Dead or Alive 6 Tier List: Best Characters [2023]

Unveiling the Ultimate Dead or Alive 6 Tier List - Unleash the Power of the Best Characters

A fast-paced 3D fighting game best known for its vibrant and unique character outfits, Dead or Alive 6. Generally, the game has a lot to offer in terms of content, a story mode, which instead of a single story campaign, runs across several different episodes, various multiplayer modes, and a vast variety of characters to play with. This dead or alive 6 tier list has ranked the characters into five tiers, from best to worst, with S-Tier being the best and the D-Tier being the worst. There is a possibility that when a player logs into the game, he might be overwhelmed or confused about choosing a character from a relatively large character roster because, at the moment, the game consists of a total of 31 characters, with each character having its own special abilities, attacks, combat styles, and stats.

We believe that categorizing characters into tiers, from best to worst, is a highly subjective debate and can vary from person to person. But it is important to understand that this tier list reflects our perspective of the game based on our general experience, gameplay, and understanding. In the game, each character has its own abilities, combat style, and grapple combos, we have constituted the tier list while keeping all of the categorizing factors in mind, and our opinion might be different than yours.

Key Points

  • We have ranked 30 characters from Dead or Alive 6 in our Tier List.
  • They are ranked based on combat technique, move set, and stats.
  • The highest tiers haveRaidu, Christie and Phase 4, and Ryu
  • The lower tiers have Bass and Diego


The following table enlists the ranking of characters

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank

Marry Rose

HitomiBrad WongTinaJann Lee
Phase 4NyotenguTamaki
Ryu HayabusaMai Shiranui

La Mariposa
Helena Douglas

Kula diamond

Read their details below:


Don't miss these characters in Dead or Alive 6
Greatest Characters of the Game

The dead or alive 6 best characters are added to the S-Tier or the Superb Tier, these characters are the best out of the entire lot. These are the chosen characters who have the ability to overpower and annihilate any opponent in the game easily.

The characters in the S-Tier are some of the most popular characters in the Dead or Alive community due to their frequent use by many players for their amazing gameplay, power, and damage input. Let’s move towards the first character in the S-Tier of our dead or alive 6-tier list.


Raidou was first introduced in the original Dead or Alive game, which came in the mid-’90s, this was the golden era of fighting games, due to the boom of arcade gaming.

The lord of darkness utilizes the Mugen Tenshin Taijutsu combat technique and can mimic the opponent’s moves. The game follows a parry system where throws beat strikes and as in the game, where every character has a fairly strong defensive stance, this character is quite handy as the main move set is a grapple throw combo, which makes Raidou a great offensive character, and an easy pick for those players who tend to play with and attacking and aggressive playstyle.

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First AppearanceDead or Alive
Fighting StyleModified Mugen Tenshin style ninjutsu

Ryu Hayabusa

The dragon lord, Ryu Hayabusa, is one of the main characters in the Ninja Gaiden video game series and is included in the character roster for Dead or Alive 6. Hayabusa is one of the hardest characters in the game to master but is also one of the most overpowered characters the game has ever seen.

The fatal stun combo, in our opinion, is the hardest combo to master, for which the player has to go down forward three and hit the combo using H+K. Hayabusa also wields a powerful mystical sword named the dragon sword. Without the dragon lord, the tier list for dead or alive 6 best characters would be incomplete.

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First AppearanceNinja Gaiden
Fighting StyleHayasuba Style ninjitsu


Christie was first added to the Dead or Alive character roster in Dead or Alive 3 which came out back in 2001 and has since been the community favorite. Christie is one of the fastest and strongest characters in the game, and also wields some of the most visually pleasing and punishing combos, with some of her combo chains being more than twenty hits.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 3
Fighting StyleShe Quan


Ayane was first introduced only as a fighting dummy in the original Dead or Alive game but was added to the dead or alive 6 character roster during the 1998 PlayStation port. Ayane is added to the game as one of the dead or alive 6 DLC characters. In 1998, the PlayStation version of the game was released, with refined graphics, new background music, and two new characters.

