Street Fighter 4 Tier List: All Fighters Ranked [2023]

Experience heroic greatness through this Street Fighter 4 Tier List, a rejuvenating siege from the past upon which the FGC meta is built on.

Today for our valuable readers, we will talk about what is arguably one of the most iconic fighting games of all time in the form of the Street Fighter 4 Tier List. The title is a working piece of art, a Mecca on which an entire community of hardcore gamers and passionate enthusiasts rests.

But, before diving into this extremely glorified ranking, readers are advised to understand that a list like ours is only a symbolic representation of one’s perception, understanding, and viewpoint about the topic in question. The article and the placements within it may contradict some popular perspectives out there, but at the end of the day, it is based on our subjective opinions.

Key Points

  • There are a total of 25 characters ranked in our tier list.
  • Each fighter is ranked on Damage Output, Mobility, Moves, etc.
  • You will find Akuma, Sagat, M. Bison, Zangief, and E. Honda among the highest tiers.
  • Lower ranks include Fei Long, Ken Masters, El Fuerte, Seth, and Dan.


We will now list all the characters in the game in the table below.

S RankA RankB RankC RankD Rank
AkumaGoukenDhalsimGuileKen Masters
SagatAbelC. ViperCammyEl Fuerte
M. BisonChun-LiRufusFei LongSeth
E. HondaBlanka

Read further to analyze each character in depth.

S Tier

Street Fighter 4 Tier List
S Rank.

Our First Stop in the article is the S Tierm a category where the most decorated and top-rated characters from SF4 are ranked. The S Tier is the pinnacle of peak performance regarding overall gameplay feel and game stats.

It is safe to say that these badass fighters are not to be messed with, capable of simply decimating their opponents into lifeless pulp. With much anticipation, let us see who our character picks are.


In relatively simple terms, Akuma is a piece of history, starting as an April fools joke; this terrifying and substantially intimidating demon made his FGC debut in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo in 1994. Since then, it is safe to say that any other fighting character has found it hard to survive in his lore. Despite being a Street Fighter Prodigy, Akuma’s legacy and praise reach far beyond it. He has featured in numerous games, among which Bandai Namco’s 2015 Tekken 7 is quite formidable.

He fights with a rather unconventional fighting s; unlike most other fighting characters, it is customary to jump around and attempt aerial mix-ups, pokes, and juggles, with can later be extended to flashy combo attacks dealing tons of damage. Credit for Akuma being a huge commercial success also goes to character designer Akira Yasuda, who did such immaculate work with the character. His iconic dark attires, bright glowing eyes, and a sinister smirk are enough to make any opponent’s heart tremble in fear. With such an iconic history and tremendous fan appraisal, it is clear that Akuma will continue to be a lead runner in Capcom’s upcoming fighting games.

Combo Ashura Senku
Key Binds (Right, Down, Right) or (Left, Down, Left) (A 0r C)x3


Standing at 7 foot 5 and making his way into the S Tier of the list is Sagat. When it comes to a highly competitive genre like fighting games, very few characters have been able to achieve a ballistic reputation of a terrorizing adversary such as our own, God of Mui Thai. For 21 years since Street Fighter first launched in 1987, Sagat has seen many celebrated appearances, portrayed as the penultimate adversary no less.

Street Fighter 4, despite being a commercial success, is also regarded as a reasonably technical game, with combo mechanics that can woo even the coldest of hearts. In contrast to Street Fighter 4’s challenging gameplay and button mapping, Sagat is not a complicated character, which is astonishing as he is devastatingly good, making him an absolute war machine. Having freakishly strong attacking stats, the character has also been blessed with a good reach, making him a great offensive option.

He masters in a self-thought MMA combat form of Mui Thai, which throughout Street Fighter is acknowledged greatly as a top-level fighting style. His Tiger Strikes also holds an iconic status. Sagat also holds a comparative advantage against most Street Fighter 4 characters, creating numerous opportunities for openings to execute different combo attacks.

Combo Tiger Destruction 
Key Binds (Right, Down) + (Right, Down) (C)x3

M. Bison

M. Bison is another character in our article that reeks of heritage. Having played the role of prime heel in Street Fighter Alpha. He is still an iconic figure that has some great tricks up his sleeves to give his opponents a tough time. Concerning Street Fighter IV, M. Bison is also a part of the character roster and is substantially a challenging feat to overcome.

