Street Fighter 6 Tier List: The Ultimate Guide

We Will Be Ranking All The Fighters Confirmed For The Game So Far.

Our Street Fighter 6 Tier List will give you a detailed breakdown of all the game’s characters announced by ranking them into five categories. There are more than 30 characters in the game, but not all of them have been revealed because the game is yet to be released. But as the release date draws nearer, we will see more and more characters, but for now, we will look at all the confirmed characters. Before proceeding with the article, knowing a little about the game is essential. 

The game will have many characters, each with distinctive and different gameplay modes and special abilities. Incredibly quick gameplay, precise movements, and various dazzling moves are part of Street Fighter 6’s mission to return the franchise to its classic origins. 

Key Points

  • Our article contains 18 characters that have been confirmed so far.
  • We have ranked these 18 characters on multiple factors such as strengths, weaknesses, agility, abilities, etc.
  • In the top tiers, you will find characters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Juri and Ken.
  • Among the lowest ranks, you can find entries like JP, Dee Jay, Cammy, Zangief, and E-Honda.


The table below shows all the confirmed characters in the game.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
• Ryu
• Chun-Li
• Guile
• Juri
• Ken
• Jamie
• Blanka
• Dhalism
• Luke
• Kimberly
• Manon
• Marisa
• Lily
• JP
• Dee Jay
• Cammy
• Zangief
• E-Honda

If you want to know these characters in detail, read the article to the end. 

S Tier

Top-class characters
S Rank.

The first category of the Street Fighter 6 Roster Tier List consists of all the best and extraordinary characters. These fighters have superb skill sets and are almost invulnerable to enemy attacks. It is not easy to defeat these epic fighters. You will need a stronger army and practical skills to put them down. Here are some of the S-tier heroes of Street Fighter 6. 


The first character on our list is Ryu. He has a broad range of skills and performs at some of the highest standards in gameplay. Ryu’s most substantial strikes include his lightning-fast and potent attacks, including Shoryuken, Hurricane Kick, and Hadoken techniques. Moreover, his mobility and pace make him a  dangerous adversary and immensely influential in short-range battles. Additionally, Ryu can use his Ki Charge and V-Reversal moves to his benefit during the fighting. Ryu’s Shinku Hadoken is a potent energetic burst that can easily defeat many opponents at once. In contrast, his Shin-Shoryuken is a powerful technique that can easily overpower a lone target.

Ryu’s speed plays a significant role in his ability to successfully defend against assaults and neutralize them by employing his techniques. He can easily dodge intrusion attempts and execute strong attacks in rapid sequence. His swift transitions between movements and his uncanny capability to anticipate his adversaries’ actions are enormous advantages. The character is also very good at analyzing the tactics of his rivals and foretelling their upcoming movements. Another essential aspect of Ryu’s effectiveness is his defence. He can easily deflect and stop oncoming blows, and his resistance to injury is also remarkable. Ryu is a dangerous foe thanks to his swift, solid movements and powerful abilities. Thanks to his defensive skills and grasp of his adversaries’ tactics, he is a formidable player.


The second S-tier warrior on our list is Chun-Li, an iconic character among the most well-known combatants in the Street Fighter series. She debuted in Street Fighter 2 and has gained popularity among players thanks to her legendary appearance and powerful combat abilities. Chinese martial arts expert Chun-Li is renowned for her lightning-quick kicks and muscular thighs. Her trademark manoeuvre is the Spinning Bird Kick, in which she leaps into the sky and turns quickly before launching a barrage of blows that can easily take out her adversaries.

Along with her remarkable martial arts skills, Chun-Li has a stern demeanour and makes for a fascinating figure. She has been through decades of training and following her objective of getting justice for her father’s passing, so she is renowned for her tenacity. Chun-Li is also a devoted companion willing to risk her safety to defend those vital to her. Chun-Li is a famous figure who has established herself as a mainstay of the Street Fighter series. She has been a fan favourite for over 20 years, thanks to her formidable combat abilities, unwavering character, and distinctive appearance.


Guile is renowned for his army experience, stern behaviour, and deadly techniques. He can be played in the new Street Fighter 6 game, which is set to release in a few months and is anticipated to be a fan favourite. Guile’s power is his skill to dominate the environment and disorient his adversaries with the Sonic Boom missile. He is also a great defender, and he has a potent anti-air attack called the Flash Kick that can stop adversaries from charging in to assault him. With good agility, quickness, and an exciting personality, Guile benefits both the attacking and defending sides.