Although, from being introduced only as a fighting dummy the character has gone through some serious development and has acquired some heavy-hitting combo attacks, with a range of ten to eleven hits.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 
Fighting StyleMugen Tenshin Style Ninjitsu

Phase 4

Phase 4 is an evil clone and, in our opinion, is one of the best-thought characters in the fighting games industry; let it be the appearance, personality, or the move set, this character has it all. Phase 4 has some seriously overpowered attacks and breathtaking combos to punish its opponent. Phase 4 is one of the best dead or alive characters the franchise has ever seen, and their fore added to the S-tier of our dead or alive 6-tier list.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 5
Fighting StyleModified Mugen Tenshin Style Ninjitsu


Ranking the powerful characters in Dead or Alive 6
Just short of Greatness

We are now moving towards the A-Tier of our dead or alive 6-tier list. In the A-Tier, we have characters with some great potential, but the performance of these characters strictly depends upon the player’s ability to capitalize on the characters’ ability.

The characters that are inducted into the A-Tier are an overall good pick for the player to play with due to their extreme power levels, epic combo chain attacks,  their fast movements, and agility. But however, these characters still fall short of the characters in the S-Tier. Now, let’s see who is the first character in the A-Tier of our tier list.


Hayate is a shinobi and is also the eighteenth lord of the Mugen Tenshin clan. He is one of the game’s main characters throughout the whole story mode.

We first come to know about his existence in the original Dead or Alive game, in the second game, we see that Hayate goes by the name of Ein (Hayate’s Alter ego), as in Dead or Alive 2, Hayate is in a state of amnesia, but he quickly regains his long lost memories, and in Dead or Alive 3 Hayate finally becomes a member of the character roster as himself.

Hayate is amongst the most powerful dead or alive 6 characters and is also one of the hardest characters to master in the game. Hayate is a great pick for experienced players, as his combo inputs are way too complex, but at the same time, his attacks and combos are extremely powerful and deal a great amount of damage to the opponent. We have put Hayate into the A-tier because of the complex inputs and on-point timing it takes to execute a perfect combo.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 3
Fighting StyleMugen Tenshin Style Ninjitsu

Mai Shiranui

Mai Shiranui was first introduced in fatal fury 2 and is a recurring guest character in the Dead or Alive franchise. Mai Shiranui is among the most famous dead or alive 6 female characters in the gaming community.  The character uses stealth attacks and has a number of unique one-strike attacks, grapple throws, and some pretty decent combos. In one of her grapple throws, she can even catch an opponent in midair and deliver a devastating blow, for which the player has to go back + H, while the opponent is in the air.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 5
Fighting StyleShiranui style


Hitomi was first introduced in Dead or Alive 3 and has since been a popular character among the Dead or Alive community, as most of the players play with Hitomi as their main character, due to her balanced offensive and defensive stats.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 3
Fighting StyleKarate


Kasumi is the leader of the Mugen Tenshin clan and also the main character of the first two games in the video game series. This character excels in close-range combat. She is one of the most technical characters on our dead or alive 6-tier list, as the player needs to perfectly time the moves to land some blows on the enemy or to counter the enemy attacks. She is among the most iconic dead or alive 6 female characters out there.

First AppearanceDead or Alive
Fighting StyleMugen Tenshin style ninjitsu


Nyotengu is a new character and was added to the character roster during the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate edition update. The character has some incredible moves at her disposal; in one of her attacks, she can even grab onto her opponent and use her wings to fly up in the air and then slam the opponent back onto the ground, resulting in massive damage. The character also has several short but effective combos. Her quick combos are the main reason why we have added her to the B-Tier.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 5
Fighting StyleTengu-do


Mila is a mixed martial arts fighter. Her combat style is the most unique and different in comparison with other characters. She has several powerful combos in her arsenal to easily annihilate her opponent, in one of her combos we see Mila, attempting a takedown and hitting her opponent with some lethal blows in the face, just like a real mixed martial arts fighter fighting in the octagon would do.

In our opinion, Mila is a unique character and different from all the other characters we’ve seen up till now, and it would be a fun experience for a player to play the game as Mila.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 5
Fighting StyleMixed martial arts

La Mariposa

Lisa Hamilton, who fights under the ring name of La Mariposa is a luchador which is reflected in her outfits and could be an easy pick for any player because of her throw combos, kick attacks, agility, and fast movement. Her moves are also difficult to counter. Making her one of the harder characters to fight against.

