Injustice 2 Tier List: All Fighters Ranked [2023]

In This Article, We Will Be Ranking All The Fighters In The Game.

Today in our Injustice 2 Tier List, we will rank each Injustice 2 hero to the best of their abilities. There are a variety of heroes in the game to choose from, and with our article, you will be able to narrow your choices down from the vast options available. So in order to boost your competitive spirit and ensure a good gaming experience you should go through this list.

So if we talk about the game itself that is Injustice 2 is a very famous fighting game and almost everyone has an understanding of what it’s like. And when getting into it, you should choose your character wisely as it makes the game more enjoyable and a treat to play you must choose characters with the best abilities and good strength for a battle. 

Key Points

  • There are a total of 37 fighters in our article.
  • Each fighter will be ranked according to their Core Stats, Performance, and Synergy.
  • In the highest tiers, you can find characters like Black Adam, Catwoman, Starfire, Wonder Woman, and Batman.
  • Among the lowest rank, you will see fighters like Captain Cold, Joker, Swamp Thing, Gorilla Grodd, and Raiden.


Before we get into the details of the tiers themselves, here is a table with all rankings.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Black Adam
• Catwoman
• Starfire
• Wonder Woman
• Batman
• Doctor Fate
• Red Hood
• Firestorm
• Poison Ivy
• Black Manta
• Supergirl
• Hellboy
• Superman
• Flash
• Green Arrow
• Atrocitus
• Aquaman
• Darkseid
• Robin
• Green Lantern
• Scarecrow
• Blue Beetle
• Cyborg
• Sub-Zero
• Enchantress
• Deadshot
• Harley Quinn
• Bane
• Cheetah
• Donatello* (TMNT)
• Raphael* (TMNT)
• Black Canary
• Captain Cold
• Joker
• Swamp Thing
• Gorilla Grodd
• Raiden

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S Tier

Best characters of Injustice 2
S Tier.

All characters in the S rank of our Injustice 2 Character Tier List are considered top-tier fighters. They are exceptionally powerful, with incredible defensive and offensive capabilities. The heroes mentioned here are the best ones in the game and you should prefer selecting and should be in every player’s priority list for your game. 

Black Adam

First of all, Black Adam is an arena season character in the game so if you are a good player you can grind the arena and get your hands on this character by spending gems. Also, you should get as many swords for the character as possible because it is totally worth it. Along with that, you should get the Black Adam gearbox from the arena store by spending arena points. You can also upgrade the gearbox by leveling up. As he is immune to the increased power cost of abilities he has a 75% chance of stunning the opponent.

The power generation of this hero can be increased to a 10% chance of stealing 7 powers from the opponent. Black Adam invokes Shazam’s power through the “Soul of Shazam,” which increases the force with which he punches. It reduces the power cost of special abilities. reduces the amount of damage by 75% and can steal 7 power bars from the opponent. However, if you master the character you will not need any defensive tools as its power and critical attack are sufficient for your win in the game if you have mastered it. Black adams will do a lot of damage than many other characters in the game.


 Catwoman has a chance to add 1 scratch to her scratch meter with her stretch attack each time she uses it. She gets five additional hits with its destructive abilities. Her attacking abilities are the strongest and destroy the opponent with its powerful strikes.

Cat woman works its best in operations but is quite predictable and it is easy to escape from its attacks in some situations. Despite that, she is amazing in her passives as her moves are simple yet most powerful in destroying the enemy and dealing maximum damage. Her special skill includes throwing spikes on the ground and anyone who steps on them will get damaged. Also, Catwoman works best as a “bully” who pushes opponents into corners with her quick assaults.


She is a fantastic character with powerful destructive combos. Her special abilities allow her to increase the trimmings of her combos. Starfire fires a single, direct bolt of energy in the direction of the enemy, with a maximum range of four hits. Due to her star bolts, Starfire thrives at mid to long-range distances. 

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Wonder Woman

Wonder woman is a famous and useful character in the game. The hero character gained popularity among the players with its excellent defense and attacking powers which are useful in any mode of the game. She can change her style and transmit to the Lasso of Truth from a sword and shield.

She excels in zoning, defense, and tight quarters practically anywhere in the game and is a very adaptable and powerful hero of Injustice 2. The sole drawback to Wonder Woman is her average speed, which significantly limits her ability to be offensive.


Yet another famous and powerful character in the game is Batman. His special bat strike enables him to launch bats in the direction of the enemy and damage his health. The hero also has the ability to summon three bats that follow him in his fights and function in destroying the health of the enemy along with their defensive abilities.

He may play aggressively without worrying about his openings thanks to Batman’s bats. He is a character who is usually on the defensive but can suddenly become aggressive.

Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate will cast an enchantment, enhancing the power of his magic strikes with the dark magic ability. If we talk about zoning the opponent, Fate is an excellent selection in this respect. Although he has a greater range than any other hero of the game, still when it comes to close interactions he is much weaker in close-quarters combat. As long as you keep to your combos, his trait allows him to deal burst damage.

A Tier

Good characters of Injustice 2
A Tier.

These Injustice 2 characters are a step behind the S-tier ones, but it does not mean that they are any less beneficial when it comes to their skills. They are outstanding in their respective roles, and so we consider them among the best in the game.

Red Hood

Going Ballistic enables Red Hood to deploy a variety of fresh combinations and mix-ups by electrifying his handguns and using them as blunt weapons.

Once you surpass his extremely high-skill cap, Red Hood becomes a mix-up god. Although he is proficient at zoning, he really excels when he uses his attribute to make his combinations surprising. However Red Hood requires a lot of practice, therefore players who want to achieve must be willing to put in the effort.


Firestorm upgrades his flames to increase damage and allow for farther-reaching assaults. Another strong zoner, he traps his opponents by shooting projectiles at them before going in for the finish. So using him in your attacking game will be of great benefit for your win. However correct timing and use of his combos is necessary for making full use of his abilities. 

Poison Ivy

Ivy summons a short dinosaur-like plant creature from the ground directly behind her with her nightshade ability. It stays in the same spot the entire time and constantly spits ooze at the opponent as a projectile. When Ivy is injured, she vanishes.

Also, Ivy instructs Night Shade to go underground, charging at the opponent with a low-hitting attack and then disappearing with its burrow ability. Thr hero has a trait that adds an extra layer of defense and consistent offense throughout the game. She’s good for beginners because you can easily set up combos with Night Shade and Burrow.

Black Manta

Another hero of the A tier of my Injustice 2 Tier List 2023 is Black Manta. His float ability makes him able to use his jetpack to fly for a short period of time, allowing him to open more combos or dodge attacks.

The player must learn his dodging techniques for making his game more enjoyable and easy to win. Also because of his jetpack, Black Manta’s mobility is among the best in the game. He can use it to counter enemy combos or create his own. 


Supergirl is in fact Superman’s cousin and uses a similar power suit as well. Her main ability includes her Kryptonian lasers straight, up, or down dealing some major damage. She can also use her abilities and attack the opponent while flying. She also has a special freezing breath which freezes the opponent for some time.

That deals with more damage if she attacks the already stun opponent. Supergirl has fantastic combos as well as a useful float ability. She is a more polished fighter than the rest of the cast. Also, she is not overly complicated to play but despite all these abilities, the damage ability is a bit low.


Hellboy’s trait system may be difficult to learn at first, but it is worthwhile to learn if you want to maximize his potential. He can use traits in any situation, but he is best known as a superior defensive fighter. Choose him if you tend to lose fights quickly. A patchy, red aura surrounds Hellboy, providing him with armor that protects him from invading damage from the opponent. However, the buff expires after some time, and if it has sustained too much damage the shield prematurely ends. The hero can also fire bullets toward the opponent and deal good damage to him. His power punches are also not easy to dodge and seriously affect the health meter of the opponent.

Hellboy is also surrounded by a flaming aura that allows him to increase the damage done. A heavenly aura shines off Hellboy’s shoulders, granting him the ability to resurrect. That also restores some health when defeated by Mohlomi’s Bell ability. The amount of health returned is determined by how much Super Meter Hellboy has when defeated. However, Hellboy can only be resurrected when he is on his second bar of health. 


 Superman absorbs more solar power from the sun, forming a red aura around his body Known as the Fury of Krypton, causing all of his attacks to ignore armor and inflict increased damage for a short time.

The Man of Steel is one of the game’s most fundamentally sound fighters. He has the Heat Vision power which puts him in a safe position while attacking and rendering damage to the opponent. Another special ability to freeze the opponent for some time and attack the already frozen enemy renders great damage to him. He has a good mix of close and long-range attacks. When used at the right time, his trait can deal devastating damage to the opponent in a short burst.

B Tier

Average characters of Injustice 2
B Tier.

This rank of my Injustice 2 Character Tier List includes some decent Injustice 2 characters who can compete with any other hero on the list. However, they do have flaws, some of which can be easily overcome by skilled players.


Flash is a well-known character of the game and is known mostly due to his flashing fast speed. He moves so fast in superhuman speed that it is very easy for him to dodge the attacks of the enemy. The time loop ability of Flash makes his move so fast that it seems like the opponent is very slow and is difficult for the opponent to impose his attack on him due to his vigorous movements.

