Hunter Arena Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2023]

A comprehensive tier list ranking all the 17 characters in the game to help you make an informed choice.

Unlike many of its FPS contemporaries, Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a battle royale game that places an emphasis on hard-hitting melee combat. And since its release back in 2020, the number of playable characters in the game has increased to a total of 17 as its popularity has increased. And it takes a lot of effort to test and understand the combat style of 17 different hunters, especially because they all have such varied playstyles. Lucky for you, we are here with our Hunter Arena tier list to help you pick the absolute best ones of the bunch.

Every new character you choose is a completely distinct experience, ranging from up very close melee fighters who won’t let off the strain to long-range snipers who glide out of harm’s way. To save you the trouble of sorting through the possibilities, some gamers have taken the time and effort to go through the complete cast and provide the details you need to make your decision. Let us start with our list and get to know the characters more closely.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 17 characters in our Tier List.
  • Each character was ranked by taking their stats like attack, defense, speed, and abilities into mind.
  • Among the highest tiers, you will find characters like Jun, Tau, Ara, WuKong, and Momo.
  • In the lower tiers, you can find Aiden, Geonhong, Mir, Sum Jung, and Pigsy.


We will list all characters in a short table now.

S RankA RankB RankC Rank
TauDaraMumyungSum Jung

Keep reading to learn more about each entry.

S Tier

Hunter Arena tier list S tier
S Tier.

The strongest characters will be included in this portion of the Hunter’s Arena Legends Tier List that we are currently working on. Every one of these characters is incredible and has skills that are really unparalleled in their potency. In addition, these heroes excel in the use of their respective abilities. The following is a discussion of these heroes in order.


Jun is the perfect one-on-one character since he always decides how close to get in combat. In order to gain the upper hand against adversaries that like fleeing or long-range attackers, use your Death Embrace talent to extend your blade and bring the foe into close combat.

Blood Revenge, which enables Jun to sprint in two different directions toward the adversary, is the most often utilized skill. Sways may cover a lot of territories before the opponent has a chance to respond, in addition to throwing misdirects at them. The rest of his arsenal consists of strong yet straightforward moves that are simple enough for beginners to learn.

Top Move Talon Attack


The main reason Tau isn’t the finest character for new players is that he’s difficult to maneuver. You can occasionally get imprisoned in the environment because you are the largest character in the game. With his potent, difficult-to-defend attack, the degree of difficulty isn’t too steep.

Three essential elements of his assault each built up a lethal combination. His Beast Dash equips you with armor as you assault the opposition, giving them no choice but to flee. If the dash lands, it will render them dazed and vulnerable to Earth Tremor, which will ground them and deliver severe damage. Tau will rise to the top and ruthlessly defeat the enemy as he uses Rock Breaker to finish the game, destroying any possibility of a comeback.

Top Move Beast Dash


Having a long-range hunter keeps you from being overpowered when the battlefield becomes chaotic. Without employing a single talent, Ara has by far the finest mobility in the game. She successfully holds back powerful opponents. As she plays her flute, she uses her ranged attack, Lucid Dream, to generate a trail of harmful butterflies and boost the attack’s strength.

Being one of the few characters in the game, she is more annoying while she is fleeing since even when she is not moving, her passive Locoris can create damaging orbs to halt any hunters in their tracks. Ara is one of the most tricky targets in Hunter’s Arena because of her talents and agility, which leave a minefield of dangers in her wake.

Top Move Dissonance


If the fan base is calling him broken, then he must possess some absolutely amazing abilities. The most potent escape mechanisms of Wukong allow you to choose between exploiting his high DPS or escaping the situation uninjured. His most valuable weapon, though, is his basic assaults, which deliver some of the game’s most devastating damage.

The most annoying offensive in the game is one that combines high damage with the capacity for extended combos. Wukong’s passive move, Catch Me If You Can, sends forth three clones that confuse your opponent and let you mount a counterattack or flee if they do manage to get past your defense.

Top Move Nirvana

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Momo’s damage from the basic attack is incredible, and her HP metrics have elevated ever since the game was released. The projectile speed of her basic strike is great. There is now a long delay following your previous basic assault. The cooldown that is incurred after using Momo’s “Crushing Ice” has been lengthened. Momo’s use of stamina required to defend against her strikes is incredible.

She is an amazing character from the game, although she requires to be unlocked she is worth the hustle.

Top Move Back Jump

A Tier

Good characters.
A Tier.

In the A rank of the Hunter Arena Tier List 2023, we will be analyzing the characters who are considerably good compared to the other characters in the article but are still not nearly as excellent as the ones in the S tier. The S tier contains the characters that are considered to be the best in the game. The following is a discussion about them.


Although Dalgi isn’t one of Hunter’s Arena: Legends’ original characters, she is unquestionably one of its greatest due to her ability to do damage that is quite literally absurd. She is a lot of fun to play, and her choice of weapons is distinctive enough to make her melee fighting seem new. Any opponent would find it frustrating to face her.

She can put together combinations rapidly, and because of this, she is most effective while attacking. She’s not very hard to learn, but new players could need some time to get acclimated to her.

Top Move Melee Attack


Dara has one of the most diverse ability lists in the game, if flying over the battlefield and employing elemental powers aren’t enough to pique your interest. You have more than ten alternatives to pick from because each of her talents has three distinct effects based on the ingredient selected at the moment.

Dara must utilize her fourth talent to switch between the elements, giving her the opportunity to do so in the middle of a combo to really shake things up. Dara has so many unique perspectives compared to other characters that opponents can never guess your next move.