He is a dangerous adversary thanks to his swift movement across the display, which enables him to narrow the gap and strike his enemies with lethal combinations. The performance of Guile in Street Fighter 6 is anticipated to be good overall. His mix of targeting, defensive, and attacking skills makes him a flexible figure who can adjust to any circumstance. Guile’s Flash Kick is a powerful strategic tactic that has the potential to alter the outcome of a battle, while his Sonic Boom is a valuable technique to keep opponents at a distance. Guile is undoubtedly the best choice among gamers looking for a powerful, all-around fighter in Street Fighter 6, thanks to his pace, skill, and powerful moves.


The third confirmed S-tier character in Street Fighter 6 is Juri. Because of her distinctive techniques and personality, she rapidly won over fans after debuting in Street Fighter 4. Juri is a well-known karate fighter from Korea who uses swiftness, agility, and unpredictability in her assaults. Her power is her ability to influence her enemies by controlling space and using rapid, decisive strikes. Juri is a powerful player in attacking with a wide range of special techniques that can surprise her enemies. Her Senpusha is a quick, whirling kick that can strike enemies from various points, and her Fuharenkyaku is a potent strike that may be pumped up to provide additional destruction.

Juri is a skilled combatant due to her mobility. She moves swiftly across the display, creating obstacles for her enemies to chase her. She can teleport on short trips thanks to her Kasatushi ability, which makes it an effective tactic for getting out of tight spots or creating unexpected strikes. Ultimately, it’s anticipated that Juri will perform well in Street Fighter 6. Her distinctive skillset and uncertain approach make her a challenging and powerful enemy. She can keep enemies on their heels with her agile movements and rapidly change the course of a battle with her devastating strikes.

A Tier

excellent characters
A Rank.

The next category is the A tier, and as mentioned above, it consists of good characters with great moves and skill sets. Still, they also possess a few weaknesses, because of which they are unable to compete with S-tier fighters when it comes to effectiveness and performance levels. Following are the A-tier heroes of Street Fighter 6:


Ken is the first A-rank character on this Street Fighter 6 Characters Tier List. He is regarded as one of the game’s most famous and classic warriors and is among the confirmed characters in Street Fighter 6. He has a well-rounded personality with good offence and defence. Ken is renowned for his extraordinary quickness and agility, enabling him to battle well in close and long-range encounters. His skill set consists of several fire-based assaults that can be coupled with each other to form a lethal combo that can inflict a significant amount of destruction.

Ken’s adaptability ranks among his best qualities. He can be used offensively, forcing his enemies to defend against his repeated strikes, or defensively, allowing them to make errors before striking them. He is also a fantastic combo fighter because players can combine most of his techniques to do additional destruction. However, Ken’s dependence on his special attacks is just one of his flaws. Without them, he may have trouble inflicting harm and be exposed to retaliation. If his adversary knows his strategy and can foresee his assaults, this may make him vulnerable. 


Jamie is another confirmed hero in the upcoming Street Fighter 6 game. He is a martial art expert and possesses an excellent skill set. The character is good at creating destruction during battles, and his opponents find it very hard to defeat him because of his superb agility. Moreover, Jamie loves dancing and is considered a remarkable dancer. His personality is unique, and he dislikes when someone lectures him or his opponents with arrogance. Jamie’s strength is what makes him an A-tier fighter. He has been placed in this category instead of the S-tier because his abilities are slightly restricted compared to the skills of characters mentioned in the first category. Overall, if we look at his performance, it is extraordinary and better than B, C, and D-tier characters’ performance. 

Furthermore, if we look deeper into Jamie’s personality, we will learn that he values friendship more than anything else, which is his top priority. That is the reason he fights enemies of all sorts to protect his hometown and the friends that live in it. Besides, he has great love in his heart for his grandmother. In addition, Jamie’s style and acrobatics are expected to surprise gamers a lot, and he is expected to become a favourite soon after the game releases. 