He is a strong character pick due to his effective badgering, driving force, and evading tactics. His offensive stats are also pretty decent, a great assembly of combo attacks, grappling juggles, and decent pokes. His most effective poke has to be the forward-forward dash paired with a 2+4, which on block hits for 24 hit points and can also be canceled to perform super art.

Combo Knee Press Nightmare 
Key Binds (Right, Left, Right) B


FGC die-hards and casual gamers were targeted for years with the same old sprinted graphics and a casual, laid-back gameplay approach. Street Fighter 4 was that standpoint of Retro Gaming, where it all stopped. Capcom, after years of constantly incorporating old sprinted graphics into its games, forged this practice and introduced 3-D graphic models in a 2-D fighting plane, providing rather hyper-paced gameplay. Zangief, in that regard, was a breakout star, a character that, along with his natural movement swayed and new movement mechanics, had it almost effortless to land grapple combos or mid-air reversals.

His 360-grapple clutch was notoriously abused back in the day due to its accurate marking and surprising factor, which made it severely hard for rival players to break it off. If that wasn’t enough, his down-forward 3, Double Lariat, was another decisive move in close-quarter combat that shut opponent attacks and was an easy attack to execute. When paired with further juggles could’ve been extended to a complete combo.

Combo Knee Press Nightmare 
Key Binds (Right, Down, Left, Up, Right) +(Right, Down, Left, Up, Right) C+D

E. Honda

Projectile Attacks are the main essence of Street Fighter Combat to Parry System. Many characters throughout Street Fighter 4 have relied on such attacks to use them as a crowd control tactic or to create openings. But it certainly does not mean that such characters not equipped with such mechanics are to be overlooked. They have a unique sense of play and attributes through which they can slay any opponent and reign supreme.

Our next entry in the S Tier of our Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Tier List is E. Honda, a character that can simply demolish anything by his brute strength. He is a single-strike character who is most useful in close-range fights. He also has a tremendous defensive acumen to counter incoming projectiles; his jump-down- forward 2+ 4, Sumo Slash is a single fundamental move in his arsenal that can close the gap between him and his opponents, making them witness a vast world of pain.

A Tier

Street Fighter 4 Tier List
A Rank.

A Tier may not be as good as the S rank, but it still has phenomenal fighters nonetheless. All fighting characters inducted into the A Tier are exceptionally good, with a special pick rate in both casual and competitive gameplay. 


If you are a fanatic for Street Fighter video games, you might remember that the original 1987 version of Street Fighter only featured two characters, Ryu and Ken. They shared a bond of rivalry but simultaneously had a sense of respect for each other’s physical prowess. Ken and Ryu’s relationship of rivalry was among a few hitting notes of Street Fighter’s persona that attracted a lot of crowds, which was curious to know where this fire-blazing friction would go next.

But have you ever thought that who was the first ever fighting character who invented the amazingly awesome MMA art form of Shoto Hadoken that both Ryu and Ken both specialize in? We got our answers to all such fan curies when SF4 dropped, introducing a brand-new fighting character named Gouken, the breathtaking badass 3-D model filled with drive and precession to have created Shoto Hadoken. Surprisingly enough, he is Ryu’s Father and Sensei, who passed on his life’s worth of teachings to his son, making him a great and powerful fighter.

Many players were familiar with Ryu and Ken’s movement mechanics; having said that, to make an appearance of adaptation, game developers tinkered with Gouken’s move set and animations a little bit. In contrast to Ryu, his Tatsumi kick barrage has a vertical hitbox, and also, he is equipped with a plain sprint which can then be converted into a devastating tackle. Gouken’s entire gameplay revolves around self-defense and passive pokes, aiming to counter enemy attacks with highly violent reversals. His appearance is of a typical Street Fighter character, with an athletically sizeable muscular build, a torn-apart karate gi, and grey hair which greatly symbolizes his wisdom.

Combo Shin Shoryken 
Key Binds (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (D)x3


Abel is a great offensive character; most of his moves are straightforward to master, making him a great character pick for the masses. His standard attacks provide him with the most value, rather than complicated combo chain attacks. He is a complete character that packs a fair amount of damage along with great speed mechanics.