Top Move Elemental Strike


Sandy is a good character from Hunter Arena, having great fighting skills and incredible strikes that cause an enormous amount of damage to the opponent so that the opponent is completely drained of energy. She has a great rage that allows her to be extra efficient throughout the fight, having a dangerous effect on the opponent. Sandy is a superb character which is why we have placed her in the A tier.

Top Move NA


Yoongeon is a unique character that may be difficult for any player to play since he can switch between a melee and a long-range combat style depending on the circumstance. The Mark of Prey skill allows you to attack a marked adversary from any range utilizing his melee attacks, however, initially, you’ll need to get within melee range. His armament almost eliminates the ability to flee, eliminating one of an adversary’s primary game plans.

Further enhancing his flexibility, his Ephemeral Liberation has two separate settings that let you stack either damage or resistance. If those maneuvers are insufficient, Yoongeon can be made two times as potent by resetting all skill cooldowns and restarting the cycle.

Top Move NA

B Tier

B Tier
B Tier.

Our Hunter’s Arena Legends Tier List is moving on to the next rank. It is where everyone knows the B-Tier characters go, so it will have average to slightly above-average heroes.


Mimi is a fine character from the game, she has the ability to attack the enemy in front and sends them flying. Her hit is able to stumble the target, and she can attack the enemy with countless blades as well. Her final ability also makes the enemy stumble upon hit as well, as she charges forward and deals massive damage. Mimi can be reused with an extra press when the attack hits any enemy.

Top Move Meteor Dash


Mumyung has subtlety on his side rather than great armor and powerful damage. Combat this time around is considerably more tactical, offering you a special attack that adversaries can only see from one character. You’ll need to play far more covertly than usual to ambush the adversary and teleport away from danger.

The most effective tools in his arsenal allow him to conjure an avatar to join the attack, giving the opposition two targets to cope with. Once you’ve successfully executed enough basic assaults, Mumyung will turn invisible to other players, giving you a significant tactical advantage.

Top Move Shadow Cut


Gyeonjo is the game’s tank character if his look didn’t already make that clear. He uses the shield as a weapon to assault while utilizing his incredible defensive strength. The adversary is drawn to you before you deal significant damage with talents like Thunder Grasp, despite the fact that his physical range isn’t the finest.

Shredder will also throw the spinning shield at foes before returning to Gyenjo’s hand and doing no harm. His defensive abilities gain strength as he goes above the damage cap, rendering him invincible.

Top Move NA


Aiden is a decent melee character from the game having some good skills. He has an infinite march that allows him to fight with a good amount of strength and ability. His shield throw and steel barrier are somewhat average which allows him to be lagged in a fight. Some of the other skills of the character are Iron Will, Death Sense, and Foresight.

Top Move Infinite March


Geonhong is a strong melee character, as he uses his Bottle Throw to assault the enemy with his great force. He can strike down the opponent before he gets damaged himself by his Tipsy Flame and Elevating Tipiness. Despite his great skills, he is placed in the B tier and not the A tier because as his character is said to have Alcohol Aggression, therefore while fighting, some of his strikes do not have a huge impact that causes him to be weak at some points during the fight. On the whole, he is an average character who lagged behind by his weakness. 

Top Move Bottle Throw

C Tier

Hunter Arena tier list C tier
C Tier.

The C tier has characters that are worse than average in the game thus far. The champions that fall within the C tier are useful only in extremely specific contexts. You may find a list of them below.


Mir is for players that enjoy engaging in trench warfare and dishing out punishing combinations that render the opposition powerless. At the conclusion of six of his eight abilities, the adversary is stunned, weakening their defenses and allowing for an additional assault. Mir’s Exploding Rage triggers his super armor and diverts any substantial damage while you are in range, even if the attacker pauses the onslaught.

The secret to Mir’s success is pressure, which prevents adversary hunters from regaining their balance after the initial blow. Collision, his initial specialization, allows him to charge into an opponent and immediately knock them down. The adversary won’t have any room to breathe, making one-on-one battle the most effective.

Top Move Triple Strike

Sum Jung

Sum Jung is a player who has a decent way to fight the enemy, accompanied by his Nirvana powers. He has a Tree Path Strike by the help of which he can strike many attacks on the opponent and cause a good amount of damage. Despite his good skills, he is placed in the C tier of the Hunter Arena Tier List because he has some drawbacks in him. 

His attacks like Buddha’s Palm, Dauntless Curtain, and Penance and Patience have a comparatively low impact on the opponent as the strikes of other characters have. Therefore he is placed in the lowest tier of this list.

Top Move Tree Path Strike


A tank hunter who is able to penetrate opposing formations and take damage while still maintaining their defensive capabilities while doing so. To really appreciate Pigsy, you must relish the thrill of trench warfare and the satisfaction of handing out devastating combos that leave your opponent helpless in its tracks.

His abilities include a knockback effect, leaving the opponent vulnerable to a second attack. Once Pigsy’s Enormous Rage is activated, his super armor will deflect any significant damage dealt to him while you are in range, regardless of whether or not the adversary continues their assault. His first area of expertise, collision, enables him to rush headfirst into a foe and instantly knock them to the ground. 

Top Move Nil

Comparison Table

CharactersTierTop Move
STalon Attack
TauSBeast Dash
MomoSBack Jump
AMelee Attack
DaraAElemental Strike
BMeteor Dash
MumyungBShadow Cut
AidenBInfinite March
GeonhongBBottle Throw
CTriple Strike
Sum JungCTree Path Strike


And that about does it for our Hunter Arena character rankings, where we tried our best to rank each character according to their respective skills and stats. There is a big change that you might feel differently about a lot of our placements, and thats okay.

As previously mentioned, this is a melee-focused battle royale game, so the standards for ranking here were a bit different. But we still tried our absolute best, and we hope that you’ll leave some constructive criticisms for us in the comments section below.