The next confirmed character in Street Fighter 6 is Blanka, renowned for his explosive skills and beastly look. He is a swift and mobile warrior freakishly athletic, making him challenging to attack. His most extraordinary iconic capability is a lightning strike which gamers may employ offensively to inflict harm and defensively to keep enemies from approaching too closely.
Blanka’s adaptability is one of his advantages. He is a versatile figure and a problematic enemy to predict because he has many skills that enable him to transition between attacking and defensive tactics. Blanka’s vertical Roll may defend against aerial assaults, whereas gamers may employ his Rolling Attack to narrow the gap and wreak havoc.

With his distinctive skill set and solid overall effectiveness, Blanka is a favourite among many gamers. His unpredictable nature can make it difficult for enemies to guess his upcoming Attack, and players can combine his electric strikes for deadly combinations. Nevertheless, BBlanka’ssusceptibility to specific movements is one of his flaws. For instance, if his Electric Thunder strike fails to hit, he is vulnerable to enemy attacks. Furthermore, if his adversary knows his abilities, his dependence on special attacks may make him foreseeable.

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Dhalism is another popular character that has made it to Street Fighter 6. He is famous for his elongated arms and distinctive skill set. He is a very adaptable fighter with close-quarters and distant strikes, making him a difficult rival. Dhalsim can strike from a distance thanks to his flexible arms and legs, which makes him very efficient against enemies who prefer close-quarters battles. DDhalsim’sspeed constitutes one of his advantages. He is incredibly agile and excellent at dodging strikes despite having stretchy limbs.

He can also swiftly travel throughout the display and startle his enemies thanks to his Yoga Teleport capability. Dhalsim performs well generally, and gamers like him because of his distinctive abilities. While his Yoga Blast ability can throw enemies into the sky, players may employ his Yoga Fire and Yoga Flame techniques to manage the space that separates them from their enemies. Nevertheless, DDhalsim’ssusceptibility to close-quarters battle assaults is just one of his flaws. Players must plan ahead of their strikes because if they fail due to their elongated limbs, they may be vulnerable to surprise attacks. Furthermore, some of his techniques take a while to start up, leaving him open to rapid moves of opponents. 

B Tier

street fighter 6 tier list
B Rank.

The third category of this Street Fighter 6 Tier List 2023 is the B tier, and here you will find fantastic characters with great moves and abilities but also with a few flaws. These fighters are not stronger than S and A-tier heroes and are thereby ranked a category lower. Let’s get to know more about them. 


The first fighter on the B tier is Luke, and he is an excellent military background character. He is powerful and can deal tremendous amounts of damage to his enemies. Luke debuted in Street Fighter 5 and is now confirmed for the upcoming new edition, Street Fighter 6—Luke specializes in rapid, potent attacks and quick flash reflexes, which are his main assets. If you are an experienced gamer, you can also use him to execute deadly attacks, making him a formidable opponent. His outstanding mobility allows him to easily evade strikes and travel around the battleground. Luke has various skills, such as his trademark “silent Sharp” technique, in which he attacks his enemy with an onslaught of hits and punches. He is also proficient at shielding, keeping his adversary at a distance, and preventing them from carrying out an effective assault by utilizing his range.

Altogether, LLuke’splay is outstanding and will surely win over many fans. Gamers will always be kept on their nerves by his rapid game strategy, and his exceptional skills make him a valuable asset to every squad. With all the fantastic qualities, Luke has a few vulnerabilities, just like every warrior. One shortcoming is his susceptibility to missiles, which can be challenging to escape, given his preference for close-quarters combat. His inadequate defence alternatives are another flaw, leaving him vulnerable to enemy attacks if he is not cautious.


The next character on our list is of Ninga origins. She is a skilled ninja capable of delivering powerful blows to her opponents. Her fantastic skill set and abilities are what makes her different and unique. It is important to note that Kimberly has been trained in such a way that she can easily control both her mind and body and give a great deal of damage to her enemies. She stands out from the other characters thanks to her distinctive appearance and has some of the most extraordinary reflexes in the game. Kimberly is a dangerous enemy due to his power and combat skills. Kimberly also possesses diverse skills and techniques and a particular fireball discharge that she can employ to disperse enemies. Moreover, she consistently ranks among the top characters and receives high acclaim for his effectiveness.