His stun reek kick is a testimony to it. A standard poke of 12 frames that cover a considerable distance is also a fairly quick move to execute, allowing players to go on defensive in case of whiffs quickly. His down-forward crouch hard kick is another breakout move that seizes opponent movements and can be canceled into a forward or backward dash, opening players to perform different juggles. A Kick-ass addition to our Omega Street Fighter 4 Tier List.

Combo Soulless 
Key Binds (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A)x3


When considering fighting games, any gamer that has had a nostalgic connection with a gaming franchise, upon any new release, is m, intrigued mainly by its character roster in search of any old characters that would make a comeback. Chun-Li is a character recognizable throughout Street Fighter Universe, the main female protagonist, a legacy, and n overall-round strong character with solid buildup in each aspect of SF4.

She made her first appearance in Street Fighter 2, which was undoubtedly a series-defining game for Capcom.  She is a master of MMA and uses it with the utmost proficiency. Despite having great success in past Street Fighter Titles, Chun-Li for Street Fighter 4 has not been on that same level of superiority of excellence that she once carried. For Street Fighter 4, her mix-up combos, juggle, and pokes are still pretty notable, but they don’t carry a damaging impact that players might get from other fighting characters, such as Akuma, E. Honda, or Sagat.

Combo Hosenka
Key Binds (Left-Hold, Right, Left) + (C 0r D)x3 


Our next Entry in the A Tier is the man himself. Ryu is a clutch god, a character that, despite lacking some serious utility that other Shoto MMA fighting characters encompasses, is still an incredibly viable character pick. He is a lethal striking force that gets a natural extension at the end of his attacks. An ability, if mastered correctly can lead to some frustrating and anguished rage quits for your opponents.

He can perform his combo chain attacks, cancel the final move, and hit his enemy with a super art to let that badassery sink in. Also, not to forget his use of different mid to long-range attacks, enabling players to play with the utmost freedom and stitch their strategies to situations at hand.

Combo Metsu Hadoken 
Key Binds (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A)x3


Blanka is a surprising character, movement pattern being his ultimate forte. Due to his unorthodox movement patterns, it gets challenging for other players to predict his attacks and other juggles. He is a prodigy of Street Fighter 2, a game encompassing a colorful and star-studded lineup. Out of which, no one is as strange of a catastrophe as our Brazilian goblin Blanka. It is safe to say that his absurdness is an attractive feature that has kept gamers engaged for almost two decades.

Other than his absurd movement patterns, Blanka can also electrocute his opponents with powerful electric shockwaves that he produces. His most iconic attack is his Roll Dash attack, a move that Capcom has not dared to mess with since its first iteration back in 1991. Overall, a character with solid foundations of both offensive and defensive stats.

Combo Lightning Bolt 
Key Binds (Left-Hold, Right, Left) + (A 0r B)x3-Hold to change Timing 


Street Fighter Universe is a custodian of creating some of the most fantastic fighting characters the FGC scene has ever seen. Yet, Sakura is another rumbling name from Street Fighter that has held a vital status through the scene and has a significant fanbase that has enjoyed her presence in numerous SF iterations. Street Fighter Alpha Series was that sweet spot, where Capcom aced the opportunity to restructure the gaming franchise and add a new perspective to Street Fighter. Sakura was also part of the iconic FGC franchise, among many new faces.

This School going, rather sweet-looking fighting character is nothing like her persona; instead, she is an all-out attacking character with some vicious attacks in her move set. Her most lethal combo-attack is El Shkupuken, a back-down-forward 1+4 attack that sends enemies airborne making them a sitting duck for further pokes and a heavily damaging juggle to finish the attack. Most of her combo mix-ups also consist of different stun-hits, providing players with a certain degree of safety in case of any whiffs. Sakura is a dangerous character to play against; the only reason she is added a tier lower than other absolute best characters is that she is a complicated character to master, asking its user to wield a high skill level.

Combo Haru Ranman 
Key Binds (Left, Down) +(Left, Down)  (D)x3


Instead of being a strong, powerful character, Balrog has an iconic status in Street Fighter Universe as a corrupt American Welter-Weight Boxer who also serves as a bodyguard to M. Bison, a character that most OG FGC die-hards remember as a prime adversary.