First AppearanceDead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
Fighting StyleLucha libre

Helena Douglas

The former opera singer easily entered the dead or alive 6 core fighters roster. The character can easily counter the opponent’s attacks and perform deadly combos.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 2
Fighting StylePiguaquan


Momiji is the guardian of the dragon eye, a sacred ornament that holds the soul of a mighty dragon. An overall very good fighting character, with powerful attacks and solid defense stances against the enemy attacks. Her Shun-Ko unique strike can easily break through the opponent’s defense to land a devastating blow.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 5
Fighting StyleHayabusa style aiki-jujutsu


Zack’s unique combat style of Tai Mulay and unique moving patterns makes it difficult for the opponent to dodge or counter his attacks. He can also perform several decent combo chains. One of his special moves, the Taunt: Hell no! can deal a total damage of 85 health points.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 
Fighting StyleMuay Thai


Bayman just like Kasumi is a great pick for hand-to-hand or close-quarter combat. A player should opt for this specific character if he knows how to capitalize on the mistakes made by his opponent during the round. Bayman has the ability to break the grapple throws of his opponent easily.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 
Fighting StyleCombat Sambo


Rachel is a character for the players who like to play on the offensive side of the game, because of her powerful attack moves and a wide variety of combos particularly her grapple throws, she is a nightmare for any opponent.

First AppearanceNinja Gaiden
Fighting StyleCounter fiend combat

Kula Diamond

Kula Diamond was originally a character of the King of Fighters video game franchise, and just like Ayane, she was added to the game as one of the dead or alive 6 DLC characters. Kula excels at close-quarter combat and has an enormous strength at her disposal, her special move requires the player to go forward up and then execute the combo by tapping P.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 6
Fighting StyleAnti-K’ Arts


The next character in our Dead or Alive 6-tier list is Honoka, who is a young school-going student and a mixed martial arts fighter. The character is of great relevance in the story mode of the game due to her alleged relationship with Raidou, and an unknown user of the Mugen Tenshin Taijutsu combat technique, in our opinion the character still needs to go through some development, but however, the character has some pretty decent combo chain attacks, out of which the dragon cannon is the most lethal one.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 5
Fighting StyleHonoka fu


The rig uses taekwondo as his combat style, with some powerful single-strike attacks, and has some fast movement patterns to avoid the opponent’s attacks, Rig, overall is a very well-balanced character, because of his good offensive and defensive capabilities.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 5
Fighting StyleTaekwondo


Above average characters
Somewhat Decent

The characters in the B-Tier of the dead or alive 6-tier list, are somewhat above average, with some pretty decent stats, attacks, and combos, however, these characters definitely lack the wow factor but nonetheless can put up a fairly decent performance, these characters are more plausible to be used in a friendly game to have a good time, rather than in mainstream tournaments and competitive buildups.

Marry Rose

Marry Rose is the servant of our former opera singer-turned-fighter, Helena Douglas, which is reflected in the game’s story mode. With a fairly predictable move set and easily countered attacks, Marry Rose is inducted into the C-Tier among the best characters in dead or alive 6.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 5
Fighting StyleSystema


Eliot is a decent character with impressive grapple throw combos and single strike attacks.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 4
Fighting StyleXingyi Quan

Brad Wong

Brad Wong has the weirdest stance and the most unique movement patterns in the game, which keeps the enemy on his toes and can also attack the opponent from various unpredictable positions, such as a headstand, standing on one leg, and whatnot. We have kept him in the B-Tier because it takes some time for the player to get used to his movement patterns.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 3
Fighting StyleJeet Kune Do


 Relatively Weak characters
Weakness is not a Virtue

The character in the C-Tier are the weaker ones from the character roster or may have some negative opinions about them in the gaming community. in a game with a parry system where the power level, movement, agility, attacks, and combos all relatively constitutes the greatness of each character, these characters are lacking in one aspect or the other, because of which they are at a serious disadvantage concerning the characters in the S and A-Tier. Whit all said, let’s look at the first character in the C-Tier.


Nico is the newest dead or alive 6 female character added to the game. Nico is also known by the name Lightning Technomancer, because the character uses a pair of electrically charged gloves during duels which enables her to deal damage, thus working as a defense mechanism. Like Kasumi, the character is a more logical option for players like close-quarter combat.

The reason we have added Nico in the C-Tier is because of her lack of historical significance to the game and the fact that generally, fewer players may be willing to play with a new character rather than their main character.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 6
Fighting StylePencack Silat


Tina is the daughter of Bass, and just like her father, she has some superior strength at her disposal but has some of the slowest movement speed in the game, which can prove to be a serious disadvantage, even if she is able to deal with tons of damage to her opponent.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 
Fighting StylePro wrestler


We have Kokoro in the C-tier of our Dead or Alive 6 Tier List, the reason is that the character is at a complete disadvantage when it comes to the side-stepping mechanism of the game. In the sixth edition of the game, she got a new mid-kick attack. This mid-kick attack and her grapple throws are the only reason, why she has been kept in the C-tier, or else she would’ve definitely ended in the lower tier.

