy has a charge-attack-based Slam that is familiar to Donkey Stampede and Hypno-Puss and is a combination of both. Pinocchio has his head and nose grow in size while he flaps his arms like a buzzing bee. During this state, he flies around trying to sting any opponent with his nose to slam them.

Big bad wolf

The big bad wolf is infamous for eating red riding hood’s grandmother. In this game, his cunningness is of great use. His mischievous ways and moves take the opponent by surprise and he aids the player in winning. The reasons for it being in the B Tier are his oddities. His appearance doesn’t match those in the movies. Additionally, his slam attack is very easy to escape. The further the opponent is away from this mammal, the easier he can escape the wolf’s slam attack.

Slam Attack: Super Huff N’ Puff

This hairy Wolf inhales a deep breath to suck in any nearby targets tremendously, then exhales a long Huff N’ Puff with enough force to slam the target. This lasts for a set duration of time.


This videogame brought to life many dream animals of the children. Every little child wanted to ride a unicorn when they were little. With the addition of this character in the video game, they made their dreams come true. With double mid-air jumps and airspeed, this character is a good choice to fight on the battlefield. The main reason for it being in the B Tier is its lagging in speed and agility. You might choose him for his slam attack, but his slam attack usually doesn’t strike the opponent and hence is left unaffected.

Slam Attack: Chaos Clouds

Its slam attack seems like a copied version of the ‘Donkey Stampede’. Anthrax executes a slow headbutt charge. The only difference is that it unleashes clouds, with angry eyes, from its rainbow tail that slowly rises up, allowing it to weave a path, full of hues, to zone out targets and slam them.


G-nome is an unlockable character, who appears in the video game Shrek Super Slam. His Super Slam makes him spin around with garden supplies. He has only appeared in the game. His species shows up throughout the films, albeit not prominently. It got a spot in the B Tier because of its single-hit combo. It takes him time to land the punches on the opponent. This gives the opponent the opening to strike the G-nome. Moreover, his air attack doesn’t usually land on the target. His aim is usually wrong due to his speed and agility lagging.

Slam Attack: Earth Flytrap

G-nome buries into the ground with a flora puddle emitting from the point in which sunk. This allows the player to direct his path and allows him to jump mid-charge. He can also unleash a giant green flytrap plant that slams targets, acting as an anti-air and protecting G-nome from the players jumping over him.


Quasimodo is another character who only appears in the video game. He is featured in ‘The Hunchback of the Notre Dame’.  He is in the B Tier because his slam attack is not that effective. It has a short range of distance, till which it can be used. Also, it has a short duration of time. During the game, his character has slow speed and usually lags during the fight.

Slam Attack: Ding Dong Doom

This character on the B tier of the Shrek super slam tier list uses one of his bells to execute the slam attack. He stampedes around with his bell and he rings it three times in order to slam his target with the sound waves.

C Tier

Average characters in shrek super slam
C tier

C Tier contains the second worse characters from the game. If you play with them, you’ll end up getting frustrated. These characters usually lag in the game and have poor aims. They usually miss the target and end up getting defeated.


Cyclops is the locked character of the game. This one-eyed creature is one of the characters that when you get to play, you just have to deal with it. Cyclops is in the C Tier due to his utterly awful mobility, lack of an air dash move, wall attack, or any other mobility options beyond a slow Dash Attack. He might be the only character who apologizes if he hits too hard.

Slam Attack: Eye in the Sky 

For a set duration, Cyclops holds his gigantic eyeball in his hand. Over his head and tosses it downwards and forwards. He makes the eyeball bounce along the surfaces, making it hard to avoid in tight spaces where it can ricochet into targets, easily.

Black Knight

This armored, game-only character of the C Tier t is powerful yet not so much. Black Knight is a skillful character and prominent in terms of strength and flashy use of his ax. He wields the Axe, which is his main weapon of choice in battle. His moves with it are versatile, varying from simple swings to complex combos of heavy and light stuns.

He is in the C Tier because he is very slow in the execution of his moves and combos. Although he has a large variety of them, the time he takes in unleashing his sword gives the opponent a huge span of the window to strike him. This makes Black Knight’s all other moves ineffective.

Slam Attack Seismic Smash 

This heavily armored character raises his poleaxe, and smashes the shaft end of it on the ground, with full force, to unleash a dark energy blast emitting from a dark-blue skull. This can be easily directed and strikes the opponent to slam them.