With much respect for game developers, Balrog is a great balanced character. And one aspect, where he shines, is his notoriously strong one-strike pokes. His back 1 forced hook is a robust mid attack that can knock opponents off the ground causing total damage of 19 hit points. His front dash tackle is also a good attack that can put some serious hurt on his opponents but is a bit of a gamble as, in case of any miss, he is vulnerable to many different mix-ups.

Combo Violent Buffalo 
Key Binds (Left-Hold, Right, Left) + (A 0r D)x3 


Street Fighter always carries pretty hyped-up gameplay and primarily focuses on bringing forth other characters’ different combat styles.  Vega is one of few characters part of the SF universe that uses a weapon, a pair of long Lynx claws, as part of his gameplay. Vega first appeared on gaming screens back in 1991 as a non-playable boss character in Street Fighter 2. Since then, we have been astonished by his overall persona and terrifying attack patterns.

Street Fighter 4 was that game where the legendary gaming franchise steered into a completely different path, other than that of Street Fighter 2. After a successful launch of SF4, gamers witnessed a completely changed gameplay that allowed fresh blood to enter the scene and showed how many players’ methodologies have changed since the early 90s. Vega in Street Fighter 4 is an entirely different character, mainly relying on speed and agility to deliver quick pokes and reversals, teasing his opponents and keeping himself from the sight of danger, almost entirely entertaining a passive gameplay style.

Combo Bloody High Claw 
Key Binds (Down, Left)-Hold + (Down, Left, Right, Up) (B)x3


Gen is a fortress that would not budge under any pressure, his st; his defense insight from the foundation for his gameplay. He is a character equipped with all the necessary tools that would aid him in overcoming any situation and reign superior over his competition. Gen is mainly used by players that approach matches with a passive mindset and are in it for the long haul.

His gameplay follows a familiar pattern: players look to counter incoming opposition attacks and hit them with an annoyingly strong combo attack. His jump three hop kick is an excellent anti-aerial attack and notable poke one that forms a further basis for extended combo mix-ups.

Combo Zetsuei 
Key Binds ((Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A)x3

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B Tier

Street Fighter 4 Tier List
B Rank.

Up next, we have B Tier, a category that defines mediocrity in all its entirety. These characters lack the personality and charisma of badass fighters who run franchises. They have average move sets, mediocre stats, and a forgettable presence.

These characters may feel powerful at the star, however, they lack some distinct features that decrease their utility and make them highly undesirable in the eyes of an average gamer.


Our first character induction into the B tier is Dhalsim, a character that may find himself as a one-trick pony purely because he only has distant or long-range attacks in his arsenal. He has extendable limbs, due to which he can target his opponents from long ranges, but the ability can also become a drawback, as Dhalsim is looking to capitalize on this feat, which could make him very predictable, putting a clear target on his back.

Other than that, Dhallism is a reasonably strong character, honing some decent combo mix-ups and grapple attacks.

Combo Yoga Catastrophe 
Key Binds (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A)x3

C. Viper

Out of all Street Fighter Titles, Street Fighter 4 stands out as the most complex game of all. Having said that C. Viper is probably the most challenging character the franchise has ever seen, even by Street Fighter 4 standards. She under no circumstances is a character meant to be played by a beginner player. Extremely Tactical and Complex combo attacks, some that professional players are bound to miss.

Her Yolo bread and butter into her ultra-combo attack is a combination of more than 20 button taps, all of which are to be executed mid-attacks, which makes execution timing a crucial feat to overcome. Nothing against C. Viper, but the only reason she is placed in an average tier is that all these difficulties and complications do not reap an equally rewarding value. There are equally strong characters with far less hassle providing the same results.

Combo Burst Time 
Key Binds (Down, Right) + (Down, Right)  (A)x3


Rufus, in particular, is a heavy hitter, a character that can finish matches in mere seconds due to his abnormally severe damage. And if our Ultra Street Fighter 4 Edition Select Tier List were based on damage stats alone, I would consider him a broken character. His jump-forward 1+2 stun slam attack rewards players with significant damage to their opponents; having said that, even with such strong attacking capabilities, this character fails to leave a lasting mark due to his super sluggish movements and slow movement speed.