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First AppearanceDead or Alive 
Fighting StyleBaji Quan


We have added Tamaki to the C-Tier because of the mixed opinions regarding her in the Dead or Alive community, she is way too powerful even to the extent that she has broken the game, her almost nonstop attacks, to little recovery time and her strong defense stance can avoid many attacks, which makes her unstoppable against certain characters in the game.

If you are a player who is playing the game with Tamaki as the main character, then it is going to be a smooth and fun experience, otherwise, you are in for a lot of stress and rage. In our opinion, this character needs to be nerfed.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 
Fighting StyleKanji


Leifang in our opinion is somewhat of a one-trick pony, because of her heavy reliance on powerful one-strike attacks and counters. The lack of long combo chains makes playing the game a less fun experience.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 
Fighting StyleTaiji Quan


dead or alive 6 tier list
A Serious Misfire!

All of the characters added in the D-Tier of our tier list are those that we consider are a complete flop, they are the weakest of the entire 31 character roster because they are at a complete disadvantage when it comes to their poor stats, power level, movement patterns, and combos. The game developers have really made a da decision by adding these characters to the game.


A retired pro wrestler who goes by the name of Mr. Strong. Bass is a good character if only consider the brute strength that he has to offer, but it is his lack of speed which him a serious misfire because, in a fighting game where movement and agility are the key aspects for a character to counter or dodge the opponent attacks, Bass just seems to be a misfit, a warrior that is way out of its league.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 
Fighting StylePro wrestling

Jann Lee

Jann Lee is a relatively weak character as compared to the other characters in the game, with some half-decent combos and fairly weak single-strike attacks which could be a serious disadvantage.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 
Fighting StyleJeet Kune do


Diego fights like a ruthless thug as if he is in a street fight, only relying on brute strength and powerful one-strike attacks, his lack of long combo chain attacks is the main reason why he is in the D-Tier.

First AppearanceDead or Alive 6
Fighting StyleStreet Fighting

Comparison Table

CharactersTierFirst AppearanceFighting Style
RaidouSDead or AliveModified Mugen Tenshin style ninjutsu
ChristieSNinja GaidenHayasuba Style ninjitsu
AyaneSDead or Alive 3She Quan
Phase 4SDead or AliveMugen Tenshin Style Ninjitsu
Ryu HayabusaSDead or Alive 5Modified Mugen Tenshin Style Ninjitsu
HayateADead or Alive 3Mugen Tenshin Style Ninjitsu
HitomiADead or Alive 5Shiranui style
KasumiADead or Alive 3Karate
NyotenguADead or AliveMugen Tenshin style ninjitsu
Mai ShiranuiADead or Alive 5Tengu-do
MilaADead or Alive 5Mixed martial arts
La MariposaADead or Alive Xtreme Beach VolleyballLucha libre
Helena DouglasADead or Alive 2Piguaquan
MomijiADead or Alive 5Hayabusa style aiki-jujutsu
ZackADead or AliveMuay Thai
BaymenADead or AliveCombat Sambo
RachelANinja GaidenCounter fiend combat
Kula diamondADead or Alive 6Anti-K' Arts
HonokaADead or Alive 5Honoka fu
RigADead or Alive 5Taekwondo
Marry RoseBDead or Alive 5Systema
Brad WongBDead or Alive 4Xingyi Quan
EliotBDead or Alive 3Jeet Kune Do
NicoCDead or Alive 6Pencack Silat
TinaCDead or AlivePro wrestler
KokoroCDead or AliveBaji Quan
TamakiCDead or AliveKanji
LeifangCDead or Alive Taiji Quan
BassDDead or Alive Pro wrestling
Jann LeeDDead or AliveJeet Kune do
DiegoDDead or Alive 6 Street Fighting

Final Verdict

The characters in the dead or alive 6 tier list are categorized based on their power level, stats, attacks, combos, appearance, and player preference. In the article, we have added all the 31 characters the game has to offer, whether they may be the dead or alive 6 DLC characters or the original ones.

The tier list shows our perspective of the game and can vary from person to person; the dead or alive 6 best characters are added in the S-Tier, the relatively good characters are added in the A-tier, the somewhat half-decent characters are added in the B-Tier, the weaker characters are in the C-Tier, while the D-Tier consists of all the dead or alive 6 characters that are the lowest of the entire character roster. The game, overall, is quite entertaining, from the storylines to the various multiplayer modes and the vast variety of characters to choose from, each with its battles, story, and persona.

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