The Flash is a fan favorite, particularly among newcomers, and it is quite evident why. Also,  his starter combos are simple to execute. The hero, as expected, has lightning-fast attacks that chain together to form long combos. He also has the ability to fire lightning attacks and renders a very good amount of damage.  The disadvantage is his low damage ability despite all these special skills and attacking abilities.

Green Arrow

Green Arrow’s special ability which makes him a stand-out and easy-to-use character is his ability to use an arrow with a single click. The ability makes it easy for the player to launch a special move. Despite his good zoning abilities and arrow damage, he is still not able to render sufficient damage to the enemy as there is a shortage of a variety of attacking combos available. 

However, it is a good choice for competitive matches where he can easily block the enemy by trapping him with his long-ranged arrow attacks keeping himself in a safer position.  However, combo variety is a limiting factor if it comes to his drawbacks.


Atrocitus is placed in the B tier because he is the most ferocious hero in the game who can summon Dex-Starr to assist him in battle and deal with double damage to the enemy.
When Dex-Starr is summoned, he rushes forward and vomits blood, with his regurgitating ability causing damage over time. With Dex-Rage he can attack with a flying kick when summoned.

Having Dex-Starr as a companion enhances his abilities and increases the intensity of his attacks. His attacks are not very predictable and are not easily escapable. However, still need the skill to master and does not have any ability concerned with long-ranged attacks.


Aquaman as the name indicates possesses abilities from the Sea God. His trident divine weapon is used to attack the enemy and render damage to the enemy. The hero has the ability to recover from any attack or damage from the enemy. However, he does not possess any advanced ability to damage the opponent’s health.

Aquaman’s ability is a natural combo buster. However, playing him may give a hard time to the player as he lacks any special ability that affects the enemy seriously. As a result, Aquaman is primarily used as a defensive fighter, with unchained combos guiding his offensive strategy.


Darkseid opens a Boom Tube and summons an Apokolips Parademon to assist him by Gate to Apokolips ability.
Darkseid’s Parademon is still weak and is not of much help in damaging the opponent’s health. He compensates for it with superior individual skills in close and mid-range. His attacks however are strong and render good damage by stunning the opponent with its attack and affecting his health. 


Robin is placed in the B rank of my Injustice 2 Character Tier List. He has a special ability to dodge opponents with his quick and precise movements. This agility makes him able to escape any attacks from the enemy.

By using this special ability Robin can attack the enemy with his special sword and quickly move backward protecting himself from the counterattack of the enemy. However, this strategy is not effective against good zoner heroes.  Robin is a good zoner in his own right, but he suffers if he cannot quickly close the gap on his opponent.

Green Lantern

Green Latern attacks opponents by using his special aerial attacking skills. he can also defend himself from the invading attack by building a wall in front of him blocking the coming attack. Also, his special moves make his overall damage more powerful. He also has excellent mid-range attacks that help set up his aerial combos. His protection is quite weak and makes it very liable to be attacked and zoned easily however this issue can be resolved with the use of proper positioning techniques.


Scarecrow’s character has the ability to fight out a battle with the best moves in the game however his main ability is Inner Fear. He has a fear meter that can perform devastating moves on the opponent and cause serious damage when charged. When his fear meter is full, he can unleash a shockwave that stuns the opponent and gives you plenty of space to begin your combos. Also, if we talk about his fighting style it is one of the best in the game and can be used to win the game when played wisely.

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Blue Beetle

Blue BEttle has the ability to switch between his power blades and his bare hands to be used for his attacks. His attacks however are ranged but powerful and have a serious impact on the opponent. However, melee attack range and damage increase while the power blades are active. He cannot, however, use projectile attacks while they are active.

The complexity of playing Blue Beetle’s various play styles is greatly reduced as a result of his trait. It allows you to quickly switch between aggressive close-range combat and a safer strategy from a distance. Still, its ranged attacks make it a bit lagging.


Cyborg is a defensive hero and most of his special abilities are useful in either increasing or regenerating the health or by defending or blocking incoming damage.

 Cyborg possesses the ability to regenerate health by using the Repair Circuit ability. Cyborg is another defensive character whose regen trait allows him to survive longer in fights. Seasoned veterans take advantage of every neutral play to activate the regen and gain those valuable health points.


Sub-Zero has a very special feature of making an ice statue of himself that can be used as a shield or weapon against the attack of the enemy. Along with that, Sub-zero is an excellent all-around fighter who can use his clones also to trap the enemy and dodge their attacks. That allows him to set up his combos to force the enemy into a corner and block them from further attacks.

C Tier

Bad characters of injustice 2
C Tier.

The C rank of my Injustice 2 Character Tier List comprises some characters who have not impressed us a lot with their skills and gameplay. They do possess some skills that when used by a skilled player on correct timings can be beneficial for your game.