In a side-by-side showdown, Rufus would fail to land even a single strike on his opponents due to his seemingly sedate movements, which neutralizes his effectiveness of highly damaging attacks. Due to his slow movements, Rufus becomes highly impracticable; the only reason he is ranked high in a mid-range tier is his high attacks, which can prove game-changing upon contact.

Combo Opera Symphony 
Key Binds (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A 0r B)x3


Our next character in B Tier is Rose, a fighter who in real terms represents what mediocrity looks like. She has attacks ranging from both short-range and long-range being her main forte, but other than that, she has some pretty decent attacks and a significant flaw.

Her lack of counter-air attacks, jump 1 being the most common type, puts her at a severe disadvantage against characters that bounce a lot, like Akuma, or characters with many aerial attacks like Chun Li. If Rose is paired up against any of these characters, it will be a slaughter, to put it gently.

Combo Illusion Spark 
Key Binds (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A)x3

C Tier

C Rank.

C Tier is the second lowest tier in our article. From its standing on the spectrum of best to worst, it is pretty evident that all weak characters, encompassing below-average stats, are made a part of this specific tier. These are in their downfall and are in dire need of upgrades to buff up and provide some value to players who are opting to play with them.


Julie is more like a blast from the past, a character that once peaked and was considered the main face of the brand. But it is safe to say that those days are long gone, as Street Fighter 4’s iteration of Guile is nothing like his former self and is forgotten in the new age of FGC gaming. He is boring, Sluggish, and dull. From being a character that once dominated matchups with his pressure strats and diversified juggle games, Guile has become a down-straight defensive character, one with limited offensive options and a lagging movement mechanic.

In Street Fighter 4, Guile only encompasses a total of 4 mix-up combos, which clearly reflects why Guile is so down the ladder.

Combo Flash Explosion 
Key Binds (Down, Left)-Hold + (Down, Left, Right, Up) (D)x3


One thing that Capcom can flex upon is its rich concept designs and simple yet elegant story backgrounds it used for character development trough out Street Fighter, which not only added to the game’s mass appeal but also made certain fighting characters iconic figures. Cammy was such a character that enjoyed great success as a Street Fighter fighting character. She was a fan favorite for numerous years until her appearance in Street Fighter 4. It is almost mind-boggling to see how Capcom literally destroyed an elite character to a wanna-be flop.

Her most disappointing factor is her jump-forward three poke, a stun attack that gave her plenty of options to hit multiple mix-up combos and juggles. Street Fighter 4’s breakout improvement was its adaptation of new movement mechanics; having said that, much to game developers’ incompetence, her most convenient attack got nullified entirely, which greatly aided her downfall.

Combo Gyro Drive Smasher 
Key Binds (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (C)x3

Fei Long

Fei Long is a decent character but has several significant flaws that pushed the Shaolin martial artist to C-Tier of our Street Fighter 4 Tier List. Projectile Attacks are a core element of SF4’s combat system. Most characters deprived of this luxury of distant attack tactics have some coping mechanism to deal with the loss, except Fei Long.

Fei Long is your run-of-the-mill, average fighting character complying with prerequisites that a decent fighting character must fulfill to be at least playable. But a problem arises when a character is left out entirely in the dark to deal with projectile attacks without any helping mechanism—putting him at a severe disadvantage.

Combo  Rekkashingeki
Key Binds (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (B)x3

D Tier

D Rank.

The final rank consists of all the worst fighters in the entire game. These characters are worthless, with absolutely shambolic stats, bumpy gameplay, and nerfed move sets, which is a complete joke.

If speaking honestly, game developers have some pretty disappointing calibration and model designs.

Ken Masters

A character that once ran Street Fighter alongside his rival and close friend Ryu, has fallen off the pedestal as a top-ranked SF fighting character. The first ever Street Fighter, released in 1987, only had two characters, Ryu and Ken, with both characters having the same move set, to even out playing fields for arcade players, where Ryu was assigned as player 1 and Ken was assigned as Player 2. This laid Ken’s and Ryu’s basic foundation of two sides of a single coin. To put it more simply, Ryu and Ken, to an extent, are the same characters with different appearances.

Street Fighter 4 iteration of Ken Masters is more of a has-been, as Ken has been on a downward spiral leaving out all of his capitalizing qualities, which granted him a god-like status throughout the series journey. Most of his moves and juggles, like his Hadoken projectile, fall inferior to those of Ryu. When paired with his poor movement mapping, Ken becomes extremely undesirable, throwing him down into the bottom tiers of our list.