Despite her strengths, Kimberly also possesses several vulnerabilities that gamers can use against her. Due to the ineffectiveness of her airborne strikes in most encounters, a particular one is her susceptibility to aerial attacks. Additionally, she doesn’t have a robust anti-air choice, making her vulnerable to being swung by villains with greater air agility. Notwithstanding all these, Kimberly is still regarded as one of Street Fighter 66’sfavourite fighters, and her manoeuvrability and combat efficiency make her a worthy opponent.


Manon is the second last B-tier character confirmed for the upcoming Street Fighter 6. She is a supermodel with incredible abilities and cool looks. Most opponents get baffled by her appearance only, and Manon takes the opportunity and attacks them. Manon can swiftly sprint into and out of sight thanks to her flexible body, which she uses to decisive advantage. Manon is a capable and enigmatic combatant who swiftly switches between ground and airborne attacks. She also has some potent special abilities, including one that lets her rapidly throw adversaries into the sky and the other that helps her build dazzling combinations.

MManon’sspeed and unpredictable nature are her best assets. Her airborne attacks and combinations stress targets, making it challenging to protect against her. She can make headway quickly while putting her enemies on the back foot, thanks to the effectiveness of her capabilities. Lastly, Manon also has some drawbacks. She tends to be incredibly aggressive, and if her opposing player is conscious of her assault tendencies, enemies could destroy her in no time. She also has a short range, and her strikes are simple.


Marisa is the last B-tier on our list. Before we look deep into her abilities and the things she is capable of, it is worth mentioning that she is the tallest among all and heaviest among female characters in the game. Marisa weighs over 250 pounds and is 66’8″. She is a Jewellery designer and has Turkish origins. Marisa has an excellent skill set, making her one of the best characters in the game. However, she also has some flaws, which puts her on the back burner. Marisa is an aggressive warrior who can give enemies a tough time using her potent moves and combos. She is very effective in close encounters because, during such situations, she can deal significant damage to her enemies.

In addition, her shielding ability is top-class because she can easily block incoming attacks without taking any damage. It is about time we play the character and learn more about her, but now, she seems very promising. On the other hand, if we look at her negative side, she has some vulnerabilities. Although she has a dominating personality, she fears heights, which could put her in a lot of trouble. Moreover, her agility is not impressive as well. We have put her in the B rank of the Street Fighter 6 Roster Tier List.

C Tier

Average characters
C Rank.

Moving on to the C tier, we have some interesting characters here. These characters do not have impressive skill sets, but they are not useless either. These fighters can be helpful sometimes. LeLet’sake a look at them. 


Weighing over 100 pounds and having a height of 5’3, Lily is an average character on our list, but she is still capable of dealing a great deal of damage to her enemies. At first sight, you might think she may not be capable of doing anything because of her diminutive height but worry not; she has some excellent abilities which she employs to wreak havoc. LilLily’srsonality is unique. She can connect with nature, and she likes to travel across the globe. Her long-range attacks make her an excellent choice because her attack “Pocamoggans” destroy enemies who are even at a distance in the blink of an eye.

Lily can make powerful attacks like Conder Drive and Conder Spire. Still, her ability to stash wind-clad stockpiles to enhance her capabilities makes her different from other characters. On the downside, Lily has a few drawbacks, which make her an average character. First, her agility is not significant compared to other fighters in the game, exposing her to enemy attacks as she cannot dodge them in time. Secondly, when it comes to close-range encounters, her efficiency decreases. Because of these reasons, we have placed her in the C rank of our Street Fighter 6 Characters Tier List


JP is an outstanding character with great agility and the ability to teleport quickly from one end to another. He has got a severe personality and acts like a boss. JP can launch potent projectiles that can destroy enemies and give them a tough time. Defeating JP is not everyone’s cup of tea, and one needs to know all his moves and strategies to put him down. Moreover, his cane may seem useless, but it is not just there for show. Using his rod, he hits enemies brutally and deals them significant damage. Even though JP is impressive, his flaws make him an average character and not an extraordinary fighter. First, if we consider his overall performance, his moves are great but ineffective. Secondly, his combo attacks are complex, so he has been placed in the C tier.

Dee Jay

Next, we have Dee Jay, a super cool character, but because of his performance levels, he is an average fighter and not an extraordinary one. Being a music lover and a fighter simultaneously, Dee Jay has some stylish moves that seem pleasing, but if we look at their effectiveness, they are not impressive at all. Dee Jay is not a new character because he was playable in Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter Zero 3. In Street Fighter 2, he was a boxer, and his love for martial arts has only grown.