Enchantress is a C-tier hero who summons a demon to aid her in battle, which she can use as a shield, an explosive, etc. It is always helpful to have a companion with you in a fight. Also, she does possess some good offensive and defensive skills as she can build a shield around her to protect herself from damage. She can also stun the enemy by trapping them and attacking them rendering damage to them while they are unable to attack.

It is a nice hero but her poor stats are not worth the time it takes to master her. Other, stronger fighters with similar play styles to her should be selected for a good gaming experience. 


Deadshot uses his ammo skills to damage the opponent with his long-range bullets, and explosive and poison attacks. The hero modifies the ammo that is fired from his wrist-mounted guns and adds damage over time. Deals more damage and knocks you down and depletes your opponent’s health meter.

He still has value because of his quick projectiles, which make him an excellent zoner. Still, he is not as good as he once was in the game.

Harley Quinn

Harley throws a dog treat, and either Bud or Lou charges the opponent. If Harley holds the button for an extended period of time, both Bud and Lou will charge at the opponent. She has great flowing combos. The issue is her limited range, which almost always leaves her vulnerable to zoners during a game.


Venom Boost has been supercharged, increasing the damage buff but no longer adding armor to Bane’s special moves. Furthermore, when the buff wears off, the withdrawal symptoms subside.
Bane is remarkably quick for his size. When the opponent makes a mistake, he can set up his combos well and leave room for heavy punishment. However, his range is a big issue and can only be overcome if you are a skilled player and know how to overcome the short-ranged attacking ability issue.


Cheetah gains an active buff to all scratch attacks with her Claws of Death which ultimately destroy the health meter of the opponent. She functions similarly to Catwoman but is placed in the lower tier due to her strength and relatively slow mobility. The parallels are too numerous to ignore and conclude that you will be better off playing Catwoman instead as to make Cheetah viable in today’s competitive play, you must be a very skilled player

Donatello* (TMNT)

Donatello has the ability to summon three different traps for the opponent. He is also very efficient in terms of fighting skills and has impressed us with his good strategical gameplay. Despite all that, he failed to make a place in a higher tier because his moves are quite predictable and his attacking strength is not so impressive.

Raphael* (TMNT)

This hero who is also one of the four teenage mutant ninja turtles is also a playable guest hero of Injustice 2. The hero offers good combos which do moderate damage and can last for quite a long duration.

D Tier

Worst characters of Injustice 2
D Tier.

 Now that you have reached the final tier of our Injustice 2 Tier List, you can finally learn which heroes are currently ranked as the worst in terms of gameplay. It is very hard for even an experienced player to pull off a winning streak with these heroes.

Black Canary

Canary Cry is a special trait hero that can use her canary cry to deal damage to her opponent. Also, she serves the opponent with subsequent attacks. Right now, according to my opinion, Black Canary’s hitbox appears to be not so effective. It is difficult to predict when you will be hit by your opponent. That makes positioning extremely difficult, especially in close combat.

Captain Cold

The Cold Gun is a special weapon used by the captain, through which he can fire ice beams that create ice wherever they strike. Cold’s gun is effective for starting combos, but it is so unreliable that you will not be able to use it too much in competitive play. Although his attacks seem quite effective they are very unreliable in a game and cannot ensure you a good and winning game.


Joker’s Wild is a special trait of  Joker having high and low parry power. The amount of damage received by the opponent increases Joker’s walk speed and jump arcs. His trait is unique, but the issue is that this value is capped, so opponents can predict how fast Joker will be even if his trait is fully charged.

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing leaves a path of grass and thorns that grow in length as he moves forward; once the opposing fighter is caught in the trap, they begin to take damage over time. And although he has good offensive and defensive stats, his trait is so easy to dodge or block that it is practically useless.

Gorilla Grodd

Grodd uses telepathy to improve his overall defense and offensive stats. Despite his good defensive stats, Grodd is too slow to bully any opponent, and his hitbox is too large.


For a limited time, Raiden adds additional shock damage to his combos and additional properties to his special moves with High Voltage. Raiden performs poorly in competitive play due to his low damage and range which is the main reason he falls in the last tier. He simply does not have the tools to sustain wins.


So there you have it, our Injustice 2 Tier List is now complete. If you’re new to the game, we hope the guide has been helpful in determining which heroes to focus on first. And if you are a veteran, you will probably have to change your main Injustice 2 character right now. Our ranking article, like any other, is subjective and may differ from what you expect to see. Still, please leave some feedback in the comments section.

Finally, whether you prefer to play alone or with friends, whether you prefer competitive battles, or simply want to immerse yourself in the epic and cinematic storyline of the DC universe, Injustice 2 has several game modes to suit your preferences. If you’re still on the fence about playing this game, we urge you to give it a shot right now.