Combo Shinryuken
Key Binds (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A 0r B)x3

El Fuerte

El Fuerte is a rather compelling character but a weak one. His main plus point is his out-of-nowhere grappling attacks, which may look cool and super hyped-up on screens. However, in pursuing the practice, he compromises on game fundamentals.

His little to no utility from one-strike attacks can prove suicidal in a pressure situation, where players must ease out and look for minor openings that can lead to highly influential juggles. A big no if you ask me.

Combo El Fuerte Giga Buster 
Key Binds (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (D)x3


If you ask me, Seth is by far the best character design put forth by Capcom for Street Fighter 4; he gives off a dark, chilly vibe that intrigues me. Over 35 years, Capcom built an empire and held together its rich selection of characters that represented different backgrounds. Some soared high gaining fans’ approval, and some failed hard, becoming a laughing stock. If you look at games from a slightly different perspective, you will find that other than protagonists, another driving force that boosts a game’s hype is the antagonists.

In that regard, Street Fighter 4 was Seth’s game, his prime breakthrough to shine; alas contrary to the expectations of many, he failed miserably, even to the extent that other sideline villains overshadowed him. Seth has some reasonable attacks, along with a projectile attack that launches from his abdominal region; having said that, a prime reason for his fall is his health. He bruises easily and sustains a lot of damage, making the character unreliable and entirely unreasonable.

Combo Tanden Stream 
Key Binds (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (C 0r D)x3


Dan is a troll character that is not even taken seriously; his foolish appearance, lack of heritage, and goofy persona are just a joke that is mainly used as a training dummy rather than an actual fighting character.

Combo Shiso Buraiken
Key Binds (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A 0r B)x3

Comparison Table

AkumaSAshura Senku(Right, Down, Right) or (Left, Down, Left) (A 0r C)x3
SagatSTiger Destruction (Right, Down) + (Right, Down) (C)x3
M. BisonSKnee Press Nightmare (Right, Left, Right) B
ZangiefSKnee Press Nightmare (Right, Down, Left, Up, Right) +(Right, Down, Left, Up, Right) C+D
E. HondaS
GoukenAShin Shoryken (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (D)x3
AbelASoulless (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A)x3
Chun-LiAHosenka(Left-Hold, Right, Left) + (C 0r D)x3 
RyuAMetsu Hadoken (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A)x3
BlankaALightning Bolt (Left-Hold, Right, Left) + (A 0r B)x3-Hold to change Timing 
SakuraAHaru Ranman (Left, Down) +(Left, Down)  (D)x3
BalrogAViolent Buffalo (Left-Hold, Right, Left) + (A 0r D)x3 
VegaABloody High Claw (Down, Left)-Hold + (Down, Left, Right, Up) (B)x3
GenAZetsuei ((Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A)x3
DhalsimBYoga Catastrophe (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A)x3
C. ViperBBurst Time (Down, Right) + (Down, Right)  (A)x3
RufusBOpera Symphony (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A 0r B)x3
RoseBIllusion Spark (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A)x3
GuileCFlash Explosion (Down, Left)-Hold + (Down, Left, Right, Up) (D)x3
CammyCGyro Drive Smasher (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (C)x3
Fei LongC Rekkashingeki(Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (B)x3
Ken MastersDShinryuken(Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A 0r B)x3
El FuerteDEl Fuerte Giga Buster (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (D)x3
SethDTanden Stream (Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (C 0r D)x3
DanDShiso Buraiken(Down, Right) + (Down, Right) (A 0r B)x3


We have now arrived at the end of our Street Fighter 4 Tier List, which has been a long detailed article about each of the fighters present within the base game. But please keep in mind that lists like these are based on the opinions of the writers, and they are as dependent on raw stats as they are a matter of personal preference.  You may not agree with a lot of our choices, and that’s absolutely fine, I have seen talented players dominate fights with characters that I would not even give a second glance.

Different people have different tastes, and what works for me may not necessarily work for you. However, we are extremely open to pointers from our readers on how we can improve this article. We promise to take your advice into consideration and adjust the rankings if something truly major is bought in front of us.

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