Let’s get down to the series’ main character and the video game. This sarcastic green-colored ogre is a severely bad choice in the game. He has the worst agility and mobility. His slam is attack is not at all effective. His slam attack only distracts the opponent and does nothing to defeat him. This character is not in the D tier because of his ornamented combo. This helped him be a better choice in the game. Otherwise, this character should be avoided.

Slam Attack: Green Storm 

Shrek gas is the most disgusting slam attack. He passes out a green gas cloud in flatulence to distract the opponent. This helps him slam the opponent with ease.

Fiona ogre

Ogre Fiona is a girl’s worst nightmare. Every girl is usually conscious of her appearance and looks; if she turned into an ogre, you might see her dead body. Albeit the usual scenarios, this princess is far from those orthodox-thinking girls. She fights battles to overcome her appearance anxieties. But, this grotesque princess is not a good choice to defeat the opponent.

She has close to zero agility and mobility. Her character lags in the game. She doesn’t even have air attacks that aid would aid on the battlefield. Her slam attack is singing which might blow up a bird but neither the opponent standing before her.

Slam Attack: Ogre Aria 

 The ogre version of Fiona does not have the agility or motility of princess Fiona. So, this character brings out her melodic, note sarcasm, and singing skills to fire a volley of music notes that slam her target.

D tier

The worst characters ranked in this tier
D tier

The worst of the worst character, whose slam attacks are not at all effective, and sometimes they can’t even execute them due to their lack of mobility and agility. They don’t get to unleash their powers and they are defeated long before that.


This talkative, euphoric, happy-go-lucky, and flighty sidekick of Shrek is the worst choice anyone can make on the battlefield. Mostly, the opponent escapes his moves as he is slow. While performing his slam attack, he cannot jump. Donkey is in the last tier of the ranking for being a Master of None, who is only effective at lower levels of the game.

Slam Attack: Donkey Stampede

The donkey advances at full speed. He charges forward headfirst for a set duration to headbutt his foes.

Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots was the favorite character of many in the Shrek franchise, but all of them were disappointed by his depiction in the videogame. Although his cute face is adorable that’s where the plus points stop. Puss in Boots is in the D tier due to its limited range and lack of combo options. He has very low mobility. He usually can’t land his punch.

Slam Attack: Hypno-Puss 

Puss sheaths his sword and unsheathes his own iconic heart-melting face, this comes with a literal-yawning twist, it spreads a hypnotism ray that stuns any targets within its range, Puss then gets on all fours and charges in a stampede similar to the Donkey Stampede.

Humpty Dumpty

The former arch-nemesis of puss in boots, this mischievous bud has zero benefits on the battlefield. The player who chooses he has to just sit there and watch himself lose at the hands of Humpty Dumpty. He really does have a huge fall in the tier list and fell down to the D tier. The houses in the D tier due to his ineffective slam attack. He is prone to get hit by the opponent more than anybody else in the game.

Slam Attack: Scrambled Egg Spin 

Humpty Dumpty flips upside down and in all directions. This spinning helps to slam targets with his powerful turnover kicks.

Comparison Table

CharacterTierSlam Attack
Red riding hoodSPicnic Basket of Utter Destruction
Princess FionaSBouquet of Blades
Prince CharmingSCharming’s Roar
Gingerbread manSPeppermint Fury
Robin hoodAMerry Men Arrow Swarm
Witch LunaAWicked Ride
Captain HookASeven Seas Cannonball Storm
PinocchioBBuzz Bomber
Big bad wolfBSuper Huff N’ Puff
AnthraxBChaos Clouds
G-nomeBEarth Flytrap
QuasimodoBDing Dong Doom
CyclopsCEye in the Sky
Black KnightCSeismic Smash
ShrekCGreen Storm
Fiona ogreCOgre Aria
DonkeyDDonkey Stampede
Puss in BootsDHypno-Puss
Humpty DumptyDScrambled Egg Spin

Final Verdict

This whole article revolves around ranking the Shrek super slam characters in the form of the tier list. The best characters were housed under the S tiers. They had the best combos and slam attacks that even a beginner can easily win with them. The characters lower than this were lodged under the A tier of the Shrek super slam tier list. In the B tier, mediocre characters were found that could be defeated but can also fight quite strategically.

The almost worst fighters were in the C Tier. The tier advanced in this way to the D tier where the worst characters reside, with whom even the most skillful person can’t win. The ranking of the characters was not solely based on one trait. It evaluated their whole gameplay before distributing them.

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