For beginners, Dee Jay is capable of faking his fireball strikes. Moreover, his Air Slasher is back in Street Fighter 6, and being able to freak out the opposition will be constructive in gameplay where shielding or zoning seems to be relatively solid once more, and projectile attacks are generally performing better. Dee Jay could also be good at wearing down his enemies because when his dual Air Slasher attack is stopped, it consumes approximately ¾ of a Drive Gauge level. Dee JayJay’sssibilities for getting near to enemies can be particularly terrifying, even though his techniques for blocking enemies out are undoubtedly still present.

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Cammy is a dangerous and quick attacker who excels at the swift, close-quarters strikes and crushing moves. She is renowned for her lightning pace and gymnastic movements, which enable her to rapidly reduce the distance that separates her from her enemy and deliver an onslaught of hits. The Spiral Arrow, CamCammy’sfining technique, features her rotating at incredible speeds and violently striking her enemy. Cammy can employ the Cannon Spike, a devastating knockout strike, to throw enemies to the ground.

Moreover, along with her athletic strength, Cammy possesses a highly advanced intellect and is an espionage and information collection expert. Her experience as an ex-Shadaloo agent offers her a different perspective on their methods and strategies. If we talk about her weak points, we know that her attacks are exceptionally efficient at close quarters, but she can be exposed to zoning and distant strikes. Additionally, because of her weak defence and endurance, gamers must exercise caution and avoid taking unwarranted chances. Lastly, Cammy finds it difficult to battle against enemies who can anticipate her moves and foresee her strikes due to her dependence on rapid and high-precision movements.

D Tier

worst characters
D Rank.

Finally, at the bottom-most category, we are here, the D tier, which consists of useless players and not worthy of picking by gamers. We recommend not picking these characters if you enter an essential match because you may end up disappointed. However, the game is not released yet, so we cannot say much about it. LetLet’ske a detailed look at these fighters. 


Zangief is another confirmed character in Street Fighter 6, and even though he has some notable abilities, he is one of the worst characters in the game so far. He is also described as the “Red Cyclone,” is a massive fighter of Russian origins who dominates enemies with his tremendous power and wrestling ability. He has a lot of advantages, such as dealing incredible amounts of damage to enemies and fantastic projectile range, but at the same time, he also has certain drawbacks.

The character’s restricted movement is among his significant flaws. He can have difficulty closing the gap with his enemies because of his slowness and big bulk. As a result, it might be challenging for him to draw closer and exert pressure, particularly when facing enemies with quicker mobility alternatives. However, his dependence on wrestling is yet another flaw. Even though his strikes and command hold does excellent harm, enemies who are conscious of his strategy can easily counter them. In conclusion, although he is a strong fighter with several good abilities, his limited movement, dependence on wrestling, and difficulties dealing with enemies who zone him make him susceptible in some circumstances. Gamers interested in employing him must be conscious of these flaws and try to fix them.


The last confirmed character in Street Fighter 6 is E-Honda. He is also famously called the Sumo Warrior and has Japanese origins. E-Honda is a bulky and muscular wrestler and can wreak havoc. Opponents find it hard to defeat E-Honda, given his athletic build. Even though he has some good abilities, he has various drawbacks as well, because of which we have placed him in the D tier. First, his agility is poor, and he struggles to rush. Many other characters in the game can perform far better than E-Honda. The reason behind his slow pace is his weight which slows him down and makes him unable to dodge incoming enemy attacks.

E. HonHonda’ssufficiently effective anti-air alternatives are yet another flaw. Although some of E-Honda’s techniques can knock enemies off into the sky, they are frequently slow and may be penalized and executed incorrectly. Due to it, E. Honda may find it challenging to halt enemies who commonly use airborne strikes. Lastly, E. Honda can fight enemies who possess powerful zoning techniques. Because of his limited range of motion and slow pace, he might find it challenging to narrow the gap that separates him from his enemies.


In the Street Fighter 6 Tier List 2023 above, we ranked all the confirmed characters of the game Street Fighter 6. We hope you enjoyed reading the article and await your precious feedback. Now that you know about most of the game’s fighters, you can make better choices once the game gets released.